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Story: When Lightening Strikes: A Model Maid

Thanks to T.H.Enerdly I was able to recover this 1998 story from a now defunct website. I believe this is the first lady-to-maid transformation story that I've read. It was later turned into a comic (with a somewhat changed storyline) - I posted it here -  but this original story is what got me interested in the topic initially.

When Lightening Strikes: A Model Maid

Cindy Crawford sat down the paper unread on her lap. She heard her Chinese immigrant maid Mimi come in with the groceries. The girl had been with her for 3 months and her English had improved somewhat, but she was still hard to understand with her heavy Chinese accent.

She called, "Mimi!"

The tiny woman came in and bowed "Yes, Miss Crawford."

"Would you bring me a Pepsi please, a diet Pepsi of course I have to watch my figure."

Her Chinese maid bowed and said " Yes, Miss Crawford. I would be most happy to."

Cindy Crawford lay on the couch slipping her drink, wishing her life could be simpler. She had to worry about how much Income tax she would have to pay. She was always worried - what if her looks started to fade, as she wasn't getting any younger? Also, she always wanted to get into television or the movies but her first outing had been a dismal failure. Even her ex husband Richard hadn't been able to get her any parts and had frankly told her she didn't have any acting ability. As Cindy lay comfortably there she was aroused from her self-pity by a sudden violent storm he wind start blowing through the open window. There was a loud crack of thunder and Cindy called "Mimi, Close the windows!"

When the girl didn't come right away Cindy got up grumbling to herself about having to do everything.

The violent wind was blowing the drapes out from the window and Cindy realised she needed to shut the window before it started raining. Cindy didn't see her maid Mimi coming. Mimi also saw the open window and went to close it. Both Cindy and Mimi met at the window just as a bolt of lightening streaked through the opening hitting them both and sending them flying back from the electric shock. They both lay there on the floor unconscious from he blast of lightening.

Cindy Crawford awoke first and was numb and stiff all over. She felt like she had been run over by a truck. She glanced dazedly at the clock and saw that about an hour had passed since the lightening strike. Cindy then looked to see if Mimi was OK and got the shock of her life. Much worse than being hit by lighting. She saw a stirring figure but it wasn't Mimi it was herself........Cindy Crawford. She looked down and saw she was wearing a Maid's outfit. She groaned and got up and looked in a mirror in the hallway, which seemed much higher than she was used to, and she saw the reflection of Mimi looking back. She was mortified! She had gone from being a 6' Supermodel to a 5' Chinese Maid. She was younger as Mimi was only 19 but she had to get her beautiful body back. Cindy heard a gasp behind her to see her old body looking at her with wide blue eyes.

"Is that you, Miss Crawford?" her body asked in perfect English with no trace of accent.

Cindy replied "I guess so, Mimi..." she stopped in shock as she now had a Chinese accent. "Oh my god" she cried "I even sound like you!" Cindy's mind was racing to figure out what to do. Cindy picked up the phone and said "Mimi, I am going to phone my doctor and explain what happened and between the two of us we will somehow make him believe this and hopefully he can figure out how to reverse it." Cindy then started to shakily dial the number, but with fingers that were too short and stubby. Without warning a larger hand snatched the phone away from her and she spun around to see her old body standing there with a smirk on her face. Mimi pushed Cindy roughly back and hung the phone up.

"We're not calling anyone.............MIMI!"

"What are you saying? I'm not are!" cried Cindy as she went towards the phone only to be pushed away easily by her own body that was much taller and stronger than her current form.

"You're Mimi Na Chang now and I'm Cindy Crawford" she said as she ran her hands over her breasts.

"Are you insane, Mimi........I'm Cindy Crawf....." she was cut off by a vicious slap across the face, spinning her head around and bringing tears to her eyes.

"I AM CINDY CRAWFORD!" said Mimi with confidence building in her voice "and you are Mimi. Furthermore we are not calling anyone, as this is how I want to stay. I hated being a poor, miserable servant, but now I am a rich, beautiful American woman.........and I am going to keep this body and this life!

"What" was all Cindy could say stunned by all this.

"What's that, Mimi? Speak up I can hardly understand you with that dreadful accent" said Mimi

"You can't do this to me, its not fair" cried Cindy

Mimi lunged at Cindy and grabbed her long dark unkempt hair, forcing the small woman to her knees. "Let me tell you about fair" said Mimi tugging harder. "When I was 16 my father sold me to a brothel where I had to service 30-40 men a day. For years I had to have continuous sex with dirty filthy men and live in a pigsty. I finally escaped from there and was lucky enough to steal a passport and escape the country. Here I was able to gain landed immigrant status if I was employed so I went to a maid service and you hired me and became my sponsor. I basically became your slave because if I got fired I'd be deported back to China."

"I'm sorry about your life Mimi, but this.........." Cried Cindy as she was slapped hard across the face again.

Mimi kept a firm hold of Cindy's hair with her other hand keeping her on her knees. Mimi continued, "My old life is no more, I am now Cindy Crawford and you are Mimi. You will bow as I did and will refer to me as Miss Crawford from now on and you will answer to Mimi and work as my Maid."

"NEVER" yelled Cindy in defiance, only to have her hair pulled harder.
Her beautiful former face glared at her inches away, Mimi had put a ferocious look on it.

"You will do as I say Mimi or I will have YOU deported, as now I am YOUR sponsor. Even if you weren't arrested for having a stolen passport I am sure the Mistress of my old Whorehouse would love to know what plane you were arriving on...........would you like that work in a filthy brothel?"

"No......please! You'll never get away with this" retorted Cindy.

"Oh, No!" said Mimi "I have one of the most recognised faces on the planet. I have Cindy Crawford's face, body, voice, fingerprints, and even her DNA. In fact not only will everyone think I am you, but there is nothing to prove that I am not you. If you tell anyone I will have you deported and you'll end up in a Chinese Mental Asylum, a work camp or a brothel. So what's my name.........MIMI?" said Mimi with authority. As Cindy started to speak her old voice said " Don't forget the servile bow."

Cindy starting to sob, bowed and said a weak "You're Cindy Crawford."

Mimi smiled in victory, let out a long breath and said "and what's your name and what do you do for a living"

Cindy still sobbing said weakly "My name is Mimi and I am your Maid".
Cindy broke down at this and started to wail hopelessly. Mimi bent down and gave her a hug and said, "that's it Mimi let it out. Its best to have a good cry and then you can start your new life by getting me a Pepsi - a diet Pepsi of course as I have to keep my figure - while I watch TV." Mimi got up and plopped on the couch and turned on the TV.
Cindy was wiping her eyes and glaring at Mimi.

"What are you looking at Mimi, and where's my drink?"

Cindy got up and slowly went the kitchen and got a can of Pepsi and brought in out. "Oh, Mimi.......would you be a dear and put it in a glass with ice.......I prefer it that way." Said Mimi, offensively imitating her manner. "Don't forget the bow now, dear.

Humiliated Cindy bowed and went silently back to the kitchen and poured it in a glass and came back out, bowed and handed it to her.

"Thank-you Mimi" said Mimi with a broad smile. "Ah, this is the life!"

Cindy stood there watching Mimi in her old body feeling her face and body. It was disgusting to see her own body feeling itself up. Mimi looked over and said "What are you standing around for, Mimi?, you have to unpack the grocery's and make my bed and then I think you had better vacuum."

Cindy walked silently away.

Mimi said "stop right there Mimi........what do you say when I give you an order?"

"Yes Miss Crawford" said Cindy, bowing and barely audible but Mimi heard it and she smiled in triumphant victory. She saw that her old body's manners were taking over, reinforced by fear. "GOOD!" the new Cindy thought.

Cindy unpacked the grocery's and headed upstairs only to be called back to the living room by Mimi. "What do you want now?" said Cindy letting the frustration in the situation show.

"Is that away to talk to a beloved employer? Mimi got up and towered over the diminutive body Cindy was now trapped in.

Feeling another slap coming Cindy, bowed and stammered "Sorry, Miss Crawford. How many I serve you?"

Mimi smiled and said, " That's more like it! I was reading this Cosmopolitan with a picture of ME on the cover, it says in this article that most women would like to have my breasts." She reached down and squeezed her breasts and then looked at Cindy and said, "What do you think, would you like to have my breasts?" and then she began to laugh. Cindy ran upstairs crying. She was helpless, no one would believe her story without Mimi backing her up and she had no choice but to stay here and be tormented and treated like a slave or she might be deported.

Cindy went about her duties as she had little choice. She heard the doorbell ring and heard her old body say, "Would you get that, Mimi"

Cindy came downstairs and opened the door and saw her boyfriend Doug standing there. She smiled hopefully only to be handed his coat and have him walk past her into the house. She hung his coat up and went inside and saw him and her old body kissing and saw Mimi looking at her with a look of intense satisfaction. Cindy ran upstairs again and began crying again, she had lost everything and this situation was unbearable! She just had to find a way to get her body back.

The phone rang and it was her mother and she said "Oh, hi Mimi, could I speak to Cindy please." Cindy was upset that even her own mother thought she was Mimi. She said, "One moment, Mrs Crawford and I'll get her" Cindy still was disgusted with her Chinese accent. She went downstairs to see her old body being felt up by her Doug." Cindy gritted her teeth and said "Miss Crawford your mother is on the phone." The impossibly beautiful woman got up and said "thanks Mimi I'll get it in here."

Cindy went back upstairs and listened on the phone to the conversation, desperately hoping that her mother would know it wasn't her. Later she listlessly hung up as she realised that the impostor had fooled her own mother. She then headed downstairs again and saw Mimi and Doug cuddling he barely glanced at her and asked ask her to get a beer for him. She got it and brought it to him only to be given a quick "thanks Mimi" and otherwise ignored. Cindy went upstairs again just wanting to escape this hellish existence. She went into her room and turned on the TV and watched the news. She saw a warning about lightening storms tomorrow night. "That's it," thought Cindy "I have to recreate the accident again and hopefully I can get my body back." She knew it was a long shot but it was the only chance she had. All she had to do was get herself and Mimi in a spot where they might get stuck by lightening.

Cindy went over to the Mirror and looked at her new body in more detail. She was kind of cute but certainly not model material besides being so short. She grasped her breasts, which were barely an A cup now and sighed. She just had to get out of this body. Suddenly the door opened up and she saw her old body with her arms around Doug standing there. "There you are! What are you doing in my room, Mimi."

Cindy bowed said in a soft "I'm sorry Miss Crawford" not wanting to be hit again.

"That's OK, Mimi, I forgive you this time." Why don't you straighten up downstairs, I'm afraid I made a mess. Don't come back to my room as Doug and I want to be alone. Isn't that right darling?"

Doug couldn't take his eyes off the Beautiful body next to him. "I'll say!"

Cindy rushed down stairs to escape the giggles and the passionate embraces.

She awoke the next morning, hoping her prayers had been answered and this nightmare existence would be over. But Mimi's miserable little body still stared back out of the mirror at her. She looked at the barren bedroom and sighed, got dressed in her uniform and started her chores. Cindy couldn't help herself; she tip toed to the master bedroom listen intently and heard Mimi and Doug going at in again. She left, feeling like throwing herself out the window.

Later the intercom in the Kitchen rang and Cindy heard her old voice call "Mimi?"

"Yes, Miss Crawford? " she said, hating to answer.

" We need breakfast in bed for two. Please don't dawdle."

Cindy missed her old muscles as she strained carrying the heavy tray upstairs. Doug was in bed with the imposture and obviously even after all the love making suspected nothing!

"Thanks, Mimi" said the new Cindy. "Oh, and I also need you to pack my suitcase. Doug and I are going to New York for a few days. My agent called and I need to meet him."

" can't" cried Cindy

"I can do what ever I want Mimi, now get packing!" she said.

Doug said, "What's with her?"

"She been acting a little crazy lately, dear. If she says anything weird - just ignore her. If she doesn't straighten up - well I can always just send her back to her old life in China - Can't I!" she said significantly.

Cindy hurried and desperately obeyed as she didn't want to give away her plan and she knew there would be other storms and other chances to get her body back. All she had to do is stay here until she got an opportunity.

Later that day Cindy had to watch her former body get ready to leave for the airport - wearing her best mink, too! Mimi came up and said "Oh by the way Mimi, I didn't want you to be lonely since I may be gone for a week. So my friend Heather Locklear will be coming by tomorrow to pick you up as she's thinking of getting a maid and so I've loaned you to her while I'm away."

" can't! She's my close friend........don't make me do this!"

Mimi slapped her and smiled and said "She's MY close friend now and you have a real attitude problem. I'm gonna have look into getting that attitude of yours fixed when I get back. Heather said she would be by around 10am so be ready. Now don't forget yourself or you'll be on the next plane back to China - maybe you would love the brothel?"

She shook her head.

Cindy was so upset as she saw her body drive off with Doug in her Mercedes. She thought she was going to get a break from this dreadful life only to be "loaned" to her own friend. Cindy cried herself to sleep and the next morning got ready for Heather.

Heather drove up and Cindy, remembering the threats and instructions bowed and said, "Good morning, Miss Locklear."

Heather smiled "So your Mimi, Cindy's told me all about you. I am really looking forward to having you come work for me." She smiled and said, "Who knows maybe I'll be able to convince you to work for me permanently?"

Cindy forced a smile and another bow and thought "Little chance of that as she had to keep close to her body or she might never got it back."

Heather drove Cindy to her house and showed her to the servant quarters and left her to unpack her few things, in the small ugly room.

The days wore on endlessly as she waited for Mimi to return with her body. Cindy had to deal with being treated like a Maid and it really sunk in when Heather had a party. Normally Cindy was the center of attention, now she was just an invisible servant.

It had been five long days before she heard Heather talking to a Cindy and she figured it was her old body on the phone. She was looking forward to getting home because there was another storm moving in and that might be an opportunity to get her real body back.

Heather came up to Cindy with a huge smile on her face. "I've got great news Mimi, Cindy got the job as a host of a new talk show in New York. She says it's a great job with fantastic money. Cindy said she didn't want to make you move again so she said I could be your new sponsor and so she's sending the papers to my lawyer and then you'll be my maid permanently. I'll give you ten dollars more a week. Isn't that great news, Mimi?"

Cindy was horrified, she forced a bow and a smile and said an unenthusiastic "That's fine Miss Locklear, may I be excused?"

"Certainly" said Heather noting the lack response of Mimi. "Well she'll get over it; she must really be attached to Cindy" she thought.

Cindy went to her small, drab room and cried. She had thought her old life was complicated and she had made a careless wish for a more simple life. Well she had got her wish! Her life was indeed now simple.................It was simply awful!


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