Monday, January 30, 2017

In Service: Julia Fullerton-Batten

Here is another maid-related photo shoot to add to my growing collection. This one is exquisitely done and my only complaint is that not every picture featured a maid! The photographer, Julia Fullerton-Batten, quite unusually, also provided a detailed "artist statement", which, among other things, says the following:

“In Service” concentrates on amoral episodes that took place in some of the stately homes of Britain during the Edwardian era. I was fortunate to find three stately homes in the south of England that provided eminently suitable backdrops for shooting the series. Built in the 18th Century their interior decorations closely resemble those found in grand houses in the Edwardian era. I dressed the servants in authentic Edwardian era style clothing. To heighten the class difference I went for a contrast in fashion styles and dressed some of the female employers in clothing designed by Alexander McQueen and Chanel.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Story: Klavdia Kuznetsova. Chapter 1.

by Violet Carson
Chapter 1

Claudia Andrews stared blankly at the screen of her laptop. It had been almost 6 months since her husband Dave Andrews had died suddenly of a heart attack aged just 53. At only 36 herself, she was now a relatively wealthy and very attractive business woman and widow. Many had viewed her as Dave’s “trophy wife” when they wed, knowing very little about her and what they could possibly have in common. In fact she had to admit that with her endlessly long legs and shoulder length expensively highlighted blonde hair, she ticked most of those boxes.
She day-dreamed the afternoon away, in between checking the odd email that flashed up on the screen and aimlessly staring out of her office window. She had told her PA: Sam to hold all her calls for the afternoon, for no particular reason other than she wanted time to think about how she was going to bring her undoubtedly insane plan into action and how much her life had changed since her teenage years growing up as Klavdia Kuznetsova an only child in post Communist Russia in Volgograd in the country’s south. She was always known as Klava, which had been a common girl's name on her mother’s side of the family. She had always hated it and when she settled in London changed it to the more international sounding Claudia.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Story: Paid in Full

(Replaced with an extended and re-edited version on February 9, 2017)
by B.L Sharp

Marley Stein was beyond shock as she read the text message from her neighbor, Jessica. Still, she stared intensely at the threat conveyed in the message and displayed so vividly on her phone screen. Jessica had borrowed $4,000 from Marley a while ago, stating it was to recompense the funds she’d overdrawn from the joint bank account she operated with her husband. But, when the time to repay Marley arrived, Jessica refused to take her calls or respond to any one of Marley’s text messages for two weeks. It took a direct ultimatum asking her to ‘either pay up or deal with a court case’ to get a response from Jessica.

The response, in any case, turned out to be a direct threat to Marley’s livelihood, delivered in a curt manner. Jessica warned that, if Marley ever threatened to sue her again, then she would ‘tank’ her business and credibility.

Marley was a real estate entrepreneur and for over three years, had built herself a multi-million-dollar empire by buying and selling commercial real estate. And, she wasn’t going to put up with anyone who threatened to ruin her reputation or business. The 5’2 120lbs raven-haired tycoon sat up and placed a call to a close friend.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Story: Cinderella, Humble, Haughty Child

This short story was recommended to me by T.H. Enerdly. It comes from a 1999 book called "Inverted Odysseys" (affiliate link), which, among other things, includes this "pervered" version of Cinderella written by the Surrealist artist and photographer Claude Cahun.

Strictly, this is not a lady2maid story, but comes pretty close, suggesting themes of self-imposed downgrade. I hope it's to your liking.

“She let fall one of her glass slippers,
which the Prince carefully picked up.”


My father remarried and I was very happy about it all. I’d always dreamed of having a stepmother. But heaven overwhelmed me, giving me two sisters by marriage. They were deliciously cruel. I especially loved the elder, who despised me delightfully: When she saw me always sitting in the cinders by the fireplace, whose warmth penetrated me with delight (sometimes even burning me), did her dear familiar voice not call me Kitchenella? Never was a word so sweet to my ears.

Sadly, they were pretty girls, marriageable maidens; they left us soon, leaving me with my parents, who, devoted to one another, regarded the world with a drunkard’s tenderness—and included me in their superb universal indifference. I will do anything to avoid a marriage like that . . . But how would I do it? I with my loving nature, and so submissive? . . .

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Story: A Servant's Revenge. Epilogues.

by Mally01

The steady beep beep beep of the Electrocardiograph monitor was the only sound in the room. A nurse and a doctor looked at their patient when a maid entered. The patient eyes started to move rapidly under the owner's eyelids, slowly opening. Charlotte blinked, then looked around the room as her blurred vision cleared. The doctor and nurse checked her over in silence then left the room. Rosa approached and sat next to the bed and waited for the questions that would come.
"Rosa how, how. what happened, where am I?"
"Well, Miss Charlotte, you were out riding and took a fall. You are in hospital."
"Rosa, I had the strangest dream, I dreamt I was a maid and that you were the Lady of the house."
"It was just a dream, Miss Charlotte"
"Rosa, I dreamt it lasted three months"

Friday, January 20, 2017

Young Woman and Her Maids

Tetora pointed me to an excellent photo shoot on Getty Images that I thought I'd share with you as well. I am a big fan of maid-inspired fashion shoots and posted a few of them in this blog over the years, so here is another one for your enjoyment. It almost looks like an illustration to a lady-to-maid story. Sorry I cannot remove watermarks, but they are not in any way obtrusive.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Story: A Taste of Her Own Medicine.

By B.L Sharp

In the story "A Bet Was Maid" an out of place woman named April approached a local woman named Heather and challenged her to a game of pool. The condition of the bet was that the loser had to be the winner's maid for a month. April pulled a conned and beat Heather making her April maid for the month. After the month, Heather mom Maura approached the con artist and challenged her to a game of pool with the same terms that April and Heather made. April was not prepared for the fact that the woman beat her and forcing April to be her maid.

There is something else April does not know. Something that will lead to her demise and social downgrade from respected billiards player to a maid once and for all.

"False modesty can be worse than arrogance"—David Mitchell

Tonight will be the ultimate downfall of April Yeoh, the professional billiards player that have been running scams on women pretending not to know how to play pool and suckered them into games with the conditions of the losers being maids to her. Heather Thompson, the woman who fell for this con, learned about her scheme from a few friends in the pool hall. She started a campaign to bring this scamming professional pool hustler all the way down the social ladder back to her rightful place. The place she had before she became a professional pool player. A maid!

Monday, January 16, 2017

My favorite stories. TG Edition.

An earlier post about my favorite transformation stories had been the most-read in the past month. So I decided to do a follow-up one, this time focusing on TG fiction. Readers of my newsletter know that I have a strange love-hate relationship with sex change stories for various reasons, but still I've enjoyed quite a few of them over the years. After all, there is quite a lot of overlap in social drop and downgrade themes in TG and lady2maid fiction.

Here's a list of some of my favorites, both oldies and new ones I've recently discovered. Most are free, a few are ebooks you can purchase. (Disclaimer: I may earn a small commission for any purchases you make via Amazon affiliate e-book links. You purchase will help me support this blog.)

Little Brown Girl (affiliate link): this wonderful novel from Tom Tame was recently suggested to me by my Robyn Hoode. An aging business executive is transformed into a dark-skinned native girl and must serve his former wife as an immigrant servant maid. In a way, it is similar to Only A Baby Machine, which I've already recommended to my newsletter subscribers. The author's attention to psychological detail is impeccable. In short, this is one of the best maid and racial change stories I've read in recent years. Really well done.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Story: Annabelle's New Role. Part 18.

by Violet Carson
My second date with Jack was now just two days away and I was more scared than I’d ever been as to whether I’d be found out and would he expect me to spend the night which he probably would and could I fake an orgasm as an old lady and even would I actually have to fake it! Also would he be able to manage it!
I finally got to the flat and on opening the door saw a rather large official looking envelope. I bent down carefully easing my bad back to pick it up,
It was addressed to Mrs. Annabelle Parsons {nee Edwards) from Sedgewick, Rowe & Smith who I knew were Mark’s solicitors, informing me that they had been instructed by Mr. Mark Parfitt to initiate divorce proceedings.
I stared at the letter for what seemed like an eternity as the tears ran down my face dripping on to the letter. I suppose it was inevitable after what I’d put Mark through that this would happen, but somehow the tragic reality of the situation still hurt immeasurably. A few months ago we’d been the perfect couple until I embarked on this crazy journey, “What had I been thinking and was my mother right all along that I must be having some kind of breakdown!”

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Story: A Servant's Revenge. Chapter 5.

by Mally01
The soft beep beep of Rosa/Charlotte's alarm clock sounded stirring her from her slumber, the time was five o'clock. She pulled back the coarse sheet and raised her hands to her eyes and wiped away the sleep. She got out of bed and dropped her feet into the slippers next to her bed and took her dressing gown from the chair. Pulling it on she took her toiletries and headed to the shower. This was the best time for Rosa/Charlotte as the water would be hot. She turned on the water and stepped into the shower and lathered her body.
She took her shampoo and washed her bob cut hair forcing the shampoo deep into her scalp. Once her hair was covered in a white froth she rinsed it off. She dried her body and turned off the shower then put her dressing gown back on and headed back to her room. Closing her door Rosa went to the dresser and took out her underwear for the day. She removed her dressing gown and slid the black cotton panties up her legs snapping the material in place at her waist. Next, she put one the cotton matching bra and reached around and fumbled with the hook and eyes until they engaged.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Eliza's Story

I was approached by the webmaster of Czarnobialy (Black & White) blog, who's written a post called Eliza's Story inspired by Lady2Maid themes. I've been following this Polish-language blog for a long time as it offers a unique collection of photos and commentary on maids in movies and on television.

The blog's owner published the first chapter and second chapter of a story about a girl, who's starting work as a domestic servant in Barcelona, and wanted to get comments from the community here. I am more than happy to promote his efforts. Scroll down for the English translation, it's right below the Polish original. I hope you like it.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Expanding My Horizons

Dear all,

Can I ask you what other transformation-related websites and blogs you frequent other than this one? I am currently trying to boost my link page and feel than I am only scratching the surface. There must be a lot of other blogs that I should be following that I don't. Do you have any reading and linking suggestions? What websites, blogs or forums do you check out regularly? Please share in the comments section or drop me a line.

And yeah, don't forget to sign up for my newsletter if you haven't already. Watch this space in coming weeks for more lady-to-maid content.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Story: I Dream of Ginger

By B.L Sharp

Ginger was in the bedroom sobbing, she could not believe that she agreed to become a maid. This is definitely a step down the social ladder from where she used to be. A stunning redhead with sky blue eyes and freckles that were adorable and very nice 35D rack. The 37-year-old southern belle that moved from Alabama still got the looks that would make guys look twice.  She was a very well paid marketing executive for public relations firm. She was also very popular within her social circles and had a great boyfriend by the name of B.L. Then suddenly out of the sky her job downsized and she was one of the people who been let go. She has been taking side jobs that ended up not helping her with rent and other expenses.

Three hours ago, she received an eviction letter telling her she had 30 days to move. Not knowing anybody and not having family here Ginger was basically a woman without a home in a foreign city called Cleveland, OH. Definitely not wanting to be homeless, Ginger explained her situation to her landlord Miss K. She begged and pleaded with Miss K not to kick her out.

“Please, Miss K, let me stay here, I have nowhere to go. I do anything to stay here.”


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Story: Her Most Remarkable Performance. Chapter 6.

by Camille Langtry

Chapter 6

The following week, not without some hesitation, Lady Georgina came to see Mr. Noble. His office was on the first floor of Evelyn’s theatre and had a separate entrance from the back street. The shining brass plate by the door proudly proclaimed: Dr. Victor F. Noble. Linguistics & Theatrical Art. Georgina sighed deeply and rang the bell. A minute later the door was opened by a middle-aged gentleman in a gray coat, who bowed and introduced himself.

“Mr. Noble. Linguistics and theatrical Art. You must be the lady Miss Fairchild told me about? Please come in. I’ve been expecting you,” said the gentleman in a deep, authoritative voice of a paterfamilias or a university professor.

Lady Georgina followed Mr. Noble into his study, a spacious room with book-lined walls and a large table, which was almost completely covered by piles of paper and notebooks of various sizes. The study’s owner offered Georgina a seat and continued.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Story: A Bet Was Maid

By B.L Sharp

Heather Thompson is a gifted billiards player. She has been playing the game since the age of 12 years old. That notoriety obviously went to the fiery red hair beauty head. Standing at 5’9 145 lbs. the 32-year-old blue-eyed prodigy was taller than most ladies in the league and has legs that can go for miles. She looks really good in the black skirt and white sweater. She is at her favorite bar shooting balls around on the table as she always does every day around this time. For the third time, she has cleared a table all but missing one. She was about to have another go around when a wiry Asian lady approached the pool table with a smile. Heather looked up at her and sighed and frustration at seeing this lady.
This young woman has been a fixture at this bar and at her table for the past two weeks, whenever Heather is here practicing she would appear out of thin air and watch her play with keen interest. “I see you been watching me the past few weeks. Like what are you seeing?” Heather said in a somewhat of an irritable tone. The woman was not fazed by her angry posture.