Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ellen Von Unwerth's Revenge

I came across this 2003 book by erotic and fashion photographer Ellen Von Unwerth thanks to a tip from The Nerdly. Here is the preface:

Although Mme. Vidor survived the cable-car crash that devastated the family dynasty, her husband, his ex, her brother and his wife did not. As a consequence of ther own trio of Fran├žoise, Charlotte, and Isabelle, her household now includes Emily, Marie-Louise, and Ivy from her husband's previous marriage, and her brother's two daughters, Mimi and Sarah.

Weakened by shock, Mme. Vidor finds herself unable to exercise the parental discipline now lacking in the girls' lives. She reluctantly lets the care of her unruly charges slip into the hands of her stepsister, the Baroness, a woman the girls hardly know and about whom diabolical rumours abound.

The Baroness, for her part, is eager to take charge of the girls. Her long-held dislike of her stepsister sharpens her desire to discipline and control the new arrivals. Indeed, she would hardly have agreed to the arrangement had she not had an appalling ulterior motive. Her late husband's debts, guaranteed against the estate, have meant severe cuts in staff, and she feels sure her stepsister could not object to the girls--how shall it be put--'earning their keep.'

The girls' vivid recollections of their aunt's splendid masqued balls--though they had been too young to attend them--influence their packing. Casting off woollens and sensible shoes they fill their trunks to overflowing with taffeta gowns, stiletto heels, garter belts, stockings and lace....

This BDSM story is told through a series of black and white photographs and features several maids. It's not really a lady-to-maid story per se, but it comes pretty close. Here are some photos, you can find the rest here:


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