Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Story: Lady Penrose. Chapter 6.

by Jackie J
With Bella’s sex hidden and encased within the insidious contraption, the initial panic that raced through every sinew of her being began to subside seeking rational thought. A knife, a knife from the kitchen she could cut through the straps. Of course this would not be possible given the tempered steel that was sheathed by the outer leather, but Bella could not have known that, although she would find out later when she tried.
Walking to the door, to creep to the kitchen, Bella reached for the handle and her eyes went wide.
The handle had gone, removed, and with her hands pawing in disbelieve Bella tnoticed a new item of furniture on the door, a shiny new key hole for a mortice lock.
Naked but for the adornment of the chastity belt Bella caught her reflection in the mirror and stood staring. What had she done? What had she allowed to be done?

Drifting back to the small bunk she sat and gazed at the open closet displaying her uniforms and dropped her head in her hands.
Anger soon overcame her emotions and she rushed to the door banging with her fists screaming Claudia’s name.
Claudia, who sat in the parlour with a glass of wine in hand, could hear the muffled rant from the maid’s quarters and smiled. All was going to plan.
Bella’s forlorn screaming and banging eventually reduced to a whimper and soft thuds to the door before all fell quiet.
Having accepted the uselessness of her efforts and laid back on the bed Bella contemplated her predicament and a shiver of excitement rippled through her.
She had been used like a whore, locked into chastity, spanked and slapped and now imprisoned in her room, this stark windowless bare room that was to be her home. Wasn’t this what she wanted? How much more domineering could a mistress be?
With these thoughts drifting through her mind her hands gently rocked and tugged the belt and found the bulbous knobs, which protruded on the inside of the chastity belt's face and crotch plate, teased at her clitoris.
Her mind played over and over the vision of Claudia, dressed in her gorgeous negligee and peignoir, willingly stripping naked before her, suckling on her mistresses honey pot only to be discarded and screamed at, slapped, forced into the belt and then spanked.  The rubbing of the belt becoming more furious and Bella writhed in a frantic frenzy of frustration thrashing her legs wildly pulling, pushing, and pressing at the belt until she squealed out her orgasm. 
Claudia having crept from the parlour, her ear to the door, chuckled knowing the secret of the belt. She had taken pleasure from wearing it on numerous occasions herself, the teasing bulbs within the belt a constant stimulation with every movement. But Claudia had always been in possession of the key to the double locks unlike poor Bella.
Bella would find the stimulation from the insidious belt all-consuming. Each squat, each turn, each bend, every step whilst about her duties would hold her in a wanton weakening, almost euphoric, malleable state. Constantly held on the edge Bella would become compliant to every suggestive whim of her Mistress, to be her slave, her toy.
In the cooling of her climax drifting into satisfied slumber Bella’s thoughts were not far from her Mistress. She had been punished, she deserved to be punished, she had been a bad maid.
The turning of a key in the lock awoke Bella the following morning and the door to her room swung open. Her belt pressed at her when she squirmed to the edge of her bunk and she sighed to its teasing probing touch and giggled feeling its caressing permanence about her.
By the time she was dressed and stepped into her shoes she was already feeling horny. Out into the hallway to walk from her room towards the kitchen she steadied herself against the wall and paused, her knees weak, her breathing shallow.
Claudia appeared at the end of the hallway dressed in her finery another of Lady Penrose’s expensive outfits and smirked at her distressed maid.
“Good morning, Bella. I do hope that you like the present I have given you?”
Bella, her eyes watering, stood from the wall and when she curtsied let out a soft sigh.
Claudia chuckled and approached her maid.
“Not really a punishment at all, is it, Bella? Perhaps you will learn to control its stimulation over time.”
Claudia took hold of Bella’s enfeebled hand and guided her aroused maid into the kitchen
“Two soft boiled eggs and toast with a pot of earl grey, Bella. I will be in the dining room.”
The next few days were a blur for poor Bella whilst she came to terms with being constantly aroused and, when at the end of the week Claudia told her maid to get on her knees under the table to lick her pussy whilst she dined, Bella enthusiastically obliged and such became her place of oral worship each evening thereafter.  
By the end of the second week of her encasement into chastity and unrelenting arousal Bella was reduced to taking small mincing steps to mitigate the effects of the belt, a gait she would permanently adopt. Despite her best intentions, Bella become sloppy in her work and accepted the chastisement and punishments meted out by her increasingly dominant Mistress.
Regular spankings, being made to work naked apart from the belt, the sexually crippling and restrictive badge of her subjugation, and mocked and ridiculed at every opportunity for the smallest of errors... Despite her treatment Bella fawned over her Mistress who ran hot and cold with her affections for her increasingly slutty maid.
During the third week Claudia intensified her draconian control of Ringwood and its maid. The once confident proud Lady Penrose was becoming more withdrawn, nervous and unsure at each simple task she was given. But Claudia knew when to toss crumbs of comfort to prevent Bella being tipped completely over the edge of sanity. At least once a week and often more Bella was taken to her Mistress's bedchamber and with her belt removed fucked into delirium by Claudia and her dong Percy.
Convinced by her Mistress, the fourth week brought the self shearing of Bella’s golden locks into a short bob and the addition of black dye had the desired transforming effect to her appearance. Complemented by her Mistress on the rather crude cut Bella knew she had done the right thing in lopping her fussy hair into a practical short working girl's style.
Another milestone of humiliation for poor Bella was the trip into a nearby town to the drapers. With Claudia dressed to the nines accompanied by her unrecognised shy dowdy maid new uniforms for maid Bella were ordered. These not in the modern style but, at the behest of a mischievous Silvia, who had been kept abreast of Claudia’s progress in Lady Penrose’s subjugation, they were to be Victorian in style cumbersome and restrictive.
Stripped naked to be measured with her chastity belt on display Bella just stood impassive whilst the shop assistant’s tittered and giggled about their work.
Claudia smiled and smirked at her compliant maid and following the visit to the drapers called into a nearby and often frequented tea shop. Finding a discrete booth at the rear of the tea room Claudia had Bella dutifully stand by the table whilst she took tea and cake. 
Claudia was soon joined by an immaculately dressed but rather butch looking girl who smiled at Bella sweeping her flowing skirts beneath her when she sat.
“Who is this, Claudia?”
Rosemary smirked and giggled at the awkward sullen Bella stood meekly in her maid’s regalia.
“Or should I say what is this?”
Claudia finished the last delicate mouthful of her cream puff and wiping some loose crumbs from her glossed lips stared into the eyes of her maid.
“This is Bella, the maid from Ringwood, Lord and Lady Penrose are away and I have the use of the mansion and of course this pretty little thing. You wouldn’t think it looking at her Rosemary but she is such a slutty whore her tongue is just divine.
A tightening of Claudia’s eyes followed by a known nonverbal instruction, that Bella followed each evening to slip beneath the dining table to lick and lap at her Mistresses sex, saw Bella stoop and wriggle beneath the draped lace table cloth.
A rustling of skirts from beneath the table and Claudia squirmed and sighed.
“Mmm, oh, yes that’s right, Bella! Mmm...”
Rosemary looked on in amazement to have her own pussy licker, a dyke’s dream and Claudia had one, would she share?
Claudia’s demeanour remained serene and calm with the odd sigh of pleasure from the thrashing tongue of her now accomplished lesbian whore.
The sound of Bella’s slurping had Rosemary wet, dare she ask?
Claudia sensed her friend’s desires and smiled.
“What are friends for if not to share, dear?”
Claudia raised the edge of the tablecloth, the curtain that hid Bella’s shame, and smiled down at the smeared face of her maid.
“Rosemary would like to be pleasured now, be a good girl or you know what will happen.”
Bella her buttocks still red and sore from her spanking earlier in the day knew her place and on her hands and knees turned and shuffled under the table raising the long flowing skirts and petticoats before drawing the tapes of Rosemary’s lace and ribbon trimmed bloomers.
The scent of perfumed sex filled Bella’s senses and she licked lapped and gobbled at the mushy minge and what lay within.
Having adjusted her own knickers and skirts Claudia smiled watching Rosemary’s eyes roll, the tongue of her maid ploughing unseen deep into Rosemary’s wetness.
Rosemary’s excitement grew and Claudia watched her friend’s nails dig into the lace covered table top and let out her gasp of fulfilment.
Following their discrete defiling yet public degradation of Ringwood’s maid with her practised cunnilingus both ladies stood to leave, poor Bella, with her face sticky, scampering from below the table.
“You must come to Ringwood, Rosemary. What about Saturday evening?”
Rosemary smiled at Claudia and then at Bella.
“Hmm, yes I look forward to it. Say, around seven?”
The date was confirmed and Claudia and her maid left the tea shop to return to Ringwood.
Early on Thursday afternoon Bella was weary having scrubbed the outside steps into the residence for a second time. The reward for her first unsatisfactory attempt being a severe spanking, this was the last task on her long list of duties for the day.
Looking down the driveway a van pulled through the gates of the long drive and she watched it draw to a halt at the bottom of the steps. A jovial fellow jumped from the cab and smiled at the housemaid.
Lady Penrose would have had little time for tradesmen leaving such mundane activity to her maid but she wasn’t the Mistress of the Ringwood was she, she was Bella the housemaid.
The doors opened at the back of the van the chap smiled at Bella.
“Come on, girl, give me a hand with these, will you? A delivery for your Mistress”
Both loaded with the heavy parcels Bella and the driver took them through to one of the reception rooms.
With all the delivery transferred from the van the chap tapped Bella’s bottom and chuckled.
“You must be new here it was the other girl I saw when I was here last, Silvia I think her name was, pretty thing. Now what about a mug of tea in the kitchens before I head back.” 
The guy was quite chatty even making the withdrawn Bella giggle with his compliments some quite crude making her blush.  Draining the last of his tea from the mug Claudia appeared in the doorway and Bella immediately dropped curtsy much to the dismay of the driver seeing Bella’s demeanour change.
“Sorry, Mistress, Jack brought a delivery for you, I made him some tea.”
Claudia just smirked having listened in on the conversation prior to entering the kitchens, she could not be more pleased. Bella had made no plea for help to escape her torment, no mention of being Lady Penrose.
Jack placed his mug down on the table and doffed his cap to Claudia
“Sorry, Miss, I am just leaving. Your delivery is in the room to the side of the hallway, Bella knows where, don’t you, sweet cheeks?”
Claudia sensed that the uncouth driver had obviously sought to get inside the cute maid’s knickers if he could and he was minded to continue his efforts with his leaving comments.
“Well, Bella, nice to meet and thanks for the tea. Perhaps see you again, on your day off perhaps?”
Bella blushed and lowered her gaze looking embarrassed at his last line of flattery.
Having showed Jack to the door Bella watched the van and its cheeky driver rumble down the gravel driveway and out through the large entrance gates to Ringwood.
Why didn’t Lady Penrose say something, plead with the driver for help well she had the chance. Tell him she was Lady Isabella Penrose not a maid, maid Bella. Tell him how her foolish dressing up in her maid’s uniform had led to Claudia’s total subjugation of her. That Claudia had seduced her and was now using her for her lesbian sex slave. That Claudia had placed and locked her into a chastity belt that kept her constantly aroused. That she was being spanked and slapped for the slightest transgression from Claudia’s strict regime.
How could she? She had agreed to be the maid to Claudia’s Mistress; accepted the name of Bella even embroidering that name herself on her maids dresses, she had willingly taken the first taste of Claudia’s scrumptious sex, she had accepted her punishments and the chastity belt, it was a permanent adornment, she had not even tried to remove it, apart from the first day after its tantalising and controlling attachment.
But the real reason, the shy dowdy maid stood on the steps of Ringwood watching the van disappear into the distance, did not beg the driver to help Lady Penrose? Claudia, her Mistress, had fucked, abused and spanked that high born Lady Penrose from her living thoughts she was Bella, Bella the housemaid. Lady Penrose was away with Lord Penrose, her Mistress had repeatedly told her so.


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