Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Story: Becoming Her Maid

by Jackpot

Where do I begin? I had interviewed five women but none of them seemed to fit the job properly. It was three weeks and no one came by or called about the job. I really needed someone to cook and clean the house badly. Once a husband is gone you really begin to appreciate all that he did for you, especially being financially secure. He used to do a lot of stuff for me and after five years of his absence I decided to hire a maid. I was glancing at my ad again and thinking,

“This time if someone comes I am not going to be so picky about everything.” I placed the paper down, and went to take a shower. Despite my age you can say that I am still quite attractive. I have black hair and hazel-green eyes. I wear lots of silky blouses and skirts. I have a huge assortment of styles and colors. I was continuing to wash myself when the phone rang. I thought it could be someone answering the ad so I rushed to get to the phone.


“Hi, is this Ms. Emily Johnson?” Her voice seemed quite young.

“Yes it is.”

“My name is Donna Stanton. I am interested in the position you are offering.”

“Finally a caller.” I thought to myself. “Yes, would you like to come in today around 10:30 for an interview?”

“Yes I would.” She said.

“Great, I will see you then.”

“Okay, thank you.”

I was ecstatic. I had a new applicant, and “maybe this would be the one?” I thought. Promptly at 10:30 the doorbell rang,

“Hi my name is Donna. I called earlier about the maid job.” She was no more than nineteen years of age. Being in my forties made me wish for my youth again. Still she was a bit older than the other ones that applied. She had blond hair and strikingly, beautiful blue eyes,

“Hi, please come in. I am Ms. Johnson.” I took her in the living room. “Make yourself comfortable. Do you have a resume and references, Donna?” I took a good look at her and thought, “Oh, no, I hope she is not a bubble head blonde; and she is chewing gum, but I can’t be so picky this time. She has to be the one.” She handed over her resume and reference sheet,

“Very nice, Donna. I see you have done some nanny work as well, so you have done some cooking too?” I asked.

“Yes I have.” She said.

“Good, I will need someone to do some cooking on occasion, is that a problem?”

“No, not at all.”

“Great, why don’t you remove your coat, and I’ll hang it up for you.

“Sure.” Donna just grinned with a childlike expression. She removed her coat, revealing a very sexy maid’s outfit. It was black and white with all the proper trimmings.

“My God,” I thought, “she sure is confident about this job, well maybe that is a good thing. Now, why don’t I show you around the place?”

“Cool.” She said as she popped a bubble from the pink gum in her mouth.

“As you can see, the place is a real mess. The rugs need washing and cleaning. The kitchen is also filthy, and those windows need work.

“Sorry, I don’t do windows, Ms. Johnson.” I frowned, but I was trying not to be so picky this time.

“Well I hope you at least do bathrooms, as you could see...” Donna cut me off, “Ms. Johnson, I do not do bathrooms. Perhaps you should find someone else in that department.” Her tone was matter-of-fact, almost command-like, rather than a statement. She blew another bubble. I was obviously disappointed, but I tried not to show it. “Should I find someone else?” I thought, “no, this has to be the one. I am desperate right now. I will just have to handle the other cleaning myself. Well you don’t object to the rest of the work around here do you?” I asked with my best, firm voice. I don’t know why I was so nervous in her presence. After all I was the one in charge here.”

“No, not at all Ms. Johnson.” She looked directly into my eyes. Her eyes were so blue, almost mesmerizing. I got lost in them for a second,

“Ummm, very well then, can you start today dear?” I asked in a real soft tone. I really should have checked out her credentials but I needed a maid badly.

“No, I will start tomorrow, Ms. Johnson.” She spoke without a flicker, looking directly at me. I should have told the little bitch to leave right there and then, and that she was no good for the job, but for some reason I just seemed to agree with her. There was something about her commanding tone. It just made my mouth and legs week.

“Um, well, I guess tomorrow is okay then.” I said rather sheepishly.

“Good. I will see you tomorrow, Ms. Johnson.” She grinned with a childlike expression and blew another bubble.

The next day, after returning from the salon to have my hair and nails done, I saw Donna vacuuming one of the rooms. I couldn’t believe it, but she was actually playing with the vacuum on her breasts. She was sucking her own nipples with it. I was shocked and immediately got wet. I had never thought of doing anything like that before. Suddenly I realized she could see me watching her in the mirror, so I immediately broke off my gaze and pretended I saw nothing. However, I did notice that the windows seemed to be much more dirty than usual. I mean they were dirty, but now they seemed awful. I decided to question her on it,

“Donna, why are these windows so filthy?” I asked firmly.

“I don’t do windows. Why have you forgotten that Ms. Johnson? I was very clear about the entire issue. Now what is the problem?”

I couldn’t believe it. A young girl, half my age, was talking to me in this commanding way. I realized she was right though. She did say she didn’t do windows. I softened my tone. I felt nervous,

“Well, I mean, I was just wondering how the windows seemed much more dirtier than yesterday, that is all Donna.” I said meekly.

“I don’t know Ms. Johnson. I have been cleaning all day long here and you come in with this kind of an attitude. Do you always speak to your employees this way? What do you have to say for yourself?” Again she seemed to be commanding. I grew nervous as she looked right into my eyes.

“Um, um, no, well, I mean, you are quite right. I am sorry Donna. I had no place saying that to you.” I was cowering away.

“Very well then, please see that it does not happen again Ms. Johnson.” She grinned with a childlike expression and blew another bubble in my face.

I wasn’t sure what to do. I thought about hiring someone to clean my windows, but the last time I did that my jewelry was robbed. I no longer trusted window cleaners. I was paranoid I guess. I just decided to clean them myself right there and then. I went into the closet to get the proper cleaners for the windows and started working on them with a rag. I could sense Donna’s eyes were watching me as she blew some more bubbles. Here I was doing the windows when she was the maid. I felt somewhat humiliated.

“Ms. Johnson, you seem to have missed some spots on top. You know you really need to put some elbow grease into it and make them shine nicely.”

I couldn’t believe she was saying that, the little bitch. “If she knew so much about it why wasn’t she doing it herself?” I thought. I was becoming a bit angry, but I realized she did not do windows, so I just put a little more strength into it.

“That’s it, now you are getting it. What a nice cleaning lady you make Ms. Johnson.” Her remarks were making feel more humiliated.

“But look at your blouse, you are getting it all dirty.” She said. It was one of my best blouses. In my fervor I forgot to take it off. I was a wet mess.

“Oh my God, you are right, but I don’t own any smocks to do this with.” I looked down at my blouse and frowned.

“You need to be appropriately dressed when you clean, Ms. Johnson. I could lend you my maid’s outfit, we are about the same size and you wouldn’t get your clothing all soiled?”

“Could she really be suggesting that I put on a maid’s uniform?” I thought, but I didn’t know what to do at that moment.

“Here let me help you out of that wet shirt.” She came towards me. I grew nervous. She started unbuttoning my blouse. I was becoming wet. I wasn’t a lesbian or anything. I was embarrassed. I think she knew that I was wet down there. She removed my skirt. She started taking her outfit off too. I thought she might have had an extra one to lend me but she didn’t.

“You have nice boobies, Ms. Johnson.” She juggled them a bit. She blew a bubble while taking off my bra. “Uh, I can do that, please.” I said nervously.

“Nonsense, I am trying to help you. My bra is a bit too big for you, since my breasts are much larger, but I think it will do. We can always put some padding in it until we get you your own maid’s outfit.”

“What was she saying? The little snot nose.” I thought. She lifted up my breasts and tugged on my nipples. “What was wrong with my breasts? Could she be serious about a maid’s outfit for me? Wasn’t she the maid?” I was really thinking nervous now. She dressed me up completely. I felt like a child. I was feeling humiliated. My thoughts rambled on, “But it was only a dress, right? Something just temporary while I cleaned what she wouldn’t?”

“There, now you are ready to do some proper cleaning up around here.” She was commanding again. I grew nervous and wet somehow. “This little tart was turning me into the maid. How could I become so weak?” I thought.

“The bathroom is quite filthy, Ms. Johnson, maybe you should start cleaning that today too. I really can’t believe your hygiene, are you always such a slob?” She was looking directly at me. I was so humiliated. I never thought of myself as a slob, but she was right, my bathroom was disgusting.

“I...I guess you are right.” I said looking down at the floor.

“Of course I am right. You don’t want your neighbors and friends knowing how filthy you are, now get to it!” It was like an order. I blushed with embarrassment. I didn’t want anyone to know how dirty the bathroom was.

“You should start with the tiles and work your way over to the bathtub. The floor should be cleaned last, after you clean the toilet bowl.” Her voice was searing me. I had no idea that cleaning a bathroom was so hard, “but why was I doing this?” I was doing every little thing she asked of me like I was the maid or something.

“That’s it Ms. Johnson, put a little more elbow into it. You’ve got to get it nice and clean so your friends won’t see what a pig you are.”

“Did she really say ‘pig’?” I flushed with embarrassment. After arduous work on the tub, I decided I had enough. I was worn out. She quickly said otherwise,

“Ms. Johnson, you are not quitting already?” She walked over to the toilet bowel and directed me there. She made me look down into it.

“Look at all that filth and dirty waste. The ring is disgusting.” I was getting nauseous looking at it, but she kept on. “You really don’t want to stop now do you? This is the worst part of the bathroom. How can you live like this, with such filth? You can’t quit now. Do you really like looking at that dirty, pissy, looking water? Ms. Johnson answer me?” I was getting dizzy. She pulled my hair and head towards her. I was so tired by now. I felt like I would pass out. I looked into her eyes and realized she was right.

“No.” I said.

“No what?” She insisted.

“No, I can’t quit now. You are right it is so filthy Donna.” She grinned with a childlike expression and blew another bubble.

“Good girl. I knew you wouldn’t let me down. Now get back to work, and remember, that floor still needs to be done. I am going to put something of yours on me, Ms. Johnson, after all, you are wearing my outfit right now and I need some clothes. You don’t mind if I go watch some television while you finish up here now do you?” She was such a manipulator to suggest wearing my own clothing, but she had to wear something.

“Well, really Donna, I mean...” She cut in,

“What?” Her voice and eyes went through me again. I grew nervous.

“I mean, um, I guess, yes you should.” I said while quickly returning to my work. I thought, “this bitch was turning me into the maid!”

“Great!” She said while smiling, just like she won something.

After finishing all the work I flopped into bed and called it a day. I was so worn out, but the bathroom was nice and clean and so were the windows. The next day I woke up really late around 12:00 noon. I still had my maid’s uniform on. I was so tired from the previous night that I had crashed with it on. I went to the kitchen and saw Donna reading a book while eating an apple. She was dressed in one of my best silk blouses and skirt. I was angry. Also, the rugs seemed to be quite dirty and I didn’t understand that since she had just done them yesterday.

“Donna, what the hell is going on, and why are these rugs so filthy?” I was adamant now. She stood up and looked directly at me,

“I don’t know. I thought I did a really good job on them yesterday, but maybe I missed some spots. She went over and took out the vacuum.

“You are not going to do that in my fine clothes?” I asked.

“Ms. Johnson, I am just trying to do my job here, after all you are still wearing my maid’s uniform. Why must you be so indignant? When was the last time you cleaned a rug, Ms. Johnson?”

“Now listen hear...” I started to say.

“I’ll bet you don’t even know how to clean a rug or use a vacuum.” She smiled smugly, looking very proud.

“I do so.” I said rather childishly.

“Oh, really.” She said as she went to get the vacuum. “Here, why don’t you show me?”

“You bitch!” I thought to myself.

“Very well, give it to me.” I took it from her.

“You don’t even know how to turn it on.” She laughed. I was embarrassed. She turned it on for me and I started cleaning up the living room.

“You have to push, push it real hard Ms. Johnson. That is a thick rug.” I was trying my best with it.

“You don’t even know what proper settings to put it on. What are you hopeless, Ms. Johnson?” She laughed again. I felt so stupid.

“That’s it, and stop missing so many spots, you can do better than that, can’t you? I guess I will have to help you out and switch uniforms again. I was going to go out and buy myself some extra uniforms and clothing for today, but I guess that will have to wait.” She started towards me. My pussy grew wet. I wasn’t going to go through that again.

“Wa...wait a minute. You are right, go buy your things and I will take care of the rugs.” I don’t know why I said that, but it just seemed easier that way since I was wearing the uniform now. She grinned with a childlike expression and blew another bubble.

“Very well, Ms Johnson, I think you need to learn how to clean anyway. I have never seen such a filthy house.” Her words hit me hard. I was so embarrassed at that remark. She left and went about her business.

I was so tired, but I decided I was going to make myself something to eat first before I finished vacuuming the house. I dreaded the idea of more work to do but it had to be done. It was about an hour before I decided to tackle the remaining rugs. I resumed my work with the vacuum cleaner. After finishing the last rug in the bedroom, I glanced up at the mirror and something had crossed my mind. I remembered how Donna was playing with the hose of the vacuum making it suck on her tits. I became extremely horny. I couldn’t get that image out of my mind. I became overwhelmed with the idea of trying it myself. I looked at it and studied it a bit. She only had the nozzle when she was doing it. I realized that she must have taken the main section off somehow. I figured it out and took it off. I looked down at the hose and turned the vacuum back on. I took it up to my tits and began to put the end of it on my nipples real carefully, trying not to hurt myself. I was holding back my breast with one hand while fondling the nipple with the hose. My pussy was drenched. Suddenly I looked up at the mirror and saw Donna standing right behind me. She was taking snap shots of me with a camera. I immediately reached down for the off switch in total embarrassment when she spoke,

“No, don’t stop Ms. Johnson, I can see that you are very horny. I knew that you would try it. I just knew it. That’s it play with those breasts. Those nipples of yours are getting quite erect now aren’t they? That’s it, move the hose from one nipple to the next.” I couldn’t stop. I was so horny. She continued to take pictures of me.

“Now take the tip carefully down to the top of your clit Ms. Johnson.” It was like I was being directed for her camera. “That’s it, good girl. When was the last time you had an orgasm like this Ms. Johnson?” She asked, but I couldn’t respond. I was reaching a climax on the hose.

“A long time I’ll bet?” She said. “That’s it, fuck that vacuum for me just like a little whore!” She commanded and I came all over it. She continued to take snap shots of me.

“Did you like that Ms. Johnson?” She asked looking right at me while blowing bubbles again.

“Um, Donna, I don’t know what happened I...” She cut me off.

“Well, I think you just fucked a vacuum, now don’t you Ms. Johnson?” Her words cut into my mind. I didn’t know what to say.

“Now, I went out and bought you a proper maid’s outfit that will fit you perfectly. Wasn’t that nice of me?” She said while smiling.

“Look here Donna, I am not the maid around here you are.” I said feeling my strength return to me.

“No, I don’t think so Ms. Johnson. You see I have all these dirty pictures of you now, and I know your friends would just love to see you in a maid’s outfit fucking a vacuum cleaner.” She looked right at me, and quickly I grabbed for the camera. She slapped me in the face. I was stunned. I was no match for her.

“If you try that again I will knock your teeth out!” She exclaimed.

“Now, Ms. Johnson, have you ever considered changing your hair from black to blond?” She asked. I was mortified.

“No, never I said.” I had always thought that blondes were nothing but bubble heads.

“I think you would look just fine in blond hair.” She grinned with a childlike expression and blew another bubble.

“But Donna, please, I ca...”

“Shut up. I have taken the liberty of making us an appointment for 5:30 at your salon. I have decided to change my head to red and add a few curls. You are becoming a blond.” This was beyond belief. I didn’t know what to say.

“You know you really should try some bubble gum, it will help you get through the day and all the cleaning chores you will have to do.” She smiled and blew another bubble.

“Here, why don’t you try some.” She took out the piece that was in her mouth, “now open wide like a good girl.” I resisted her but she pinched my nose so I could not breathe, and then I had to open my mouth. She placed it in my mouth, “now chew.” She said while squeezing my nose and jaw together to make me do so. I hadn’t chewed bubble gum since I was a kid. I felt so humiliated.

“That’s it Ms. Johnson, now blow, blow a nice big bubble for me.” I tried but it didn’t work so well, I was out of practice.

“We’ll just have to work on your bubbles now won’t we dear.” She smiled. Not only was this bitch making me her maid but she was also turning me into a bimbo. She told me to get dressed so we could go to the salon. I did as she said. What else could I do?

The next day brought more horrors to me,

“Ms. Johnson, come here this minute!” I ran to her from my cleaning in the kitchen.

“From now on I think it is much more appropriate that you call me Ms. Stanton and I call you Emily. Don’t you?” I was silent for a moment, but then I spoke up, “Um, Donna.”

“What!” She scolded me.

“I mean, yes, Ms. Stanton.” I flushed.

“That’s better. Now I want you to come over here and sign this document for me.” I picked it up and read it. It was a form giving her power of attorney over all my assets. I slammed it down.

“I will not, you can’t make do that!”

“Oh no, you are forgetting about something?” She cajoled me. The photos flashed back in my mind, plus she made me play with the vacuum again last night in front of a video camera as well.

“Please, Ms. Stanton.” I begged. She twisted my arm. “Owe!” Now she was forcing me to do it.

“Sign here or I will break it off!” She commanded. I took up the pen and signed my entire life over to her.

“Good girl. Now get back to work, Emily. I have invited some guests to my new home tonight. They are a couple of your friends from your phone book. I know you are so eager to let them see your new position in life.” She smiled and turned on the TV.

I was just finishing up at around 8:00 when I heard the door bell ring. I was upstairs cleaning the guestroom. I was about to run down to answer the door, but Donna did it for me. It was Jan and Sara, two of my best friends at the door.

“Hi, who are you?” Jan asked.

“Hi, my name is Donna, pleased to meet you and thank you for coming tonight.”

“But where is Emily?” Sara asked.

“Oh, just a minute.” Donna said, “my maid is cleaning upstairs.” She smiled at my two friends, but I was listening to it all from the top of the stairs. I could barely move to come down. I was so humiliated.

“Emily!” Donna Screamed, “you come here this instant!” I came to the door.

“Yes, Ms. Stanton?” I said choking back a tear. My feather duster was still in my hand.

“Say hello to your two old friends.” She said, almost acknowledging the fact that they would no longer be my friends after they discovered my new station in life. I was mortified.

“Emily? Is that you?” Jan asked. Sara’s mouth was open too. They looked at me in amazement, seeing my new blond hair and uniform. My teeth were chewing away at the bubble gum while my legs were nervously shaking. It was just then that I realized how changed my life was. I had been transformed into a maid and a bimbo. I grinned with a childlike expression and blew another bubble.


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