Saturday, April 22, 2017

Caption: Katrin and Mimi

Here's another German-language caption from the now defunct Yahoo group. T.H. Enerdly kindly provided the translation and is currently working on a long story inspired by it that will be posted in this blog in coming days. However, unlike the caption, the story will not feature magic. 

By tomblach

Her firm was in serious financial difficulty, the one that Katrin von Loth had created eight years ago. Katrin had been brooding for months over a mountain of problems. The arrogant high society lady looked enviously at her maid of all work.

Mimi always seemed to be in high spirits. Katrin wished that she could exchange identities with Mimi. Mimi was a witch. She sensed that Katrin was now ready to switch places with her. Mimi was certain that she could save the firm with her magic spells and take over Katrin's lifestyle. Mimi had used her spells to cause the firm's problems in the first place, thereby stressing out her mistress. Since Mimi's arrival, bad luck had struck like glue to Katrin.

Mimi knew exactly how little Katrin understood about her new choice of vocation. Did Katrin know what it was like to curtsy obediently in front of her mistress in a sweaty maid's uniform? Mimi laughed, knowing that she would love it and Katrin would hate it.


  1. this would make great short story

  2. It definitely would be interesting.

  3. Magic is not even necessary to convince someone to give up their life in luxury.

    I mean, who would want to get up at 5:00 AM, spend an hour on hair and makeup, another hour driving to work only to be plagued by incompetent subordinates and insufferable clients all day? I'd prefer to sleep in and maybe not have to worry so much about my figure. It's so hard finding good help these days though. I can't trust my personal assistants to get anything done.

    "Mimi, I want you to do my job."

    There, I said it. Isn't that what the help are for, to help out?

    "But who will clean the estate, ma'am?"

    Well, I suppose I could do that. If I'm going to be lounging around all day, it's not too much trouble to pick up after myself. There is no way I’m going to continue to wear my uncomfortable business clothes while doing so and besides, Mimi will need them for work. They were getting a bit too snug anyways. No, I should borrow one of her larger uniforms. That makes more sense.

    She is sure to be tired after a 12 hour work day, so I could probably make dinner for her as well when she comes home. I think it would be best if she slept in my bed too, that way she doesn’t have to wake me up to get dressed. Never having to leave the mansion again is going to be a dream come true. I can be as fat and lazy as I want.

    “This is why I am rich and you are not, Mimi. I can think up these ingenious ways to make money while I sleep. Wouldn’t you agree?”

    “That’s Katrin von Loth to you and yes, I wholeheartedly agree that you are much smarter than I.”

    Deciding to swap jobs with Mimi would be the best decision I ever made in my life.

    1. Wonderful life. What's the catch though?

    2. Camille, my darling, I think you have been reading far too many of those “Ladies Becoming Maids” type stories that you are so fond of. You see conspiracy where I see opportunity. Sure, I won’t be able to use given name anymore or even identify myself as such with any government documents, but that is a minor inconvenience. Ms. Katrin von Loth insists I will still have access to my money, I simply have to go through her first as she is the one pictured on my ID. That’s just how these things work.

      There is far too much upkeep involved in a “Katrin von Loth” anyway. While the lady of the manor is visiting the spa every Saturday to have her hair dyed, her brow waxed and her face moisturized, I can do absolutely nothing. You should try it sometime, Camille. Find a “Mimi” of your own and treat yourself. Their uncomplicated lives are better than ours, yet society demands that we aspire to more, to reach ever higher and never be satisfied.

      Why not let your maid be the successful, confident and attractive one instead? It is far better to look upon those qualities in others than to have them yourself. Why sacrifice and work hard to achieve your goals when someone else can do that for you? No one need know that you’ve switched places either. I certainly don’t intend for anyone to find out the truth, nor will I fret and worry about when the other shoe will drop as I've dropped it myself.

    3. The catch, Camille, has to be in the contract stipulations. Such a switch-over of major proportions has to have role-play criteria articulated and a detailed job description for the replacement maid.

      A lady so motivated to pursue the role reversal of becoming "just a maid" should at least be casually advised not to overlook scrutiny of the fine print of a contract presented. In so many instances, we have observed that neglect of careful reading of the contract before signing it may constitute and justify the understanding, "The maid uniforms seem to identify the former lady so much better than before, since she has carelessly (or intentionally) foreclosed all opportunity of reversing her societal denigration." ;)