Thursday, June 1, 2017

Casa de Mujeres: Two Mistresses and One Maid.

This is a very unusual, award-winning photoshoot done by artist Rachelle Mozman in 2011. It's called Casa de Mujeres (House of Women) and tells a story of three Latin American women  - twin sisters and their maid - all played by the same woman (the artist's own mother). I think it's spooky at times, but it has to be one of the best lady-and-maid shoots I've seen so far. You don't even need to suspend you disbelief that much to imagine a lady-to-maid story behind it!


  1. Definitely, this needs to become source material for more than one L2M story.
    When there's a pre-existing physical resemblance (perhaps the result of the lady and the maid being related, or even half-sisters), there has to be a lot of story potential there....

  2. Taking a swim in the pool, while wearing a maid's uniform may indicate one of four things:

    1. Either the maid just loves her uniform so much, she is loathe to take it off for any reason, even to go swimming (lol).
    2. Or, she is so limited by her mistress in what she wears off-duty, that there is no provision to act so uppity, as to imply a maid could be mistaken for one of her betters. ;)
    3. or thirdly, the maid cannot afford a swimsuit, so she must use one of her several alternate maid uniforms as a swim suit instead, knowing that whether all wet from the pool, or dry, no one will mistake her for not being a maid. ;)
    4. or fourthly, the maid is too lazy to change out of her maid uniform to go swimming in the pool. :D

    1. 5. Her mistress kicked her in the pool for taking too long to bring a drink so she decided "oh the hell with it I'd just take a swim"
      6. Suicide attempt?

    2. Touché, Camille! You picked a good alternative (in No. 5). I'm envious, lol. jk ;) [As for No. 6, one has to be face down in the water... But maybe she's just contemplating when to roll over, lol. ;)

    3. House rule,uniform must be worn at all times,no exceptions?

  3. Very interesting photo story, we are provided with visual imagery offering us opportunity to interpret as we wish.

    Is this a scene of the stages of the womans life, from maid to lady, vice versa or even her fantasy.
    The 2 images of the maid in water, does she believe she can wash the 'colour' from her skin, are they interpretation of her rising in status, once had to swim in the sea now able to relax in own pool, yet still feeling she is a maid at heart.
    Also in certain Latino countries there is the phrase "Money whitens everyone", so going up the social ladder could be confirmed by lightening of complexion.