Monday, June 5, 2017

Story: Lady Penrose. Chapter 2.

By Jackie J

Lady Penrose gathered her thoughts following the visit of Claudia and resigned that no way would she be the maid to “Mistress Claudia”. No way.

Making her way back to Silvia’s room she aggressively stripped from the maid’s uniform she had stupidly worn, tossed the garments onto the small bunk and headed up to the bathroom to soak away the grime of the day’s toil.

Cursing under her breath, still angry at allowing that bitch Claudia to see her like she was and then letting that cow talk to her like she had. How dare she suggest she should become a maid and her - a Mistress? Lady Penrose stepped gingerly into the steaming foam of her prepared bath and, after pouring in scented oils, lowered herself into the bubbles and laid back.

Stroking the sponge over her naked form Lady Penrose let her anger dissipate in the warmth of the soothing suds and chuckled to herself. A maid, me a maid and Claudia my Mistress. As if that would happen, like I would agree to that, what was Claudia thinking, what was I thinking?

Then a weakening tremor ran through her as she recollected the feelings she had when Claudia was adjusting the lace trimmed collar of her maid’s dress. when Claudia’s gentle touch raised her chin, the possessive smile in Claudia’s eyes.

Lady Penrose knew of Claudia’s bisexual tastes and in the perfumed warmth of her bath let her imaginings run wild: a dominant mistress and a submissive maid. Lustful images filled Lady Penrose’s mind and the sponge was soon pressing between her legs, her eyes closed. “Yes”, she panted into the steam,  repeating the commitment she had given to Claudia, Claudia her Mistress.

Lady Penrose’s eyes suddenly burst open wide to dispel her imaginings. She sat bolt upright in the bath, discarding the sponge with water sluicing over the edge of the tub, her voice loud and strong almost screaming out her denial. “No, no, no.”

Her ample breasts swinging free, Lady Penrose was panting, her nipples hard and within the warmth of the bath knew she was wet.

Slumping back into the warm embrace of the perfumed bath she stared at the floating sponge, then slowly drew it back and, parting her thighs, pressed it into herself and moaned. Her eyes rolled and she lost herself in submissive bliss at the hands of a dominant Mistress.

In the afterglow of her climax in the cooling water around her with her breathing steadying, she felt shame, embarrassment at the exquisite feelings, forbidden feelings that had engulfed her and driven her to her orgasm. She had not been touched in a loving way let alone had sex with her husband for a number of years was this the catalyst that had led her to these submissive lesbian imaginings.

Eventually climbing from the bathtub Lady Penrose wrapped herself in a large towel and sat on the bathroom floor, her mind in torment. She couldn’t, she just couldn’t, could she? Be the maid in her own home, allowing Claudia to be her Mistress, the Mistress of Ringwood? And what of those feelings what if she, what if Claudia? But who would know, Claudia already knew, Claudia would probably tell if she didn’t?

Lady Penrose’s mind was still in conflict when she gathered the long white tapes of her lacy bibbed apron behind her and gathered them into a functional but decorative bow behind her. Lady Penrose, dressed back in Silvia’s underwear and maid’s uniform looked at her reflection in the mirror of the maid’s quarters and a shiver of excitement rippled through her. Was she really going to do this, be the maid of Mistress Claudia?

The table was set, the best she could, pans were bubbling the roast browning in the oven when the large case clock in the hallway chimed its quarter, fifteen minutes and she would be here, she had said eight o’clock.

When the doorbell rang, Lady Penrose took a deep breath and wiped her hands on her apron. She was flustered, anxious, unsure and walking down the hallway to the door Lady Penrose paused by the large full-length mirror. Her hair scraped back tight into a ponytail under her lacy cap her face looked more plump than normal and she shuddered to think how plain she would look without her cosmetics. Smoothing down and then thumbing the skirts of her coarse woollen dress Lady Penrose dropped a practise curtsy into the mirror and a tingle of weakening excitement rippled through her from head to toe.

When Lady Penrose opened the door and curtsied, the elegantly dressed Claudia feigned a look of astonishment but inwardly smiled.

“Oh, my goodness Isabella what the, I didn’t think, oh my goodness you are still wearing Silvia’s maid’s attire?”

Claudia reached forward and lifted Lady Penrose’s skirts and apron to reveal the lace trimmed but plain cotton petticoats and legged bloomers

“And her underwear I didn’t think for one minute oh my goodness?”

Claudia stepped inside and, closing the door behind her, looked a rather confused and awkward Lady Penrose up and down a wicked smile on her face.

Lady Penrose should have laughed it off, said it was just for fun, that she had no intention of being a maid in her own home but she didn’t she just stood whilst Claudia came close letting her perfume drift over her.

“Well well I never thought for a second you would go through with this but it seems that Ringwood has a new maid.”

Claudine paused and standing close gently pushed back some trailing strands of hair from Isabella’s face. Lady Penrose standing frozen and weak from Claudia’s light touch across her cheek sighed and said nothing to contradict her visitor.

“Oh, yes a new maid and a new Mistress at Ringwood.”

Claudine smiled looking into Lady Penrose’s eyes she had seen that look many times from young girls and mature women alike. Was Lady Penrose really so needy and wanting, ripe to be plundered within a Sapphic relationship, a submissive maid to a dominant mistress? The subjugation of Lady Penrose may be even easier than Silvia had suggested?

Claudia broke her gaze from Lady Penrose and tossed her the wrap she had been wearing.
“Well Isabella, let us begin your duties here at Ringwood.”

“I will take sherry in the parlour before dinner.”

The hem of the fine delicate fabric of Claudia’s gown shimmered and danced about her ankles when she strode down the hallway to settle in the sumptuous comfort of a sofa in the parlour.

Isabella fumbled with the decanter and poured a large measure of sherry for her guest her MISTRESS.

Standing back Isabella stared at Claudia sat comfortably on the sofa taking a sip from her glass. She should be sat there with her in her own fine gown taking a pre-dinner drink but she wasn’t. She was stood meek and attentive in a maid’s uniform, the uniform of her own maid that she had so willingly adorned herself within.

“You won’t tell anyone will you Claudia, about this you promise.”

Claudia slowly turned to face Isabella, settled her glass on the low table and stood, moving gracefully towards her maid a hint of menace in her tone.

“Well that will all depend on you being a good maid for your Mistress won’t it Isabella.”

Claudia chuckled.

“Isabella, mmm... That just doesn’t sound right, does it? In fact, I think it best that we call you Bella, yes Bella much better for a maid, and then there can be no confusion for either of us about your status here at Ringwood.

Lady Penrose visibly trembled hearing Claudia take her name, give her her name and talk of her reduced status but said nothing just stood a submissive weakness running through her. Was this like she had imagined whilst at herself in the bath tub? Was she willing to submit to a mistress, her mistress? Would her mistress be dominant, would she…?

Lady Penrose, flushed with her thoughts, could not hide a gentle blush to her cheeks.

Claudia stroked her fingers gently and possessively over the shoulders then slowly down the quivering sleeved arms of her maid’s dress. Claudia took hold of Lady Penrose’s warm clammy hands her eyes never leaving those of Lady Penrose.

“You want something else from your Mistress don’t you Bella, I see it in your eyes, Bella is a naughty maid, isn’t she?”

Lady Penrose’s breathing became shallow almost panting

Slowly Claudia pushed Lady Penrose’s hands together then pressed them against her apron Claudia smiling into Lady Penrose’s eyes feeling her maid push back against her hands with her hips.
“Oh, yes you like that don’t you Bella.”

Lady Penrose sighed. feeling herself weak and let her arms fall away by her sides. Her eyes closing feeling probing fingers now beneath her skirts warm lips to hers then gulped fingers hooked under the gusset of her damp cotton bloomers teasing, pressing.

Claudia whispered seductively into Lady Penrose’s ear.

“Time for you to consummate your status, my pretty maid.”

Easing her panting maid down onto the sofa Claudia raised her own skirts over Lady Penrose’s head and through the fabric of her gown and underskirts drew Lady Penrose’s face into her.

Claudia’s scent was all consuming and, with tentative fingers, Lady Penrose untied the tapes of Claudia’s knickers easing them over her hips. With the gentle persuasion of Claudia’s hands her face was upon Claudia’s spread wet slot and her tongue sort out her clitoris then lashed within her glistening pink folds.

Claudia triumphantly moaned her pleasure astride the feasting tongue of Lady Penrose who squirmed and licked beneath and within the confines of Claudia’s draped skirts.

Not a full day had passed since Lady Penrose was the Mistress of Ringwood and had welcomed Claudia into her home to be found wearing her own maid’s uniform, but none the less still the mistress of Ringwood. Yet now, dressed again in her own maid’s attire, she was wantonly licking, lapping and sucking on the pussy of the woman she will call Mistress to remain dressed and to live in keeping with her new status, that of the housemaid at Ringwood.

Claudia had her maids tongue at her until she gasped out her orgasm the thoughts of having the pretty Lady Isabella Penrose beneath her skirts licking and lapping at her sex making her gloat in satisfaction. Bella the maid was hers now there would be no going back for the hapless Lady Penrose. In her moment of weakness Lady Penrose had unknowingly but willingly succumbed to her maid Silvia’s scheme.

Stepping away from the sofa and her panting conquest Claudia smirked pulling up her knickers and adjusting her underskirts and gown then stood statuesque above her maid.

Lady Penrose slowly wiped her hand across her face smearing the juices of her Mistresses pleasure looking up at a serene Claudia. She was wet soaking wet and the scent of her Mistresses sex was fresh about her.

Claudia’s smirk turned to a smile her eyes tightening.

“Well Bella that was very good and I can assure you that your Mistress will make sure that her maid does not go hungry in that regard.”

“Now Bella I will take dinner off to the kitchens with you.”

Lady Penrose gathered herself and with an unfamiliar submissive weakness, that she could never have imagined, raging within her, made her way from the parlour to the kitchens.

Almost staggering with unfulfilled frustrations, she was hardly through the kitchen door when her fingers ripped down her sodden bloomers and she was at herself.  Moaning and groaning until the flush of her climax overtook her she collapsed to her knees. Panting she dragged herself up by the kitchen table and pulled up her bloomers.

Claudia, who had watched through the kitchen doorway, smirked at the subjugation: Lady Penrose was no more and she walked slowly to the dining room to be served her meal by her maid Bella.


  1. Oh my! Was really looking forward to the next chapters of this story.
    As always your story doesn't disappoint Jackie,
    Hope to read the rest very soon.
    Thank you!

  2. Thank you, Jackie J, for this new episode.

    It should be quite a twist or occasion for when the former maid Sylvia returns to Ringworm with Isabella's husband in tow, and there's a formal changing of the guard ceremony of mistress Claudia to the new mistress Sylvia, amidst appropriately selected opportunities to hurl snide remarks at "poor" Bella for her anticipated humiliation, now in her subjugated role as the newly ratified long-term maid for the mansion.

    Would it not also be fitting if Sylvia did an inventory of all her clothes "borrowed" [or should we say "commandeered"] by Bella during Sylvia's absence, and have Sylvia in her newly installed mistress capacity present to Bella a bill for the "purchase" of Sylvia's supplied clothing of maid uniforms and underwear, now co-opted as Bella's own?

    "Not to worry about payment for now, dear Bella," Sylvia could chime, "We can simply deduct the cost from your labor and services around the house, for reconciliation of the account at a later time, don't you agree?" A speechless pause by Bella, at this display of chutzpah from Sylvia, could be followed by Sylvia, "Then I take it from your tacit okay, girl, that we have agreement", as said with an appropriate smirk.

    'Great story, Jackie J, as always. Will there be a hair cut and dye episode [you know the color, lol) for Maid Bella's benefit at some time, followed by the presentment and locked attachment of that oh so lovely metallic collar of ownership -- by Sylvia, and witnessed with applause (and sarcasm) by Claudia (among possible other guests) in this festive occasion for Bella's humiliation? ;)

    Byna ~ :D

  3. What can one say, from Lady of the manor to performing 'forced'cunnilingus in space of 24hrs.

    That sure is a good way of confirming Claudias subjugation of Lady Penrose.

    All part of the master plan, and i for one cannot wait to see the further journey of enslavement for Lady Penrose.

    The future is going to be very interesting with Silvia and Lady Penroses husband returning.

    Jackie J, this readers appetite has most definitely been whetted by this story. Thank you for your fine authorship.