Friday, June 23, 2017

The Diamond Heiress: Playboy May 2013

A magazine spread featuring Tamara Ecclestone and her adoring maids. Another one from a few years back for my lady-and-maid collection! 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Story: Lady Penrose. Chapter 6.

by Jackie J
With Bella’s sex hidden and encased within the insidious contraption, the initial panic that raced through every sinew of her being began to subside seeking rational thought. A knife, a knife from the kitchen she could cut through the straps. Of course this would not be possible given the tempered steel that was sheathed by the outer leather, but Bella could not have known that, although she would find out later when she tried.
Walking to the door, to creep to the kitchen, Bella reached for the handle and her eyes went wide.
The handle had gone, removed, and with her hands pawing in disbelieve Bella tnoticed a new item of furniture on the door, a shiny new key hole for a mortice lock.
Naked but for the adornment of the chastity belt Bella caught her reflection in the mirror and stood staring. What had she done? What had she allowed to be done?

Monday, June 19, 2017

Story: Daphne and the White Apron. Part 4.

by Monica Graz

It was 8.45 in the morning and Lita was walking fast down the street. Dressed in one of her uniforms dresses, the mint green one, her sensible working shoes and a cardigan to protect her from the morning chill she was heading for her first outside work as a maid and cleaner. Her heart was beating fast as she tried to avoid the looks of the morning walkers, though no one seemed to pay any attention to her, another domestic worker clearly running an errand for her employers in that rich part of Mayfair.  

She was carrying a small canvas shoulder bag with some basic cosmetics a couple of aprons and Daphne’s mobile phone and credit card for emergency reasons. She was slightly amused and excited as she looked at the hem of her work dress where a few spots of discoloration were very obvious, clearly the results of chlorine and a big tell tale for her activities. She also couldn’t’ fail to notice the state of her hands which already lost their softness and looked rather red and rough, the hands of a domestic. Miss Magda was very pleased when she noticed that in the morning before her departure from the Arnellos residence.

“You are safe Lita, nobody could detect anything else but a domestic worker on you at the moment. It is not only your uniform and hands but also the lack of any frivolous accoutrements, a totally utilitarian look.” She said chuckling happily.

Lita wasn’t certain if she should be pleased or worried with that comment so she simply said, “Thank you Miss Magda, that makes me less worried for my first day in a new working environment. I certainly am interested in keeping a low profile.”

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Story: Lady Penrose. Chapter 5.

by Jackie J
When Bella entered the dining room carrying the tray with tea toast and eggs and started to present the breakfast Claudia frowned and stood.
“Oh, dear, this won’t do at all, Bella! No curtsy this morning for your Mistress?”
Bella blushed slightly and dropped a curtsy.
“Sorry, Mistress.”
When Bella curtsied and spread her skirts Claudia caught a whiff of the pungent odour of the carbolic soap - a stark contrast to the expensive perfume she was wearing, taken from Lady Penrose’s vanity. Claudia inwardly smiled seeing Lady Penrose bereft of makeup and carrying the scent of service.
“That’s better, Bella; if Bella is to see Percy again she will have to be a good maid, won’t she?”
Bella blushed bright red but also aroused, reminded of how the skilful use of that dong by Claudia, her Mistress, made her squeal and beg for more. She lowered her gaze.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Comme Deauville: "Rags to Riches" Fashion Editoral in Jalouse October 2010

The point of this "modern day Cinderella" editorial (other that getting model Ashley Smith into a maid's uniform) escapes me, but here it is anyway. As you know, I just can't get enough of lady-and-maid fashion editorials.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Story: Lady Penrose. Chapter 4.

by Jackie J
Claudia purred and squirmed with satisfaction before slithering away from the eager tongue of her maid.
Standing in the bath tub Claudia smiled down on the wanton expression blooming across Lady Penrose’s face.
“Don’t worry, Bella. Your mistress has something for you. Come dry me and I will find you a suitable reward.”
Towelled dry by her maid and into the luxurious silk kimono of Lady Penrose, Claudia chuckled sensing the repressed urges welling up within her maid.
Claudia strode from the bathroom to Lady Penrose’s bedchamber and opened the door beckoning Lady Penrose inside.
“Well this is very nice, Bella, very nice. Now go down to the dining room and bring up the vanity case I brought with me.”

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Story: Lady Penrose. Chapter 3.

by Jackie J
Flushed and still panting Lady Penrose set about carving the roast her mind trying in vain to reconcile what had just taken place, what had she done and why.
By the time she was ready to serve the dishes from the kitchen she had settled somewhat, but her self-inflicted humiliation was a feeling she could not shake from her consciousness. What was she doing dressed in her maid's clothing serving dinner to Claudia. She wasn’t a maid, she couldn’t be the maid in her own home, could she?
Claudia’s scent was still about her, making her feel weak and humble. What she had done to Claudia, what she had done to herself on the kitchen floor, her thoughts in the bathtub, Claudia’s assertion that she would be spending more time between her thighs...
Lady Penrose should have stridden up to the dining room, slapped down the food and told Claudia to leave and never return. To deny that anything had ever taken place between them, laundry Silvia’s uniform and underwear, place it back in the closet and drawers as if untouched...

Friday, June 9, 2017

Thalia Becomes a Hotel Maid

Mexican superstar Thalia is playing dress up as a hotel maid in a "reality" TV series called Asi Es Come Lo Hacemos (This is How we do it). It's in Spanish, but easy to understand. Definetely worth 5 minutes of your time. 

The uniform is exquisite and in contrast to the one worn by the real maid there. The whole set up does look like a plot of one of the lady-to-maid stories - a bored singer/model/actress wants a simpler life with predictable results... I actually found the real maid helping her interesting. The contrast between her and Thalia is incredible, she looks old enough to be her (destitute) mother even though they could be about the same age (Thalia, being a pampered lady, easily looks 15 years younger than her real age here). Anyway, here it is:

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Story: Who's the Maid Now - Part 2.

(Republished with author's permission. Read the first part here. The caption
that inspired the original is here). 

by Belladonna

The doors of the service elevator opened to the floor of the new home
of Victoria's mistress.  Victoria stepped out onto the marble flooring
and gave its shine a smile as her chunky, low-heeled shoes clapped
across it.  It was in stark contrast to the clicks on the marble
flooring that she had been accustomed to hearing when she accompanied
her mother around similar buildings.  The movers quickly passed by her
to enter the service elevator themselves, paying her presence little

Victoria smiled at her anonymous state.  Rather than being the one they
were there to please, the movers simply ignored her as just another
servant of their client.

She walked through the open door to Julia's condominium.  Her eyes
widened at the well-adorned modern condominium that it was in stark
contrast to the stately country estate where she had spent most of her

"There you are," Julia bellowed while she saw Victoria staring around
the large room.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Story: Lady Penrose. Chapter 2.

By Jackie J

Lady Penrose gathered her thoughts following the visit of Claudia and resigned that no way would she be the maid to “Mistress Claudia”. No way.

Making her way back to Silvia’s room she aggressively stripped from the maid’s uniform she had stupidly worn, tossed the garments onto the small bunk and headed up to the bathroom to soak away the grime of the day’s toil.

Cursing under her breath, still angry at allowing that bitch Claudia to see her like she was and then letting that cow talk to her like she had. How dare she suggest she should become a maid and her - a Mistress? Lady Penrose stepped gingerly into the steaming foam of her prepared bath and, after pouring in scented oils, lowered herself into the bubbles and laid back.

Stroking the sponge over her naked form Lady Penrose let her anger dissipate in the warmth of the soothing suds and chuckled to herself. A maid, me a maid and Claudia my Mistress. As if that would happen, like I would agree to that, what was Claudia thinking, what was I thinking?

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Story: sub-servient

(Tetora has kindly alerted me to her new novella that just came out so I am more than happy to share it with everyone here. She's quickly becoming one of my favourite transformation authors (or, rather, has become already)).

by Tetora

Chapter 1

“I think you should see other people.”

I came very close to speaking the phrase men dread will someday come out of the mouth of their beloved. If my fiancĂ© wasn’t listening carefully, he might have thought I wanted to break up. That was not accurate. My desire was to take our relationship in a different direction, one where the love of my life exchanged vows with another woman and relegated me to the role of his maid and occasional mistress.

We met in my home country three years ago. Seth was a handsome Westerner living abroad that was hired by my father to temporarily represent his company. There was a certain prestige in having a foreign business partner that was white. It impressed naive people, myself included. He was essentially an actor for hire and had no real position, however. All he had to do was to look the part of an important person in a couple meetings, tell a few lies in a speech or two and that was it. Typically, these kind of gigs lasted no more than a week.

When his contract ended, I made transparent excuses as to why his continued presence was absolutely necessary. My father acquiesced accordingly and put Seth on the payroll as an actual employee. His unofficial job description was to be my boyfriend. We were in love.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Casa de Mujeres: Two Mistresses and One Maid.

This is a very unusual, award-winning photoshoot done by artist Rachelle Mozman in 2011. It's called Casa de Mujeres (House of Women) and tells a story of three Latin American women  - twin sisters and their maid - all played by the same woman (the artist's own mother). I think it's spooky at times, but it has to be one of the best lady-and-maid shoots I've seen so far. You don't even need to suspend you disbelief that much to imagine a lady-to-maid story behind it!