Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Story: Becoming Her Maid

by Jackpot

Where do I begin? I had interviewed five women but none of them seemed to fit the job properly. It was three weeks and no one came by or called about the job. I really needed someone to cook and clean the house badly. Once a husband is gone you really begin to appreciate all that he did for you, especially being financially secure. He used to do a lot of stuff for me and after five years of his absence I decided to hire a maid. I was glancing at my ad again and thinking,

“This time if someone comes I am not going to be so picky about everything.” I placed the paper down, and went to take a shower. Despite my age you can say that I am still quite attractive. I have black hair and hazel-green eyes. I wear lots of silky blouses and skirts. I have a huge assortment of styles and colors. I was continuing to wash myself when the phone rang. I thought it could be someone answering the ad so I rushed to get to the phone.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Caption: Going Down the Social Ladder

-- What yer lookin' at? Nothin' to see 'ere, this ain't no circus!

Talking like an unrefined working class woman was now second nature to former Lady Margaret - now simply Maggie.  Although she has accepted her new station in life - that of a household servant at the beck and call of her betters - she still hated it when she was forced to scrub the entrance stairway - especially when the neighborhood boys were playing outside, throwing dirt and little rocks at her, as if she was solely there for their entertainment.

Story: Neighbor and Maid

Author: Dodge


Laura and Millie were neighbors and friends, and they had gotten into the habit of having coffee at her house on weekday mornings. Usually Laura was wearing just her old work clothes and Millie was often still in her robe.

One morning as Laura poured the coffee, Millie joked, "I'd like to have you as my maid and have you serve coffee to me every morning."

At the time Laura didn't place much emphasis on it as she was somewhat preoccupied. Laura and husband Rob had received an invitation to a costume party, but she couldn't decide what she wanted to wear. Guests were asked to come costumed and act 'in character' as part of the party theme.

The next day, Laura was asking Millie for suggestions about costumes. She looked over a coffee cup at her and said, "I think you should go dressed in one of those sexy naughty French maid outfits. You certainly have the figure for it. I even know of a store where we can get one from."