Saturday, August 27, 2016

Story: Annabelle's New Role. Parts 4-6.

By Violet Carson Part 4
Day Two
I awoke at 6:45 to the sound of my tinny alarm and sat up in bed after a fitful night’s sleep with my mind racing as to what the next six months would hold. I got out of bed and looked at myself in the hideous dressing table mirror with my lank dark brown slightly greasy hair looking back at me. I wouldn’t have time for a shower, as I would need to get Mark’s breakfast ready for 7:15. After popping to the guest bathroom to clean my teeth and use the toilet I started to get changed.
I slipped off the dressing gown and unbuttoned the floral cotton nightie, catching site of my old slim body in the mirror. I pulled up the padded spanks and added the large cotton pants and ill-fitting bra. Like yesterday I pulled on the saggy tights and cotton slip before putting on a housecoat. I felt like a change, so I wore the pale green one and matching tabard and tried on the beige elasticated sandals for the first time. They might have looked disgusting but wow, were they comfortable; they were amazing; far more comfortable than any of my old £500 killer heels! I popped in the coloured contacts, added the glasses and quickly brushed my hair. That alone used to take me 5 minutes, now it was 30 seconds. There certainly were some advantages to being plain – comfort and speed. I didn’t put on any of the cheap makeup I’d been given, simply a quick squirt of the overly strong perfume, horribly floral not at all to my usual tastes, but probably very Rose, I thought to myself.
I was about to rush downstairs when I suddenly remembered my cigarettes. I lit one and took a few quick puffs before stubbing it out in the ashtray. I hoped Mark would notice the smell. I then hurried downstairs, all within 15 minutes of getting up, definitely a record.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Story: Annabelle's New Role

By Violet Carson

Let me introduce myself, I’m just over a month away from my 28th birthday, my name is Annabelle Jemima Parfitt (known as AJ to my friends) and I’ve been married to the gorgeous Mark for almost three years. We live in a four-bedroom detached house with a large garden and double-car garage in a beautiful English village just outside St. Albans, 30 minutes north of London. Despite the on-going protestations of Mark’s parents (his mother in particular) we have no plans to have any children in the near future.
I was born Annabelle Ophelia Edwards to two frightfully ambitious middle class parents, a bank manager and a school teacher who were simply desperate for me to make the most of life’s opportunities, hence the horrendously pretentious names I was given. They couldn’t afford to send me to a boarding school as much as they would have liked to, but I did go to a very good girl’s school outside Reading where I was brought up. In addition I studied piano to Grade 8 in addition to taking ballet lessons and having tennis coaching. I’m 5ft 7” tall with a slim toned figure, firm pert 34B breasts, long legs and slim athletic waist and have blond expensively highlighted wavy hair tumbles that go just over my shoulders My only obvious physical shortcoming is that unfortunately I’m rather short sighted but from the age of 18 onwards I have worn contact lenses which, if anything, make my eyes slightly larger in appearance and hence to most people, boys in particular more attractive.
I have to admit that all my parents support, hectoring, encouragement and hopes paid off as I was offered a place at one of Oxford University’s oldest colleges to study Classics which I passed with a 2.1 Honours degree.  However, this pales into significance when compared to my mother’s delight at my leaving university with the previously mentioned Mark as my by then long-term boyfriend.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Story: The Demise of Lady Charlotte Rhodes: Revisited.

One of the readers of this blog has provided a major re-write and re-edit of Jackie J's The Demise of Lady Charlotte Rhodes, which has been one of the most-read stories here. I've now replaced the old version with a new one, the original has gone through a professional edit, given an epilogue and is now nearly twice as long. I hope you enjoy the new version as much as I did. You can read it here.