Friday, August 16, 2019

Story: Maid in Oaxaca.

Monica Graz is back with another instant classic of the TG maid genre. She's kindly allowed me to repost this story here (this is complete part 1 and beginning of part 2; the full version is to appear on Mags Inc as usual). Excellent research on her part and a great read, as always. 

by Monica Graz


Patricia Martinez Torres is a pretty and highly intelligent Mexican girl in her mid twenties living in New York. Her father Diego Martinez Torres is a high-ranking diplomat serving at the UN Mexican delegation. Her mother Alicia Martinez Torres is ‘old money’.  She is the sole inheritor of vast pieces of land and properties in the southern state of Oaxaca at the vicinity of the town of Juchitan.

In the district of Juchitan is the land on the ancient Zapotec people whose language and culture still thrive there. One of the many distinguishing characteristics of Juchitan is its population of muxes (pronounced moo-shays) which means women in Zatopecan dialect, clearly influenced by the Spanish word mujer for woman.

But the muxes are not biological women, they are people who were born biologically male and were encouraged to dress from an early age in female clothes either because they manifested some inclination towards that or because the family had too many sons and needed a substitute daughter to take up female duties within the family, usually with the blessings and the complete tolerance of the society.

Some have their breasts enhanced, others have nose jobs. Quite a number of then are permanently dressed as females wearing the colorful dresses, so popular within their culture. The majority of muxes start very young, before their teens and are trained in womanly ways by family and friends, taking their place in Zapotec cultural tradition that predates the Spanish colonizers.  

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Story: Maid Jenny and Her Mistress. Chapter 4.

by Jackie J

Lucy sat at the kitchen table for quite some time staring at her mug of cold tea. The only thing disturbing her thoughts was the risk of the potatoes boiling dry.
Her friend Marianne had truly worked wonders with Jenny in the three weeks she had been away and now she was talking of calling the whole thing off? She had written the condition of the maid’s hair in the contract herself and with good reason. Fussy long hair on a maid look untidy and unhygienic. A neat black bob is perfect for a domestic servant after all. 

She couldn’t risk all the efforts to date going to waste. Yes, Jenny was a new mistress and she had taken advantage picking and choosing like she had with the conditions stipulated in the contact. But hacking her lovely hair... Would it really matter? Marianne was right. It was only vanity and it would grow back. Vanity? Here she was dressed in a baggy maid’s uniform, her hair scrapped back into a tight bun anyway. Vanity? Her hands were becoming chafed already and here nails were a joke. Could she really look any less than a lady than she already did? 
Lucy sighed. The punishment thing though… Good grief! She would never invoke that, never. If she did cut her hair Jenny will waiver that surely!  Marianne said she was confident that Jemmy would be able to fool Lady Southward and that is what this is all about. All she needed was to play her part. Jenny needed to know she truly was the mistress at Long Lawns. And Lucy needed to show her she was her obedient maid.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Story: Maid Jenny and Her Mistress. Chapter 3.

by Jackie J

The same clock that had offered its lulling rhythmic ticking rattled into life. The hand of a disoriented Lucy pawed forlornly to seek the silence of the bells ringing. She stretched and pulled herself onto the pillar, her bleary eyes seeing the time to be five thirty!
The wash basin offered some further awakening and, staring at the shears and comb, Lucy scraped back her hair into the tightest bun before concealing it under her cap. She put on clean underwear, drew up her coarse stockings to the broad garter straps and then pulled on her clumpy shoes before tightening the laces. The lace apron gave some feminine definition to her shapeless heavy woollen dress and she was ready.
Menus were pinned by the rota sheet and Lucy got busy with her Mistress's poached eggs and toast whilst brewing a pot of tea, an early morning routine that would be repeated each day.

Her Mistress's tray prepared and noting the time was six fifteen Lucy made her way up to the  bedroom to serve breakfast. The irony of this task was not lost on Lucy. The very same breakfast served at the very same time to when she herself would awake to her maid Jenny serving her. How different she felt now!
Two knocks on the bedroom door and a call to enter followed from within.
Lucy curtsied and presented the tray to her mistress who was wearing a beautiful nightdress and a peignoir.
“Your Breakfast, Mistress.”

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Story: Maid Jenny and Her Mistress. Chapter 2.

by Jackie J
Why was she feeling so nervous? This was her own home for goodness sake! This was her good friend Marianne and the girl stood so elegantly dressed at the threshold was her maid Jenny? But it wasn’t really, was it? The lady leading her to the door was Mrs Sunderland and that girl staring down on her from the top of the steps was Mrs Lancaster’s cousin. This wasn’t her house anymore. She was to be the maid at Long Lawns.
Marianne embraced Jenny and both turned to watch Lucy stumble up the steps in her uniform.
Marianne smiled.
“This is Lucy. Jenny, she is to be your maid at Long Lawns.”
Jenny hid her nervousness well. Her mentor, Marianne, had drummed into her during the first three weeks of her training that Mrs Lancaster, her Mistress, had left for foreign travel and the girl she would be returning with would be Lucy, her maid. But seeing her Mistress wearing a maid’s uniform, looking so plain and meek, was hard to comprehend. Still, Jenny managed to follow the instructions Marianne had given her for the arrival of her maid and her rehearsed words flowed with perfect diction.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Story: Maid Jenny and Her Mistress. Chapter 1.

by Jackie J

Chapter 1

Returning to Long Lawns Lucinda was fuming and threw down her purse onto the sofa.
“Jenny, Jenny, Jenny! Where are you, girl?”
Turning to her friend Marianne, who had accompanied Lucinda to the garden party held at Lady Southwards, she continued to voice her contempt for the hostess, a contempt that she had voiced during their carriage journey back to Long Lawns.
“That woman Marianne! The way she arrogantly proclaims her birth right and privilege it is a wonder there is no a revolution. ... Did you hear her? 
“I can tell someone’s class from a hundred paces, a leopard cannot change its spots and those of a low class can never be accepted into the higher echelons of society!
Jenny scurried into the parlour and curtsied.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Some interesting lady-to-maid captions

A Maid Life tumblr  has quite a number of interesting lady-to-maid captions done by @retroeverything, inspired by a reader of this blog, Qing Luan, who's kindly given me permission to share them here. Very familiar themes, love it! The employment contract at the bottom I found particularly exciting.


Ayi knelt and waited for master to appear. He had let her in wordlessly at the door and just pointed to the stairs leading to her quarters. Or what had been her quarters. Now she didn’t know. Now she waited.  A month before at the end of her first year they had offered her a new contract to sign. She had been allowed a day to sign it. She had read it before falling asleep that night . 
The old contract for her first year had been negotiated before she had come to Master and Mistresses academy to become a maid. Back when she had been a person who thought she wanted to be a maid. It listed the things ‘maid’ wouldn’t do and allowed her the option to quit at any time. To hold her own passport and documents. To have her own bank account. To chose her maid name…  
The new one amended all that. A lot. Spankings as a punishment instead of extra duties. She knew they’d work her so hard that she’d beg for spankings instead of extra work. She knew that after a while she’d treat spanking as perfectly normal for a dumb maid. 90 days notice if she wanted to quit. Her papers and passport to be held by master and mistress. Her funds to be transferred to a trust watched by the Academy who would provide her a debit card in her maid name. Some of her wages would go to it so she could buy her toiletries, underwear and other sundries with the academy’s approval. Unapproved items would earn punishments.  
It was just too much control. She had been doing well. She earned few punishments. Suzy the 2nd year maid would get a percentage of her punishment to ensure she corrected her behavior, more if she wasn’t the one to spot it. Suzy had been allowing her to work without constant oversight for the past 3 months. Her punishments had often been more work till she was working 20 hour days. The utter exhaustion made her make more errors till she learned to think of nothing other than her maid duties to dig herself out of her punishment cycle. Now she could work for days without a thought in her head other than her duties. The only thoughts the instructions given to her at the start by phone message. 
Days would go without an actual person speaking to her face to face. Just impersonal instructions left as tasks. Maid Suzy telling her in whispers quicker ways to do tasks. Showing her if she was slow on the uptake. The exhaustion she felt every day left her dazed and dumb. She never could get used to the constant drudgery. Interrupted a few times a day to take over maid Suzy’s tasks while she dealt with Master and Mistress directly face to face.  Sleeping at night listening to mistresses lessons on perfecting her chinese maid accent. So tired she had no resistance in her and had learned quickly to speak to her betters in a broken chinglish.  

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Story: The Best Laid Plans. Chapters 5-7.

by Jackie J

Chapter 5

Margret pondered her impending secondment to High Trees Hall into the service of Lord and Lady Parsons. Lord Parsons had complimented Molly’s service at one of her Mistresses functions but she was still a little apprehensive of taking her developed skills outside the security of Woodland manor.

Margret need not have worried she wallowed in her assured anonymity within the walls of High Trees Hall displaying all the attributes associated with a certified Penfold Maid.
This was so different to her contrived position within the familiarity of her own home.  She was away from the safety of the shore now out in the open sea just a simple maid loaned from one house to another. None of her imaginings had engendered feeling like the ones stirring her emotions at High Trees. Treated with total disdain with no hint of familiarity by her Mistress and Master, or their guests, there was no thought of pretence, no time to dwell on a privileged past, she had been given over to strangers to do their bidding and willingly danced to their demanding tune. 

Thankfully maid Molly’s training under the tutorage of Mrs Farrow allowed the High Trees maid to carry out her tasks to the unmentioned satisfaction of her owners. Yes, owners because not only did the Parsons treat her and remind her she was owned property but Molly accepted that she was, felt like she was.
With Lord and Lady Parsons guests leaving High trees suitably impressed it had been agreed that Molly would to remain in their service for the remainder of the week. It was Thursday morning when Molly was called into the parlour by Lady Parsons and she dutifully curtsied.