Friday, June 13, 2014

Story: Arriving in Milan. Parts 5 and 6.

by Monica Graz
(Parts 1 and 2 are written by Lady Charlotte, Parts 3 and 4 are by Monica Graz)

I was very conscious of my appearance as I was wondering around, a permanent smile glued to my face, a tray in my hand, offering to the guests champagne and the
delicious little canapés prepared by Conchita.

For the first time in my life I was so publicly exposed as a maid in front of so many people. I was fully aware of my black uniform dress my little white apron and my tiny white cap pinned on my hair. I had very little make up on, just a touch of lipstick and some mascara. Signora was adamant about that; a maid shouldn’t look like a tart. The cotton white gloves cleverly were hiding my rough working hands.

They were all sorts of people there, from bankers to young but prominent artists, ‘la crème de la crème’ of Milanese society as Signora mentioned to us in the kitchen, without a trace of modesty in her voice. As I was wondering around I noticed that she was watching me like a hawk for a possible ‘faux pas’.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Story: When Lightening Strikes: A Model Maid

Thanks to T.H.Enerdly I was able to recover this 1998 story from a now defunct website. I believe this is the first lady-to-maid transformation story that I've read. It was later turned into a comic (with a somewhat changed storyline) - I posted it here -  but this original story is what got me interested in the topic initially.

When Lightening Strikes: A Model Maid

Cindy Crawford sat down the paper unread on her lap. She heard her Chinese immigrant maid Mimi come in with the groceries. The girl had been with her for 3 months and her English had improved somewhat, but she was still hard to understand with her heavy Chinese accent.

She called, "Mimi!"

The tiny woman came in and bowed "Yes, Miss Crawford."

"Would you bring me a Pepsi please, a diet Pepsi of course I have to watch my figure."