Sunday, November 23, 2014

Story: The Demise of Lady Charlotte Rhodes

By Jackie J; edited and expanded by Robyna Choleton (re-published October, 6 2016)

How could Lady Charlotte have known the consequences of that casual subtle touch on her breasts that morning by her maid Miss Jacobs?
Lady Charlotte Rhodes, recently widowed, could have resisted her base instincts and passed off what she now knows to have been a devious plan by Miss Jacobs, for what it first appeared, just an innocent accidental touch as she adjusted the bed linen prior to serving Lady Charlotte her morning tea.

Aroused by her maid’s delicate touch, stroking her fingers across Charlotte’s firming nipple Miss Jacob’s scheme was in motion, and having heard the soft sigh from Charlotte’s lips and seeing the wanting look in her eyes, it was now just a matter of time.

Miss Jacobs always had affections for Henry, Charlotte’s late husband, which were frequently returned before he married Charlotte.  With Henry now departed, following an accident in Kenya, which left the estate to his widow, Miss Jacobs’ dreams of one day making Henry and his wealth her own, were over.
Charlotte was not a bad Mistress of the house and she had no problem retaining Miss Jacobs when she married Henry.  She just had no idea of the history between Miss Jacobs, or Jenny as she was known to Henry, and her new husband.
Charlotte, diminutive in statue, just 24, blonde and elegant, although not too bright, is quite a contrast to the much taller, stocky, raven haired and scheming Miss Jacobs.

Six months since Henry’s funeral had passed quickly, and Charlotte was coming to terms with her loss.  Swept off her feet by the charming Sir Henry, Charlotte, at the tender age of just 21, had lost touch with the few friends she had, and with her quite old parents having died not long after her wedding, Charlotte had quite a lonely and isolated existence in the large, remote and rambling manor house.

With time spent between her painting, poetry and walks in the grounds, Charlotte was content – but she missed the company and affection of her husband.  Her main and perhaps only pleasure were the clothes she bought; rail after rail of expensive dresses hanging in her dressing room, much to the annoyance of Miss Jacobs – seeing the inheritance, in her eyes, being squandered.

Charlotte’s somewhat reclusive existence was not dissuaded by Miss Jacobs; in fact, it was encouraged.  The groceries, dealing with tradesmen, indeed all contact with the world outside the large iron gates of Lonsdale Manor were efficiently and effectively dealt with by the ever willing Miss Jacobs.  Charlotte was never available to visitors, should they call.  Miss Jacobs had seen to that since the funeral, and now it was rare, if ever, that anyone would seek to contact Charlotte.

Miss Jacobs, satisfied her plans for Charlotte would not be disturbed, was now ready to put her scheme into play.  She smiled to herself, returned to the kitchen, retrieved the breakfast tray for Charlotte and made her way to her bed chamber.  Ensuring she lingered over Charlotte, letting her perfume fill the poor girl’s senses, Miss Jacobs, with an apologetic look on her face, feigns a weak apology.

“Oh, Mistress, excuse me.”

Taking the bed linen, Miss Jacobs then starts to fuss, with tucking and smoothing, while ensuring she pushes firmer against Charlotte’s bust, her face only inches away from her prey, Charlotte, whom weak-eyed, cannot help but pucker her lips in anticipation.

Miss Jacobs knows her charge is ready, but not quite enough.  She wants Charlotte wet and eager, and thus ignores the temptation to taste her mistress’ tender lips.

Miss Jacobs, slowly drawing away, lets her hand gently slide slowly over the silky bodice of Charlotte’s negligee, looking into her wanting eyes.

Charlotte grabs hold of Miss Jacobs’s hands and places them back onto her chest, keeping eye contact, willing her maid to do more.  Miss Jacobs responds, bringing a disappointing low moan from Charlotte.

“Miss, now don’t be a silly girl.  You’re tired, dear, that’s all.  You miss Henry.  I know you do.”

Miss Jacobs then busies herself in placing the breakfast tray in front of Charlotte.

“Now you drink your tea.  I have much to do today,” She smilingly says to Charlotte, all coy and with a girly giggle, “And no more of this nonsense.”

Leaving Charlotte’s chamber, Miss Jacobs can hardly contain herself, knowing the seed has been planted, that the poor girl will soon be begging for her touch, and Charlotte’s life will start to change.

Charlotte, panting short breaths and feeling color blush into her cheeks watches her maid turn and leave.  With her mind confused with embarrassment and excitement, her imagination races.  Did she?  Did I?  OMG, what must she think?   Easing the tray a little higher, she senses her own wetness and strokes her fingers over her tell tale nipples still firm from her encounter.

The next three days are quite uneventful; much the same as normal.  Miss Jacobs carrying out her duties, and Charlotte, well, her being Charlotte, attends to painting and a few walks.  But her mind wanders to that delicate touch, until she becomes obsessed, her head full of what ifs; what could have been, what could still be?  Miss Jacob’s planted seed grows towards a ripe bud.

Miss Jacobs, aware of how Charlotte watches her more intently, since her contrived encounter, prepares her next step.

Dressing Charlotte was a daily routine up until this particular day, selecting her clothing and ensuring her outerwear was neat and tidy.  Today would be different.  Miss Jacob’s placing of Charlotte’s underwear was on the chair at the far side of the chamber, not in the bathroom as usual.

As Charlotte walks the short distance from the bathroom door to the chair, Miss Jacobs stands in her path and smiles.  Slowly she reaches forward and taking the soft satin belt of her robe slackens the knot letting Charlotte's robe drift open.

Charlotte stands frozen in anticipation, and Miss Jacobs does not disappoint her, sliding the robe from her shoulders.  The robe shimmers to the floor at Charlotte’s ankles.  She stands naked, vulnerable, and willing for Miss Jacobs to touch her, to fondle her, to pleasure her.  So anxious, she will give anything, not for one moment thinking it will not be anything, but everything!

Miss Jacobs can feel Charlotte’s heat, but calmly selects the bra from the chair.  She strokes the fine straps over Charlotte’s quivering shoulder without a word, and with a touch as delicate as the morning mist.

Pouching Charlotte’s ample breasts into the cups of the bra, she lingers before smoothing the band and securing the clasps, letting her warm scented breath wash over the nape of Charlotte’s delicate neck.
The soft gasp from Charlotte’s lips is music to Miss Jacobs’ ears, as she stoops in front of Charlotte, holding out the waist band of the soft flimsy panties she has selected for Charlotte to wear.

Drawing the panties up and over Charlotte’s knees, she lingers at her thighs, letting her nails scrape gently over her lily white skin.  Charlotte is almost in raptures, and Miss Jacobs prepares the coup de grace to seal Charlotte’s fate.

Looking into Charlotte’s eyes, she raises herself up drawing the panties tight into Charlotte’s crotch, then with a possessive smile, presses her palm to Charlotte’s pubic bone and slowly hooks her fingers below.

Charlotte cannot hide her wetness, which seeps into the gusset of the panties and dampens Miss Jacobs’ finger tips that press and tease.  Charlotte can hardly stand; her legs weak and wobbly.

Miss Jacobs whispers softly into Charlotte’s ear. “Will you give yourself to me, Mistress?  Will you be mine?”

Easing her prey slowly back to the bed, Miss Jacobs presses her lips to Charlotte’s, and draws down the poor girl’s panties which hang loose just above her knees, as she is engulfed in the warmth of the soft bed, her own bed, her own sanctuary, on which she is to be taken by her maid.

“Well, Miss Charlotte, tell me; tell me you are mine.”

Poor Charlotte, helpless wet and eager laying limp in Miss Jacobs’ arms, her whole body quivering with excitement and anticipation, breathlessly gives her word.

“Yes, yes… I am yours.”

The practiced touch of Miss Jacobs soon has the girl writhing beneath her panting and twisting, as Miss Jacobs’ fingers toy and tease.  Descending to tongue sweet Charlotte, Miss Jacobs hears her groan and moan, her juices flowing as she bucks and squirms, her orgasms coming until poor Charlotte lays wasted, softly moaning, her lust sated for now… but with an awakening that will bring a heavy price to pay in the months ahead.

Miss Jacobs, content that her trophy is secure, rolls to her side and places a kiss to Charlotte’s lips.  Charlotte’s weary eyes look up at Miss Jacobs, who smiles and strokes Charlotte’s hair from her face.

“There will have to be changes, Mistress.”

Charlotte, knowing the relationship with her maid will never be the same, contemplates what those changes will be, and turns onto her side, staring towards the window.

Miss Jacobs slowly takes control of Charlotte over the coming weeks.  ’No more morning tea, and no more dressing, but with Charlotte now having to assist Miss Jacobs with the daily routine of cleaning and running the house, in order to receive her nightly sexual rewards.

Some changes in the bed chamber, too.  Soon it is Charlotte who is pleasuring Miss Jacobs, having agreed to call Miss Jacobs “Mistress” whilst engaged in their bed chamber activities.

Charlotte, having missed the control of her departed husband, responds better than Miss Jacobs could have hoped for, in her increasing demands.  Miss Jacobs continues to push the boundaries with the Mistress of Lonsdale Manor, whom, it now appears, will do almost anything to ensure that Miss Jacobs continues to provide her with sexual favors.

Having Charlotte now more than just helping a little around the house, with the cleaning and laundry, Miss Jacobs keeps Charlotte busy in the kitchen, along with making her do the lion’s share of domestic duties.

Having fucked poor Charlotte into a state where she has become almost besotted to her maid, Miss Jacobs decides it’s time to ease Charlotte a little further down the road to her eventual subjugation and servitude.

Early one evening, after Charlotte had cooked, served, and removed the plates and dishes, and then attended their washing up, she returns to the parlor.  Miss Jacobs, having asked the dotting Charlotte to organize the meal so that she could finish some sewing, smiles as Charlotte enters.
“Why don’t you help me finish this, Charlotte?”  Long gone is the formal address of “Mistress Charlotte.”

Miss Jacobs hands Charlotte a calf length, plain black maid’s dress, with lace on the cuffs, hem and a low neckline.

Charlotte checks over the garment and looks at Miss Jacobs a little puzzled.  “But it seems to be finished.  What is there left to do?”

Miss Jacobs takes back the dress from Charlotte, and smiles. “Oh, silly me; I thought the hem was unfinished.”  

Of course, there was a subtle reason by Miss Jacobs for the casual presentment of a maid’s dress to Charlotte, in wishing to introduce in a tacit way the kind of attire she would eventually be wearing… and not just part-time.

Miss Jacobs lays the dress with four other identical dresses folded neatly by her side then stands and runs her fingers through Charlotte’s hair, making the poor girl sigh.

“I have a surprise for you, Charlotte; a little present,” Miss Jacobs confidently offers.

“With you helping me around the house as you are, I made these for you, so you don’t get your regular clothes soiled.  I also thought it would be a bit of fun.”  Little did Charlotte comprehend that the “bit of fun” alluded to, would not be for her, but for Miss Jacobs’ appreciation.

Stroking her fingers over Charlotte’s cheeks, she stoops and kisses Charlotte.  “Shall we make sure they fit you, dear?”

Easing the giggling Charlotte to her feet, Miss Jacobs unfastens the clasp at the top of Charlotte’s dress, draws down the zipper, then lets it drop to the floor.  Much to the delight of Charlotte, Miss Jacobs gently runs her hands teasingly over Charlotte’s slip covered bust, waist and hips.

Taking one of the maid’s dresses she has made for Charlotte, Miss Jacobs offers the open skirt for Charlotte to step into, which she does without hesitation.
Drawing up the zipper and fastening the clasp, Miss Jacobs smooths down the skirt and fusses with the bodice, before running her hands over Charlotte’s shoulders and standing back, smiling.

“Perfect, Charlotte, just perfect.  Oh, and I made these as well… to match.”

Miss Jacobs picks up one of the lacy bib aprons and standing behind Charlotte, feeds it over her head, then gathers the straps around her waist to her back, and ties them in a large bow.

Charlotte twirls a little and giggles, letting the lacy hem of the heavy woolen dress swish against her legs.

“It’s very well made and very nice, but I look just like a maid.  I cannot wear this.”

Miss Jacobs frowns and starts to put away her sewing things in her basket, pretending to be upset, with a few crocodile tears thrown in for good measure.

“Nonsense, you look nice; very pretty, and it fits you perfectly.  I spent hours making them especially for you.  But if that’s what you think.”

Miss Jacobs then removes the apron and maid’s dress from Charlotte, and folds it neatly with the others.

Without another word, Miss Jacobs leaves the room, and Charlotte listens to her heading up the stairs, softly sobbing.

Feeling awful at upsetting Miss Jacobs, Charlotte sits holding one of the dresses – and smiles as she sees “her” name embroidered as “Lottie” on the remaining four dresses, it being a diminutive form of “Charlotte”, typically used for one whom is called by that name on an informal basis, and for someone who definitely occupies a subordinate role, as befitting a maid.

Unaware of Miss Jacobs’ scheming, Charlotte has a change of heart, rationalizing to herself what harm can come from wearing the dresses around the house?  Yes, the dresses worn by her will indeed make her look “just like a maid”, but they will spare her regular clothes from being soiled; and Miss Jacobs had gone to so much trouble to make them, after all.
Charlotte opens up the sewing basket and having selected some thread, carefully embroiders her newly assumed name of Lottie on the fifth dress, as if to accept its application, without objection.  

The newly actualized Lottie then pulls on her new maid’s dress and ties on an apron before creeping upstairs to Miss Jacobs’ room.

She knocks, then enters and giggles, performing a mock curtsy to Miss Jacobs, who smiles; seeing that her plan is working out just perfectly.

“I had to think,” Charlotte begins, “And well, since you have gone to so much trouble, you are right.  They will stop my regular clothes from getting soiled.  So, if you still want me to, I will wear the dresses.”

Miss Jacobs cannot believe her good fortune.  She thought it would take a little more effort to get her Mistress into a maid’s uniform, and so willingly, but now she can press on with her plans for poor Charlotte, well ahead of schedule.

“Oh, Charlotte, you don’t know how happy you have made me.”  Miss Jacobs refrains from using the new diminutive name of “Lottie” as it is too soon to utter that name at this moment.

Miss Jacobs disrobes Charlotte, and pulls her into bed; switches out the light and ensures that Charlotte enjoys a night of unbridled sex as a reward for her compliance, with Miss Jacobs safe in the knowledge that Charlotte’s new wardrobe is to become a permanent feature, and that her joking little curtsy won’t be such a joke in the months ahead.

Charlotte had never slept in any bed or room other than her own at Lonsdale Manor and awoke that morning confused looking around Miss Jacob’s apartment.  ’Barred windows and a stout door, sparsely furnished, it was quite unlike her own opulent bed chamber.

Charlotte grabbed and hugged the pillow, thinking of how she, then dressed in the maid’s uniform Miss Jacobs had made for her, was dragged into the bed of Miss Jacobs and then spent the night being used as Miss Jacobs’ sex toy.  Having experienced untold pleasures at the manipulative hands of Miss Jacobs, her head was still filled with desires and need.
Slowly rousing herself, her hands stroking over her nakedness, the door opened and the smiling Miss Jacobs appeared with a breakfast tray.

Resting the tray at the side of the bed, Miss Jacobs makes a throw away comment; Charlotte unaware of its poignancy.

“Well Charlotte, you look quite at home here, girl!”  A subtle hint as to the eventual reality of what exactly “home” meant, in this context.

Having tasted such extreme pleasure in the warmth of Miss Jacobs’ bed, Charlotte’s eyes looked up at Miss Jacobs, as those of a young, infatuated girl.  And with that telling look, Miss Jacobs knew in that instant, that the Mistress of Lonsdale Manor was now hers.

Charlotte seemed quite content in the weeks that ensued to follow Miss Jacob’s instructions for attending to chores around the house, while wearing her new maid’s dresses – with instructions that slowly became insistent, and that sounded more like orders.  

Each day Charlotte would don one of the plain black maid’s dresses and starched white aprons, with Miss Jacobs even convincing Charlotte that the addition of a small lacy maid’s cap made her look sweet, which Charlotte, to be in character as the acting maid of the house, willingly accepted.  

As if to suggest Miss Jacobs “forgot” to include the lacy maid’s cap earlier to Charlotte when the dresses were first presented, it was offered later and intentionally, as an implied afterthought to supplement and complement Charlotte’s almost completed maid’s uniform.  Miss Jacobs neither “forgot” that the ensemble for Charlotte to wear, in order to be completely in character as a maid, albeit one in training, had to include some additional items of clothing.  Miss Jacobs took this opportunity of fitting Charlotte with her lacy maid’s cap to further program her thinking, with the following expression.

“Charlotte, you recall I mentioned earlier that with you wearing a maid’s uniform, it could be a bit of fun?”  Charlotte recalled that expression with “Yes, I do,” and so Miss Jacobs continued.  “With you now acting the part of a maid, even ‘my’ maid, as if you’re working for me, your activities as a maid could be a learning curve for you.  Miss Jacobs elaborated, “But in order for you to identify with what it’s really like to be a maid, you must adjust your thinking to really feel as if you are a real maid, and focus particularly upon your work to the exclusion of all possible distractions.  Could you do that for me, Charlotte?  And then the ‘fun’ part will become understood.  What do you say, Charlotte?  Why don’t we at least try this role adjustment just for a while.”  Mention of the word “we” by Miss Jacobs, was intended to make this experiment seem like a two-sided endeavor, even if the burden of emulation of acting as a real maid would rest entirely upon Charlotte.  Of course, Charlotte at this point could not interpret that distinction.

“Yes, I can try that idea, Miss Jacobs, but you would have to steer me along that path should I somehow lose the momentum,” responded Charlotte.  “Oh, don’t you worry about that, Charlotte” said Miss Jacobs, “I’ll be happy [literally] to help focus your attention upon what the proper mental perspective of a maid should be.  After all, have I not occupied the position as your maid, until this time, so I am experienced to be able to make sure your focus and energies are where they need to be, for you to be in character, don’t you think, Charlotte?”  Yes, of course, you’re right,” responded Charlotte.

Two weeks later, on one of the shopping trips Miss Jacobs regularly made outside of Lonsdale Manor, she picked up some additional items for Charlotte’s wardrobe that would finish the transition of attire for Charlotte to be completely in character… as a maid, that is.  In a contrived sense of urgency, Miss Jacobs quickly let Charlotte know she had arrived back, by calling her.
“Oh, Charlotte, please come here!  I have something to share with you!  It will assist us both by keeping your regular clothing safe from undue wear and tear, while attending to your duties for your current role, in costume.”  

With Charlotte’s rapt attention, Miss Jacobs first introduced the heavier hosiery and plain cotton underwear that would replace the higher quality alternatives Charlotte regularly wore – as this change would add to her growing accommodation as maid of the house, while at the same time subtly detracting from and denigrating her rightful role as the Lady of Lonsdale Manor.  

“Why don’t we try these on you right now, Charlotte?” Miss Jacobs urged.  Not waiting for a response from Charlotte, Miss Jacobs added, “Just reach up under your skirts to remove your underwear, Charlotte, and then you may slip these on, and it’ll only take a minute or so.”  

Charlotte, always one to appreciate opportunities for dress-up, and not wishing to make an issue of this hardly understood request from Miss Jacobs, didn’t appreciate the subtle fact that this instance did not constitute a “dress-up” in the popular sense – but a “dress-down” in abandoning her quality underwear as rightfully befitting the Lady of Lonsdale Manor.

With Charlotte now standing in her stockinged feet, it was time for Miss Jacobs to reach into her second package that she brought.  “I’m glad I was able to have your shoe size properly identified, Charlotte,” said Miss Jacobs, as she took out a pair of sturdy ankle boots that would complement the coarse hosiery Charlotte was now wearing, and said, “Here, try this one on.”  

As Charlotte slid her foot into one of the boots, and began to lace it up, it certainly did give Charlotte a sense of support for her ankle that was comfortable also.  With Charlotte distracted by getting both her feet properly booted and laced, courtesy of Miss Jacobs’ scheme, Charlotte’s slippers, underwear and hosiery were put out of sight by Miss Jacobs, and taken for “safekeeping” elsewhere.  

Charlotte, with her new sturdy ankle boots to accompany her wearing of heavy hosiery and plain cotton underwear, she was in her mind’s eye still only acting the part of a maid, albeit while attending to duties that unquestionably would only be assigned to a maid.  But this activity by Charlotte was considered merely consensual with Miss Jacobs’ instructions, within the presumed role-play scenario.

Whilst Charlotte was polishing the brasses, doing the laundry or any of the other mundane domestic tasks Miss Jacobs had set out for her to do, while presuming she was only acting as a maid to Miss Jacobs, Charlotte’s mind would wander to the previous night’s adventures, and more importantly of what was to come.

Miss Jacobs always had the veiled threat of removing her sexual favors, but ensured she kept their sex games fresh, and with Charlotte eager and willing.  Charlotte, becoming quite a slut, was now willing to do whatever it took; whatever Miss Jacobs asked to receive, for her nightly fix at the hands of, but only in the bedroom for now, her Mistress, Miss Jacobs.

Since Charlotte agreed to please Miss Jacobs by wearing the plain black maid’s dresses that Miss Jacobs had made for her to wear around the house, plus all of the dresses’ accessories, Charlotte was not just acting the part, but represented a real maid in all circumstances and appearances.  

Miss Jacobs had secretly started adding supplements to Charlotte’s diet, and began relaxing the dresses’ prior fit, as necessary to accommodate an enlarged waistline.  As such, Charlotte had not really noticed the extra pounds and flesh she had been adding to her body over the course of weeks.  The addition of plain cotton underwear to Charlotte’s new wardrobe, in replacing her fine silk, also helped in this regard – for optimizing her act of playing the role of a maid, to the hilt.

With her modified diet intended to enlarge her figure, Charlotte was duly getting a little plump around the ass and her cheeks quite puffy.  It was time for Miss Jacobs to pull her next stroke, and suggested to Charlotte that she would help Charlotte sort through her clothing, and have a dressing-up day.

So eager to please Miss Jacobs, it had been two months now since Charlotte had worn anything but the dresses Miss Jacobs had made for her, Charlotte was quite excited at the prospect of trying on her beautiful collection of dresses again.  And, with it being Miss Jacobs’ idea, well it wouldn’t be a problem, would it?

Charlotte was soon in a flood of tears, with dress after dress straining to fit, the ripping of two seams and the rupturing of a zip being the last straw for the distraught Charlotte.

Miss Jacobs, disguising her pleasure, comforted Charlotte by telling her not to worry, and that she would work to modify the dresses’ fit, on the explicit understanding that Charlotte would not mind performing the rest of the housework, which would include performing Miss Jacobs’ typical duties, whilst she made the adjustments.  

After all, was the premise, Charlotte was still only acting the part of a maid.  So by agreeing with Miss Jacobs to extend Charlotte’s responsibility to do all the housework including Miss Jacobs’ portion, did not really alter the implication in Charlotte’s mind that she was merely acting the role of a maid, albeit now full-time, as simply a consensual arrangement towards assisting her nightly mistress, Miss Jacobs.

Wiping away Charlotte’s tears, Miss Jacobs smiled to herself – and with the willing help of Charlotte, started to pack away Charlotte’s wardrobe into a series of bags.  Soon all of Charlotte’s lovely clothes are safely packed away, to become thereafter accessible only to Miss Jacobs, as part of her sinister plan of role reversal underway, that was occurring one step at a time.

Miss Jacobs cynically jokes, “We shall have to get you on a diet, young lady.”

Seeing that Charlotte was vulnerable, Miss Jacobs seized the opportunity to make another change to her poor Mistress, by saying, “Now whenever I am really depressed in my spirit, I make a change to something; and to make a fresh start, sort of thing.”

Miss Jacobs runs her fingers through Charlotte’s long blonde hair.  “I know your hair.”  It had to come off, Miss Jacobs intended, to reduce the air of noble dignity Charlotte’s hair constituted otherwise.

“Come on, Charlotte!  No buts; trust me!  I will make you feel, and appear like a new person.”

Charlotte is too upset to argue, and still wishing to please Miss Jacobs, she reluctantly agrees.

Charlotte sits by the basin as Miss Jacobs snips away at the beautiful long blonde locks, until her hair is reduced to a much shorter bob style.  Then sluicing what remains of Charlotte’s hair, Miss Jacobs commenced to introduce black dye.  Charlotte still thinking of her lovely collection of clothes that no longer fit her, sat passively as Miss Jacobs dried and brushed out Charlotte’s new look.  Her hair was now short and jet black, with the shortness of her hair making her cheeks look even puffier.

Miss Jacobs, anxious to minimize the impact of such a drastic change on Charlotte, smiles and seductively winks.  “Oh Charlotte, that looks lovely.  I cannot wait for this evening.”

“You really are a different girl, Lottie, and you look ‘just like a maid’,” as a somewhat taunting reminder of what former Charlotte had also uttered when she first tried on a maid’s dress.  “I’m calling you by your uniform’s name tag – Lottie,” Miss Jacobs continued, “As the name you also assumed when it was given to you to act as my maid.  That’s fantastic!”  

Replacing the maid’s cap on Charlotte’s head, Miss Jacobs smiles, “Your cap now fits perfectly on you, Lottie, just as it should appear on a real maid.”  

Ditzy Charlotte, not appreciating the slippery slope she was now on, docilely accepted the subtle implication of demotion of her status from Lady of Lonsdale Manor to that of a mere maid, now referred to as just “Lottie” – whom has implicitly agreed, but also in practice, that she indeed works for and now reports to Miss Jacobs.  Lottie is now attired completely as a maid should be, from maid’s uniform, underwear and footwear, and with her hair de-emphasized by its short length befitting of a maid, with its unassuming black color.

The reference of fit of the maid’s cap as applying to a “real maid” is intentionally said by Miss Jacobs, to subtly ratchet up a notch the eventual reality for Charlotte, now called Lottie, of transition from her role of only acting as a maid, to actually becoming the maid, and in every way over the long-term.

“You don’t really mind acting as my maid, do you, Lottie?”  Miss Jacobs ventures a trial balloon question, preferring to not use the participle “being” in lieu of merely “acting as” the part.  With the disappointing events that have just transpired prior to this point, and with Charlotte very much fulfilling a maid’s job for literally all of the work that’s needed to be done around the house, she does not express denial but says affirmatively, “No, Miss Jacobs, not at all.  I don’t mind acting as your maid” – euphemistically.  Is not Lottie Miss Jacobs's real maid, and sex toy?

The evening of the curtailed little fashion show and the shearing of Charlotte's beautiful long blonde locks, not to mention the dyeing of Charlotte’s hair, Miss Jacobs treated Lottie, the former Charlotte, in her bed chamber to a another night of wild and boundless sex, having the poor girl screaming and begging for Miss Jacobs’ expert and sensitive touch.  The look of wanting and neediness in Lottie’s eyes each morning was satisfaction enough for Miss Jacobs.  However, this was to be the last occasion when Lottie would be gratified sexually by Miss Jacobs in former Charlotte’s bed chamber, as events unfold.

At this point, Miss Jacobs has a wild idea of planting a fanciful notion in Lottie’s mind, by reminding her of the remark Miss Jacobs said to Lottie, after she awoke in Miss Jacobs’ maid’s room.  “Lottie,” Miss Jacobs smiled seductively, “You remember when you awoke in my room and I came up to deliver your breakfast tray, don’t you?”  “Of course,” answered Lottie.  “Then you recall how I remarked how ‘at home’ you appeared to be in my room that morning?” queried Miss Jacobs.  “Well yes,” responded Lottie, “But perhaps I didn’t understand what you meant by that,” added Lottie.  

“Well, of course you didn’t, dear girl,” smiled Miss Jacobs, “So here’s an opportunity for a novel experience that will optimize your role-play as my acting maid… since after all, are you not attending to most of the chores around the house, Lottie, and now with your new looks?”  “Well, yes,” hesitated Lottie.  “Okay, Lottie, trust me again.  Here’s what I propose for you.”

“Let us have our date tonight, but to have our pleasures in my room.  We’ll pretend that you’re the maid for the occasion, and that my room is really your own room, as befitting a real maid.  After a while when we’re ready to rest for the night, I’ll exit what we’ll call ‘your room’, and I’ll sleep in the bed chamber downstairs, until the morning.  You’ll arise from ‘your room’ as the would-be maid of the house, and you’ll experience your first day as maid of the house, who has her own quarters, just as would a regular maid.”  

“Oh, Lottie, it will be an experience for you to appreciate, and it would make me so happy if you’d agree,” Miss Jacobs added, while caressing Lottie’s shoulders and teasing her with Miss Jacobs’ fingers lightly touching over Lottie’s breast area, making Lottie reminded of her delight, and with sexual arousal in the making.  “What do you say, Lottie?  Can we do it?” Miss Jacobs enticed, “It’ll be fun, and I’ll make your night especially worthwhile with pleasures to you that you’ll really appreciate.”

Lottie, grateful again for Miss Jacobs’ doting attention to her mistress, has always been eager to please Miss Jacobs, and thus anticipating a promoted sexual gratification she would not want to miss, allowed this exception to her sleeping quarters.  After all, Lottie reasoned, it was just for one night, so what was the concern about?  “Yes, Miss Jacobs, I’ll consent to the experience of our switching bedrooms for the night.  And as you say, it could be fun as well,” responded Lottie, as she gave Miss Jacobs the benefit of any doubt is this role-play reversal, as it was touted to be, by Miss Jacobs.

“Oh, Lottie, you’ve made my day, with your agreement.  I can’t wait to experience you again in your new room tonight.  The occasion will also remind me of when you volunteered to wear a maid’s dress, and now look at you!  You’re fully attired as a proper maid should be, with ankle boots and underwear befitting a maid, and now with your hair short and black!  You make the perfect maid by appearance, Lottie, and also by your faithful service in helping me with the housework!  All that remains in this role-play experience is for you to appreciate how sleeping in a bedroom especially appointed for a maid will make you feel.  And I’m willing to have you properly appreciate that opportunity, Lottie,” extolled Miss Jacobs, as she wove her web of intrigue before Lottie, and made the offer appear as a turn-on of sensual proportions.

That night in Miss Jacobs’ room, Lottie was there, as she was ravished by Miss Jacobs, and made to feel so loved and appreciated.  Surely, sleeping for that night in Miss Jacobs’ room would not be such a big deal, even as having Miss Jacobs experience sleeping in Lottie’s bed chamber is okay.  We’re almost like family, are we not already, Lottie rationalized.

That morning, Lottie awoke to find herself alone and having slept the night in Miss Jacob’s room.  The occasion was a novelty, and thus getting dressed as the maid of the house to epitomize her being a complete and proper maid for the day, was indeed felt as a heady experience by Lottie.  Upon heading downstairs, Lottie was met by Miss Jacobs, who surprised Lottie by wearing one of former Charlotte’s dresses, albeit modified to fit Miss Jacobs’ body.  

Before Lottie could utter any objection, Miss Jacobs threw her arms around Lottie in a warm embrace, and pecked her lips with a kiss.  “Lottie, you must know that this particular dress of Charlotte could not be altered to fit you… I mean, you’re still quite pudgy around the waist, and so this dress is unlikely to be worn again soon by you.  But I’ll remove the dress, Lottie, and wear my regular clothes,” Miss Jacobs offered, to ameliorate any potential indignation Lottie could express for having Miss Jacobs presume to dress as the lady of the house.

However, Lottie looked upon Miss Jacobs as she backed away, and to the appreciation of Miss Jacobs, said, “You were right, Miss Jacobs, the experience of sleeping in your room was quite a novelty, and now with my appearing as your maid today while you are wearing a fine dress of the maid’s would-be mistress, I’m portrayed realistically as a fitting image of a maid with her mistress, as you are playing the part.”  Lottie was now inspired – and continued, “You know, Miss Jacobs, since you’re also dressed the part, why don’t you stay in character by wearing that dress, and let this day be one where I accept being your maid and you act as my mistress, since you also helped set this role-play reversal in motion?  How would that appeal to you?” challenged Lottie.  

Miss Jacobs was ecstatic, and was hardly able to contain her incredulity and mirth that what she had intended all along for Lottie was miraculously coming to pass as if on its own steam, such was the serendipity.  And now it was up to Miss Jacobs to respond to Lottie’s offer.

“Lottie!” exclaimed Miss Jacobs, “You’ve really outdid yourself, girl, which I could never have anticipated.  Of course, I’ll be honored to role play as your mistress!  But may I continue to wear this dress of Charlotte’s?” Miss Jacobs inquired, hoping for assent by Lottie.  “Of course!  You have to wear it, to be in character,” repeated Lottie.  “In fact, if you find other dresses which you see cannot be modified, as with the one you’re wearing, please select them and surprise me.”  

Miss Jacobs almost faints at this incredible disclosure by Lottie, but recovering, Miss Jacobs rushes again to embrace Lottie, now her presumptive maid around the house, with the assurance given to Lottie that her experience tonight will be another incredible delight for Lottie to sexually experience – in Lottie’s new maid’s quarters, of course.

Miss Jacobs, not one to let the grass grow around her feet, seizes this golden opportunity to assert her presumptive authority as the mistress of the house, and quickly orders Lottie, “Girl, curtsey as a maid would do before me, then prepare breakfast for me.  Your day as a proper maid in this house must respect the strict protocol required of Lonsdale Manor, so get with the program, girl!” said Miss Jacobs with a wink and a sardonic smile displayed towards Lottie.  Lottie, then in role-play accommodation, mock curtsies before her presumptive mistress and turns to prepare Miss Jacobs’ breakfast, fully willing is the scheming Miss Jacobs to accommodate Lottie’s fantasy to the max.

Lottie has a full day in attending to “her” duties as the presumptive maid of Lonsdale Manor, and so as the evening sets in, she is approached by Miss Jacobs, who whispers in Lottie’s ear that they should retire for the night, albeit directed to be in Miss Jacobs’ maid’s room, now presumed to be Lottie’s temporary maid quarters, until she decides otherwise.  With another night of incredible sex, Lottie is drained of her lust and quickly succumbs to needed sleep, albeit again in Miss Jacobs’ maid’s room.   After Lottie is sound asleep, Miss Jacobs quietly exits the maid’s room and retires herself to Charlotte’s “former” bed chamber, as she also did the night prior.  Could this experience of sleeping alone in her mistress’ bed chamber be one that Miss Jacobs is starting to relish?  

Lottie again experiences herself waking in Miss Jacobs’ maid’s room, and is slightly concerned that she never intended to spend two nights in a row sleeping in Miss Jacobs’ room.  Lottie then dutifully dresses in her full maid’s uniform (what other clothing does she have to wear, after all?) and exits to begin her working day as the presumptive maid of Lonsdale Manor.  

Miss Jacobs for her part decides not to push the envelope too far, and arranges to have Lottie resume her own bed chamber for the next night as was the prior routine, but only for sleeping in.  However, Lottie was amazingly reminiscent of her experience of sleeping for two nights in Miss Jacobs’ maid’s room, that she openly jokes about the experience with Miss Jacobs, as if to imply that having the occasion again to be in Miss Jacob’s room for a night or more, could be a welcome and constructive thing.  

What was Lottie thinking?  Was her new appearance with short black hair and wearing the full regalia of a proper maid of the house, subtly persuading her that to be in character, she should gladly swap bedrooms with Miss Jacobs?  Taking Lottie’s cue, Miss Jacobs started appearing in more of Lottie’s modified dresses as befitting the lady of Lonsdale Manor.  But when she did so, albeit while Miss Jacobs was not the authorized lady of the house, she exploited the imagery to impress upon Lottie that the lady of the house would normally wear elegant dresses – and well, if she did so… the maid was supposed to also wear what represented the working attire of a mere maid.  And Lottie was to be treated as such, wasn’t she, such was the demeaning role of a maid as held in service to higher society?  

Did not Lottie recall what constituted the abiding protocol for a mistress and her maid?  And why was she willing to adopt the imagery of a maid, as if to impress upon any casual observer that she had internalized the role of a proper maid, and that this mindset was appropriate for her to embrace as her very own?

And that day is now not too long away, when no longer will Charlotte simply be acting as a maid, but as part of duties to be imposed and performed, both routine and as ordered.

With all of Charlotte’s former dresses inaccessible, as they were safely locked away in Miss Jacobs’ sewing room for alterations, Lottie could not dress in any other way than Miss Jacobs had purposed, even if she had wanted to.  And as for Lottie, she did not mind, assuming she was still the acting maid, in spite of having gotten quite used to wearing the plain heavy black dresses, with an apron and other accessories of attire befitting a real maid.  ’Practical also for any maid, as the real work load of keeping the household and laundry clean had now fallen completely upon Lottie’s slender shoulders.

Each time Lottie asked about the alterations to her clothes, Miss Jacobs always had a plausible excuse.  It was either that she was “too busy,” or was “waiting for thread or materials,” or it was a “machine breakdown.”  Lottie eventually gave up pestering Miss Jacobs on that subject.  Little did Lottie know that whilst she was busier than usual as the presumptive maid of the house, while attending to what were her exclusive chores around the rambling manor, Miss Jacobs was indeed altering the clothing of Lottie – albeit to fit her, Miss Jacobs, but not Lottie.

In the space of a week since Lottie last slept in Miss Jacobs’ maid’s room, Miss Jacobs was intimating that both of them could emulate another night of love-making, but also again in the maid’s room.  Lottie was forever beholden to Miss Jacobs’ amorous capacity to satisfy Lottie in bed, and so this resort to what had been experienced as the latest venue for their permutation of love-making in Miss Jacobs’ maid’s room, it was welcomed by Lottie more for the sexual gratification of the occasion, with hardly a concern for again using the maid’s room.

That night after Lottie had been ravished in Miss Jacobs’ bed, she found it appropriate if not convenient to remain the night in Miss Jacobs’ room, and Miss Jacobs again to be in character for the morning dressed as the mistress, retired to Lottie’s bed chamber as if assuming it to be her proper room pending the all important permanency of the arrangement that Miss Jacobs was scheming.  

This series of repeated occasions where they both had their sexual forays in Miss Jacobs’ maid’s room, became a routine with one to two nights a week for this venue, that began to morph into two or three nights a week, not necessarily back to back, but spaced apart by a day or two.  Thus bit by bit, Miss Jacobs advanced the schedule to where it became every other day when Lottie slept in her own bed chamber.  Lottie was now sleeping more nights in Miss Jacobs’ room per week, than in her own bedchamber downstairs.

“Lottie, since we seem to be on a pattern of using my room for our pleasurable pastimes more often, why don’t we simply keep all your maids’ uniforms in my room so you won’t need to transfer them there as needed,” Miss Jacobs logically suggested.   After all, was the rationale, this step would save Lottie the hassle of making the uniform transfer from her bed chamber to Miss Jacobs’ maid’s room a habitual exercise.  As soiled uniforms and underwear, etc., of Lottie were washed and prepared for wearing again, it made sense to simply keep them where they were more readily accessible – that is, in Miss Jacobs’ room, following each night when the two of them were together for their frequent sexual pursuits.  

For the week following the transfer of maid’s dresses and accessories to be kept in Miss Jacob’s maid’s room, Lottie was sexually entertained by Miss Jacobs for every night when they were together in Miss Jacob’s maid’s room.  In keeping with the repeated routine, Miss Jacobs would later retire to sleep in the downstairs bed chamber that was increasingly becoming estranged to Lottie, due to her fewer occasions when she would actually sleep there.

Each night or so in Miss Jacobs’ room following the satisfaction of Lottie at the expert hands of Miss Jacobs, Lottie would fall off to sleep – and as was now the routine, and Miss Jacobs would exit her room and sleep downstairs in the bed chamber of the mistress of the house.  After several weeks of this experience, Miss Jacobs offered additional comments to Lottie in telling her again how “at home” she appeared to be while sleeping in Miss Jacobs’ room.  

It was time to ratchet up the stakes a tad more, from Miss Jacobs’ perspective.  At an opportunity for Lottie to meet Miss Jacobs one morning while she was dressed in one of Charlotte’s former dresses now altered for Miss Jacobs’ wearing, a new suggestion was posed by Miss Jacobs.

“Girl, your experience in role play as my maid needs an extra emphasis.  It’s simply not enough for you to experience sleeping in my bed every other night or so, only to return to your own bedchamber in the intervening days.  We ought to have you try sleeping in my room for at least seven days in a row, and I as your role-playing mistress will sleep in your bedchamber.  Please say you’ll agree, Lottie, and after one week you can tell me how you feel about that arrangement and we can discuss it.”

Miss Jacobs sells the idea for Lottie’s supposed need in the experiential mode of being a full-time maid for Miss Jacobs.  Lottie agrees, as she knows her sexual appetite could be compromised if she did not yield to the suggestions of Miss Jacobs.  Lottie’s growing perception of Miss Jacobs as her full-time mistress was thus becoming daily internalized by Lottie.

Following the first week of Lottie sleeping each night in Miss Jacobs’ maid’s room, Miss Jacobs raises the subject to inquire how Lottie found that daily sleeping arrangement, which  also accompanied occasions for sexual gratification on random days.  “Well maid, what was your first week like while sleeping full-time in your new room, as my maid?” with Miss Jacobs inflecting the words “full-time and “new”, as she smiled to get Lottie’s needed response.  “It was fine,” said Lottie, without conveying the necessary enthusiasm Miss Jacobs needed to hear.  “’Just ‘fine’ only?” queried Miss Jacobs.  “It seems the week you spent there was not long enough.  Why don’t we try for another week to see what you think?  Can we do it, Lottie?” pressed Miss Jacobs.  “Well sure, we can do that, Miss Jacobs,” Lottie responded, meaning she agreed to spend another seven days experiencing what it was like to sleep in the kind of maid’s quarters befitting a real maid’s experience that poor Lottie was expected to appreciate… to be in character, of course.  

Miss Jacobs decided to make another subtle twist for Lottie’s appreciation as the maid role-play she was now neck-deep into playing for Miss Jacobs.  Miss Jacobs had ordered a sign to be attached to Miss Jacob’s maid’s room door, facing outwards.  Unbeknownst to Lottie while she slept, Miss Jacobs had quietly attached the sign on the maid’s room door so that it would not be noticed until Lottie stepped out from the maid’s room and closed the door behind her.  

What a surprise to Lottie it was, as she read the professionally made sign attached to the outside of the door that gave Lottie a whole new perspective of what being “at home” in Miss Jacobs’ maid’s room entailed.  The sign read “Maid Lottie’s Quarters”.  

Anticipating Lottie’s discovery of the sign, Miss Jacobs had ascended the stairs to prepare to console Lottie that the sign was merely to cement the experience in her mind that she, Lottie, was the authorized maid, and that she could simply embrace the real implication for the role play to materialize as the real thing.  “Well, how do like your new sign on the door, Lottie?” Miss Jacobs challenged with a smile.  “Does it not offer an additional feeling of appreciation for how a maid is to feel about having her own room?”  

Lottie’s would-be employer was, after all, underscoring what a privilege it was for a maid to have name recognized sleeping quarters that were not to be confused by any other observer that this room was not the officially intended maid’s quarters.  “Well, Miss Jacobs,” Lottie inquired, a little dismayed in tone of voice, “since it’s just you and me, did we really need a sign to advertise the fact?”  

“Lottie, girl, it’s for the role-play benefit which underscores for you as the presumptive maid of what it’s like to experience being the approved maid of the house, who has her own sleeping quarters… and now “sleeping” in more ways than one,” Miss Jacobs subtly alluding to the sexual activity that she and Lottie engaged in at that same room now exclusively.  

Lottie accepted this rationale, and the sign was tacitly approved.  But the sign also identified that this room, the ostensible room of Miss Jacobs as the maid, was now the room for Lottie the maid to have as her official maid’s quarters.  But if this was true, then where would Miss Jacobs have her room, as the presumptive mistress of Lonsdale Manor?  Not quite a surprise, but Miss Jacobs took the opportunity to extend the term of this little experiment.

“Lottie, girl, as you know, we’ve attempted to have you role-play the maid’s position, and I as the presumptive mistress of the house, to be in character also.  As part of your experience to act as a proper maid, let’s you and I agree to extend the role play to where you for a while occupy this room, as your own room, and I, to be in character will sleep in the downstairs bed chamber.  But we should do this for the experience it will lastingly have, if you agree on this important experiential mode with us swapping sleeping quarters for a short time.”  

Miss Jacobs then approached Lottie and gave her a warm hug and a light kiss on her lips.  At the same time, Miss Jacobs reminded Lottie of the sexual rewards that will ensue if Lottie goes along with this extended arrangement, by allowing her hand to caress her genital area as if to arouse Lottie, whom was always easily prone in reacting to Miss Jacobs’ titillations, such was the sexual control held over Lottie by her maid, now acting mistress.  

“So what do you say, Lottie?” whispered Miss Jacobs, while up close to Lottie’s ear, “Let’s enjoy this evening as the start of this experience, and I will later retire to the downstairs bed chamber as usual,” Miss Jacobs offered, careful to not call the bed chamber of former Charlotte as being a room belonging to Lottie.  Lottie, easy to accommodate Miss Jacobs’ suggestions of now beyond reasonable role-playing, assented to Miss Jacobs’ promotion.  

“I’m looking forward to our meeting,” Lottie responded, in tacitly assenting to Miss Jacobs’ proposal of sleeping quarters switch, but without articulation.  The stage for further role play and permanent role reversal was now proceeding towards its inevitable conclusion.  “Oh, Lottie, you’re awesome!” Miss Jacobs gushed, “I will really make our meeting worth your while tonight,” as she grabbed Lottie’s shoulders and reached in to lightly kiss Lottie on her lips, to seal the accord.

For the next week, and continuing days, to Miss Jacobs’ sheer delight, Lottie was going along with Miss Jacobs’ suggestion for Lottie to temporarily accept that her place for sleeping every night was to be in the maid’s room, and that Miss Jacobs as the presumptive mistress would regularly sleep in Lottie’s now former bedchamber.  Thus most of Lottie’s demise was of her own making in so many ways.  

It was on one particular day, late in the afternoon, that Lottie inadvertently took a major step towards her eventual enslavement at Lonsdale Manor.  

Miss Jacobs returned early from one of her visits to the shops, and caught Lottie dozing in an easy chair, having agreed, after being told, to clean out the glasses cabinet.  Lottie, all but addicted to the sex that Miss Jacobs provided, had been dreaming, and indeed had herself damp when Miss Jacobs entered the room and disturbed her.

Seeing the look in Lottie’s eyes, Miss Jacobs was not going to let this opportunity pass.  Lottie would be crossing the Rubicon, whether she wanted to or not.  Placing her hands on her hips, Miss Jacobs stared down at Lottie, then smiled not a smile of pleasure, but a smile of knowing what was about to transpire.  In a teasing but not unfriendly tone, Miss Jacobs admonishes Lottie who giggles.  “So young Lady; you thought you could take a nap?”

Approaching Lottie as she arose from the comfort of the chair and sweet slumber, Miss Jacobs eventually stood close, dropped a peck kiss on Lottie’s lips, and said sternly.

“Now, bad girls have to be punished.”

Miss Jacobs slowly worked her hand under Lottie’s dress and underskirts, raising her fingers to the moist gusset of Lottie’s large knickers.

“Would you like me to punish you?”  Lottie gasps with excitement as Miss Jacobs presses a little harder against her warm wetness.

“Well, would you like for me to punish you, girl?”  Forgetting where she is, ditzy Lottie mumbles, “Oh yes, Mistress.”  

Miss Jacobs continues to press and tease with her fingers – hardly believing what she has just now heard, that is Lottie calling her “Mistress”, but outside the confines of the appropriate setting, that is Lottie’s assumed maid’s quarters.

"Mistress?  Mistress?  Lottie, isn’t that address reserved for your maid’s quarters?!”

Lottie is now wet and anxious, as Miss Jacobs’ finger probes inside her sodden knickers.
“Perhaps that’s what you really want, Lottie?  That is, for you to call me your mistress… and to be punished?  And also to address me as your mistress…  throughout the house?!”

Lottie, now squirming to Miss Jacobs’ touch and sliding out of control, feelings of want and need welling up within her, she breathlessly whispers.

“Yes Mistress!  Punish me, Mistress!  Please, Mistress!  You are Mistress of the entire house!!”

Miss Jacobs smiles and withdraws her fingers from the quivering Lottie and kisses her lips.  Miss Jacobs’ acceptance of Lottie’s offer follows, when she responds.

“You said it, Lottie!  So…  It’s just as you wish!  If I am now to be called your Mistress throughout the house, and for you to be punished by me, I shall confirm that understanding from you right now, so that you do not easily forget it!”

With that, Miss Jacobs, now for the first time to get roughly physical with her former mistress, grabs a hold of Charlotte, now confirmed as Lottie, bends her over the arm of the chair on which she had taken a nap, drags down Lottie’s knickers to her ankles, lifts up her underskirts and dress, and begins slapping her exposed cheeks until they blossom with a pink glow.  Lottie moans and groans, pressing herself against the arm of the chair, squeezing her sex, lost in her lust, releasing her frustrations.

Miss Jacobs sensing that Lottie’s complete capitulation is near, forces her left hand under Lottie’s crotch, pushing her fingers into Lottie’s pulsing wet pussy, fingering her as hard as she can, and with her right hand continues to rain slap after slap, after slap, down upon Lottie’s tender bottom.  Lottie wiggles and wriggles, screaming out her release and then flops down over the chair, her bright red ass in the air, with her knickers draped around her ankles.  Miss Jacobs, herself a little out of breath wipes her fingers on her dress and looks down at the panting wreckage of Lottie, now hanging limp across the chair arm.

Things are never going to be the same for poor Lottie, and Miss Jacobs intends to make sure of that.  Daring not to move, but flushed with excitement and sexual awakening, her bottom stinging, Lottie twists on the chair and looks up at Miss Jacobs, who grins down at her and speaks in a sterner tone:

“Well girl, you have been punished.  And you will be punished again unless your behavior improves.  Now go to your room, girl, and change your clothing.  You look a mess.”

Lottie still high on her experience drags herself up from the chair, pulling her knickers back into place over her spanked bottom, making her wince.

Miss Jacobs folds her arms and stares at Lottie.  Something needs reinforcing before she leaves.

“Well, aren’t you going to thank your mistress for your punishment, girl?” inquired Miss Jacobs.
Lottie hesitates, then remembers what she said to gain Miss Jacobs’ gratification.  “’Sorry, Mistress.  Thank you, Mistress.”  

Miss Jacobs continues, “If I’m now your mistress throughout the house, Lottie, show me your proper status by a respectful curtsy – before you depart.”

Lottie sees little significance in the word Mistress, or even to decline the demand to curtsy before Miss Jacobs.  She calls Miss Jacobs “Mistress” in the bedroom, and so what’s the difference?  Poor ditzy Lottie will be finding out exactly what the difference is soon enough.

With the protocol of a deferential curtsy now added to the address of “Mistress” – applying not just in Miss Jacobs’ maid’s room, Lottie virtually ratifies her formal status as maid of the house.  Lottie curtsies dutifully before Miss Jacobs, then turns to leave.  Miss Jacobs smiles as Lottie troops slowly to the door.  Finding her way to Miss Jacobs’ former maid’s room, Lottie reflects on her spanking, the rough fingering, the stern tone of Miss Jacobs and the unbearable, unbelievable orgasms.

As her thoughts drift, Lottie lets her fingers dally in her wetness, and is soon laid back on the small bed formerly of Miss Jacobs, masturbating, imagining over and over again the slapping, the humiliation, the probing fingers of her maid Miss Jacobs, calling her maid “Mistress”, while begging to be punished.  Lottie’s fingers batter into herself as her mind swims with the delights and anticipation of what lies ahead for her.  By her quick resort to masturbation, Lottie emphasized that within her assumed maid’s room, she had become quite at home there.

Miss Jacobs realizing she must consolidate her dominance over her former Mistress, whilst she is vulnerable, waits a short time then follows Lottie to her assumed maid’s room.
Standing by the half open door she smiles, hearing and seeing Lottie at herself, then takes a breath, puts on a more serious face and enters her own room – knowing that such room has but a new single and confirmed occupant, that is the former Mistress Charlotte herself, as now the established maid called Lottie to her new mistress, Miss Jacobs.

Lottie looks up at Miss Jacobs, as she enters, breathing heavily, her eyes rolling and tries to recover some dignity, which unfortunately is now lost forever, slipping her fingers from her wetness and pulling her dress down over her knees.

Miss Jacobs wastes no time raising her voice in a stern tone which only seems to excite Lottie even more.

“Lottie, how dare you disobey me, girl!  I told you to go to your room to change, not to play with yourself!”

Lottie looks at Miss Jacobs, her eyes wishing Miss Jacobs to punish her again, perhaps spank her over her knee.  But Lottie is about to learn there are many punishments, each exquisite in its own way.

Miss Jacobs having prepared for this occasion glares at Lottie.  “Well, you have disobeyed me – and you will be punished, girl!  I will stop you from touching yourself!”

Disturbing the pillows behind Lottie, which Lottie did not notice existed prior, Miss Jacobs pulls forward two wrist restraints – and then one at a time secures them to Lottie’s wrists.  Then quickly retrieving ankle cuffs from the bottom of the bed, she secures them upon Lottie’s ankles.

Smiling at the shocked Lottie, Miss Jacobs pulls taut the tension chains, leaving Lottie helpless and spread-eagled across the bed on her back.

Lottie, getting a little concerned, is about to protest when Miss Jacobs lifts up Lottie’s skirts and starts to toy with her clit, making her quiver.  With a smirk in her voice, Miss Jacobs speaks in a softer almost seductive tone, as she teases Lottie’s bud.

“You have been a naughty girl, Lottie – a very naughty girl.”  The combination of Miss Jacobs’ words, the restraints to her wrists and ankles, and the gentle flicking of her clit have Lottie gasping, on the edge, desperate for sexual release.

“You will stay here until I think of a suitable punishment for you!”  Of course, Miss Jacobs had already planned for the suitable punishment of Lottie, but this was merely said for suspense.

With that, Miss Jacobs stands and walks to the door, turning to look at the frustrated and gasping Lottie wriggling in her chains, unable to free or satisfy herself.

Lottie shouts at Miss Jacobs, “Please, no!  Don’t leave me like this, please...  Mistress...  MISTRESS!”

Miss Jacobs laughs, closes the door behind her, leaving Lottie, formerly Charlotte, now for all practical purposes the abdicated Mistress of Lonsdale Manor, whom is shackled to Miss Jacob’s maid’s former bed, now owned and frequently slept in by Lottie, in a state of sexual distress.

Lottie lies on her bed staring at the ceiling.  Then the lights go out, leaving her in total darkness.
What has she done?  Why has she allowed Miss Jacobs to do this to her?  Her mind full of apprehension tinged with excitement, she pulls on her restraints, and moans and squirms – and a smile comes to her lips thinking of what punishment Miss Jacobs has planned for her, and with those thoughts, she drifts off to sleep.

Lottie awakes with a start, and discovers she is wearing a plain cotton nightdress.  She is not arising from sleep in what she recalls as her own bed; but she is unshackled, and in Miss Jacobs’ former room, now labeled as her own.  Feeling something tight around her waist and into her crotch, her hands feel below the rough cotton gown. “WHAT?!”

She jumps out of bed and tugs and pulls at a chastity belt that’s been secured to her.  The belt is locked in place, and the harder she pulls, the tighter it seems to become.  The belt is made of strong leather with a thin bright steel plate, running down over her tummy and under her crotch shielding her pussy.

As she sits back onto the bed realizing a chastity belt has been locked on her whilst she slept, the door creaks open.

Miss Jacobs puts her head around the door, and in a matter of fact tone and with a sly smile, says, “I’m glad you’re so at home here while sleeping in your assigned maid’s quarters, girl, and that you’ve discovered your new punishment, have you not?!”

“Now get dressed!  With all your uniforms and underwear in the wardrobe and drawers prior relocated here, this room is indeed now YOUR exclusive maid’s room, GIRL!  Be quick, girl!  We have much to do!”

Charlotte sits for a moment dumbfounded.  She did ask for Miss Jacobs to punish her, but with a chastity belt?  And then with her being ordered to continually sleep in her maid’s room, that’s now called Lottie’s room?  Is Lottie really now considered to be Miss Jacobs’ maid, instead of Miss Jacobs?

Dressed albeit as the maid of the house, Lottie walks down to the kitchen to confront Miss Jacobs, but Miss Jacobs is having none of it.  Before Lottie gets a chance to speak, Miss Jacobs berates her, almost bringing her to tears as she now morbidly realizes what she had thought of as harmless games had actually become a complete coup d’├ętat that destroyed her societal class.

“You asked to be punished, and punished you will be, girl!  You will wear that belt to stop you from playing with yourself!” Miss Jacobs loudly asserts, befitting the strict authority she as mistress of the house may exercise upon her maid.

“You will continue to occupy and sleep in your assigned maid’s room, Lottie!  It is now your room, as YOU are recognized as the maid of Lonsdale Manor!  You will curtsy before me!  And you will call me “MISTRESS,” and at all times!  Until I think you have served your punishment, this is how it will remain, girl!  Do you understand?!”  

Of course, it is not Miss Jacobs’ intention at all, to ever think that Lottie will have “served” her punishment and be released from chastity, especially if Miss Jacobs continues to have need for a real maid for maintaining the house, with Lottie being the perfect candidate to occupy that role, having served her probationary period since trying on those maid’s dresses… for “a bit of fun.”

Poor Lottie, wiping a loose tear from her cheek, looks at Miss Jacobs, whose face is angry and stern.

Miss Jacobs seeing she has wildly succeeded in her goal, of having the former Charlotte, the Mistress of Lonsdale Manor, reduced in status and dignity to that of a mere maid named Lottie, is just where Miss Jacobs wants her – permanently, and within the strict understanding of whom now has the preeminence in the house with its privileges, and of whom is the mere maidservant.  Miss Jacobs raises her voice, to virtually a shout.


Lottie in a weak and trembling voice, replies, “Yes, Mistress.”  “LOUDER!” Miss Jacobs yells.  “YES, Mistress!” Charlotte complies, with a more assertive expression.

Miss Jacobs points to a large pile of dirty laundry.

“Washed, dried and ironed by 10!  Get with it, maid!”

Tearfully, Lottie slowly walks to the washer and starts to prepare the first load, her chastity belt tugging tight into her crotch as a reminder of whom is the new Mistress at Lonsdale Manor, and of whom most definitely is not, and never will be again.

With her luscious blonde locks gone, along with her fine clothes and figure, Charlotte catches her reflection in the large glass window, looking out over the gardens where she once so care freely wandered in the past, as she stoops to load the washer.

With short black hair, sporting a lacy cap and wearing a plain black maid’s dress and over apron, Lottie looks so different.  She is different.  Lottie has transitioned from prior play-acting as a maid for Miss Jacobs, to now starting this day as the formalized and actual maid for her new mistress at Lonsdale Manor, and on a permanent basis.  Granted, Lottie’s transition did come with a particular amount of coercion, and by commandeering her body via the imposed restraint of chastity.

The following months bring no respite for Lottie.  Completely subjugated by Miss Jacobs, Lottie the maid is kept busy during the days scrubbing and cleaning, and in the evening fucked by Miss Jacobs with her strap-on, before having her chastity belt locked back in place, and be sent to sleep in her exclusive maid’s quarters.  As predicted, Lottie had become “quite at home” therein.

The period of punishment never ended for Lottie, of course, and whenever the subject of her punishment was brought up to Miss Jacobs, Lottie was beaten repeatedly.  Clearly, Charlotte’s complete subjugation into becoming Lottie, a real maid, was a condition of permanent servitude to her mistress Miss Jacobs, and thus the topic of release could never be raised with any expectation of recovery.  

Thus the easiest way for Miss Jacobs to discourage adventurism towards freedom on the part of Lottie, had to be met by inflicting corporal punishment upon Lottie – to reinforce the fact that her mistress was solely the one in charge of the house, and if Lottie did not like it, the beatings upon her would continue.  

Thus wouldn’t it make more sense for the former Charlotte, now Lottie the mere maid, to accept the fact that she willingly seeded the wind, but reaped the whirlwind.  This process resulted in Charlotte’s complete capitulation from her former honored status, albeit as the covetous intent of the scheming Miss Jacobs.

It is now Lottie the maid, whom with a humble curtsy, brings the breakfast tray to her former chamber, it now belonging to Miss Jacobs, and helps her dress each morning.

Miss Jacobs, wearing Charlotte’s fine underwear and dresses around the Manor, and living as the Lady of the household as she quite ostensibly is, treats Lottie with the appropriate level of condescension and disdain for what she has become – Miss Jacobs’ groveling, submissive, and domestic maid.

Lottie, should she ever dare to complain, is taken over Miss Jacobs’ knee and is spanked until she begs forgiveness from her mistress.  As a reminder, Miss Jacobs may challenge poor Lottie, by demanding answers to the following, but now rhetorical questions.

“Girl!  Whom is your mistress?  Tell me!”  Lottie must respond, “You are, Mistress.”  “Correct, Girl,” Miss Jacobs emphasizes.  “And whom is the Mistress of Lonsdale Manor?” – Miss Jacobs then quickly adds, “And if you give me the wrong answer, girl, you will be spanked severely!”  

Lottie can only respond, “You are, mistress.”  “‘You are’ what? Girl!”, Miss Jacobs demands.  “You are the Mistress of Lonsdale Manor, mistress,” Lottie confesses.  “Repeat that for me, girl, to make sure you have accepted that fact,” Miss Jacobs insists.  

“You are the Mistress of Lonsdale Manor, mistress,” Lottie confesses again.  “And what does that fact make you, girl?” Miss Jacobs interrogates.  “That makes me your maid, mistress,” Lottie now whimpers.  

“Correct!  Always remember, girl, you are just my maid!” emphasizes Miss Jacobs.

“You like being my maid, don’t you, girl?” continues Miss Jacobs, “Admit it!”  “Yes, mistress, I like being your maid,” Lottie responds, remembering the rewards she receives from her mistress at night, but also remembering if she doesn’t answer properly, the spankings upon her still sore ass will be again administered, and with relish from Miss Jacobs’ experienced slapping hand or even from her paddle.

To further the role of Lottie as being the official maid of Lonsdale Manor before her mistress, the strongly manipulative Miss Jacobs, an idea has entered Miss Jacobs for another “bit of fun” – but at the expense of Lottie, of course.  

On a particular day selected by Miss Jacobs, she calls for Lottie, who comes and presents herself before Miss Jacobs with another of her famous curtseys.  “You called, mistress?”  Lottie acknowledged.  “Yes, Lottie, I did,” said Miss Jacobs, with Lottie now amazed she was called “Lottie” for this occasion, instead of just “girl” typically, and sometimes as “maid”.

“Lottie,” began Miss Jacobs, “I have an awards ceremony that’s to be in your honor that I’d like for you to attend and participate in, at the end of your day.  We shall perform this in your maid’s room.  I’ll call you at the time, but I wanted you to know ahead of time as to what’s been planned.  You may continue your work until I call you, okay?  You’re dismissed.”  “Thank you, mistress,” said Lottie, as she curtsied again before Miss Jacobs and exited her presence.

At the end of the day, Miss Jacobs called Lottie, and together they go to Lottie’s maid’s room, the place where she now feels so much at home, courtesy of Miss Jacobs’ seed-planting suggestion made to Lottie much prior.  Once inside Lottie’s room, Miss Jacobs orders Lottie.  “Okay, girl, stand at attention.  I have something to present to you.”  “Yes, Miss Jacobs,” Lottie can only comply.  Miss Jacobs now reads from what appears as a diploma-like form, but since it’s something yet to be presented, Lottie is of course, clueless.  Miss Jacobs read from the text:

For purposes of recognizing achievement in proficiency observed, from professional training…
The servile title of…
With all of its attendant duties and responsibilities unremitting, is herein conferred upon the former holder of title Maid in Training, merely known as:
Miss Jacobs, supervising Mistress/ Owner
The honor of this award is certified by autograph appended below,
on this fourth (4th) Day of September, 2016:
Lady Jennifer Jacobs

Following this reading, Miss Jacobs looks to Lottie, and commands, “Step forward, maid.”
“Yes, Miss Jacobs,” responds Lottie, unsure of what’s supposed to happen next.  Miss Jacobs thereupon reaches into a small bag carried with her to Lottie’s room, and draws out a picture frame, that’s typically used to display diplomas and professional awards.  Set into the frame is the diploma just read from, via its attendant script.

“On behalf of the noble interests of Lonsdale Manor, her ladyship Miss Jacobs and her staff, the award conferring full maid status upon Lottie is hereby presented.  Step forward and accept your diploma, Lottie,” commands Miss Jacobs.  

Lottie dutifully approaches Miss Jacobs who holds out the framed award, which Lottie accepts with both hands.  “I’m sure you can find a suitable spot on the wall here to hang your award,” said Miss Jacobs.  “In fact, why don’t you attend to this task right away?  I brought a small hammer and nail to use for affixing the nail which will hang your diploma.  How about on the wall that’s right above the head of your bed, girl?” suggested Miss Jacobs, as she hands the hammer and nail to Lottie, who then locates a spot on the wall above her bed, and attaches the nail.  The frame for the award is then hung upon the nail and straightened by Lottie for optimal display purposes.
“Well, girl, do you have anything to tell your mistress for presenting you with this award of honorable recognition for your work, and as the formally installed maid for her mistress at Lonsdale Manor?” asked Miss Jacobs.  “Aren’t you going to thank your mistress for going to the trouble to make sure your status as identified by a diploma, and with its award ceremony to formalize the occasion for you as the duly recognized and official maid of the household?” Miss Jacobs exaggerated, for contrived effect.  “Well, thank you, mistress.  It was nice of you to consider me for such an award.  But I have a question, mistress,” ventured Lottie.  “Ask your question, girl,” responded Miss Jacobs.

“Does this award conferred upon me, recognizing me as your official maid for the house, mean that my role-play as your maid has ended?, asked Lottie, as an obviously silly question.  “That is correct, maid,” answered Miss Jacobs.  “From now on, girl, you are the duly recognized and installed maid of Lonsdale Manor, and I have with your prior accord, established the role as your mistress and lady of Lonsdale Manor,” asserted Miss Jacobs, with a smile.  

“Well, since your day is over, girl, extend to me your deferential curtsey, and our meeting is ended.”  With that, Lottie dutifully curtseyed, as Miss Jacobs exited Lottie’s room, for Lottie to experience being completely “at home” therein.  After all, Lottie was now the officially installed maid at Lonsdale Manor, and where else do maids sleep for the night, if not in their assigned maid’s quarters?  

’Appears there was no sexual respite for Lottie that night… after all, wasn’t the heady experience of receiving that awesome award from Miss Jacobs, enough for the night?  Lottie was now the officially established maid, and now she could relish that role, as her mistress and former maid herself had punched her ticket therein.  Only for Lottie, her demise as maid was for life.  

Oh dear, did Lottie do something wrong along the way?  Or was she ensnared by Miss Jacobs, who made sure Lottie would absolutely qualify as the maid of the house, thus relieving Miss Jacobs of such onerous and unappreciated drudgery?  Weren’t Miss Jacobs’ deviousness and disingenuous representations made to Lottie worthy of Miss Jacobs being elevated from being a mere maid?  Lottie after all, had fully embraced that alternative of being the maid of the house, and… well, Miss Jacobs was only too happy to facilitate that role-reversal process, with such a willing former mistress, whom in practical terms certified her willing abdication from.  
Miss Jacobs, having convinced the townsfolk that she had taken over the property from the late Henry Rhodes, enjoyed living as the Mistress of Lonsdale Manor, and with a meek and obedient maid named Lottie to service her needs around the house and in her bed.

Miss Jacobs made it known that the shapely and pretty blonde haired Charlotte, the widow of the late Henry, had left Lonsdale Manor to tour the world many months ago.  And callers to the Manor only know of Lottie, the rather plump and quiet girl with the short black hair as Miss Jacobs’ maid.

As a fuck toy by night and a domestic slave by day, Lottie’s will was broken, and she went about her duties locked in chastity within the rambling manor, and with no hope of salvation.  Lottie’s drab heavy uniform concealed the chastity belt, which had become a permanent fixture and feature, as a mark of complete ownership by her mistress, Miss Jacobs.  Lottie must now curtsy each time she is addressed by her mistress.  

Lady Charlotte Rhodes, the once proud Mistress of Lonsdale Manor, was now merely Lottie, her former maid’s maid and sex toy, now permanently held under the strict control of the vivacious Miss Jacobs.  

Over the coming years, Miss Jacobs, having long assumed the role of the Mistress of Lonsdale Manor, often invited local dignitaries to the manor, and Lady Charlotte Rhodes, only known as Lottie, now is her former maid’s maid, who submissively serves guests at table.

By a series of devious offers to Charlotte, albeit spaced over time, and seductively presented as they were by Miss Jacobs, Charlotte repeatedly succumbed to their allure and appeal, not suspecting the con game of the conniving Miss Jacobs, with its predictable objective as achieved.  

The fact that Charlotte was psychologically disadvantaged by her lack of street savvy, coupled with her spoiled upbringing of getting things her way, and having the last word, Charlotte more than met her match by the erotic seduction of Miss Jacobs, who quickly established sexual control over Charlotte, now Lottie.  

Former Charlotte’s own Achilles Heel were thus her sexual cravings that coincided nicely with the service of her ready, willing and available Miss Jacobs, whom was more than willing to challenge the status quo of her own subordinate rank.  Miss Jacobs already had envy and a covetous attitude towards the possessions of Charlotte, the former Mistress of Lonsdale Manor.  

Poor Lottie was furthermore socially isolated from virtually any outsiders, by design of Miss Jacobs, making Charlotte’s former maid the only possible option for respite in that needed social connection, with no choice as to alternatives.  The fact that the former Lady Charlotte Rhodes was a little ditzy in her mind, made her vulnerable completely to the strategic scheming and chutzpah of Miss Jacobs.  

A perhaps dubious consolation for Lottie was also one that ameliorated her servitude to Miss Jacobs with a spaced respite of sorts.  At least Lottie was getting laid at night.


Two months or so pass from the time Lottie acknowledged her coerced reduction in societal standing and status as the former Lady Charlotte Rhodes, to become her maid’s maid to Miss Jacobs.  For her part, Miss Jacobs, tiring of having to repeat the exercise of securing the chastity belt over Lottie’s genitalia, following their bout of sexual activities at night, decided to offer a respite to Lottie – subject to certain conditions and additional requirements.

“Lottie, girl, I’ve thought about your forced chastity, and we remember the reasons why it was imposed in the first place.  Would you like a chance to prove your faithfulness to me, and to not play with yourself, IF I release you from having to wear the belt?”  

Of course, Lottie is thrilled that she may have a chance of ridding herself of that hated contraption as a punishment imposed from her prior sexual indiscretions.  “Oh, yes, Mistress, you know how much I’d be grateful to you, if you ended your punishment of me, and I could become free from wearing this chastity belt.  Please tell me how I may qualify to be released, Mistress.  I’ll do virtually anything for you in order to have that punishment ended, so please tell me what I must do for that relief.”

Miss Jacobs has her reasons, and an accommodation of comparable control over Lottie, her maid, is possible, provided she makes arrangements with a subcontractor in the neighboring town, which specializes in the kind of innovation that Miss Jacobs is considering for Lottie.

Coming back to the manor following her trip into town, Miss Jacobs finds a suitable opportunity and calls Lottie to meet with her.  Lottie comes to Miss Jacobs and dutifully curtsies, and stands to await Miss Jacobs’ instructions.   

“Lottie, the day you can become freed from wearing your chastity belt has arrived, and I have a special gift for you to wear instead, as a visible token of my appreciation for your services to me as your mistress, and as the lady of Lonsdale Manor.”  

Lottie listens intently, while longing to be released from wearing that hated chastity belt.  Surely, any alternative to that sexual inhibiter has got to be better, she thought, and eagerly awaited Miss Jacobs’ presentment of the gift that no doubt, was an item of clothing or accessory that still evaded understanding… that is, until Miss Jacobs opened a box from a package she brought back from town, and presented the item on the table for Lottie to view for the first time.

“It’s a special necklace, Lottie, and it has your name specially engraved on the pendant portion,” said Miss Jacobs.  The pendant faced forward, so viewers of the necklace when Lottie was wearing it could easily see Lottie’s name engraved in prominent relief.  Another much smaller script was also engraved on the necklace nearby, which Lottie assumed was the manufacturer’s reference, and so was not particularly drawn to reading it, given also her excitement of trying on the necklace, since here was the occasion it was presented, and Miss Jacobs was making a special effort to have Lottie released from the chastity alternative.

The necklace was of a sturdy construction, in stainless steel, and coordinated bronze color portions that made the necklace of noteworthy attention to any casual viewer seeing it worn, and in this case, upon Lottie.  

“Why don’t you try on the necklace, Lottie, to make sure it fits you nicely?” suggested Miss Jacobs.  “And if it fits you, you can wear it for the rest of the day as a reminder of your status and indication of your role within Lonsdale Manor.”  Of course, Miss Jacobs expected Lottie to wear the necklace for a little longer than a day… in fact, much longer.

Lottie gingerly picked up the necklace and noted its sturdy securing clasp that meant pushing together the mating receptacle when it was placed around her neck.  “Go ahead, Lottie, secure the clasp and then you can admire its appearance in the mirror, I have here for this occasion,” encouraged Miss Jacobs.  Lottie did as she was instructed, and the clasp entered the adjoining receptacle, whereupon Lottie gave the connection a squeeze to secure it, which gave an unmistakable solid click.  “Wonderful, Lottie!  Why don’t you now admire the necklace by using this mirror,” exclaimed Miss Jacobs, as she handed Lottie a mirror with a handle, to inspect her new necklace.

“It’s quite unique,” said Lottie, a little unsure of the significance of the necklace, and why Miss Jacobs had said it would constitute a reminder of her “status” and indication of her “role” at the Manor.  Upon raising the mirror to inspect the necklace through the reflection, Lottie noted her name as engraved on the pendant portion.  Then Lottie again noticed the adjacent smaller print that was a tad hard to read through the mirror, so she asked Miss Jacobs to read the script for her.

Miss Jacobs came over to Lottie and stood in front of her and grasped her shoulders by both hands, in a gesture of comfort and reassurance to Lottie.  “Of course, I can read to you what that smaller script says, Lottie.  Would you like for me to do that?” asked Miss Jacobs, dragging out the suspense by such an unnecessary expression.   “Please do, Mistress!”  Lottie was now curious enough to accept Miss Jacobs’ accommodation.  “Are you ready for this, Lottie?” Miss Jacobs again teased.  “Yes, Mistress, please!” implored Lottie.

As Miss Jacobs peered closer to Lottie’s face, she pecked Lottie on her lips and caressed her shoulders, giving Lottie a warm reminder of her mistress’ attention during their nightly activities.

“It reads,” said Miss Jacobs, “‘The Named Wearer is the Property of Lonsdale Manor.’  That’s it, Lottie.  ’Nothing more.”  Lottie was dismayed, at hearing of another facet of her dehumanization at the hands of her former maid, Miss Jacobs, by rendering Lottie as merely a piece of property.

Well, Lottie thought, the collar may imply she’s the property of Lonsdale Manor while she’s wearing the necklace, so when it’s removed, the implication of ownership by Miss Jacobs is also removed, right?  It was a logical assumption.  So when Lottie reached behind her head to remove the necklace, there was found no facility to remove it.  While Miss Jacobs looked on – with a smirk on her face at Lottie’s failed attempts to remove the necklace, she had to reveal the condition for exchange of the chastity belt to Lottie.

“Lottie, you may have forgotten the conditions placed upon the exchange of your chastity belt.  Now if you like, I could remove the necklace, but that decision would be a big disappointment for me, and I’d have no choice but to maintain you in chastity indefinitely.  Is that what you want?” Miss Jacobs negotiated.  The thought of not being freed from that hated chastity belt was enough for Lottie to accept, albeit with reluctance, the necklace that had proven to be a slave collar that she would always have to wear.

“Mistress, I said I’d do what is reasonable to be freed from the chastity belt, and I therefore accept your gift of the necklace… or should I call it a collar?” asked Lottie, in a rather dejected tone of voice.  

“It’s a slave collar, Lottie.  You exchanged the chastity belt for a slave collar, so you are now the property of not only Lonsdale Manor, but also of me as your mistress,” revealed Miss Jacobs.  “Surely, the alternative is merely symbolic.  Whereas you were covertly a slave to Lonsdale Manor by wearing the chastity belt that was hidden under your skirts, but now you are overtly a slave by wearing the necklace… I mean collar, and I continue to rule over you.”  

“Besides, Lottie,” Miss Jacobs continued, “If you ever escaped from Lonsdale Manor, or that someone would unlikely abduct you, the authorities upon finding you, or your remains, heaven forbid, would readily be able to tell where you belong, and could return you forthwith to your proper place at Lonsdale Manor.  It’s such a deal, and our nightly activities do not require we remove your slave collar, in order for me to access your areas of nightly interest.”

“Now, Lottie, do you wish for me to remove your chastity belt… or do you wish for me to remove your collar?  It’s your call, girl!” challenged Miss Jacobs.

Seeing as her only possible opportunity the chance of being rid of that hated chastity belt, Lottie quickly accepted the alternative.  After all, she rationalized, whereas visitors to Lonsdale Manor may see Lottie, and see her wearing a collar, they would never be close enough to notice that revealing caption on it that identified her status as mere chattel property.

“I’ll accept the collar, mistress,” consented Lottie.  “Please remove the chastity belt.”

“Okay, Girl!  You of course fully realize that if I ever again catch you playing with yourself, the chastity belt goes back on you – and that’s permanently!  Is that absolutely clear, girl?!” demanded Miss Jacobs.  “Yes, mistress, it’s absolutely clear,” acknowledged Lottie.

With that understanding established, Miss Jacobs ordered Lottie to hitch up her skirts and drop her panties, whereupon Miss Jacobs took her key, unlocked the chastity belt on Lottie, and removed it.  “Pull up your knickers, girl, and unhitch your skirts,” Miss Jacobs asserted, not wishing to leave Lottie in an uncertain mode, without clear instruction from her mistress.

“How does that freedom from chastity make you feel now, girl?” Miss Jacobs demanded to know, with a smirk.  

“It’s wonderful, Mistress!  Thank you so much, Mistress!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mistress!  I love you!” gushed Lottie, so free she felt since being imposed with chastity that fateful day when she was also ordered to take up permanent residence in her former maid’s quarters, as Lottie became the new maid of Lonsdale Manor at such time.  

Should we detect an aspect of Stockholm syndrome within Lottie’s behavior and by her effusive expression of appreciation to Miss Jacobs?  Let the dear reader so discern.

“Get back to your duties, slave girl!” ordered Miss Jacobs, with a sardonic chuckle, to her certified new property, the former Lady Charlotte Rhodes, since Lottie had accepted her formal reduction of status to become slave property, whom was now fully owned by Miss Jacobs, the certified Mistress of Lonsdale Manor.

“Yes, Mistress,” responded Lottie, as she then performed a graceful curtsy before her superior, before turning to continue her chores, within her new freedom from chastity.

As Lottie was well established as the transformed and dutiful slave girl and maid at Lonsdale Manor in serving her mistress Miss Jacobs, things settled down for Lottie, as she resumed her routine life of drudgery as a real maid, and now an acknowledged slave of Miss Jacobs, whom was her rightful owner and mistress.  

Could Lottie stop to consider that one pivotal point in her life, when she voluntarily consented to wear a maid’s dress and apron which Miss Jacobs had prepared for her former persona as Charlotte, and then to have paraded herself with a curtsy before her maid, Miss Jacobs, and in her own maid’s room?  

Such a gesture galvanized Miss Jacobs to gladly advance her covert agenda to swap-out their societal roles and lives, and even exchange their sleeping quarters shortly thereafter – for a bit of fun (for Miss Jacobs’ benefit, of course).  

And so much more, which Miss Jacobs was willing to accommodate for Lottie, and especially within a consensual activity engaged in within Lottie’s former bed chamber, as if Miss Jacobs did not have that eventual outcome fully in mind for commandeering the life of Charlotte, her former employer and mistress.

Thus for better or worse for slave maid Lottie and her mistress, they all lived happily ever after… well, for Miss Jacobs, in particular.  Can the mere chattel property of a slave girl ever live happily?


  1. Thank you, a very good read, I liked the gradual transformation of Charlotte, the gradual weight gain, the change in her hair style and colouring and naturally her dress, the addition of a chastity belt was a lovely twist, can't have the help enjoying themselves too much ;-)

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