Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Story: A Betrayal Has Been Maid.

By Brandon H

Janet Myers had been missing for over a month when her cell phone was delivered to the mailbox of her co-worker Jenny Betancour. There was no return address.

The phone contained a chat history between Janet and her childhood friend, Abby Devereaux. The conversation happened about 24 hours prior to Janet’s disappearance.


Janet: Abby? You there?

Abby: Janet? Where are you?

Janet: Abby, please help me!

Abby: What the hell is going on Janet?

Abby: Janet?

Janet: I made a huge mistake.

Abby: What the hell are you talking about?

Janet: It’s embarrassing.

Abby: Out with it Janet.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

More Lady And Maid Fashion Shoots: Forbidden Fruit

Another fashion shoot I've stumbled upon in my neverending quest for ladies-and-maids pictures. It's called "Forbidden Fruit"  and it is meant both literally and figuratively. Very nicely done!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Story: Daphne And The White Apron. Part 3.

by Monica Graz

They were sitting around the kitchen table having their midmorning coffee, Lita dressed in her morning uniform having a break from her endless and mundane house chores and Magda dressed elegantly, ready to go out for another visit to a gallery or a museum.  
Magda had a sip of her coffee and scrutinised Lita with her eyes, “You look quite relaxed now Lita, you wear your uniform as if you belong to it, I never expected that you would be such a natural as a domestic.”
Lita, blushed but smiled mischievously and said, “Thank you, Miss Magda. You are right, I feel quite natural in that role as if I was doing it all my life, I don’t know what it is, I probably was a servant in my previous life.”
This time Magda chuckled and added, “I think you are probably correct, some of my Buddhist friends here in London would fully endorse that since they firmly believe in reincarnation.”

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Story: Professor Janice Sinclair Gets a New Maid. Chapter 5.

By Jackie J

Hurried into the kitchen by Miss Drummond, Janice stood by the large table in the centre of the room dressed in her drab maid’s tunic, her fingers fiddling nervously with her bibbed apron. She looked at Miss Drummond, who was wearing one of Janice’s most expensive dresses and Italian shoes.

Miss Drummond held up the second document, the indenture that Professor Sinclair had signed in her haste, and smiled, seeing a look of concern creep over the professor’s face.

“You are right to be concerned, girl. This is your bond I hold here, all the contents of your safe, which is basically everything you own.”

“Should you fail to comply fully with my training or you or disobey me, your Mistress, you will forfeit your bond.”

“So, I feel this is a good time to reprise your position in this household, Professor, so we are both clear.”

“Your name is?”

“Janice, Mistress”

“And you position here, girl?”

“I am your maid, Mistress.”

Monday, May 22, 2017

Couple of Captions From Spankerb

I've been alerted to a few lady-to-maid themed captions that Spankerb created a while ago. So, always eager for new material, I am happy to share them and add to my collection.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Story: Professor Janice Sinclair Gets a New Maid. Chapter 4.

By Jackie J

Following Janice’s whinging rant Miss Drummond's face showed little emotion. She rose from her chair and spoke with a quiet authority.

“When you were a teacher, before you became my maid...”

 Again, Miss Drummond put Janice’s profession in the past tense.

 “For example, your Monaural theory... Oh yes, I have read your works. Did any of your students change the alignment of the orbs? Did they decide to adjust the three-coned matrices, perhaps making them square or round? Or did a student rewrite your theory altogether and suggest that you teach the alternative version?”

“No I don’t think so, in fact I know so.”

“Against my better judgement, I have bent over backwards to accommodate you, you begged for me to teach you, I have agreed to give you the benefit of all my experience by organising a full maids' training program. I asked for no fee, I did not want to do this but you begged and begged until I agreed.”

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Room #506: Velvet Italia April 2011

Another one of those "model acts all imperious in the presence of her maid" lengthy fashion editorials, this time from Velvet Italia back in 2011. If there is something fashion photographers like more than maids, it's hotel rooms. This one is legendary Negresco in Nice.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Who Killed Amazoula: A Maid in Louboutins

A very pretty maid in a traditional black and white uniform and an exceedingly impractical pair of high heels is a witness to the crime in this stylish 2016 Christian Louboutin video ad campaign. If only all hotel maids looked liked that! Unless the maid being interrogated is actually not a servant at all, but a lady in disguise with only her expensive shoes giving away her real station in life. Wondering if the detective noticed that little detail. Think of all the lady-to-maid possibilities...

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Story: Professor Janice Sinclair Gets a New Maid. Chapter 3.

By Jackie J

That evening, after signing the contract, Janice spent a restless night mulling over the terms of her commitment to train under the supervision of Miss Drummond. The following morning was spent gathering items from various drawers and cabinets until all valuables, money, jewellery, keys and documents were stored away in the safe in line with what had been agreed.

Professor Sinclair locked the safe and then handed the key to Miss Drummond.

It was suggested by Miss Drummond that Janice tidy away her books and reports from the college into one of the spare rooms given that there should be no distractions whilst she undergoes her maid’s training.

With everything associated with her teaching at the college packed away in one of the back rooms, Miss Drummond locked the door, informing Janice that she was forbidden from entering the room until her training was completed, citing clause sixteen of the contract relating to distracting activity.

During the afternoon, Janice was allowed to return to the college to deposit students' term reports and attend the traditional Governor’s end of the year luncheon. Miss Drummond explained that her formal maid training would commence at the moment she returned.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Story: New Employee. Chapters 22-23.

by BigBird74


I truly felt terrible. It was not that I could not handle getting up early. I had done so many times before to catch a plane or travel to some faraway meeting. The problem was that I was used to a room of my own and not sharing it with half-a-dozen other women. I seemed to have spent the entire night tossing and turning on that uncomfortable mattress, which seemed stuffed with nothing better than a cheap foam. I cursed my poor judgement and found myself unable to relax, torturing myself with anxious thoughts about the future and the mess I was currently in. I must have been asleep just an hour, perhaps two, before one of the other girls stirred and woke me.

I padded my way down the corridor to the shower, carrying a cheap cotton towel with me. I had forgotten to bring any toiletries, assuming that one would not need them in a hotel! However, as I was discovering rapidly, what was normal for guests was not the case for the staff. I had to queue to use the shower, running the tepid water over my aching body. The sheer degree of physical work I had endured yesterday was like nothing I had encountered before. A warm shower would undoubtedly have provided some modicum of comfort, but this was not to be. All I got was a drizzle of lukewarm water and nothing more.

Wrapping myself in my small towel, which just covered my bust and thighs, I padded my way back to the room. As I stepped back into the cramped room, I caught myself in a mirror and looked at the brown girl staring back at me. I saw that at least my hair had not frizzed up any more and that nothing of my actual self was showing through. I felt myself squirm and walked into the body of the room, my eyes still fixated on the unfamiliar woman in the reflection. For a moment, I forgot I was tired. My troubles seemed a long way away. Just for a second I considered what I now was, or at least represented. For all intents and purposes, despite my commendation from head office, everyone around me saw me as an immigrant maid, barely conversant in English. Someone at the very bottom of the pile, forced to share her room with other girls, not worthy of any privacy. I was at rock bottom! My hands were trembling as I checked my phone to see if any news had arrived.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Story: Professor Janice Sinclair Gets a New Maid. Chapter 2.

By Jackie J

With Janice’s perceived humiliation in the kitchen that evening, the professor was not going to be beaten and the thoughts festered within her as the weeks passed.  Miss Drummond's taunt was resonating back and forth: “Seek professional guidance where you can.”

The college term would be over at the end of the week for the summer break meaning that Janice would have plenty of free time. She was employing the owner of a maids' training school for goodness sake. Patricia had already told her that she trained professional women to build their domestic skills, why not me she thought?

Janice resolved to ask Miss Drummond that evening about the training courses available. The reaction she got initially was not what she expected at all.

“What? Me train you, Miss? Impossible, ridiculous, you are the Mistress of this household and I am your maid. No, no, definitely not, totally unacceptable, I am afraid.”

Janice told Miss Drummond that she would be away from college for the holiday break, that she had time; that she wanted to become competent in domestic skills.

Still Miss Drummond refused making Janice with even more determination. The more Janice asked, now practically begging, the more adamant Miss Drummond became, refusing to countenance the idea.

At an impasse, the perfect situation for Miss Drummond, she smiled and reached out to take hold of the hands of an exasperated Professor Sinclair who was always used to getting her own way.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Story: Amorous Hierarchy

This is a very loose translation of a French story that appeared as an article on a now defunct Yahoo Group together with a couple of tweaks I added to the story. Even though the story appeared as an article, in terms of brevity, it's very similar to a caption and could have very well been done as a caption rather than an article. I think it's an interesting twist on the traditional lady-to-maid story.
T. H. Enerdly

By Hanna, Femme de Chambre
Fabienne and Giselle were two girlfriends in training as chambermaids at a hotel school. The photo was taken during their internship at a grand hôtel in Geneva a little more than six months ago.
At that time, they were so much in love that one couldn't conceive of them breaking up...Don't they look like a pair of Siamese cats?...However, Fabienne, the blonde, decided not to continue her internship, leaving her girlfriend Giselle in turmoil.
What happened was the following: On a whim, Fabienne checked the help wanted notices for the hotel and discovered that the position of assistant to the executive secretary was vacant. She applied and was hired to fill the position, leaving Giselle to continue training as a maid.
Fabienne found her new position agreeable. Especially when, from the comfort of her office, she would summon Giselle to serve her a cup of coffee. They would then play a subtle lovers' game. For example, Fabienne would tenderly reprimand Giselle for some wrinkles in her uniform. Fabienne no longer wore the white apron, and that changed everything between them.
Even at night, when they played their lovers games, it was Giselle that cleaned their studio apartment and did the ironing. Fabienne considered asking her companion to don the white apron when in her presence, to call her "madame" and "mistress," and to sleep in the rooms reserved for the chambermaids at the hotel, thus allowing Fabienne to enjoy the apartment all to herself.
Since the end of the internship, Fabienne has worked upstairs in the executive suite, and Giselle has worked downstairs as a chambermaid. One of Giselle's duties was to act as the waitress at the dinner party to celebrate Fabienne's promotion.
Tomorrow, confident that she now has the measure of Giselle, Fabienne will ask Giselle to serve as the maid at Fabienne's new apartment, to don the white apron, to call Fabienne "madame" and "mistress," and to do the housework. But until then, it's out of the question for them to share a bed, even though it's the same bed they shared as lovers.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Story: Professor Janice Sinclair Gets a New Maid. Chapter 1.

By Jackie J

Wendy could be away for up to three months or so following her operation and Professor Janice Sinclair was distraught. Wendy had been in the service of the professor for just over a year and during this time had taken care of her every need: cleaning, cooking, laundry, shopping, and paying the household bills. Never had Wendy had so much as a day away from her domestic duties in the household of the professor.

The letter from Wendy was hand written, brief and precise, explaining that she would be away for some time but that she had contacted an associate, a Miss Patricia Drummond. Miss Drummond would be in touch to discuss organising the housemaid’s duties until Wendy was ready to return.
Janice stared at the letter cursing the day when she agreed to let Wendy have the time off for the operation: "Simple and straightforward she said, did she? Didn't she say that was only for a few days? Never a day off, now this, what am I going to do?"

Wendy had been a successful barrister in the city before becoming a maid; Janice had always thought it a strange career change. Why on earth would a successful pretty young woman give everything up to be a maid rather than following her career in law? In fact, Janice sometimes doubted that her maid had ever worked within the legal profession being so shy and withdrawn. Wendy had said that she had no choice in the matter but never elaborated further.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Story: New Empoyee. Chapters 20-21.

by BigBird74


After hesitating some time and making sure no-one was waiting in the corridor outside, I crept out of the toilets and back to the maids’ room, doing my very best to avoid making eye contact with anyone and keeping my head down low. With every minute that passed, my anxiety dipped a little and slowly I began to sense that I had gotten away with it. Never could I have thought I would be so pleased to return to the maids’ room and my relief was palpable.

The problem was that I had not gotten away with it. Although no-one had been in the corridor, that did not mean I had not been seen.

Back in her office, the manageress was calmly watching the CCTV and had seen Marta exit the toilets. This provoked a wry smile from her. Initially she had wanted to confront whoever it was in the cubicle making such a disgusting scene but then, as always, she spied an opportunity. Ever since she was a little girl, she had known how to manipulate people and this skill had served her particularly well in recent months as she had risen rapidly through the managerial ranks of the company.

The way Marta had slunk back down the corridor had told her all she needed to know. The cleaner was obviously afraid of something and, naturally, that presented a number of options. What had made the sex-hungry little slut so wanton? She rewound the footage to see if she could glean any clues from beforehand. After some minutes of reviewing different cameras, all she had learned was that Marta had tried to get into the locker room and then had quickly made her way into the toilet. Naturally there were no cameras inside such a sensitive room, but it was clear she was the one the manageress has heard pleasuring herself. Picking up her key card and master key, the manageress walked to the locker room to see what she could find out.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Mastering Social Media!

Dear readers, I need your advice please. You might have noticed that I've recently set up a Twitter account @CamilleLangtry - you can see the feed on the blog's right sidebar. I am still very new to this platform, still learning the basics, and would really appreciate any suggestions from those already established there as to who's worth following.

Are there any transformation-fiction related accounts that you know? Dear Emma Finn was there, but I am not aware of any other author of the genre with an active Twitter. Are there any transformation/downgrade/maid etc. groups that you know and follow? Perhaps I am not looking right, but I've been unable to locate that much... So, if you've got ideas, please share them here or drop me a line. I would really appreciate your help. And don't forget to follow me, of course. I am planning to use my Twitter for random pictures, thoughts, links and announcements.