Sunday, January 22, 2017

Story: A Servant's Revenge. Epilogues.

by Mally01

The steady beep beep beep of the Electrocardiograph monitor was the only sound in the room. A nurse and a doctor looked at their patient when a maid entered. The patient eyes started to move rapidly under the owner's eyelids, slowly opening. Charlotte blinked, then looked around the room as her blurred vision cleared. The doctor and nurse checked her over in silence then left the room. Rosa approached and sat next to the bed and waited for the questions that would come.
"Rosa how, how. what happened, where am I?"
"Well, Miss Charlotte, you were out riding and took a fall. You are in hospital."
"Rosa, I had the strangest dream, I dreamt I was a maid and that you were the Lady of the house."
"It was just a dream, Miss Charlotte"
"Rosa, I dreamt it lasted three months"

"Miss Charlotte, you have been here three months in a coma."
Charlotte started to weep as she realised that she had lost three months of her life. In between sobs, she told Rosa that she was to re-hire all the staff and then drifted back off to sleep.
Three days later Charlotte was back at the mansion looking around and meeting all the new staff. Chantelle the stable mistress, Olga the cook and Matilda the scullery maid. Charlotte asked where the housemaid was and Rosa said she had been unable to get her back. Charlotte thought back to her dream then told Rosa that until she could find someone she would do the duties of the housemaid herself.
As Charlotte started her duties she realised that it felt so natural to be doing this work. Of course, the rest of the household had private laughs and giggles. Charlotte did wonder why it was taking so long to find a housemaid but Rosa assured her she was trying.
Rosa was not too concerned about finding a new maid as the present one was doing an adequate job. Besides, she reasoned if the boss was being a maid she was not being a boss so everyone's life was easier.
The End

Beep Beep beep Rosa/Charlotte's alarm clock sounded and she awoke slipping out of her warm bed. She started her usual routine of showering and dressing then went and started her duties. It was at around eleven o'clock that the doorbell rang and Rosa/Charlotte knew that only Charlotte/Rosa and herself were in the house. Olga was out with Chantelle and Matilda buying shopping for the household.
Rosa/Chantelle opened the door and got a shock there before her stood a woman in a smart business suit and three uniformed police officers. The woman asked if the Lady of the house was in and Rosa/Chantelle nodded and invited them in. Rosa/Chantelle showed them into an anteroom just off of the main study. Rosa/Chantelle knocked on the door and then informed Charlotte/Rosa that the police wished to see her. Charlotte/Rosa told her to show them in then get some coffee and bring it to the study.
When Rosa/Charlotte returned she was again shocked to see Charlotte/Rosa in handcuffs sitting on the couch. The brunette woman in her business suit told Rosa/Charlotte that Charlotte/Rosa had been arrested for fraud and embezzlement. The three uniformed officers were searching the room as the woman went on.
"Rosa Miss Samuels claims that you are the real Miss Samuels so just to be sure we will need your fingerprints for identification."
Rosa/charlotte gave her prints and records were checked and because FIS had been so thorough of course Rosa/Charlotte was who she said just a maid. They found the documents in the safe that proved the crime and Charlotte/Rosa was taken away. They discovered in a secret panel in the safe another envelope. The policewoman opened the envelope to read what it said.
"I, Harold Samuels, being of sound mind do in the event that my daughter Charlotte Samuels become unable to control the estate for whatever reason then said estate will be passed over to my maid Rosa."
She showed the will to Rosa and then followed the other officers and Charlotte out to the waiting transport. Stunned Rosa sat down on the couch looking at the will.
Three months later Charlotte/Rosa was sentenced to five years in prison for her crimes. Rosa had decided to donate the entire estate to charity but still works as a maid for a nice Mexican family.
The End
It had been a long year. The new staff had arrived, one of them was a Polish gardener. Rosa/Charlotte had taken a fancy to Stanislaw and they had started dating. Rosa/Charlotte was now pregnant with Stani's daughter which made Charlotte/Rosa jealous. Rosa/Charlotte was happy until the day Stani refused to marry her as he was going to marry Charlotte/Rosa instead. Broken Rosa/Charlotte went to Charlotte/Rosa who promised to help her. When the baby was born Charlotte/Rosa kept her promise to help Rosa/Charlotte.
Rosa/Charlotte came around to find herself in a small room with just a mattress on the floor. There was noise coming from outside the room so she forced herself up and wandered outside.  There she saw two women and as they turned she could see the resemblance to Charlotte/Rosa. They smiled then they put her to work first cleaning out the pig stye and chicken house.
Once she had finished shovelling the droppings she fed and watered the animals. She then started to clean the house sweeping away the sandy dust from the floors and furniture. The two women then sat her down and told her that they were the mother and sister of the real Rosa. They also informed the real Charlotte who she really was and showed her pictures of before the changes.
She was also informed that she had committed some bad crimes back home and was wanted. Rosa/Charlotte realised that she was now condemned to be a maid in Mexico for the rest of her life.
The End

With three different endings I hope some can find something they like. Sorry for the delay in getting them done but i had a bout of the dreaded flu bug.


  1. An Appreciative ReaderJanuary 22, 2017 at 11:22 AM

    Brilliant. In each the lady is a maid and varying degrees of justice done! I can see ideas from previous comments catered to here, which is either you being very kind in satisfying those requests or some incredible foresight on what you had planned...!

    Anyway great story ark and this finished it off very nicely with a few original twists of your own on how it all ended. Thanks and well done, hope you know how your readers really enjoyed it.

    1. Thank you AR for your kind comments. I did try and give some of what the readers wanted. To be honest i am not that happy with the epilogues myself i feel i could have gone further but sometimes less is more lol

  2. Very nice ending. The third epilogue had me confused; is the real Charlotte or Rosa is the one condemned as a maid in Mexico?

    I like the second one better.

    1. Thank you B.L just to clear it up for you the real Charlotte is the one condemned to Mexico the former Mistress of the Mansion.

  3. Radical. All 3 are awesome. Very hard to choose. Thanx for the very interesting ENDINGS!

  4. Thank you Lukas for your comments. I am glad you enjoyed them.

  5. Even though Rosa was a crook (for identity theft and actual fraud committed) and should have been arrested and convicted (pursuant to Epilogue 2), Epilogue 1 appears more in keeping with the ladies to maid genre.

    Having Charlotte volunteer to do the maid's work ['another "Lottie", lol ('private joke)] until a suitable replacement was hired by Rosa, could have been put into writing -- to have Rosa "supervise" Charlotte in the meantime "until a qualified maid is hired."

    But having such a "quick learner" as Charlotte proved to be in her maid's duties, and even diligently performed (i.e. not at all inadequate for the task), would of course play into Rosa's eager controlling hands.

    At some point, Rosa could quip to Charlotte, "You know, girl, since even those maid applicants we interview seem less than qualified, your expert role in uniform will seem to fit your new career a whole lot better, when you realize there could be no turning back." And then in lowered voice, less audible to Charlotte's hearing, add, "I mean, it's really hard to find good Caucasian help," 'Said of course, with a smirk. ;)

  6. Thank you for your critic much appreciated i shall bare these in mind. As i said myself personally i could have gone further with the outcomes.