Saturday, January 14, 2017

Story: Annabelle's New Role. Part 18.

by Violet Carson
My second date with Jack was now just two days away and I was more scared than I’d ever been as to whether I’d be found out and would he expect me to spend the night which he probably would and could I fake an orgasm as an old lady and even would I actually have to fake it! Also would he be able to manage it!
I finally got to the flat and on opening the door saw a rather large official looking envelope. I bent down carefully easing my bad back to pick it up,
It was addressed to Mrs. Annabelle Parsons {nee Edwards) from Sedgewick, Rowe & Smith who I knew were Mark’s solicitors, informing me that they had been instructed by Mr. Mark Parfitt to initiate divorce proceedings.
I stared at the letter for what seemed like an eternity as the tears ran down my face dripping on to the letter. I suppose it was inevitable after what I’d put Mark through that this would happen, but somehow the tragic reality of the situation still hurt immeasurably. A few months ago we’d been the perfect couple until I embarked on this crazy journey, “What had I been thinking and was my mother right all along that I must be having some kind of breakdown!”

I sat at the kitchen table with a cup of tea and lit my second cigarette of the day. I read through the letter and associated documents a number of times and there was at least an element of a silver lining.
Due to Mark’s relative wealth I’d signed a prenup agreement before we married, not giving it much thought as like all other brides to be, thought that this was forever and so what did it matter. The agreement stated that if there were no children then I would get £100,000 for each year that we’d been married, which equated to £300,000, but on this occasion if I agreed not to contest the divorce it would be increased to £450,000 as Mark wanted to conclude the case quickly. This was hardly a life-changing sum but it would enable me to buy my own small flat and start my life again. However I wondered whom would that life be as? AJ or Rose. I read it again and phoned Jenny who I hadn’t spoken to for a few weeks to witness my signature. I needed to close that chapter of my life forever and Mark and Lucy could do whatever they wanted with no further interference from me. The letter explained that if uncontested it would take no more than three months for a “quickie” divorce to be finalised when the money would be transferred to me. I knew that I was going to go ahead and agree.
At work on Thursday, Marj made sure that I was ready for my date with Jack the next day and kept reminding me of how much he was looking forward to it. I felt absolutely terrible knowing I was playing a sick game with him and could only think about my collapsed marriage and whether I would rather be going on a date with Mark or Andrzej, in fact anyone but Jack. Marj told me she had some ideas to make me look my best and told me I had to trust her, which I thought sounded rather alarming, but my submissive side came to the fore and I felt unable to stop her.
Friday arrived and after my morning shift at the food factory I needed to get ready for the evening, or was it to be first night spent with Jack? I’d spent all morning during my cleaning shift wondering what to wear and resolved to go into town and treat myself to something new that afternoon, before Marj’s promised arrival at my flat at 5pm.
I went round a number of the cheaper stores but all were clearly aimed at the under 25 age group and I could find nothing suitable for Rose so I returned to my haunts of the local charity shops, and when I had practically given up I found a burgundy coloured polyester dress that came to just below my knees. It had obviously been worn a few times and was designed to look like silk, but a bit like me it had had a hard life and had lost much of its shine. It was however perfect for a date for Rose and with my outdated court shoes with the 2” heels and some of my cheep and slightly OTT jewelry I’d look my best for him. I’d also pack a spare pair of pants and stockings in case I did spend the night. I rushed home and started to get ready.  
I got home from the shops and ran myself a bath and added some of my fake Chanel No.5 to the bath water. I stood looking at my increasingly flabby naked body in the mirror and could see that not only were my waist and hips noticeably bigger and softer than when I started my new life, but I now had small wrinkles of fat above my knees and I was just starting to develop some bat wings under my arms. I was appalled and excited by the sight in equal measure but did make one concession to beauty. I decided to shave my legs for the first time in 5 months, but only below the knees as I felt befitted an older lady. It also meant that I could wear the slightly lighter denier tan stockings that I’d found in the dressing table drawer. I really didn't feel I could inflict my entire hairy body on Jack.
After emerging from the bathroom I sat staring at myself in the dressing table mirror when Marj arrived. She was holding a bottle of Prosecco and obviously intended to get me a little tipsy before she got to work. Her other hand held a rather large make-up bag.
She told me to drink some Prosecco whilst she laid out what she needed on my kitchen table with me just wearing my old furry slippers and cheap dressing gown. When I entered the room, she told me to sit down and shut my eyes which I dutifully did. She told me she had a moisturizing serum that she wanted to work into all my wrinkles and I was to frown as hard as possible as she got to work. She squeezed some of this cream into each the lines on my face and told me to hold that rather painful grimace for at least a minute. She then squirted some into both my ears which was very painful. As I let out a yelp I realised that I could barely move my face. I stood up to run to the bathroom mirror pushing past Marj. My face looked frozen in fear with every line magnified and set in stone. What had she done? I rubbed my face but couldn’t get it off and I angrily returned to the kitchen.
“What have you done Marj?” I pleaded but could barely hear myself.
I could see her laughing but couldn't make out what she was saying.
She grabbed the old hearing aids that I’d left in the kitchen and inserted them firmly into my ears. With them turned up considerably causing some howls of feedback to ring in my ears I then heard her laughingly say:
“Its just some Superglue Rose, now you really look and feel the part. You wanted to play, but I still have one more thing to do and don’t you resist or I’ll tell everyone what a fraud you are”
I was devastated and scared.
“Why do you hate me so much?” I pleaded with her.
“I genuinely don't Rose” she replied “But I truly feel if you want to be old and poor you should appreciate what it really means, don't you agree?”
“Yes I suppose I do,” I said
“But surely you could have asked me first”
“Yes I could, but if I did, I think you’d have lost your nerve” she commented, and she may well have been right.
“Now Rose there’s one more thing to do before we work on your makeup and we need to be extremely careful”
I could just about understand what she was saying as I adjusted to life with the now necessary hearing aids which I hoped would be very temporary.
She instructed me to lift my dressing gown and open my legs putting them both on the kitchen table.
I was mortified letting her see my hairy bush and upper thighs.
She instructed me to hold the lips of my vagina firmly apart and with that she smeared it with superglue. I was petrified that they’d be glued together but after a few minutes she told me to relax and I could tell the lips of my vagina were now rock hard and dry. Sex or even urinating would be agony and I knew I’d have to walk even more slowly to avoid any pain.
The tears ran down my eyes as Marj hugged me and said it was all over now and she’d help me with my make-up!
She began by plastering on the heavy foundation and face powder all over my face and used the dreadful pink blusher on my cheeks. She then carefully toyed with my perm and absolutely saturated it with hairspray so it was practically rock solid. As I swung my head from side to side not a single hair moved. It felt strangely wonderfully thrilling. After a few more minutes of work she told me to get dressed.
I then put on my full-length corset and pulled up the stockings. It felt very strange to actually see my lower legs looking something like their old sexy selves. Finally my slip on flat shoes and new dress and then as much of my fake gold jewelry as I could manage and with my raincoat I felt ready to catch the bus into town for the next stage of this insane adventure. I had to move very slowly to avoid any pain but when I put my glasses on and looked in the mirror with the heavy powder worked into the hard-set lines on my face, the last remaining trace of AJ had disappeared.
It was hard to get my head around the fact that I was actually excited about going out on a date with a man in his 60s and that I’d probably have my first sex in months with him. As I daydreamed away, it dawned on me how much I need to go to bed with someone however disappointing and now physically painful the experience was likely to be!
Just as I was ready to leave, Marj offered to drive me to the restaurant where I’d agreed to meet Jack. And I was actually very grateful as I think walking to the bus stop was not going to be easy in my new semi-disabled state. I kept asking myself what Jack would think of me. I slowly made my way down the stairs from my flat and after the first flight, Marj actually had to take my arm as I was moving so painfully slowly! I lowered myself carefully into the passenger seat of her car and we were off. She made small talk all the way into town, which I struggled to hear. Thankfully, she dropped me right outside the mid market Italian restaurant in town where I’d agreed to meet Jack. It was actually somewhere that I’d been in the past with some girlfriends when we wanted to have what we called a “quick cheap lunch”, whereas now it was a special treat for people like Jack and Rose.
As I walked through the door the Maitre’d greeted me with a very polite “Good Evening Madam” and took my coat and I saw Jack getting up from his table for two, near the back of the room. We walked towards each other and I smiled nervously hoping my stained teeth didn’t look too bad and hoping that my hearing aids were not too obvious under my perm and that I’d be able to hear what he had to say. Jack kissed me on the lips and then took my hand and walked me to our table as one of the younger waiters rushed over to pull my chair out for me.
I thought to myself this is the first time that anyone has actually treated me like a lady when I’ve been out in months. I actually felt quite emotional about it and was determined to enjoy myself as much as I could and put all thoughts of my impending divorce and the horrible Lucy out of my mind. I imagined that Mark and she would have heard back from the solicitors by now that I wasn’t going to be contesting the divorce and were either in bed sipping Champagne or out at some Michelin starred restaurant celebrating! I was not going to ever think about them or my old life again. I had no idea what the future would have in store for me but if I never saw Mark or Lucy again it would be too soon.
We ate our dinner and I struggled to listen to Jack’s boring conversation about his car and DIY projects as best I could, hoping that I smiled and nodded in all the right places, but I couldn’t help my mind drifting back to the past and what I’d left behind. Once Jack even commented that I must be going deaf and I replied that I think the battery may need changing in my hearing aid! Jack was obviously a lovely man but he was just too old and boring for me but for now at least I was stuck with him.
We finished our coffees. I noticed he drank a double espresso whereas I settled for a milky filtered coffee as I thought was more suitable for Rose when he nervously raised the inevitable question.
“Rose, would you actually like to come back to my place this evening?”
“Oh Jack!” I replied with mock surprise.
“I honestly hadn’t thought about it, but if you’d really like me to then of course I’d be delighted”. I knew there was no way out and yes was going to be the only answer I could give.
With that, I could almost see him lick his lips as he practically grabbed a waiter and asked for the bill and for him to call us a taxi.
This was actually the most excited I’d seen Jack in the entire time I’d known him and he must have been hoping all week for the reaction I gave. I struggled to get up from the table and he held my hand as the waiter put my cheap raincoat over my shoulders.

“Well, this is it,” I thought to myself as we crossed the road to our awaiting taxi. I’m going to to happily go to bed with a man that’s older than my father! Could I really sink any lower?


  1. Another great chapter Violet, I was pleased to see some of the suggestions by Anonymous incorporated into the chapter with your own twist. It will be interesting to see whether Rose remains or is allowed to remain in her current flat or whether she will move into an equally seedy flat.

    1. If she is going to move on to life completely as Rose she has to get away from everyone who knows she was ever AJ...MOST ESPECIALLY SHE MUST GET AWAY FROM MARJ.(There are many ways to handle this).

      Since she was not going as far in looking old when she first met Jack,I would think he would notice that she now looks older,and his eyesight would have to be rather poor for him not to recognize makeup as such when very close up.

      Sorry to see no mention at all of the "diapers",I reiterate that the development path there should be increasing bladder leaks,initially cultivated but eventually unconscious,rather than bowel eruptions.
      And I concur with "Robyn Hoode" that the padded bodysuit should be mentioned.

    2. I agree L.E that Jack, even if he has poor eyesight will notice the change in Rose especially if he plans to get "up close" unless he's aware of the deception, if not I suggest that even with the "lights off" he will notice that Rose has a younger body rather than that of a 60 year old. I'm also surprised that she didn't wear her pads, after several accidents I would have expected her to be cautious of this especially on a stressful date with Jim. That aside it's always a joy to read about Rose and I'm looking forward to seeing how Violet moves the story along.

  2. Deeper and deeper but the divorce settlement offers way out and I guess AJ herself isn't penniless.

    I just wonder what happened to the padded body suit she was given to wear by Mark when this all started. Although she isn't going to the gym now, she is working physically hard so even with a less than perfect diet she shouldn't be putting too much weight on.

    Super glue? I've inadvertently spilt some on my clothes when using it for other things and it not only sticks very firmly but burns. Pulling trousers away from legs takes a layer of skin with it, too. It sticks skin better than anything else so I'm sure it would work in the way Violet describes (I've used it instead of sticking plaster) and be like Botox in reverse. Rose should get herself a large bottle of nail varnish remover or some acetone for her nether regions to dissolve the glue.

    I love this story. The horror of what AJ is doing to herself is mesmerising and Violet tells it so well. I'm looking forward to a new visit to AJ's parents as her mother's Aunt Rose or perhaps a date as a super cougar with Andrzej.

  3. What makeup artists use for film is a product that's more like diluted white glue: you stretch the skin until it's as smooth as you can make it, coat it with the glue and release it when it's dry. Every wrinkle is exaggerated.
    I also wouldn't allow anything similar to superglue anywhere near anyone's mucous membranes, since they are even more tender than skin. Not sure what I would use for the nefarious purposes intended here -- maybe it would be wisest to use an imaginary product with a name like Fixisin.

  4. So... we approach the moment of truth with Jack. Will he finally realize that he's dating a twenty-something woman, or will Rose successfully keep up her masquerade? Stay tuned.

  5. i think that this story is one of the best that i've ever read...
    Rose need to go outside more often with curlers in head, as most old woman do (she need to go shopping the day of the appointment for example) and someone must joke her.
    How she will use the 450.000 dollar that she takes frome her divorce? simply she must use for plastic surgery, she need to be trapped in the state of an old woman and be an old woman all the days... fantastic the use of the superglue for her face and for put her near the state of an old woman by not letting her to hear good as a young girl, she will find early that what mary has done to her will be permanent... i hope to read more chapter and please not let use to wait all this time for the next one

  6. While 450,000 pounds (just under 600,000 dollars) is a nice amount of money, it is hardly enough to live on seeing that Rose could still have forty to sixty tears of life left. She will need to work. Best to take that money and invest it for the time when her real age matches her appearance.

    I am assuming that Mark and Lucy would blackball Rose if she were to try to go back to being a business consultant as AJ. Maybe she doesn't have to spend her life being a cleaner but there is no going back to her old life.

    I actually looked up cases where superglue is applied to the ear canal. Hearing is blocked. But after a week when the production of ear wax and skin loosens the glue, it becomes possible to remove the glue with no damage to the eardrums. Though I would be worried about possible infections if superglue were regularly applied to Rose's ear canals in order to keep her hard of hearing. But who knows if this is a concern for Marj.

    I am hoping that gluing Rose's vaginal lips are a one time thing because even this seems to be overly cruel. Though, once more, we do not know what Marj's intentions actually are.

    I guess I just have to wait for the next chapter to see what is the next step in Rose's new life.

    Just Someone

  7. We don't know what the author has planned.Jack might even be in on this and have seem AJ and she looked right through him.

    But I am wanting a largely painless,un-shoved evolution into being able to live as Rose among those who have no idea she was ever anyone else,all links to her past gone.