Friday, February 8, 2019

Story: A Simple Act of Delegation. Chapter 11.

by Jackie J

There was no doctor like there was no Mustapha of course but Sheila trusting of Jenny believed every word she was told. Two weeks, then three weeks went by with regular convincing updates from Jenny. Mustapha had confirmed what he had told Jenny in an email. He was being threatened by just communicating with Jenny and must not be contacted again and reiterated that Mrs. Ross’s family wanted nothing more to do with their cursed relative. 
The fictitious toxicology reports had come back negative and that Mrs. Ross’s condition was a mystery, likewise fabricated psychological tests had also failed to discover what could have resulted in such a drastic change in her personality. She could be sectioned if that what was thought best but of course Jenny had dismissed this out of hand telling Sheila she was not willing to let Winnie be probed and experimented on behind the confidential walls of an asylum.
It was agreed that Jenny should move in at Long Acres, Sheila unaware she already had and to organise some care to help Winnie to rebuild her life.  Sheila was happy in the knowledge that such a caring person like Jenny was going to look after Mrs. Ross. 
It was agreed that the business would carry on as normal, it had run well during Mrs. Ross’s time away in the Yemen so why shouldn’t it. Other directors and staff were advised that on doctor’s recommendations Mrs. Ross would be taking extended leave sparing them the details of her true condition. 

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Story: A Simple Act of Delegation. Chapter 10.

by Jackie J

The email addressed to Miss Ferguson, the financial and most senior of the directors at Sapphire and Ross, from Mrs. Ross’s required a second read. When Sheila Ferguson entered Jenny’s office and showed her the email from Mrs. Ross Jenny looked up with a look of practiced surprise and having read through the text again her look of concern was no less convincing.
“It doesn’t say how long she will be away, it’s all rather sudden and no mention of where she is going, or gone just that she is visiting a sick relative? I thought all her family where in the Middle East? Well we will just have to manage Sheila, but why has she chosen me, you I can understand you are the senior director. 
Jenny paused, stood from her desk and handed the email back to Sheila.
Well its clear she wants you and me to hold the fort whilst she is away and I will obviously do what is required, I will come up to your offices later and we can make some plans, will you be letting the other directors know Sheila?
Sheila took back the email and shrugged her shoulders.
“Yes, I will let the others know, can you organise a staff notice Jenny then come up around eleven and we can discuss all this.”

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Story: A Simple Act of Delegation. Chapter 9.

by Jackie J

Three months had passed since Deborah Jackson had slipped into the heels and skirts of her secretary for her temporary charade. The discovery of her games by the owner of Sapphire and Ross had led to Miss Deborah Jackson, with the collusion of her secretary Jane Simpson, being tempted and drawn deeper into her fantasies until those fantasies had become her reality. No longer the ditzy secretary her original imaginings of her degradation and subordination had been Debbie Langtry now reduced to a mere cleaner wallowing in her servility and lowly status. 
During the first two weeks in her new role Jane Simpson had delved deep into the minds and motivations of individuals such as her ex boss Miss Deborah Jackson reading the thesis of many eminent professionals. She had an incentive of course, if she could fuel those deep-seated desires held by her boss, draw her beyond a tipping point, Jane’s position of head of compliance along with its many advantages would be secured. It became clear to Jane from her studies, and did somewhat explain certain aspects of history, that certain individuals were predisposed if not desirous of their enslavement. The majority from this group of individuals according to the well-read text, were held within the invisible constraints of their financial, domestic and employment situations being already subconsciously enslaved. For those unfettered by such mundane shackles these deep-rooted emotions festered within them. This went a long way to explain why many wealthy and those engaged in professional occupations sought solace, albeit covertly, to exercise their demons, being many and varied, at the hands of others.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Story: A Simple Act of Delegation. Chapter 8.

By Jackie J
Debbie said good night to Mrs. Brown and smiled after removing her overall and putting it in her locker before pulling on her puffer jacket and heading out of the office block. Her cramped room was only a ten-minute walk but she headed for the metro like she did many evenings after her shift. Miss Jackson had never used public transport, why would she, Miss Jackson having an expensive company car to drive?
Debbie dabbed her saver card at the entrance along with the milling crowd and stood on the platform looking up the line. Propped on her heels she clutched her furry purse and waited.  
Managing to find her seat she looked across at her fellow commuters, was he here again? Debbie had no real reason to be sharing the carriage but her reasons were no less important to her than those eager to make their homeward journey. Debbie looked at the mix of travelers, old, young, some smart, some like herself and she was aware of others looking at her who looked away when she caught their eye. In her persona she was anonymous just like she had imagined before Mrs. Ross helped her, one in a crowd, nothing special just a worker on her commute. At the central station more joined the carriage than left it and Debbie was becoming aroused and stood to let an elderly lady take her seat and joined the standing crush swaying with the movement of the carriage. Debbie did nothing when the first stray hand touched her bottom, an elbow brushed against her breasts then she felt an erect penis confined within its trousers press against her thigh. Packed tight in the carriage she had nowhere to go and just stood. A tall guy pushing past to leave at the next stop smiled at her and unknowingly pressed the chap with the excited tool firmly against her. She didn’t look, she didn’t care this is why she was on the metro, she felt cheap, sullied, used, but above all ignored, she was nothing, of no value, excepting for a gratuitous grope. 

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Story: Managing the Heiress. Chapter 2.

Charles Ryder just had an e-book out called The New Government, a BDSM anti-feminist novel that many of you may enjoy if you like stories here. You can find it at A1 Adult E-books

And now on to the next chapter of Managing the Heiress.

by Charles Ryder

Later that evening Stephen returned, but he wasn't alone. He entered the living room with an older gentleman. He introduced the man to her as Major Lytham.
"Mrs Darnley, it's a pleasure to meet you at last ma'am. Your husband has told me a very great deal about you. And ma'am, if I be so bold, he has much underestimated your beauty and charm."
Charlotte blushed prettily and thanked the Major.
"Let me explain the situation, Mrs Darnley. I am your husband's senior officer. He is one of my most valuable men. The reason I'm here is to explain his role with us and to beg a favour from you. Your husband is soon to go undercover on our behalf. That is to spy on this country's enemies." 
Charlotte put her hand to her mouth. "But Major Lytham isn't that terribly dangerous? Will Stephen be in danger at all?" 

Friday, January 25, 2019

Story: A Simple Act of Delegation. Chapter 7.

by Jackie J
Mrs. Ross was in no hurry now that Deborah Jackson had enthusiastically entrapped herself into the persona of Debbie, Debbie Langtry a young woman having newly arrived to take up a secretarial role at Sapphire and Ross with no history and an empty file. Deborah Jackson had willingly squirmed herself into a sticky web of self indulgence from which there would be no escape. Miss Deborah Jackson’s service record at Sapphire and Ross already air brushed from existence within the company files with the collusion of Jenny Phillips. It was now up to Miss Simpson, with the incentive of having it all, Miss Jackson’s position, salary, company apartment and car, on a permanent basis, to bring Mrs. Ross’s seedling submissive to full bloom.
Jane, Miss Simpson, had continued her readings on submissive behavior concentrating on professional and medical case studies rather than the more and many salacious offerings, entertaining as they were, this was not for entertainment this was about benchmarking Debbie’s trigger and moving her forward with her submissive desires.
A particular opening paragraph by a doctor Kapliski caught Jane’s eye.
 The self imposed, which is most effective, or inflicted suppression and denigration of ego, self, the “I” of the original persona allows the new submissive persona to flourish unshackled by previously held thought. Unchecked by the individual or forced a continuation and strengthening of this insidious denial of past and the embracement of the present leading to the catastrophic consequences of the condition known as “third person syndrome”. Only extensive therapy, which is rarely successful, can break the spell they or others have cast over them and the ego, self, the “I” of the original persona is often lost forever.  
Jane chuckled at the warning or in Jane’s case guidance!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Story: A Simple Act of Delegation. Chapter 6.

by Jackie J
For the first fifteen minutes Mrs. Ross droned on covering the facts and figures of the Company’s performance with congratulations given to deserving individuals of all ranks within the business.
A brief pause whilst Mrs. Ross sipped on a glass of water her eyes piecing the crowd to focus on a trembling Debbie and she began.
“It would be remiss of me not to mention the sterling efforts during her time with Sapphire and Ross of one of our senior executives Miss Jackson. You will know Miss Jackson from the many times she stood on this very platform to eloquently delivery many a presentation to us all. During her time with the company she worked diligently to build our compliance department along with her team and in no small part her secretary Jane Simpson.”
Mrs. Ross then waxed lyrical for a further ten minutes recounting the milestones of Miss Jackson’s career over the years she had been at the company laying plaudits like confetti.