Monday, November 24, 2014

Caption: Permanent Disguise

When war broke out in Europe Lady Elizabeth Grosvenor - and her dutiful maid Julia - were caught vacationing in the Swiss Alps. Going back home seemed almost impossible, but when news came that Elizabeth's father died, leaving his only daughter all of his wealth, she had to act. Crossing the border with Italy illegally seemed like a good idea, but the plan spectacularly backfired after Elizabeth - dressed as a peasant girl - was arrested by the Carabinieri. Julia, with all of her mistress's gowns and jewels, managed to escape capture...

So when Betty - formerly Lady Elizabeth - saw her former maid, looking like a proper society lady, in the hall of the fancy hotel in Switzerland where she had been working for the past year, she thought it was her chance to finally reclaim her rightful place in life. This wasn't however, what Julia - happily married to handsome Count von Harz for a month now - had in mind for her former mistress.

-- Why did you not come back for me, Julia? I've been left penniless, with no place to go. This hotel is a step up from what I had to do to just survive the first few months after they released me from prison.  Do you even know what it's like?
-- Listen, girl. There was a war going on, I just couldn't go back until it was safe. And I did find  you, even though it wasn't easy.
-- So... You'd take me from here? Help me get my life back?
-- I can certainly take you from here. But on one condition. There'll be no more talk of who we once were,  understood? I am Countess Julia von Harz, nee Grosvenor, a cousin of London heiress Elizabeth Grosvenor, who perished during the war. And you are my personal maid, Betty.
-- But...
-- I would not repeat my offer. You are more than welcome to stay here and continue to perfect your cleaning skills. So, is that a deal?

Betty couldn't utter a word and just nodded.

-- Very good. Oh, and one last thing. There is a surgeon I know in Geneva who can help alter your face so that no one can recognize you. It's for your own good, believe me. You don't want your former friends recognizing you dressed in your pretty cap and a maid's dress, do you?


  1. Great caption, where did the picture come from?

  2. To be continued? This is the best history in this blog !

    1. I am thinking of writing a proper story, watch this place!