Thursday, June 21, 2018

Story: The Statue

Re-published with the author's kind permission. Please check out Tservo's wonderful Deviant Art page devoted to body- and age- swap stories.  I am generally not into magic in L2M stories, but this one is so well done I couldn't resist sharing it with you.

By Tservo96

Maria Rodriguez opened the door quietly in the crisp and dark early morning. She disarmed the alarm and began turning on lights in the kitchen. She took off her coat and hung it up in the closet next to the pantry. She tied on her white apron over her plain light blue dress to begin cooking breakfast. Her long black hair was pinned up as always and on her feet were her ever present comfortable white sneakers.

Breakfast wasn’t hard to get ready but her boss liked a warm breakfast casserole to start off her day. 

So once it was in to the oven, Maria headed upstairs to begin getting the bathroom ready.

She laid out fresh towels and a fluffy bathmat while lining up soap and shampoos, conditioners and lotions.

At exactly 6, she opened the door “Ms. Reeves; it’s time to get up” she said as she crossed the room.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Story: Dancing With My Soul. Chapter 12.

Here's the next chapter of Andy's international saga at last. Apologies from the author for taking so long between chapters. As usual, real life keeps intervening.
by Andy Engines

“Oh my God, he is so cute.”  Laughing I looked across at the boy on the jet-ski that Jackie was ogling. The sun was shining down on us and Jost Van Dyke was my favourite place on earth. Well favourite until the next island. 

At first I thought being cramped on a small boat in the Caribbean sounded so dull. Tiny cabins, no freedom and boring routine and yet on arriving for our girls trip we were happily surprised by the sumptuousness of our ‘tiny’ boat. As boats go it was largish I suppose and the helicopter sitting high above us on the top platform did look impressive but it was still tiny compared to the suites I was used to. Looking over I could see Caitlyn eyeing up one of the sailors who often appeared as if by magic and provided for our every whim. 

Girls walked perfectly upright carrying trays as if they were born to it delivering a steady flow of drinks, snacks and meals created by the Michelin star chef hidden far below in a kitchen the bowels of the boat. Yesterday had been St Martens and now we were In the BVI’s to tour and enjoy in our little palace. Rebecca started to guffaw and looking over I could see Caitlyn had snared her man. A bronzed Adonis in a rather fetching white uniform was gently massaging sun lotion into her back.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Story: Florence, Lady Cranwell. Chapter 26.

By Jackie J

Jess entered the store room used for work related to the pens and found Maggie cleaning one of the harnesses which had recently been vacated by a satisfied client who was now being attended by one of the working girls in the recuperation suites.

Jess looked down on the glistening metalwork and shiny leather of the harness she had never lost her fascination with the device, a few modifications had taken place since Sharista took over at Stoneleigh but still the same basic restrictive design that had held Lady Isabelle and Mary Downton the first time Jess had encountered the contraption in operation and subsequently her lover, Winifred, Miss Hutchings.

Jess, whilst the main refurbishment of the East wing was being undertaken to accommodate the extra pens, had dallied with the devices. Never entrapping herself fully but working herself into the harness had aroused feelings that led her to understand the perverse pleasures its use would bring to the incumbents. 

Maggie was aware of Jess’s fascination with the harness and all that entailed and smiled at Jess watching her hand glide over the leather straps of the opened and inviting harness. Maggie aware that Mistress was away from Stoneleigh and that her assistant Katrina was rarely around had picked her time well.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Feminine Régime: A Book Review

by T.H. Enerdly

Many years ago, probably in the early 1990s, I secured a copy of a book titled The Feminine Regime, authored by Miss Regina Snow, cheaply bound, and incomplete. The book I had was a “teaser,” containing only four or five chapters of a projected 18 chapters. The complete book was eventually published in 1995 by The Wildfire Club. However, much to my disappointment, the publisher ceased operations before I was able to buy a copy.

For the last 20 years or so, I've been looking for a copy of the final edition, or perhaps I should say an inexpensive copy. I discovered long ago that the book is available from antiquarian booksellers but at a price. For example, at the time of this writing, lists eight copies for sale, ranging in price from $82.64 to $261.31. These prices are far too dear for my budget. By way of comparison, a copy of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, a book that outsold everything except a Harry Potter book the year of its publication, can be had for $1.46 at Thus, at the present time, there does seem to be a greater demand for Miss Snow’s book than for Mr. Brown’s book, assuming of course that price is a proxy for demand.

As can be seen from the image of the cover accompanying this blog post, the book seems to be about spanking, a genre for which I have a certain affection. In fact, the books published by The Wildfire Club were advertised in Janus magazine, a popular British spanking publication, no longer published thanks to the Internet.

Recently, quite by accident, I stumbled across a PDF copy of The Feminine Régime at You can get your very own copy at the following link:

Having finally had the opportunity to read the complete book, I was surprised to discover that The Feminine Régime was as much a lady-to-maid book as a spanking book. For this reason, I suggest that those who frequent this blog consider adding it to their reading list.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Story: Florence, Lady Cranwell. Chapter 25.

by Jackie J

The progress with Janette’s feminisation was slow frustrating and painful for the would-be girl. It soon became clear in the first few weeks that Lord Cranwell had never actually sought a life of femininity and it was only the demands and insistence of Mary Downton that had resulted in his cross-dressing. However, with her world now surrounded by all things feminine and over the many months her diet wasting away and weakening her masculine frame progress was being made but there was still much to do if Sharista was to have her credible girl.

After six months the incessant application of caustic creams had destroyed her face follicles along with the majority of her body hair and her practised application of powder and rouge, along with the intake of herbal supplements there were clear signs a swan was starting to emerge for the ugly duckling. The retraining of Janette’s voice into its softer tone and the hours of deportment guidance had been truly difficult and the fading welts from her canning still remained across her fattened ass cheeks bearing testament to just how difficult that had been for her.

 Katrina smiled at Janette, who pushed back her hair from her face with her polished nails and smiled, passing Katrina the half-finished design of some embroidery work Janette had been set. Katrina studied the fine needlework then handed the piece back to Janette.

“This is much better Janette and your hair looks lovely this morning I do hope Madeline was not too rough with you last night?”

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Story: The Secret Slave. Part 14.

Sorry for the long hiatus. Here's the next chapter of Sophie's long journey. Never have I felt such affinity for a character and it saddens me to see where this is headed. I honestly did try to go easy on her and to help her out - resulting in me dragging my feet for days and weeks - but the story just wrote itself, taking her to the point of no return.

by Camille Langtry

Sophie sat quietly in the corner of the covered wagon. Her hands were painfully tied behind her back, forcing her into an uncomfortable position on the narrow wooden bench. She had tried to protest as she was unceremoniously dragged by her captor, but her insistence that she was not a slave was summarily ignored.

"One more word from yer and I'd put this in yer mouth, girl," the younger of the slave catchers barked and showed her what looked like a rope gag, dark and gnawed from repeated use. "Is that clear?"

"Yes, suh. I be quiet suh," she replied, switching back to her negro slave talk without even thinking about it. Given the circumstances it seemed futile to convince them of her real identity. Neither did it seem particularly wise. Perhaps the best way out of her situation was just getting a hold of Miss Elizabeth, who would somehow solve this mess for her.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Story: Florence, Lady Cranwell. Chapter 24.

by Jackie J

Janette looked at the floor of the carriage when it entered the gateway to Stoneleigh to his surprise and relief the security at the gate waved through the carriage knowing exactly who it’s occupant was. Drawing up to the main entrance to the manor the door of the carriage was opened by a uniformed footman who bowed respectfully.

He knew well not to raise his head until Miss Cat had passed.

Janette stumbled little on the steps caught up in his skirts and a helping hand from Sharista steadied him.

“Relax Janette eyes are on you.”

If Sharista’s words were meant to calm him they didn’t and he was becoming increasingly aware of the restrictiveness of his skirts gathering around him.