Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Story: Professor Janice Sinclair Gets a New Maid. Chapter 5.

By Jackie J

Hurried into the kitchen by Miss Drummond, Janice stood by the large table in the centre of the room dressed in her drab maid’s tunic, her fingers fiddling nervously with her bibbed apron. She looked at Miss Drummond, who was wearing one of Janice’s most expensive dresses and Italian shoes.

Miss Drummond held up the second document, the indenture that Professor Sinclair had signed in her haste, and smiled, seeing a look of concern creep over the professor’s face.

“You are right to be concerned, girl. This is your bond I hold here, all the contents of your safe, which is basically everything you own.”

“Should you fail to comply fully with my training or you or disobey me, your Mistress, you will forfeit your bond.”

“So, I feel this is a good time to reprise your position in this household, Professor, so we are both clear.”

“Your name is?”

“Janice, Mistress”

“And you position here, girl?”

“I am your maid, Mistress.”

And how do you feel about being the maid in this, your MISTRESS'S HOME?

Janice. hearing Miss Drummond call Janice’s home her own but, now fearful of retribution and losing her bond, did not contradict her, accepting that not only did her maid now owned her, but also everything she had owned was now under her control.

“I am happy to be a maid to my Mistress, in her home.”

Miss Drummond smiled.

“One last thing before you go back to your quarters. Whilst you still held rank and privilege in this household, before you begged me to become my indentured maid, Professor Sinclair asked for the maid to be punished, is that correct?

Janice meekly nodded, starting to realise that Miss Drummond had manipulated her into enslavement. There was nothing ambiguous in the training agreement and now certified and signed into indenture, she was owned by her own maid and under her maid’s total control.

Miss Drummond demanded a verbal response: “Speak, girl!”

“Yes, Mistress. Professor Sinclair asked for the maid to be punished.”

Miss Drummond allowed a wicked grin to build across her face.

“Well, I am sure Professor Janice Sinclair would be very pleased with the punishment that I have selected for the maid.”

“I cannot possibly have the maid of my household carry the same name as a Professor now, can I? 

The punishment that Professor Sinclair asked for will be that you are no longer to carry the name of Janice Sinclair. Your name during your training will be Paula.”

Paula was not a random name, it was already written on the original maid training contract. The name of the maid sponsored to be trained by Professor Sinclair.

“Now step forward and sign your new name on this maid’s register for my training school, both forms.”

Janice looked at Miss Drummond, knowing her situation was now hopeless. All she could hope for was that she can get through the maid's training and regain her wealth, position and now, even her name. Until then she is to be Paula, her maid’s maid.

Professor Sinclair shuffled forward and signed the maids register in the name of Paula and unknowingly a deed poll form that will have her name permanently changed to Paula Simms.

Paula Simms, a common girl, accepted into Miss Drummond's Maid School sponsored by none other than Professor Janice Sinclair. All of it was legal and detailed on the previous forms. An identity loop from which there could be no escape. The only release would be for Professor Sinclair herself to come forward and free the maid Paula Simms from her indenture. Something that Miss Drummond would ensure could never happen.

And so began months of constant humiliation for the once proud professor. Worked hard in her restrictive garb, she learned her new skills and the drudgery of her position being a domestic maid to her demanding Mistress in the seclusion of her own home.

Any failings were ridiculed and she was regularly belittled and punished by her Mistress, a Mistress who now enjoyed the comforts of Professor Sinclair’s home and wealth.

Within only a few weeks of becoming an indentured maid, Professor Sinclair was readily and meekly answering to her new name of Paula. Punishments included having had her hair cut short, regular spankings and strappings, all designed to break the spirit and confidence of Miss Drummond’s latest maid which was well on the way to being accomplished.

At every opportunity Professor Sinclair was referred to in the third person by the scheming and manipulative Miss Drummond. The persona of Paula and the professor slowly and surely diverged, becoming separated until the life of Professor Sinclair became more and more distant to the hapless and increasingly timid maid Paula.

Having painfully learned the skills of dressmaking, Miss Drummond knew that Paula’s spirit was completely broken when, watched over by her Mistress, a humbled Paula quite skilfully adjusted the wardrobe of Professor Sinclair to a more comfortable fit for her Mistress. She would not be, or indeed held any thoughts now of, wearing her expensive dresses and gowns again, they were for the Mistress of the household, not a common maid.

Many changes had taken place in the household.

All conversation and written matter within the house, being in the native Hungarian language of Miss Drummond, Paula was made to constantly feel stupid and inadequate because she could no longer follow simple written and verbal instructions.

Deprived of any stimulation, her vocabulary was restricted to "thank you, Miss" and "yes, Miss". Slapped and spanked should she dare to speak otherwise, Paula was now nothing more than the simple obedient maid she had become at the hands of Miss Drummond, her Mistress.

The self-confidence exuded by Professor Janice Sinclair had been chastised and spanked from the humble girl who now served her mistress with a tentative nervousness indicative of a submissive and subjugated domestic maid. For that is what had become of Professor Janice Sinclair, now an intellectual shadow of her former self.

A second summer had melted away and the chill of the fall had once again begun to cascade leaves from the trees.

It had been eighteen months since an exuberant highly educated Professor Janice Sinclair had signed herself into the clutches of Miss Patricia Drummond and it was to be a special day for Paula. Miss Drummond smiled when her obedient maid entered and curtsied before her. Paula having learned not to look directly at her Mistress, her head remained lowered.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Paula, I have some visitors who would like to meet you.”

Two of the governors, one of them Lady Cockcroft, who had never agreed with a woman, let alone a girl being the head of any department at her school, and three house masters from Castanbury Girls College stood and smirked watching their once prim and proper arrogant head of science trooped into the study in her old-style maid's uniform, her luscious locks shorn beneath a lacy cap as she meekly performed a curtsy for her mistress.

Miss Drummond stood up and lifted Paula’s chin.

“Well, Lady Cockcroft, gentlemen, this is Paula. Professor Sinclair placed her in my care to be trained to become a domestic servant."

Miss Drummond handed over the signed indenture, basically the ownership of Maid Paula, to Lady Cockcroft.

“She is yours to do with as you wish now, Lady Cockcroft. And like we agreed, she is ready to be a maid at your college to look after your girls' and the staff accommodation."

Lady Cockcroft smiled and chuckled taking the indenture.

“How thoughtful of the Professor. Paula will be just perfect for the role.”

Miss Drummond took her payment from Lady Cockcroft before clapping her hands, a signal ingrained into Paula’s empty mind that an instruction is about to follow.

“Sherry for my guests, Paula.”

Paula dropped a curtsy.

“Yes, Miss. Thank you, Miss.”

Paula left the room to collect the decanter and glasses for her Mistress to the sound of titters and muted laughter from the guests who revelled in the professor’s demise at the hands of Miss Drummond.

Returning with the tray of glasses Paula bobbed a curtsy to each of her Mistress's guests as they took their drinks.

Lady Cockcroft, intrigued by the transformation of Professor Janice Sinclair into the submissive housemaid Paula, stood tall above the stooping servant girl.

“Girl, what is your name and what do you do here?”

Paula dropped a curtsy and spoke in her weak voice: “My Name is Paula, Miss; I am indentured maid to Mistress Drummond."

Lady Cockcroft continued: “But this house belonged to Professor Sinclair, did it not?”

“Yes, Miss, she sponsored me to train to be a Maid. Professor Sinclair is gone. She gave everything to my Mistress, this is Miss Drummond’s home now,” was the humble maid's response.

Lady Cockcroft smirked at the once surly rich girl who was standing meekly before her, now destitute and legally owned by her. She turned back to Miss Drummond.

“Patricia, dear, bring Paula to my Manor house this evening. I am holding a pre-term dinner for all the staff from the school. I think it will be a nice touch if Paula joins my maids to serve at the table. And of course the staff can get to know the new dormitory maid.”

Paula served at the table that evening and a few days after Lady Cockcroft released her to work in the school dormitory during term time. The girls and staff at the college took great pleasure in having the former head of the science department for their domestic skivvy.

Of course, Professor Janice Sinclair never returned to free Maid Paula Simms from her indenture, how could she?

Miss Drummond’s brutal training had taken the articulate bright professor from being a successful professional young woman, but with no domestic skills at all, to being a simple-minded servile maid yet competent in all household duties. There was no official fee for the domestic training but it came at quite a cost. Everything Professor Janice Sinclair owned and everything she was or could have been. Still it was what she wanted, wasn’t it?


  1. Thank you, Jackie J, for this delightful story.

    Hindsight being 20/20, a comment from Lady Cockcroft could have been included to confirm that it was planned that Paula the maid would work for her ladyship, and thus her period uniform as maid was from the outset intended to conform to the style worn by the existing maids of Lady Cockcroft.

    A caustic remark uttered by Miss Drummond upon the final conclusion of Paula's subjugation, which the "Janice" persona would have heard to her chagrin, could have been, "Boy, that was easy!"

    Then Miss Drummond could have taken that moment to have Paula's hair trimmed to a bob, and with that awesome color of dye added to Paula's hair for matching effect to her uniform.

    A permanent slave collar added by Miss Drummond to the pretty neckline of Paula upon her "graduation" from training, could have been accompanied by the remark, and with a justified smirk, "You know, Paula, the maid's uniforms you'll always be wearing will seem to fit you so much better when you fully comprehend and internalize the fact that there's no possible turning back from your newly chosen career path. So congratulations, Paula! I'm so honored that you found me to be an acceptable and qualified teacher for your management decision to train as a dedicated maid, and to become a maid for life. You're now dismissed, girl." ;)

  2. Always appreciate your comments Robyna
    Thanks hon

    Hugs and Kisses

    Jackie J


    1. Thank you, Jackie J, for your warm regards; they're appreciated.

      Isn't it a paradox that whereas Janice scrutinized the original contract she then signed, but in a moment of intentional distraction by Miss Drummond, wantonly disregarded this important principle, when reinstating her commitment with a rushed autograph.
      Perhaps we can chalk-up Janice's lapse in judgment to the cognitive suppressing effect of her wearing a period maid's uniform, and acknowledging that such "maids in training" may get to be a tad ditzy in mind -- and also in keeping with their "need" to ultimately become robotic (i.e. mindless) in their responses to, and in compliance with their mistress' requirements.
      ['Remembering what happened to poor "Lottie" and of recent vintage, "Rose"]. ;)

      Best wishes,

      'Byna ~ <3 xx

    2. Miss Choleton
      Hello I do admire your comments on the stories. I have only found this blog a few months ago and find it amazing.
      My reading of the stories here has brought about much joy in anticipation of the next one to come.
      I wanted to convey that your responses bring out the same anticipation, I adore them.

    3. Miss Choleton
      Hello I do admire your comments on the stories. I have only found this blog a few months ago and find it amazing.
      My reading of the stories here has brought about much joy in anticipation of the next one to come.
      I wanted to convey that your responses bring out the same anticipation, I adore them.

    4. Ms. Ward, greetings ~

      I sincerely appreciate your favorable calling attention to comments I've submitted. Thank you so much. I confess to being perhaps too verbose.

      Thanks to this blogsite of Camille, and for both hers and Jackie J's contributions (in particular) which make for a delightful sojourn into the mystique of L2M stories.
      [Some of us may fantasize about becoming uniformed "maids", but perhaps only for vicarious titillation in this tantalizing genre]. ;)

      Best wishes,

      Byna ~ :)

    5. Miss Choleton
      No you are not to verbose at all.
      Yes some of us do fantasize about becoming a uniformed "domestic" I feel some of us deserve it immensely.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Ms. Ward ~

      Your expression, "...some of us deserve it immensely", if fulfilled, allows a suitable mistress to express the well-worn observation, "Well, it's what she definitely wanted, wasn't it?" And appropriately said when there's little chance of the transformed (and possibly collared) maid from turning back. ;)

      Byna ~ :)

    8. Miss Choleton,
      Yes I see where once transformed and collared there is no turning back.
      There are those very well off Mistresses of there homes out there that not only deserve it immensely but want it done.
      I wonder how many harbor that secret need , want.

  3. What a wonderful picture created by your fine words, paula becoming more and more subjugated, and this reader getting more and more engrossed in each new chapter as a consequence.

    Jackie J you do not need me to tell you, but i shall anyway, you have a wonderful talent for story writing, and i thank you for your efforts in offering us your works.

  4. An Appreciative ReaderMay 26, 2017 at 12:40 AM

    Great story - loved the entrapment, especially the way our poor professor nearly escaped in the previous chapter but was lured back in. One suggestion, do with it as you will, I would have enjoyed Lady Cockcroft or other of Janice's peers appearing when she was a professor, good to see the contrast with her attitude then to her position now. But please a great story and congratulations!

  5. This was such a good series looking forward to future ones

  6. Thanks Jackie J. for your excellent story. I am not quite fan of this genre as I find that this is not my kink actually. But sometimes I read the stories here and enjoy them more often than not. The writers here are very talented and passionate about their works and the quality of literature is very very good.

    This blog and the titles don't give the writers much of a opportunity for surprise element or any kind of twist. Writers make it up with their excellent storytelling. "Professor Janice Sinclair Gets a New Maid" - was one of them." At least up to chapter 4.

    However, I found or felt that chapter 5 was done in a haste and it was too short (at least for my liking). The beauty of this genre is actually in its details. The more you describe the situations, the real it feels. If you could describe the punishment sessions and humiliating sessions, I guess it could only make the story better. Janice/Paula went through a long ordeal but there are very few details. Being the talented writer you are, I am certain you could do better.

    Whatever said above, I still enjoyed your story very much but slightly disappointed. I hope you'll post many more stories in future and I'll certainly look forward to that. And if you can, may be you could consider my suggestion as well.

    1. Jackie J, I tend to second Sugar Man's observation that "chapter 5 was done in... haste." But don't let a little critical mention cause any vexation of your spirit. We love you... (well, I do, at least). ;)

      The story could be added to with another chapter that shows perhaps some "well deserved" humiliation for Paula at the hands of her mistress Lady Cockcroft, or perhaps a chance encounter with a cadre of former professor Sinclair's students who become verbally aghast at what happened to their once so haughty instructor.

      They could perhaps make fun of Paula's slave collar with tittering or sarcastic remarks, as overheard by Lady Cockcroft -- who joins in the humiliation fest at Paula's psychological expense. Following which episode, Lady Cockcroft could dismiss Paula for the listening benefit of her former student scorners, with the words, "Now run along, dearie." ;)

  7. Mmmmmmmm,
    Thank you all for your kind comments and observations.
    Stories build when I write and yes the detail of subjugation, punishment and humiliation are a delicious soup within which to dip our voyeurs spoons when we gaze in on the demise of these poor women at the hands of thier unscrupulous lessors.

    Perhaps a gap in this story but I hope you have managed to fill the blanks with your own delicious imaginings?

    Hugs and Kisses
    Jackie J