Monday, January 2, 2017

Story: A Bet Was Maid

By B.L Sharp

Heather Thompson is a gifted billiards player. She has been playing the game since the age of 12 years old. That notoriety obviously went to the fiery red hair beauty head. Standing at 5’9 145 lbs. the 32-year-old blue-eyed prodigy was taller than most ladies in the league and has legs that can go for miles. She looks really good in the black skirt and white sweater. She is at her favorite bar shooting balls around on the table as she always does every day around this time. For the third time, she has cleared a table all but missing one. She was about to have another go around when a wiry Asian lady approached the pool table with a smile. Heather looked up at her and sighed and frustration at seeing this lady.
This young woman has been a fixture at this bar and at her table for the past two weeks, whenever Heather is here practicing she would appear out of thin air and watch her play with keen interest. “I see you been watching me the past few weeks. Like what are you seeing?” Heather said in a somewhat of an irritable tone. The woman was not fazed by her angry posture.

“Yes I am, I'm sorry if I being a pest but I just intrigued by how you play and carry yourself”
“Carry myself. What do you mean by that?”
“The serious look on your face when you practice. That’s what interests me.”
“Oh really, I’m so glad to entertain you,” Heather commented which gotten her more irritated. She not quite sure what this woman angle is or is she messing with her head. Whatever it is, she does not have time for it. “If you don’t mind, I like to practice in peace” Heather coldly replied and went back to shooting. She did not notice the woman lick her lips at her. The lady spoke up again.
“Again, I apologize if I offended you. I just like to watch you play. I’m April by the way”
“Look? April, I don’t mean to sound rude but I don’t have time to chit chat. I want to practice in peace.” Heather replied with a tone that indicates she done conversing. Lining her cue she hit the 3 ball in the side pocket with minimal effort. April watches Heather cleared the table with very keen interest. She watched intently at how effortlessly well cleared the table.
“I'm impressed, Heather. You were able to clear the side rails before hitting 7, 9 and 3 in sequential order behind the kitchen before clearing the 8 ball,” April chimed in. Heather stopped and looked at her. Her eyebrows arched in amusement. Inwardly she was stunned the little shit was using billiards jargon. The kitchen is the area in which the cue ball is placed after the balls are set up. The kitchen area is at the head of the table. She nodded at her approvingly. “I see someone is a little knowledgeable about the game.”
“I picked it up on ViewTube. The real reason why I came over is because I wanted to talk to you.” April said a little nervously. Heather nodded her head up and down at this. She suspected this woman had a reason to come to her table where there was plenty other tables where people are shooting that she can stalk. Now her suspicions are confirmed. “Ok? What is it?”
“I…I want to challenge you to a game of Billiards,” April said finally getting it out. Heather looked at her stunned for a few minutes. A minute has elapsed and then Heather broke out laughing really hard to the point her eyes is watery. She cannot believe this young girl. Challenging her to a game of pool on her home turf. She really cannot be serious. Is she? “Come again?”
“I want to play you in a game of pool.”
“Sweetie, how old is you? You look like somebody’s daughter.”
“I’m actually 25.”
“When you actually have five or more experience in playing this game only then will I take you seriously.
“Come on, what are you afraid of? You right I don’t have experience. I want to play against the best. You afraid you might be ousted by a virgin billiards player?” April asked in a manner which is almost goading. Heather stared at her and her eyes narrowed. This bitch has the nerve to say that she scared?
“Let me tell you something April, I am not scared to be ousted. Nobody questions my skills and expertise. You want to humiliate yourself by losing badly to me I can happily accommodate you in doing that. You want a game, you got one.”
“Goody, let’s make this interesting. I live ten minutes from here. How about we play at my house tomorrow at 1 pm? Two out of three. The loser has to be a maid to the winner for a week” April said laying out the challenge. Heather was dumbfounded at this request. Has loser to be a maid to the winner for a week? What the hell kind of request is that? Heather Thompson does not clean and cooks let alone being a maid. She needs to have whatever drug this April is taking. “A maid, you serious?”
“Yes, I am. This will be fun. You are not scared are you?”
“I'm not scared damn it. I don’t do maids.”
“I think you are, its normal for you to doubt your skills,” April said in an attempt to goad Heather into accepting the stipulation. Obviously, it worked because Heather ego will not allow for anyone to question their resolve.
“Fine, deal. Since you so confident. Let’s make it 30 days. I’m so going to enjoy have you serving me drinks and giving me pedicures and manicures. You will be calling me Mistress, Heather.”
“Awesome, it is set. See you tomorrow Heather. You would look yummy in a French maid uniform. The thought makes me want to eat you up” April said licking her lips at Heather seductively and that gave her pause. Shivering at the thought Heather just noticed that her panties became wet from April licking her lips. She has no idea as to why that turned her on.
A taxi cab pulled up to a very beautiful ranch house in the suburbs, Heather was an awe over what she saw here. April’s house was situated in neighborhoods which have a cul-de-sac. After admiring the view she walked up to the house and rang the doorbell. The door open and April was smiling at Heather. She was wearing a t-shirt, shorts and barefoot. “Welcome, Heather. Take your shoes off before you come in,” April sang. Frowning at this request Heather bent down and unzipped her boots and slip them off leaving by the door. April was drooling over her pink colored toes behind the nude pantyhose she was wearing. Heather understood why she was asked to do take her shoes off. The floor was polished and buffed. Walking across the floor in nylon clad feet they went to the basement when there was a black and red pool table in the middle of the room. The balls were set up and aligned ready to play.
“Are you ready? As I mentioned 2 out of 3 falls, the loser has to be a maid to the winner for six weeks as you requested. I want to have this in writing so I want you to sign this half page contract stating the terms” April said gleefully and this really made Heather concern. A contract of the agreement, she is now starting to have second doubts about this. There is something off about her that she cannot point a finger at. Looking at April closely Heather starting to suspect she may know this woman.
“It isn’t that serious April. The contract is not necessary.”
“I know, just to be cautious and to ensure that you are serious and willing to honor the terms. I understand your doubt. I advise you read it,” April said warningly. Taking the contract Heather read it and it did state that the loser has to be the maid for six weeks in addition to following the other demands listed on the contract. Heather stood wide-eyed at this professionally written contract. “So what is going to be, we can not play if you don’t sign. I want assurances,” April said with finality in her voice. Being confident that she can beat this wiry woman. Heather sighed and signed the contract.
Smiling with joy April signed the contract also and put it in a safe in the corner of the room and locked it. She went to the rack and brought out two sticks, these are plain and ordinary billiard cues which April gave Heather one. She really excited about this game. April could not hold her joy. “I commend you for boldly accepting this challenge. I going to let you go first since you the host” April said gesturing towards the table. A little smile formed on Heather lips as she dusted the cue and got behind the head of the table. Not to give anything away, she lined her cue to the right drew back and exploded the cue forward with three balls hitting side pockets.
“Game, match,” Heather sang grinning ear to ear. She chose the non-stripe balls and cleared every one of them before bouncing the eight ball off the side and into the right corner pocket to win game one. Heather giggled with glee as she won the first match. April warmly smiled clapping her hands. “Nice Heather, I guess I have my work cut out for me.”
“You sure do honey, I going to finish the second game. I hope you into sexy maid costumes.”
“Actually I am, I own a couple and roleplayed with my boyfriend. I actually enjoyed it. I don’t mind going back into the being a maid. Did it at the hotel downtown for three years,” April quipped telling her times about being doing housekeeping for a big star hotel before lining her cue up. She drew back the cue and shot it forward with no balls hitting any pockets. Heather turn was next. She hit the 5 ball too hard on the side and it bounced off. Then April approached the table with a determined look on her face. Taking the same striped ball that Heather missed, she tapped it lightly on the right side of the ball and it went left hitting the left side corner pocket.
Heather relaxed and smug attitude abruptly stopped and she now became alerted. The next ball cleared the right side pocket with ease with the cue angled downward right causing the cue to angle hitting the three ball into the pocket. The next ball hit the other foot of the table bouncing back hitting the left side pocket. April was beaming with pride while Heather face flushed with shock. This little bitch hit three trick shots in a row. The next trick shot April did is with both stripped balls hitting both side pockets simultaneously at the same time. Heather can smell a pool shark a mile away and April is in that category. It is becoming quite clear to Heather that she been taken. The eight ball bounced twice before hitting a side pocket. “Yay, one game apiece. My break.”
“Who are you?” Heather asked now nervous and suspicious. She flashed back to the April coming to her table at the bar every day for weeks. She happens to appear and show up at the same time she was there. She was even there to watch her at 3 am on a Tuesday morning three weeks ago playing. It is now crystal clear. She was not there to watch her play. She was there to scout her. She silently berated herself for this rare oversight. She should have seen this as a red flag but she was so busy with her game that she fails to be alert and caught this. Now, she is regrettably paying the price for her own stupidity.
“I'm April, I told you silly,” April said giggling. She broke the balls and five balls hit the table. Heather heart is now beating faster as she watched the young woman clearing every striped ball off the table. Because of her lack of awareness and possibly her foolishness, she has been expertly conned by this little pool shark. She felt nauseous all of a sudden. The eight ball hit the corner and Heather became a little light headed. She can not believe this. “Yay, I won Heather. Please don’t look like that. I don’t like my maids who are bitter and angry,” she quipped. Heather studied closely at how she fast and meticulous she cleared the table from the right side of the table. She knows of a professional pool player who did that. Won the game by clearing the balls on one side of the table. It hit her, she looked at April and her eyes narrowed. She really knows who this con artist is. “April Jayne Yeoh,” Heather breathed the name in shock and mild anger.
April looked at her stunned and her smile became big nodding her head confirming Heather suspicions. “I'm impressed Heather. So you know who I am?”
“2015 Women World Billiards Champion. You have taken first place at the 2015 Billiards Championship in Las Vegas,” Heather replied still stunned that she been ousted and conned by a professional pool player. Her anger is was based on raw emotions. “You conned me, how could you do that?”
“I did not con you, you signed the contract and now you have to honor the terms,” April said. Heather added a pout to her anger, the little con artist was right. She did sign the fucking contract and now she has no choice but to honor the terms. She knew that she cannot really be mad at her, she has nobody but to blame but herself for being put in this situation. If she would have been alert and not allowed her ego to cloud her judgment, she would not be in this situation.
“Fine, I lost. I guess you have a maid,” Heather said with a very nasty edge to her tone that April did not like at all. She told her to stay there while she grabbed something. As April left Heather groaned in rage. She sounded off every expletive word she can think of punching the air. That rage was more directed at herself than April. How can she be so damn stupid? Now she is paying the price. April came back with a bag and hand it to Heather. She went over to the sofa across the from the pool table and dumped the content out.
It was a black long sleeve button down blouse, short black pencil mini-skirt, denier 100 black opaque pantyhose, white regular cotton socks with black rubber-soled slip-on slippers. It also had a maid's cap, frilly gloves and a “tea” apron with apron strings that ties around the waist. “Get dressed, you got a lot to do today. You will not be wearing shoes while on your duty. I gave you the shoes because you are going to go grocery shopping to prepare for tonight's dinner.”
“Do I have to wear this in public?”
“Yes, you do. When you have done with dinner, you will run my bath water and bathe me and dress me for the evening before you clean the kitchen and bathroom. One more thing: Drop that nasty attitude, you signed the contract saying you would honor the terms.” April said with a voice that taken on a lightly firm tone and her demeanor was serious. “You will demonstrate the right attitude by calling Ms. April and curtsey. You would follow all my instructions and do it with a smile. If I see a hint of anger and rage in your eyes and tone you would have breached the contract obligating me to take legal action. Do you understand me?” April asked her with her tone getting even firmer. Heather who dropped the tone and a look of fear and concern are on her feature and she did remember one of the terms in the contract that mentioned this. Swallowing her pride and biding her time to make her pay dearly she demurred and bowed. “Yes Ms. April,” she said dryly.
“I better hear the enthusiasm in your voice. This is my last warning to you.”
“Yes Ms. April,” Heather said bowing with more energy. “Better, get dressed and meet me at the front,” April said before leaving upstairs closing the door behind her. Heather muttered the word bitch under her breath and sighed heavily. She took the outfit and began stripping out of her clothes folding them up on the sofa. She took the tights and slipped them on her leg pulling them up her waist, then she put on the socks before sliding the skirt up her long legs. Then she slipped on the shoes and the blouse. She ties the tea apron around her waist before tying her hair in a bun. She put on the maid's cap and lastly the gloves. “I'm actually a maid. Fuck my life” Heather sighed in anger as she walked upstairs and began her journey the down social ladder of becoming a servant.
Six weeks later
It was the last day of the contract and Heather approached the house at 5 am every morning like she has the last six weeks. She is dressed in the custom formal maid outfit that she was required to wear. She aged 10 years from the hard labor she had to endure. Her hands were calloused from being on her hands and knees scrubbing every non carpeted floor in April’s house. She also became very plump.  She knocked on the door and April answered with a smile on her face. “Well good morning, I got to say. I'm really and sincerely impressed that you actually honored the terms even though I had to correct your icy stares. I'm still impressed and you will be here for only four hours today. For your final orders, I want you to do the morning routine then make me an oatmeal with three toast lightly buttered and fruit. Clean the kitchen and that will be it.
“Yes Ms. April,” Heather smiled and bowed walking in. She slipped her slippers off and began running the bath water for April adding scented oil. When April arrived Heather removed her robe and guided her into the bathroom where she sensually and thoroughly clean her before drying her off. Heather then set out April clothes for the day which was a dress and heels along with a white lacy bra and matching panties. After massaging her feet before dressing her Heather started making April breakfast and put it on a wooden tray which she delivered to her in the living room. “Your breakfast ready, Ms. April,” Heather bowed serving the breakfast. As April ate Heather ate in silence in the kitchen. When she was done she fetched the tray with the dishes and began to wash dishes.
Heather proceeded to clean the rest of the kitchen making it spotless and then hand scrubbed the floor before mopping it. When she was done it was 9:15 am. She went to the living room and April told her to sit down. “My sweet dear Heather, you officially fulfilled your contract. You can discard the uniform as you see fit. Even though you was nice and bubbly doing your commitment, I can see still see the hatred towards me coursing through your veins. I glad you had that checked. I wanted you to know what it's like what hard working people like me going through,” April said talking to Heather like they were best friends talking about social events. Heather eyes tore into April, she has no idea how right she is about Heather hated her. Doing her six-week commitment Heather was silently thinking of 100 ways to make her suffer miserably for what she was done. Hate is exactly the right word to describe her feeling towards April. “Do you have a problem with me?”
“First off, I will be candor with you. I have a very serious problem with you for the stunt you pulled. I will overlook it because getting angry will not undo what you did. Just remember this, what you did to me will come back on you 10 fold.”
“Is that a threat?”
“I let you figure that out. Good day, April” Heather said with the nasty edge in her tone returning. She got up and walked towards the door and slammed it so hard the hinges tore off. April looked at the door with stunned silence. Smirking, she shrugged and went back to playing with her phone. She got somebody cleaning her house for free and that’s good enough for her.
Two days later April is at the same pool hall that Heather frequents to play pool. She was practicing solo clearing the table three times in a row. She was scouting around to see who she going to lure to be her next maid. She has been running this game for three months and this place has plenty of pretty older woman that she can manipulate into being her maid. Just need to find the right mark. “Can I join you at this table?” said a new voice April did not recognize. April turned around and saw a very attractive.
middle aged woman who looks to be in her early 50s. Her hair is grayish blonde tied in a ponytail and has a nice 36C bust. She smiled sweetly at April. The woman was wearing a black sweatshirt, sweatpants, socks, and sneakers. April and licked her lips at this woman and she blushed in response. “Absolutely, I was just practicing.”
“I see you clear the tables three in a row. I'm impressed.”
“Thanks, want to play?”
“Geez, I don’t know. Really not that good.”
“Come on, don’t be coy. Let’s make this interesting. One game. The loser has to be the winner’s housemaid for six weeks. Are you game?”
“Maid, huh? That’s interesting. Why the hell not? Sure, I'm game. My name is Maura.”
“I'm April, nice to meet you, Maura.”
“You too,” said Maura. She went and grabbed a pool stick and held it type of funny. April giggled at this. She found the perfect mark. They way she looked in them sweats makes her want to pin Maura and start eating all over her. She would look definitely in a maid’s uniform on her hands and knees scrubbing her toilets. “What are the rules?”
“Before we play, I want to sign an agreement saying that the loser has to be winner maid for six weeks. Please read it,” April said handing Maura the contract. She read three times and nodding smiling. “That’s fine by me,” she said eagerly signing it. April signed it before taking the cue ball and struck the balls with nothing hitting the pockets. “You up,” April said with glee. She hopes and prays this hag misses so she can clean the table and take her home so she can start her maid duty by hand feeding her dinner. Thinking about it made her wet.
Maura went and taken out two blue latex gloves and put them on. Dusting the cue she kissed the tip of the cue and held it kind of funny trying to get the right angle. Seconds later she straightens the cue and cut the stripped ball low and so hard it went riding the rails hitting the corner pocket. The next ball she bounced it off the side rails and into the corner pocket. April began to stiffen with concern. She recognized that trick shot. Maura knocked in the last three balls and April began to flush with fear. She now praying that she missed. She split two balls into each corner pocket then taken the cue ball and lined it downward to the left and turned and looked at April. An evil smile came across her face. “This should teach not to con people. Like you did Heather” Maura said still looking at her as she hit the cue ball breaking the eight ball into the right side pocket. Maura eyes never left a very horrified and stunned April. Maura cut the eight ball in the side pocket perfectly while looking at April. That was no look shot. Only players that can make that are trick shot players.
“My, my looks like I have me a maid. There is a book bag by the table. Get dressed and I want you out here in ten minutes.”
“Wait, come on. Come on, another game. Two out of three.”
“No! It’s your rules and your contract. Now you have to abide by it. Unless you want to breach it and I take you to court,” Maura said in a serious tone. April's face went watery at the fact that now she has to honor the contract like Heather did. “How did you know about Heather?”
“She told me, April. I'm her mother,” Maura Thompson, 2008 US Billiards Champion, who told her to hurry it up. Still, sobbing April went to the table and grabbed the bag and went and go change. She came back ten minutes later wearing a standard housekeeping dress which is gray with a tea apron with strings, black pantyhose, and black rubber soled flats. “You going home with me April. You are going to start vacuuming; dusting and hand scrub all four bathrooms. Then you would cook and bathe me. Any questions”
“No, ma’am”
“I’m pleased with your etiquette. Let’s go, you have a lot of work today,” she said snapping her fingers. April who tears flowed freely down her face walked behind Maura and left the bar just like Heather starting her journey down the social ladder of being a maid. Karma is a bitch!



  1. Anyone who's going to write a story involving a contract should know what "contract" means, or take the time to learn. "No consideration; no contract."

    1. I did not want to go into the mechanics of a legal contract. That would have confused and lost readers interest.

  2. Good story to start the new year B.L thanks for sharing.

  3. Glad you enjoyed it. Much appreciated

  4. a great story i hope Heather gets time to pop in into her mothers house for a short stay. maybe Six weeks?

  5. Hahaha, thinking 8 weeks. I did this story as a moral lesson and deterrent for anybody who think it's a good idea to pull a con on someone.

  6. Great story. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh i love stories involving bets and the involuntary "switch" at the end! Thanks, this was great!

    1. Glad you liked it, the next story will involve an involuntary switch.

  8. 'Interesting story. It would be an added hoot if Heather showed up just in time to see April outfitted as maid to Heather's mom, and to give April the quip, "Nice try, April, but better luck next time... Oh, and based upon your prior maid experience, you do look so much 'at home' in your maid's uniform! Being a maid again should become your career goal, don't you think?" as Heather flashes her most wicked smile at April. :D

    1. Oh wow! You the second person that told me that. I never thought of that from that perspective

  9. 'Never too late to add that heavy, juicy back-lash to the story from Heather to April, B.L. [Whom was it who said, "Great minds think alike." lol] ;)

  10. How about instead of her mom avenging her, Heather instead challenged April to another game of pool. Assuming she was going to beat Heather again April raises the stakes to the loser has to be a maid for a whole year. Heather agrees and they play and Heather wins. Turns out this was a long con. Heather is much better than she let on and lost the first match on purpose. She served as a maid for a month so that she could make April her maid for a year!

    1. That's not a bad idea, thank you for giving me new material. i can add on to this in a new story