Monday, July 13, 2020

Story: What Annabella Wants Annabella Gets. Chapter 7.

by Jackie J

News arrived at Buckshire manor. Little improvement in the Earl's health and still unfit to travel. It had been arranged that the Earl and Countess would not be returning to Buckshire manor until the Spring or at least until the roads would become passable again and travel back to England would be possible.

Lady Hogarth snatched the letter from the housekeeper and smiled reading the footnote from Constance. “I hope all is well with my new maid, Annabella should be well established when I return.”

Lady Hogarth read with concern about her brother and smirked at the Earl's wife’s comments.

“Quite cryptic from the witch and serves to confirm her desires concerning your maid Annie. It seems we will be extending our stay for some time yet, Jarvis.”

Martha curtsied.

“Yes, Mistress.”

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Captions Sunday!

Vessa Velucci delivers three more captions for your enjoyment!

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Story: What Annabella Wants Annabella Gets. Chapter 6.

by Jackie J

The guest room that Lady Hogarth entered had been prepared to perfection with fresh flowers and neatly folded towels. A filled bathtub, still lightly steaming, sat at the foot of the bed on a soft mat.
Having bathed Lady Hogarth smiled opening the closet to find her clothes neatly arranged the drawers no different. The maid had been busy. The supper prepared and served by Annie brought compliments that Martha gratefully received and passed on to Annie.

Maud had concluded that Constance’s motivation, for exploiting Annabella’s feeble mind and supressed obsession with servility and her own subjugation, at the hands of the housekeeper in being a maid, stemmed from inheritance. Annabella stood to inherit everything, if Annabella disappeared, could not be traced, became hidden away at Buckshire manor, one of the Countesses maids, which she already was? Well who would inherit then? Annabella inheriting the family fortune was not ideal and no doubt would soon be squandered but that women getting her hands on the family’s wealth never.

Maud had received word, that her brother the Earl, was currently unlikely to survive a journey home from Switzerland and it could be some time before he returned if at all, such was the seriousness of his condition. With his physical and mental condition deteriorating by the week, the question of inheritance was becoming more of an issue and prayed on Maud’s mind.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Story: What Annabella Wants Annabella Gets. Chapter 5.

by Jackie J

The Earl’s entourage did not return on the planned date and a letter received on the Thursday of that week explained that the Earl had been taken ill during preparations to leave the residence in Switzerland. There was no date given for the return only that arrangements would be made when the Earl recovered. The Countess was not overly inconvenienced by this change of plan, Lord Edmund also making his arrangements to extend his stay.

A week passed with no further word on the fate of the Earl or revised plans for the Earl and Countess to return to Buckshire manor.

Looking out over the extensive grounds from the parlour windows, watching the gardeners at work, Martha saw through the trees a carriage approaching the main gates? Being only one carriage, it could not be the Earl and Countess but who was it?

Martha stopped Annie from her work and told her to remain down in the kitchens until called.
Straightening her dress and fluffing her hair in the hallway mirror Martha answered the call of the doorbell.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Story: What Annabella Wants Annabella Gets. Chapter 4.

by Jackie J

The Earl and Countesses time at their summer retreat was drawing to a close and preparations for the return to Buckshire manor were underway. Neither looking forward to the week- long journey home but for different reasons. Malcom, the doddering Asthmatic half blind Earl had benefited from the clean air of the Alps which he would miss and the Bath chair to which he was confined made travel difficult and uncomfortable. The yellow fever, contracted shortly after his marriage to his second wife Constance, had ravaged his body and left him with failing eyesight and aged beyond his years.

For her part, the vivacious Countess, the second wife of the Earl and less than half his age, would miss her secretive dalliances afforded to her in this foreign land. With the Earl, house bound and left in the Chateaux, the long walks, taken by the Countess, regularly terminated at the lodgings of Lord Edmunds for the physical pounding her young body craved, which, of course, her crippled husband could not provide. The Earl had two women in his life, his adulterous wife of course and his daughter, his  pampered princess, the jewel of his eye, nothing was too much for her, she could do no wrong, whatever she wanted she got, something the stepmother of the spoiled brat resented with a passion. The question of inheritance never far from the Countesses’ mind.

When Miss Jarvis, the housekeeper at Buckshire Manor, received the preposterous demand from Miss Annabella she was dumbfounded. She had seen what had happened to other staff when the little witch could not get her way, the girl did not know the meaning of the word no. Anxious for her position Martha confided in the Countess what Miss Annabella had asked of her.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Stuck As as a Maid Captions

A new contributor, Vessa Vellucci, has kindly shared several lady-to-maid captions. Enjoy and feel free to share your opinions in the comments sections. 

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Princess to Maid

AndiJF has kindly shared a subtitled video from a Chinese TV show. Looks like a fairytale with our favourite premise. A maidservant swaps bodies with her mistress with the help of an evil sorcerer!