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Story: Who's the Maid Now - Part 2.

(Republished with author's permission. Read the first part here. The caption
that inspired the original is here). 

by Belladonna

The doors of the service elevator opened to the floor of the new home
of Victoria's mistress.  Victoria stepped out onto the marble flooring
and gave its shine a smile as her chunky, low-heeled shoes clapped
across it.  It was in stark contrast to the clicks on the marble
flooring that she had been accustomed to hearing when she accompanied
her mother around similar buildings.  The movers quickly passed by her
to enter the service elevator themselves, paying her presence little

Victoria smiled at her anonymous state.  Rather than being the one they
were there to please, the movers simply ignored her as just another
servant of their client.

She walked through the open door to Julia's condominium.  Her eyes
widened at the well-adorned modern condominium that it was in stark
contrast to the stately country estate where she had spent most of her

"There you are," Julia bellowed while she saw Victoria staring around
the large room.

Victoria's head snapped towards Julia's stern glare.  She froze as she
awaited her mistress's instructions.

"Where you have been?"

"I'm sorry, Lady Julia.  I had to take..."

"I know that.  What took you so long?"  Julia snapped, not waiting to
hear her former mistress's reply.

"I didn't want to get in the way...," Victoria began to reply in a meek
tone before trailing off.

"You're not in the way.  You're working!  I need you to put away all my
clothing.  I will not stand to having any of those movers touch my
intimate things.  Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Lady Julia," Victoria replied while she felt a wetness returning
between her legs before Julia guided her to the master bedroom.

Victoria gazed around at the massive room before she stopped before the
boxes of clothing that had already been dropped in front of the closet.
Each item had been hand packed by her for the move.

Some of the clothing was new, while other garments had been taken from
her and some had come from her mother's wardrobe.  Julia's loss of
weight had allowed for her trim figure to fit the late women's dresses
that had been shortened for her.  Alterations had never even crossed
Victoria's mind when it came to her mother's ostentatious belongings.

She knew what her mother would have thought about her at that moment
while she hung up the dresses and gowns that had skipped her to make
their way onto Julia's lithe and curvaceous body.  Her mother would be
chiding her at her at that moment.  She would be telling her to put an
end to her game that instant.  Even her father likely would have as

Their imagined disapproval, however, was only making the game more
alluring to Victoria.  She continued to hang up Julia's luxurious
belongings before she put away her silk, lace and satin undergarments
in the ornate center island that had been constructed in the dressing
room.  In their new setting in Julia's dressing room, Victoria felt
that they were Julia's alone.  Nothing else about the room had a
Lightfoot woman's touch to it.  She never would have been satisfied
with having white walls, but that was no longer a decision that was
hers to make.

Once the last item was carefully stashed away, Victoria went to the
room that she had noticed her belongings being moved into that morning.
She walked through the condominium that the movers were still busy
scurrying around with various items under Julia's dominion.

Victoria felt that the girl was striking an imperious pose as she
ordered the movers about.  Julia could not help but smile as the men
did whatever she commanded of them.  It was something that she had
never experienced in her life.  She had always bent to the will of men,
now, she was making them do whatever she wanted by making them move
things by fractions of inches.  Victoria relished the thought of what
the movers had to be thinking about her mistress but could not dare say
in Julia's presence.

Victoria did not want to receive more criticism from Victoria, so she
stopped watching her after only a few seconds.  She walked into her
room, which was located off the kitchen.

As entered the small room, she stared around the room before her eyes
fixated on the one window.  The bedroom contained only a single bed, a
dresser, an end table, a closet and a small, attached bathroom.  The
furniture was clearly second hand and inexpensive even when it was new.
The bed was covered by a cheap comforter with a garish, bright floral

Her eyes drifted from the bed to the boxes containing her meager
belongings.  Just as with Victoria's room, the boxes had been placed
before the closet doors.  Before she even drew the closet door opened,
however, she knew that that was where the similarities ceased.  She
drew the closet open, opened the first box and began to unpack her

The first box contained her maid's dresses.  The polyester dresses were
in a variety colors, the only real variety her daily clothing choices
offered.  The styles were all the same with the white around the
collars, cuffs and hem on the pink, black, blue and green dresses that
were paired with white, black or gray aprons.

The next box contained the secondhand outfits she had inherited from
Julia for her private moments.  They were as stylish as the girl could
afford, which was several years behind the times.  Although she felt
that the dresses did not qualify as hideous, they were the kind of
thing that a stylish girl would turn her nose at sporting.

Victoria put her shoes away in the closet last.  Each of the shoes was
all black and austere in design.  Some of them had low heels, while
others were flats and the remaining footwear was white canvas sneakers.

Once she put the shoes away, Victoria closed the doors to the closet
and started towards the dresser.  She reached into the box and removed
the cotton undergarments, sleepwear and thick hosiery that had been
passed down to her by Julia when they exchanged their places in the
social order.

Shortly after she packed away her last item, Victoria exited her room
to glimpse Julia seeing the movers out of the condominium.  As she
closed the door behind them, Julia turned and caught sight of Victoria.


"Yes, Lady Julia," Victoria replied while she moved towards her
mistress with cupped hands.

"I'm going out for lunch.  You can eat while I'm gone and, then, I want
you to start cleaning this place.  I want all the filth from those
filthy Neanderthals gone by the days end.  Am I clear?"

"Yes, Lady Julia," Victoria responded to her mistress's orders.

"Good.  Now, come with me."

Victoria nodded dutifully while she followed Julia into the kitchen.
Julia opened the refrigerator and pointed her towards the foods that
had been set aside for Victoria's consumption.  There was a far smaller
selection there than what was set aside for Julia.  The same was true
of the foods in the pantry and freezer.

Once she finished showing her the food, Victoria was shown where the
cleaning supplies were to be kept.  Shortly thereafter, Julia headed
out the door, leaving Victoria to her labors.

With her mistress departed, Victoria made a quick sandwich for herself
and had a cup of tea with it before she began to clean the condominium.
She scurried from room to room with the mop as she wiped away the dirt
that the movers had tracked into the condominium during the move.

Her back ached the longer she was hunched over.  She tried to give her
back a break by pausing to dust the moved furniture before proceeding
onto cleaning the floors of the next room.

She had nearly cleaned every room in the condominium by the time that
Julia returned.  Julia inspected Victoria work, while her maid cleaned
a bathroom.

Julia shook her head at the streaks on some of the floors.  She was not
about to let the evidence of Victoria's haste and lack of attention go
without rebuke.

She moved behind Victoria and shouted, "GIRL, WHAT DID YOU USE TO CLEAN



"I'm sorry," Victoria replied as she continued to hold a brush in the
toilet bowl she was kneeling before.


"Yes, Lady Julia," Victoria replied.  Victoria's face went flush as she
cowered next to her mistress's toilet, internalizing her criticism
about her sub par work.

"When you're done cleaning this room, RIGHT, go back and clean the
floors RIGHT!"

"Yes, Lady Julia.  I'm sorry," Victoria replied in the face of her
mistress's demands before Julia stormed away from her.

Victoria broke into a nervous sweat as she went to back to scrubbing.
Once she finished cleaning the main bathroom, Victoria scurried into
the living to begin cleaning anew the floor she thought she had already
finished.  Julia shook her head while she watched Victoria's
duplication of her labors, her arms seemingly growing slower with each
progressive movement.  As the soreness overtook her, Victoria knew that
she could not make the mistake of moving too quickly from room to room

As the evening came, Julia interrupted Victoria's laborers.  Victoria's
eyes widened as she saw her mistress dressed in one of her mother's
elegant evening gowns.  Victoria struggled to believe how glamorous
Julia appeared in the sleeveless, light pink, satin slip gown.  She
remembered the looks her mother got in the surplice front gown with a
slit that ran from the floor length hemline to her upper thigh.  She
had always wished that she could wear it as well, but she knew that she
would look ridiculous in it.  The gown was not for girls like her, but
it was for those like Julia.

Julia noticed her former mistress's admiring gaze and gave her an
inquisitive look.  Victoria hurried to give her mistress a curtsy that
made Julia laugh.

"Keep that up," Julia said, enjoying the sight of her ex-mistress
giving her a curtsy, something that never would have crossed her mind
to give to her when their positions had been reversed.

Victoria nodded with blushing cheeks before she asked, "Where are you

"It's none of your concern, but if you must ask, I'm going to the Van
Hamel Charity dinner."

Victoria nodded, knowing the name well.  Her mother had frequently
donated to the charity in order to be invited to its events.  It had
been Victoria's idea for "Julia" to start donating as well.  It
involved little more than some fund transfers to make it appear that
Julia was the legitimate donor and conceal the familiar surname of the
money's true source.

Victoria watched while her mistress glided out the condominium unit's
door.  She kept her hands cupped in front of her and head slightly
bowed until Julia closed the door behind her, leaving her maid with her

As Victoria stood alone in the condominium, she paused to look around
it.  She had been working all day; every joint ached with her labors
largely finished until the next morning.  She toured her mistress's new
place and strolled towards the floor to ceiling windows that lined the
exterior walls of the non-bedrooms and bathrooms.

Her eyes widened as she gazed around the panoramic view of the city
that she was paying for her pretend mistress to enjoy.  As that thought
crossed her mind, she shook her head as she affirmed to herself, "No!
Lady Julia is my mistress."

Repeating that mantra in her head that she was reinforced by the aches
of her position she sensed, she stared down at the neighboring park.
Her eyes then rose to inspect the skyline of towers beyond it.  This
was the kind of place that her mother had been prone to purchasing
after father's death.  She never liked to stay in one place for long.
The newness wore off and she moved onto another shinny abode to impress
her friends with.  It was only their country home that was kept in
their constant rotation.  If Victoria had her way, she would never have
been forced to leave it to begin her nomadic city life at the start of
every school year.

Victoria wondered if she ever could enjoy the city the way that Julia
seemed to.  She felt that the girl was not burdened by baring her
rootless scars.  She moved about private schools, depending on which
were closer to their temporal home so that her mother could make a
periodic visit to demonstrate to the other mothers that she was not an
absentee parent.

Still, that never stopped the backbiting Victoria heard about her
mother.  Her reputation was well established by the time that Victoria
started hearing about it from her peers.  The teasing she took about
her mother's loose behaviors made the school year nearly intolerable.
Her girlhood friends abandoned her to join in the mockery.  Meanwhile,
boys flocked to her, hoping that she was just a younger, less
attractive version of her mother.  When she rebuffed them, it only led
to further ostracizing for her standoffish behavior.

The summers in the country, however, had always given her a sense of
relief.  She felt at home amidst the year-round residents and the
children of the rich throughout the world.  There, she was distant
enough from her city peers to be able to form friendships.  Those
friendships, however, turned cancerous once her mother passed and the
family's money became hers.  She shook her head at the thoughts of how
her former friends came to grovel for cash.

Not being able to bear her thoughts anymore, Victoria turned away from
the windows and began to think about her problems as those of someone
else.  They were certainly not the problem of a poor maid.  She smiled
at the thought that a maid was all anyone looking through the windows
would see if they looked upon her.

Victoria started out of the living room and towards the halls.  She
stepped into the kitchen and ran her fingers along the edges of the
marble countertops.  She knew that she would be spending lots of time
familiarizing herself with the room while she began to make herself a
light dinner.

The backlit backsplash cast an attractive light on the pre-approved
food she had put upon the countertop.  She did not linger long on the
food.  She was expected not to spend much time on herself and did not
want to behave otherwise, even without her mistress's presence, for
fear of falling into bad habits.

After quickly eating, Victoria cleaned her plate and put it in the
dishwasher.  Once she closed the door to the machine, she cleaned the
countertop and restarted her tour of the home.  She bypassed her own
room, knowing that there was nothing more to see.  She went through the
guest rooms and guest bathrooms and took a mental inventory.

Even the smallest guest bathroom made hers look cramped and
utilitarian.  The idea of being restricted to using the worst bathroom
she had ever paid for her in life made a shiver run up her spine.

She put her head down as she approached her mistress's corner suite.
She knew that there was little reason to enter it again.  She figured
that Julia might even be unhappy with her for entering it for any
purpose besides cleaning.

Her head dipped even lower as she entered the room, feeling like a
trespasser.  The room was as immaculate as she left it, but she had not
entered the bathroom yet.  It was the only room that was left for her
to clean and setup.  As she took to cleaning it, Victoria felt that the
heated limestone slab floors and baseboard gave the room and elegant,
if almost ostentatious touch.

The cleaning went quickly and she noticed that her mistress had already
taken it upon herself to setup her toiletries.  Victoria cursed herself
for her stupidity in not anticipating that Julia would need it setup
far sooner than the other rooms she had spent her day toiling in.  She
kept her calloused fingers away from Julia's toiletries, wanting to
avoid her mistress's potential wrath about touching her most intimate
things without her express permission.

After she finished cleaning the bathroom, Victoria walked out of the
master bedroom and headed back to her quarters for the evening.  She
closed the door behind her and began to disrobe.  The air on her body
felt good while she removed the polyester dress.  She folded her soiled
uniform before she sat on the edge of her bed to remove her damp
pantyhose.  As she rolled them down her legs, she stared around her

The maid's quarters appeared to be in conflict with the rest of the
unit, but she was certain that was the point.  It let the help know
that their role was limited in the home.  The only other room on par
with it was the laundry room that was also off the kitchen.

She nodded to herself that it was an appropriate place for a girl like
Maria before she went into the bathroom.  Once she finished washing
herself, Victoria turned in for the night.

In the days that followed, Victoria grew accustomed to her new routine.
It largely mirrored the routines she had fallen into at her home when
she began to work as the maid.  She continued to work on her speaking
habits, while she watched her mistress's ongoing training in how to
speak appropriately for her position before she left for private
workouts at the building's residents' only gym.  She was happy that
Julia seemed to be striving evermore to fit the role, while Victoria
became accustomed with being the help.

Victoria spent her days tidying the condominium.  Unlike her country
mansion, she no longer had to break up the task of cleaning the place.
The condominium was far more limited in area and was an easier task.

While she no longer had to spend as much time cleaning, Victoria found
herself put to work by Julia in other ways.  With the change of her
appearance and the physical distance from those she associated with,
Victoria was able to take to grocery shopping for herself and her

At first, it was an odd thrill for Victoria.  She had never been
responsible for shopping in such places.  She was certain the city
offerings were smaller than the one's she passed by at home, but it was
a new experience for her to walk through a store that was not selling
designer goods.

Despite the grocer's limited offerings, Victoria was surprised by the
selection at her fingertips.  She glanced down at the list of foods
that Julia had jotted down for her to pick up and set about searching
for each item.  She meandered around the store carrying the basket she
had picked up near the front door of the establishment.

She tried not to smile while rushing people whisked past her to pick up
their own items.  She sensed that they had no patience for being stuck
behind a sauntering, uniformed maid.

Once she finished collecting every item, she headed for the cashier.
She waited on the line as the basket began to feel heavier while she
held it up.  She put it down on the floor for a moment, while the two
cashiers rang up the purchases of other patrons.

She made it closer towards the cashiers with incremental steps.  She
smiled as one cashier called her forward, "Next customer."

Victoria felt oddly nameless to be referred to in such a way.  During
all her other shopping ventures, the staff had been catering to her.
Now, she felt that she was just another consumer.

The cashier did not offer her a smile.  The drained looking man merely
rang up her items before he told her the amount as he put the last item
in a bag for her.  Victoria reached into her pocketbook and retrieved
her credit card.

Her eyes widened as she saw her real name on the card.  She feared that
it would somehow expose her.  The man, however, had no interest in the
name.  Once the receipt printed, he told her in a monotone, "Sign

Victoria nodded before she signed her real name, feeling that she was
somehow disobeying her mistress by not signing it 'Maria.'

With that, the cashier called the next patron forward.  Victoria put
away her card and collected her bags.  She struggled to juggle the bags
until she pinned them to her chest and pressed them together with her
hands beneath each bag.

With each passing block the bags grew heavier in her increasingly wary
arms.  She cringed as the bags strained her muscles while she made her
way back to her home.

Victoria pushed her way inside the servant's entrance of the building
before she started towards the elevator and pressed the button on the
wall.  Once the doors opened, she struggled with the bags to press the
button for her floor.

As the number clicked off, Victoria sensed that the trip up the
building was taking longer than ever.  Her arms were starting to shake
from the weight of the bags by the time the door opened.

She rushed as fast as she could in her flats towards the door to her
mistress's condominium.  She set the bags down to fetch her key from
her purse.  As she did so, she felt instant relief and began to rub her
arms before she forced the key into the lock.

Once the door was opened, Victoria pulled in one bag in at a time
before she saw Julia glaring at her as she locked the door behind her.
Victoria gave her a careful glance as she waited for whatever criticism
would come.

"What are you doing?"

"I was shopping..."

"Why was my food on the ground?"

"It's in a bag...," Victoria began to defend herself in a low voice.

"My food shouldn't touch the floor," Julia criticized.

"I couldn't get it through the door."

Julia shook her head as she said, "I'll purchase you a trolley."

Victoria had no idea what her mistress meant.  Julia did not bother to
explain before she walked away to let Victoria place away the food in
the kitchen.

By the time of her next trip to the grocery, Julia had made good on her
promise.  The foldable trolley cart struck Victoria as a personal
shopping cart.  She was happy to have it, however, and found that it
made her increasingly mundane shopping trips to the grocery store

In addition to her shopping trips for Julia, Victoria found herself
catering to Julia's more immediate needs more often.  The bell Julia
had purchased allowed her to summon Julia from anywhere in the home.
Unlike Victoria's country home, Julia knew that there was no chance
that Victoria could not hear the ringing bell as she worked around the

The ringing bell became a frequent sound within the condominium's
walls.  Victoria knew that the sound meant that she had to drop
everything and follow the sound to her mistress.

Julia stretched out when she first rang the bell.  She enjoyed seeing
her former mistress rush to her with a bowed head.  Victoria came to a
stop and stood dutifully still as she awaited her order to refill
Julia's water glass.  No matter how minor the request, Julia made sure
that she never raised a finger for herself.  It was too much of a joy
to watch Victoria scurrying about to do it for her.

Victoria loved how it made her feel to fetch her Mistress's water, tea,
coffee, fix her a snack, get her food and hand her a tissue.  Her nose
turned at the first used tissue she was handed back, but as she
discarded it, she felt a tingle running through her nether regions.
She smiled at how lowly being her mistress's snot courier made her

The more Julia forced upon her former mistress, the realer their
circumstances appeared to Victoria.  To Julia, it seemed that Victoria
was born to be a maid.  If Victoria had been born for the position, she
wondered if she had been born to be of the leisure class.  She felt
that she was far more suited to it than Victoria had been.  She had
none of the hang-ups about it that the mousy girl demonstrated.

The newness of the situation, however, quickly dissipated for Victoria.
It became a new routine for her.  Accordingly, when Julia came to
Victoria with the news of a party to plan in the condominium, Victoria
found it to be a welcome respite to do something new.

Julia had the ideas for the party.  She attended to every detail, while
Victoria was tasked with making the arrangements to ensure that they
all came to fruition.

Once the day of the party came, the caterers came and started to setup.
Victoria directed them through the condominium into the kitchen before
she went to attend to her mistress.

Victoria joined Julia in her bedroom to help her dress for the party.
She froze as she entered her mistress's dressing room and saw Julia in
the nude.  From behind, Julia was a sight to Victoria's eyes.  While
she was never heavy, she was more curvaceous and lean as a result of
her strict dieting and fitness regime.  Every penny she had paid to
physically transform the girl had been worth it in her mind.

That her mistress had taken her etiquette lessons to heart had only
served to make Julia's appearance that much more of a work of art in
her eyes.  Victoria knew that if she disrobed, there was no man that
would make her his choice to gaze upon at that moment.  While their
bodies had started out as more or less equals, the pounds she had added
since she stopped exercising and eating a lean diet would have put an
end to that even if Julia had not begun working with a personal

Julia smiled back at Victoria with her chemically whitened teeth as she
said, "There you are, girl!  I was wondering when you were going to
attend to your most important duty."

"Sorry, mistress," Victoria responded, aroused by the knowledge that
she was growing accustomed to apologizing to her onetime maid.

Julia did not respond, letting Victoria's though linger on her plea for
her forgiveness instead.  Julia focused on her reflection, while
Victoria gathered her outfit.  She bent down at Julia's feet with her
lacy panties, garters and nylons.

Julia did nothing more but raise one foot and then the other before
Victoria brought her mistress's black panties to her hips.  After she
smoothed the waistband out in place, she attached the garters and
remained kneeling while she bent down to place Julia's toes and feet
into the nude nylons.

After Julia put her toes to the seams, Victoria began to unroll the
hosiery up her mistress smooth and long legs.  Victoria felt that they
were taking on an elegant sheen as they were covered by the delicate
nylon before she stood up to get her mistress's evening dress.

Victoria retrieved the V-neckline, cocktail dress with a cross front
detail that she had given Julia the money to purchase specially for the
party.  It struck her instantly as something that her mother would have
bought if she was still alive.

Victoria tried to shake thoughts of the imperial woman from her mind
while she returned to tending to her mistress.  Victoria helped Julia
step into the dress, both knowing that it would mess up Julia's makeup
and hair if they pulled it over her head.

Julia contorted her body while Victoria brought the navy blue, stretch
fabric of the dress up her soft sides and helped to guide her thin arms
through the three-quarter length sleeves.  As she did so, Victoria felt
an odd intimacy with the girl that she had never known with another
woman.  While it was not a sexual feeling, it felt good to her.

Once the dress was covering Julia's shoulders, Victoria fastened it in
place.  With her mistress's dress zipped, Julia turned over her
shoulder and dismissed Victoria from the room to help assist the

"Yes, Lady Julia," Victoria replied with a bob before she started out
of the room to let Julia apply her final touch up to her makeup and

Victoria went and helped the caterers continue to setup for the party
until she heard a knock on the door.  She hurried towards the door to
let in the first of Victoria's guests and froze as she saw the familiar
face staring back at her.

The man looked through her to survey the home.  The man began to take
off his coat with Victoria's assistance without even visually
acknowledging her assistance.

Victoria took the man's coat without a word and hung it up before she
was relieved from her duties by one of the waitresses that Julia had
hired, wanting a more presentable woman to greet her guests since she
felt that her shorthaired maid was too unsuited for the task.  Victoria
turned and hurried away from the man.  While he had not given her an
inkling of recognizing her, she was fearful that the next person that
entered the condominium may give her a more inspecting look.

She had no doubts that one would see her for who she really was.  She
shook her head as she thought about the changes to her appearance and
muttered, "I'm not that much different from her."

She shook her head again, not realizing that she had distinguished the
heiress she had been from the maid she had become.  She was too
concerned with the prospect of being discovered to take notice of her
thought process.

Victoria crossed her arms over her white apron and polyester uniform
while she moved with ever quickening steps towards her Mistress's
bedroom.  The door was slightly ajar as she approached it.  She knew
that she had to put an end to their arrangement right then.  There was
too much risk now.

She took a deep breath as she opened the door slightly.  She moved
inside the room to tell Julia that she would be hiding out in the room
until the end of the party.  She walked slowly through the room in
light steps while she approached the open dressing room door determined
to say her piece.  As her eyes focused on Julia, however, her knees
went weak.

With wide eyes, Victoria stood frozen while she looked upon her
mistress.  She gasped as she watched Julia putting on the final
additions to her outfit.  She was locking one of Victoria's mother
favorite bracelets onto her slender wrist.

The gulf between them appeared wider to Victoria than before their
positions had been reversed.  She had resisted wearing her mother's
jewelry and a tight fitting dress like the one Julia was wearing since
they had never seemed to fit her right.

Julia had no such problems.  Her cleavage nearly spilled out of the
plunging neckline.  The makeup on her face was impeccable and made her
look flawless.  Her long, layered and highlight blonde hair delicately
brushed against her back and shoulder.

Victoria squirmed at the sight as she caught sight of her own
appearance in the mirror.  She could not help but compare the two
figures reflected.  While Julia was the picture of femininity and
sophistication, her appearance was plain.  Her skin was a muted light
brown, her hair short, dark, flat and mousy and her outfit utilitarian.

Julia's head snapped towards Victoria as she noticed the girl's
reflection in the mirror.  Victoria quaked while Julia fixed her glare
on the girl.

Victoria quivered as she forced herself to say, "Lady Julia, your
guests have arrived."

Julia gave her a cold stare before she rejoined, "I'll be out when I'm

"Yes, Lady Julia," Victoria replied in haste before she began to back
out of the room.

Julia stopped her former mistress before she exited, "Girl."

"Yes, Lady Julia.  I'm sorry for bothering you," the words gushed out
of Victoria, who was unable to stop herself from saying them.  She
cursed herself as she heard her begging tone.  She had come to put an
end to their dangerous game, but the mere sight of the Julia's elegance
had drained her will completely.

Julia smiled at the girl's cowering obedience.  She struggled to
believe that she had ever once deferred to such a meek and plain

Julia forced the smile from her face as she said, "Please bring me my

"Yes, Lady Julia," Victoria rushed to say while she hurried across the
dressing room to the white shelving that been had built into the
dressing room walls to hold rows of shoes.  Her eyes came across the
pair that her mistress was planning on pairing with her dress.

Victoria took them between her fingertips and brought them to her
mistress.  Without prompting, Victoria dropped to her knees, feeling
the hem of the maid's dress between her pantyhose covered legs and the
wood flooring.  Julia lifted one foot and watched Victoria slide the
shoe onto it before she did the same with her other foot.

Once both shoes were on her mistress's feet, Victoria got to her own.
Julia gave her a glance before she turned and focused on touching up
her makeup again.

Victoria nodded in the face of Lady Julia's thanklessness for her work.
Victoria wanted to protest, but she felt too excited by what was
happening to put a stop to it.

Hating herself, Victoria gave her a mistress a curtsy before she
started out of the room.  She turned back to close the door to the
dressing room to ensure her mistress's privacy.  As she did so, she
caught a smile on Julia's face.

Not having much time to dwell on Julia's enjoyment, Victoria found
herself put to work at the party.  Victoria moved around the waitresses
from the caterers while she set up the food at the stations for
Victoria's guests.

Victoria scurried around the condominium as more people entered.  She
caught their faces in the sides of her eyes.  While most were
strangers, some of the faces struck her as familiar.  Indeed, she had
seen a number of the guests during her school years, while others she
had met at society parties and her debutante ball.

Even beyond those that teased her, she hated the others' stuck up
nature.  Her father had always told her that she needed to humor such
people, including her mother.  Victoria, however, lacked her father's
self-discipline and had no desire to treat their inanities and
trivialities as profound and important.  Now, she was helping to serve
the very people that had looked down upon her or been looked down upon
her as an heiress.

As she moved about, she was increasingly certain that someone would
notice her facial structure.  Even those that looked at her looked
through her though.

Victoria began to relax as she felt beneath their notice.  It was
something that she had never been before with them, but she knew that
it was inescapably true at that moment.

She struggled to keep up a professional appearance until she saw Julia
on the arm of Monroe Tanner.  She had met him at a number of society
parties before.  The man's plain looks were a perfect marriage for his
dull and arrogant personality.

She found him utterly detestable.  He was even duller than most of the
others.  She could not help but call him by the name that her father
had for such scions of his societal associates, Prince Valium.

Victoria struggled not to smile at the memory of watching the movie
that her mother scolded her father with sharing with her time and time
again.  It was the type of film that her mother felt was beneath her
family's dignity, despite it being one of her husband's favorites.  She
wanted to cease her mistress's attention to the man, but Julia kept her
on her toes by sending around the home to make sure that each waitress
and server was doing their part.

Once the party came to an end, Julia saw the last of her guests out the
door.  She turned to Victoria who was beginning to clean up the
condominium and said, "You can tend to that later.  I need to get ready
for bed."

"Yes, Lady Julia," Victoria replied while she smelled the scent of the
wine that was wafting off her mistress's tongue.

Victoria followed a few steps behind Julia as they entered her room and
went into her dressing room.  Julia turned and watched with a smirk as
Victoria dropped to her knees to remove Julia's shoes.  Victoria
slipped Julia's feet out of each shoe before she stood up and began to
assist with removing her jewelry, careful to place each piece away in
Julia's jewelry boxes before moving onto the next.

Once Victoria began to unzip Julia's dress, she could not bite her
tongue any longer about her feelings for Monroe.  She cleared her
throat before she said, "Lady Julia, I saw you on the arm of Monroe

"So?"  Julia replied.

"I've known him for a number of years."

"I somehow doubt that a man like Monroe knows a lowly girl like you,"
Julia retorted, enjoying remaining in character by enforcing the
separation between Victoria the heiress and Maria the maid.

Victoria blushed at the correction before she said, "My mother tried to
set me up with him.  He's such a bore."

"A bore?  Do you know how wealthy that man is," Julia retorted.

Victoria nodded before Julia continued, "A girl like you could never
even hope to get a man like that!"

Victoria's cheeks burned red.  Julia had hit on a nerve with her.  She
had heard similar words from her mother.  Her mother had always
criticized her appearance.  She did not meet her exacting standards.
In her mother's eyes, Victoria should clasp onto the most socially
desirable and richest man she could land, regardless of her personal
opinion on the individual.

Victoria cast her eyes from her mistress while she helped her out of
the dress.  Julia gave her a glare as the girl dropped to her knees to
help Julia step out of the dress.

While Victoria stood back up and started to help Julia out of her bra,
Julia turned her head towards Victoria as she said, "Lady Julia, you
can do better..."

Julia did not let the girl finish before she snapped, "Who do you think
you are, girl?  Monroe is your better, and you're speaking of him as if
he's beneath you!"

"I'm sorry," Victoria said.

"Do you think the opinion of a girl like you matters to me?"

"No," Victoria admitted in a sheepish tone.

"Then, why do you open your mouth about such things?"

"I'm so sorry, Lady Julia."

Julia stood in silence while Victoria looked mortified before her.  She
could sense how weak and foolish the girl felt.  Victoria struggled
with her quaking knees, even as she felt excited by being dressed down
in such a way by Julia.

Julia nodded at her pleading maid and said, "Don't ever do it again."

"Of course, Lady Julia.  I won't," Victoria hurried to reply, aroused
by being spoken to like a small child before Julia dismissed her for
the night.

Victoria crossed her arms across her body and clutched them as she
walked towards her bedroom with her head bowed.  Her mind was
struggling to contemplate how so many people she had known in passing
had looked right through her.  She figured that she was nothing to
them.  She wondered if Victoria Lightfoot had always been held as
beneath them as she considered them.  She had to be even lower to not
even merit their recognition in her new status.  She was sure that they
would have spotted her otherwise.

She walked into her bedroom and closed the door.  She moved towards the
mirror to examine her face.  The structure was still the same that they
had looked up.  It was slightly distorted by the additional weight she
had put on, but only barely so.  She was hardly obese, only a little

Her cheeks were partially obscured by the fringes of her darkened hair.
The thick frames of her glasses obscured her facial structure.  Her
face looked different without makeup and the darker hue that resulted
from the tanning cream, but the structure remained.

Victoria's eyes veered towards her body.  The maid's uniform was
slightly boxy on her.  It was very different from the form flattering
clothing or elegant white gown that Victoria had been wearing when a
few of the guests last saw her.

She wondered if the totality of the changes had been enough to obscure
her identity.  She shook her head at the thought that was making her
reach between her legs.

She moaned as she began to play with herself and went to the bed.  She
stripped down and began to penetrate herself deeper as she thought
about how great a mistress Julia made.  She knew that she could never
bring herself to reach such a standard.  She only wished that the
refined beauty would take it even further.

Victoria moaned while she thought about kissing the luxuriously heeled
feet of her mistress.  The girl had more beauty than she could ever
hope to possess herself.  Her mother had long ago disabused her of any
other notion.

Sucking her lips into her mouth, Victoria began playing with one nipple
as her other hand remained firmly planted in her pussy.  Julia
possessed a power among men that she had never imagined having herself.
It was the very kind of thing her mother flaunted.

As she felt the orgasm wash over, she felt nothing but shame about what
she had let herself become.  She pushed herself off the cheap sheets of
the secondhand small bed that Julia had purchased for her.

Victoria rushed into the bathroom and jumped into the shower.  Her eyes
clenched as she looked at the pouched belly that she knew had been far
easier to put on than it would be to work off.

"Fuck," she whined.  She put her head down as tears started to stream
down her cheeks while the water washed over her.

She ran her shampoo through her short hair that served as another
reminder that the trip back to being Victoria Lightfoot would be
arduous.  Conversely, cutting herself down to become Maria had been so
easy.  At the moment, it seemed to have been almost too easy.  Victoria
hung her head as she shut off the shower and began to towel herself

The soft towel felt better on her smooth skin than her rough hands.
She dried her hair before she put on the tanning lotion that Julia
insisted she start using nightly.  She then slipped on a cotton sleep
shirt and walked back to her bed.

Her mind began to think about what she had done that night.  The
excitement began to return as her post-orgasm clarity began to become
clouded again.

"She's the better woman," Victoria admitted to herself while she pulled
the polyester comforter over her chest before she fell asleep, finding
it difficult to comprehend show could think otherwise.


The following morning, Julia came into the dinning room to have
breakfast.  Victoria carried it to her the moment she sat down.  She
had been waiting three hours for her mistress to wake.  She knew that
the meal had to be ready the second her mistress rose from her bed.

Julia took the meal with a nod before she began looking through the
messages she received regarding her party the night prior.  She was
ecstatic by the uniform praise and felt a sense of confidence that her
aristocratic fa├žade was no longer a pretense.  She felt that she had
become the personification of what Victoria had set about creating out
of her.

Julia looked over at Victoria as she stood to the side of the table
with her hands cupped, awaiting her mistress's every need.  Julia
struggled not to smile while she looked upon the dowdy girl she had
once served.  Everything about the girl had been different then.  She
knew that Victoria was certainly aware of it too.  The familiar faces
that failed to recognize hers had surely made that conclusion
inescapable to the girl.

Julia peered into Victoria's eyes.  She felt a quiver as Victoria's
eyes dutifully darted away to avoid meeting Julia's glance.

"Girl, I want you to discontinue my etiquette and speech lessons."

Victoria was surprised by her mistress's decision.  She wanted to
speak, but Julia continued, "I've learned everything they can teach

Victoria nodded before Julia stood up and walked out of the room,
leaving Victoria to cleanup the dirtied dishes, cutlery and cups.
Victoria collected the soiled items and brought them into the kitchen
to hand wash them to Julia's exacting standards.

Once they were finished being washed and dried, Victoria made the call
to discontinue Julia's training.  She knew her mistress had made great
progress in a short period of time.

Victoria was almost shocked by what a willing and capable pupil the
girl turned out to be after her initial resistance.  She sensed that if
the girl's family situation had given her half a chance, Julia likely
would have proven herself to be a gifted student.  Victoria was certain
that Julia had proved herself to be a fast learner.  Victoria doubted
that she had ever been able to pickup things so quickly in her own

'Maybe she's smarter than me,' Victoria thought while she clutched at
the apron she had traded her luxury clothing to adorn herself with.
She grimaced at the thought that the girl could out maneuver her.  She
wondered if she had already.  Those thoughts made warm feelings stir
inside of her.  The excitement that her fears might be realized only
served to arouse her while she set about cleaning the condominium.

As she cleaned the condominium, she heard a knock on the door.
Victoria dropped what she was doing and headed for the door.  She drew
it open and saw the dead eyes of Monroe Tanner looking through her.

Monroe stepped through the doorway without waiting for either Victoria
or Julia to invite him in before he started taking off his coat.
Victoria hurried to help him as the man her mother had pushed her to
date continued to ignore her presence with his eyes, even as he handed
his coat off to her.

"Where is Julia?"  Monroe asked while Victoria hung up his coat.

"She's in the living room.  I'll take you..."

"No need, girl.  I know the way," Monroe rejoined, cutting Victoria off
as he started into the home.

Victoria cringed as she saw Julia stand up and embrace the man.  For
all of his inherited wealth, finest schooling and social standing, she
still found the man repugnant.  There was nothing exceptional about his
looks.  They were slightly below average, if anything.  He was not the
kind of man she thought a beautiful woman like Lady Julia belonged
with, even if his parents was her ticket into the most exclusive
country clubs up and down the East Coast.

The man sat with Julia and began to dote upon her.  Victoria struggled
not to steal glances at them while she cleaned up around the home.
While Monroe continued to have nothing of any interest to say, his
smitten eyes were telling her that there was more to the man besides
callous self-interest.  She had never seen his eyes show life for
anything before that moment.

'This is dangerous,' Victoria thought to herself while a tingle went
through her.

Victoria bit her lip while she hurried to clean rooms as far away from
the couple as she could, not wanting to take in the sight of Monroe's
pale, thin lips upon Julia's glossy, full ones.  As Victoria went to
Julia's bedroom to clean it up, she wondered how the girl could find
Monroe attractive in anyway.  She wondered if Julia could look past his
physical and charm failings to see the end game that he represented.
It was something that she could never stomach, despite the constant
pressure of her mother to do so.

'She's the daughter you never had,' Victoria thought as she lingered on
memories of her conversations with her mother.

The thought gave Victoria pause for a moment before she finished making
Julia's bed and headed into Julia's dressing room.  Her eyes focused on
her reflection.  While she had some of her mother's traits, she felt
that Julia looked more like the woman than she did.  She clasped at her
burgeoning double chin that had always started to present itself below
her weak chin whenever she gained a few pounds.  It was only when she
had the near anorexic figure that her mother drove her to achieve that
there was no trace of it.  The additional weight that had pouched her
stomach had made the second chin more pronounced than it had been since
she was a tween.

Her fingers drew away from her chin as she stared down at the mess that
Julia had left on the floor.  Despite her casual appearance, there was
a myriad of clothing choices that had been dropped in the dressing room
before she settled on the outfit in which she wanted Monroe to find her
clad in when he saw her that day.

Victoria bent down and started to collect the tops, bottoms and dresses
that Julia had tossed to the ground in her haste to find the perfect
lounging outfit for Monroe's eyes.  As she finished picking up the
first half of it, she heard the sounds of Julia moaning.  She froze
while she saw Monroe place her down on her bed as he caressed her.

Julia's smiling face caught Victoria's stunned gaze out of the corner
of her eye.  She pushed at Monroe's chest as she bellowed, "Girl,
please leave our lunch on the counter and make yourself scarce!"

Monroe's eyes widened for a second before Victoria put her head down
dutifully and hurried out of the room.  By the time Victoria closed the
bedroom door behind her, she could hear that her mistress and Monroe
had recommenced their physical activities.

Victoria hurried into the kitchen to make them one of Julia's approved
lunches.  She worked quickly, not wanting to see their post copulation

Once the lunch was finished, Victoria got her cheap, faux leather purse
and trolley before she started out of the condominium to go food
shopping for her mistress.  She walked to the service elevator and rode
it down to the main floor.  She headed out of the building and walked
down the sidewalk.  She circled the building, since it was the fastest
route to the nearest grocer.

As she passed by the front door reserved for the building's residents
and their guests, she saw the new doorman the building had hired.  He
seemed a far nicer man than the one that had greeted her when she first

She marveled at his bulging biceps that were clearly visible, even
beneath the jacket of his uniform.  He gave Victoria a broad smile as
he said with thick Polish accent, "How are you, Maria?"

"Very good, Roman."

"Wonderful," the towering, broad shouldered man replied while he looked
her up and down.

Victoria felt like a piece of meat within his lusty gaze.  She had
hated being on the receiving end of such looks as Victoria Lightfoot.
They offended her notion of feminism that her teachers had endeavored
to instill in her.  She remembered their teachings as she processed his
looks.  The sort of leers that Roman was giving her was the kind of
thing that was supposed to revolt her.  It was the duty of all women to
try to break men away from their baser instincts and to embrace an
ideal that women were not something to be lusted after, but equal
people, no different from men.

As she continued past him, she turned her head back and saw that
Roman's eyes had drifted to her expanded butt.  She grinned and
blushed, loving the look too much to walk on.  She turned and sauntered
back towards Roman.

Roman grinned while he looked around, relieved that it appeared that no
one was going to force him to his duties as he got a few more minutes
with Victoria.  Victoria smiled before she said a few words to Roman.

Roman replied with a few compliments that made Victoria's stomach
flutter.  She ran her right hand through her short hair that she was
wished was longer, pushing out her chest in the process.  That Roman
did not seem to mind the utilitarian length or natural flat color was
not lost on her.

They exchanged a few smiles as they talked about what they were doing.
Their conversation was broken up only by Roman's duties while he opened
doors for residents and guests, hailed them taxis and helped them out
of limousines and town cars as necessary.

Feeling better about her appearance than she could ever recall,
Victoria left Roman to his duties as he went to help a resident with
her luggage.  Victoria walked down the street, rubbing the back of her
neck as she pushed the trolley in front of her.

She walked into the grocer and felt light on her feet.  She felt a new
energy.  It was not the same rush she got when she was talked down to,
but it felt something similar.  It seemed almost realer to her.

Victoria collected the goods her mistress desired and got on line.  The
cashier noticed Victoria's smiling appearance.  He gave her a smile
while he rang up her purchases before she headed back to Julia's

She pouted as she saw Roman preoccupied with a few residents of the
building while she walked by.  She flashed him a smile that Roman
reciprocated before Victoria headed to the rear of the building to
enter the servant's entrance.

She took the servant's elevator up before she exited on her mistress's
floor.  She went back into Julia's home and removed the goods from her
trolley.  As she carried the first bag through the home, she saw Monroe
and Julia lounging on the couch together.  The two snuggled closely
together and paid her presence no mind while they watched the
television.  It was the typical pretentious nonsense that she felt that
a man like Monroe was trained to watch.  It was the kind of thing she
herself had forced on Julia when their shared endeavor had started.
Now, it struck her as just as ridiculous as it was it was to Julia when
she began to watch it in place of the reality television shows that
Victoria took up watching.

Once the final items were put away in the kitchen, Victoria retrieved
her trolley and carried it above the floors that she cleaned daily.
She put it away in her quarters before she heard Julia's shoes on the

"Girl," Julia called.

"Yes, Lady Julia," Victoria answered with downcast eyes.

"Monroe and I are going to out to dinner and show.  So, I need you to
help me dress."

"Yes, Lady Julia," Victoria replied before she followed her mistress to
her massive master bedroom suite.

As she entered, she glanced at the tossed sheets and bedspread that she
had made not long before they had relations upon them.  She knew that
she was expected to make it again before Victoria returned that night.
The thought made her stomach churn as she figured that Monroe's sweat
had probably contaminated the sheets.

Victoria helped Julia out of her clothes.  She gave her no advice as
Julia selected the dress, heels, hosiery and jewelry without a word
from Victoria.  Victoria helped her into it all in silence.  She knew
better than to state any protest she had for Julia's activities.  She
figured that it would only drive her further into Monroe's arms.  She
assumed that he as going to become a bigger part of his mistress's life
without any further prodding from her while Victoria walked out of the
condominium on Monroe's arm.

Victoria's reasoning proved prescient.  Monroe soon became a regular
fixture around Julia's home.

Pursuant to Julia's instructions, Victoria's entire work schedule
revolved around Monroe's presence.  Whenever he was in the home,
Victoria was forbidden to clean since she wanted free reign over every
inch of the home to let Monroe take her wherever he wanted.  While
Julia did not explain it in such terms, Victoria quickly came to
understand that goal was the true purpose for the rule when she found
evidence of their relations on the couch, chairs, tabletops and floor.
Part of her was revolted by having to clean up the mess, while another
part was shocked that Monroe was adventurous with his sex life.  The
dullard's reputation was that he was limited to the missionary position
in the privacy of his family's homes.

Whenever Monroe was in the home, Victoria's duties were restricted to
making them the appropriate meal, helping Victoria dress and shopping
for her mistress.  When she did not have anything to shop for, it was
understood that Victoria was still required to leave the home and give
her mistress the privacy she and Monroe desired when they embraced one

The moments when she had free time often led to her reaching out to
Roman.  She had no friends in her guise as a Maria.  He gave her
someone to talk to for a change.  Roman actually listened to her and
spoke to her as an equal.  He was the first person in her life that had
treated he as having some value unrelated to her perceived net worth
since her father died.

That Roman had an ulterior motive was not lost on her.  Part of her had
the same motive.  She was just playing it coy, believing that a woman,
even in her reduced position, should make a man work for it, at least a
little.  She enjoyed his company and the way that he made her feel good
about her dowdy looks too much to even think about walking away from
the prospect of a relationship with the man.

When she finally accepted his invitation for a date, Victoria felt that
she had to go through with it.  As she dressed in her loose, black
peasant dress that she cinched to her waist with a belt, black, sheer
pantyhose and mid-chunky heeled, faux patent leather, black pumps, the
part of her that retained a little piece of Victoria Lightfoot's
refinement was revolted by the idea of sleeping with an immigrant
doorman.  Still, even that part of her knew that maybe that act would
finally make her see things more clearly.  It had all gone way beyond
what she had originally contemplated.  Maybe sleeping with a man that
was the best that a girl like Maria could get would be the thing to
snap her out of it.  At the least, it would finally release some of the
pent up sexual frustration that had been driving her voluntary descent
ever further down the social ladder.

She met Roman at the end of his shift.  They headed to the subway
together, making small talk along the way until they got on the train
bound for an outer borough.  They talked while Roman's stroked her knee
and sides, Victoria noticed that the suited businessmen and smartly
dressed women were being replaced by people of more limited means the
further they got away from their workplace.

When they exited at the station that Roman lived by, Victoria looked
around, unable to recall ever being in such an area.  There was
graffiti on many of the buildings, while groups of young men
congregated on corners that Roman avoided while he led her to the
restaurant he made reservations at that evening.

Victoria walked into the restaurant and looked around.  It was cheaply
furnished and the waiting staff looked haggard and past their prime.
It stuck her like an old age home for waiters and waitresses that could
no longer handle the demands and expectations that came with working in
higher end establishments.

The restaurant was the sort of establishment that Victoria Lightfoot
would never have walked into, but Victoria knew that it would be
considered a treat by the girl that she had become.  She took the menu
from the leather-faced waitress with a smile before she listened to her
smoke addled tone as the waitress told them their specials.  It was
nothing she wanted so she told Roman what she would order from the menu
before the waitress came back.  To her surprise, Roman ordered for her.
She felt oddly turned on by watching him take the initiative to keep
her from saying her own order.

Roman and Victoria talked while they ate and drank the cheap table wine
that he ordered for them.  As they chatted, Roman kidded, "My mother
won't be to be happy I'm dating a Latina."

Victoria nearly spit out her drink as she thought about responding with
the truth, 'What if she knew you were really dating an heiress of
English, Scottish and German heritage?'

She responded with another truth instead, "I'm going to be honest, my
parents wouldn't be happy about me dating an immigrant."

"Why not?  Weren't they immigrants?"

"They didn't think it was the right thing for an American girl to do,"
Victoria replied, avoiding the lie necessary to answer Roman's second

Sensing Victoria's choice of tense, Roman asked, "Are they gone?"

Victoria gave a sullen nod.  Roman moved his hands over hers as he
said, "I'm sorry for your loss."

"It's okay.  It was a long time ago for my dad."

"Me too."

"It's just you and your mom?"  Victoria asked.

"Well, me, mother, my three sister and my brother," Roman answered.

"That must have been nice."

"You're an only child, right?"

Victoria nodded before Roman replied, "That's so unusual for...I mean
isn't it?"

"For a Latina?"  Victoria asked with a laugh before she said, "That's a
little stereotyping my Polack friend."

Roman laughed before he apologized and said, "You just think these

"Well, I enjoy not being a stereotype."

"So, your blood doesn't burn hot?"  Roman asked with raised eyebrows.

"I didn't say I don't meet every stereotype," Victoria answered with a
grin to Roman's arousal while they continued to eat.

Once they left the restaurant, they began to make the walk back to
Roman's apartment building.  She looked around the streets and saw
homeless people sleeping up against the building foundations, while
sketchy men prowled the sidewalks.

She felt vulnerable and started to shake.  This was not the kind of
place she ever envisioned herself walking.  Her parents would have
forbidden her from stepping out of a limousine in such a neighborhood.
Now, she was dating a man living with such shadowy figures.

The feeling of Roman's arm coming around her plump waist made her fears
instantly dissipate.  He held her closely to him.  She could not
believe the strength of his hand and arm.  It mad her feel safe with
him as her protector.  Without his domineering presence, she felt that
she could never feel confident walking through the neighborhood alone.
To Victoria, it was as if his presence was keeping the predatory wolves

They walked up to the door of his building before he pushed the keys
into the numerous locks to let them in.  Victoria figured that he lived
up the stairs, but he unlocked the steel door to the basement staircase
instead.  Victoria struggled to keep a disappointed look off her face
as they headed down the staircase that was illuminated by two bare
fluorescent lights.

Once they reached the basement, Victoria saw the Building
Superintendent's room.  They walked past it and the utility room before
they came to Roman's apartment.  He unlocked the door to his apartment.
He pushed it open and motioned for Victoria to walk inside.

Victoria approached it with hesitant steps.  She paused in the doorway
as she looked around the small studio apartment.  The yellow walls
looked as if they had not painted in decades.  The studio had Spartan
furnishings that she felt was appropriate for Roman's no frills
personality.  He had little time for frivolous niceties.

Roman cleared his voice from behind her before he said, "I know it's
not much, but I'm saving my money for something better."

Victoria nodded.  That it was not much was undeniable to her.  The
apartment that Julia had lived in before they swapped roles was her
measure of her a hovel before she stepped into Roman's apartment.
Julia's dingy apartment with its discolored wallpaper seemed like a
palace by comparison to Roman's.

Still, Victoria walked in and took off her coat.  Roman took it from
her before she said, "You always were a gentleman," trying to make him
feel better about himself as she knew he must have noticed her initial
disappointment about his living conditions.

"Thanks.  This place definitely needs a woman's touch."

"Everything here does," Victoria said as she touched him and offered a
smile that brought a grin to Roman's face.

As Roman closed the door to the apartment, Victoria started to undress.
She felt an unusual shyness while disrobing in front of the man.  He
was so unlike the boyish, immature lovers she had known as Victoria
Lightfoot.  Those boys had never appeared to be intimidating to her.
She had not cared if they were pleased by what they saw.

Victoria clenched her eyes for a moment, knowing that they had seen
something far better than Roman was going to lay his eyes upon that
night.  They had her firm washboard abs to look at, but those were as
far removed from her as her long hair and makeup enhanced looks.

As Roman removed his shirt, she saw his slightly pouched stomach that
mirrored hers.  His arms, however, were more muscular than even the
most athletic of her former lovers that had tried to weasel their way
into a piece of Victoria Lightfoot's fortune.

She felt a quiver while she looked at him.  Her shyness and panic
melted away as she saw the eagerness in his eyes that let her know that
he felt that she was good enough for him.

'Why wouldn't he?  I'm Victoria Lightfoot,' Victoria thought with
fleeting confidence that dissipated with a shake of her head.  She knew
she was not Victoria Lightfoot anymore.  At that moment, she was Maria.
She was a maid that did not even have a last name, let alone one
associated with familial wealth.

As that thought overtook her, Victoria began to slowly remove her bra.
Her meandering efforts were halted by Roman who removed her bra with a
skill that told her it was far from his first time.  The thought of
being another one of this immigrant's conquests made her wet.

Victoria's damp panties were soon on the floor before Roman picked her
up and carried her to the bed.  Roman smiled at her as he she stroked
her sides while shivers ran through her body.

Roman began to caress her as he laid to the side of her.  Victoria
enjoyed every leer and touch the man gave her.

Victoria closed her eyes and felt Roman's hands all over her body.
Roman situated his body over her.  As he pressed down into her, she
felt his full weight.  It felt crushing.  She had never been with a man
so heavy, but, at that moment, she knew she had never truly been with a
man before.  The others were merely boys who were legally deemed adults
by society and nothing more.

His hands pressed down into her hips.  The strength and roughness of
his hands was another wide departure from prior experiences.

His lips pressed down on hers.  She invited his tongue into her mouth,
wanting the kiss never to end as his hands continued to fondle her
body.  Thoughts about the disaster she was courting by going further
down the hole she had dug from herself entered her mind, but they were
driven away by the man's rough entry into her wet pussy.

Her rational thoughts were replaced by nothing but an impulse begging
her to embrace the moment.  To embrace what Roman meant to a girl like
Maria.  To enjoy feeling something for once, rather than a mere
obligation to do what all the other girls were doing.

Roman's hands continued to caress her as he thrust repeatedly into her.
He stole a few kisses on her neck, lips, chin and nipples to draw out
the process longer for her.

As her moans turned to a scream, she felt something she never had
experienced before with a man.  It was something she had feared she was
not wired to receive.  As the moment of bliss left her, she realized at
that moment that she was not the problem.  She had never met the right
man before.

Roman gave her a satisfied look a grin before he kissed her lips.  He
wrapped an arm around and held her close to him.  Victoria wished that
the moment never had to end while she fell asleep in his arms.


The following morning, Victoria made an early return to her mistress's
home with Roman after a shower together to the knocking sounds of the
pipes and Victoria's being pressed against the 1970's era tiled walls
while Roman took her from behind.  As Roman took his position as the
doorman after a peck on the lips from Victoria, she made her way to the
servant's entrance.  She blushed as she got on the elevator, ashamed by
how much she had enjoyed Roman's touch.  That he was not the kind of
man that her parents would have approved of only made him more

When Julia got up, she took her breakfast from Victoria.  She grinned
while Victoria stood aside wondering if Julia knew that she had spent
the night outside of her quarters.

As Julia took her final bite, she turned to Victoria to ask, "So, how
was it?"

"What, Lady Julia?"

Julia raised her eyebrows and flashed her toothy, bleached white grin
at Victoria.  Victoria put her head down before Julia added, "Don't
think I don't know about you and the doorman."

"I'm sorry..."

"Don't be sorry.  It's perfectly natural for a girl like you to date a
man of his caliber."

Victoria nodded before Julia continued, "And he's not a bad specimen of
a man either."

Victoria's blushing cheeks made Julia grin again before she added,
"He's not my type, but I could see how he could be yours.  A poor girl
like you needs a big, strong protector."

Victoria blushed again, loving how Julia was rubbing their change of
positions in her face before she stood up and left the room without
another word to her servant.  Victoria hurried towards the table to
retrieve the dirtied dishes, silverware and cups.  She brought them
into the kitchen to clean them before she began her morning routine of
cleaning the home.

With Julia's knowledge of the nascent relationship between Victoria and
Roman, she decided to push them closer together.  She arranged Monroe's
visits around the times when she knew that Roman's shifts were over.

Julia then pushed Victoria out the door, knowing where she would go
without any chores to handle.  There was only one person in her life
besides her mistress and she sensed that Victoria would not be able to
stay away from Roman for long.

As Victoria's relationship with Roman grew deeper, it became obvious to
both Victoria and Julia that Victoria was getting increasingly lost in
her role as Maria the docile maid and doting, submissive girlfriend of
Roman the doorman.  Each time that Roman mounted her in his apartment,
the role became more real to Victoria.  She could not see how Victoria
Lightfoot would ever allow such a man to take her in surroundings that
never came fully clean despite how much effort she put into the task.

The initial thrill she got out of doing the cleaning and cooking was
gone.  It had become simply the normal tasks of her employment instead
of something that was alluring and forbidden for her to perform.  The
more she felt that she was a real maid, the more alien such excitement
became.  It was no longer a forbidden fruit to clean, it was a duty.
It was her job.  It was expected.

The only rush she got from cleaning and cooking came when she spoke
with Julia.  The constant references to her as "Lady Julia" served as a
constant reminder of the inverted chasm between them.  No one had ever
spoken to her as Victoria Lightfoot with such a reverent term.  It
would have been unthinkable for her to ask a servant to do it, given
what her father had taught her about respecting each person's place and
what he or she had to do survive in a harsh, unforgiving world.

The longer she spent as Maria, the more being a maid for Julia seemed
to be her true place in the world.  The way that Julia spoke down to
her only made it appear to be truer.  Her every mistaken was pointed
out without mercy by Julia.  The embarrassment and arousal on her
maid's face was enough to ensure that Julia never missed a chance to
bring it up.  Julia loved watching the former lady of leisure squirm.
It was more fun for her than making rich boys beg for her attention and
submit to her the way she had once submitted to the white trash callers
that she had believed a girl of her checkered background was destined
to find herself coupled with.

Victoria wondered how a plain girl with such limited abilities and
unrefined mannerisms could ever be the belle of high society that Julia
had become in such a short period of time.  She had a two-decade head
start on the girl, and Julia had surpassed what Victoria Lightfoot had
been in less than a year.  If either was an imposter to the realm of
what passed for American nobility, Victoria sensed that it was not

Victoria knew that a real lady of the noblesse would never lower
herself to the rank of a common domestic, not even for a day, let alone
a year.  She frequently reminded herself that elegant, sophisticated
girls do not trade pearls for aprons.  They do not let their self-
respect be whittled away bit by bit by a maid posing as a mistress
until they can find no merit in themselves.  They do not give up
leisure for servitude, nor would they submit to the sexual will of a
poor immigrant.

The more she thought about her situation, the more she was certain that
Victoria Lightfoot had been a fraud.  She was an embarrassment to a
class that she never should have been born into.  She was born to
serve, not to be served.  It was all so obvious to her now.  She had
been born to be Maria, every bit that Julia had been born to be "Lady
Julia."  It was only the cruel accidents of birth that had situated
them in their errant stations in life.  Watching Julia navigate her way
through the high society scene in person only served to make their
differences clearer to Victoria.

As she served Julia at another party, Victoria watched while Julia more
than held her own with the guests again.  There was not a woman in the
place that out classed her or showed more refinement or elegance.

Victoria walked around the party, swooping up the soiled materials
while she moved through the home.  As she carried a few glass, a man
bumped her side.

The glasses fell from Victoria's hand and crashed against the floor.
Victoria felt small, sensing that all eyes were upon her.  She saw one
of her former sycophants shaking his head in disapproval at her before
she apologized to the man that had bumped into her.  He accepted her
apology quickly and turned away from her.

As Victoria went to clean up the broken shards, Julia descended upon
her.  Victoria quivered as she saw the heels that she had put on his
mistress's feet come into view.

"What were you thinking?"

"I'm sorry, Lady Julia..."

"Get this cleaned up this instant," Julia bellowed.

"Yes, Lady Julia.  I'm sorry."

"You can't be this clumsy, girl.  I expect more from you."

"Yes, Lady Julia.  I'm sorry," Victoria replied with reddening cheeks,
wondering how many more times her mistress would make her apologize in
front of her guests.

Lias sunk lower as she listened to Julia's continued berating words.
She stole glances around the room and saw that none of her mistress's
guests saw anything wrong with Julia's words to her lesser.

Victoria felt aroused.  She struggled not to smile as the insults
continued while she cleaned.

Julia paused and turned away from her with a shake of her head.  She
noticed the smile on Victoria's face and was in shock.  She knew that
Victoria was aroused.  It had been driving her the entire time.  That
it was still there when she was terrified was shocking to her.

'That cow couldn't survive without me,' Julia thought while she went
back to smiling as she talked with her guests.

Victoria tried to avoid further notice throughout the rest of the
night.  Julia did not ask for her services at the end of the night
while her latest lover retired to her bedroom with her.

Victoria put her head down and went into her quarters.  She showered
and slipped into bed.  As she lay on the covers, she reached between
her he legs and tried remember every one of Julia's words that night.


The next morning, Victoria woke up early and got dressed in her teal
uniform.  She started making breakfast for Julia and let it simmer
while she cleaned up around the kitchen and ate her own breakfast.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her mistress's lover saunter by
the kitchen on his way out of the home.  She figured that Julia would
be up soon and the girl emerged not long after.

Victoria had knots in her stomach while she put the meal down in front
of Julia.  Julia took it without a word while she checked her emails
and text messages with respect to the comments her party had generated.
She focused on their words while Victoria stood in thankless silence
watching her eat the meal she prepared.

Once she finished, Julia got up and went into the living room to text
with some friends.  Victoria breathed a sigh of a relief that Julia had
not continued her tirade from the day before.

After she cleaned up the traces of her mistress's breakfast, Victoria
went to clean the main bathroom.  She began to clean it.  As she worked
around the bathroom, she heard Julia stirring.

Her eyes widened as she saw Julia enter the room.  Victoria hurried to
her feet on the wet floor and felt her left foot slip out from
underneath her.  She crumbled quickly to the ground and bashed her face
into the vanity top.

"Oh my, God," Julia shrieked as she saw a portion of one Victoria's
front teeth fall to the floor before blood spilled out of Victoria's
mouth onto the vanity and the floor.

Victoria's hand pulled away from her mouth to pick up the large
fragment of her tooth.  Julia rushed out of the room to call her
dentist and made arrangements for Victoria.

"It's okay, Maria.  It'll be okay," Julia said while she tried to
comfort her.

Victoria was thankful for her mistress's unusual showing of care and
kindness as she helped her out of her home.  Julia got the elevator for
Victoria before she called down to the doorman to get a cab for
Victoria without delay.  Once Victoria exited the elevator, Victoria
hurried out of the servant's entrance and around the building.

One of the doorman that Roman rotated shifts with gave Victoria a
concerned look while she came over to him.  He looked down at her and
asked, "What's wrong?  Miss Jacobs sounded very upset."

"I knocked out a tooth."


"I fell," Victoria explained, not wanting to talk further about it.

The concerned look did not leave the doorman's face while he helped
Victoria into the car.  Once she was buckled into her seat, he told her
he would call Roman.

"Please don't bother him.  It's his day off," Victoria pled.

"He'll want to know," the doorman replied while he closed the door and
told the cabbie to drive.

Victoria's mind raced while she was whisked to the dentist office.  She
knew that her tooth was unsalvageable.  She feared how Roman would
think about how she looked without a front tooth.

Shortly after she reached the dentist office, she was brought in to see
the dentist.  He quickly confirmed Victoria's suspicions before he told
her that he would put in an implant.

"That sounds expensive," Victoria replied.

"Don't worry.  Your employee already advanced you the money for us to
give you the cheapest solution."

"What's that?"  Victoria asked as her heart sank.

"This," the dentist said while he held up the silver cap.

Victoria grimaced.

The dentist cupped his hands and said, "I know it isn't much, but
getting a real implant that looks like a tooth is $5,000."

Victoria nodded.  While she appeared to accept his explanation, she
wanted to scream who she really was.  Julia was not advancing anything
for her.  It was her money.  She was Victoria Lightfoot and deserved
only the best.  At the least, she certainly should have been given a
white cap.

Those words, however, never passed through her lips.  She certainly did
not look like an heiress.  It would have sounded crazy to claim that
she was.  She put her head back on the headrest and outwardly accepted
the decision that had been made on her behalf.

As the man went to work, Victoria grew more aroused as she thought
about how she would look with the new tooth.  She knew it would be
noticeable.  It would be further confirmation of just how lowly her
status was.  It would be proof that she could not even afford proper
dental insurance.

Once she the dentist finished, Victoria was shown out of the dentist
office.  She hailed her own cab and got into it and took it back to
Julia's building.

As the cab drove down the block, she situated herself in the center
seat and gazed into the rearview mirror, trying to get a glimpse of her
new smile.  The shinning fake tooth was obvious in her mouth.

She was mortified that it was marring her smile, but she was excited by
it as well.  She knew that the thought of having a silver tooth would
make any of the girls she had gone to school with wretch.  It would be
unthinkable, but she had it in her mouth.

That thought gave her pause as she thought about Roman again.  What
would he think when she saw light shining upon her new smile?

Once she got out of the cab, she headed into the building.  She hurried
to the servant's elevator and rushed to her mistress's door once the
doors opened.  As she went inside, she was relieved to see that Julia
had gone out.  She did not want to face at her that moment.

She went into the bathroom and saw her dried blood on the floor and
vanity top.  She was surprised that it was still there, but she knew
that she could not expect Julia to have cleaned it for her.

Victoria bent down and started to clean it.  As she pressed into it, it
started to smear.

"Damn," she muttered as she put more weight into the scrubbing.  It
took some hard scrubbing, but she cleaned it off before she finished
cleaning the rest of the bathroom.

Shortly after she finished cleaning the bathroom, she heard a knock on
the door.

"Who can it be now?"  Victoria muttered.

She straightened out her apron while she approached the door and drew
it open.  She stepped back as she saw Roman looking down at her.

"What are you doing here?"  Victoria asked.

"I had to see you.  I was worried."

"It's your day off.  You should be..."

"I don't care about my day off," Roman said while he cupped her chin.

Victoria turned her eyes away from him, not wanting to show him her
damaged smile.

"Maria, look at me," Roman commanded.

Victoria's eyes darted to meet his.  The man looked at her.  He brushed
her hair with another hand before Victoria gave him a smile.

Roman noticed her silver cap, but did not bring it up.  He leaned down
and kissed her before he said, "Can I take you to lunch?"

"I think so.  I don't know...I..."

"Is Miss Jacobs around?"

"No.  She has an event today."

"Then, let's go," Roman prodded.

"Okay," Victoria replied as he removed her apron and carried it through
the condominium.  She hung it up in her quarters and hurried back to

They went to the servant's elevator and took it down to the ground
floor.  They started out of the building and walked a few blocks before
Victoria saw the name of the place that Roman was taking her to for

Victoria followed him into the chain eatery.  Victoria knew that it was
a fast food restaurant that dressed itself up with slightly more
expensive offerings.  She had actually wanted to go to eat there
before, but her mother's chiding that it was beneath a Lightfoot's
dignity to step into such a place had kept her away.

As she consciously tried to hide her silver tooth from others in the
restaurant, such thoughts seemed absurd to her.  The place was not
beneath Maria.  If anything, it was a rare treat for her.

Roman gave Victoria's order for her before they sat down and talked.
Roman did his best to put her at ease by calling her beautiful and
telling her how much he loved her.  She reciprocated in kind as they
exchanged touches throughout the meal.

Once they finished eating, they walked back out of the restaurant and
began to head down the sidewalk back to the building they both worked
at.  Victoria and Roman held hands on the walk, exchanging loving
glances and types of statements that had made Victoria want to gag when
she heard other couples speak them to each other, thinking that they
could not possibly reflect how two people could feel about one another.

After Victoria dipped her head and pulled on Roman's arm for a moment,
she opened her eyes and saw the faces of two of Victoria's Lightfoot's
lackeys walking straight towards them.  The smile left her face while
she moved towards the safety that Roman provided.  She burrowed her
head down into the teal uniform and looked down at her body.

This was not like the people she had fooled in her mistress's home.
These were two men that she had more than fleeting interactions.  She
knew them well.  They had been in her home, at her invite.  They had
spent time with her at the beach and around her pool.  One of the men,
she had even slept with.  His inexperienced efforts were no comparison
for what Roman gave her, but that short, fitful and thoroughly
unsatisfying intimacy was enough to fill her with dread.  There was no
way that he could look through her.

She cast her eyes down at her low-heeled black court shoes and nude
pantyhose.  Victoria Lightfoot would never be caught dead wearing those
shoes or pantyhose.  She was mortified by what was about to come.  Her
cheeks burned red while she waited to be confronted and exposed in
front of her lover as the fraud she was.  She would be simultaneously
shown to be undeserving of being a mistress and a charlatan as a maid.
She would be neither, an outcast in both worlds, held up to justifiable
ridicule for her ridiculous, dangerous game.

The two men looked exactly as she remembered them.  They were both
dressed in designer clothing with gel styled hair.  While their
families combined wealth paled by comparison to her own, no one would
have mistaken her for the richest person on that sidewalk.

She trembled as they approached one another.  She had always felt that
they were beneath her.  She was not as vain as they were.  She was not
as obsessed with money or power.  She felt that she was the normal one
and they were just the dregs of high society.  Now, they seemed
superior to her in all ways.

Her nervous hands burrowed deep into the side pockets of the dress to
hide her calloused palms and self-manicured, cracked, short nails.  Her
cheeks remained flushed, knowing that it was no use in hiding them.
The other evidence of what had become of Victoria Lightfoot was all too
evident and on display.

One of the men glanced down at her.  She trembled with fear as she
thought, 'This is it.'

Her hand shook in Roman's, causing him to glance down at her.  He was
surprised by the mortified look on her face as two men passed them by
without giving her a second glance.

Victoria let out a sigh relief as she realized that her old lackey
showed no hint of recognizing her.  She felt it was if he had looked
through her as though she was invisible in her uniform and glasses.
With a glance over her shoulder, she noticed that neither man had
turned to give a glance back at her pouch-stomached form.

Roman wrapped his arm around Victoria tight.  He wanted to sooth her
concerns about her new tooth.  She was a woman after all, he figured.
They were all vain, even a girl on the level that he could obtain.  He
held her close as he said, "Don't worry, babe.  You can barely notice

Victoria grinned at Roman's fumbling attempt to console her in his
second language.  She hugged him back while she nestled her head to his
chest as they continued to walk back to the building.

"Is your boss going to need you tonight?"  Roman inquired as they
reached the servant's entrance.

"I don't know yet," Victoria replied.

"If she doesn't, call me."

"I will," Victoria responded to her boyfriend's directive, loving it
when he took charge despite everything she had been taught by everyone
but her mother about the idea of a man taking charge.

After a goodbye kiss, Victoria walked into the building and headed for
the elevator.  She tried to force the smile from her face by the time
she returned to Julia's home.

Victoria mind started to wander as she wondered how she could have
possibly fooled them.  Her hands touched her oily, mousy, dull, short
brown hair before they moved to the bud of her double chin.  She
wondered if the changes were really that total that she could fool her
former intimate companions.  Her head stayed in its normal downcast
position as she stared down at Julia's old uniform that was an
imperfect fit for her given her recent additional weight gain.

'Maybe all they saw was the uniform,' Victoria thought.  It was an
oddly comforting thought.  As long as she wore it, maybe the concerns
and doubts that had weighed down Victoria Lightfoot would not apply to
her.  She felt secure in who she was as Maria the maid.  She wondered
if that was all she meant to be as she went back into the condominium
unit to work.

Once she finished her cleaning for the day, Victoria saw the newspaper
on the table.  With her mistress gone for the evening, she saw no
reason not to take it into her quarters.

Victoria walked into her quarters and sat down in the seat as she
opened the paper.  It had been a while since she read a paper.  She
wondered why her mistress had gotten one that day.  As she thumbed
through the paper, she stopped at the social pages.  Her eyes widened
as she saw Julia on the arm of one of the richest men in the city.  She
knew his name well.  Her mother had tried to seduce him, but he was
much too old for Julia as far as Victoria was concerned.

'How can you touch that old geezer?'  Victoria thought as she looked at
the face of the shaved bald headed man.

'He probably wouldn't touch an ugly fatty like you,' a voice retorted
in her head.

Victoria scrunched her face, knowing it was true.  She was, now,
beneath the attention of wealthy older men.  She was fine with that
though.  Their occasional attempts to seduce her had been somewhat
revolting to her, even as they flattered her.

Her eyes retuned to the social pages that she became more acquainted
with over the following weeks.  It was a rare occurrence that two or
more days passed before Julia's name appeared in the paper.

Victoria marveled by how quickly Julia had been accepted into high
society.  She knew, however, that money mixed with beauty opened more
doors than any other combination.

Part of her was excited by how Julia was making the scene at wealthy
events.  The young girl was busy socializing with the rich and the
famous on one man's arm before she traded up for another wealthy man.

It was not lost on her that Julia's hours were consumed with the
frivolities of conspicuous consumption that she had forsaken and would
be unwelcome to partake in her new identity as anything but a cleaner
or a waitress.  Based on the papers, the art shows, charity galas,
societal parties that Julia had worked her way into with her well-
trained charm and the arms of rich men that she frequently was escorted
about town upon took up nearly all of her mistress time.  The papers
gave Victoria far more of an insight into what her mistress was doing
than the girl would offer her.

On most days, the few moments they got alone were limited to Victoria
serving Julia breakfast and dressing her mistress before she headed out
the door to leave Victoria to her labors.  Julia became increasingly
detached from Victoria as she grew fully into her role as mistress.

Their only verbal interactions came when she gave Victoria an order or
berated her for substandard work or speaking out of turn.  Julia sensed
that Victoria was slacking off intentionally or making an ignorant
statement simply to make her mistress take notice of her existence.

While she found it sad to some degree, she could not let such actions
by the help stand.  If anything, it made her tongue more acidic when
she dressed "Maria" down.  Victoria internalized the insults.  She felt
that every nasty word Julia spoke about her was true.  She had always
been plain, but now she was plump and long ago stripped of all
glamorous pretenses.  She had always been an underachiever, but now she
was in the place a girl with her youthful work ethic belonged.  She was
being absent minded and not thinking straight when she cleaned, but if
she had thought straight she figured that she would never be taking
orders from her former maid.

The only thing that gave her any confidence at all was the safety
provided by Roman's loving arms and the lustful looks he gave her.  At
least, she knew that she had value to one person in the world.  That
seemed enough to her, even though she pitied him for having to stoop to
dating a girl like her given the circumstances that fate had thrust
upon him.

Victoria found herself spending more time sleeping with the doorman as
Julia brought around more rich men into her home.  That the men ignored
her only made Victoria aroused as she reveled in her fallen state.  She
felt that she beneath them too and that was what she enjoyed, with
Roman getting the benefit of her tendencies.

When yet another party came, Victoria was forced to spend a night away
from Roman.  She hated the fact, but she knew that it would give her
the rare opportunity to interact with her mistress, even if all she
would get to say was "Yes, Lady Julia."

Victoria worked the party as she had the others.  Another former minion
from her past life made the guest list.  Just like with all the others,
however, she passed without any hint of the person taking notice of
Victoria Lightfoot masquerading as a maid.

The conclusions were unavoidable to Victoria.  She was certain that her
former lackeys never truly liked her nor even looked at her.  She was
nothing more than a means to an end for them, since she already had her

The dismissive treatment that she took throughout the party made
Victoria's cheeks burn at times.  She could not help but to feel
frustrated by the mix of embarrassment and arousal coursing through

Once the party ended, Julia went to her bedroom.  Victoria went to help
her undress, but her mistress's latest boyfriend had stayed after.  She
took to abandoning the task as Julia dismissed Victoria with a look.
Victoria nodded and curtsied before she hurried through the room.

Victoria closed the door to her mistress's chambers and started down
the hallway.  She paused as she caught her reflection in the mirror.
She looked over her haggard appearance.  She was exhausted from the
full day's labors under Julia's boot.

Clenching her eyes for a second, she thought about ending it all.  The
ruse had gone on too long.  It had become more than she thought she
wanted, but it was not.  She wanted to give it all up to become someone
else.  There was no doubt in her mind that it had come to pass.  It was
an unavoidable conclusion every moment she gazed at what Julia had made
of herself before she looked down at her apron-clad body.

She opened her eyes and saw no trace of Victoria Lightfoot.  She could
not decide to end things and just resume her life.  Sure, she could get
liposuction, fix her teeth, start using moisturizer and get hair
extensions, but that would be nothing but external dressing.  She felt
it would be akin to putting lipstick on a pig.  No matter how she
dressed herself up, she knew that she would still feel the same.  She
did not feel like a wealthy heiress.  She felt like a servant.

A tingle went through her as she thought about how far she had
willingly fallen.  Before she had been turning away wealthy guys, now,
she was clinging to the one poor man that gave her attention.  While
she had felt superior to the men she had been with before, she felt far
less than Roman's equal.  She felt lucky to have a man like him in her


As another event came, Victoria helped her mistress into her
sleeveless, tulle, mermaid gown.  She pulled the black gown up Julia's
lithe body.  The fabric felt divine in her hands.  She loved the soft,
elegant feeling that was unlike the cheap polyester dress she was

While she smoothed the floral embroidery of the gown out on her
mistress's hips, Victoria's mind began to wonder.  She thought about
Roman.  She had invited him to come up for dinner in her mistress's
home.  That Roman thought it was naughty and alluring to use Julia's
furniture without her say so was something she found cute.  Victoria
wondered what she would think if he knew that her mistress had
purchased everything that they would be using with her money.

A smirk came across Victoria's face as he began to fasten the gown up
to the bottom of the plunging v of the gown that mirrored the front.
She thought about how cute Roman's arousal at the idea of being a pair
of impish servants for a night was to her.

" absent minded, sow, you nearly twisted the zipper," Julia
barked as she felt a pinch on her smooth back.

"I'm sorry, Lady Julia," Victoria replied as she was snapped back to
reality by Julia's harsh words.

"Pay attention to your work," Julia chided.

"Yes, Lady Julia.  Sorry, Lady Julia," Victoria hurried to respond
under his mistress's imperious glance.

Victoria struggled to keep her fantasies about her evening with Roman
out of her mind, while she continued to help Julia dress.  Once the
outfit was on, Victoria left Julia to touch her makeup and hair.  Julia
never trusted Victoria with such important finishing touches, feeling
that the plain girl's skills were inferior to her own.

Victoria walked over to Julia's purse and began to transfer the
contents from the pocketbook she used that afternoon into the purse
that went with her gown.  As she put away each item in its respective
compartment of the organizer that Julia insisted on putting in her
purses, her mind drifted back to Roman.

She knew that she had to break it off with Roman.  She was getting far
too deep into the relationship.  Roman had been hinting that he was
getting ready to propose to her.  The intention of their conversation
about engagement rings was too hard for the man to disguise using his
second language.

Victoria knew that she could not accept the ring.  No matter how small
the stone, she would feel like she was stealing it from Roman.  She
wanted to be the woman he loved.  She was a fraud, however, a fraud
that had fooled him and was trying to deceive herself into thinking
that she could stay in the life and be his wife.  She could not do
that.  It was absurd to think that she could turn her back on the
legacy of her father and hand it all away to Julia.  The one-year
anniversary of their swap was coming up and that was to be the end of
it.  It was always her decision when it ended.  She had said it would
go at most a year or two.  One was a definite point to end it.  If she
stayed on any longer, she knew what Roman would do.  And if she
accepted his proposal, she could not just announce that he was marrying
Victoria Lightfoot and not his beloved Maria.

She could not bring herself to hurt him.  Roman meant too much to her,
but it was too late to tell him the truth.  How could he believe her?
Even when she had the means to prove it, how could he think of himself
as anything but a pawn in a rich girl's bizarre game of dress-up?

She buried her chin in her bosoms, wondering how quickly that Roman
would get her out of her dress and place his hands on them.  She loved
the feeling of him squeezing them with his powerful hands.  She needed
him more than he could ever need her.  She was sure of it.

"I'm Mrs. Roman Malinska," she said with pride as she tucked away her
mistress's morning after pills and zipped her mistress's purse closed.

She turned and walked towards the mirror on the wall.  She flashed
herself a grin and saw the metal tooth shinning from the overhead
lights that Roman never brought up after he found out how it happened.
Her fingers ran through her short, self-trimmed bob.  She knew that his
thick fingers and broad hands would be running through her hair soon

Her fingers left her hair to adjust her glasses before they ran down
her plump tanned cheeks.  She shook her head as she said, "He loves me
this way."

It was an amazing thing to her.  Not only had a man fallen in love with
her without any knowledge of her family's money, but with a version of
her that was far removed from the one that rich scions had flocked to
seducing.  She could not even get one of those men to acknowledge her
existence now, but Roman enjoyed the feelings of her slightly
overweight body.

She could not help, but smile as she thought about the man.  In a way,
he was exactly what she had wanted since she was a teenage girl.  He
was a man who loved her for her, but he did not know the real her.  The
smile left her face as she was too aware that if he knew the truth, the
true love she felt would leave him.

Julia walked out of her bedroom and came to a stop as she saw her maid
looking over her appearance in the mirror.  She had a nervous look on
her face as she tried to straighten out her short hair.

"Are you seeing Roman tonight?"  Julia asked, breaking Victoria's

"Oh, yes, Lady Julia," Victoria replied with an embarrassed grin.

"I should have known where your mind was," Julia responded.

"I'm sorry, Lady Julia."

"Try to control yourself when you're in my presence," Julia retorted.

"Yes.  I will, Lady Julia.  I'm so sorry," Victoria replied in pleading

"See that you do.  Now, where is my purse?"

"Right here, Lady Julia," Victoria answered as she picked up the purse
to hand it to her.

Julia took the purse and unzipped it.  She looked inside the purse and
took stock of the contents inside it.  She gave it an approving nod
before she zipped the purse closed.

A knock on the door made Victoria pivoted in her one inch, block
heeled, black clog shoes.  She hurried towards the door as she
tightened her apron to give her a neater appearance for her mistress's

The latest lover stood before the door with his head held high.  She
had read his name in the social papers and placed it to his face, but
she had never seen him in person before.  She stood aside as the tall,
well-dressed man entered.  He walked past Victoria and planted a kiss
on Julia's lips, clearly enjoying the sight of her in a tight gown with
a plunging neckline that ended below her pert breasts.

Victoria put her head down, slightly jealous of Julia's boyfriend who
was wealthy, well groomed and good-looking.  Still, she felt he was no
match for the real love of Roman.

As their lips parted, the man asked, "Are you ready to go?"

Julia nodded before they started towards the door.  She paused as she
reached Victoria.  She turned to face her and said, "Girl, don't expect
me before 3 a.m.  You can go to bed after you're done with putting my
new dresses away."

Victoria nodded before Julia added, "And don't you fold them like last
time!  Understand?"

"Yes, Lady Julia.  I'm very sorry."

"As you should be, girl," Julia replied while she checked her purse

Victoria gave the bag a jealous glance.  The bag was beautiful, but it
was more than she could ever afford on her meager salary.

Victoria caught herself as she sensed a reminder of the folly of such a
thought.  A voice screamed from within, 'You bought that purse!  You're
Victoria Lightfoot, you damn fool!'

In that moment, everything that had happened came back to her.  Every
choice she had made from the moment she decided that she needed an
escape from the expectations that came with being Victoria Lightfoot.
All the trappings of that life she had given over to Lady Julia were
within her mind's eye.

From the luxurious furnishing within the condominium's walls that
everyone thought were Lady Julia's to the evening gown, purse and heels
only a Lightfoot woman had worn out for society events before.  She
seemed ill suited for what Lady Julia surrounded herself with now.

As Maria thought of the yawning chasm that existed between the two, she
realized that her thoughts that she could end it all were the true
folly.  She felt that neither of them were the women they were before.
She would be every bit the farce as a woman of high society that Julia
had been when she first put on a pair of Victoria Lightfoot's sandals.

After she zipped her purse closed, Julia stared down at Maria.  Maria
averted her eyes from her mistress's glance as the imperious woman
noted, "I'll wake you if I need help undressing."

"Yes, Lady Julia.  Have a great night out."

Julia nodded as she stepped out of the condominium.  Julia smiled as
Maria closed the door behind her with her head held low, giving her
mistress a good view of the bob cut she continued to sport at her
mistress's insistence.  In Julia's mind, Maria was looking every inch
the domestic she had been, maybe even more, before the girl bit her

It appeared to be unbelievable to either of them that Maria had ever
been Victoria Lightfoot.  There was no fight at all in the girl.  No
sign of her sophisticated upbringing.

Taking the arm of her date, Julia was certain that Maria and her
husband were going to be happy serving Lady Julia and her husband for
the rest of their lives.


  1. The evolving of the Mistress/maid relationship in this story is a joy to read, no subterfuge involved, Victoria basically paying for the privilege of being the maid, that is a powerfully exciting scenario.

    The condominium adds the twist of it being Julias, this created a blank sheet for Julia to develop her role and surroundings without Victorias 'baggage'.

    The 'embarrassment' of Victoria being recognised by her peers in her new role did not occur, which as a reader the getting recognised i find exciting, however Victoria not being noticed means her appearance and demeanour has altered to such an extent that she is maria and not Victoria.

    The episodes where Victoria is intent on calling off the change of roles, yet in Julias presence she retreats from that intent was a lovely addition, as it reinforced assumed role, but also calling it off is a possible normal feeling.

    I can see the reason for the relationship with Roman but for me personally the interaction did not add to the story, but that just my opinion.

    Enjoyed the story immensely and i do believe we have answered who the maid is now, maria is Lady Julias maid.

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    In a heartbeat, Victoria fast-forwarded in her thought process from such unhappy recollections, and decided that in spite of all the drudgery of now being a mere maid, at least Victoria, now Maria, was appearing to be useful to her chosen mistress, and was happy in fact, and much more so than during her prior employment of Julia as maid.

    And as for Julia...? Well, she made out like a bandit, didn't she? And with her added pleasure of bossing around Victoria, her former employer with an appropriate level of contrived disdain for having to "correct" her new maid's supposed indiscretions, such as an inattentiveness to spotting that small area on the floor that in her zeal, Maria missed in cleaning.

    So all in all, we have a win-win scenario, with Maria, the catalyst for the continuing status quo of her maid-ship to Julia, at least having visibility for serving someone in her new life. Whereas before, "poor" Victoria was by her own opulence in living standards, a societal "nobody" whose external contacts or acquaintances were only too envious and covetous of Victoria's wealth. 'Hardly a condition for building intimate relations with anyone, since all such opportunities building interpersonal trust carried particular risk of betrayal.

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    So the maid's life it had to be for Victoria, as Maria. At least there were no unknowns in her life. Now Maria had a very structured environment. She knew her place, and performed sufficiently well enough to not get yelled at by Julia, too often.

    It was thus the logical choice for Maria. And as an added benefit, she as Victoria supposedly still had access to her bank account, since no mention was made that such assets were relinquished to Julia... And from the story, Julia was apparently happy with her maid providing Julia with her pocket money for spending. 'Such a deal! :D

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