Sunday, June 11, 2017

Story: Lady Penrose. Chapter 3.

by Jackie J
Flushed and still panting Lady Penrose set about carving the roast her mind trying in vain to reconcile what had just taken place, what had she done and why.
By the time she was ready to serve the dishes from the kitchen she had settled somewhat, but her self-inflicted humiliation was a feeling she could not shake from her consciousness. What was she doing dressed in her maid's clothing serving dinner to Claudia. She wasn’t a maid, she couldn’t be the maid in her own home, could she?
Claudia’s scent was still about her, making her feel weak and humble. What she had done to Claudia, what she had done to herself on the kitchen floor, her thoughts in the bathtub, Claudia’s assertion that she would be spending more time between her thighs...
Lady Penrose should have stridden up to the dining room, slapped down the food and told Claudia to leave and never return. To deny that anything had ever taken place between them, laundry Silvia’s uniform and underwear, place it back in the closet and drawers as if untouched...

Unfortunately for Lady Penrose, such thoughts never crossed her mind only those of the certain shame and social ruin that would result should Claudia be given reason to expose her. And Reginald her husband, he would disown her, her life as she knew it would be over, not yet realising that it already was!
Stepping sheepishly into the dining room and watched by a smirking Claudia, Lady Penrose laid out the meal on the table never raising her gaze to meet the eyes of her Mistress.
Claudia smiled and then chuckled reinforcing the shame and awkwardness of Lady Penrose.
“Good girl, Bella, this looks very appetising. I would ask you to join me but a maid would never dine with her Mistress, would she? And of course you have only just eaten, haven’t you?”
Lady Penrose blushed and shuffled her feet, her fingers fidgeting in her apron. What was she doing allowing Claudia to talk to her like this? Why didn’t she say something, some retort, anything to salvage some dignity? But how could she? Her dignity was sacrificed and left within and between the perfumed folds of Claudia’s skirts, the taste of Claudia’s sex was still lingering on her lips.
Lady Penrose eventually raised her head and stared at Claudia who sat comfortably at the dining table in Lady Penrose’s chair.
Claudia eased down her cutlery.
“Don’t look at me like that, Bella, don’t pretend you didn’t want this, I saw you in the kitchen at yourself panting out your orgasm, I didn’t force you to lick and lap at my sex. On the contrary, you needed to be under and cocooned within my skirts, wanted to taste me, to be controlled and control you I will.”
Lady Penrose, looking forlorn, started to speak.
“But Clau...”
A slap of Claudia’s hand on the table and with a stern expression growing on her face she stood.
“But, but, there are no buts, Bella, and you will address me as Mistress, understand?”
Lady Penrose squirmed at Claudia’s harsh tone, those helpless weakening sensations she had felt in the bath tub, beneath Claudia’s skirts, at the first taste of her sex, whilst at herself on the kitchen floor, all running through her mind .
Claudia could see Lady Penrose’s receptive and submissive demeanour blossom like a flower, Lady Penrose standing mute before her.
Claudia chuckled.
“That’s right, Bella, a maid would not be so presumptuous and impertinent to speak without being invited to do so and that is what you are, Bella, my maid. Now, girl, a respectful curtsy and then you may return to your Kitchen, your Mistress will call you when she is finished here.”
Lady Penrose instinctively dropped a curtsy and shuffled out of the dining room down into the kitchen. She was sloppy wet again and had to support herself against the kitchen table. The revelation that Claudia had seen her masturbating only added to Lady Penrose’s sense of worthlessness and embarrassment  but also a strange feeling of excited acceptance and expectation to her willing capitulation.
Lady Penrose could not help herself pressing and rubbing against the sink whilst she washed out the pans, her mind wandering between her imaginings and her reality. A reality so stark now, the acrid odour of the soda in the sink, the sleeves of her dress rolled to her elbows scrubbing out the pans. The unfamiliar heavy and restrictive fabric of her maid’s dress and coarse uncomfortable cotton underwear, her ensemble of subjugation wrapped neatly within her bibbed apron serving to undermine any thoughts of resistance to her situation.
The shrill ring of the maid’s call bell brought Lady Penrose back from her imaginings to her reality. Stumbling from the sink, wiping her hands on her apron she quietened her gasping before heading up to the dining room.
Claudia smiled seeing her maid enter and curtsy.
“Take these things away, Bella, then go and draw me a bath.”
Lady Penrose again could not help herself, she knew she shouldn’t, this was all wrong but looking at Claudia sat regally in her elegant gown at what was Lady Penrose’s own table in the very seat in which she herself would be served to dine dropped another curtsy.
“Yes, Mistress.”
Scooping up the discarded plate, dishes and cutlery, Lady Penrose returned to the kitchen and after scrapping away the remnants of the meal laid them into the sink.
Leaving the dishes to soak Lady Penrose headed up the stairs to the bathroom and started to run the bath.
Turning she was confronted by a smiling Claudia who was already unhitching her gown. Sliding the dress from her shoulders and stepping from it she handed the garment to Lady Penrose. Her underwear quickly followed and Claudia stood naked by the bath tub and Lady Penrose tried hard not to look at her, clutching her warm discarded clothing.
“Don’t just stand there, Bella, take the clothing and bring me a wrap for when I have taken my bath.”
Claudia chuckled.
“That pretty silk kimono I have seen you wearing, the blue one with the flowers. That will be fine.”
Lady Penrose lifted her head and could not help but stare at the naked form of Claudia. Perfectly proportioned, lithe and elegant her green piercing eyes bright and alive.
“Don’t stare, Bella, you will learn to worship this body in the fullness of time. Now to your duties.” 
Returning to the bathroom with her own silk wrap in hand Claudia was already submerged in the foaming bath. After placing the wrap on the rail Lady Penrose stood awkwardly not knowing what she should do. Lady Penrose had always bathed alone, never involving Silvia.
“Should I go and finish in the kitchen Clau....   sorry, Mistress?”
Claudia turned and smiled.
“No, Bella, take the loofah and wash my back.”
Lady Penrose stepped forward and lifted the loofah from the water. The same sponge she had earlier had pressed tight into her pussy with her mind full of wild imaginings.
Gently and tentatively moving the loofah over Claudia’s shoulders she shuddered when Claudia’s hand rose from the bubbles to at first rest on her own then closed around her hand.
Claudia’s grip was firm and slowly she drew the Loofah held in Lady Penrose’s hand beneath the water. Spreading her legs drawing all in her grasp into herself Claudia lay back in the tub and softly moaned closing her eyes feeling the sponge at her gateway.
Claudia opened her eyes holding Lady Penrose in her gaze a wicked smile growing across her face.
“Well Bella, you know what your Mistress wants, don’t you? I doubt you are a stranger to this sponge judging from its pungent odour when I picked it from the tray.”
Lady Penrose blushed at the knowing revelation that she had used the loofah earlier that day within her own intimacy.
Gently probing with the loofah Lady Penrose stared at Claudia’s ample wobbling breasts. What was she doing dressed like she was stroking the sponge in and around Claudia’s genitalia? Claudia laid in Lady Penrose’s own bath, a maid at her beck and call, a maid named Bella.
The more she stared at Claudia’s squirming body the more she thought she was being denied, the more she pushed and twisted the sponge, the more her own need grew within her, she wanted, needed Claudia’s wet slot.
Claudia, sensing Lady Penrose’s need, twisted in the tub splashing water freely from it, her legs spread, and pushed her hips upwards presenting herself to her eager maid.
Lady Penrose was on her knees at the side of the bath without conscious thought and bobbed her head forward to lick on the nectar of the presented inviting sex.
Claudia gripped at the slippery porcelain of the tub thrusting up her hips feeling Lady Penrose’s tongue lash within her folds then tip and probe at her bulbous clit.
One might say that was that, Lady Penrose’s second taste of another woman confirming all the imaginings she had in the very tub within which Claudia now wallowed, Claudia her mistress.
Silvia, Lady Penrose’s maid, had seen something in her Mistress something she intended to exploit. Months before she seduced Lord Penrose - “Reggie” - she knew that there was no sexual activity between Lord and Lady Penrose. In fact little affection at all existed between them. Also how embarrassingly submissive Lady Penrose was when in the company of Lord Penrose waiting on him hand and foot.
Beyond the initial seduction of Lord Penrose and under the ruse of a sick relative, Silvia orchestrated sexual liaisons at will with the eager Lord. Always on her return making subtle but barbed comments about how even the basic domestic duties at Ringwood had been neglected. Lord Penrose, influenced by the pillow talk with his young lover, also began to criticise his wife’s ineptitude in this regard.
Silvia’s life experience, confirmed when discussing such matters with the village Dyke, Claudia, that a woman of a certain age, deprived of sexual fulfilment for extended periods, become easy prey for an experienced lesbian.
Silvia, in collusion with her new friend Claudia, hatched their plot. Silvia would contrive to entice Lady Penrose into her garb during her next absence and Claudia, having discovered her, as if by chance, and with a threat of being exposed, would try to coherence Lady Penrose to become her maid for a short period. Given Claudia was successful thus far she would then have a carte blanche to spin her Sapphic web around the vulnerabilities of the sexually frustrated Lady Penrose.
Following a public disowning of his lesbian wife, Lord Penrose would be free to marry his young lover Silvia. Being left destitute Isabella would be left with little choice but to accept the offered sanctuary within the confines of Ringwood, not to be Lady of the manor any longer but to be the housemaid to Lady Silvia.  
Burying her face between the spread thighs of Claudia over the edge of the bath tub, Lady Penrose was unaware of the scheme that was afoot. All she knew, all that consumed her every thought, whilst licking and tasting within the scent and majesty of the soft wet folds of Claudia’s enticing sex, being those of a submissive maid to a dominant Mistress.
Silvia had been correct in her presumptions concerning her Mistress and now it would be up to Claudia to deliver a besotted, chastised, obedient, lesbian slut maid to the returning Lord Penrose and his wife-to-be Silvia.
The ensuing month, before Lord Penrose’s scheduled return would reveal just how this will be achieved.


  1. An Appreciative ReaderJune 11, 2017 at 10:28 AM

    Great story again! Very well written bathroom seduction scene :)

  2. It is evident from Lady Penrose’s friendship and extramarital dalliances with a well-known degenerate that she is no lady at all and is, instead, a common whore. Lord Penrose is well within his rights to publicly disavow her immorality. He gave that de facto courtesan his wealth, status and his hand in marriage and how does she repay him? By debasing his reputation in choosing the company of women.

    That being said, I wouldn’t be sad if you tacked on a Lord to Butler ending wherein Lord Penrose gets his just deserts when it turns out that Silvia is Claudia’s lesbian lover. With the Penroses obliged to serve the town dyke, at least Lady Penrose would have the satisfaction of sharing her bed with her mistresses, while none of them would have any interest in sleeping with him.