Friday, April 14, 2017

A Wardrobe of an Heiress: Vogue Italia September 1991

I haven't done a post about maids in fashion editorials for a while now so here's a classic one. If you've been tracking maid photos online like me I am sure you've seen the top image many times. However, it wasn't recently that I was able to identify the photoshoot it was made for and locate the entire thing. Here's for your viewing enjoyment - Carre Otis, wearing all Versace like an early 1990s supermodel should, in "Un Guardaroba da Ereditiera" (Vogue Italia, September 1991). As frequently with such editorials, my only wish is that maids were given a more prominent role!


  1. Thank you so much dear Camille for this wonderful collection and information as well.

    1. You are welcome. You can find more like this (some much better) under the "fashion" tag.

    2. I think the pictures with Carre Otis from Vogue Italia, September 1991 are of very particular and rare quality.
      Its not only that she is dressed by three lady's maids, perfect uniformed and very eager to attend her mistress. Its also her ladyships attitude.
      She seems to be very superior and takes the service of her maids for granted.
      Probably its far away of her imagine to give a sign of gratitude back to her maids while she is being dressed or after the dressing is done.
      Its much more imaginable that before she leaves her boudoir and while she is being buttoned in her coat, the gloves being pulled on her hands, the hat and veil attached, madame will give in a short and commanding tone the last orders to the maids whats she is expected to be prepared for her return. And of course the maids will answer back with a respectful "Of course as you wish madame" and curtsey.

    3. I can only imagine what's running through her pretty head as she's reading that newspaper!