Friday, January 6, 2017

Story: I Dream of Ginger

By B.L Sharp

Ginger was in the bedroom sobbing, she could not believe that she agreed to become a maid. This is definitely a step down the social ladder from where she used to be. A stunning redhead with sky blue eyes and freckles that were adorable and very nice 35D rack. The 37-year-old southern belle that moved from Alabama still got the looks that would make guys look twice.  She was a very well paid marketing executive for public relations firm. She was also very popular within her social circles and had a great boyfriend by the name of B.L. Then suddenly out of the sky her job downsized and she was one of the people who been let go. She has been taking side jobs that ended up not helping her with rent and other expenses.

Three hours ago, she received an eviction letter telling her she had 30 days to move. Not knowing anybody and not having family here Ginger was basically a woman without a home in a foreign city called Cleveland, OH. Definitely not wanting to be homeless, Ginger explained her situation to her landlord Miss K. She begged and pleaded with Miss K not to kick her out.

“Please, Miss K, let me stay here, I have nowhere to go. I do anything to stay here.”


“Yes, ma’am, anything.” Ginger pleaded and sobbed. The 58-year-old landlord stroked her grayish blonde hair and chins and thought about her offer. Miss K is a real estate investor who owns multiple commercial buildings and a 200 unit building across town along with this 25 unit apartment. Miss K is what you may consider a dwarf, she is 4’10 100lbs and dressed very conservatively in a black sweater, knee-length skirt, argyle socks and black flats. Her blonde hair which is gray at the sides is neatly tied in a bun. She thought the idea of having a personal maid was a wonderful idea. She definitely offered the opportunity to Ginger to be her maid.

“This is a one-time deal which would expire in 10 seconds.”

“If being a maid would keep me here in my apartment then I would do it.”

“Great, head in my office is the outfit I picked out for you. I want you immediately dressed as you will get started right away. When you come back out I will tell you your expectations.”

“Yes, Miss K.” Ginger said submissively as she followed Miss K the management office. There is another room inside the office that Ginger was directed to. Walking inside the room is an office. On the empty office, the desk is the maid outfit that was picked out for Ginger. It was a white button down blouse and short black mini-skirt which was one size too small, denier 100 opaque black stockings, white socks and black flats with the rubber soles. Also on the desk is a white frilly apron, gloves, a maid headpiece and a feather duster. Sighing Ginger slipped out of her expensive designer shoes and her equally expensive designer dress. She took the outfit and put them on with reluctant hesitation. She tied her hair up and attached the headpiece. There was a long length mirror on the side of the office. Ginger took a look at herself and a damning realization has hit her. She has a minute transformed from a high paying corporate executive into a lowly domestic servant just by swapping outfits. That transformation was only the beginning as she walked and grabbed her duster and walked out the office.

“Now you look like you ready to work” Miss K say looking over Ginger and nodded approvingly. “You coming with me before you start your duties we got a couple of more stops to make. We going to do some minor alterations to you”

“What do you mean, Miss K?”

“You will find out very soon dear, let’s go. Time is of the essence.” Miss K snapped her fingers and walked out the office with a whimpering Ginger following slowly behind her.

Ginger had no idea of the alteration she received. She is standing in the middle of the living room at Miss K luxury house in a very upscale neighborhood. The ‘alterations’ that Ginger received was significant. She no longer has her beautiful long red hair. It is now replaced with a short pixie cut that is dyed platinum blonde. Her fingers no longer have polish as it is clear. She now has to wear contacts that will turn her eyes from blue to green. Ginger looks totally unrecognizable, almost invisible. Smiling and pleased with the complete makeover Miss K finally gotten down to business.

“It is apparent that you are three months behind in your rent Ginger, I'm sorry for your unfortunate situation but understand I have a business to run. If you don’t pay your rent then I am behind on my mortgage. Doing to your situation, I am nice enough to give you a chance to redeem yourself.” Miss K say letting Ginger take in the severity of her situation. She is really grateful that she is giving a second chance to repay the three months of back rent she owes her. But was this really necessary? Why the total transformation. Ginger could not quite put her finger on her motives. “Until you successfully pay me back three months in back rent and find new employment, you will be my personal maid in this house.”

“Yes Miss K”

“Here are your expectations. You will report here every morning at 5 am and your shift will not end until 8 pm. You would be working here 15 hours a day, six days a week. You will begin by coming to my room and began ironing my clothes to wear for the day. You would be running my bath and cleaning me, you would cook, clean the house and clean by hand, and you would make my bed, launder my clothes and make sure my house is clean and spotless. You would also bow at all times and address me as Madame. Is that understood?”

“Well understood Madame, thank you for the opportunity. I would work very hard to please you and be the best maid I promise”

“That is what I like to hear. You can get started by cleaning the kitchen. The bucket is under the sink along with the scrub brush. Use warm soapy water. Also use this” Miss K handed Ginger a dustpan with a medium size brush. Bowing Ginger taken the items and went to the kitchen and began cleaning starting her time as a maid.

Weeks went by and Ginger is learning first-hand what it's like to be a domestic servant. Her body also undergone alteration, she put on an additional 30 lbs given her a slightly plumped and swelled belly spilling over her skirt. The 15 hours, six days work week is really taking a toll on her. Miss K was definitely a drill instructor. Whenever Ginger is cleaning a bathroom and kitchen, Miss K will be right behind her observing her. Every time she missed a spot she would redo the whole kitchen and bathroom again until she was satisfied. Ginger at times will not be allowed to wear shoes and have to work in her socks if her performance is unsatisfactory.

Week five Ginger performance got a whole lot better. It has improved to the point that she received less supervision and her hours gotten cut short from 15 hours to 8 due to her superior work. She is in the kitchen finishing cooking when Miss K came in and talked to her. “I’m going to be having a guest coming by tonight. You are going to serve them and cater to their every need. Am I clear?”

“Crystal clear Madame.” Ginger said shivering at the cold demeanor Miss K gave her. She finished cooking and put the food out on the dining room table to be served when the doorbell rang. Being ordered to answer the door Ginger went to the door and opened it and who she saw made her heart stop cold. Her mouth opened into an O. She was mortified at who she saw. The person grinning ear to ear at her was the last person she ever wanted see.

“Oh my Gosh, is that really you?” Brianna Stevenson, Ginger former boss said. She looked at a genuinely shocked Ginger up and down. She thought being dressed as a maid was humiliating, but being a maid and catering to her former employer was downright degrading. Her life is officially over. “Well, well this is a very fitting role for you dear. Maybe you learn how to be humble,” Brianna said throwing her coat at Ginger. Tears freshly rolled down her cheeks Ginger taken her things and hung up them up in the closet. Wiping her eyes, she put on a smile not wanting to piss off Miss K. She went to Brianna and bowed gently out of deference.

“What can I get for you tonight, Miss Brianna.”

“Aww, you been trained very well. I want water with little ice and a lemon wedge in it” Brianna said waving her off. Bowing Ginger walked in the kitchen thinking of 1001 ways to snap that condescending bitch neck to get her water. Ginger have a hundred questions: Why was Brianna here? How did Miss K know Brianna? Did she bring her here to humiliate here? If it’s the latter then she definitely succeeded. Now Ginger reputation has been damaged beyond repair. She definitely cannot attain the social status she once has. After tonight, everyone that is a close friend to Ginger will now know she is working as a maid. How could this happen? Ginger now knew she made the mistake of leaving Alabama and should have stayed home Fixing her water she went back and gently handed Brianna the water while she and Miss K was changing pleasantries.

“You can start serving dinner, Ginger.”

“Yes, Madame” Ginger bowed and began fixing Brianna and Miss K plate. As she is preparing the food they were talking about Ginger as Brianna commented about how much of a stuck up bitch she is. She admitted Ginger was not mean but her attitude and demeanor was condescending and was glad that Miss K was able to bring her a notch down and making her humble and docile. Brianna was looking at Ginger plumped form and was licking her lips at her. Ginger blushed at that and her panties involuntarily became wet.

“I love the pixie cut look, especially the blonde look. I just want to take her in the room and sank my teeth in her.”

“You were talking about how you don’t have anybody to clean your place because of your busy schedule. Ginger would love to be your maid for the day. Isn’t that right Ginger?” Miss K says nonchalantly. Brianna smiled at this and she lips sexually at Ginger definitely excited about having a personal maid for the day. Ginger eyes widened in shock over this. She could not believe that Miss K would have her be a maid to her former boss. Miss K ice cold stare made it clear to Ginger she had no choice in the manner.

“Yes Madame, I would love to be her maid.”

“Good, it's settled. You would be there Saturday from 9-1pm.”

“Great, 4 hours is all I need. I could think of some fun ways to utilize Ginger” Brianna cooed licking her lips sexually at Ginger for the third time. Smiling Ginger fought back tears finishing up serving the food and cleaning up. Miss K told her she can retire for the night. Bowing she kissed Miss K gently on the cheeks and bid her a good night and left the room.

Back at her apartment, Ginger ran into the bedroom and placed her face on the bed sobbing uncontrollably at the very fact that she is going to have to service her former co-worker. She can never go back to the life she once has because now everybody going to know she works a maid for her landlord and would consider her at the bottom of the social totem pole. She sobbed and sobbed until she fell asleep.

Tracy Ann Roberts opened her eyes and sat up in the bed, she was rubbing her eyes trying to get her bearings. She was looking around her apartment and moaned a little.

“God that was the worst dream I ever had,” she said to herself. Looking out the window, it was nice and sunny. Tracy rubbed her eyes again and looked at herself. What she saw made her scream out in terror. She was wearing her black blouse, short black skirt with a white frilly apron, pantyhose, and white socks which were completely dirty. She also had on white gloves.

“No, no it can’t be. Please tell me this is a dream,” Tracy cried out. She went to the mirror and she screamed again noticing she had platinum blonde hair cut into a pixie, that made her look tomboyish. She also noticed her plumped and swelled belly spilling over her tight skirt.

“Oh gosh no, this is not a dream,” Tracy began sobbing. She sat on her bed and buried her head in her hands and continues to sob. Tracy was hoping and praying that her dreams of being a maid to her landlord were a nightmare. Now she is realized it was a reality.

The door opened to her bedroom and her landlord Katherine Buckley,  who suffered from dwarfism, came in wearing a summer dress and heels. She looked at Tracy and said:  “Ginger? What the hell is wrong with you?”

“I’m sorry Madame, I was having a nightmare. It scared me.”

“Let’s go, you got Brianna house to clean and service. Chop, Chop,” Katherine said snapping her fingers. Ginger bowed acknowledging her as she grabbed her flats and put them on and followed her landlord out the bedroom to begin her day of humiliating torture. Ginger hoped that this was only a nightmare. Or was it?


  1. It's virtually integral to the genre of lady-to-maid, that the victim of this downgrade in societal status also accompanies a noticeable measure of vindictiveness directed towards the new maid from others. It comes from those whom in her past phase of privileged life who apparently found fault in the lady, prior to gleefully discovering her social standing is reduced to a mere maid's role.

    Of course, the lady often contributes to her own denigration by her perhaps less than diplomatic behavior or social treatment prior accorded towards would-be rivals -- who now take the opportunity to revel in the new maid's humiliated station in life, and then add to her misery.

    A new maid should also smilingly be reminded that her uniforms will seem to fit her so much better, when she fully comprehends that there's no turning back to her past life. lol :D

    1. Duly noted, I keep that in perspective

  2. Strange story. We learn more about the characters' footwear than we learn about their emotions and motivations. The frequent grammatical and syntactical errors were distracting, though not overwhelming. I take it that English is not the author's first language.

    1. English is my first language. The 'grammar and syntax' errors was not intentional. Keep in mind that I have not written in a while. As I continue to write the errors will reduce. So I'm going to make mistakes. It's human nature. Sorry if I my errors offended you.

  3. Nice story B.l and i would not worry about the errors as you say to err is human. Its sometimes easy to criticise but not offer a solution. Did you try that Grammarly program that may help you some. It will save on trying to find a reader. Anyway keep writing because this genre needs all the contributors it can get.

  4. Thank you Malcolm. Thank you so much for mentioning Grammarly. It's a godsend.

    The story have been rushed due to the lack of time I had this week which I owe up to that. Thanks for the support.

  5. I didn't understand the ending. Who is Tracy? Is she Ginger and if so why is she referred to as Ginger in the rest of the story?

  6. I'm glad you picked up on that.....Tracy is having a dream as Ginger the maid. The story is structured as Tracy having a dream in which she is a maid to her landlord name Ginger

    Awakened Tracy noticed her physical transformation and dressed as a maid in which she had a dream about realizing it's not a dream but a reality.

    1. Now I'm really confused. She had a dream about it not being a dream? First the landlord(?)is named Katherine Buckley, then she(?) is named Ginger? And who sleeps in a frilly apron? Who wears white socks on top of pantyhose?

  7. I apologize for any confusion. Tracy is having a dream that she is Ginger who is a maid for her landlord Katherine who is Miss K in her dreams. It turns out that she is actually not dreaming and she is really a maid to her landlord in real life.

    As for the socks on top of pantyhose, that is a personal fetish of mines. :-)

    1. Thanks for your explanation. Come to think of it, I wear thick wool socks over pantyhose in really cold winter weather. So maybe that's not so unusual. I can't imagine sleeping that way though. I'm still not sure I understand the basic plot though. Had Tracy/Ginger always been a maid in real life and she just dreamed the back-story, or was the dream about how she became a maid also true?

  8. Good question...the dream about how she became a maid. It is a backstory

  9. Might work better to have all that backstory about how she ended up a maid be in the latter, non-dream section. It would give the first more of a dream like quality but ground the real life part in reality.

  10. Thanks to the author for these very helpful explanations. I was puzzled by another story element. The landlord is described, at beginning and end of the story, as a dwarf, with a lot of emphasis being placed on that. I assumed that the implication was that this was her motivation for wanting to humiliate a normal woman. Personally, I think the evil dwarf stereotype has been overused, but I can understand somebody wanting to try to work it in to this kind of story. Instead, the story throws the dwarfism in but never does anything with it.

  11. Interesting, I did not know that the dwarfism theme was commonly used. You right, I should have used her motivation in the plot development. I was expecting the readers might have been confused by the structure story.

    I was afraid if I added the dwarfism plot device I would have confused readers even more. That was not a risk I wanted to take

  12. Tolkien and Snow White have good dwarves. But those are separate species. Dwarf humans are typically depicted as full of bitterness. The Man from Another Place in TV's Twin Peaks. Mini-Me in Austin Powers. Dr Loveless in Wild, Wild, West. And we often hear the expression "Napoleon complex" applied to domineering people of short stature.
    Also, I thought it was interesting that the landlord's way of dressing is very different at beginning and end. At the beginning, she's "dressed very conservatively...argyle socks and black flats." At the end, she's wearing "a summer dress and heels." I assume the contrast was meant to convey something, but I wasn't sure just what. It sounded like there was some kind of transformation of the landlord too.

  13. Yea, that's where I screwed up. I should have kept her consistent. The changing of the landlord was not my attention. I did not know that until I read it again.

    1. I thought it was a nice touch actually. If you ever expand the story, you might want to do more with that angle. It makes for intriguing parallels. As one woman is lowered (in status and fashion level), the other one rises.

  14. I will compare B.L Sharp's stories to a David Lynch movies. All of it, it's so sophisticated, that no one reallly understand what is going on here :D