Monday, May 5, 2014

Story: Borrowed Gown 2. The New Life.

By Eric
(continuing a Story by Eryka.)

Colleen a beautiful young white woman smiled happily into the mirror.

"Y'all looks beautiful, Miz Colleen," said her devoted and admiring maid.

Colleen smiled with more than a hint of hidden meaning. It still amused her to hear her ignorant maid address her as 'Miz Colleen' and with such a servile attitude and also to be waited on hand and foot by the young black woman who was putting the finishing touches to HER beautiful blond hair. Life had sure improved in the last six weeks! Her smiled widened. And nobody knew or guessed at the turnabout. Not Kevin, not her colleagues at the firm, or 'her' family.

"Thank you, Chantel, I truly hope that Kevin thinks so, too!" she said in her lovely, soft elegant voice.

Colleen flashed her expensive diamond and emerald engagement ring. Her hands were soft and smooth and elegant. A sharp contrast to Chantel's rough and worked hardened hands.

Chantel sighed enviously. "Ah sure wish my man Willy would ask me to marry him! Still he's a real STUD! "

Colleen smiled again. She remembered Willy though it now seemed like a bad dream. No, it was a very bad dream. Thank god, she didn't have to go back to that miserable life. It was all the new Chantel's and welcome! Very welcome indeed!

"I'm be at the great French restaurant Chez Le Pyramid then at the charity ball at the Ritz. What are you doing on your Saturday night?"

"The usual, Miz Colleen. Mah man is taking me to our usual bar for dinner and booze. Then wez goin' dancing at the Black Shack! "

Colleen smiled. "Tell me Chantel, do you still have to pay for most of it?"

The black girl looked embarrassed.

"Yez'm, my man wells he done still be between jobs. It sure be nice of y'all Miz Colleen to give me that raise!"

Colleen waved an aristocratic wave. "Quite all right, dear." Her beautiful face lit up as the doorbell rang.

"Ah'll get it!" Chantel hurried away, her cheap vinyl boots with their spike heels ringing on the hardwood floor. Her flashy and sexy legs were displayed in an equally cheap red vinyl skirt, Long obviously costume ear rings dangling as she moved. She looked more like a hooker than anything else.

"Come in, Mz. Carson, Miz Colleen will be ready ins a minute." He sure was cute and so gentlemanly. Miz Colleen was so lucky to have him!

"Thanks, Chantel" he said absently. He glanced at the smiling maid.

She is eager and works hard, but she's as dumb as a post, he thought. Then his eyes lit up as his gorgeous fiancé entered. They kissed with sweet passion. She took his arm and Chantel watched enviously as Kevin opened the door for Colleen and they got in Kevin Carson's Lexus and drove away.

"Ah sure wish my man treated me as good!" she muttered. She shook her head.
Sometimes it was hard to remember. She used to be Colleen! But she had somehow traded her life for the original Chantel's, feeling she somehow felt more at home being a red hot sexy black momma! But why? Her hands touched her sexy body. "Well I do feel really sexy and mah man be really hung! Even though he hardly a gfentleman like Mz Carson."

She grinned lecherously as her man pulled up in his battered old junker. He honked.

"Ah's comin, hold on to your dick, will y'ah Willy!" Chantel called out. Already she was getting wet just thinkin of the sex to come!

Chantel scampered out to Willy's car moving easily and sexily on her four inch platform boots. 'Man will yo feet ever hurt tonight girl,' she thought. The door creaked as she opened it and slid in. She kissed him and he responded and rubbed her breasts! It was rough but Chantel liked it that way! It was great to be so hot!

With a cloud of smoke Willy peeled away. He had stolen the tags off another car as his sure would not pass any emission inspections!

With his woman snuggled against him rubbing his big dick they entered the smoky tavern. Loud voices called out to them and they waved a greeting.

At Chez Le Pyramid the valet parked Kevin's car and the staff ran forward to help
Colleen out. Entering they were greeted with warm respect.

"As always you honor us, Mr. Carson and Miss Harris. "

A string quartet played in the background. Colleen and Kevin had problems deciding but they finally gave the nod to Latour over Lafitte for the wine. Their every want was catered to by the well trained staff and the meal was of five star quality.

Meanwhile Chantel screamed at the bartender over the jute box and the loud
conversations. "What do Ah haft to do get a couple of beers!"

"How about a BJ, girl?" he answered.

Chantel laughed. "The only way you'd ever get one from me as ifin Ah had a chipped tooth!"

Everyone around them laughed and Willy put a possessed arm around Chantel. "Girl, don't you go given blow jobs to anyone but me! You is Mah woman, hear!"

Chantel laughed delightedly. She sure had her man by his balls! They gobbled down a couple of greasy burgers and had a few more beers than left for The Black Shack for some dancing.

There the loud music and smoke filled Dance Hall felt like home. Chantel loved to shake her booty! But she frowned as she saw her Willy drinking.

"Willy honey, please take it a little easy on the booze. Yuz knows that it makes you mean ifin you drinks too much!"

She got shoved her pains.

"Shuts up, woman! "

Chantel had to fightr back tears. She hated being treated like trash by her boyfriend. It was bad enough when educated white folks did it.

Across town at the Ritz Colleen guided into the grand ballroom. All reads turned at the vision of loveliness in her Paris gown. A Strauss waltz honey sweet and sexily seductive in a very elegant way was started.

Kevin just loved having his bride to be in his arms. He had always really liked Colleen. But in the last months she had shown that she loved him and now he loved her. She was so loving and sexy, especially in bed! She could really turn him on and Kevin was happy that she would be his wife. There was no one quite like her.

Colleen smiled. She was so happy! What a wonderful, romantic evening. She wished it would never end. Life was now like a fairy tale and often she felt like Cinderella at the ball, but her new life as Colleen Harris, beautiful well educated rich white girl would not end at the stroke of midnight. She would not turn back into an ignorant black girl with a miserable future. No, she would never go back to being Chantel as the former Colleen was now her and she was Colleen. And the rich irony was that the magic spell had actually made her former Boss ask for the trade! Maybe some part of the former very rich white girl had fought or struggled, but it was to no avail. Now she was Chantel and Chantel was now Colleen forever! And she loved having the former Colleen as her ignorant, servile black maid! The irony was just too rich!

That night in bed she had a wonderful time! Kevin was such a warm, loving considerate partner. No more black eyes only kisses and passionate sex. The satin sheets were wonderful! She was so loved and so beautiful and so happy!

In a run down apartment Chantel had just given her man a BJ.

"Honey, whens are y'all goin to satisfied me with yo big dick?"

"When Iz good and ready, woman! So shuts your motor mouth!"

Chantel was furious.

"Ah don't deserve to be treated like trash! Not after Ah paid for everything! Why aren't y'all more like Colleen's beau. He done treats her like a queen."

Willy hit her and she started crying. "Shut yur moth, woman! Didn't you hear me! Shut up! It's not mah fault I can't finds work!"

Chantel started crying, but soon he relented and started kissing her. Soon his wonderful big dick was inside her hot eager body and she screamed with pleasure.

The next day Chantel was serving Colleen and Kevin breakfast in bed. She was still sleepy and sported a black eye and her cheek hurt and was bruised.

"Did your man hit you again, Chantel?" asked Colleen with apparent sympathy.

"Yes'm Miz Colleen. "

"Why don't you leave him, Chantel?" asked Kevin sipping the coffee the black maid poured.

"Oh, Ah couldn't that Mr. Kevin. He's mah man! I guess you white folks don't

Two weeks later.

Chantel was at the Black Shack when a certain bitch tried to take her man and they
fought. Willy grinned to see the women claw and scream at each other over him. Finally Chantel broke a beer bottle over the other woman's head. The cops came and broke it up and arrested Chantel and dagged Chantel very roughly to the police station. She was booked and locked up.

Chantel called and left a message on Miz Colleen's phone begin' for her help!

The next morning Colleen disgustedly entered the police station. Her Aminani suit a major contrast to the surroundings!

"I'm here to play my maid's fine."

"Certainly, Miss Harris. Just sign here," said the desk sergeant very respectfully to the rich beautiful society woman. He went back in the tank and woke up the battered low class black woman. Why a high class woman like miss Harris kept such trash as her maid beat him. He supposed good help was hard to find.

"Chantel, get your sorry ass out here. Your boss has been nice enough to spring you."

He shoved and looked with distaste at the low class battered black woman staggering out.

"And don't give me any of your lip, girl!" the cop added, shoving her roughly forward.

Chantel sullenly nodded. She was used to such treatment from the police. It was not her first run in with the law. When she saw her boss her eyes lit up.

"Miz Colleen, y'all sure be kind to me. Miz Colleen y'all is a real lady!"

Colleen smiled inside. It was so perfect. Her life was so perfect. Not only was she leading the life that had belonged to a smart, well educated rich white woman, but the former Colleen was now living hers! Every time she saw her like this it made her own wonderful, privileged life sweeter!

Colleen smiled 'kindly'.

"I'm glad to help you, Chantel. Come on I'll take you home."

Chantel's dark eyes teared over. "Y'all is the kindest lady in the world, Miz Colleen." She'd do anything for her mistress and was proud to be her maid!

When Colleen and Kevin got married. Chantel helped her mistress with her 10,000 gown. Though she knew she shouldn't be jealous Chantel could not help but contrast her second  hand maid's outfit and Payless shoes with her mistresses' expensive and queen like outfit. Chantel already had two runs in her cheap panty hose.

"My you look a vision, Miz Colleen! What a beautiful dress, yo is like a queen!"

"Thank you, Chantel," said Colleen absently looking in the mirror at the lovely vision in white. She slid on the long, white silk gloves over her lovely arms. This was the second happiest day of her life. The only one with more joy was when she took over this lovely, rich, intelligent white body from its foolish former owner. She smiled in the mirror. Who would guess that she had once been the battered, trashy black woman who was now helping with her beautiful, long blond hair.

Colleen's friends came in and edged the black maid aside.

"Colleen, I am so envious! You really hooked a prize. Handsome, rich and so SWEET and KIND! He loves you so much and will never mistreat you."

They of course treated Chantel like part of the furniture, but she was too used to that to be surprised.

Chantel touched the black eyes and bruised cheek hidden under her make up and felt like crying. Why was her man so mean to her? And he refused to marry her. The last beating was because she hinted at it. Still, she couldn't give him up. He was her man!

Colleen's uncle came in. He didn't notice the black servant off in the corner. He was to give the bride away. Chantel sure wished she could attend the wedding, but Miz Colleen was so nice as she promised Chantel could peek out the door in the and look at the photographs later. I's sure was lucky to have such a kind mistress! Of course she didn't have a dress good enough to go to the wedding itself. Colleen had told her, kindly that she didn't want Chantel to embarrass herself. Then when Chantel had kinda of hinted around about maybe borrowing a gown from her mistress Colleen had only laughed very loudly until tears came to her blue eyes.

"Sorry," she had said with a strange smile.

Chantel shook her head to clear it. Colleen's uncle paid no attention to her. It was hard to remember that he had once been HER uncle, but now the only relatives she had was her mother down back home in Mississippi always writing her for money and telling her to find some man to marry. Her letters had be written by the minister as her mom couldn't read or write much more than her name. Not that her own reading and writing was much better Chantel thought.

She watched as the gorgeous and beautifully gowned Colleen took her uncles arm. Miz Colleen looked radiant. It was nice to see her mistress she happy, Chantel told herself. Slipping unnoticed to the side door she peeked and saw Colleen and walk gracefully down the aisle on her beaming uncle's arm. The church was filled with the who's who of the city, even the governor was here. She saw her former friends beautifully dressed as bride's maids. Her mistress's intended, Mr. Kevin was waiting for his bride. Love shown in his eyes. He was so handsome!

"I sure wish my Willy would look at me like that," Chantel thought. "Miz Colleen be so lucky to have such a sweet hunk of handsome man for a hubby. Of course no rich white man would ever look twice at black trash like me! No, I best be sticking to my own kind!"

Chantel cried when she saw the handsome groom kissing the beautiful bride. Chantel knew she should be happy for her kind Miz Colleen, but somehow she was so sad.

The End?


  1. Good, but would have been great if it hadn't involved magic.

    1. You are reading my mind. But racial transformation stories not involving magic are an extremely rare beast. Julian Sorel's High Price of Tanning is an excellent example of this. Sadly, it doesn't involve maids though-) I'd love to read more racial change stories involving surgery, but was unable to find many good ones. Any suggestions?

  2. Yes, good role reversal stories without magic are tough to find. Here are a few stories that you might or might not have read though.

    involves magic:

    Survey by Bigdooger

    1. Thank you very much for that, will check them out!

  3. Delicious. My only disappointment was that I was expecting Colleen's uncle to be a wizard who would see through Chantel's magic spell and either undo it or modify it in some interesting and gratifying way.