Monday, April 28, 2014

Story: The Borrowed Gown

by Eryka Lynn

Colleen and Kevin had been friends since they were four years old. Colleen always wanted what was best for Kevin. She also always hoped that Kevin would someday look at her as more than just a friend; she wanted to be his girl. She also was very rich – her parents had left her with a small fortune.

Colleen had a very large condominium overlooking a lake, a beautiful car,
expensive clothes and jewelry – everything except her man. The condominium was
large enough that she even had a room for a part-time live-in maid named
Chantel. Chantel was a pretty African American girl who was very friendly and
had a personality very much like Colleen's. She came from the Deep South and
never even graduated from grade school. She could barely write and her English
was extremely bad. She came from a very poor family, which limited both her
wardrobe and her social activities. But she had plans to change that soon – and
Colleen and Kevin’s lives would never be the same.

For several weeks, Colleen noticed that Chantel was walking around in sort of a
funk. Colleen couldn't stand to see her this way so she finally asked if there
was anything she could do. Chantel explained that she had an opportunity to go
to a good friend’s wedding but she couldn’t go because she couldn't afford a
pretty gown let alone all the needed accessories. Colleen looked at Chantel and
thought Chantel to be about her size, but she really couldn't tell. Colleen had
a beautiful evening dress and shoes that might fit Chantel. She made her offer
to Chantel who was absolutely thrilled. Chantel confirmed that she wore the same
size dress and shoes as Colleen. Colleen, however, was a little concerned that
since the dress was custom tailored to her own body, it might or might not work
for Chantel.

The ideal thing would have been to have Chantel try them on but the gown was at
the cleaners. Colleen looked perplexed, but Chantel meekly offered a suggestion.
Colleen had just got off of work and was wearing a custom tailored business
suit. It had been an aggravating week for Colleen and she was dying to hide
herself away for a quiet weekend. Chantel had an idea that just might solve both
of their problems. Chantel suggested to Colleen that Colleen swap clothes with
her to see how they fit. If they fit well, Chantel suggested that they exchange
places for the weekend.

Colleen was a little surprised and somewhat reluctant to swap her expensive suit
for the trampy outfit that Chantel was wearing, but she was also intrigued. She
finally agreed, though reluctantly. Colleen knew that Chantel's whole wardrobe
was probably very similar to what she was wearing now and she was sure that her
apartment was very small and many degrees down from her own. But the thought of
a weekend away from all her normal distractions sounded too good to pass up, so
they headed for Colleen’s bedroom. As they undressed, Colleen realized that
Chantel would probably need her accessories too so she suggested they also try
on each other's bra, panties and pantyhose. Chantel and Colleen both giggled as
Chantel said that would be cool.

In minutes they were completely dressed in each others’ clothes and they even
swapped jewelry. They were amazed at how well everything fit. Chantel expanded
on her idea to exchange "lives" for the weekend. Chantel would stay at Colleen's
condo, wear her gown to the reception tomorrow and be free to wear the rest of
her things for the remainder of the weekend. Colleen would stay at Chantel's
place and be "Chantel" for the weekend.

Chantel concealed a wicked little smile. Chantel remembered the magical spell
that the voodoo priestess had cast on her when she was a young girl in the
bayou. Chantel would have one chance to swap lives with another girl sometime in
her life. The only condition was that they would have to be the same size and
once the switch was made they could never switch back. Chantel had been watching Colleen for a long time now and had decided that Colleen’s life was the life she wanted. Chantel knew that Colleen wanted Kevin but didn’t realize that the only way she would get him was through her body but Colleen didn’t want to do that. Chantel knew that once she was "Colleen", she would have no problem making him her man.

The spell worked subtly on Colleen. She couldn’t understand why but she finally
agreed to Chantel’s offer. They exchanged purses and even the contents of their
wallets. Chantel thanked Colleen for her generosity. Colleen left the condo and
went to catch a bus; she had already given her car to Chantel. As Colleen walked
away she hadn’t noticed that something was very different about her walk. Maybe
it was the tight jeans or Chantel's leopard print platform shoes, but Colleen
was now walking very much like a black girl. Her movements were amazingly like

Chantel filled out Colleen's clothes beautifully. She actually thought she
looked much sexier in them than Colleen ever did. Chantel noticed that she
seemed to move more like a white girl. In fact, her movements were very much
like Colleen's. Chantel was overjoyed -- the transition was going much better
and quicker than she hoped. Chantel knew that by Monday morning Colleen's mind
would have been completely transformed into that of a black girl, while
Chantel's will be that of a white girl.

Colleen felt a little strange as she entered Chantel's apartment. It wasn't
roomy at all and it was somewhat on the untidy side. But Colleen, for some
unknown reason didn't feel uncomfortable being there. She checked out the meager
contents of Chantel's closet and dresser, picked out an outfit for the next day
and began to undress. She slipped off Chantels' platform shoes -- they had
actually been a lot more comfortable to wear than she thought they'd be. She
removed the rest of Chantel's clothes -- they too felt surprisingly comfortable
given that they were much more form-fitting than anything Colleen would normally

Colleen went to the bathroom and found a skimpy nightie on the back of the door.
It was the only one she could find -- Chantel only had one. The nightie had been
well worn, as were the slippers beneath them. She could tell the garments were
in need of laundering, but that could wait until tomorrow. She slipped the
nightie over her head and smoothed it out on her body. It was an unbelievably
good fit and she felt warm and comfortable in it. She knew there was something
wrong, she shouldn’t feel this way. She slipped on Chantel's dirty slippers, and
then walked to the sink.

She almost instinctively bathed using Chantel's soap and towels. At first, she
wasn't going to brush her teeth because Chantel had only a single toothbrush.
But something compelled her to squeeze toothpaste onto Chantel's toothbrush and
insert it into her mouth. It didn't bother her at all; and she even smiled at
the figure looking back at her from the mirror. Her skin had temporarily became
Chantel’s shade of brown then changed back to her own.

Chantel knew that the cleaners had called earlier and that Colleen’s gown was
ready for pick-up. She hurried to pick it up and bring it back to the condo –
she had plans for Kevin. Chantel loved Colleen's large well-kept condominium.
This was always what Chantel wanted and she eagerly explored every room. She
smiled as she looked through Colleen's closets and dressers. They were full of
the expensive and elegant clothes and jewelry she could only dream about owning.
Chantel called Kevin, her voice sounded exactly like Colleen’s.

Kevin rang the bell and when the door swung open he was surprised, no shocked,
to see Chantel dressed head to toe in Colleen’s new gown and all her
accessories. But before he could say anything, his eyes met Chantel’s and he
fell under her spell. Chantel took his hand and led him into the condo. She
handed him Colleen's diamond necklace and asked him to fasten it around her
neck. Kevin obliged and couldn't resist gently kissing her neck and telling her
what a lovely "Colleen" she made. He was pleasantly surprised at how well all of
Colleen's things fit her.

Chantel could tell Kevin was aroused. She took his face gently in her hands then
gave him a long passionate kiss. "You can call me ’Colleen’ -- after all I am
her for the weekend". Kevin's couldn’t resist cupping her breasts in his hands,
and then he slowly began to undress her. They slowly slid into Colleen's bed and
began an intense hour of lovemaking. She knew that Colleen's life would soon be
hers and that Colleen was about to inherit a life like she never could have

The next morning, Colleen showered and dressed in one of Chantel’s revealing
halter-tops and a pair of her well-worn and tight-fitting shorts. Her Colleen
fingernails and toenails didn't feel right to her, so she stripped them of their
polish. She glued on the long fingernails like Chantel always wore and painted
them and her toenails with Chantel's nail polish. She slipped her feet into
Chantel's very high-heeled platform slides, then sat down in front of the mirror
and applied all of Chantel's makeup. She liked what she saw even though the
shades of her makeup were more appropriate for a black woman.

Colleen ate a small breakfast and settled into a chair to read some of the
paperwork she brought home from the office. She couldn't keep her mind on what
she was reading; she couldn't understand why she was having trouble
understanding some of the larger words. A short time later there was a knock on
the door, and several of Chantel's black girlfriends walked in. They knew what
was happening and immediately greeted her, "Mornin' girl. You looks hot in
Chantel's clothes, but we gotta do sometin' about that hair." They took Colleen
to the bathroom and spent the next five hours redoing her hair into the Afro-
braid that Chantel loved to wear. "Tonight, you's gonna party with us. You is
one of us now."

Chantel's girlfriend's assembled Chantel's one party outfit and helped Colleen
to get ready. She slipped on Chantel's gold bra and thongs -- it was erotic. An
hour later, Colleen stood before the mirror. She liked what she saw -- much more
than she thought she should. She knew something was happening that wasn't right
but she didn't want to do anything about it. Except for her skin color she was
now a black woman. The satin gold dress was low-cut, short and tight. Chantel's
gold high-heeled gladiator sandals adorned her feet all the way up to her knees.
She was covered with Chantel's cheap jewelry. The large hoop earrings almost
touched her shoulders. She loved how they looked -- and it felt oh soooo right.
Everything about her shouted out "Fuck me!"

Just then the door opened and in walked Chantel's boyfriend. He motioned to her
to come to him and she felt herself responding immediately. She stared into his
eyes and felt herself being drawn to his lips. She was helpless to resist. She
placed her body up next to his and placed his large brown hands on her breasts.
She felt his large lips envelop hers, then she inserted her tongue into his
mouth and they locked in the most intense kiss she ever experienced. She knew
that she was his girl now -- and she didn't want it any other way. She grabbed
Chantel's gold purse, then he wrapped his big brown arm around her waist and
they headed for the party.

Chantel and Kevin awakened and showered together. Chantel put on one of
Colleen's elegant robes and her slippers. She then made breakfast for Kevin. She
knew this condo inside out; it was hers now. She had a lot to do to prepare for
the reception that evening, so she said goodbye to Kevin, and proceeded with her
further transformation. She kept Colleen's appointment to get her hair done and
for her manicure and pedicure. The stylist worked for several hours to undo
Chantels' braids, soften her hair until it was a black version of Colleen's, and
then to style it the way Colleen would have had it done for a wedding. After her
nails were done to look just like Colleen's she went to the mirror to admire her
new white girl look. She knew that in less than a day she would have Colleen's
skin and face.

When she got back to her condo she put on one of Colleen's sexiest black bras
and matching panties. She pulled Colleen's black pantyhose onto her feet and
legs -- these felt so much more feminine than the cheap stockings she used to
have to wear. As she slowly ran her hands up and down her legs she thought about
how nice it will be to have Colleen's shapely white legs on feet. She smoothed
Colleen's slip on her body then stepped into Colleen's exquisite custom-made
evening gown. She zipped it up and admired how well it fit her body. She slipped
her feet into Colleen's designer shoes, and then put on Colleen's most elegant
diamond earrings, necklace, bracelet, watch and ring. She touched up her makeup
then smiled at the black version of Colleen staring back at her. She was
pleased, very pleased -- within hours she would have her new life.

Kevin arrived and greeted her with a huge hug and passionate kiss. She grabbed
Colleen's evening bag, then Kevin took her hand in his and they headed for the
door. He didn't notice, but her every movement and mannerism was exactly like
Colleen's. On the other side of town, Colleen now moved and walked as if she had
been born a black girl.

On Sunday, Chantel called Colleen to get together to "swap back". They set a
time, but she knew that Colleen already walked, acted and thought like a black
girl. Within a couple of hours, Colleen's IQ will have dropped to that of
Chantel's. Her desires and sex drive were now those of a black woman -- she
would only crave sex with black men. Chantel's IQ was nearly where Coleen's used
to be, and she now walked, acted and thought as Colleen once did. Colleen
already sounded exactly like Chantel and Chantel like Colleen.

By tomorrow morning Chantel will have taken over Colleen's life completely.
She'll be living in her house, doing her job, wearing her clothes, going out
with her friends and loving her man. Colleen would inherit the miserable life
that was destined for Chantel. Chantel knew that the best part of it would be
that Colleen would be conditioned by the spell to be turned on by the thought of
being a black girl. She knew that Colleen would never want to be "white" again,
and would eagerly agree to Chantel's final step.

They met at Colleen's condo on Monday morning, and Colleen asked Chantel if she
had a good time at the wedding. Chantel told her she had an awesome time, and
wondered how Colleen felt after her "weekend getaway". Chantel smiled as she saw
Colleen staring at her face and sensed the hesitation in Colleen's reply.
Chantel looked lovingly at Colleen and said, You don't have to say it girl; I
know what you want. You love my large luscious black girl lips don't you? You'd
like to have my ebony skin wouldn't you? I know you want my pretty black face --
so it's yours. Just remember that I then get your face, and once you're me,
there's no turning back. You become Chantel for the rest of your life." Colleen
was surprised at Chantels' perception. Colleen’s last ounce of resistance was
totally futile, as she realized that she had no power to change her final
destiny. Before Colleen could reply, Chantel took hold of Colleen's hands and
told her to stare directly into her eyes. Colleen was unable to resist.

Chantel then raised Colleen's hands up high enough so that she could see them
even though she was looking into Chantel's eyes. Colleen felt a warm sensation
beginning where her hands were in contact with Chantel's. Slowly her soft white
skin began to darken as Chantel’s began to lighten. Seconds later Colleen could
see that the skin on her hands was the exact ebony shade as Chantel's hands used
to be. Chantel now had Colleen's white hands. As the shiny ebony pigment moved
up her arms Colleen could feel and see the texture of her skin changing to that
of a black woman. The hair that was on Chantel's arms now appeared on Coleen's.
She could see that her smooth and soft white skin was replacing Chantel's. She
felt the warmth spread rapidly throughout her body as her white skin cells were
completely destroyed and replaced by Chantel's brown ones. The warmth moved up her neck and face, and she smiled. Chantel continued to hold on to her hands as
Colleen watched Chantel's lips start to decrease in size and her facial features
slowly change to Colleen's. Colleen could feel that she now had Chantel's black
features completely. Even her hair was now Chantel's natural color and texture.

Chantel let go of Colleen's hands and Colleen walked over to the mirror. She
stared at the new woman before her and gently examined her new facial features
with her hands. She heard a voice from behind, "Feels good doesn't it? You're
‘Chantel’ now, and I'm ‘Colleen’. My destiny is now yours. You'll never be a
white woman again."

"Colleen" tenderly examined her new beautiful soft white skin. She had what she
wanted -- she stole this attractive young white girl's body, mind, life and soon
also her man. "Colleen" smiled as she heard "Chantel", with the voice and poor
grammar that used to be hers say, "Girl, you makes a lot better white girl than
I ever did. I loves bein' brown shuga. You can keep my ol' life. You were meant
to be me. I's one hot black mama now, and yo man is mine."

Chantel had plans for Colleen as the new "Chantel". Her former boss would now be
HER black maid. And once she married Kevin, she would keep "Chantel" to serve
their every whim. She knew there was always the risk that "Chantel" might
eventually even end up pregnant with her former boyfriend's baby or possibly end
up as a hooker and someday overdose on drugs. But she was willing to take that

She kissed "Chantel" on the cheek. "I've got what I want. I hope you'll be happy
in your new life." "Colleen" asked "Chantel" to help her get ready for work.
"Chantel’s" response was immediate, "Yez, Miz Colleen."


  1. I liked the idea of a body swap but I'm sorry to say that I didn't meet your usual standards

    1. Please don't take it personally, it was a marvelous picture, but I think I ran out of my creative spark for now! I think I am already a bit repetitive with my captions...

  2. Love your site. An excellent story, which I'm sure you will love is Courtney's Ebony Godess about a pop star enslaved by her PA. Google it and enjoy!