Sunday, February 18, 2018

Story: Florence, Lady Cranwell. Chapter 8.

By Jackie J

Sat comfortably in one of the large easy chairs Lady Downton smirked watching Lady Isabelle fuss around bringing her a glass of sherry.

“So, tell me Isabelle who is this present you have for me?”

Lady Isabelle pulled a file from her desk and smiled.

“A new girl, a new maid, you will like her I know you will, there is something different about this one.”

Opening the file Lady Isabelle began to read the description of Jessica Thornberry which Lady Florence had written.

Lady Downton purred her satisfaction.

“Mmmmmmmmm she sounds perfect and where did you find this pretty thing, where did she come from?

Friday, February 16, 2018

Story: Florence, Lady Cranwell. Chapter 7.

by Jackie J

The week prior to Lady Downton’s scheduled visit to Stoneleigh and after an aggressive and fulfilling ride across the estate Lady Downton dismounted and slapped the flanks of her mount and handed the reins to her stable girl. Lady Downton’s face flushed the stable girl giggled leading the lathered horse to its stall. The smoothing of her hand across the moist saddle indicating just how fulfilling her Mistresses ride had been.

Entering the rear of Downton hall Lady Downton’s maid Lucy stepped back and curtsied when her Mistress brushed past.

Snatching the mail from the stand in the hallway she stared at the distinctive envelope the crest of Cranwell Hall making her boil with suppressed anger. Not since she had been jilted by the heir to Cranwell some years before had there been any communication. Ripping open the envelope she sat and read the letter within. A wide grin grew across her face perhaps she would have her revenge for her betrayal after all.

The letter from Lady Catherine, the women who had promised the hand of her son, told how Jonathan had been deserted by his young wife and the love rival of Lady Downton. That she had never wanted her son to marry Florence and that perhaps at last she and Jonathan could be reunited, the letter inviting her to visit with Lady Catherine at her convenience.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Story: Florence, Lady Cranwell. Chapter 6.

By Jackie J

The first three days of Jessica’s introduction to the life of a maid were brutal and took a heavy toll on her both physically and mentally. Constantly tired every slender weak muscle in her body ached, her joints burned and her reddened knees, chaffed knuckles and blistered palms that would soon harden into calices, bearing testament to her gruelling toil. Gruelling toil for a lady of leisure who had not lifted a finger of domestic work since her early teens, but for a trained and accomplished maid like Cathy just the normal daily routine. 

The brasses that hung in splendid decoration, that Florence had previously admired, now a burden of work. The gleaming floors she had trod during her initial tour of Stoneleigh now swept, scrubbed and mopped clean by her own delicate hands. Jessica’s only refuge being the hard bunk that she collapsed tearfully into each evening. Brushing, scrubbing, mopping, dusting, polishing, this apron, that apron, standing, curtsying Jess, her name now shortened, looked wearily at Lizzy her evening meal slopped onto her offered plate.

Sat with the other maids on the long wooden table Jess sighed and spooned her food. If there was a saving grace to her wretched existence, that she had so foolishly sought, it was Lizzy’s food. Lady Florence ate like a bird but now, here at Stoneleigh, Jess the trainee maid scooped the cooks stew with gusto. 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Story: Florence, Lady Cranwell. Chapter 5.

By Jackie J

Having been helped aboard and seated in her coach, for the return journey from Stoneleigh to Cranwell, Lady Catherine managed to wait until she passed by the barking dogs at the gate house of Stoneleigh before she could contain herself no longer and chuckled and chortled for a good two miles before dabbing her tears of laughter from her cheeks.

The image of her bemused and contrite daughter in law curtsying aproned and dressed in a maid’s uniform meekly handing over all of her clothing then displaying the chastity belt she had been locked into and Florence’s hair, that lovely hair, hair that she had watched Florence tireless brush for hours into a glorious sheen having been unceremoniously hacked for her head. That look of desolation and desperation in Florence’s pleading eyes when she bid her good bye, it was all too much for Lady Catherine. She could not have hoped for things to have gone better.

The coach rattled along its way the journey punctuated with fits of uncontrolled giggles from its passenger. Cranwell was hers again and with the first part of her scheme in place she had work to do.
Returning to Cranwell Catherine summoned Janet.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Story: Daphne and the White Apron. Part 6.

by Monica Graz

Lita/Daphne was full of contradicting feelings and emotions as she was walking fast towards the Arnellos residence. She was still wearing the blue uniform dress that Rosie gave her. She felt slightly embarrassed as she realised that they were strong discolorations at the hem of the dress most probably from the use of cleaning chemicals, but as usually nobody seemed to pay any attention to the young woman walking in the streets of Mayfair. She was obviously a cleaner or a maid going to or coming back from an errand.

A whole new chapter of her Lita persona has been opened widely as she acted as a maid during the past few hours at the Ahmad’s residence, a chapter that touched her profoundly. She had experienced in a disturbingly exciting way that being a maid in a ‘real life’ situation was something that kept her very alert and alive. She let everybody in the Ahmad residence to boss her around and to give her orders and instructions and peculiarly enough she found that this ‘putting her down’ situation was bringing constant waves of secret joy and sexual stimulation. She simply couldn’t understand what was happening to her. She had a feeling that an inner force had taken over and was pushing her Lita persona to new unheard and totally unpredictable situations. 

She found herself suddenly in front of the Arnellos residence building. She automatically used the traders’ entrance and the service lift that took her up to the apartment. She entered from the back door directly to the kitchen.  She removed her cardigan and automatically put her white half apron on. A thin smile crossed her lips as she then realised that this little white piece of material, this small apron, had started everything!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Story: Florence, Lady Cranwell. Chapter 4.

by Jackie J

Taken on a tour of Stoneleigh by Miss Hutchings Florence was soon becoming weary. The journey to Stoneleigh, the shock and horror of how she had been treated: like a common maid, the sluice, the shearing of her hair, the weight and alien restriction of the chastity belt that she had been locked into, her restrictive uniform and the newness of her boots, which constantly nipped at her feet, all taking their toll.

Miss Hutchings leading her new trainee along the hallways room after room conveying duty after duty to an increasingly sagging Florence turned with a scowl.

“Jessica, Jessica are you listening to me girl?”

Florence still not in tune with her new standing sought to reason with Miss Hutchings which under normal circumstance would have been reasonable enough, but for a trainee maid, on her first day, to question the head of household, not the wisest decision.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Story: Dancing With My Soul. Chapter 8.

by Andy Engines

“Marije, stupid girl.”

The old woman’s hand flashed out and caught me hard on the side of my face. Tears welled up and I fought to hold them in as nausea pushed up from my stomach and I started to shake. Her face instantly changed and she smiled again and then held me tight.

“Sorry my child but you have to be less clumsy.”

I looked down at the shards of the vase around my feet and so wanted to tell her it was a mistake; that the cat had made me jump, but although my understanding was improving my spoken vocabulary was woefully inadequate still.

“Sorry. Mistake.”

She held me back at arm’s length and smiling she took a handkerchief from her pocket and wiped my eyes. “Now, get this mess cleared up.”