Sunday, April 30, 2017

Mistress, Maid and Butler: Playboy Brazil August 2012

I am not a huge fan of Playboy style, but this one is actually surprisingly good. So good a couple of years ago I used a photograph from this shoot (again, without knowing what it was part of) to illustrate a story. Brazilian actress Nathalia Rodrigues is acting all strange in the presence of imperturbable hired help. Love the maid's old-style uniform!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Story: Lady Penrose. Chapter 1.

by Jackie J

Lady Penrose thought nothing odd that her husband was away travelling abroad and that her young maid Silvia was away visiting her sick aunt.

Reginald was often away from Ringwood with work and in recent times Silvia had been allowed compassionate leave to look after her aunt, never for such an extended period but Silvia had explained her aunt may not survive much longer and wanted to be with her at the end. It was rare for domestics to be given leave in the nineteen twenties, whatever the circumstances, but Lord Penrose insisted it was the right thing to do.

Ringwood was a palatial and secluded manor situated three miles from the village of Tyne. The seclusion suited the somewhat reclusive lifestyle of the Penroses. The postman, village traders bringing deliveries, and a rare guest of Lord Penrose were the only visitors to Ringwood.

When she had last returned from her family visit, Silvia’s attitude toward her mistress, Lady Penrose, has been bordering on insolence as she criticised the state of the manor. Lord Penrose, more often than not, was siding with Silvia suggesting that just because the maid was away it was no reason for the house to become unkempt.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Luxury Fetishist: Vogue Brazil December 2005

Another fashion editorial featuring a maid for your viewing enjoyment. And once again a picture (No. 6) I've seen a hundred times without realising where it came from. Inevstigating popular maid photos using online tools has become a bit of a recent hobby of mine so please bear with me as I now have a few more editorials up my sleeve! What is it about fashion photographers and maids, I wonder?

Model Izabel Goulart for Vogue Brazil back in 2005 in appropriately titled Luxo Fetichista.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Story: The Garden of Eden

(The story is loosely based on the caption Katrin and Mimi.) 
by Angela Uriel
as told to T. H. Enerdly


Katrin von Loth had started her own business eight years ago, a one-woman consultancy business based on offering seminars on how to apply the principles of sexual domination to workplace success and increased sales. In other words, how to apply the principles of BDSM to business problems.

Her business had been hugely successful for the past several years. However, for reasons Katrin hadn't yet fathomed, her business had recently developed serious financial problems. It was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, creating a mountain of problems for Katrin, each problem demanding Katrin's undivided attention, each problem adding to the stress Katrin was experiencing.

But this wasn't the first time Katrin’s business had developed such problems, and it probably wouldn't be the last. She had always wrestled her problems into submission before, and she was confident that she could do it again. Sometimes, when worrying about her problems, Katrin would watch her maid, Mimi, as the latter went about her duties. Katrin envied Mimi because she always seemed to be in a good mood, never showing any stress, unlike Katrin. Submission to a Mistress seemed to suit Mimi, even to a strict Mistress like Katrin. However, when particularly stressed out, Katrin would daydream about pursuing a career in domestic service and enjoying a stress-free life like Mimi’s.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Caption: Katrin and Mimi

Here's another German-language caption from the now defunct Yahoo group. T.H. Enerdly kindly provided the translation and is currently working on a long story inspired by it that will be posted in this blog in coming days. However, unlike the caption, the story will not feature magic. 

By tomblach

Her firm was in serious financial difficulty, the one that Katrin von Loth had created eight years ago. Katrin had been brooding for months over a mountain of problems. The arrogant high society lady looked enviously at her maid of all work.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Poetry Break: 'No Place for White Hands'

On the Road (1845), a short poem by writer Nikolay Nekrasov, is considered a classic of Russian poetry. When it comes to lady-to-maid plots in Victorian-era literature this is probably as best as it gets. Not unlike "tragic octoroon" stories in the United States around the same time, this is more of a biting comment on class disctinctions, society injustice, and serfdom than anything else,

However, I can't help but think that the inherent eroticism of the main character's social and cultural downfall from a noble lady to a bondmaid was not lost on contemporary readers.

I did not know there was a very good English translation of this poem until I stumbled upon a collection of Nekrasov's work published by Delphi Classics.

On the Road

'Is this wearisome road without end?
I am sick of the grey desolation!
Sing a song for me, driver, my friend,
Of recruiting, of long separation,
Make my laugh by some legend of old,
Speak of what thou has seen or been told,
Think of something, I pray, to relieve me...'
'I too, sir, am troubled, believe me:
I am cursed with a venomous wife:
It's like this; the first part of her life
She was petted and spoilt by the gentry,
To the barin's own house she had entry;
Why, she lived with the barin's own daughter,
And all manner of learning they taught her,
Such tricks as for nobles are fit:
How to read, play the harp, sew and knit.
And her clothing was not what one sees
On the women and girls of the peasant:
They must deck her in silk, if you please,
And her food was abundant and pleasant:
Milk and honey and kasha, galore,
"Eat your fill, there will always be more..."
And she looked so majestic and grand
That a serf-girl you'd never have thought her -
But a lady of rank in the land,
Why, a marriage a gentleman sought her,
('Twas the coachman who told that to me)
Her happiness, though, was not granted;
"Wed a slave to a noble!" quoth she,
"In your circles such ware is not wanted."
'Well, the barin's young daughter got wed,
And the marriage took place in the city,
Then the barin fell sick, more's the pity,
And on Trinity eve he lay dead.
So protector than Grousha had none,
In a month the new heir showed his hand,
He recounted the serfs one by one,
Re-adjusted the taxes and land,
Then of Grousha bethought him as well,
And what happened there no-one can tell, -
Did she vex the new master or no,
Did it seem to him best she should go,
Did he reckon the manor too small
To house Grousha along with them all....

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

First Ever Lady-to-Maid Film From 1897!

After the Ball (1897), a silent short directed by Georges Méliès, is often credited as the first "erotic" film ever made or, more accurately, the earliest known movie to show (simulated) nudity. However, the way the "maid" looks at the camera around the 1:00 mark and the whole set-up, how quickly the "lady" must undress, strongly suggests they are on to something! Could it possibly be lady-to-maid roleplay? I'd certainly like to think that!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Story: Daphne And The White Apron. Part 2.

You can read the first part of this story here. Originally there was supposed to be only Part 1 (as indicated by words "the end"), but, thankfully, Monica reconsidered and decided to continue this lady-to-maid tale. Here is Part 2 of this wonderful story for your reading pleasure.

by Monica Graz

“Now Lita, you will need some proper working clothes. I can’t give you any of mine because I’m a smaller size plus the fact that the Arnellos family can certainly afford to buy the working clothes of their new maid.” Magda said casually after they both sat down again finishing their coffee.

Daphne got butterflies in her stomach as she instantly thought of the Alexandra uniform shop in Knightsbridge not far from Harrods. She always stops and daydreams in front of their window every time she passes by.

Magda must have read her mind because she added, “Let’s walk down to Knightsbridge to Alexandra work-wear shop; they have a good selection of housekeeping dresses and aprons.”

Friday, April 14, 2017

A Wardrobe of an Heiress: Vogue Italia September 1991

I haven't done a post about maids in fashion editorials for a while now so here's a classic one. If you've been tracking maid photos online like me I am sure you've seen the top image many times. However, it wasn't recently that I was able to identify the photoshoot it was made for and locate the entire thing. Here's for your viewing enjoyment - Carre Otis, wearing all Versace like an early 1990s supermodel should, in "Un Guardaroba da Ereditiera" (Vogue Italia, September 1991). As frequently with such editorials, my only wish is that maids were given a more prominent role!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

One Million Pageviews!

I missed the actual hour, but Ladies Becoming Maids hit 1 million total pageviews some time yesterday or today. It may not seem like a lot for many blogs, but it's been quite a journey for this little project of mine.

I'd like to thank everyone for their comments and suggestions as well as for their e-mails. This blog would not have been possible without your feedback and contribution. Thanks for all the views in the past three years and here's to next 1 million views! With the recent boost in readership it should take a lot less than the first million.

Monday, April 10, 2017

New Book is Out: Scrubbing His Record Clean

My second e-book, Scrubbing His Record Clean: From Manager to Office Cleaner, is finally available from Amazon and Smashwords. I would like to thank Robyn Hoode for providing the editing, as well as for generating a few excellent ideas that made it to the book. While they have very different settings, you'll notice that this story has a lot of themes in common with Her Most Remarkable Performance - namely, social and cultural drop, de-education, new identity, trading places and role swap.

When David’s wife leaves him, it sets off a chain of events that allows the young manager to fulfil his long-harboured fantasy to descend the social ladder and experience life as Sylvia, a simple cleaner, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks with no education and no future. Things gradually spiral out of control once Nicole, a girl from work, manipulates him into accepting deeper and more profound changes to his life than he ever wanted – or thought possible – making his dream a reality he’d find impossible to escape. 

Amazon link.
Smashwords link.

Please leave a review if you like the book and don't hesitate to contact me directly or leave a comment here.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Story: Scrubbing His Record Clean. Chapter 8.

by Camille Langtry

The next week went like a blast. I would dress every morning in my cleaning uniform - after putting on my breast forms and padded panties of course - and clean around the house. Nicole would supervise my work like a truly strict manager should, finding missed dirty spots or uncleaned hard-to-reach surfaces. On her days off she would spend almost the entire day with me, mostly watching TV and chatting with her friends on the phone. On her busy days, I was chiefly left to myself but I still did my cleaning routine, getting into the groove of things.

As much as it still surprised me, I found the whole experience extremely liberating - freeing me from hard thoughts and feelings, from making decisions I did not feel like making. Danielle’s lawyer got in touch with me again, asking how I was getting on with the paperwork, and I told him I was getting through it slowly and still needed time. In reality, I was so occupied with my cleaning “shifts” - and so tired after a day’s work - that I had not even have time to look at the e-mail with links and attachments he sent me. Not that I cared really. I was too excited with what I was doing.

With my cleaning skills getting better by the day - my home had never been so clean since the day we bought it probably if not since the day it’d been built - Nicole also began expanding her training program. She really seemed determined to turn me into a perfect cleaning lady in all ways possible.

One thing she did - to my futile protests - was to pack all my books into several boxes and have them donated to a local school library. One day a couple of guys came on a truck and just took them all away! I got a thank-you letter from a school principal, praising me for being such a good citizen, even as this was all Nicole’s doing! I tried to complain, but she just ignored all my protests. Was it her revenge for my earlier comments?

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Story: Scrubbing His Record Clean. Chapter 7.

by Camille Langtry

I could not sleep that night as the events of the previous few weeks continuously replayed in my mind - Danielle’s departure, my showdown with Nicole, her offer, our cleaning training sessions in my home. Now the biggest step yet was ahead of me. To say that I was nervous was a huge understatement. However, the nervousness was outweighed by a strong feeling of excitement and anticipation. As I was finally drifting off to sleep, my tired mind was imagining how my session with Nicole would go tomorrow now that we had all the necessary equipment for my transformation.

The truth of the matter was, I had no idea what to expect. With Nicole’s encouragement, I'd checked out a few crossdressing websites. I was amazed how believable many of the men there looked. Most of them were regular guys, just like me. Yet, with the right makeup and right lighting and with appropriate clothing and well-rehearsed mannerisms they looked like real women. Some ever looked super hot and a lot prettier than 80 percent of natural women that I’d come across. Could I pull it off too? That was important for my cleaner impersonation. I did not want to be caught and humiliated. I wanted to be accepted as a regular female cleaner, who was perhaps not a beauty, but definitely not a man in drag either. There was certainly a lot I had to learn still with Nicole’s help. For all of this to work smoothly I had to learn to be more like her.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Story: Scrubbing His Record Clean. Chapter 6.

by Camille Langtry

When I accepted Nicole’s unsolicited proposal I had no idea where it might lead. Looking back to that moment in my life, I am not entirely sure I would have acted any differently had I known the end result. It all started very slowly, almost innocently. It was just a game that she helped me play. The game that I wanted to play myself. What could possibly go wrong?

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, Nicole made me do a few things that she thought were necessary to proceed further.

Firstly, I took a sabbatical from work. My upcoming divorce was a convenient excuse and no questions were asked. I had a lot of vacation days stocked up too. So my manager was more than happy to have me burn through them as well. That was probably for the better anyway, as I was currently in no shape to work as efficiently as before.

Secondly, there was some online shopping that needed to be done for my transformation. Nicole found a number of specialised crossdressing and drag queen websites that offered products, many of which I had no idea even existed - from padded panties with pockets for jelly-like forms to give one a womanly behind to fake breast and artificial, but very realistic-looking vaginas made from silicone as well as wigs in all shapes and colours, high heeled shoes in men’s sizes, clothing, makeup and so on.

Apparently there was a huge market for this sort of thing and my companion and I were about to take full advantage of that - much to my rising excitement and fear. With each passing day, I wanted this to work, but I was also becoming more and more paranoid. I was acting out my deeply-seated fantasy, that I also felt was wrong. I kept having those inner dialogues with myself, trying to convince the sceptic in me that I wasn’t hurting anyone, I was an adult and this was my own business and nobody else’s. However, the inner sceptic's reasons also made sense - if it was all totally fine, why was I having this sense of shame? Is it something I could tell my friends about? My family? And if I could not, then there must be something wrong with it, no?

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Story: Scrubbing His Record Clean. Chapter 5.

by Camille Langtry

Nicole stormed into the living room and flopped down on the sofa, without waiting for me to offer her a seat. Did anyone ever teach this girl any manners? Clearly not. Or she was not a very good pupil. She reached into her red plastic bag and took out a semi-finished pack of Virginia slims.

“You got a lighter?” she asked me, holding a thin cigarette between her fingers.

“I don’t smoke, sorry.”

“Well, you’d better start. Helps you relax. Might explain why you are so tense all the time,’’ she told me and looked me straight in the eye, forcing me to lower my gaze. “You got any matches or something?”

I never allowed my tobacco-loving friends to smoke in the house, asking them to go outside to our small courtyard, but, based on her behaviour up to now, it did not look like Nicole would agree to do that if I asked. I contemplated lying to her that I had no matches in the house, but something told me I’d better do as she asked. There was a matchbox in the kitchen, which we kept for a rare occasion when we had to light candles, like for power cuts or a birthday cake - I grabbed it and handed it over to Nicole, who lit her cigarette and deeply inhaled.

“Now, that’s better,’’ she said and crossed her shapely leggings-clad legs, putting them on prominent display.