Sunday, April 24, 2016

Story: Lady Helen

by Jackie J

Chapter one

Patricia had worked for Lady Helen for some twelve months in the capacity of house maid carrying out her duties diligently working six days a week being at Lady Helens beck and call with no complaint. Wednesday was Patricia’s free day when she would leave the secluded manor house of her reclusive Mistress and visit her friend in the neighbouring village. It was Wednesday and after serving breakfast Patricia left the Manor, she would be returning no sooner than eight thirty in the evening, in time to serve supper.
Lady Helen, a traditionalist, was fastidious insisting on strict protocols within the household, whilst somewhat draconian, conditions that Patricia willingly accepted. Patricia understanding the demarcation, Patricia was the house maid and Lady Helen was the Mistress of the manor and she paid due deference to her Ladyship at all times.  Patricia, always smartly attired in her dated, old fashioned and cumbersome maid’s uniform, curtsied when addressing her Ladyship, never questioning her instructions, speaking only when spoken to and efficiently going about her duties. A sensible three year indenture clause, within the contract, giving security to both Mistress and maid, the indenture only to be revoked should both parties agree and a replacement maid be trained and in position to serve the Mistress of Hillside Manor.