Monday, April 24, 2017

Story: The Garden of Eden

(The story is loosely based on the caption Katrin and Mimi.) 
by Angela Uriel
as told to T. H. Enerdly


Katrin von Loth had started her own business eight years ago, a one-woman consultancy business based on offering seminars on how to apply the principles of sexual domination to workplace success and increased sales. In other words, how to apply the principles of BDSM to business problems.

Her business had been hugely successful for the past several years. However, for reasons Katrin hadn't yet fathomed, her business had recently developed serious financial problems. It was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, creating a mountain of problems for Katrin, each problem demanding Katrin's undivided attention, each problem adding to the stress Katrin was experiencing.

But this wasn't the first time Katrin’s business had developed such problems, and it probably wouldn't be the last. She had always wrestled her problems into submission before, and she was confident that she could do it again. Sometimes, when worrying about her problems, Katrin would watch her maid, Mimi, as the latter went about her duties. Katrin envied Mimi because she always seemed to be in a good mood, never showing any stress, unlike Katrin. Submission to a Mistress seemed to suit Mimi, even to a strict Mistress like Katrin. However, when particularly stressed out, Katrin would daydream about pursuing a career in domestic service and enjoying a stress-free life like Mimi’s.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Caption: Katrin and Mimi

Here's another German-language caption from the now defunct Yahoo group. T.H. Enerdly kindly provided the translation and is currently working on a long story inspired by it that will be posted in this blog in coming days. However, unlike the caption, the story will not feature magic. 

By tomblach

Her firm was in serious financial difficulty, the one that Katrin von Loth had created eight years ago. Katrin had been brooding for months over a mountain of problems. The arrogant high society lady looked enviously at her maid of all work.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Poetry Break: 'No Place for White Hands'

On the Road (1845), a short poem by writer Nikolay Nekrasov, is considered a classic of Russian poetry. When it comes to lady-to-maid plots in Victorian-era literature this is probably as best as it gets. Not unlike "tragic octoroon" stories in the United States around the same time, this is more of a biting comment on class disctinctions, society injustice, and serfdom than anything else,

However, I can't help but think that the inherent eroticism of the main character's social and cultural downfall from a noble lady to a bondmaid was not lost on contemporary readers.

I did not know there was a very good English translation of this poem until I stumbled upon a collection of Nekrasov's work published by Delphi Classics.

On the Road

'Is this wearisome road without end?
I am sick of the grey desolation!
Sing a song for me, driver, my friend,
Of recruiting, of long separation,
Make my laugh by some legend of old,
Speak of what thou has seen or been told,
Think of something, I pray, to relieve me...'
'I too, sir, am troubled, believe me:
I am cursed with a venomous wife:
It's like this; the first part of her life
She was petted and spoilt by the gentry,
To the barin's own house she had entry;
Why, she lived with the barin's own daughter,
And all manner of learning they taught her,
Such tricks as for nobles are fit:
How to read, play the harp, sew and knit.
And her clothing was not what one sees
On the women and girls of the peasant:
They must deck her in silk, if you please,
And her food was abundant and pleasant:
Milk and honey and kasha, galore,
"Eat your fill, there will always be more..."
And she looked so majestic and grand
That a serf-girl you'd never have thought her -
But a lady of rank in the land,
Why, a marriage a gentleman sought her,
('Twas the coachman who told that to me)
Her happiness, though, was not granted;
"Wed a slave to a noble!" quoth she,
"In your circles such ware is not wanted."
'Well, the barin's young daughter got wed,
And the marriage took place in the city,
Then the barin fell sick, more's the pity,
And on Trinity eve he lay dead.
So protector than Grousha had none,
In a month the new heir showed his hand,
He recounted the serfs one by one,
Re-adjusted the taxes and land,
Then of Grousha bethought him as well,
And what happened there no-one can tell, -
Did she vex the new master or no,
Did it seem to him best she should go,
Did he reckon the manor too small
To house Grousha along with them all....

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

First Ever Lady-to-Maid Film From 1897!

After the Ball (1897), a silent short directed by Georges Méliès, is often credited as the first "erotic" film ever made or, more accurately, the earliest known movie to show (simulated) nudity. However, the way the "maid" looks at the camera around the 1:00 mark and the whole set-up, how quickly the "lady" must undress, strongly suggests they are on to something! Could it possibly be lady-to-maid roleplay? I'd certainly like to think that!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Story: Daphne And The White Apron. Part 2.

You can read the first part of this story here. Originally there was supposed to be only Part 1 (as indicated by words "the end"), but, thankfully, Monica reconsidered and decided to continue this lady-to-maid tale. Here is Part 2 of this wonderful story for your reading pleasure.

by Monica Graz

“Now Lita, you will need some proper working clothes. I can’t give you any of mine because I’m a smaller size plus the fact that the Arnellos family can certainly afford to buy the working clothes of their new maid.” Magda said casually after they both sat down again finishing their coffee.

Daphne got butterflies in her stomach as she instantly thought of the Alexandra uniform shop in Knightsbridge not far from Harrods. She always stops and daydreams in front of their window every time she passes by.

Magda must have read her mind because she added, “Let’s walk down to Knightsbridge to Alexandra work-wear shop; they have a good selection of housekeeping dresses and aprons.”

Friday, April 14, 2017

A Wardrobe of an Heiress: Vogue Italia September 1991

I haven't done a post about maids in fashion editorials for a while now so here's a classic one. If you've been tracking maid photos online like me I am sure you've seen the top image many times. However, it wasn't recently that I was able to identify the photoshoot it was made for and locate the entire thing. Here's for your viewing enjoyment - Carre Otis, wearing all Versace like an early 1990s supermodel should, in "Un Guardaroba da Ereditiera" (Vogue Italia, September 1991). As frequently with such editorials, my only wish is that maids were given a more prominent role!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

One Million Pageviews!

I missed the actual hour, but Ladies Becoming Maids hit 1 million total pageviews some time yesterday or today. It may not seem like a lot for many blogs, but it's been quite a journey for this little project of mine.

I'd like to thank everyone for their comments and suggestions as well as for their e-mails. This blog would not have been possible without your feedback and contribution. Thanks for all the views in the past three years and here's to next 1 million views! With the recent boost in readership it should take a lot less than the first million.