Friday, June 9, 2017

Thalia Becomes a Hotel Maid

Mexican superstar Thalia is playing dress up as a hotel maid in a "reality" TV series called Asi Es Come Lo Hacemos (This is How we do it). It's in Spanish, but easy to understand. Definetely worth 5 minutes of your time. 

The uniform is exquisite and in contrast to the one worn by the real maid there. The whole set up does look like a plot of one of the lady-to-maid stories - a bored singer/model/actress wants a simpler life with predictable results... I actually found the real maid helping her interesting. The contrast between her and Thalia is incredible, she looks old enough to be her (destitute) mother even though they could be about the same age (Thalia, being a pampered lady, easily looks 15 years younger than her real age here). Anyway, here it is:


  1. It is fascinating to think about how someone can be "overqualified" for a menial position such as this just based on their appearance. How we, as a society, won't allow pretty people to have dirty jobs because we assume that they wouldn't be any good at them. Looking at a woman like Thalia, you would think that she intends to blow off her responsibilities and still get paid for not working. I suppose this would be one instance in which being beautiful would not be to your advantage. I am going to assume the worst if I think something is beneath them.

    That expensive look of hers could easily be adjusted to fit her new position. Celebrity mugshots or paparazzi photos are very telling in that regard. When the hair, makeup and lighting are removed, they aren't nearly what they appear to be.

  2. She is shown flopping herself on the bed a couple of times.If really hired she'd be expected to keep working non-stop.

    Of course,she's working in one room at the Waldorf-Astoria here.If she were really trying to hide from her public and live a simple life it would be better to hire on at a motel in the boondocks.