Ladies to Maids. Stories of social downgrade.

This is a growing list of stories that deal with a topic of upper-class women - an aristocrat, a heiress, a society lady - relinquishing their social status to become servants or just lower-class women, either voluntarily or due to a twist of fate. Think of it as Cinderella in reverse. Or Pygmalion in reverse. Going from a privileged life to one of hard work. Giving up a stylish gown for a maid's uniform. You can order my own lady-to-maid book released in March 2017, Her Most Remarkbale Performance, from My Books page.

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Mainstream fiction

The theme of lady temporarily switching roles with her servant, typically to spy on someone or to escape, has been a mainstay of world literature for centuries. It is very rare, though, that the swap becomes permanent and the former lady is stuck in her new persona.

A Little Princess:  a classic turn of the century tale of a little girl in a boarding school, who is forced to become a servant after her father dies.

Foreign Affairs (affiliate link): A 1984 novel of British academic life by Alison Lurie has a lady-to-maid subplot with one of the heroines, a society beuaty, very convincingly impersonating her own charlady.

House of Mirth: Edith Wharton's 1905 novel is about a high-society beauty, Lily Bart, who gradually descends the social ladder after losing esteem of her social circle. While she never dons a maid's uniform, she joins the working classes and is forced to work at a millinery shop with other lower-class girls.

Look, Listen and Love (affiliate link): after the death of her father, a young and artistic heroine escorts her beautiful stepmother disguised as a lady's maid to Southern France because the latter cannot afford one, but must keep the appearances as a noble lady after an invitation from a Duke to his estate. This being a Barbara Cartland novel set in 1904, it is not hard to predict what happens next.

Masquerade (affiliate link): rich Victorian lady Charlotte, on her way to North America to marry someone she has never met, switches places with her maid Dora to avoid the fate she doesn't want for herself. Dora assumes Charlotte's life, while the real Charlotte tries to establish a new life for herself in America. Sadly, Charlotte never becomes a maid, although she impersonates one for a few pages closer to the end of the book. However, Dora's transformation from a lady's maid to a society lady is interesting to follow. This 2010 Nancy Moser novel is set in the 1880s and is brilliantly researched. There is a "trailer" of the book.

Miss Million's Maid: young and aristocratic Beatrice Lovelace becomes a lady's maid to her former maidservant, Nellie Million, after the latter inherits a lot of money. The Berta Ruck novel, first published in 1915, is fun to read even if the story, not surprisingly, doesn't quite go the darker route of social downgrade fiction.

No Name: the heroine of Wilkie Collins's 1862 novel disguises herself as a maid to infiltrate a house and obtain hidden documents. Her own maid trains her how to become a servant in return for giving her money to marry her fiance and move to Australia.

On the Road: A classic 1845 Russian poem by Nikolay Nekrasov about about a girl who is raised as a noblewoman, but then reduced to a simple bondmaid married to a peasant.

The Goose Girl: A classic Brothers Grimm tale. A princess, travelling to another kingdom for an arranged marriage, is forced to trade places with her evil chambermaid, who also forces her to swear an oath she cannot reveal the truth to anyone.

The Maid of Fairbourne Hall (affiliate link): this Julie Klassen Regency novel explores the classic plot of a lady disguising herself as a maid to spy on her love interest. Unlike most such stories though, the heroine actually works hard as a maid instead of just walking around with an apron on and the book gives very detailed descriptions of maid's daunting duties and responsibilities.

Online stories

Online maid stories are dominated by TG and BDSM fiction. While there is nothing wrong with either (as a matter of fact, some of my most favorite transformation stories fall into both categories), stories involving women becoming maids, or going through a realistic social downgrade (i.e. NOT involving mind control, magic etc.) appear to be extremely rare, with a huge chunk of such stories left unfinished for one reason or another.

A Bet Was Maid: An ill though-out bet at a game of billiards leads to life of servitude as the winner's maid. A story by B. L Sharp.

A Betrayal Has Been Maid: short story by Brandon H done in a text message chat format. A girl, who is fascinated with maid uniforms, is manipulated into becoming a real servant.

A Clean Mouth: a mind control story by Volt Namazuros about a mistress turned into a Chinese maid.

A Maid For Malangton Hall: A Victorian lady is tricked into becoming a maid in her own household. A story by Jackie J. Chapters 1-2, Chapters 3-4, Chapters 5-6, Chapters 7-8, Chapters 9-10, Chapters 11-12, Chapters 13-14.

A Permanent Position: Maddie takes a job as a live-in maid for a demanding older lady. One of Mana Ray's stories posted over a Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive, dealing with themes of demotion and humiliation of serving former rivals.

A Servant's Revenge: Mally01's story of revenge and mind control about a Mexican maid and her arrogant mistress switching roles and lives. Chapter 1, Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4, Chapter 5 and Epilogues.

A Taste of Her Own Medicine: a sequel to B.L Sharp's A Bet Was Maid. Another bet was unexpected consequences.

Amorous Hierarchy: A short story about two girls at a hotel school. As one climbs up the corporate ladder, another remains a simple chambermaid. A translation from French by T.H. Enerdly.

An Heiress Humbleda 21-year old heiress Charlotte Forsyth is given a choice by her guardian uncle as punishment for her idle and frivolous lifestyle: either go back to school as a 16-year old or to serve her cousin as a maid for two years. Unfortunately, the story never got finished and we never get to see Charlotte in a maid's uniform, even thought that was the author's aim.

Annabelle's New Role: young trophy wife, who is into BDSM lifestyle, thinks its a great idea to live a few months as a low-class middle-aged cleaner to her husband. The husband gradually takes the game much further than the wife initially planned. Parts 1-3. Parts 4-6, Parts 7-8Parts 9-10Part 11Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Epilogue.

Arriving in Milan:  
a young and educated English girl willingly becomes a maid to a demanding Italian mistress. The original story by Lady Charlotte (parts 1 and 2) was left unfinished and was later continued by Monica Graz - parts 3-4, parts 5-6, part 7 and part 8.  

Becoming a Maid
part of C.Lakewood's excellent if small collection of maid transformation stories, collaborations with The Nerdly.  Like the Transformation of a Middle Class Woman, this is a translation of an original story in French, which was later greatly expanded. 

Becoming Her Maid
a newly hired maid uses mind control to switch roles with her mistress. One of Jackpot's earlier stories, first read it in 2003 or so and it stayed with me.

China Maid: inspired by Maid in China, this story of social and cultural downgrade is written by Mana Ray.

Cleaner (affiliate link); Emma Finn's classic saga about a rich fashion model swapping lives with her maid. It is one of the only stories in the genre to involve surgery (very heavy cosmetic surgery that is) and it is one of my all-time favorites. Highly recommended. Before her untimely departure, Emma began work on the hugely expanded version of that story, which was shaping up as yet another instant transformation classic from her. I've purchased Part One (affiliate link) of the new Cleaner and thoroughly enjoyed it. The now forever unfinished Part Two can be read in Emma's blog.

Courtney's Ebony Goddess: a famous pop singer becomes a maid and a slave to her black personal assistant. A story by Joea1000.

Daphe And The White Apron: A story by Monica Graz. A bored rich heiress tries on a white apron and is caught by her maid in the act. An offer she can't refuse follows. Continued in Part 2, Part 3.

Departing from Milan: after finishing Arriving in Milan, Monica Graz picked up where that story ended, describing the drastic and irreversible transformation of Julia, now simply Molly, into a Filipina maid. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 and Part 6. The story is continued as Arriving in Manila as Molly fully assumes the identity of a Filipina migrant worker and goes back to her home country. Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. Departing from Manila wraps up Molly's adventures in the Philippines. Our heroine's adventures are continued in Molly in Singapore. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8.1, Part 8.2, Part 8.3Part 9, Part 10, Part 11Part 12, Part 13 and Part 14. The story concludes in Forever Molly.

Doeville Halloween Ghost Train: by T.H.Enerdly. A reporter's investigations leads her down the road of submission and acception of life as a fetish maid.

Fanchon's Book: a 1972 Zane Pella erotic novel of lesbian domination, where lady and maid switch roles.

From Society Girl to Slave: an Erle Dexter's 1958 erotic novel originally published as Mabel's Torments. A young and wealthy society girl finds herself in the care of a harsh and cruel uncle after her parents die. She is transformed from a confident young woman into a mere servant by a strong female dominant hired by the uncle to swindle her out of her inheritance.

Her Most Remarkable Performance (affiliate link): An 1880s London heiress slowly descends the social ladder to become a mere housemaid with no way of going back to her privileged life. A dark tale of social drop and downgrade from Camille Langtry.

Hidden Shame: A story of dramatic "makeunder" with the protagonist going from an arrogant beauty to a mousy housekeeper. By Tcheser.

I Dreamt of Ginger: A down on her luck female executive is dominated by her strict landlord into becoming her personal maid. A story by B. L Sharp.

Interview With Madame Nguyen: A young journalist's interview with Madame Nguyen, whose hobby is to train middle-class French women as real maidservants. Originally written in French by Hanna, it was translated and re-written by T. H. Enerdly.

Klavdia Kuznetsova: A Russian trophy wife, who was married to an English businessman, wants to experience a less privileged life and go back to her simple roots. By Violet Carson. Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3.

Lady Devonshire: a Victorian-era story of deceit and betrayal by Jackie J. Through manipulation and discipline, a cunning lady is adept at manipulating bored and insecure society beauties into giving up their wealth to become mere maids.

Lady Harcourt's Rightful Place: A young and aristocratic Jenny Harcourt switches places with her maid as a game only to fall victim to a srict neighboring lady, whose hobby is to train desobedient maidservants. An erotic tale by Jackie J, the author of The Demise of Lady Charlotte Rhodes.

Lady Helen:
A housemaid uses her mistress's erotic fascination with maids and maid uniforms to gradually trade lives with her. Another story by Jackie J set in the secluded world of English country manor houses.

Lady Penrose: Another lady-to-maid tale set in  the1920s from Jackie J. This one is more erotic than her usual stories. Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5.

Lady Victoria: A spoiled and arrogant 18-year old Victorian lady is sent to a finishing school by her rich parents. When her father loses his wealth Victoria is forced to accept the role at the school as one of the maids under the thumb of a demanding butler Mr. Tannard. Sadly unfinished, this erotic story is one of the best in the genre, even though it concentrates on the topic of spanking, which may not be to everybody's liking. It is available in electronic format from Blushing Books, although that version is only 3 chapters long (the site erroneously claims it is 9 chapters). A longer, 4-chapter version can be read at Lushstories:
Part 1  Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 

Learning to Serve: a story by ScioNesco about a middle-class girl, who becomes a maid to her rich friend.

Like Mother, Like Daughter: A short story by The Nerdly about a young Frenchwoman, who gives up her professional career to become a full-time maid to her college friend.

Losing Valentina: a young Latina financial professional gradually swaps jobs and lives with a fat office cleaner. A story by Idea Factory.

Madame Deville: a reclusive female writer of erotic fiction, living in the English contryside, is convinced by her maid it's a good idea to swap roles with predictable results. By Jackie J.

Maid in China: Young Maddie is manipulated by her classmate Jenny into believing it will be a good idea if she travels with her to China as her personal maid. By Barefoot Servant. Part 1. Part 2, Part 3.

Maid in Her Image: An affluent businesswoman with a passion for realistic class roleplay trades places with the maid she is infatuated with. Tetora's tribute to Emma Finn's unfinished masterpiece Cleaner.

Maid to Order: A story C.Lakewood's from his wonderful collection. A lady of the house is gradually manipulated by her Vietnamese cleaner to take her place as a maid.

Margret and Jane: a spoilt socialite is gradually trained into obedience by her neighbor Margret, a retired school headmistress, until she is turned into her maid. A story by Jackie J.

Miss Elizabeth Fitzroy James: Another Jackie J story, this time set in 1919. A young rich British girl is manipulated and entraped in the life of a maid.

Miss Jacqueline Symonds: A conflict with an office cleaner sends a young career-minded woman down the road of social downgrade. By Jackie J. Part 1. Part 2.

Model Maid: I first came across this story about a supermodel switching bodies with her illiterate Chinese maid Mimi back in 1998 or so in the now defunct Robo's tripod site. It was later turned into a comic and was posted in various yahoo transformation groups. I have posted it here.

Modern Slaves: A Profound Study of the Forces of Destiny (affiliate link): A 1931 BDSM spanking classic by Claire Willows. It's a story of mistaken identity and servitude set in an all-female house of correction.  The heroine is ruthlessly trained to become a submissive maid to a rich lady.

My Fair Maid: An arrogant store manager fires the wrong girl and ends up dominated into accepting life as a maid as punishment. By B.L Sharp. Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.

Neighbor and Maid: Dressing up for a costume party as a maid leads to a more permanent arrangement. A story by Dodge.

Neighborly Advice: A young wife is disciplined to accept the life of a mere submissive maid. By Alvin772.

New Employee: A hotel heiress becomes fascinated with life of maids and decides its'a good idea to join their ranks as an immigrant cleaner in disguise. Another instant favorite. By BigBird74. Chapters 1-5Chapters 6-7Chapters 8-9Chapters 10-11, Chapters 12-13, Chapters 14-15, Chapters 16-17, Chapters 18-19, Chapters 20-21, Chapters 22-23.

Professor Janice Sinclair Gets a New Maid: A British female professor in the 1920s is manipulated into signing an indentured servant contract that makes her an obedient maid in her own household. A story by Jackie J. Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4 and Chapter 5.

sub-servient: a lady-to-maid novella by Tetora. This one has more twists and turns than a rollercoaster ride. A lady-to-maid story meets "cuckqueen" fiction.

The Borrowed Gown: a rich white girl Colleen switches bodies and lives with her uneducated black maid Chantel. An online transformation story classic written by Erika Lynn with a sequel by Eric called The New Life.

The Bottle of Oil:  A saleslady becomes a maid to her customer, a very strict and domineering rich lady. By Sergio (domedeus2002).

The Demise of Lady Charlotte Rhodes: a scheming lady's maid slowly takes control of the life of her aristocratic mistress, turning her into her own maid and a sex toy.  The original story by Jackie J was edited and greatly expanded by Robyna Choleston in July 2016.

The Garden of Eden: Originally based on an old German-language caption about a high-society lady, this is a story that dwells on how the lady-to-maid genre is basically a re-telling of a Biblical legend. A story by T.H. Enerdly.

The Real Story of Cinderella: Princess Ella learns that a fairytale ending does not necessarily mean marrying Prince Charming. A story by Lady Charlotte.

Transformation of a Middle-Class Woman
: a true lady-to-maid classic, originally written by Conchita in French as "Transformation d'une Bourgeoise" and left unfinished, it was later translated and expanded. An upper-class Parisian lady in the early 1970s assumes the persona of a low-class immigrant maid from Portugal, while her former maid becomes her mistress. A highly erotic story and one of the best, if not the best, in the genre. There is also an excellent (and far longer) version of the story called "Domestication of a Parisian Bourgeois", where the main character is the man, written by Monica Graz.

Time and Tide: an unfinished story by C. Lakewood, based on another story, Manderley: Rosita's Arrival by Ashley Mortenson and Lady Charlotte de Winter. A young society lady is blackmailed by her friend/rival into becoming her maid. Part 1 (of planned 3) only, but shows great promise.

Trophy Maid: The Humiliation Of Elizabeth Bennington (affiliate link): A society beauty, Elizabeth Bennington, has her rich husband - and wealth - stolen by her maid and is forced to accept the position in her former household as a simple servant, Mimi Soubrette. The author, Lisa Farrow, also wrote several sissy maid stories, they are available on Amazon.

What Goes Up... Must Come Down: An 18th century rich plantation owner Susana Dupree is declared an octoroon and is legally made a black slave, serving her former equals as a maidservant. Original story by Denise, the sequel is by Joe Doe. Edited by C. Lakewood.

Who's The Maid Now: Belladonna, one of Fictionmania's best authors, turned a caption of mine into a full story. A society girl is bored with her pampered life and switches lives with her maid. Needless to say, this goes a lot further than she initially imagined. Continues by Belladonna in Part 2.


British girl comics: the lady/maid switch and tales of mistaken identity, sometimes involving lower-class characters, were popular themes in British girl comics in the 1950s and later, when they were still published. Here are some examples of the genre.

Campaigns of curiosity: a real-life account of an young American journalist Elizabeth Banks going undercover as a maid in the early 1890s London. As part of her journalistic work to describe the plight of the working classes, she also posed as street sweeper, a laundress and a flower girl.

One Pair of Hands (affiliate link):  a 1939 memoir written by Monica Dickens (yes, Charles's great-granddaughter). Bored of her life as a debutante, 20-something Dickens lives the life of a cook and a domestic servant at various households for a year and a half.

The Maid: a custom-made video for one of the readers of this blog, loosely based on Becoming Her Maid.

*Please don't hesitate to reach me to update this list with other stories and links.


  1. You wrote that "…stories involving women becoming maids, or going through a realistic social downgrade (i.e. NOT involving mind control, magic etc.) appear to be extremely rare, with a huge chunk of such stories left unfinished for one reason or another." I happen to prefer the "realistic social downgrade" genre my self and hope that you locate a few more. BYW, do you ever plan on publishing stories as opposed to captions (not that there's anything wrong with captions)?

    T. H. Enerdly

    1. Hello, I am gradually updating this page as I find more stories. If you are aware of anything in the genre please do let me know - I'd be happy to add a link here. As a matter of fact I am working on a couple of realistic social downgrade stories right now. If you are willing to share ideas with me please dont hesitate to contact me. I have enjoyed your stories posted on C. Lakewood's page, but looks like it hasnt been updated for a while. If there is something you are willing to share I'd be delighted - I've been a big fan of your collaborations.

    2. Thanks for the reply.

      My collaborator, C. Lakewood, with whom I have only communicated with via email, may have passed away recently, but I don't know this for certain. I strongly suspect that he was in his late 70's or early 80's, so his death would not exactly be unexpected.

      I do have some material you may be interested in. I've got copy of a text file of a Mistress-to-maid type story that was posted on the Internet several years ago. I nearly as I can determine, it no longer is accessible via a Google search. I won't post it here because I have no idea how long a message I can post as a Blogspot comment. I will try and give you my email address via the comment mechanism.

      I have a variety of English language items, none of which is particularly remarkable, I also have a variety of French, German, and Italian stuff, most of which is interesting but not remarkable.

      I do have one item I have been translating from the French that I think approaches the quality of "Transformation of a Middle-Class Woman." However it isn't ready for prime time by any stretch of the imagination.

    3. Very sad news, if true, about C.Lakewood... My email is I would love to read your stories. The small selection posted a few years back by C. Lakewood is remarkable and if you have more items similar to those I am really looking forward to seeing them!

  2. I await the outcome of this collaboration with baited breath.
    I love lady/maid switch stories though they are so difficult to find.
    I would have loved to seen "Transformation of a Middle-Class Woman" continued as I felt that there was a great deal more to the story, I would have liked to have seen Maria in a few months time, heavier,coarser and un-recognisable as her former self and realising she is trapped in her new life, oh well !

    1. Thanks, so do I!
      As a matter of fact, that classic story WAS continued and (many years later) finished by Monica Graz. The only major difference is that the main character is a man, all the other elements of social downgrade are there.

  3. Yes Camille, I`ve read that version too thanks.
    Bill A

  4. one of the best blogs...though less number of stories...the humiliation part is the best part...And thanks nerdly for Transformation of a Middle Class of the best stories ever....can we have some more stories where a middle class woman is forced to become a maid and serve people whom she knows and also at public places....possibly a waitress in a cheap motel or cleaning toilets wearing the used clothes of her maid....@nerdly- please send over those materials to my personal Id if you cannot post here. is my ID

  5. I recommend Courtney's Ebony Goddess.

  6. I am a female lady doctor from India, who was humiliated by her young cunning female maid during growing years.Since then I fantasize about being exposed & abused by my nurses & hookers.As it is impossible to execute that in real, I indulge in risque free exhibition..
    loved your writings

    1. Can anybody write on this... Indian fetishes are more kick

  7. The successful author Zora Neale Hurston was discovered working as a maid in 1950. She gave varying accounts of why she was doing it, none of them very satisfactory. Any biography of her will describe this incident in greater or lesser degree.

    1. Thank you very much. Wiki only mentions it in passing and makes it look like a sign of her financial desperation. Let me read more on it.

  8. Hey so you know, a few of the stories don't load correctly:

    - An Heiress Humbled (beyondthemagicbox seems to be down)
    - Modern Slaves (doesn't seem to be for sale on Amazon)

    Really a tragedy because these seem like great stories! Anybody have a backup or alternate link?

    1. Hello,

      thanks for checking that. Indeed, beyondthemagicbox appears to have been deleted for some reason. Let me see if that story was saved somewhere else..
      As for Modern Slaves, it looks like it is available for sale from the link,

      however, if you are not in the UK the page will default for you to version when you click on the blog link (it is the same link otherwise). Try changing the link when it opens please, not idea how to fix it...

  9. So this is not being updated?
    (Annabelle's has had 3 new chapters since it was posted).
    I keep a reference link here,but not to the TG version since I'm not at all into that.

    1. It is, but not very often. I will update this week, do not worry. I mostly update with stuff you can see in the blog archive anyway, but point taken.

  10. Belladonna's Who's the Maid Now? adaptation is missing from this list.

    1. Well spotted. I added it an updated the page with new blog entries. Thanks.

  11. "Decision Tree" by author Tappy_McWidestance over on Literotica is up to Chapter 20. Starting around Chapter 13, the main character becomes a maid to a dominant at the company where she works. There's more to the story, but she's made a maid!

  12. How about the stories by Truli_Salope at the Changing Mirror site?

  13. For this library, would it be possible to consolidate some of the multi-part stories onto a single page? I think it would be helpful to have the entire thing in one link, especially if a reader wanted to share them.

    For those that are ongoing, you could add in the sections as they are written.

    1. Definetely something to consider, but I can't think of an obvious way to add these pages without posting them to the blog for the second time. Any suggestions?

  14. Lady-2-Maid story alert... with a modern twist... the daughter becomes a Maid-bot. The story is written by Gromet and posted on Gromet's Plaza in three parts:

    Part 1 - The new family maid-bot (

    Part 2 - The sister from hell (

    Part 3 - Back to the factory (

  15. If you enjoyed the Maid-bot story on Gromet, it seems that this same author also wrote another, also on his site: 'How I became a Maid-bot'.

    This is a six-part story, starting here...

    - Part 1 - Maid-bot 001 (

    There is a link at the end of Part 1 to the next part. Enjoy.

    1. Excellent, thank you very much. Let me explore. Sounds different!

  16. Yet another 'Maid-bot' story from Gromet: The Maid-bot in Me. For relaxation, and at the urging of a friend, the wife of a rich husband voluntarily places herself under the control of a maid-bot computer. What could possibly go wrong?

    This is a 5-part story. There is a link at the end of the page to the next part of the story. Enjoy.

    There are numerous alternate worlds among internet writers... 'Blanke Schande College', Tracey-as-slave, Pony-girl stories, to name a few. So why not another: maid-bots.

  17. assignment writing service uk was found functioning as a cleaning specialist in 1950. She gave differing records of why she was doing it, none of them exceptionally palatable. Any life story of her will portray this occurrence in more prominent or lesser degree.

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