Thursday, January 12, 2017

Story: A Servant's Revenge. Chapter 5.

by Mally01
The soft beep beep of Rosa/Charlotte's alarm clock sounded stirring her from her slumber, the time was five o'clock. She pulled back the coarse sheet and raised her hands to her eyes and wiped away the sleep. She got out of bed and dropped her feet into the slippers next to her bed and took her dressing gown from the chair. Pulling it on she took her toiletries and headed to the shower. This was the best time for Rosa/Charlotte as the water would be hot. She turned on the water and stepped into the shower and lathered her body.
She took her shampoo and washed her bob cut hair forcing the shampoo deep into her scalp. Once her hair was covered in a white froth she rinsed it off. She dried her body and turned off the shower then put her dressing gown back on and headed back to her room. Closing her door Rosa went to the dresser and took out her underwear for the day. She removed her dressing gown and slid the black cotton panties up her legs snapping the material in place at her waist. Next, she put one the cotton matching bra and reached around and fumbled with the hook and eyes until they engaged.

Rosa/Charlotte took out a fresh pair of pantyhose and pulled them up her legs stretching them to fit snuggly. This done she took the maids black dress from the wardrobe and stepped into it. She reached around and pulled up the zipper until it was at the top. She smoothed down the dress until the creases had gone. Then came the white triangular apron which she fastened around the back in a bow. Placing the white band of fabric on her head she stepped into the shoes then headed to the kitchen. When she got there she found the rest of the staff already eating breakfast it was now five thirty and the sun was just beginning to illuminate the kitchen. Olga was just finishing her breakfast and stood to put her dishes in the dishwasher. She then prepared the breakfast tray for Charlotte/Rosa. After Rosa/Charlotte had eaten she started her day. She went to the big walking linen closet and filled the cart with fresh linen and cleaning supplies. First, she would need to clean the guest rooms all ten of them. The time now was six o'clock and she had four hours to all the rooms.
She headed for the want of a better description the east wing and pushed her trolley into the servant's lift to take her to the first floor and the guest rooms. She went to the first room and opened the door and headed in closing the door behind her. She went to the window and pulled open the curtains and cracked the window to let in fresh air. It was obvious that the room had not been well attended recently. She started by stripping the bed until there was just the mattress on the frame. This done she placed the dirty linen outside the door then took her duster and started dusting the shelves and bedside cabinets.
After this, she took the wax polish and started to wax the shelves then she took out a clean cloth and buffed the surfaces to a shine. Now she removed the vacuum from the trolley and vacuumed the carpet pushing and pulling back and forth. Once she had finished the vacuuming she checked out the ensuite and cleaned the sink and shower. The last thing to do in the ensuite was to change the towels and flannels and place soap in the dish. She closed the door on the ensuite and headed to the bed and placed a liner on the mattress. Next, she pulled a sheet over the mattress and smoothed the creases out before tucking the sheet under the mattress. She took the pillow cases and pulled them onto the pillows puffing them up and smooth the creases out. Next came the quilt which she struggled with until she had it nice and even. She pulled it over the bed and smoothed it out folding back the top end ensuring that it was in a straight line.
She headed to the cupboard and placed fresh linen ready for the change over tomorrow. She looked at the trolley and realised that she would have to make several trips to the linen store to finish all the rooms. Still, she had enough to do one more room so she inspected the room once more then headed to the next room placing all the dirty linen in the laundry shoot. Once the second room was done and dusted she headed back to the lift and headed back to the linen store where she emptied the trolley and restocked it with more linen. She also took the time to empty the vacuum into the trash can before she headed back to the guest rooms.
Charlotte/Rosa had eaten her breakfast early today due to the fact that she was going riding. She was now outside in a traditional riding outfit talking to Chantelle who had liveried the two horses. Charlotte/Rosa would be riding Damocles a five-year-old stallion and Chantelle would be riding Cassiopeia a four-year-old mare. They mounted the horses and headed out into the paddock and did a few laps before exiting into the surrounding countryside and put the horses through their paces. Charlotte/Rosa was enjoying all the leisure and relaxation as they galloped the horses around the countryside. They pulled up in a meadow and dismounted tying the reins to a small tree stump.
Charlotte/Rosa spoke with Chantelle telling her she could hire a driver on the condition that the driver was female. There was less chance that the driver would stray from the duties. Charlotte/Rosa realised her request was sexist but she wanted to be safe. Back at the Mansion, we have seen Rosa cleaning the rooms and she has just finished the last room with five minutes to spare. She looked at her watch: nine-fifty-five now she would have to start on the china ornaments in the study. She gathered the fine cloths and special non-abrasive polish and headed to the study. She started with the fine Dresden porcelain figurine of a man playing the piano.
She wiped the dust off then applied a little polish then buffed it into the fragile porcelain. Next was the figurine of a female being serenaded by a suitor. All in all, there was at least fifty figurines to clean and polish this took her two hours it was now noon. She headed back to the kitchen for lunch as Olga passed her with the lunch for Charlotte/Rosa who had returned from her ride at around eleven o'clock. Rosa/Charlotte ate her cheese sandwich and drank her coffee. By twelve thirty she was back to work attending to the rest of the ornaments spread throughout the house cleaning and dusting. Unknown to her Charlotte/Rosa had ordered several suits of armour to spread around the mansion.
These all metal affairs stood around the lower floor and would all need to be polished. This piled on more work for Rosa/Charlotte but she had no choice to comply after all she was just a maid. She finished the ornaments then tended to the flower arrangements watering and trimming them before being summoned to the study.

Rosa/Charlotte entered the study and was met by Charlotte/Rosa who was sat at the mahogany executive desk. She looked up and smiled then told Rosa/Charlotte to take a seat.
"Rosa it is about time we cleared a few things up for you just so you know where you stand. You are in fact Charlotte Samuels the mistress of this house. I know you do not remember this but you agreed to swap places with me and i have a signed document to that effect. So the short story is your welfare now belongs to me and there is nothing you can do."
Charlotte/Rosa smirked as Rosa/Charlotte's eyes started to fill with angst towards her.
"Another thing you can tell whoever you like they will not believe you certain records have been changed to reflect that i was born Charlotte Samuels. So if you want to remain here safe then you better behave otherwise you may have to take a long holiday in Mexico and stay with my mother and sisters."
Charlotte/Rosa dismissed Rosa/Charlotte before she could utter a reply then went back to reading the papers on her desk. FIS had done wonders with the records everything had been changed from dental records to the birth certificate. The important documents for identification had all been changed. So to everyone who mattered she was Charlotte now. Rosa/Charlotte stood in the corridor tears slowly trickling down her cheeks. She now knew why she had been having dreams she understood now that they were not dreams but her memories slowly returning. She remembered now the day she had been riding and the horse. Hitting her head and waking in the hospital then being taken to this mansion.
As the memories came back to her she found herself dusting the shelves outside the study. Why had she agreed to the swap in the first place what had been her reasoning this memory still alluded her? She continued to dust and clean doing it naturally now but this time her mind was thinking of ways to get out of this situation. Chantelle and Olga passed her in the hallway and headed into the study closing the door behind them. Rosa /Charlotte could hear a muffled voice then there was the sound of laughing and giggling as if a joke had been told. Rosa/Charlotte could surmise that she was the topic of the laughter.
Chantelle and Olga came out of the study and Rosa/Chantelle approached them and told them what was going on. Chantell smiled at her and Olga smirked.
"Rosa I think the Mistress is playing a game with you I mean look at yourself do you think you look like the lady of the house?"
Rosa/Chantelle looked at them then spoke again.

"I have been having memories of being Charlotte Samuels and she was my maid when I arrived here."
"Rosa they are just fantasies and dreams they are not real now get on with your work," said Olga.
Chantelle and Olga both walked off leaving Rosa/Chantelle well and truly confused. Why would the Mistress be playing with her mind and her emotions? Rosa went on cleaning the and watering the ornaments and plants. She finished with this task then headed back to the kitchen to grab a coffee before dinner was started. She sat at the table after pouring herself a coffee watching the dishwasher do its work. She mind was messed up now was she really the lady of the house or was as Chantelle said just a maid. Matilda the cook came in and saw her and asked her what was the matter. Rosa/Chantelle explained what had transpired between the Mistress and her. Matilda looked at her then got herself a coffee then sat down.
"Rosa all I know is that you came here from Mexico when you were just a baby. Your Mother worked for the Samuels until she moved back to Mexico. She wanted to give you a better life so she left with her cousin who also worked here. Charlotte and you always used to play games with each other then she moved away to a private school and you stayed here to train as a maid."
"Matilda why cannot I remember any of my childhood?"
"That is probably the side effect of the accident you had, I am not a psychiatrist but maybe your mind is repressing memories."
Rosa/Charlotte sighed as she stood up and started to help Matilda with the setting of the servant table. Olga came in and knowingly looked at Matilda who nodded to her. They both smiled as Rosa/Charlotte carried on working placing cutlery and plates. Olga went about her duty of setting the silver tray service for the Mistress. When she had finished she to got herself a coffee then headed to her room to change her clothes.
Rosa/Charlotte finished in the kitchen then went out to her room to contemplate what had transpired today. It was now five o'clock in the evening as she sat on her bed. Where the dreams just that a fantasy and not her memories returning. They were so clear that they must be real but she had seen the pictures around the house and she was in none of them. Why would Charlotte/Rosa torment her by telling her who she should be? True at first she had found being a maid hard going but the longer she did the job the easier it had become. Now she almost looked forward to waking up and serving the household.
However, thanks to Charlotte/Rosa she was so confused and lost. She went to the bathroom and freshened up before heading back to the kitchen to have some dinner. Olga now shared her dinner in the dining room with Charlotte/Rosa being her personal maid and also that is how Charlotte/Rosa wanted it. After Rosa/Charlotte had finished her dinner she went around the house checking the windows closing those that were open. She also took the time to check on the flowers and plants again making sure that she had not missed watering any. She had one more round of the ornaments before she headed to the first suit of armour and started polishing the brass chest plate. Once she was satisfied she polished and buffed the helmet. The whole suit from top to toe took her one hour and she still had three more to do.
By the time she had finished the last one it was ten forty-five and she headed back to the kitchen. Here she has her cold sandwich and warm coffee and when she had finished she cleaned her plate and coffee mug. She replaced them in the servant's dresser then headed off to her room to sleep. She stripped out of her uniform and placed it in the laundry hamper. She showered then got into her nightgown and got into bed. She knew the dreams would come again and she could revel in being a mistress and ordering people around until she would once again be roused by the beep beep of her alarm. She lay her head on the hard pillow and let the tiredness begin to engulf her until the dreams started. She snuggled down in the warmth of the blankets and was soon asleep her eyes rapidly moving under her eyelids.
This is the last chapter but I am planning on various epilogues to round out the story. I did not plan on the story going past two chapters but it grew a bit. Its in no way in the same league as some of the other great authors here but i hoped you enjoyed it.


  1. Great story. I was wondering will Charlotte/Rosa got her memory back and reclaim what's rightfully hers?

    1. Well we shall see what happens in the epilogue.

  2. Personally. i feel that if she shes get her full memory back. She realizes that she is much more happier as Rosa, the Mexican maid and wishes to remain so. But that is only my opinion. **tee hee**

  3. Thank you lukas for your comment. No spoilers sorry.

  4. An Appreciative ReaderJanuary 13, 2017 at 1:44 AM

    I always enjoy your descriptions of the chores. As for the story growing, oh yes know that feeling. Interesting where this will go or maybe you will have a couple of "You Choose" endings, it feels set up for that...

  5. Well i have a few ideas and thank you for your feedback.

  6. When I read a social demotion story like this, I always like to see the demoted aristocrat getting involved with a servant, someone who would be beneath her notice before but who is now quite a good prospect. If the former Charlotte is involved with the gardener, it could complicate any attempt to reclaim her former status. If she is pregnant by him, far more so -- especially if he insists upon marrying her.

    1. An Appreciative ReaderJanuary 13, 2017 at 10:26 AM

      Nice twist, I like your idea! What about if he *refuses* to marry her though, how much more crushing would that be for the former lady of the house...??

    2. Thank you Arcadia i will bear that in mond for the next story. Your comment is appreciated.

  7. "She doctored files and manipulated information until when she was finished it seemed that Charlotte had been siphoning money from the company." Now Rosa is - legally . Charlotte, and this embezzlement crime will fall upon her with a vengeance!

  8. Thank you for your comments and your supposition~grins~