Friday, September 18, 2020

Story: What Annabella Wants Annabella Gets. Chapter 13.

by Jackie J

Emily, Annabella, had persuaded Constance into the maid’s uniform intended for herself and left her in no doubt that Annabella’s days of being a maid were well and truly over. Having presented Constance with her ultimatum, Annabella left Buckshire manor for London. Or so the Countess believed.

It was Annie who met and greeted Miss Annabella at the entrance of Sandowns with a curtsy.

“Miss Annabella.”

The mirror of her past self that Annie gazed upon in admiration was more perfected than ever, the image and mannerisms of the sophisticated young mistress she greeted was all that Annie had ever been.

Five months Annie had been in service at Sandowns, a maid for Lady Hogarth, under the supervision of Mrs Scripts and no longer did she even think, although it was the truth, that the young lady stepping gracefully down the hallway in her beautiful dress towards the parlour was once herself.

Over the first months Lady Hogarth had given Annie free reign at Sandowns to become the maid she wished to be fuelling her obsession for unconditional servility. Fears of losing her mind to her imbedded desires no longer haunted her believing herself to be in a safe place under the protection of her Aunt Maud, who understood and was sympathetic to her weakness.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Story: The Cleaner Returns. Chapters 15-16.

by BigBird74


A week later and Dahlia’s lighter mood had begun to darken again. Another show was approaching and she was starting to feel the pangs of anxiety creep up on her. Despite seeing the doctor twice a week now, very little seemed to help her pass through her panic attacks. All her usual tricks and confidence boosting routines were failing to inspire her and she felt flattened by the demands the show’s organisers were making. Not only was this a lingerie show – something that always unsettled Dahlia – but she was to wear the show’s masterpiece: a diamond encrusted bra and panty set, complete with angel wings!

The morning before the show, Tommy, her agent, had been on the receiving end of a firm rebuke. He had been trying to push Dahlia into yet another show, hot on the heels of what he assumed would be a great success tomorrow. But Dahlia had stood her ground. She had finally secured some time to herself and nothing, she repeated to Tommy – nothing – was going to disturb that.

Tommy had sensed the edge to her voice and knew better than to push harder. He had known Dahlia since she started out in the world of modelling some 20 years ago now. She had been his ‘greatest success’, after he had discovered the pretty girl in a supermarket of all places. While Dahlia had snapped up the opportunity he afforded her without much thought, Tommy had been a good influence on her. Diligent, if pushy, and honest, he had worked very hard to propel Dahlia to the heights she now inhabited. He was not going to stop till he had lifted her onto the pantheon of the very best models. Though the press had labelled her a ‘supermodel’, he knew, from inside the industry, that Dahlia still needed a few more notable appearances to achieve true greatness.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Story: The Trials of Kate Tillotson

The original story, The Humbling of Kate Tillotson, was so well received Jane decides to treat to us to this unplanned sequel. Enjoy!


It was late. Emily and Chloe, after a stint of tidying and washing up as the party wound down, changed out of their uniforms and went to get paid. Kate gave them each a little extra, along with thank you notes she’d written by hand. ‘Good work, girls. It all went very well. I know Mr and Mrs Kinley were pleased with your efforts, both of you.’

Finally the last guest had left. Emma flopped down on a chair in the dining room and kicked off her heels. ‘Oh, Kate, there’s so much to be done. But give my feet a rub first, would you? I’ve been standing around all day.’ She wiggled her toes at Kate, who went and sat down beside her. ‘Oh no, don’t sprawl all over the floor like that! Whoever heard of a person sitting to rub her mistress’s feet?’ Emma drunkenly giggled. It was not a word she often used. ‘I want to look down and see my faithful good Kate kneeling obediently as she caresses my sacred feet, staring up at me with devotion and joy!’ She could be a little grandiose when she’d had a few. But Kate, who had had nothing to drink except water all day, simply said, ‘Yes, ma’am,’ kneeled up at Emma’s feet and began rubbing, all the while looking up at her with devotion and joy. Occasionally Emma would prod and caress Kate’s face with her sweaty toes.

‘Ahh, that’s so much better! When you’ve finished have a sit down and a glass of champers if you like. You’ve earned it. Lord knows you’ve served enough of them.’

Friday, September 11, 2020

Story: What Annabella Wants Annabella Gets. Chapter 12.

by Jackie J

The diaries of Annabella had been most revealing to Emily, she had studied them in detail and had become familiar with all aspects of Annabella’s life and motivation’s over the recent past and going back many years. The entries leading up to Annabella taking the reckless plunge, and giving herself into the clutches of Buckshire manors housekeeper, exposing her troubled mind.  The beautiful self- assured socialite, that Emily had so much admired, was in stark contrast to the truth of her writings. 

Emily had spent hours and hours over many years with Annabella but never had the truth, that had been revealed by her readings, ever been exposed. Annabella’s deep- rooted wish and need for her self -flagellation and denigration a continuing theme for many years. Desires and needs now being fully exploited by her mother with maid Annie. The more that Emily read the more understanding of Annabella’s apparent misery she became. Whilst Emily had heard rumours, she was surprised that to compound Annabella’s self- loathing, Annabella knew, in detail, all about the Countesses affair with Lord Edmond, that made salacious reading.  

Every hour of every day Emily was all that Annabella displayed, now adept at portraying all the traits Emily had known, not what Emily now knew to be truth of her character. Emily had found the Earl, her father now, both fragile and charming but understood the roots of Annabella’s loathing and that continued relationship between them had to be maintained, as difficult as that was. Emily had no problem in enjoying the lavish lifestyle that Annabella had lived. Spending time at her apartments in London, no less frequently than Annabella had before her. Emily’s mother, Lady Hogarth had visited Buckshire manor on numerous occasions since the return of her brother and had amused Emily with an update on maid Annie’s progress at Sandowns.  Annie, Annabella, still unaware that her father and Constance had returned from Switzerland over two months ago. All was proceeding well at Buckshire manor and Sandowns and the recent seizures, the Earl had suffered, provided all the encouragement needed for the continued subterfuge.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Story: The Cleaner Returns. Chapters 13-14.

by BigBird74


How many thresholds do we cross in our lives? When we leave home? When we enter our marital home for the first time? However many it would be, we can all relate to the sensations as we do it. A feeling of bubbling excitement, a step into the unknown or a moment of acute anxiety as we push ourselves forward. That was how Dahlia felt as she walked into the waiting room and then into the doctor’s office dressed as ‘Petra.’

In the back of her mind, she still felt she risked a ridicule. But that child-like moment of raw excitement pushed her into his room, her eyes cast to the ground. It was strange how dressing up can affect a person’s whole demeanour, how their body language can shift in a moment. Dahlia felt like a massive weight was pressing down on her shoulders, making them slouch. She struggled to lift her eyes to the level of the doctor. Shorn of her ‘body’ and the confidence her beauty had given her, she found herself a shy, retiring woman.

That said, the redness in her cheeks was not from shyness. Dahlia was experiencing a tremendous sexual high as the handsome doctor surveyed her, not as a supermodel, but as an ordinary, dumpy cleaner. Oh god! Why did she find this so arousing? “Good Mornin’ Sir,” she said in her mock accent.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Story: The Humbling of Kate Tillotson

by Jane H. Aubrey


It all started the Friday night Tom came home from work and announced that he wanted to break off the engagement. Kate was flabbergasted. After all, things had been going so well, hadn’t they?

They had been together for just over five years. Kate had been doing admin and secretarial work at Tom’s firm, and they’d started dating after the Christmas party. Since then she’d moved in to his sizeable house; after she was let go from the company she made little effort to find new work, and they did not need the money. Kate had become increasingly dependent on Tom, in more ways than one. She had no family left—an only child, her father had passed away before she met Tom, and her mother died two years ago. Kate was devastated. She became listless, bored, irritable. Occasionally she saw friends, but mostly sat around the house in jeans and t-shirts or old jumpers, watching television, spending time on social media and browsing things to buy on the internet. Their cleaner took care of the housework. As time went on, Kate and Tom had less and less to talk about, but the one thing that remained excellent was the sex, and after one particularly passionate session nine months ago, she proposed to him. Flushed with desire and excitement, he accepted immediately. But they still hadn’t set a date.

Of course, Kate was furious at Tom’s sudden decision. She shouted, remonstrated with him, berated him, told him she didn’t want to marry him anyway. Then she stormed upstairs. When she returned an hour later, she was calmer. She wanted to know why.

Friday, September 4, 2020

Story: What Annabella Wants Annabella Gets. Chapter 11.

by Jackie J

With the Earl being taken upstairs to his prepared rooms Constance accepted the curtsies of the maids and Miss Jarvis. Constance pausing in front of the new maid, that she did not recognise, she grimaced, oh that, that was Annabella.

The Countesses tongue was sharp.

“Miss Jarvis, my study. NOW.”

Constance took her seat and glared at Martha.

“Well, Martha explain yourself, you wrote telling me that stupid girl had lost her mind. That you and that maid, you brought back had beaten and humiliated the pretty princess into a grovelling servant. So, why do I return to find that very same young woman dressed in silk and lace and not aproned and adorned in coarse wool and calico? And who is that new maid, I hire staff not you.”