Sunday, April 16, 2017

Story: Daphne And The White Apron. Part 2.

You can read the first part of this story here. Originally there was supposed to be only Part 1 (as indicated by words "the end"), but, thankfully, Monica reconsidered and decided to continue this lady-to-maid tale. Here is Part 2 of this wonderful story for your reading pleasure.

by Monica Graz

“Now Lita, you will need some proper working clothes. I can’t give you any of mine because I’m a smaller size plus the fact that the Arnellos family can certainly afford to buy the working clothes of their new maid.” Magda said casually after they both sat down again finishing their coffee.

Daphne got butterflies in her stomach as she instantly thought of the Alexandra uniform shop in Knightsbridge not far from Harrods. She always stops and daydreams in front of their window every time she passes by.

Magda must have read her mind because she added, “Let’s walk down to Knightsbridge to Alexandra work-wear shop; they have a good selection of housekeeping dresses and aprons.”

“I was just thinking of that Magda and...”

Magda looked at Daphne critically raising her left eyebrow slightly as if annoyed. She said, “We haven’t even started yet and you’ve already forgotten your place Lita. This is not the way to address your betters.”

Daphne could barely suppress a smile; she enjoyed the seriousness of Magda. She meant business and this was even more exciting for her, “Oh, I’m sorry Miss Magda, I’ll be more careful next time how to address you. I’ll get used to it.”

“You better remember that girl. If you want the full experience you must accept that you are now at the bottom of the social ladder and everybody for you is by default your better. So, you address them accordingly and with respect.”

“Yes Miss Magda, I’ll try to remember that,” Daphne said more meekly now.

“Ok then, go and change to something very simple, the cheapest you can find in Miss Daphne’s closet, just a pair of jeans, a T shirt and some flip flops, it’s quite warm outside. You must look the part, a simple migrant girl fitted for her new job in this posh part of London. I’ll act as your employer so let me do the talking and you better give me Miss Daphne’s credit card so I can pay.”

Daphne was impressed how Magda was already separating ‘Miss Daphne’ from ‘Lita the maid’ as if they were two different persons. She liked that. She was already getting to the role herself. She simply said without thinking, “Ako si Lita.”

“What did you just say?” Magda asked intrigued, “Did you say something in Greek?”

Daphne blushed all over as she answered, “No Miss it’s not Greek; it’s Tagalog, the Filipino official dialect. This is what Lita used to say to me at the time. It means ‘I am Lita’. She enjoyed teaching me phrases of her language. Of course, I forgot most of it now.”

“Interesting,” Magda said in a pensive mode. “Clearly that Filipina maid had quite an influence on you.”

Then as if she remembered something she looked at herself still in her uniform dress and chuckled, “I better change as well; I can’t really take you to the uniform shop dressed like that. Let’s meet here in 15 minutes.”

Forty minutes later they were entering Alexandra’s work-wear shop. Magda was dressed very elegantly without any exaggeration, a nice summer dress, a light jacket sensible shoes and a designers’ bag borrowed from the vast collection in Daphne’s wardrobe. Daphne or Lita on the other hand was very simply dressed, in a selection of cheap ‘Primark’® clothes which she miraculously found among her expensive trousseau. There was not a moment’s doubt to the shop assistant who welcomed them who was going to be the one to be fitted in a domestic’s outfit.

Magda took instantly the initiative saying, “Good afternoon, I would like some working clothes for my new maid Lita. She is about to start working in my house and I need some sensible and practical uniforms. Nothing fancy just hardwearing dresses and matching aprons.”

“Of course Madam,” the shop assistant said cheerfully as she could sense a good order coming. She turned to Daphne who once more was blushing all over to asses her size then she turned to Magda again saying, “I think a medium size would be quite comfortable for your maid, small could be rather restrictive for housework.”

“I couldn’t agree more, medium would be fine,” Magda answered. They both were ignoring Daphne as if she wasn’t there. That was even more thrilling for her; the feeling of being ignored was new and quite overwhelming for the daughter of one of the richest people globally. She stayed put waiting to see the shop assistant’s selection thinking all this time her mantra, ‘Ako si Lita, ako si Lita’. She realized that was helping her to adapt to her new persona.

Within twenty minutes they were walking back to the house. Daphne was carrying the parcels that contained three morning dresses of pale colors with matching full aprons and a proper black and white maid’s uniform for afternoon wear.

Magda was very chatty on the way back. She was immensely enjoying the new phase in her life though the outcome was of course unknown to her. Lita on the other hand was in a rather pensive mood as she was walking next to her. She knew that she was doing something completely out of the ordinary but the strong drive to do it was so prevailing that nothing could stop her.

“I think you should move tonight to the maid’s room Lita, you certainly can’t stay in the master bedroom, not very appropriate for your current position.” Magda started saying and before Lita could answer she added, “I’ll move to one of the guest rooms, no need for me also to be in the master bedroom, that certainly belongs to the rightful owner of the place, Mr. Arnellos and his immediate family.”

She is doing it again, Lita thought, she separates Daphne completely from Lita. that’s good for me also because I can separate them myself, ‘Ako si Lita’ she repeated once more to herself.

They arrived in the house and very quickly Magda moved her things to the biggest of the guest rooms with an ensuite bathroom and Lita unpacked her uniforms in her new tiny room with an adjoining small WC/shower facility right next to the laundry room. What a difference from the grand bathroom upstairs with the built-in Jacuzzi. She would go there from now only to clean this room. The mere thought of that sent shivers of erotic sensations to her body.

She changed quickly in one of the uniform dresses, a light blue one which buttoned in front. As she finished buttoning it she felt the coarse polyester material in her soft skin and the erotic shivers came back. She quickly tied a large white functional bib apron around her small waist and put some white flat canvas shoes on. Everything was very functional and totally unflattering. When she looked at her tiny mirror she nearly fainted from excitement. Now she was really and truly Lita and she loved it. ‘Ako si Lita, ako si Lita..’ she kept repeating to herself.

She hesitantly went back to the kitchen where Magda with an apron on has already started preparing dinner. Lita was surprised to see Magda still acting like the housekeeper but said nothing. She simply stood awkwardly in the middle waiting for Magda’s reaction.   

“Wow, you look so real Lita, the picture of domesticity. All you need now is to keep your hair up and out of the way and you are set. You are a proper maid now.” Magda said a gleam in her eyes. She was certain now that Lita was going to be putty in her hands. She had full power over that immensely rich girl and she enjoyed it in a completely sinister way. She was getting erotic feelings herself over that unique transformation.

“Now then, you can come and help me prepare dinner. I decided to do that tonight because you still must learn where everything is in the kitchen. Let’s say that the lady of the house is cooking and her maid is helping her cleaning the mess,” Magda said.

“Yes Miss,” Lita answered hesitantly not knowing yet how to fully act as a maid. “Just tell me what to do Miss.”

When they finally sat down to dinner the two of them Magda had to tell Lita a few more things, “This is highly irregular of course for the maid to sit down to eat dinner with her Mistress but we do it just for tonight that you still learn the ropes. As of tomorrow, you are going to eat in the kitchen alone after you have served my dinner properly in the dining room. Is that clear enough for you Lita?”

“Yes Miss Magda, it is,” Lita answered feeling rather funny as she was sitting to eat dinner in a maid’s dress and apron. That was certainly quite a change from this morning she thought and nearly smiled to herself. So much has happened in a matter of hours.

“After we finish eating you will clean the table and do the washing up afterwards. Do not use the dishwasher, I want you to learn how to do dishes manually, it is always good to feel that. And I don’t want you to use rubber gloves, not to start with anyway, I want those soft hands of yours to become more rough. Then you will be more in line with your current condition.”

Magda was talking non-stop giving instructions and guidelines and Lita could tell that she was enjoying herself immensely as well. This new arrangement created a new level of understanding for both and also some sort of different bonding. The role reversal that happened so smoothly and quickly was definitively matching their respective personalities.  

A couple of hours later Lita was exhausted after all those unusual activities and ready to go to bed. She then realized that she had no nightie in her maid’s room or proper underwear to change tomorrow. She mentioned that to Magda who immediately said, “Of course, you are right. We both forgot about that with the excitement of the day. I’ll tell you what. You certainly can’t use Miss Daphne’s things, those are out of bounds for you now, so I’ll give you one of my nighties to wear tonight and a change of underwear. Tomorrow we’ll go to another expedition to Primark to buy you some proper underwear and nighties.”

“Thank you, Miss Magda,’ was all that Lita managed to say as her eyes were closing, “Probably we can go together upstairs so you can give them to me. I don’t know why but I’m about to fall asleep, I feel exhausted.”

Magda chuckled and said, “Too much excitement for one day Lita, too much excitement for both of us so let’s call it a night.”

“Yes Miss, thank you Miss.” Lita said as they both started walking towards the stairs.


  1. Will this continue because so far it only appears to have laid the foundations? Interesting start though

    1. Rather than having more shopping,I'd like to see Daphne obliged to gain weight so she can fit Magda's clothes.

    2. Why do all the maids need to be fat?

      I'd say keep her as is, or above all, take the story where the author intended, weight gain or not.

    3. Weight gain adds to deglamorization,and if the maid was fat having the women swap weights as well as roles adds to the exchange.

  2. Please Continue. It was a shock to see this chapter. We need more!!

  3. An Appreciative ReaderApril 17, 2017 at 9:09 AM

    Nice transformation. This has makings of a good, well paced story, thanks!

  4. An excellent and unexpected continuation. Hopefully more is to come because the setup is perfect.


  5. Thank you all for your positive feed back. My initial intention was to write a short story and let the reader to expand it afterwards with his/her own imagination.But I could see the potential the story had for a continuation and my imagination started to work quite vividly so I decided to write a few more episodes.
    I won't make it a very long story and I plan to conclude it when our heroine Daphne/Lita reaches a satisfactory stage of a possible return to her previous life under certain conditions. My intention is to keep this story as realistic as possible.
    Monica G.

  6. Perfect start and look forward to reading more
    Thank you

    Jackie J

  7. Magda fitted into the Mistress role with exquisite ease, and lita gives herself freely to Magda, to be moulded into the subservient role.

    lita evolving into being Magdas maid is happening psychologically and physically, all at present with no subterfuge by Magda, yet Magda has all the power.

    Magda is happy, lita is happy, as is this reader after reading part 2 of this story.

    Thank you for your efforts.