Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Story: Professor Janice Sinclair Gets a New Maid. Chapter 2.

By Jackie J

With Janice’s perceived humiliation in the kitchen that evening, the professor was not going to be beaten and the thoughts festered within her as the weeks passed.  Miss Drummond's taunt was resonating back and forth: “Seek professional guidance where you can.”

The college term would be over at the end of the week for the summer break meaning that Janice would have plenty of free time. She was employing the owner of a maids' training school for goodness sake. Patricia had already told her that she trained professional women to build their domestic skills, why not me she thought?

Janice resolved to ask Miss Drummond that evening about the training courses available. The reaction she got initially was not what she expected at all.

“What? Me train you, Miss? Impossible, ridiculous, you are the Mistress of this household and I am your maid. No, no, definitely not, totally unacceptable, I am afraid.”

Janice told Miss Drummond that she would be away from college for the holiday break, that she had time; that she wanted to become competent in domestic skills.

Still Miss Drummond refused making Janice with even more determination. The more Janice asked, now practically begging, the more adamant Miss Drummond became, refusing to countenance the idea.

At an impasse, the perfect situation for Miss Drummond, she smiled and reached out to take hold of the hands of an exasperated Professor Sinclair who was always used to getting her own way.

“Look Miss, you teach and I teach, I know you take your teaching very seriously as I do. When you teach a subject, you don’t just do bits. You teach the whole compass. I am correct, am I not?”

Janice nodded in agreement.

“Yes, well it’s the same with me, Miss. I would never show someone how to wash clothes without also showing them how to fold and press and sew and repair the laundry properly. Then the kitchen management. I would not show someone how to cook one meal.  There is so much to learn: pan types, compatible ingredients, seasonings, storage, hygiene, place settings. The list is extensive! So, you see, Miss, I know that you could never commit to learn everything but that is what you would have to do, if I was to teach you. Also, Miss, you are the mistress here, that would also have to change. You would never have a student teaching you, would you? You would have to become the student and the student your teacher, right, a complete role reversal!”

Janice looked at Miss Drummond crest fallen.

“Yes, I guess you are right, Patricia.”

The expression of disappointment on the professor’s face told the scheming Miss Drummond all that she needed to know and she offered a crumb of comfort and a warm smile.

“Look, sleep on it tonight, Miss, I know you want to do this and I will have a think as well then. Perhaps tomorrow we can find a way to work things out for you.”

The following morning breakfast was served and Miss Drummond said nothing of the discussion the previous evening but before her preserve was spread over her toast, Janice, with her thoughts having been raging in her head all night, called Patricia into the breakfast room, ready with dozens of reasons why she should agree to teach her.

 “Look, Patricia, I am not happy about..."

Miss Drummond interrupted her.

“I know what you are going to say, Miss, and I will do it, I have thought it through and I think there is a way we can do it during your summer holiday.”

Janice was dumbfounded at the turnaround but saw it as a victory for her. She was going to get her own way after all!

“I will do it but there will have to be conditions. If you agree to the conditions, Miss, then fine. If not, then I think we should forget the whole thing. Like I explained to you last night I don’t do half measures.”

Janice was full of excitement at the prospect of learning new skills, and having got her own way of course, like she always did.

“Conditions, yes of course, no problem Patricia. Let me have the details this evening when I return from college and we can go through them together.”

The college, at which Professor Sinclair was head of Science, was large and residential with some 400 students. All would be leaving along with most of the staff at the end of the week for the summer holidays and returning in the fall.

With Professor Sinclair distracted, her head full of imaginings of her domestic education, Miss Drummond busied herself about the house, making final preparations for the training of the pretty professor.

When the young professor arrived back home in the early evening, Miss Drummond was waiting at the door, a serious look on her face. She was dressed not in her usual maid’s uniform but in a smart dark suit.

 “Come through to the sitting room, Miss.”

With Janice seated, Miss Drummond spoke: “You will recall what I said this morning, Miss. If I am to train you, which you have requested, there will have to be conditions. Having thought this through and to cover all aspects, especially knowing you will want to complete this during your summer vacation, rather than piecemeal, I have decided it will be best if you go through a full maid's training. You will have the time and I really do not see any other way of doing this properly.”

Miss Drummond continued: “Firstly though, if we embark on this, there can be no backtracking and this home will become the school for all your training. That will mean that I will be the Mistress here and you shall be the maid until your training is completed to my satisfaction.

“Whilst under training, to maintain your focus, you will put beyond use and into my care, all your material goods: money, keys, jewellery, valuables and so on. These will be kept in the safe until you are fully trained and I shall hold the key of course. At the end of your successful training, by undergoing the full maid’s indoctrination program, you will be presented with the reward that all qualified maids receive to reflect the skills they have acquired. This I am sure will be worn with pride when the time comes.”

Miss Drummond slided a document in front of Janice, awaiting her signature.

“This is the standard maid's training contract that I have used for many years, Miss. I will fill in the maid’s section for you, and I will pick a name, Paula or something like that. The contract is accompanied by the letter from a sponsor, those having selected a candidate for training and having paid the fees. For this we will use your name for the sponsor of Paula but of course there will be no fee. The contract is detailed and covers all aspects of your training. Without this being signed, to cover us both, Miss, I would not be comfortable to continue.”

The document indeed covered every possible aspect of domestic skills along with a number of quite draconian conditions, a standard form taken from Miss Drummond’s maid's training school. Janice chuckled and without fully reading the text but seeing the word spanking, pointed to the paragraph on discipline. Miss Drummond kept a straight, stern face and spoke in a soft but authoritative tone: “Yes, do you have a problem with that?”

Janice shrugged her shoulders and continuef reading; she was sure she would not be making any mistakes so punishment won’t be an issue.

Having thoroughly read the document three times Janice smiled at her maid.

“You seriously want me to sign this document Patricia, really? The subject matter is exhaustive and I will surely be competent in all domestic skills when I have completed your training program. But the training, clause six, it amounts to more or less my enslavement by you? You will be able to do as you wish with me when I sign this contract, am I right? You will basically own me I will have no say in what happens to me, I will be under your absolute control or so it seems.”

Miss Drummond stared at Janice, a hint of menace in her eyes, and retorted.

 “Yes, I have never looked at it in those terms. Most young ladies are just grateful for the training they will receive but I think enslavement is a little strong. Yes, I will be able to do what I wish with you, and of course whilst under training I will own you. Surely the parents of your pupils accept that you and your fellow teachers take ownership of their children whilst they study under your tutelage. I am sure your students obey you without question?

Miss Drummond paused and then continued.

“Does that scare you or excite you, Miss, giving yourself completely to me, to become the maid of your maid?”

Miss Drummonds stare and her soft tempting yet compelling words sent a tantalising shiver through Janice’s body and Miss Drummond saw Janice gulp.

 “There is nothing ambiguous in the document, it is up to you, this is what a maid must accept when she is given up to be trained. There is no other way I know to work, Miss.”  

” So, Miss will you sign the contract and accept the challenge of your training or shall we forget all about it?”

Janice was wary but had never walked away from a challenge and she had practically begged the women to do this. She reasoned that Miss Drummond must know what she was doing if she runs a training school, the agreement was probably just a formality. Under the smiling eyes of Miss Drummond, Professor Janice Sinclair signed all three copies of the agreement.

Miss Drummond took the signed copies: one she pinned on the wall behind the professor’s desk, the second she handed to the Professor Sinclair, a reminder of the conditions she had willingly agreed to, the third copy she placed into a folder.


  1. 'Nice going, Jackie J ~
    'Can't wait for Janice to be outfitted in her maid's dresses, and come under the strict tutelage of her new mistress, Miss Drummond, and where a frequent curtsy will be de rigueur for Janice.
    Can we later anticipate a "Jackie J" special (lol) of having Janice compelled to have her hair cut short and bobbed, and have Miss Drummond (or a cosmetologist) smilingly apply that exquisite hair dye... in no other color than black? ;)

  2. An Appreciative ReaderMay 11, 2017 at 8:40 AM

    Becoming the maid of her maid... I loved that challenge. The foolish professor has read and understood the working conditions and once again arrogance leads to a downfall...