Monday, December 3, 2018

Story: New Employee. Chapter 40.

by BigBird74

Katherine’s assistant had gone on something of a purge. A number of the people I dealt with on a daily basis had either been transferred or removed from their position. Doormen, handymen, even suppliers to the building, all had been changed. The effect, no doubt, was to surround me with people that could never suspect who I was. The powerlessness I suddenly felt gave rise to a familiar, delicious tingle between my thighs. It is amazing how those three words, ‘who I was’, could elicit such delight. I had found it increasingly wasteful to fret about the question. The anxiety I had experienced at the start of this adventure had given way to tiredness and exhaustion. As time ran away from weeks to months, I had found it difficult to even start contemplating turning back without eliciting a degree of horror at what that would involve. My exit from this life depended on one person and she showed no signs of changing anything.

As well as attending to the lobby and the various communal areas of the building, my duties extended to cover my former penthouse. Katherine’s assistant now lived here and was revelling in the luxury that it offered her. She had taken to wearing many of my former clothes and jewels, and for all intents and purposes, was living a similar life to the one I had vacated. I assumed that both of us got a thrill from my servile role in my former home. At least I was sure at the outset, though as we grew used to the situation, things turned a little more routine. The dominatrix-style sessions we had enjoyed previously became rarer and, eventually ceased.

I am not sure whether she did it on purpose or not, but Katherine’s assistant had the habit of leaving important papers on her desk when she knew I would be tidying upstairs. I felt she did it as a way of taunting me about my former life, reminding me that Katherine was now something else: a fiction, less real now than Marta. How else could one explain printed emails for goodness sake! Most often they were emails from ‘Katherine’ to her, granting her privileges or roles within the company that elevated her yet higher.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Story: An Invite From a Neighbour

By Jackie J

Following a significant promotion at his work Mark Jacobs and his wife Pauline had moved into the exclusive suburb of Rockford just outside the city of Longton.  Large houses stood in their own grounds many gated, populated by rich couples. Over time Pauline had got to know most of her neighbours whilst out walking or during lunches at the golf and country club which was situated just a short drive from her home. 

Whilst most of the fine houses were inhabited by couples Miss Janice Partington was the exception on the tree lined avenue on which Pauline now lived. Janice was single, beautiful and with a figure that was surely the envy of all the ladies living in the neighbourhood. With no visible means of support, it was a mystery how Janice managed to live such a lavish lifestyle. None of Pauline’s neighbours seemed keen to discuss the mysterious Janice and Pauline put this down to petty jealousy of her good looks, perfect figure and financial independence.

Pauline was quite surprised when she received a note inviting her to meet with Janice and take lunch with her. Pauline had only been on nodding terms with this vivacious woman and in the twelve months since Pauline had arrived in the area they had hardly spoken.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Story: Window Shopping. Chapter 5.

by Jackie J

My only possession being the locket that my princess had thrust into my hand before we were separated and, tempted as I was to sell it, I couldn’t part with it. With the help of the girls who had sheltered me I managed to get a job in a clothing factory. Long hours, hard work and poor pay but it was better than being on the streets. After many months and pleading I managed to get to visit my princess. I cried when I saw her. Gone her beautiful clothes, her hair cut short she had lost a lot of weight and looked haggard in her prison fatigues. We held hands through the bars and both shed more tears.

I told her to be strong and that I would wait for her and I visited her every week on Fridays. I always brought gifts for the guards, cigarettes, chocolate whatever I could afford. Not everyone supported the coup, although they could not show it, and some of the guards were of this persuasion.  This gave me the opportunity to spend a little longer than permitted during my visits and smuggle in the odd luxury for my princess, such as soap and toiletries.

My work at the factory made me smile sewing in labels for major stores in the UK, Marks and Spencer, Gap Next along with less familiar names.  I was no expert, having never set foot in a factory before, but six months in and with the few obvious suggestions I made, it resulted in my promotion to supervisor of accessories and thread.  The additional money helped and I managed to get a room to myself at the hostel.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Story: Window Shopping. Chapter 4.

By Jackie J

If keeping me locked in my room was to reinforce the helplessness, I was feeling it was working. Three days four I wasn’t sure my mind was in turmoil. A week ago this Princess Makabuku would have more likely to have been a client not my owner. Owner, this was ridiculous people can’t be owned, they just can’t, but I was?

The room I was in was obviously below ground level and through the barred window I could see the only light coming in was down a shaft through a steel grid some ten feet above. If I had to design a cell this would be it and I was in it. I found the closet and drawers contained more clothing, the same that I was now dressed in. Plain food was brought to me twice a day by a pretty blonde haired girl, collared like I was and dressed like I was. She spoke no English and from her accent I guessed Eastern European probably having come to England to chase her dreams only to end up here a slave to an African Princess.

What haunted me about the girl, when she shuffled into my room, being her hunched shoulders, her lowered head and the deadness in her eyes? She was obviously young, perhaps in her mid twenties, but there was no sparkle in her eyes was this the fate that awaited me?

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Story: Window Shopping. Chapters 1-3.

by Jackie J

Chapter 1

Things were going well I had settled into my new apartment, following my promotion and I had eventually got over the breakdown of my relationship with Jenny. Jenny wasn’t happy but it just wasn’t working out, I miss her of course I do but it was for the best.

We had been together on and off since college days and following our breakup Jenny went back to her parents’ place in the country. We had spent many happy days at her parent’s estate but that was over two years ago now and I had, as they say, moved on, hadn’t I? Of course not, a day did not pass that I did not think of her and I still wonder if it was the same for Jenny. Jenny had become increasingly domineering, obsessive perhaps, sure I was the passive one and I didn’t mind that, Jenny was so tender with me between the sheets but when it came to all or nothing I could not commit, I just couldn’t.

But for the burst water main at the junction with cross street I would not be walking down peters lane but it was now the quickest way to the tube. Strange, but only a hundred yards or so from my apartment, I had never walked down this street before. Various independent stores on either side with apartments above, quite a retail oasis hidden behind the glass and chrome fronted major outlets of cross street.

My eyes were drawn to one particular double fronted store and dodging the traffic, which was also using peters lane for a diversion, I crossed the road to take a closer look. Smiling at the display my mind drifted back to happy times at Jenny’s parent’s estate. My smile turned to a giggle looking at the mannequins remembering Jenny’s “Games”.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Story: Polish Au Pair Takes Control.

This story is written by Kristina Katyn, who co-wrote Kristina’s Secret Cleaning Job with Peter Martin.  I remember reading this story a few years ago and enjoying it, and then suddenly found myself in contact with Kristina herself, and she has assented to my including it here.  It describes how a busy housewife and a lady of the house found herself losing control of her own household.  Kristina loves corresponding on the subject of ladies becoming maids (or an au pair in this case) and many other subjects too.  Her email address is

by Kristina Katyn  (Copyright October 2005.)

(F/F, lesbian, humiliation, domestic, spanking, BDSM, non-consensual?)

Humbly, I knelt down on the kitchen floor and scrubbed at the stains with the stiff-bristled wooden brush.  My knees hurt already, but what I was not prepared for was the intimate tingle inside my most private part as I saw out of the corner of my eye that Aniela, our Polish au pair, was sitting (sitting!), watching me scrub.  Her skirt did not reach past her knees, and between her legs was visible the glistening pink triangle of her panties, not quite obscured by her slim thighs.  The shiny pink triangle seemed to be sending a message, "Surely you can see that if you are down low enough to see my panties, you are submitting to my will."

Perhaps I had been working her too hard again.  If she felt overworked and tired, it was probably reasonable for her to tell me so and take a break.  Brown-haired, pale skinned, attractive in an Eastern European way, Aniela was an efficient au pair if slightly too assertive for an ideal employee.  

I did not like the way she had practically `instructed' me to finish the cleaning because she was too tired, and she had now done this several days this week!  She was too darned cheeky.  But maybe I was too ready to give in.  I always avoided conflict, I always had.  And for some reason I wanted to please her.

"You still need to lose some weight," Aniela observed, staring at my skirt-covered bottom which was sticking in the air as I cleaned.

 "What a nerve," I thought.  But she was right.  And I preferred a fellow girl to say it than my
husband.  I would have to diet more over the next two weeks.  David was due back then and I wanted to be pretty for him.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Story: Kristina's Secret Cleaning Job.

It’s always a pleasure to discover new authors writing in the lady-to-maid genre. This one first appeared on Lush Stories and was recommended to me by a reader. Republishing it with the authors’ permission.

by Peter Martin and Kristina Katyn

Note: I wrote this story together with my friend Kristina Katyn, who had written to tell me how much she enjoyed my writing. She has written other stories too. This story is based partly at least on some of her experiences in real life. Her email address is:  We hope you enjoy the story.

Kristina felt her normal sense of foreboding as she walked up the pathway to Heather’s house. It was two o’clock on Saturday afternoon and she knew that although her cleaning and ironing duties should last three hours she was unlikely to leave much before eight o’clock. She wondered whether her bottom would be untouched or stinging when she left Heather's house that evening. That usually depended upon how satisfied Heather was with the quality of her work. Heather did not like imperfections, neither in cleaning duties nor in other things. Kristina had learned on previous occasions that Heather was exceptionally particular.

It was a cool afternoon but, as always, Kristina had to wear only summery clothes and today wore a green vest top that was tight and showed off her perhaps slightly too generous curves, as well as a short A-line white skirt that showed off her bare also slightly overweight thighs. However, it was Heather who told her what to wear and she was the boss and needed to be obeyed. In fact, Kristina happily accepted Heather’s strictures and did not wear a jacket or any other sort of top because that was what Heather preferred, and so she felt chilly as she knocked on the door.