Saturday, May 31, 2014

Story: Arriving in Milan. Parts 3 and 4.

Monica Graz has picked up the story of Julia, a young and educated English girl who willingly becomes a maid to a demanding Italian mistresswhere the author of the original, Lady Charlotte, left it. Here are the next two chapters. 

by Monica Graz (Parts 1 and 2 are written by Lady Charlotte)

As I resumed my scrubbing the floor Signora came back and said rather condescendingly, “And Molly make sure you change to a clean uniform dress before you go shopping,  you look too dirty and disheveled at th
e moment. I want my maids to be presentable to the outside world.”

“Si Signora,” I answered dutifully not knowing enough Italian to say that I had no clean uniform dress left,  my other two day dresses and several aprons were even dirtier and I was planning to do a serious laundry after the end of my working hours.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Story: Interview With Madame Nguyen

Interview Final
By Hanna A____, freelance journalist
Translated and embellished by T. H. Enerdly

Translator’s Note

This story, in the form of an interview, was inspired by a file, written in French in the first decade of the 21st century, found in a now moribund Yahoo Group, and probably authored by someone who styles herself as “Hanna, femme de chambre.” My translation is quite free and has been “embellished” to give the story more of a Mistress-to-maid flavor.


My name is Hanna A____, I’m a freelance journalist, and I’m planning on writing a story about Madame Nguyen, a book editor who has a hobby of training professional women as actual maids, of letting these women experience the reality of their fantasies, of giving them a taste of humiliation, as I found out to my intense embarrassment. She’s currently training a 43 year-old woman, a former executive secretary, as a maidservant. After a long telephone conversation, during which the 32 year-old Mme. Nguyen asked me so many questions that I felt as if I were being interviewed instead of her, she granted me an interview with her at her duplex in the XIII arrondissement of Paris.

In case it’s not clear to the reader, I must point out that Mme. Nguyen is a Mistress in the BDSM sense of the word.

During the interview, we discussed her complex approach to training a maid. She emphasized that she was only speaking for herself and not for other Mistresses. Nevertheless, her methods are quite instructive. She likes to recruit professional women who have a secret desire to experience servitude and offers them the opportunity to moonlight as maids while still living their “civilian” lives, or so it seems at first.

Mme. Nguyen lives near the Place d’Italie, on the Avenue de Choisy, in one of those hidden places in the Capital, at the back of a courtyard that leads to a former workshop that has been converted into a duplex. The location is quiet, but full of life, a place where the few remaining artisans sometimes cross paths with Rembrandt wannabes.

At her residence, Mme. Nguyen greeted me in traditional Chinese dress, the cheongsam. The interview took place on the first floor of her duplex in the living room, a large open space with simple furniture, lending a “Zen” feel to the room.

The transcript of my interview with Mme. Nguyen appears in the next section.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Claudia Schiffer and Her Maid

Claudia Schiffer is a strict and demanding mistress to her maid in this 1993 Il Marchese Coccapani ad campaign by Helmuth Newton.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Story: Borrowed Gown 2. The New Life.

By Eric
(continuing a Story by Eryka.)

Colleen a beautiful young white woman smiled happily into the mirror.

"Y'all looks beautiful, Miz Colleen," said her devoted and admiring maid.

Colleen smiled with more than a hint of hidden meaning. It still amused her to hear her ignorant maid address her as 'Miz Colleen' and with such a servile attitude and also to be waited on hand and foot by the young black woman who was putting the finishing touches to HER beautiful blond hair. Life had sure improved in the last six weeks! Her smiled widened. And nobody knew or guessed at the turnabout. Not Kevin, not her colleagues at the firm, or 'her' family.

"Thank you, Chantel, I truly hope that Kevin thinks so, too!" she said in her lovely, soft elegant voice.

Colleen flashed her expensive diamond and emerald engagement ring. Her hands were soft and smooth and elegant. A sharp contrast to Chantel's rough and worked hardened hands.