Thursday, November 23, 2017

Story: The Secret Slave. Part 2.

by SW

The rest of the evening passed largely uneventfully, if slowly, for Sophia, though it was not without its little humiliations.  Back in the parlor she carried herself with the manners and courtesies expected of her and, though no incident of note occurred, she, of course, found having to curtsey, smile and wait upon the men to be degrading and wearisome and her back and legs ached with the labor.  In addition to almost constant to-ing and fro-ing to serve there were further tribulations for the slave girls, though Sophia, as she was not accustomed to them, felt them most keenly.  

Remarks were freely passed to Morgan about 'what fine wenches you have here,' and the gentlemen, their tongues - liberated with the effects of alcohol - would speak of their figures and features and stare at the girls without inhibition - especially so, when they had to move close to serve.  And too, an inebriated hand would, from time to time, find its way onto a girl's hip, buttock or, bosom.  Sophia avoided Johnstone as best she could but once, when he snapped his fingers in the direction of where she stood by the fireplace and called 'whiskey gal', she caught his eye and saw how he regarded her still with a lascivious yet steely gaze.  Then, when she crossed the room and bent to serve he gave her bottom a little rub and slap and humiliated her further; saying with a leering smile:  “You're being a good girl aren't you Sophie?” to which she was obliged to respond with a curtsey, a smile of gratitude and, “Thank you for saying so Mister Johnstone, suh.”  

At those short intervals when she stood to attention by the fireplace Sophia had time to reflect on how differently gentlemen behaved and spoke when permitted to reveal their true nature away from the company of wives and ladies.  She thought, how indeed, her strange experiment in servitude was yielding interesting results and not just from what she was learning about house slaves and their work.  She resolved to write down an account of her experiences when she returned home; a document, she thought, that would have to be kept under lock and key, and secreted in her closet - safely away from any prying eyes.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Story: Mrs. Catherine Lucas. Chapter 15.

by Jackie J
Tuesday morning, breakfast served, consumed and the laundry in the washer, Cathy was summoned into her Mistress's study. Hands held clasped across her apron, head slightly bowed, a pose of respect demanded by her Mistress and now unquestioningly adopted by her maid, Cathy awaited her mistress’s instructions.
Pauline pointed to a chair on the opposite side to where she herself was sat.
“Sit, girl.“
Cathy moved slowly to the chair, she had been disciplined earlier and her bottom was still tender.   Lowering herself into the chair her gaze remained lowered and she let out a soft sigh when she sat.
Pauline smirked.
“Your own fault Cathy the bacon was overcooked. Let that be a lesson, you know my rules and you know the punishment.”
Cathy murmured her response.
“Yes, Miss.”

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Story: The Secret Slave

by SW

Sophia Solano reclined at a small garden table and relaxed in the warmth of the late May sunshine.  Just nineteen years of age and the only child of a wealthy planter she was taking one of her frequent visits to her dear friend Elizabeth Deveraux who had been married at seventeen but bereaved less than a year later when her husband had perished in a steamboat explosion in the fall of 1844.   

Three years had passed since the tragedy and though the young widow mourned the loss of her husband she now very much enjoyed the financial independence and relative freedoms that her position in society permitted.   They chattered happily in the privacy of the elegant town-house garden and sipped cool drinks served by a pretty young mulatto maid.  Sophia watched the slave girl as she refilled their glasses and carried her tray back to the house.  

She asked her friend.  "Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be a slave?"  

Surprised by the question Elizabeth replied "No, why, do you?"  

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Story: Mrs. Catherine Lucas. Chapter 14.

by Jackie J
Having returned from her palatial residence or what was her home, Cathy, having reconciled that her home was now to be the guest room in her neighbour’s house; Cathy placed her maid’s uniforms in the closet, underwear in the drawers and then entered the kitchen to prepare lunch for her Mistress.
A light lunch served a sullen Cathy sat in the kitchen, the contrasting images of Catherine Lucas and maid Cathy etched in her mind. Cathy’s thoughts drifted to Jackie her maid and how this had all started. It was a bit of fun, then the sex, the accident, the spankings, being drawn deeper into the persona of a maid and now willingly having accepted to be taken from the comfort and safety of her home to be the housemaid of her neighbour.
Jacqueline had gone, deserted her, Miss Crabtree was her Mistress now, a mistress that had already disciplined her, the sting of the strap still lingering across her behind. Cathy giggled to herself, why she was amused by her thoughts was strange but she did. Cathy thought of the website Ladies to maids, how she had read were ladies were slowly denigrated, stripped of their trappings of wealth, subjugated and placed into and accepting a life of servitude becoming the maid of their maid.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Story: Mrs. Catherine Lucas. Chapter 13.

by Jackie J
It was around eight in the evening behind the closed blinds of room 1260 of a lavish five star hotel in Singapore that a phone burst into life. A finely manicured hand reached over the bed and a sweet little thing giggled. Pulling back the sheets Yi Ying held up the phone above the gagged and blindfolded face of a struggling Michael Lucas.
Michael could not have picked a worst time to be indulging his fantasy. Bewigged, his face expertly made up ,dressed in expensive lingerie and a pretty pink dress and bound hand and foot, gagged and blindfolded he squirmed and moaned Yi Ying’s other hand caressing his sissy manhood through his silky panties.
Yi Ying giggled.
“O, phone call for you. Mister Michael, no answer now, too busy, you my girl, you busy girl.”
Yi Ying pressed the reject call button and tossed the phone across the room.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Story: Mrs. Catherine Lucas. Chapter 12.

by Jackie J
Following the evening’s events it was a tired Cathy that was shown to a small guest room at the back of Pauline’s house.
“There we are, Cathy. Not very salubrious but for a maid more than adequate, I think. Now get some sleep and we can discuss your duties in the morning.”
Pauline wiped some dust from the door panel.
“Perhaps we can start here? Good night.”
Pauline having closed the door to Cathy’s room wandered the short distance down the landing to the sound proofed play room and entered.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Story: Mrs. Catherine Lucas. Chapter 11.

by Jackie J
The unanswered ringing of Pauline’s bell to summon her maid brought a smirking Pauline into the kitchen. Jacqueline sat slumped on her stool, still staring at the crumpled piece of paper thrust into her hand by Camille. Cathy was busy at the sink and smiled at Pauline.
“Did your meal go well, Pauline? Did your guests like the food I prepared?”
Pauline smiled back at her neighbour Catherine Lucas, who, dressed in her frumpy maid’s uniform, was seeking recognition and praise for her efforts in the kitchen, and rested her hand on Jacqueline’s shoulder.
“The meal was delightful and served so well by your assistant, Jackie.”
Jacqueline turned and looked up at Pauline, her eyes without their usual sparkle. No words were necessary. Both knew the situation and Jacqueline had no option but to accept it.
Pauline took Jacqueline’s hand and raised her from the stool, turning to Cathy.