Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Story: Lady Penrose. Chapter 4.

by Jackie J
Claudia purred and squirmed with satisfaction before slithering away from the eager tongue of her maid.
Standing in the bath tub Claudia smiled down on the wanton expression blooming across Lady Penrose’s face.
“Don’t worry, Bella. Your mistress has something for you. Come dry me and I will find you a suitable reward.”
Towelled dry by her maid and into the luxurious silk kimono of Lady Penrose, Claudia chuckled sensing the repressed urges welling up within her maid.
Claudia strode from the bathroom to Lady Penrose’s bedchamber and opened the door beckoning Lady Penrose inside.
“Well this is very nice, Bella, very nice. Now go down to the dining room and bring up the vanity case I brought with me.”

Claudia sauntered around the opulent bedroom suite touching and admiring Lady Penrose’s possessions.  Reginald, Lord Penrose, occupied a room along the hall and this was Lady Penrose’s sanctuary. A large bed, a double vanity, a writing desk, drawers and closets filled with her clothing, a seating area on the balcony overlooking the sprawling manicured gardens. The room was heady with the scent of expensive perfume, indeed a boudoir par excellence.
Lady Penrose was soon back carrying the vanity case and Claudia chuckled springing the latches.
“Sit on the bed, Bella.”
Lady Penrose, setting and tucking her skirts beneath her, sat the scent and juices of Claudia still fresh to her face and her pussy wet.
Claudia removed a belt from the case and Lady Penrose eyes swelled watching the belt unwind slowly in Claudia’s nimble fingers.
Claudia pushed back her kimono and stepped into two thin straps attached to the belt before pulling the main belt around her defined waspish waist.
Lady Penrose gulped seeing what was attached to the belt dangling and swinging in Claudia’s crotch.
Claudia smirked.
“This is Percy, Bella. And Percy is going to be your friend.”
Lady Penrose stared at the ornate dong, ebony carved in careful detail, the perfect phallus, the head, its bulbous head the ribbed vein its length and girth.
Claudia toyed the device to protrude from her silky wrap to display heavy wooden balls that swung beneath the decorative dildo.
“Now drop your bloomers and bend over the bed like a good maid.”
Lady Penrose, apprehensive yet excited, worked free of her underwear and bent forward over the edge of her bed, a bed that had been her place of comfort, of private pleasures, her sanctuary.
“Claudia, sorry Mistress, I am not sure please don’t, oh!”
Claudia wasted no time in skewering Lady Penrose’s dripping slot and gripping her tight around her waist. The dildo pushed deep within her wanton prey.
Amid squeals and moans of pleasure Claudia exhaustingly rode Lady Penrose to her screaming climax then continued to drive the dong into her. Bouncing Lady Penrose like a rag doll across the bed, her own knees reddened, she gasped from her exertions until she collapsed over the dishevelled, defiled, heaving body of Lady Penrose.
Lady Penrose had been ravished, her maids dress ripped open across its bodice and hung wrapped like a twisted belt around her waist. Her bra dragged from her whilst her nipples had been sucked and gnawed to a tantalising and exquisite soreness. Her body slick with sweat, she panted with a wayward expression on her face staring up at the ceiling with the weight of Claudia atop of her.
Not since before Reginald, the farm hand who took her in Lostock farm’s barn, had she had such an experience, Claudia having taken her to the heights of sexual pleasures. Not a beefy hairy man but another woman, Lady Penrose had never touched or laid with another woman until this day but now her thoughts of being caressed and taken by a dominant Mistress were becoming all-consuming.
Her breathing having settled into a steady rhythm, Lady Penrose wriggled from beneath the weight of an exhausted Claudia, a smile slowly growing across her face. Pulling her underskirt dress and apron over her legs, her body was still tingling from the sensations she had felt at the hands of Claudia and her own imaginings.
The maid of a mistress taken and roughly fucked, used like a toy. It was all so real, it was real.
Lady Penrose wrapped the arms around herself, drawing up her legs and squirmed contemplating the exquisite feelings she had experienced. Claudia had unlocked unknown suppressed desires within Lady Penrose. So long without affection from her husband, so long without being ravished, she had laid like an unread book on a dusty shelf but with the first few chapters read aloud and clear she contemplated how this would unfold. This, could this continue, where would it lead, she had given herself in no short measure, screamed in ecstasy, feasted on forbidden fruit, enthusiastically succumbed to Claudia, her Mistress, her dominant Mistress.
It was late in the evening and laid in her tattered uniform her hands dared to gently paw at her silk kimono now worn by Claudia. A lightly asleep Claudia reacted to her touch and softly moaned rolling onto her back. The silky garment falling open Lady Penrose licked her lips scanning the lithe exposed flesh and the dong, Percy, flopping between Claudia’s spread thighs. Percy like a magnet drew Lady Penrose’s pouting lips to its glistening head and she squirmed and arched her neck to take it to her mouth.
Fondling the wooden balls that swung below the ridged Percy she felt the wetness of Claudia’s pussy on her fingertips and gently pressed sensuously sliding her lips over the dong to fill her mouth. Feeling the stiffness of Claudia’s clitoris Lady Penrose teased and pressed in the growing wetness whilst sucking long slow strokes up and down the phallus.
Lady Penrose’s eager lips and tongue soon discarded Percy for the sweet nectar that now oozed from the restless pulsing pouting pussy that lay beneath.
A lazy hand fell upon her head and the twitching and squirming of Claudia, coupled with her soft moans, offered unneeded encouragement for Lady Penrose’s probing tongue.  But the words, the words floating from an awakened Claudia’s lips had Lady Penrose writhing in raptures.
“That’s right, my maid, worship your mistress's warm wet slot like the whore you are, lick and lap, Bella, lick and lap.”
Lady Penrose, pressing her face between Claudia’s welcoming spread thighs, worked her fingers to her own oozing pussy, her fingers drenched in her stream of wanton degradation.
Claudia looked down at her squirming eager maid with Percy and the balls bouncing in her flattened matted hair whilst she gobbled in her Mistress's snatch and smiled.
Claudia’s words again trickling into the receptive conscious and subconscious thoughts of Lady Penrose.
“You are my whore, your Mistress's whore; maid Bella will serve and obey her Mistress, Bella is the slutty maid at Ringwood."
Lady Penrose’s fingers battered into herself, her tongue thrashing in and about Claudia’s steaming, running slot. Her mind filling with her prompted imaginings, she was a whore, her Mistress's whore, her Mistress’s whore maid, Bella the whore maid. Bella would obey her Mistress, serve her Mistress.
Those thoughts, the squelching sloppy wet folds her tongue was probing within, the intoxicating scent of Claudia’s sex, her own sluicing stimulated pussy, the taunting words. Lady Penrose’s body started to shake and convulse and her orgasm ripped through her like a whirlwind leaving her weak and quivering, her whole body on fire, every nerve end tingling. Panting heavily she fell away from between Claudia’s legs onto her back and stared blankly into the middle distance. With the juices of her Mistress cooling on her face, Lady Penrose gently rubbed at herself through her skirts and weakly moaned.
Claudia worked herself to the side of her exhausted maid and chuckled, running her fingers through Lady Penrose’s dishevelled matted hair. The wistful look in Lady Penrose’s eyes was familiar to the manipulative dyke; she had seen it many times from her conquests and proceeded to continue the seductive subjugation of her helpless prey.
Claudia raised Lady Penrose’s idling hand that was gently pressing into her own crotch and pushed the sticky fingers to Lady Penrose’s parting lips which closed around them to softly suck.
“Well, Bella, my pretty maid, I think you have enjoyed yourself, haven’t you?”
Lady Penrose tried to respond but Claudia held Lady Penrose’s finger gag in place.
“Shhh, my pretty maid”
“You are mine now, Bella, you know that don’t you? You want to be used by me, don’t you? To serve your Mistress, to be your Mistress's little slutty whore.”
Lady Penrose weakly stared up into the confident possessive eyes of Claudia.
It was true, every word of it. She wanted to be owned, to be used by her Mistress, to serve her Mistress, to be her slutty whore. To be taken again to the heights of sexual fulfilment.
There was no resistance, no contradiction, just a weak whimper from Lady Penrose, her free hand smoothing upon Claudia’s exposed thigh.
Claudia released her hold of Lady Penrose’s hand and with a sucking slurp Lady Penrose’s fingers withdrew from between her lips.
Claudia continued in her soft tone.
“Well, let us confirm your position here at Ringwood, shall we? Tell me what your name is.”
A soft response drifted from Lady Penrose.
“My name is Bella, Mistress.”
"And your role here at Ringwood?"
“Housemaid, Mistress.”
Claudine continued to stroke her fingers through Lady Penrose’s hair.
“And who owns you, Bella? Who must you obey?”
Lady Penrose could not help herself, her imaginings had become her reality, an obedient maid to a demanding dominant Mistress.
Her wealth, position and rank meant nothing to her now. The value they held had melted and evaporated within her Sapphic lust she was a common maid having been taken to her nirvana and beyond and her words of commitment poured forth.
Such was her enchantment by the scheming Claudia she would willingly be maid to Claudia’s Mistress without thought or care for her returning husband and Silvia.
“You do, Mistress.”
“That’s right, Bella.”
Lady Penrose curled up against Claudia and quickly drifted into a dream filled slumber.
Lady Penrose awoke cold and alone the remnants of her maid’s clothing draped around her.  Staring around her through bleary eyes the room was unfamiliar plain, bare? This wasn’t her bedchamber this, this was Silvia’s room? What was she doing here? How did she get here?
The door opened and Lady Penrose instantly recognised the dress Claudia was wearing: it was one of her own.
Half asleep and confused Lady Penrose sat to the edge of the bed and a comfortable soreness reminded her of her ploughing at the hands of Claudia.
“Awake at last, Bella. I trust you slept well, now dress quickly, smart clean uniform, your Mistress requires her breakfast.”
Lady Penrose flopped back onto the stiffness of the bunk she had slept in and contemplated her distressed garb.
Standing she stripped the pungent stench of her used pussy filling her senses she had to bathe. Of course the only facilities to be found in Silvia’s room was a wash bowl, jug and a block of carbolic soap complimented by a rather well worn towel hanging over the rail.
She could take a bath later; the bowl and jug would have to do for now.
Washed and fresh with the odour of carbolic, the perfume of service, Bella dressed. Clean underwear, thick hosiery, lace trimmed black dress, emblazoned with the name Isabella and with the finishing touch of her apron she stepped into her heavy shoes. There was no makeup, all her cosmetics remained in Lady Penrose’s bedroom. And her hair, what a mess... Bella scrapped her tangled hair into a tight ponytail and popped on her lacy cap. She could wash her hair and put on her makeup later, couldn’t she?
Gathering up her soiled underwear and torn uniform Bella made her way to the scullery and having dumped the clothing in the laundry skip started to prepare breakfast.
Whilst making breakfast, apart from reliving her experiences of the previous evening, making her squirm and giggle, Bella made a mental list of things to mention to Claudia. Taking a bath, her hair, why she awoke in Silvia’s room and how she got there and why was Claudia wearing one of her best dresses?

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  1. 'Nice going, Jackie J ~

    This chapter's prodigious sexual encounter for Bella may necessitate a future "need" for her to undergo chastity training. If not, Bella may later find herself discovered (by Claudia) to be "at herself" (to use your term, lol), and thus be in need of correction by the confining reality of being forced by Claudia to wear a chastity belt. ;)

    Thank you, Jackie, for this heavy, juicy encounter. The compelling need to be satiated by sexual lust is one of the exquisite and time-proven catalysts for ensuring that (as also in this story) Lady Penrose as Bella, will be successfully led down that well trodden path (in the anals of L2M plots, lol) towards her "proper" station in life, as compelled by her craven need for gratification, as accommodated by Claudia.

    After all, aren't such house maids considered to be the most sexually active in serving their "betters", than the presumably less fulfilling condition (in that department) that the more exclusively cloistered ladies, in their self-indulgent lifestyles, tend to devolve into?

    [Perhaps Claudia and Miss Jenny Jacobs ('remember her?) are well acquainted, or they belong to the same lesbian club for butch dykes, lol]. :D