Monday, April 24, 2017

Story: The Garden of Eden

(The story is loosely based on the caption Katrin and Mimi.) 
by Angela Uriel
as told to T. H. Enerdly


Katrin von Loth had started her own business eight years ago, a one-woman consultancy business based on offering seminars on how to apply the principles of sexual domination to workplace success and increased sales. In other words, how to apply the principles of BDSM to business problems.

Her business had been hugely successful for the past several years. However, for reasons Katrin hadn't yet fathomed, her business had recently developed serious financial problems. It was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, creating a mountain of problems for Katrin, each problem demanding Katrin's undivided attention, each problem adding to the stress Katrin was experiencing.

But this wasn't the first time Katrin’s business had developed such problems, and it probably wouldn't be the last. She had always wrestled her problems into submission before, and she was confident that she could do it again. Sometimes, when worrying about her problems, Katrin would watch her maid, Mimi, as the latter went about her duties. Katrin envied Mimi because she always seemed to be in a good mood, never showing any stress, unlike Katrin. Submission to a Mistress seemed to suit Mimi, even to a strict Mistress like Katrin. However, when particularly stressed out, Katrin would daydream about pursuing a career in domestic service and enjoying a stress-free life like Mimi’s.

But Katrin would quickly banish the thought. After all, she was an attractive, sophisticated business woman who was respected by her peers. Moreover, she fetched top dollar for her services, allowing her to drive a luxury car, to live in a condo with a view to die for, to wear stylish clothes, to savor meals prepared by the finest chefs, and, of course, to be able to afford someone else to clean up after her. In short, the world was her oyster. Why would she give up all of that? For what? To become a maid? Absurd! Even with all of her problems, she was living in a paradise compared to a maid like Mimi.

But Katrin had a secret, a family secret, spoken of only in hushed tones, about Katrin’s great-grandmother: She had been a maid in Germany before her family emigrated to the US, where the family became prosperous, so prosperous in fact that no one would have guessed that great-grandma had once been a maid back in the old country. Someone unfamiliar with the family history who happened to be looking through great-grandma’s old, dusty family album would never have guessed that the photos of an imperious looking, upper-middle class grande dame were those of a former scullery maid.

People often remarked that Katrin looked exactly like her great-grandmother and would become just like her. Katrin often wondered if those people realized how ambiguous their comment was: Would Katrin end up being like great-grandmother the maid or would she end up being like great-grandmother the grande dame? Katrin often wondered if there was a genetic predisposition to servitude, and, if so, could she have inherited the servant gene from her great-grandmother? She hoped not.

But the idea of becoming a maid was like an ear worm that Katrin couldn't get rid of. It drove her to search the Internet for information about maids. Quite by chance, she stumbled onto a blog called “Ladies Becoming Maids,” run by someone named Camille Langtry, a blog with stories about ladies who fantasized about becoming maids, ladies not unlike Katrin. She found the stories fascinating, erotic, and worrying, worrying because they depicted a world in which fantasizing about becoming a maid might lead one to actually becoming a maid, in particular, to becoming a maid with no hope of escaping from servitude. If these fictional characters could fall from the heights of pride into the depths of humility, perhaps so could Katrin.

She shuddered at this thought, a thought that was as thrilling as it was frightening. She shuddered again when she realized how humiliating it would be to have a story about her appear on Camille’s blog, a story recounting how Mistress Katrin von Loth became a maid, a story of Katrin von Loth’s shame, told in all its lurid detail, a story of her fall from grace. On one of Mimi’s days off, Katrin, prodded on by her obsession, stole into Mimi’s room and borrowed one of her uniforms, a cleaning uniform to be exact. She put it on, immediately noticing that the coarse cotton had a completely different and less soothing feel than the expensive fabric to which she was accustomed, a coarseness that seemed to serve as a metaphor for the coarseness of the life that a maid lived.

She then looked at herself in the mirror, surprised that her appearance was much less striking than when she wore one of her business suits. She was reminded of Shakespeare's line, “The apparel oft proclaims the man.” A fly on the wall would have wholeheartedly agreed that the uniform Katrin wore proclaimed that she was a cleaning lady, not a successful businesswoman. At least she hoped she was a successful businesswoman—her current financial tribulations having put this into doubt — not a maid masquerading as a businesswoman.

The tactile effect of the cheap cloth of the uniform coupled with her unstylish appearance made Katrin feel that she had been infected, so to speak, by the uniform, infected with the domestic-servant virus, a virus that dramatically lowered one’s social status, a virus making obedience to one’s Mistress compulsory, a virus she feared might be incurable. After a few moments of struggle with this feeling, she was able to shake it off, much to her relief. After having taken a selfie in Mimi’s uniform, Katrin carefully folded it and put it back where she had found it, hoping that this was the end of her obsession with becoming a maid like Mimi.


When Katrin’s consultancy business had begun to reliably generate profits, she had hired Mimi as her maid. But Katrin didn’t know much about her maid’s background. And, just like Katrin, Mimi had a secret: She was an accountant, a very good accountant. Not only was she an accountant, but she was also an embezzler. After having embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from her former employer, Mimi was about to move it offshore, when, all of a sudden, the authorities swooped in and seized all of her ill-gotten gains. She managed to elude arrest, but was left destitute, with no assets—with the exception of a “bug out” bag—and little prospect of finding a job. After all, how many employers would be eager to hire an embezzler?

Mimi’s bug-out bag contained, among other things, a change of clothes and a couple of thousand dollars. She managed to grab it and make her escape moments before the police arrived at her condo. The contents of the bag were enough to keep her going for a few weeks, but she knew that she’d need to find a job quickly, a job that didn’t necessitate her employer reporting her earnings to the tax authorities, who, of course, would share this information if requested by the police.

When Mimi spotted Katrin’s help-wanted ad for a maid, she applied immediately because Mimi knew that employers of maids frequently failed to report their employee’s earnings to the tax authorities, which made being a maid an ideal occupation for staying under the radar. And Mimi definitely needed to stay under the radar.

Mimi found the ensuing job interview humiliating. Katrin insisted that Mimi arrive at the interview wearing a maid’s cleaning uniform, complete with a classic maid’s headpiece, the kind of headpiece that adds significantly to the humiliation of wearing a maid’s uniform. During the interview, she stood at attention, feather duster in hand, before a comfortably seated Katrin, humbly keeping her gaze lowered to Katrin’s feet, which of course were shod in elegant escarpins, shoes not unlike those Mimi had worn herself not so long ago. Katrin had Mimi curtsy, call Katrin “ma’am” and “Mistress,” and serve Katrin tea, using Katrin’s silver tea service, all of this to convince Katrin that Mimi was fit to be Katrin’s maid.

Curious to see how far she could push Mimi, Katrin ordered Mimi to kiss her toes. If Mimi weren't so desperate for a job, she would never have complied. But she reluctantly dropped to her knees and lowered her head. Unfortunately, because of its height, Mimi’s headpiece brushed against Katrin’s ankle and became dislodged from Mimi’s head, breaking the solemnity of the occasion. Mimi had to stop and readjust her headpiece. Katrin called Mimi a klutz with more than a little bit of irritation. Finally, after exercising due care, Mimi managed to successfully kiss both of Katrin’s pumps without incident.

Mimi didn't know it, but she was the only applicant for the maid job who didn't go ballistic and stomp out of the room when Katrin ordered the applicant to kiss her toes. So, Mimi being the only applicant who survived the interview process, Katrin offered the job to Mimi, who gratefully accepted. Not surprisingly, Mimi quickly found much distasteful about her new job, such as scrubbing floors on all fours, cleaning dirty toilets, having to wear a uniform that proclaimed her lack of social status, curtsying and otherwise kowtowing to Katrin, and, almost worst of all, getting up in the wee hours of the morning to cook Katrin’s breakfast. The only part of the job she liked was the fact that the authorities, who were still looking for her, would not expect to find her working as a maid.

While at her duties, Mimi would, from time to time, surreptitiously watch Katrin lounging about on her divan, chit-chatting on her cell phone with a friend, complaining about something only the well-to-do had the wherewithal to complain about, such as the price of caviar, while she, Mimi, was sweating away at a thankless task, such as cleaning the windows or scrubbing the floors, all of this for a minimum wage. Mimi wanted to be the one complaining about the price of caviar. Eventually, she began to wonder if it would be better to just abscond with Katrin’s money rather than bear the humiliation of cleaning Katrin’s toilet one more time.

The next time Katrin was away giving one of her seminars, Mimi was busy in Katrin’s home office, inspecting Katrin’s desktop computer. Mimi logged onto the computer with the help of the password written on a post-it note affixed to the monitor. She then examined Katrin’s financial books, which were clearly maintained by someone who had flunked accounting 101. Among other things, she discovered that Katrin wasn't withholding Social Security taxes from Mimi’s wages, just as she had hoped when she had applied for the job. 

This meant that Katrin wasn't unknowingly providing the authorities with Mimi’s whereabouts. But the biggest surprise was the fact that Katrin kept her business and lifestyle afloat solely by spending profits almost as soon as they were generated. She had very little in the way of cash on hand, almost no investments, and no assets to speak of except for a bit of equity in her condo. In other words, there was, for all practical purposes, nothing for Mimi to abscond with. So that idea was off the table. Out of casual curiosity, given that she was already logged on to Katrin’s computer, Mimi began snooping around Katrin’s files. She quickly discovered the PowerPoint presentation that Katrin used in her seminars. She studied this file with great interest, gaining much insight into Katrin’s psychology. 

As she continued snooping around, she found the selfie of Katrin modeling one of Mimi’s uniforms. This piqued Mimi’s curiosity. She examined Katrin’s browser history, discovering Katrin’s fascination with the Ladies-Becoming- Maids blog. Mimi realized that Katrin had a maid fetish. Perhaps, thought Mimi, she could trick Katrin into swapping places with her, Katrin becoming the maid instead of Mimi. This would give Mimi a steady source of income, Katrin’s former income, perhaps enough income to complain about the price of caviar and to maintain the lifestyle to which she wished to become accustomed. Plus, it would be fun to lord over Katrin. But first Mimi needed a plan. Several clean toilets later, Mimi had devised a plan. 

Her plan was simple: She would make being the Mistress more stressful than being the maid, inducing Katrin to actually consider becoming a maid. This would also entail Mimi acting as if being a maid were the most satisfying, low-stress job on earth. If she wanted to entice Katrin to switch places, Mimi would have to grit her teeth and act as if she could conceive of no job more satisfying than scrubbing the floor on all fours. But, Mimi felt up to the task, and set the plan in motion. To ramp up the stress on Katrin, Mimi cooked Katrin’s books to make it look like Katrin’s business was on the edge of bankruptcy, not a difficult task since Katrin was more or less bankrupt anyhow. 

During the next few weeks, Mimi could see that Katrin was exhibiting signs of stress, such as headaches, weight loss, and, worst of all, diarrhea, the effects of which, of course, Mimi had to clean up. But Mimi’s plan was working. Once Mimi judged Katrin to be under intolerable stress, she would begin subtly suggesting that Katrin become a maid. As soon as the suggestions took hold, and Katrin was firmly settled into her new vocation as a maid, Mimi would “uncook” the books, making the business appear to have become profitable again, profitable enough that Mimi could begin enjoying the life of a well-to-do Mistress. Mimi was confident that she could then put the business on a firm footing. After all, Mimi had a lot of business experience, much more than Katrin.

That was her plan.

The thought of lording over Katrin kept Mimi going while she waited for her plan to come to fruition, for Katrin to crack under the stresses engineered by Mimi, for Katrin to beg to become a maid, or so Mimi hoped. She would then teach Katrin what it meant to be a maid: To wear a sweaty maid’s uniform, to humbly curtsy in front of Mimi, and to intone the obligatory “At your service, ma’am.”

Further lessons would, for example, teach her how to receive guests at the front door (a door for the use of guests, not maids), how to usher in the visitors for afternoon tea, how to serve tea to those present, often former colleagues of Katrin, who would now be her betters, betters who would enjoy looking down their noses at Katrin. Mimi would love it, but Katrin would hate it. One day, Mimi noticed that Katrin appeared particularly stressed out, as stressed out as Mimi had ever seen. Now was the time, Mimi thought, to begin easing Katrin into a maid’s uniform

A bit later, Mimi entered Katrin’s presence carrying a platter upon which was a tea service. Mimi curtsied and said, “Mistress Katrin, you look like you’re feeling really blue. I have just the ticket for you: Serpent root tea. My mother used to drink it whenever she felt blue, and she always felt better afterwards.”

Mimi went through the ritual of arranging the tea service on the table in front of Katrin: The teacup, the teapot, teaspoons, savories, napkins, and whatnot. Mimi then poured Katrin a cup of tea and stood at attention, awaiting instructions from Katrin. Katrin raised the cup, took a sip, and exclaimed, “This is delicious! What did you say it's called again?”

“Serpent root tea, ma’am.”

“What a curious name. Why do they call it that?”

“I’m not sure, ma’am, but I remember my mother, who was something of an herbalist, saying that Serpent root tea acts as a mild anti-depressant.”

Actually, thought Mimi, it’s a tasty herbal tea that I spiked with a mild sedative that should make Katrin more receptive to my suggestions.

“Hmm…I must make further acquaintance with this fascinating brew,” said Katrin, employing the pretentious tone she liked to use in front of Mimi, and took another sip.

Mimi chit-chatted with Katrin as she served Katrin additional cups of tea and finger sandwiches. Soon Katrin was relaxed and off her guard.

“Mistress, may I make a suggestion?”

Katrin said, “Of course, Mimi, what is it?”

Mimi said, “Mistress, I can tell you're under a lot of stress. Why don't you take a vacation? Just imagine all the fun you'd have sitting in the sun by the beach, drinking Mai Tai’s, and imagine the great tan you'd have when you get back, and imagine how great you'd feel after a couple of weeks of relaxation.”

“I’d love to, Mimi, but I need to stick around to run my business. I don't have an employee to keep the business going while I'm on vacation.”

“But, Mistress, you don't need another employee, you already have me! Plus, I'm a loyal employee.”

“Mimi, Mimi, you don't understand. I need someone who could run my seminars while I'm gone, someone with business AND BDSM experience. Where am I going to get someone like that? Not to mention that I will have to train them. A maid just doesn't have the right skill set.”

Mimi said, “But Ma’am, I'm sure I could learn to be a BDSM Mistress just like you.” Plus, I have business experience up the wazoo, thought Mimi.

Katrin said, “Mimi, you don't have a BDSM bone in your body.”

You might be surprised, thought Mimi.

Mimi then scrunched up her face, a ploy to make it look as if she were a simpleton deep in thought or at least what passes as deep thought among simpletons. After a few moments, her look changed to one of “aha,” as if a light bulb over her head had turned on. At this point, she began to reveal the fruits of her cogitations.

“I have an idea, Mistress, we could…um…switch…er…. never mind, Ma’am, I'm speaking out of turn. Please excuse me.”

Katrin had a vague premonition that Mimi was about to suggest that they switch roles. What an outrage, thought Katrin, Katrin von Loth switching places with her maid! Never! But then she realized that this would be a perfect opportunity for her to experience what it's like to be a maid, to be a lady downgraded to a maid, to be just like the ladies in the stories. Plus, it would make a nice respite from her current troubles, to be able to enjoy the simple life just like Mimi. If the circumstances were acceptable—namely, no one but Katrin and Mimi were to know about the switch, and it was to last only a few days—then Katrin might give it a try. So, she decided to order Mimi to finish her thought.

“Mimi, what was it you were going to say just now?”

“Mistress, I can't…”

“Mimi, that’s an order. Inquiring minds want to know.”

Mimi lowered her eyes and replied, “Well…I was going to say…um…that we could switch places…say for a week or so. I could act as the Mistress and you could evaluate me while you're acting as the maid. It would just be between you and me. At the end of the week, you could decide whether or not I have what it takes to present your BDSM business seminars…Please excuse me if my suggestion offends you. “

“Hmm…” Katrin was lost in thought. Mimi’s suggestion seemed harmless enough on the face of it. But she needed some time to consider all the angles. Katrin was not about to become trapped as a maid like the ladies in the stories.

“Let me think about your suggestion for a day or two…We’re done here for the time being.”

Mimi hastened to remove the tea service, pleased that Katrin had taken the bait.

As Mimi was heading for the kitchen with the tea service, Katrin rose from her divan and betook herself to her bedroom, a move that did not go unnoticed by Mimi, who smiled a sly smile. She’s probably not going to take a nap, thought Mimi.

Paradise Lost

Katrin pondered Mimi’s suggestion that evening. To switch or not to switch, that was the question. She was tempted to switch, very tempted, extraordinarily tempted, but she needed to be careful. She didn't want to end up like the mistresses in the stories: Trapped in servitude. So Katrin began analyzing Mimi’s proposal for potential gotchas.

After a great deal of thought, Katrin decided the best approach, an approach that ensured she wouldn't be duped into long-term servitude, was to place her assets in a combination trust/escrow account administered by an old acquaintance, Angela Uriel, an officer of the Flaming Sword Bank, an acquaintance who could be counted on to scrupulously follow Katrin’s instructions for administering her trust.

When the time came for Katrin and Mimi to switch places, Katrin’s assets would become the “Mistress's assets.” Since Katrin would no longer be the Mistress, she would get to experience what it's like to be as impecunious as a maid. On the other hand, since Mimi would be the Mistress, she would get to experience what it's like to have the resources of a Mistress. However, Katrin was concerned that Mimi, feeling flush, would go on a wild shopping spree, draining away all of the Mistress's assets, resulting in the bankruptcy of Katrin’s business. To guard against this eventuality was why Katrin decided to put her assets in a trust/escrow account. To get money from the trust, Mimi would have to go through Angela, the administrator of the trust, who would keep an eye on the remaining value of the trust.

When the value of the trust dropped below a level determined by Katrin, this level being the escrow condition, the account would revert back to Katrin, thus effectively making Katrin the Mistress again. In other words, once Mimi spent too much money, Katrin would become the Mistress again. This arrangement had several advantages. For example, it ensured that Katrin’s business wouldn't go bankrupt. But for Katrin, it also meant that she had no choice but to work as the maid until the escrow condition was triggered, thus guaranteeing that Katrin got the full maid experience and, most importantly, ensuring that she couldn't get trapped in servitude as a maid.

The next morning, Katrin called her friend Angela at the bank and arranged for her to set up the trust/escrow account. Angela told Katrin everything would be ready in a couple of days and the legal formalities could be handled at the time. Katrin the summoned Mimi with a little silver bell. Seated in a comfortable chair, Katrin motioned for Mimi to stand at attention with eyes lowered and curtsy. She then informed Mimi that she would be switching places with her in a couple of days. Mimi’s face, eyes still lowered, broke into a cat-that-ate-the-canary grin. Katrin felt that Mimi was being impertinent, having forgotten the fact that she, Katrin, would soon be the one with eyes lowered, standing at attention, curtsying for Mimi, who might very well teach Katrin about the perils of impertinence.

“You will accompany me on a visit to my personal banker in two days’ time,” said Katrin, “We'll leave at ten in the morning.”

At ten in the morning on that fateful day, Mimi reported to Katrin in an exquisite business suit, much more chic than the one Katrin was wearing, one that she had in her bug-out bag the day she eluded the police. “What’s that?” asked Katrin, with a disapproving tone.

“My Mistress suit, maid Katie,” replied Mimi.

Katrin was about to say something catty in response, but decided against it. After all, Katrin would in fact soon become maid Katie, and it wouldn't do to antagonize her soon-to-be Mistress.

The pair arrived at the bank at about 10:30 am.

“Ah! So, this charming lady is to be your new Mistress,” said Angela Uriel, sadist extraordinaire, to Katrin.

“Yes, ma’am,” replied Katrin.

Turning her attention to Mimi, Angela said, “So you’re the woman who convinced Katie to become a maid. My compliments! I’ve been trying to get Katie to become my maid for years. She’s gotten it into her head that she's a Mistress, a dominant. But mark my words, she’s a maid, a submissive, if ever there was one.

She was my submissive for years. She developed an extraordinary tongue, an exquisite instrument of pleasure, under the tutelage of my razor strop…you ought to give it a try. One day, while she was busy pleasuring me, she got the idea for her business. By the way, Mimi, has Katie ever told you about the loans I've made to her”

Katrin shot Angela a dirty look during her soliloquy.

Mimi said, “Why no, Angie…May I call you Angie? Tell me about these loans.”

“Of course, I’d be honored. All my friends call me Angie…As for those loans, Katie’s business has always been somewhat dicey, often skirting bankruptcy. All of which means that she's needed a loan from time to time to keep her business afloat. However, her business has never been solid enough to qualify for a loan, so I've made a special arrangement with Katie. If I grant her a loan, I get to whoop her ass with a razor strop every week until she pays off the loan…So much for chit chat. Shall we get down to business?”

“Let’s,” said Mimi.

“First,” said Angela to Katrin, “Please sign these papers on the dotted line.

These papers establish the trust. By signing the papers, you have ceded control of the trust to me, and have agreed to be Mimi’s maid until the escrow condition is triggered.”

Katrin signed, embarking on her journey into servitude.

“Next,” said Angela to Mimi, “You need to sign these papers which give you the authority to withdraw funds from the trust subject to my approval. Your authority terminates when the escrow condition is triggered. Use your authority wisely. In addition, these papers require you to act as Katie’s Mistress.”

Mimi signed, embarking on her journey into domination. Mimi’s first act was to sit on the Chesterfield sofa in Angela’s office. She the motioned for Katrin to report for duty. Katrin stood in front of Mimi, lowered her eyes, noticing Mimi’s elegant escarpins, much more stylish than hers had been, curtsied, and said “How may maid Katie serve her Mistress?”

Mimi was about to reply when Angela interrupted, “Might I make a suggestion?”

“By all means.”

“By the terms of the trust, all of Katie’s clothes are the property of the trust, which Mistress Mimi and Mistress Mimi alone may use. By signing the trust over to me, Katrin effectively ceded the right to wear her Mistress’s clothes…unless of course you grant her said right, Mimi. Do you so grant?”
A smile appeared on Mimi’s face. “No! I do not so grant. Maid Katie, how dare you wear your Mistress’s clothes! Take them off immediately!”

“But Mistress, what am I going to wear?”

“Are you questioning my orders?”

“…No, Mistress.”

“Then remove your Mistress’s clothes.”

Katrin began to slowly disrobe.

Mimi said, “Faster!”

Katrin stripped down to her underwear and stood at attention in front of Mimi, awaiting orders.
“Why did you stop? Take off your lingerie too, all of it.”

After removing her lingerie, a blushing Katrin stood totally nude in front of Mimi with her arms splayed across her body in an attempt to maintain her modesty.

Angela interrupted this charming scene with a suggestion, “Katie, I have a proposition for you. For $10,000, I'll sell you this cleaning lady’s uniform. It’ll give you something to wear.”

Angela held up a shopping bag, sporting a CheapMart logo, presumably containing a cleaning lady’s uniform.

Katrin said, “$10,000? I don't have $10,000! I can't afford the uniform! Angela, how could you do this to me?”

Angela replied, “I am a sadist, you know. You really don't have much choice.

You can either go home nude, taking the risk that you'll be arrested for indecent exposure, or pay me $10,000…I'll tell you what…I’ll give you the uniform if you sign this promissory note for $10,000.”
Angela held up a document for Katrin to sign.

Katrin agonized for what seemed like an eternity, finally accepting the inevitable. She grabbed the document and signed it. Angela handed Katrin the CheapMart bag. Katrin looked in the bag, which contained a pair of plastic clogs, a headscarf, and an ill-fitting cotton smock, cut rather short.
Katrin said, “Where’s the underwear?”

Mimi chimed in, “What does a cleaning lady need underwear for? Lingerie is a perquisite for your betters, not for lowly maids like you. I would be humiliated if my friends found out that I let my maid wear lingerie. Besides, if a maid’s boobs aren’t jiggling vigorously when she’s scrubbing the floor, she’s not working hard enough. Going commando makes it easier to tell if a maid is slacking off.”
Angela then turned to Mimi and said, “how'd you like to buy this $10,000 promissory note for $1?”

“Sounds like a deal!” said Mimi. She fished a one dollar bill out of her clutch and handed it to Angela.

Angela was about to hand the note to Mimi, when the latter held up her hand and said, “No! Add it to the trust.”

Angela replied, “Very well. As you wish.”

Even though Katrin was not an experienced money manager, she immediately grasped what had just happened. The value of the trust had just increased by $10,000. The escrow trigger condition that would release Katrin from servitude depended on the value of the trust declining in value over time. 

She had assumed that Mimi would eventually withdraw enough money from the trust, as a result of shopping or whatnot, to trigger the escrow condition, thus releasing Katrin from bondage. She had never anticipated that Mimi would add value to the trust. The more value Mimi added to the trust, the longer Katrin had to spend in servitude. She hoped that Mimi wouldn't figure out other ways of increasing the value of the trust. If she did, she could potentially keep Katrin in servitude indefinitely.

Mimi then pointed to her pumps, a move that Katrin had no trouble interpreting: She was to kiss Mimi’s toes. When she kneeled down and bent over to perform the deed, the hem of her garment hiked itself up over her ass, exposing her unclad derrière for all the world to see. At this moment, a gentle zephyr wafted across Katrin’s nether regions. You’d think that a garment that cost me $10,000 would cover my ass, thought Katrin. She planted a kiss on each of Mimi’s pumps.

Just then, Angela laid a stroke across Katrin’s ass with her infamous razor strop. “Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.”

“Don’t break position,” ordered Mimi to Katie, who was grimacing and wiggling her ass to get rid of the sting of the razor strop.

Mimi arose from the sofa and moved behind Katrin to admire the stripe across the latter’s ass.

Mimi remarked, “Anybody who sees that stripe will know that Katie has been a naughty maid, and, wearing that uniform, they won’t have any trouble seeing the stripe.”

Mimi then pulled out a smartphone and took a photo of the stripe. Katrin, who had craned her head to see what Mimi was doing, thought to herself, I didn’t know that Mimi had a smartphone. This, of course, was one of many things that Katrin didn’t know about Mimi, things that might have prompted Katrin to act differently than she did if she had known about them.

Mimi ordered Katrin to carefully fold the outfit she had doffed earlier and put it in the CheapMart bag. She then exchanged pleasantries with Angela, and, taking her leave, strode confidently out of Angela’s office, followed behind by Katrin, who was clomping away in her clogs, bag in hand, trying to keep up with Mimi and flashing a bit of ass cheek from time to time.


A few weeks later, Katrin was scrubbing the bathroom floor in her Mistress’s condo, boobs jiggling away, reminiscing about the humiliation she had suffered in Angela’s office. In spite of the humiliation—or possibly because of the humiliation—she found the whole experience highly erotic and was desperate to find relief but was afraid to “scratch her itch” lest Mimi find out. Mimi had told her that maids were supposed to work, not jill off, and that she wouldn't tolerate a maid who shirked her duty by playing with herself.

Just then, by chance, she happened to notice the electric toothbrush on the vanity. This reminded her of an incident from her college days when her vibrator had broken and, she had used her electric toothbrush as an ersatz replacement. Mimi, who was in the living room reading a book, heard a strange buzzing sound coming from the direction of the bathroom and decided to investigate.
When she opened the bathroom door, there was Katrin, moaning on the floor in flagrante delicto. Mimi had had the presence of mind to have brought her smartphone with her and immediately took a photo. “You filthy slut! How dare you use your Mistress’s toothbrush like that! What have I told you about playing with yourself? Fetch my razor strop!”

Angela had presented Mimi with her very own razor strop in case she ever needed to discipline Katrin. And to Mimi’s mind, Katrin definitely needed immediate discipline. Mimi bent her over the edge of a table and flipped the hem of her uniform up over her back. She then proceeded to lay 15 stripes across Katrin’s ass, ignoring Katrin’s pitiful pleas for mercy. Of course, Mimi took a picture of her handiwork after she had completed her corrective measures.

But Mimi wasn’t done with Katrin. She had Katrin assume an awkward position: legs spread, heels raised, thumbtacks under her heels, arms cuffed behind her back, her nose pressing a coin against a wall. The thumbtacks were to discourage Katrin from lowering her heels to the floor.

“You’re to hold this position for an hour. If the coin drops and hits the floor, we’ll repeat your whipping, and you’ll have to hold the coin again for another hour. I’ll be watching you.”

Mimi then snapped a photo on her smartphone. As her ordeal commenced, Katrin could hear Mimi chatting on her cellphone, complaining about the price of caviar. This upset Katrin because she realized that if she hadn’t agreed to be Mimi’s maid, she would have been the one complaining about the price of caviar. Eventually, Mimi stopped palavering on her cellphone and turned to some other activity, possibly reading a book. Katrin couldn’t tell for sure because she would have to turn her head to see, which would result in the coin dropping, which in turn would result in Katrin getting her ass roasted again. She felt that her derrière sported enough stripes as it was.

Katrin had the better part of an hour to contemplate her sins. She felt that she had deserved her discipline. After all, masturbating with her Mistress’s electric toothbrush was rather outrageous. In addition, Mistress Mimi had every right to discipline Katrin as she saw fit. Katrin resolved to be a dutiful, obedient maid in the future, proud to be the maid of a strict Mistress like Mimi. Katrin considered the thought that she might become a Mistress again to be the fantasy of a silly

Then she came to her senses. What was she thinking? She was a respected businesswoman. It was totally inappropriate for a superior being like her to have to kowtow to a former maid like Mimi, a former maid that by all rights should become the maid again. Apparently, acting like a maid had caused Katrin to begin thinking like a maid. Katrin worried that if she remained a maid long enough, she might forget how a Mistress thinks and start thinking like a maid 24/7. If this were to happen, she would have truly become a maid, trapped in a mental prison, trapped just as effectively as the maids in the stories. She resolved that this wouldn’t happen.

Her hour finally ran its course. She was trembling from the fatigue of holding the awkward position for an hour. But she hadn’t dropped the coin. Mimi released Katrin from her position, told her to resume her duties, and stepped out without telling Katrin where she was going, but she was probably going shopping.

Now that Mimi was gone, Katrin rushed to the phone to call Angela. Katrin called Angela about once a week to find out how much the value of the trust had declined, how much closer the value was to triggering the escrow condition. Except for the $10,000 that was added to the trust in Angela’s office, the value of the trust had been gradually declining. Angela estimated that there was only about a month until the escrow condition triggered. Katrin was anxious to find out when she would become the Mistress again.

“Angela Uriel speaking.”

Katrin replied, “Hi Angela, this is Katrin. How much longer till I’m free?”

“I’m sorry to say that I have some bad news for you.”

“WHAT! What do you mean?”

Angela said, “Mimi came in yesterday and made a large deposit. The value of the trust is increasing.”
Katrin said, in a wavering voice, “Where did Mimi get the money to make a deposit?”

“Mimi and I had a long chat about that. It turns out Mimi lined up a gig to present one of your seminars. It was apparently a big hit. She showed me the feedback forms she received after the presentation. They raved about her. I think that she’s probably better at running your business than you were. She plans on giving more presentations. As long as she does, you’re stuck being a maid.”
Katrin said, “Angela, you’ve got to help me. Find some excuse for releasing the trust back to me. Please! I can’t play maid anymore. It's too embarrassing. Please!”

Angela replied, “Katrin, dearie, you know I can’t do that. I have a legal duty to administer the trust in accordance with the terms of the trust. In addition, I’m a sadist. It warms the cockles of my heart to see the pickle you’re in. You should have agreed to be my maid when you had the chance. You’d have found me to be much more fun than Mimi.”

Katrin begged, implored, beseeched, “Please Angela! Help me!”

Angela replied, “Katie, from now on, you’re going to have to get used to earning your living by the sweat of your brow. Learn to embrace your inner maid. As the old saying goes, a setback is just an opportunity in its underwear.

Make the best of it…Excuse me, I’ve got to run. An important meeting. I'm sure you understand. Toodle loo.”

Katrin hung up the phone and thought to herself, An opportunity is better off than I am: At least it has underwear.

How could she have let herself be trapped as a maid? Her only consolation was knowing that she now had an answer to a question that had puzzled her for years: Was she going to end up like her great-grandmother the grande dame or like great-grandmother the scullery maid? Just then, Mimi returned home from her shopping trip and ordered Katie to bring her packages in from the car.

Without even thinking about it, Katrin curtsied, just like a real maid, and said, “Yes, Ma’am. As you wish, Ma’am,” just like a real maid. Perhaps she acted like a real maid because she was a real maid.


Hi, this is Angela Uriel here. I thought I’d add a few comments about the story of Katrin von Loth that I related to T. H. Enerdly.

Katie did not adjust well to the prospect of becoming a long-term maid. I believed that the source of her unhappiness was her refusal to let go of the fact that she was no longer a Mistress. She clung to the idea that she was really a Mistress, not a maid, and that some miracle was going to restore her to her former position.

I talked with Mimi about solutions to the problem of getting Katie to accept the fact that she was now a maid. We agreed that the best way to get Katie to accept her new reality was for Mimi to throw a party, a party where all the guests were friends or acquaintances of Katie, a party where Katie would act as the serving maid, a humble serving maid under the watchful eye of Mimi, who would accept nothing less than obsequious servility from Katie. The latter would be expected to wear a maid’s uniform, to curtsy for the guests, to call them “sir” or “ma’am,” to keep her eyes humbly lowered to the floor as she served refreshments fit for her betters but not for her.

The idea of the party was for the guests to see that Katie was no longer one of their peers, but rather their social inferior, and to treat her as such. When everyone she knew treated her as a maid, it would be difficult for Katie to deny that she was indeed a maid. I hoped that this would help Katie drop the illusion that she was really a Mistress and, as a result, learn to accept her new station in life.

In preparation for the party, Mimi had Katie buy an elegant lady’s maid uniform. Of course, Katie was expected to buy it out of her wages. In the event, Katie had to borrow the money for the uniform from Mimi. This uniform was not for Katrin’s benefit, but for Mimi’s. Can you imagine how humiliating it would have been for Mimi if her maid served her guests in a cleaning lady’s uniform. Katie much prefers to wear her lady’s maid uniform, but Mimi seldom lets her do so because she doesn't want Katie to put on airs. 

During the party, many guests noticed a photo album on a coffee table. This album had been strategically placed there by Mimi. It contained the photos that Mimi had been taking of Katie. Those guests who inspected the album learned, among other things, that Katie was a masturbatrix. These guests revised their opinion about Katie: She wasn’t just a maid; she was a slutty maid.

A good time was had by all…except for Katie. But she did seem to have become reconciled to her new vocation. 

Before the party broke up, Mimi called everyone to attention and announced that Katie would be available to clean anyone’s home for a reasonable fee. Many of Katie’s former friends signed up for the service. Talking to some of Katie’s clients later, I learned that they were eager to lord over Katie, who had a reputation for having been somewhat stuck up. They particularly enjoyed the way Katie’s uniform revealed her ass when she was on all fours scrubbing their floors.

The fees that Katie earned were plowed back into the business Katie had started. In other words, the harder Katie worked, the further into servitude she fell, and the healthier her former business became. 

I signed up for Katie’s cleaning service. One evening, when she was on all fours scrubbing my floors, I noticed that Katie was wearing a chastity belt. The thought crossed my mind that Katie now had the underwear that she so fervently desired when she first became a maid. She probably wasn't happy that, to get a modicum of modesty, she had to wear underwear that protected her moral health…whether she wanted her moral health protected or not.

One final thing…When Katie became Mimi’s maid, Mimi insisted they also trade names, i.e., Katie became Mimi, and Mimi became Katie. At the recommendation of T. H. Enerdly, I used their original names in the story to avoid confusing readers and to avoid awkward circumlocutions such as “Mimi, the maid formerly known as Mistress Katrin.” I asked Mimi why she switched names with Katie, but she declined to answer. I assume that it had something to do with Mimi’s past, but I don’t know what in particular there was about her past that Mimi didn’t want known.  


  1. 'Nice story and a good read, Camille! Poor Katrin should have sought legal advice regarding the trust setup, and not merely presumed the trust funds would gradually become depleted by the again presumed to be spendthrift Mimi.

    Had Katie simply put a time limit on her right to resume her prior standing as business owner and mistress, the subjective value of the trust account would never be considered as any condition to end her servitude as maid.

    But then without such intentional carelessness built-in to the story, there would not be the L2M genre -- where we can learn something about the necessity for contract safeguards. Lack of attendance to binding criteria as we have seen, causes permanence to the subjugated lady as a maid from her former societal status.
    This avoidable circumstance is then aided and abetted by conniving facilitators whose avarice takes advantage of victim gullibility. These stories thus make good object lessons for caveat emptor.

    1. The problem with a time limit is that Mimi might spend the cash assets of the business before the time limit expires. This means Katie would have to secure a loan from Angela to avoid bankruptcy, which in turn means that she would have to submit to Angela's razor strop.

  2. I liked the concept of a nebulous timetable for the swap. It’ll end at some point, most assuredly, she’s just not certain as to when. That way she is always on edge, never able to count down the days until it is over.

    Mimi’s prior history as someone of means was also good. She wasn’t genetically predisposed toward that lifestyle any more than Katrin was. That provides the reader with a second helping of subjugation.

    Charging the rich exorbitant prices for common goods was a nice touch that I’d like to see in other stories. There is a celebrity fat camp that sells a handful of almonds for $4,100. These people really want to lose weight, but their appetites so ravenous they wouldn’t necessarily balk at the prices they are being charged for snacks. You could legally drain someone’s bank account like a casino does with problem gamblers.

    Mimi’s backstory as a person on the run wasn’t of much importance other than to introduce why she became a maid. There was perhaps a missed opportunity to do something with that, like if Angela turned Mimi in at the end. Mimi works so hard to increase the value of the trust only to have it all come undone when the law catches up with her.

    Katrin thanks her good friend Angela for reporting Mimi to the authorities and getting her out of this mess. Angela only did the right thing so she could purchase one of Mimi’s assets in bankruptcy court—Katrin’s contract.

    Anyway, thanks for the submission, Angela.

    1. You made some interesting observations. Thanks!

      Concerning Mimi's backstory:

      1) The story originally began as an attempt to take a mediocre caption and re-write it as a full length story. One of the problems with the caption was the fact that Mimi was identified as a witch who was using magic to persuade Katrin to switch places. I personally think that the use of magic has no place in a L2M story. The backstory was needed to create an identity for Mimi that didn't use magic.

      2) You have several interesting ideas for the end game. I introduced an alternate approach in the story. At the end of the epilogue, it's mentioned that Mimi had Katrin switch names with her. The reason for this, which I only hinted at in the story, was that if the police got wind of where Mimi was, they would presumably show up with a warrant for the arrest of Mimi. Since Katrin was using the name Mimi, the police would arrest Katrin. This would create enough confusion for Mimi to make an escape. At this point, the story could go in several directions. E.g., Katrin might be put on trial and convicted of Mimi's crimes if the confusion with names was not uncovered. Mimi might escape or might not. If Mimi doesn't manage to escape, then there would be a trial at which Katrin might have to testify, possibly about the humiliating way Mimi tricked her. If Mimi does escape, this or that might happen. I could go on like this for quite awhile. In short, the epilogue creates the condition for a sequel should I decide to do a sequel. At the present time, I have no plans for a sequel, other projects demand my time.

      T. H. Enerdly

  3. Lovely story nothing to add nothing to take away. all the ingredients well mixed, cooked and served to perfection.
    Thank you

    Jackie J

    1. Thanks for your kind words!

      BTW, I enjoy your stories.

      T. H. Enerdly

  4. A great story. Ilove that her own labour ensures her own downfall.

  5. An Appreciative ReaderApril 25, 2017 at 8:17 AM

    Nice story. I like the fact that Katrin knows the risks and tries to guard against them but still fails, a nice twist - and including this site, nice bit of homage! :)

  6. Very nice story.
    I love the fact that Katrin contemplates the risk of becoming Katie. The story is very good
    Thank you,

  7. great story love how her plan failed her and actually backfired keeping her a maid longer

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