Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Story: A Betrayal Has Been Maid.

By Brandon H

Janet Myers had been missing for over a month when her cell phone was delivered to the mailbox of her co-worker Jenny Betancour. There was no return address.

The phone contained a chat history between Janet and her childhood friend, Abby Devereaux. The conversation happened about 24 hours prior to Janet’s disappearance.


Janet: Abby? You there?

Abby: Janet? Where are you?

Janet: Abby, please help me!

Abby: What the hell is going on Janet?

Abby: Janet?

Janet: I made a huge mistake.

Abby: What the hell are you talking about?

Janet: It’s embarrassing.

Abby: Out with it Janet.

Janet: This whole thing started a month ago when I hired Danielle.

Abby: Your maid?

Janet: Yes! I needed somebody to maintain my house since I’m pulling in 65 hours a week.

Janet: So I hired her on a temporary basis.

Abby: OK, what’s the problem?

Janet: You see, I have a fantasy I been acting out recently. It’s a maid fantasy.

Abby: Maid fantasy?

Janet: I been having fantasies lately of me wearing a maids uniform and donning the apron

Abby: LOL, that’s funny. It’s a joke, right?

Abby: OMG! You serious?

Janet: Very serious.

Janet: On a few occasions while Danielle was gone, I would sneak in the closet where she hangs her uniforms and try them on. It felt so wrong, but felt so good.


Janet: Having the cheap uniform rubbing against my delicate skin. It felt so good

Janet: I did this twice until she caught me red handed the third time.

Abby: OH MY GOSH! Janet! What did she do?

Janet: As soon as she caught me she snapped a couple of pics of me in the uniform. She threatened to send them to my job, family and friends unless I followed her home and become her personal maid.

Janet: That is the reason why I asked you to help me. I need you to help me recover these incriminating photos.

Abby: You got yourself in a pickle here. What color was the uniform and what type of apron?

Janet: Why is this relevant?

Abby: If you need me to help you, I need to know this information so I could prepare to get you out of this mess..

Janet: Ok, if this will help me out of this situation then I guess it wouldn’t hurt to tell you.

Janet: It’s a grey formal maid dress with white cuffs on the sleeves and collar. The hem of the dress is a few inches above the knee

Janet: The apron ties around the waist. I also have a maids cap.

Abby: Very interesting! When you got caught wearing the uniform, did you wear heels?

Janet: No! I had on black seamed stockings, white socks and canvass sneakers

Abby: Socks and sneakers?

Janet: Correct. I did not allow Danielle to wear heels. I had her wear socks and sneakers. She even was not allowed to wear sneakers in my bedroom when she cleans it. I did not want her shoes on my expensive carpet

Abby: That makes sense

Janet: Can you please help me?

Abby: Were you able to retrieve some of the pics that were taken of you?

Janet: Yes! Only one

Abby: Send me the pic. I need to see this for myself. Unless you made this whole thing up

Janet: Why would I make up something like this? I’m being truthful. Here is the pic

(A full body picture of Janet in the living room in a maid’s uniform holding a duster was sent to Abby’s phone)

Abby: Wow!

Janet: You see?

Abby: I do see. I want you to come over to my house at 4 am tomorrow morning.

Janet: May I ask why?

Abby: I want you to come over in your uniform. Exactly how you are dressed in that picture. From your pretty little cap to your socks and sneakers.

Janet: Come on Abby don’t play games. This is very serious. If you not going to help me then I will find someone who will

Abby: I will help you Janet. Help you become a proper and submissive maid

Janet: Abby, please stop. I don’t have time to play games. I’m in very serious trouble here

Abby: This is not a game Janet. I want you here tomorrow morning at 4 am in your uniform with your duster and cleaning supplies.

Abby: If you not here by 4 am then I will send that pic to your job, friends and family

Janet: Abby, how could you do this to me? I thought we were friends

Abby: Friends? You are wearing an apron for crying out loud. Friends of mine don’t wear maid uniforms and aprons like you do

Abby: You are no longer my friend. You are nothing but a submissive slave in an apron

Abby: You will be here tomorrow morning at 4 am or the pic will be sent to everyone you know. Do you understand? I better get a quick answer and you better address me as ma’am

Janet: Yes ma’am


  1. love this style of story, new and fresh !! I would realy like too know what happen next :)

  2. Greetings Lily

    This idea came to me from a email I received with a story that was set up as two people communicating via text. It was genius. I implemented it to this genre.

    Appreciate the complement

    Brandon H

  3. Loving it thus far. Looking forward to more

  4. Thank you for the positive feedback. Really appreciate it

    Brandon H

  5. Very nice start.
    This one looks like it has a lot of potential!

  6. Appreciate the positive feedback

    Brandon H

  7. Short and sweet, an interesting style of writing. Very enjoyable

    1. Thank you for the positive feedback

      Brandon H