Thursday, March 13, 2014

Story: Neighbor and Maid

Author: Dodge


Laura and Millie were neighbors and friends, and they had gotten into the habit of having coffee at her house on weekday mornings. Usually Laura was wearing just her old work clothes and Millie was often still in her robe.

One morning as Laura poured the coffee, Millie joked, "I'd like to have you as my maid and have you serve coffee to me every morning."

At the time Laura didn't place much emphasis on it as she was somewhat preoccupied. Laura and husband Rob had received an invitation to a costume party, but she couldn't decide what she wanted to wear. Guests were asked to come costumed and act 'in character' as part of the party theme.

The next day, Laura was asking Millie for suggestions about costumes. She looked over a coffee cup at her and said, "I think you should go dressed in one of those sexy naughty French maid outfits. You certainly have the figure for it. I even know of a store where we can get one from."

Laura winced at the thought of prancing around for an evening in some skanty outfit, but Millie continued, "Rob can dress as a butler. You two will make a great couple!"

Being at a loss for any other ideas, Laura agreed. That afternoon Millie returned with several boxes and a big grin on her face. In one box was a classic maid's outfit of black dress with a white apron and cap. It had a very short skirt and was cut very low in the front with a very bare bosom effect. In another box Laura found a severe looking black satin corset with old fashioned laces and garters with lace and ribbon bows on each garter.

They took the costume into her bedroom, where Millie started looking through her dresser and closet. "I thought so-nothing appropriate," she said, and reached into her bag again. She took out terribly tiny pair of lace trimmed, black bikini panties, dark toned nylon stockings, an almost nothing bra and incredibly high pointed toe pumps in polished black leather.


Putting aside her natural modesty, Laura undressed and slipped the satin corset around her waist. Millie laced it very tightly and told her to put on the sheer black stockings which reached within an inch of her crotch. Laura snapped the garter tabs in place, then put on the black panties, which were so small that they hid very little.

Laura looked at herself in the long mirror. The dress was long- sleeved. The neck was deeply scooped and had a boned bodice that supported the undersides of her breasts, thrusting them upwards to maximize there size and shapeliness, and squeezing them together to form a deep cleavage.

The hem was very short, just concealing her stocking tops in front and leaving a glimpse of the curve of her ass cheeks exposed behind. Laura slipped into the spiked heeled pumps and looked into the mirror again, adjusting the little lace cap and apron.

"Oh Millie," she said in a high pitched whine, "I'm not so sure about this..." but, the sight of her reflection was curiously exciting.

Millie said she was having a couple of women over for lunch and she wanted to get their opinions on Laura's costume. Laura protested, but Millie would have none of Laura's objections and grabbing her arm she led her out the door.

After they got inside Millie's house, she disappeared into the bathroom. The doorbell rang. Millie yelled to her to her, "Answer the door."

Laura looked at herself in the hall mirror. She looked for all the world like a woman right out of a fetish dream. The dress emphasised her pinched in waist and her outthrust and well exposed breasts. Her long legs covered in the tautly held dark tone nylon stockings were visable from the peek-a-boo view of a darker top band on her thighs to the tall high heeled pumps in which she stood. With her hair combed and make-up freshly done she looked ravishing. The lacy white cap atop her head together with the matching apron clearly articulated her status as a domestic, a maid...maid Laura Petrie.

"You can practice being 'in character'," she added with a note of laughter in her voice.

Balancing precariously on the spiked heels, Laura opened the door to admit two women. Lynne Jenkins was blonde, blue eyed, and wearing a blue dress that hugged her ample curves, stockings and dark blue pumps. Carole Ling was Oriental, black hair with dark eyes. Her nylon covered legs were well displayed in a slitted black skirt and high heels. She, too had ample breasts which were evident in the white silk blouse she wore. Laura had never seen either of the women before and was a bit surprised. She was also more than a little embarrassed.

After Laura showed the ladies in, Millie came out of the bathroom. She too was dressed in an attractive dress, stockings and heels. "You look lovely, Millie. And I see you have a new maid, I see," Carole commented.

"Looks like you've got discriminating taste in picking a maid servant," Lynne chuckled.

Laura's cheeks reddened as she smiled sheepishly. "It's for a party...," she said quickly, but the women seemed to ignore her remarks and spoke between themselves.


Laura's cheeks reddened as she smiled sheepishly. "It's for a party...," she said quickly, but the women seemed to ignore her remarks and spoke between them selves.

Laura just stood there wondering what was in store for her that afternoon. Millie motioned her to follow her into the kitchen, where she explained that these women were important 'society acquaintances' of hers.

"We cannot afford to offend them. Please stay in role and play along," she asked, or was it not really a question?

"Laura, play the dutiful maid part no matter what you are told to do. Make it seem that you 'are' my maid. If they think that you are here just parading around for me in that skimpy costume, these women could tell stories something awful if they were offended - maybe that you and I are lesbians!"

Laura was stunned by Millie's words, but since she didn't want to risk any repercussions, especially that Rob would hear such a story, she told Millie that she would play along. It will be good practice for the party she rationalized.

So the scene was set with Laura in her tantalizing, sexy costume with three attractive and obviously well dressed women. Laura served them beverages while they were chatting and appraising her the whole time. With a little coaching from Millie and the occasional raised eyebrow from her guests when she had a slip-up in her 'maid demeanor', Laura quickly became quite the efficient maid servant.

"Yes, Mrs. Jenkins. Of course, Mrs. Ling. Right away, Millie."

"Mrs. Helper, dear," Millie corrected.

"Yes, Mrs. Helper."

Referring to her friend and neighbor as 'Mrs. Helper' caused a tinge of color in her cheeks. When Millie whispered in her ear to be sure and curtsy each time she entered and left the room, she almost burst out in anger, but dutifully, she complied.

Laura announced "Lunch is served" as she placed on high heel behind the other and daintily bent her nylon covered knees. The women came into the dining room while Laura brought in the first course. She was careful to curtsy each time she entered or departed the room. Millie entered the kitchen briefly to instruct her on what food had been prepared and what dishes to use.

Alone in the kitchen, Laura suddenly realized how hungry she was, and as the thought crossed her mind Laura picked one of the meat slices from its symmetrical pattern on the serving dish and swiftly ate it. As Laura later served that dish, Millie raised her eyebrows and eyed her. "You've been stealing food," she accused.

The color drained from Laura's face. Lynne and Carole looked at her with condescending, if amused smiles on their facts. Laura nodded, wishing she could retreat from the room.

"Are you hungry, dear?" she asked.

"Yes," Laura replied.

"Yes, Ma'am," she scolded.

"Yes, Ma'am," Laura said hesitantly, fidgeting on her high heels.

"Well, since this course will take us awhile, why don't you get some nourishment by lapping Carole's pussy? That should keep your mouth occupied for a few minutes," Lynne said, "Carole would like that, wouldn't you dear?"

The Oriental woman smiled and nodded. Laura stood as if dumb struck.

"Come on, Laura, get yourself down under the table or we'll be finished before you do your work."

"Come over here first," Lynne said, "Scoop out one of those delicious, bouncing boobs, I'd like to taste one as an appetizer."

Laura was horror struck at what she was being told to do. As if in a daze she stumbled on her high heels to stand before Mrs. Jenkins. "Show me your boobs!" the blonde woman ordered. "Do you need some help?"


Confused, scared and feeling trapped, Laura freed one of her breasts from the restraint of the dress and slowly leaned over. Lynne Jenkins took the nipple in her mouth. She sucked savagely for a moment and Laura flinched a little in discomfort. She then ran her hand up beneath Laura's short skirt as she mouthed her breast and fingered her pussy through the flimsy nylon panties. "My, my," she said, "her panties are wet right through."

Laura's panties were wet. She felt a surge of excitement like she had never imagined as this attractive, well dressed woman fondled her. Her mind raced and curiously, she wondered if she dared masturbate when she was next in the kitchen. As she stood teetering on her high heels, she spread her nylon covered legs wider apart as Lynne's hands glided from her pussy to caress the slippery fabric covering her thighs. Laura felt sure that she could bring herself off in a few seconds, she was so aroused.

"Ok," Lynne said, "under the table and get busy licking, pretty maid."

Laura daintily crouched down, going to her hands and nylon encased knees to crawl under the table. The full expanse of her shapely nylon covered legs ending the black leather spike heeled pumps was fully visible.

"Nice bottom too," Millie said appreciatively, reaching down and giving her a brisk swat that made her gasp. Carole Ling spread her own nylon covered legs and Laura stared at her freely displayed pussy that was split open and waiting in front of her. The yellow skinned woman was wearing gartered stockings, but no panties.

"Lick it," Millie ordered. "Serve my guest like a good little maid servant."

The Oriental woman's smell filed her nostrils as Laura explored the hot damp lining of her cunt, the juices flowing over her tongue. Carole pulled the kneeling woman's head forward, and Laura prodded at her clit and heard her give a deep throated whimper of pleasure. Laura put her tongue-tip into the tight entrance, then, pulling back, lapped at the pussy juice that flowed more freely in response.

Millie's hand touched her hair in a gesture of approval, of possession. Laura renewed her probing of Carole, thrusting her tongue into her canal and vibrating her tongue over her clit. Laura felt the sensual feel of the woman's nylons on her cheeks as her legs moved tighter together and then apart in a rhythm like pattern.

"AahhHHHHHH," Carole panted as her orgasm overtook her.


After serving lunch, Laura was ordered into the living room and told to stand next to 'Mrs. Helper'. She pulled her down and soon Laura found herself bent double across Millie's lap on the sofa. Her fingers leisurely drew Laura's panties downward over her garters and stockings as far as her knees. The air seemed very cool on her exposed cheeks as Laura found herself anticipating what she thought was to come. Laura waited for the stroking of her pussy but to her dismay, the women went on with their conversation as if she wasn't even there. Laura just lay there in that humiliating position, disregarded, while they continued to talk. Her pussy was tingling and Laura could feel a trickle of juice making its way down her inner thigh.

Suddenly the sound of a loud smack filled the air as a wooden paddle landed firmly on one of Laura's upturned and bared ass cheeks.

"Oooohwow!" Laura gasped as she felt a stinging jolt of pain in her right ass cheek. A moment later, an identical shock traveled through her left cheek. The blows continued to descend relentlessly, methodically, covering the whole area of her bottom and thigh tops with a web of stinging fire. Tears flooded her eyes and Laura sobbed in pain and protest. The fact that she was receiving a bare-bottomed spanking from her neighbor in front of two women whom she had just met caused her anguish to deepen.

"Please, please...," she sobbed. And still the paddle rose and fell, rose and fell.

It seemed that Millie held her effortlessly with her left hand while flailing away with her right. Laura was seemingly helpless. Quite helpless....sobbing, writhing, her pussy throbbing with desire. Laura seemed to melt, to lose all control, all desire to resist.

She turned her head and saw the suddenly imposing face of Millie Helper looking down at her. She arched her eyebrows and Laura turned her face downward again. Laura really was her maid...her slave now, and Millie, no it was Mrs. Helper now, was showing her who was master and mistress.

Whatever Mrs. Helper commanded her to do, Laura would do...

"Yes, Ma'am."

The End.


  1. Fantastic would love to be the maid

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