Saturday, June 17, 2017

Story: Lady Penrose. Chapter 5.

by Jackie J
When Bella entered the dining room carrying the tray with tea toast and eggs and started to present the breakfast Claudia frowned and stood.
“Oh, dear, this won’t do at all, Bella! No curtsy this morning for your Mistress?”
Bella blushed slightly and dropped a curtsy.
“Sorry, Mistress.”
When Bella curtsied and spread her skirts Claudia caught a whiff of the pungent odour of the carbolic soap - a stark contrast to the expensive perfume she was wearing, taken from Lady Penrose’s vanity. Claudia inwardly smiled seeing Lady Penrose bereft of makeup and carrying the scent of service.
“That’s better, Bella; if Bella is to see Percy again she will have to be a good maid, won’t she?”
Bella blushed bright red but also aroused, reminded of how the skilful use of that dong by Claudia, her Mistress, made her squeal and beg for more. She lowered her gaze.

“Yes, Mistress.”
Claudia smiled, seeing the look on her maid’s face when she mentioned Percy.
Bella, forgetting to mention the questions she had for Claudia, meekly curtsied and left her Mistress to have her breakfast.
Having filled the boiler, to prepare to do the laundry later that morning, Bella returned to the dining room to remove the breakfast things and curtsied.
“Have you finished, Mistress?”
Claudia pushed her plate towards the edge of the table.
“Yes thank you, Bella, now take a seat. We have things to discuss.”
Bella sat and stared wistfully at her Mistress.
Claudia looked at what was Lady Penrose sat in her maid's garb, her hair scrapped back and topped with a cute lacy cap, her plain fresh complexion and omitting the scent of service, just perfect.
“Firstly, Bella, apart from being my maid, you are to be your Mistress's whore and all that entails, you understand that, don’t you, girl?”
“It will be a month before Lord Penrose returns and something similar for Silvia as I understand. That means you have a month to develop into the perfect housemaid and of course my lesbian slut and I intend to ensure you succeed in both. When Lord Penrose and Silvia return they will find this household in pristine condition unlike when they had previously returned.”
“I understand that you have been ridiculed by Lord Penrose and even another maid for the state of the place in their absence. Well, they will be in for a surprise when they return this time.”
Claudia cleverly mentioned Silvia as another maid just like Bella, rather than Lady Penrose’s own maid.
“You may be wondering why you awoke this morning in the maid’s quarters. That is because I guided you there last night. They are the maid’s quarters and you are the maid here at Ringwood so that is your room now and everything a maid needs you will find there.”
Whilst Claudia spoke Bella’s expression changed. Was this really what she wanted? A month of servitude just to prove to Reginald and that insolent tart of a maid Silvia that she was capable of looking after the domestic duties at Ringwood? That trollop of a maid is going to be fired on her return anyway.  
Claudia could see a degree of apprehension growing within her maid and sweetened the pill. She rose from her chair to stand just behind Bella and stroked her finger down the nape of her maid’s neck, sending a weakening shiver though Bella.
“Of course we both know why you want to be my maid, don’t we, Bella? To be the maid of a dominant Mistress.”
Claudia leaned forwards and whispered softly into Bella’s ear.
“Are you wet now, girl? Are you already thinking of tonight, what I will do with you? What I will be doing to you in my bedchamber?”
Bella squirmed in her chair. She was becoming wet and tilted her head to lean against the back of her Mistress's hand that stroked against her cheek.
“Yes, Bella, you be a good maid for your Mistress, tell your Mistress what a good maid you are going to be.”
Bella turned to look at Claudia, her eyes weak with want and need and breathlessly whispered her obedience.
“Yes, Mistress. Bella will be a good maid for her Mistress.”
Claudia continued in her seductive tone.
“And this dress, Bella, this beautiful dress that was Lady Penrose’s dress, tell your Mistress how nice she looks in it.”
Bella was now sloppy wet with anticipation and accepted the past tense reference without question.
“Yes, Mistress. Your dress is beautiful and fits you well.”
Claudia was subtly separating the two personalities of Lady Penrose and maid Bella, a process that would continue in the weeks ahead, a differentiation that Bella would accept and embrace in her own mind, perhaps a mental protection whilst her degradation and subjugation progressed. But Claudia would ensure that only one personality would remain at the end: that of maid Bella.
Claudia could see and sense the need in her maid and was tempted to have Bella’s eager tongue at her there and then but the rationing of her affection would need to be carefully managed if she was to keep her maid submissive and compliant so so smiled, raising Bella to her feet.
“Right, Bella, I suggest you get about your duties. This room requires a thorough cleaning along with my bedchamber and the bathroom and of course the laundry. I will take lunch at one.”
Bella stood, her knees weak at her imaginings of being used again in the bedchamber of her Mistress. Gathering her thoughts she dropped a curtsy.
“Yes, Mistress.”
The morning was busy for Bella: sweeping, dusting, scrubbing, polishing, then the laundry. Her hands were sore from the washing board and soda. Whe she was outside in the courtyard pegging out the washing, the unfamiliar swirl of the breeze about her skirts and underwear reinforced her status as a house maid.
It was after twelve and Bella prepared lunch for her Mistress, carving the ham and preparing salad. She had been kept so busy and had given little thought to the comments made by Claudia earlier. The past tense reference to Lady Penrose’s dress, her bedchamber and the perfume she was wearing it was hers? Well, "Lady Penrose’s", Bella chuckled to herself that she had for the first time thought of Lady Penrose in the third person. It felt strange but she was to be Bella the maid, wasn’t she, so perhaps she should think of Lady Penrose in that way and from that point onwards reconciled to do just that!
Bella served luncheon. offering the full deference her Mistress deserved and decided to embolden her adopted persona.
“Lady Penrose would take a glass of wine with her luncheon, would Mistress care to partake in wine?”
Claudia hid her pleasure at hearing Bella disown and separate Lady Penrose from herself and smiled continuing to reinforce this direction
“Yes that would be perfect, Bella. Lady Penrose is away, isn’t she? And given I am the Mistress here at Ringwood now I am sure she would not mind me taking advantage of her cellar. A glass of claret would be most welcome, girl.”
Bella curtsied and left to bring the wine, a smile on her face. Claudia was making this feel so real, what Lady Penrose didn’t realise it was indeed real, very real.
After dinner that evening Bella, having finished cleaning down the kitchen and the washing up, made her way to the back parlour to complete the task set for her by her Mistress.
Laying out her maid’s dresses, she began to unpick the first three letters of the name embroidered on them by Silvia, like her Mistress had instructed her. The letter I the S and the A gone, the name Isabella was reduced to Bella. Having repaired her torn dress from the night before and with only a few pin pricks to her fingers, Bella was pleased with her work and smiled at her accomplishment.
That entire day Bella’s mind had wandered to the previous night and she wondered what her Mistress had in store for her whore that evening. Bella was not to be disappointed or was she?
Having hung the last of her altered dresses into her closet in the maid’s quarters Bella turned to see Claudia standing radiant in the doorway wearing one of Lady Penrose’s fine negligees and a peignoir and went weak at the knee and curtsied.
Claudia twirled swirling the delicate fabric about her and smiled possessively at her maid.
Bella stared, Claudia’s perfect form of nakedness clear within the unrestricted confines of the gossamer fine nightwear.
Claudia entered the room and closed the door behind her.
“Take your clothes off, girl.”
Bella hurriedly fumbled with her clothing until all was discarded and she stood naked, her nipples already ripe and a glistening growing between her legs.
Claudia again twirled, teasing and taunting her maid.
“Do you recognise this, Bella? Isn’t it beautiful?”
Bella awkward in her plain nakedness looked upon her glamorous Mistress, an audible sigh from her lips.
“Yes, Mistress it is. It was Lady Penrose’s favourite.”
Claudia was close now and her perfume filled Bella’s senses. Bella was quivering in anticipation and slowly, without instruction, sunk to her knees gazing up at her dominant Mistress.
Claudia smiled.
“Come, my pretty whore, taste your Mistress.”
Bella inched forwards on her knees lifting the cascading negligee and Peignoir and took her first lick. Then, with a high squat, Claudia gently caressed her maid’s head, drawing its lips into her and moaned her pleasure.
Claudia’s pussy sluiced its satisfaction over the enthusiastic face and lashing tongue of her slut. Working herself and her pussy licking toy onto the small bunk Claudia laid back in the confined squalor of the maid’s quarters and squirmed and writhed to the freely given oral worship of her maid.
Claudia sensed the enthusiasm of her maid was waning and discovered why. Bella was at herself seeking self gratification her fingers pummelling her own wet slot. This was not unexpected; in fact, Claudia had planned for this.
Claudia drew away and stood from the bunk an angry expression on her face.
“How dare you, girl? Did I say you could diddle with yourself whilst serving your Mistress?”
Bella looked up her eyes wide and gulped, her fingers still engaged thrashing then tipping and gripping her clitoris she needed to cum, she had to cum. The anger in her Mistress's face the chastisement, the scent of her Mistresses, she couldn’t stop. Her eyes rolled and she reached her blissful orgasm collapsing on the bed.
Claudia, her eyes tightening, grabbed Bella by her hair and shouted into her face.
“You fucking ungrateful disobedient slut! You won’t do that again to your mistress!”
Bella was quivering, not from fear but from sexual arousal. Slut, disobedient, ungrateful, her hair tugged and her Mistress's face full of anger: she wanted this, to be dominated and used like a cheap whore. Perhaps what she didn’t want was what her Mistress did to her next.
Claudia stormed out of the room to quickly return finding Bella at herself again.
Taking Bella by her hair she dragged her moaning maid to her feet and held up the device in front of her.
“Now, bitch, put this on.”
Slaps across Bella’s buttocks made her squirm in compliance and she tugged the heavy leather and steel belt about herself and with a final sharp securing tug from Claudia, before she closed the asp, Maid Bella was locked into chastity.
Bella pulled free and tugged at the belt.
“No, no, not this, no Claudia no, get this off me, please, I beg you, get this off me!”
I crisp slap across Bella’s face followed by another silenced her and Claudia glared at her maid grabbing her hair once again.
“How dare you, girl, how dare you call me Claudia? Mistress when you address me, you dirty slut, you will wear that belt until your Mistress decides otherwise. Now bend over, you bitch."
Bending her resistant maid over the bunk, Claudia spanked and slapped Bella’s buttocks red then tossed her whimpering maid down onto the bed.
“The belt will serve to remind you who owns you, who owns that pussy of yours.”
Claudia left the room with a smirk on her face leaving Bella squirming and wriggling on the bed trying desperately to remove the chastity belt she had been locked into.
An hour of tugging and pulling left Bella exhausted and still securely locked into the belt.


  1. The frustrating arousal will now help finish Bella off completely. Very good so far

  2. Am I the only reader who thinks that "Jackie J" keeps recycling the same plot, just with different names plugged in each time?

    1. That repetitious rapscallion ends all her comments with hugs and kisses without fail too. What are the odds that the J in Jackie J also stands for Jackie? I say we lock her up in that chastity belt she is so fond of!

  3. Apologies to anonymous
    Thank you for your constructive comments, most welcomed

    Look forward to reading your next contribution.

    Billy Joe

  4. I really enjoyed reading this story but will this story continue or is it a dead end