Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Who Killed Amazoula: A Maid in Louboutins

A very pretty maid in a traditional black and white uniform and an exceedingly impractical pair of high heels is a witness to the crime in this stylish 2016 Christian Louboutin video ad campaign. If only all hotel maids looked liked that! Unless the maid being interrogated is actually not a servant at all, but a lady in disguise with only her expensive shoes giving away her real station in life. Wondering if the detective noticed that little detail. Think of all the lady-to-maid possibilities...


  1. A little Photoshop would fix that shoe problem.

  2. Here I am trying to figure out whodunit and they keep focusing on those killer heels. They are simply to die for. I followed the link in the description to ChristianLouboutin.com and am currently investigating.

    1. Was that another maid in the closet at the end?
      Can spending too much on shoes lead an heiress to bankruptcy and desperation?

  3. Putin did it! ))