Sunday, October 22, 2017

Caption: Summer Rental.

Translated by T. H. Enerdly

This is a caption I found years ago on a now defunct French Yahoo Group. I referred to it in the comments section of the recent Olivia Holt posting and thought that at least some readers might like seeing it. It helps to know that in France, everyone with the means takes their vacation in August.

T. H. Enerdly


Hermine knows the house, the one in which she serves as a maid, like the back of her hand. After all, it's hers.

During summer vacation season, she lists it with a rental agency, the rental fee including the wages of a live-in maid. With the tacit consent of the rental agency, Hermine plays the role of the maid, thus putting her at the service of the renters. In this way, she could be certain that she was no the longer the mistress of the house but the one who wore the uniform of a maid.

Unexpectedly, her most recent renters asked her if she wanted to leave her “dump” for Paris.

“It's so difficult to find good help!”

Will Hermine’s summertime lark become permanent? Will become the servant of a couple of musicians and their 16-year-old daughter? Will she quit her job as a pharmacist to become a maid? And if she does, what will she say to her coworkers? And what will she say to her maid when the latter returns from her vacation?

Friday, October 20, 2017

Story: Mrs. Catherine Lucas. Chapter 7.

by Jackie J
With Pauline, the next door neighbour, invited to have dinner Cathy busied herself in the kitchen. Catherine Lucas had entertained Pauline many times previously but this evening it would be very different. She would not be joining Pauline at the table, maid Cathy would be serving dinner and waiting on table for her maid, her Mistress and her guest Miss Crabtree.
Whilst Cathy was occupied in the kitchen Jacqueline was at the computer. With access to the Lucas accounts she wasted no time in draining these accounts and swelling her own. Jacqueline had already transferred significant amounts and with the last of the savings bonds now siphoned off and squirreled away Catherine Lucas, although she was oblivious, was truly broke. The cancelling of direct debits and standing orders, in the main to Catherine Lucas’s stylist, salon, tennis and country club and the Spa would bear testament to the lies that Jacqueline had been spreading about Catherine Lucas’s financial situation.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Story: New Employee. Chapters 24-25.

by BigBird74


Waiting can be tortuous at any time, but at a moment like this it was truly agonising. Okay, I had never liked waiting for anything. My privileged status in life meant that I was usually able to buy my way past queues. This, in turn, had bred a sense of exceptionalism into me: I did not wait for anything. So to find myself here waiting like a naughty schoolgirl for the headmistress felt so wrong. What was also wrong was the way that I grew more and more aroused as people passed by and knew I was in trouble. I felt about an inch tall as they passed by and smirked at the underdressed maid.

I was now regretting the order Katherine had put in for these wretched uniforms. They did very little to cover me and I felt exposed, my darkened skin so clearly visible underneath the cut of the dress. Tugging down on the hem provided no relief and only served to pull the dress further down my cleavage. This left just one option: to cower in the corridor like a shrinking violet, slightly bent over to help mitigate my exposure to those passing by. More time ticked by and then I remembered something that shook me to my very core. My phone! Oh god, I had left it in the changing room in amongst my other uniform! Abandoning my wait, I set off back towards the maid room, hurrying along the corridor.

“Where do you think you are going?” I turned to see the manageress glowering at me. “I said wait by my office, which is that way!” She pointed back along the passage to where I had just come from.

“Sorree. I remember I no have phone with me. I want to get it from my room”

The manageress looked impatient and smug in equal measure. She held up a plastic carrier bag.
“I think you will find what you are looking for in here.” I took a few steps towards her and raised my arm to take it from her. In those halting movements, our eyes again met. Mine searching for clues as to what she knew, trying to divine her purpose in all this. Hers a classic lesson in drawing a poker face. She held all the cards at that moment, whether or not she appreciated this.

She released the bag into my hand and I took it. As I did, I saw my arm shake, a tremor of fear and angst rippling throughout my body. She remained totally silent as I peered into the bag and saw my old uniform, but no phone. I rifled through the bag. It had to be here. That phone was my portal back to my old world!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Story: Mrs. Catherine Lucas. Chapter 6.

by Jackie J
Whilst ingratiating herself within Catherine’s circle of friends during the week Jacqueline had not been idle in the continuing subjugation of her Mistress.
Unknown to Catherine Jacqueline added a measured amount of caustamonia to the basic foundation she had been using resulting in further irritation aggravating the already tender skin of her face. This, at the suggestion of her duplicitous maid, resulted in the use of no makeup at all.  With Catherine’s hair becoming increasingly brittle, from the permanent damage caused by the ovens, the insidious formula having worked into the follicles of her scalp, Catherine welcomed the gift of a neat black bob wig to cover her balding tuft covered pate.  
Fucked into raptures by Jacqueline’s introduced strap on her sexual and eventual total capitulation to her maid’s will and wishes lay unopposed. Each night she begged for more of her maid’s contrived affections for which she willingly paid the price of her continuing servitude.  The rota of tasks and chores, for keeping the mansion in pristine condition that had been prepared by Catherine herself, which Jackie the maid had so diligently followed, became established under the sole stewardship of the household’s Maid adorned Mistress.
For one particular screaming orgasm Jacqueline was given access to the Lucas bank account for another the combination and keys to the safe.  Jacqueline took every opportunity during the week to chastise and denigrate her maid for her lack of domestic skill constantly chipping away at her already fragile confidence making Catherine nervous and unsure and constantly on edge in her presence. Jacqueline confusingly blowing hot and cold, cold during the daylight hours reinforcing the demarcation of Mistress and maid, hot in the evenings treating her maid like a sex toy, in what was her mistress’s own bed.
It was Friday and there were no social commitments in the diary. Cathy was busy with the laundry when Jacqueline entered the doorway to the utility room.  

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Story: Mrs. Catherine Lucas. Chapter 5.

(re-posted to remove a few extra paragraphs from the next chapter that somehow got attached to this one. Apologies. Next chapter will come soon.) by Jackie J
With Catherine resigned to her role of a maid it was just after eight when her ladyship entered the dining room resplendent in one of Catherine’s finest outfits tastefully accessorised with Catherine’s jewellery.
“Well, Cathy, what do you think? Will I pass at the charity event?”
Catherine had to accept that Jacqueline would be representing her and would have to look her best and wearing Catherine’s designer clothes she of course did.
“Yes, Miss. Perfect, Miss.”
After being served breakfast by her former Mistress Jacqueline summoned her maid into the dining room.
“Cathy, this event.. Mrs Andrea Glendale, she is running the charity, isn’t she? And the address is 243 Wiltshire, correct?”

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Story: Mrs. Catherine Lucas. Chapter 4.

by Jackie J
Catherine sobbing, a soaked towel around her head and still dressed in her maid’s regalia, was driven to the medical centre and rushed through to the emergency room.
Jackie whispering in the ear of Catherine that she would try and cover things up and to say nothing
Jackie did all the explaining, they were maids cleaning when the accident happened Cathy was new to the job and made a mistake. Jackie giving her Mistress's name to be Cathy Frobisher, which was of course accepted.
It was just after four when they left the centre Catherine’s face was reddened and puffy with her hair having been trimmed the best they could to remove the caustic damage.
It was a sombre evening Catherine had been told to use only basic cosmetics for six weeks and that her hair would need to grow out in her natural colour, definitely no peroxide.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Story: Mrs. Catherine Lucas. Chapter 3.

by Jackie J
Having left her Mistress with her evening beverage Jackie would ordinarily have made her way down the hallway to her room but decided to linger awhile with her ear to her Mistress's door anxious to know if the bait she had left would be taken.
Catherine moved the clothing onto her bed and sat at the vanity to remove her makeup before entering the shower. A short swill before Catherine removed her shower cap and dabbed herself dry staring at the regalia she had placed on the bed.
Catherine giggled and lowering the lights fondled the underwear and was soon dressed in the plain cotton knickers bra and underskirt. Sat on the bed she drew each of the high denier black hold up stockings over her feet and high onto her thighs. Her whole body was tingling when she stepped into the coarse woollen dress, pressed her arms down into the long tight lace cuffed sleeves and tugged the dress around her. She was shaking, her fingers fumbled with the buttons of the bodice, then the apron, her legs becoming weak drawing the tapes around her waist.  Dressed Catherine was aware of the distinct odour from the uniform not a perfume but a clean, plain, unfamiliar scent that served to excite her senses further. Her breath now shallow and her mind swimming Catherine placed each foot in turn into the heavy shoes then stood staring at her reflection in the mirror. Poor Catherine was in a state of distress when she fell back onto the bed her mind full of imaginings. The drawer of the nightstand pulled vigorously open Catherine’s hand clawed for one of her little friends and the buzzing of her toy soon filled the room.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Story: Mrs. Catherine Lucas. Chapter 2.

by Jackie J
Jackie, delivering her Mistresses night time beverage, entered her Mistress's bedroom to see her Mistress wearing the soiled maid’s uniform that she had given her earlier.
“Oh my goodness, Miss!”
The two women stared at each other for what seemed an age before Catherine, her face blushed spoke.
“Oh dear, what must you think, Jackie, just having some fun, unlikely I will be wearing it again.”
Jackie smiled laying the tray on the nightstand and moved slowly towards her obviously uncomfortable Mistress, a mischievous grin building across her face.
“Don’t be embarrassed, Miss. I was coming to collect the laundry but perhaps I should leave the uniform with you?”
Catherine was already fumbling to remove the apron.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Story: Mrs. Catherine Lucas. Chapter 1.

by Jackie J
It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and Catherine’s husband had left for an extended business trip. A two month visit to Asia this time and Catherine flopped down on the sofa with a glass of wine. She was bored and frustrated she had not had sex with Michael for months and was wondering what had gone wrong. Jackie, the house maid appeared in the doorway to announce that Pauline from next door was on her way over and asked if her Mistress required anything.
“Ok, Jackie, show her through when she arrives, I don’t need anything but you can change the bed linen I don’t like the scent of Michael on the sheets when he is away.”
Jackie bobbed a curtsy and left her morose Mistress to her thoughts.
Pauline arrived full of smiles and having poured a wine sat on the sofa with Catherine.
“What’s wrong, Catherine? You look down in the dumps?
Catherine looked at her friend and neighbour wistfully
“Oh, Pauline, I don’t know, I seem to have everything and yet so little. This lovely mansion, expensive car, designer clothes, jewellery, holidays whenever I wish, I want for nothing but its Michael he seems so distant we haven’t you know, done it for months.”
Pauline gulped on her wine she had thought for some time things had not been right between her neighbours and suspected the arrival of the new maid Jackie could have a lot to do with that.
Pauline made light of it and giggled
“Don’t be so silly, Catherine. All couples go through periods like this don’t worry yourself, you have your little friend, don’t you? Buzz Buzz?”
The reference to Catherine’s toys made her smile and both women giggled draining their glasses.
An hour or two of small talk and more wine before Pauline was ready to leave. Pauline would be away for two weeks herself and Catherine gave her a long hug before she left knowing she would miss her.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Story: Landlady Takes Over.

A new story from Mana Ray that he's sharing with the readers of this blog. Please follow his Patreon page if you like his stuff.

Landlady Takes Over

by Mana Ray

(F/f, humiliation, foot fetish)

Natalie opened the door for her new landlady. This wouldn't have been so bad, except for the fact that Natalie used to own this house. Now, she had lost all the equity she had built, and the place was sold from beneath her feet. And who was the buyer? Someone Natalie loathed: Charlotte Lamberton.

"Good morning, Nat!"

Charlotte was dressed in her usual sundress and strappy sandals, practically smirking at Natalie as she strolled into the home that was now hers. She had on a pearl necklace, and carried a large Starbucks frappucino. She kicked off her sandals and waltzed into Natalie's living room, placing her bare feet on the coffee table atop one of Natalie's literary zines.

"I brought over the new lease for you to sign. Oh, and I need the deposit – does three thousand work for you?"

Friday, September 29, 2017

A Lonely Maid in Louis Vuitton's Fall/Winter 2013 Campaign

Louis Vuitton is, of course, no stranger to maids. As a matter of fact, one of the first blog posts I made here back in early 2014 was about them dressing up their models in very traditional and stylish servant uniforms. This promotional campaign from the same period somehow escaped my attention back then so I am only posting it now.

I love how the maid is "invisible", walking between gorgeous dressed-up models as if she's not even there, going about her duties. Always in the background, wearing a plain uniform and no make up, her hair cut short. The young women pay her no atteniton whatsoever. 

What the models gathered around the room waiting for their fashion shoot to start did not realise was that the woman in a pale uniform, a cap and a white apron, used to be just like them. It wasn't too long ago that she, too, strutted the runway in impossibly high stilettos, wore ridiculously expensive and impractical designer outfits and had that expression of arrogant indifference permanently glued to her flawless face. Those days  - and her once remarkable looks - were a distant memory, as she was now reduced to nothing more than a simple servant, who, out of pity, was kept around the set to take care of the new stars' every need - not to mention making sure that the room was spotless clean just in time for the shoot. 

Needless to say, once the cameras started rolling, she was asked to move out of the picture as to not obscure the view. The world of high fashion wasn't her world anymore. She was allowed to stand in the corner and watch though; she remained there quietly, holding back tears, as the younger beauties took the spotlight.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Story: Alison’s Attitude Adjustment. Part 3.

by Charles Ryder
Alison Templeman-Davies was sweating. She could feel the moisture making her thick, heavy uniform stick to her back. She could feel perspiration running from underneath her demeaning cap and matting her blonde hair. Her arms were beginning to tremble as well which only added to her discomfort. She had been stood in the same place for over an hour, feet together, bottom in and her chest pushed out. In her arms she carried a round tray on which was a large jug of iced lemonade. Despite the heat of the room she was dressed in an Oriental approximation of a Victorian maid’s uniform. High-heeled black ankle boots which chafed horribly, black seamed stockings, knee length white bloomers, a restrictive corset, a black serge dress which was long-sleeved and reached to her calves. Her black uniform was relieved only by a white lace Peter Pan collar, a starched white apron tied with a large bow and the cap, complete with long ribbons which was perched on her head.
Yang Xe looked at her maid with a certain amount of pride. She’d researched ‘English Maid’ on the internet and then had paid a local dressmaker to design a uniform especially for Alison. How foolish she looked, how subservient. The real pleasure though was the reaction of her good friend Liang Li. The poor woman was absolutely furious. Every one of their social class and wealth had servants, they were very common and not worth mentioning. But she, Yang Xe, was the proud owner of an English servant, and what’s more an English servant dressed in the actual uniform of an English maidservant. The joy was enough to make her heart flutter. She picked up the little silver bell by her hand and rang it a couple of times. Her maid immediately left her place by the window and scurried over to where  her mistress and her two guests lay comfortably reclined. Carefully she knelt by Yang Xe’s elbow and held the tray up so it was within easy reach.
Yang Xe couldn’t help but notice the angry reaction on the face of her two guests. Both Liang Li and her daughter, Lily were clearly envious.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Olivia Holt in Generous: A Lady to Maid?

I've come across a new music video by Olivia Holt called Generous. Lyrics, as one would expect from an aspiring 19-year-old American pop singer, feature gems like "gonna give you that uhm" and "just want you on me/hey, say that you want me", but it's rarely that a music video comes along that features a traditional maid uniform so I couldn't help but share it with you. The plot is clearly inspired by that romantic hideousness known as Maid in Manhattan, but to an avid lady-to-maid fan it can also easily be interpreted as a rich socialite playing dress up as a maid. I've attached a few screen grabs under the youtube video. 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Duchesses Becoming Maids: A Short Essay

By T. H. Enerdly

In 1889, Crown Prince of Austria Rudolph committed suicide together with his mistress, Baroness Mary Vetsera, an event known as the Mayerling incident, Mayerling being the Imperial hunting Lodge, the scene of the incident.

A few years ago, while reading an account of this incident in the book A Nervous Splendor by Frederick Morton, I chanced upon the following interesting observation about the Baroness:

“She knew it wouldn't do to arrive at costume balls as a Bourbon princess (accountants' wives were known to do that). Instead she’d come as a saucy chambermaid (the favorite disguise of duchesses).”

If one occasionally writes lady-to-maid stories as I do, one's interest cannot help but be piqued by a quote such as the one above. I immediately began researching duchesses who liked to wear chambermaid costumes…but found nothing. Every year or so since I first read the quote, I've tried to find more information, but have been disappointed every time.

Recently, I've tried a different approach. I decided to search for an image of a duchess wearing a chambermaid costume. Much to my delight, I found such an image on Pinterest, the one accompanying this essay. The Pinterest posting did not contain much information: Merely a couple of sentences that identified the subject as Grand Duchess Elena Vladimirovna and noted that she was wearing a masquerade costume, probably “chambermaid.”

My first thought, when viewing the image, was that it must be difficult to dance a waltz while holding a lit candlestick. But, with the image, I now more or less had confirmation that duchesses sometimes wore chambermaid outfits to costume balls. This was a place where I could start some actual research.

There is an article about Elena in the Wikipedia. She is described as having had a “grand manner” and a rather nasty temper, which, by the way, are not ideal character traits, either for a unmarried Grand Duchess or a maid. She is reputed to have had an offer of marriage, later withdrawn, from Archduke Ferdinand, the fellow whose assassination sparked World War I, an event some historians believe was a knock-on effect set in motion by the suicide of Crown Prince Rudolph. Failure to marry the Archduke probably was wonderful for Elena’s longevity, given that the man who assassinated Ferdinand also killed the latter’s wife. Elena ended up marrying Prince Nicholas of Greece, her only suitor, presumably because other potential suitors were unenthusiastic about her “grand manner” and temper.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Story: Alison’s Attitude Adjustment. Part 2.

by Charles Ryder
Suddenly the door opened and a woman entered. She was tall for a Chinese woman and carried herself with a confidence that only the rich and powerful have. She was beautifully and expensively dressed in a Western style trouser suit. Her hair and make-up were perfectly done, she simply oozed sophistication. Alison assumed that this was Yang Xe, Mi’s mother. The second person to enter the room was Mi herself. Like her mother she was beautifully dressed in a clearly expensive dark blue silk blouse and demure knee-length skirt. Her schoolgirl haircut had been replaced with a more sophisticated style, which along with her black high-heels made her look about six inches taller than Alison remembered. The third and final person to enter the room was her Governess, Miss Zhao, dressed in her customary black garb.
“You may make your obedience, girl.” Said Miss Zhao.
Alison had been well trained as to what she should do when she first met her new Mistress. Slowly she sank to her knees and pressed her forehead to the floor.
“Madam Yang and Mistress Yang, my name is Alison Templeman-Davies. I hereby accept the fact that I am your property. I am yours to do with as I wish. I truly regret my behaviour towards you Mistress Yang, and with your help I will endeavour to make amends for it. I hope you will accept me as your slave.”

Friday, September 15, 2017

Story: Alison’s Attitude Adjustment. Part 1.

by Charles Ryder
Alison Templeman-Davies was woken from her fitful sleep at 6am by the jarring note of her bedside alarm. Without thinking she immediately roused herself and stumbled across to the washbasin in her tiny room. She washed and quickly brushed her teeth. In the one wardrobe that contained all her clothes she extracted the cheap nylon uniform and slipped it over her head. She pulled her one pair of black leather flats from under her bed and pushed her feet into them. She brushed her blonde hair and bound it into a pony tail using an elastic band. She grimaced at herself in the reflection of the cracked little mirror. She pulled and tugged at her black polyester dress but no matter what she did it was still too small and too tight. She checked that the white collar was properly fastened and that the white cuffs of her dress weren’t too grimy. She reached over for her frilly white apron and tied it around her waist in a big bow. The final and most demeaning touch was to pin her little black and white cap to her lacklustre hair. Finally Alison Templeman-Davies, eldest daughter of millionaire businessman Ronald Templeman-Davies, was ready for work.
She scurried down the corridor in order to get to her place in the kitchen by 6.45. There were already five other girls in the huge room. Nobody spoke to her; nobody even paid her the slightest attention. The other servant girls never spoke to her in fact. That was partly because they were uneducated girls from the country but also because they didn’t speak any English. Alison couldn’t converse in Chinese either so their chances for any sort of interaction were limited. Through the clouds of steam she could see her immediate superior, Miss Chang, gesticulating to her. She hurried over to her and bowed as she was required to do.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Story: Daphne and the White Apron. Part 5.

by Monica Graz

During the next few hours, Lita realized the hard way what serious housework means. She also realized how easy her job was in the Arnellos family house where she had to practically take care of an empty place. They started their cleaning from the bedrooms in the 1st floor. She instantly understood that cleaning the four occupied and heavily used bedrooms was a different story altogether. After they finished the master bedroom and its adjoining luxurious bathroom they had to tackle the children’s bedrooms. As expected they were very messy. Clothes thrown on the carpeted floor, wet towels on the bed, dirty knickers and bras hanging at the back of a chair. Lita was surprised and appalled. She could never believe that people can be that messy.

As they were working together Rosie started explaining about the family. “This is Akilah’s room, her name means ‘clever’ in Arabic. She is their oldest child; she has just turned 16 some weeks ago. She is really clever and very good at school but very arrogant and messy as you can see from her room,” she started saying as they were stripping the bed to change the sheets.

“Wow Rosie,” Lita answered, “I never saw such a messy room.” And immediately smiled secretly thinking that really and truly that was her first real maid’s job outside the Arnellos residence, but she couldn’t really reveal that to Rosie, could she!

Rosie who was quite clever picked something because she said, “Probably you never worked before in a house with teenage children. Believe me they are usually that messy.”

Monday, September 4, 2017

What I'm up to

Dear readers,

I wanted to apologise for the recent lack of updates and my departure from the self-imposed 1 post/2days schedule. I do hope to return with a lot more lady-to-maid content in coming days and weeks.

I must admit that I've been hit with a rather severe case of writer's block which derailed some of my abmitious publishing plans. Also, a number of my regular writers (no doubt during a secret meeting) decided to take long summer breaks at the same time.

Please do not worry. I don't think the well's dried up and there is a lot more where it came from. I do have a number of posts planned already and now it's only a matter of sitting down and writing them. Please watch this space for more stories and other lady-to-maid related content, including movie reviews and a rather long history of a traditional maid's uniform that I've been working on for a long time now.

As always, I really welcome your suggestions and submissions.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Story: Maddie Made Maid. Chapters 11-12.

by Noëlle Lague

(Freely based on "Maid in China" by Barefoot Servant)

XI - A suitable haircut

Drowning in humiliation Maddie was dragged by Heather toward the big entrance of the house. Jenny, Skye and Graham stood waiting, waving with beaming smiles at the door. Maddie curtsied in front of them.

”Oh Pudgy, is that Chanel or Armani? Can´t wait to see your new hairstyle,” Skye taunted.

A shamefaced Maddie followed Heather out the door, the clacking of Heather´s heels accompanying the strong rustling noise produced by Maddie´s rainwear.

Heather parked right outside the beauty parlor. Looking at the sign she snickered: ”Beauty parlor”. Probably not an appropriate name in relation to what was going to take place in there today, she thought, smiling to herself. 

Linda, the hairdresser, who had been prepared for Maddie´s visit, greeted Heather with a hug before turning towards Maddie.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Story: Maddie Made Maid. Chapter 10.

by Noëlle Lague
(Freely based on "Maid in China" by Barefoot Servant)

X - Disciplined at the Kim´s 

The next day was going to be filled to the brim with duties for Maddie. She had to wake up at five o´clock and was immediately told by Rosario to get dressed in her cleaning uniform, the pink smock in thick nylon that she had been using cleaning up after the guests. It made the serving uniform seem light and airy. Just like the day before, she was to wear only the smock, without bra and panties. The fact that it was worn without apron, for some reason, gave the outfit an even more restrictive impression. Maddie felt her nipples attacked with every movement, the stiff fabric was merciless. Rosario instructed her to put the large white hairband in her hair to keep the it away from her face. Maddie saw her reflection in a full-length mirror and groaned audibly.

”Yes Maddie, that´s how Miss Heather wanted you to look for your cleaning chores today, that is, for the moment. She wanted me to tell you that you later today have a hairdresser`s appointment. You will be given a more appropriate haircut for the maid you are, the lowest in rank.”

Maddie squirmed feeling tears of anger welling up in her eyes.

”But….Mrs. Dalaga….I….don´t want to cut my…..”, she complained but was cut off by Rosario.

”Enough of your whining.”

She seized Maddie´s arm and held it with a firm hand.

”Ow, you´re hurting me….”

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Story: Maddie Made Maid. Chapter 9.

by Noëlle Lague

(Freely based on "Maid in China" by Barefoot Servant)

IX - Exposure
 “Good evening. May I…..,” Maddie started, looking up at a tall unknown man.
”You must be Maddie, the new maid?”
Maddie perceived somebody behind the man, she wasn´t sure, but she thought she could see a pair of pink rubber boots.
”Go fetch Mrs. Kim for me, will you?”
”Yes Mr. Bronstein, right away. Please come in.”
As she held the door for Mr. Bronstein the person wearing rain boots became unveiled.
“Mom….wha…..why are you ….”
”Just go fetch Mrs. Kim for me, and hurry up,” Mr. Bronstein snapped her.”
”Yes Mr. Bronstein, I´m sorry.”

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Story: Maddie Made Maid. Chapter 8.

by Noëlle Lague

(Freely based on "Maid in China" by Barefoot Servant)

VIII - Under Heather´s thumb
What followed was a whirlwind of activity for the two maids. Rosario told Maddie that she was expected to do all of the cleaning, the hard work, the coming day. Rosario sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions. Maddie emptied the dishwasher and quickly learned that even that task was not as simple as it was in her own home. As Maddie removed each item, Rosario instructed her to hand dry it, then hand wash any residual soap film, then hand dry it again.
“This seems an awful lot of work, Mrs. Dalaga”, Maddie complained.
“Have you ever seen a soap spot on any of our glasses when you came to visit as Miss Jennifer’s friend?”
“No, Mrs. Dalaga but….”
”The word but will not come out of your mouth again Maddie”.
”I´m sorry, Mrs. Dalaga”.
Maddie started carefully to dry a glass.
“Do I have to call her Miss Jennifer too, Mrs. Dalaga?”