Sunday, April 24, 2016

Story: Lady Helen

by Jackie J

Chapter one

Patricia had worked for Lady Helen for some twelve months in the capacity of house maid carrying out her duties diligently working six days a week being at Lady Helens beck and call with no complaint. Wednesday was Patricia’s free day when she would leave the secluded manor house of her reclusive Mistress and visit her friend in the neighbouring village. It was Wednesday and after serving breakfast Patricia left the Manor, she would be returning no sooner than eight thirty in the evening, in time to serve supper.
Lady Helen, a traditionalist, was fastidious insisting on strict protocols within the household, whilst somewhat draconian, conditions that Patricia willingly accepted. Patricia understanding the demarcation, Patricia was the house maid and Lady Helen was the Mistress of the manor and she paid due deference to her Ladyship at all times.  Patricia, always smartly attired in her dated, old fashioned and cumbersome maid’s uniform, curtsied when addressing her Ladyship, never questioning her instructions, speaking only when spoken to and efficiently going about her duties. A sensible three year indenture clause, within the contract, giving security to both Mistress and maid, the indenture only to be revoked should both parties agree and a replacement maid be trained and in position to serve the Mistress of Hillside Manor.

Patricia did harbour some resentment for her surly Mistress, having to work under the strict regime, but with two years to run on her indenture accepted her role.
Lady Helen was a snob of the highest order but behind her rank and privilege and the veneer of pompous self righteousness lay hidden within the walls of Hillside Manor a dark secret.  A secret that remained undiscovered by Lady Helen’s small circle of friends and more importantly by her house maid Patricia.  
It was only by pure chance that, on a particular Wednesday, Patricia returned before noon and what she discovered would lead to many changes at Hillside Manor.
Patricia, having set out as normal, had forgotten a gift for her friend and had to return to her quarters at the Manor House to retrieve it. Not wishing to disturb her Mistress she silently entered the Manor by the rear tradesman’s entrance and made her way to her quarters.
Entering her room she noticed her closet was open. Closing the door she also saw that the hem of one of her petticoats was trapped in a drawer. Patricia would never leave things untidy in her room.  Gathering the gift for her friend she left her quarters and prepared to leave when she heard noises, muffled moans coming from the kitchen.
Curiosity got the better of her and she tip toed along the passageway to the scullery door and peeped through the small glass window into the kitchen.
There, by the slab stone sink, stood her Mistress, Lady Helen, dressed in one of Patricia’s own maid’s uniforms! Her apron, ankle length skirts and petticoats lifted to her waist, knickers to her ankles, resting on her heavy boots, Lady Helen’s fingers were at herself masturbating.
Patricia stood transfixed by the vision before her. Her Mistress, Lady Helen, dressed in her clothing masturbating widely moaning calling out has she strummed at herself. “Yes, Mistress, sorry, Mistress I am a bad maid, Mistress.”
Gazing unseen at her Mistress panting and dishevelled in a maids livery stood by the sink, Patricia watched until Lady Helen finished herself off.
With a look of astonishment Patricia watched has Lady Helen took a leather strap from the counter, bent over the chopping block in the centre of the kitchen and slapped the belt against her bare buttocks.  Lady Helen yelped at each vicious stroke she gave herself begging forgiveness from an imaginary Mistress.
“Please, Mistress, sorry Mistress; I will be a good maid, Mistress.”
Lady Helen  her face flushed and blushed  pulled up her baggy cotton knickers smoothed down her skirts and apron, adjusted her lacy cap, curtsied to an imaginary figure, before pulling a mop and bucket from the cupboard and proceeded to start mopping the kitchen floor.  Patricia suppressed a giggle not believing her ears when Lady Helen spoke out loud apologising for the state of the floor to her imaginary Mistress.
Patricia quietly made her way out of the Manor still not fully believing what she had seen and heard to continue her interrupted journey to see her friend Monique.  The girls giggled and laughed over lunch, Patricia confiding in what she had witnessed. It was surmised that Lady Helen must use Wednesday’s, whilst Patricia is away, to live out her fantasies of being a maid under the strict control of some imaginary Mistress.  Monique first broached the subject and Patricia soon shared her enthusiasm for exploiting the possibilities behind what Patricia had discovered about her prim and proper Mistress and a plan was hatched.
Monique, saw this as an opportunity for revenge having been a teacher at the local school until being dismissed, the school governor responsible for her dismissal being Lady Helen.

Chapter two

Ensuring she had not just witnessed a one off, it was a month after Patricia’s discovery when all was prepared and on that Wednesday morning Patricia left the Manor as usual.
Having watched her maid disappearing down the drive way and onto the road to the village, eager and full of anticipation; Lady Helen walked naked down to her maid’s quarters, opened up the closet and smiled.  The night before, as every eve of her fantasy fulfilment, had been filled with imaginings and her whole body quivered opening the drawer to her maid’s underwear.  Not the figure flattering silk garments she was used to, prettily trimmed but plain loose fitting cotton now toyed in her fingers.
Quelling the desire to rush and feeling her own moistness Lady Helen selected her choice and laid the items out on Patricia’s bunk.
Staring into the mirror Lady Helen scolded her naked form.
“Dress Girl you have work to do.”  
Following a curtsy and in a lower submissive tone she answered her own command.
“Yes Mistress.”
First the thick, black, woollen hosiery pulled up onto her milky thighs followed by the baggy legged knickers.
A heavy bra secured she flicked out the full length petticoat and slipped into it before flattening out the broad shoulder straps and adjusting its bodice. Shuffling to the closet she pulled out a pair of stout laced boots and let out a low sigh as her feet pressed into them.
The lacy hem of the petticoat danced on her ankles as she laced up and tied each boot in turn.
Standing a little taller in the low heeled heavy boots Lady Helen looked into the mirror twisting her long blonde hair into a tight bun, a coy smile creeping over her face.
Turning back to the closet and removing one of the long black maid’s dresses her fingers fumbled with excitement fastening the last of the buttons and snagging closed the clasp.
Her breathing now heavy the last of her restrictive regalia was in hand and lifting the yolk of a bibbed apron over her head she excitedly drew the tapes behind her and with practiced fingers wrapped a creative broad bow.
A lacy cap clipped to her hair her wetness was something more than moist and a soft moan left her lips pressing her fingers through the layers of a maid’s subjugation to her crotch.  Lady Helen now consumed in her contrived persona smoothed her hands over her hips looking into the mirror and lifting her hems looked down at her heavy shiny boots and smiled, she was ready.
Lady Helen glanced to the clock, ten thirty already her day was passing. A curtsy to the mirror and Lady Helen swept from the maid’s quarters and wiggled up the passage leading into the main hallway of the Manor.
At the top of the stone stairway Lady Helen stood frozen in her stride, her mouth dropped open lost for words.  Patricia, who had slipped back unseen, dressed in one of Lady Helens finest gowns her hair and makeup immaculate tottering in a pair of Lady Helen’s designer heels.
Lady Helen tried to restore some dignity.
“What are you doing, girl dressed in my clothes, my jewellery, get them off now, straight away.”
Patricia smirked at her Mistress.
“I don’t think so and we both know why don’t we?”
“I have been watching you these past weeks whilst you thought I was away from the Manor and I have seen everything.”
Lady Helens demeanour changed gulped and in a more timid and contrite voice questioned Patricia, her maid.
“Everything, you have seen...........”
A short pause and another nervous gulp
Patricia emboldened by her Mistresses obvious discomfort at the thought of her maid having seen her at herself whilst dressed in her house maid’s clothing, pleading to an imaginary Mistress, moved forward only an arms length away from Lady Helen looking into her eyes.
“That’s right everything, but don’t worry your secret will be safe with me.”
“You want to play maid, why shouldn’t I play Mistress, from what I have seen you need a Mistress don’t you?”
Patricia’s hand boldly reached forward her fingers lightly drawing down Lady Helens’ blushed cheek.
“Well that’s right isn’t it, every maid needs a Mistress don’t they?”
“No one need know, just our little game, you can live out your fantasy and only on Wednesdays of course.”
Patricia knew this could all go wrong but Monique had convinced her that if Lady Helen’s fetish was deep rooted, and both suspected it was, and this initial confrontation went well, the rest of their scheme was assured.
Lady Helen felt her knees go a little weak at Patricia’s touch her mind was racing, in turmoil, her fingers nervously twisting in her apron. Has her maid really seen everything? Dare she cross the Rubicon or call a halt to this nonsense? Pandora’s Box was now slightly ajar; dare she fling back the lid and let her repressed fantasies blossom into a reality? Could she trust her house maid? Did she really have a choice?  Her house maid knew everything she could tell everyone, she would be ruined?
Patricia dressed in her Mistresses fine clothes stared at her Mistress dressed in her house maid’s uniform. Would her Mistress really agree to this? Would she? Was her friend Monique right?
Patricia hid her emotions when Lady Helen lowered her head and dropped a curtsy, words hesitantly and quietly tripping from Lady Helens quivering lips.
“, yes every maid needs a Mistress.”
Patricia stood a little taller seeing Lady Helen, Mistress of Hillside Manor, although tentatively, humbling herself in front of her house maid. Her friend Monique was right and Patricia pressed on with an air of authority.
“What did you say GIRL, I did not hear that, speak up in front of your MISTRESS.”
Being called Girl resonated and reinforced her persona there could be no going back now Lady Helen momentarily looked up then lowered her gaze again and spoke, this time with no hesitation.
“Yes Mistress”
Lady Helen felt a strange sense of Euphoria sweep through her as her words of confirmation left her. The suppressed hidden fantasies set free, but what now, where will this lead? Did she really call her house maid her Mistress?
Patricia placed her hand under Lady Helens chin, lifted her head and looked into her eyes.
“Good then we have an agreement each Wednesday you will be my house maid and I shall be your Mistress, and we start today, right now.”
“Of course you know the rules that are to be followed at Hillside Manor by its house maid don’t you GIRL.”
Lady Helen wrote the rules, her own secret desires had inspired them, and how a maid should dress and behave to serve her Mistress. Is Lady Helen herself about to willingly accept to be restrained and governed within those same protocols by a Mistress, A Mistress who is her own house maid?
Lady Helen consumed within her persona of House Maid curtsied
“Yes Mistress”
Patricia slowly and softly withdraws her fingers from under her soon to be maid’s quivering chin.
“Of course you do, and you are going to follow those protocols to the letter aren’t you GIRL?”
Lady Helen’s crotch now sloppy wet at the prospect of serving a real mistress, under the draconian conditions she herself had devised, uneasily answered.
“Yes Mistress?”
Patricia seeing her Mistress, Lady Helen, flushed and on the edge stood meekly before her dressed in her maid’s uniform moves to confirm the revised relationship.
“Good then come into the study and let us confirm our agreement.”
Patricia and Monique had prepared documentation similar to that which Patricia was made to sign when she joined Lady Helen’s household has her house maid.
Patricia sat comfortably at the desk in the study, with Lady Helen standing nervously in front of it, lays out the revised house maid’s indenture document.
“If we are to go forward with this and to protect both of us, as you yourself explained to me when I became the house maid at Hillside Manor, it is only right that you must sign yourself into service, your rules after all, rules that you have always insisted must be obeyed by the house maid of Hillside Manor.”
This was all so real for Lady Helen and she could not help herself, stop herself and, with a rustle of her petticoats and a stroke of the pen, the document was signed, Lady Helen willingly agreeing to become the indentured Wednesday house maid of Hillside Manor.
Patricia chuckled and folded away the signed document.
Patricia walked behind Lady Helen and stroked her fingers gently at the nap of her neck.
I have something that will help to remind you of your revised status each Wednesday, remind you of our agreement.
Patricia lays a quite ornate necklace around Lady Helens neck and closes the clasp.
“There, not too tight is it, a gentle reminder you are the maid here.”

Chapter three

Weeks passed and each Wednesday Patricia indulged Lady Helens Fetish their roles being reversed, Lady Helen the dutiful house maid and Patricia growing bolder in her role as Mistress of Hillside Manor.  Lady Helen, as Patricia’s friend Monique had told her she would, taking pleasure from being scolded has she went about her duties within the Manor.  The third week was the first use of the strap by Patricia on her Mistress. Lady Helen deliberately being clumsy was admonished by Patricia but wilfully went on and broke a piece of crockery.
Patricia spoke sharply.
“Bring me the strap you know where it is kept girl.”
Lady Helen slowly walked to the drawer where the strap was kept and removing it handed it to her maid, her Mistress.
Patricia glared at her maid.
“Well over the block girl and drop those knickers.”
Patricia hid her delight as Lady Helen lifted her skirts, lowered her knickers and, bending over the chopping block in the centre of the kitchen, presented her creamy buttocks.
The first two stripes were weak but the further six grew stronger with each stinging strike.
Lady Helen yelped has Patricia scolded her with each stroke chastising her maid for her misdemeanours.
Patricia was aware that Lady Helen was masturbating during her day has a maid and following this first strapping  Patricia left Lady Helen to get herself off knowing it would feed her fetish and consolidate her masochistic desires.
The following week Lady Helen conspired to ensure she was punished with the strap again and Patricia duly obliged.  Beyond this Lady Helen had no need to concoct a situation, Patricia knew what she wanted, perhaps needed and ensured Lady Helens needs were met. Other punishments and threats of punishments beyond the strap followed. One particular threat saw Lady Helen scoot down into the kitchen and bring herself off furiously.  Patricia made note of this and brought up this threat until it became not if but when this punishment would be administered.
Lady Helen could not get this latest threat out of her mind and, on the eve of her Wednesday role reversal masturbated herself into a frenzy filled with anticipation.
It was late in the morning when Lady Helen was summoned to the study by her mistress and, stood head bowed, as Patricia scolded her.
“Well girl I told you what would happen if you dared to disobey me again didn’t I”
Lady Helen had deliberately left the dirty dinner plates in the dining room having been told to remove them to the kitchen. Lady Helen craved punishment from her mistress and her mind filled with imaginings. Would this be the punishment her mistress had warned her of? Was this really about to happen?
Patricia opened up a box on the desk and standing held the device from within towards her quivering maid.
Patricia knew from Lady Helens previous reactions how she desired this punishment.
“You will wear this for the remainder of the day but first you will beg me to let you wear it.”
Lady Helen had heard of but never actually seen one, was she really going to beg to be placed into chastity by her own maid? Of course she was, how could she resist such a tantalising prospect.
Not only was she going to beg to wear the device but Patricia was going to have Lady Helen do so by her own hand.
“Well girl beg your Mistress to allow you to wear this chastity belt.”
Lady Helen was wet, very wet and meekly pleaded to be placed into chastity for her punishment.
Patricia smiled and handed the belt to her maid.
“Good girl, now put it on, close the lock and give the key to your Mistress.”
Lady Helen, a numbness of excitement running through her, dropped her knickers, scrunched up her petticoats, skirts and apron above her waist, to reveal her wet warm slot and then straddled herself into the stout leather harness. Drawing the belt around her waist she tugged the crotch plate tight, looped the fastening and snapped closed the lock.
Pulling up her knickers and letting her skirts and apron cascade back to her ankles Lady Helen curtsied and, feeling the tightness of her restraint, let out an audible sigh, then passed the key to Patricia her maid, her Mistress.
Patricia smirked but hid her amusement.
“Good girl, now if you behave and be a good maid I will remove the belt if not it will stay in place you understand that don’t you?”
Lady Helen squirmed for comfort her arousal obvious and bleated out her response.
“Yes, Mistress.”
Unable to get to herself off for the rest of the day Lady Helens sexual frustration grew and that night, when the belt was removed ,her pleasures were released in the most divine crescendo of unmitigated delights.
The strictness of Patricia’s regime for her Wednesday maid grew over the weeks and Lady Helen willingly contrived to make it so. She was taking pleasure in being controlled by her strict Mistress. The strap, the belt, verbal admonishments, her menial household duties all making Lady Helen squirm in her perverse, masochistic persona has the house maid of Hillside Manor.

Chapter four

It was during the tenth week that Patricia convinced Lady Helen it would more real for her to have her own uniforms and to sleep in the maid’s quarters each Tuesday night before her day has a Maid. Obviously Patricia sleeping in Lady Helens master bedroom.  
Lady Helen, misguidedly confident that her house maid could be trusted with her secret, after such time had passed, agreed.  The new uniforms and underwear arrived on a Tuesday, Patricia having made sure they did.
Excited at the prospect of dressing in her very own maid’s outfits Lady Helen could not wait for the following day and it was Lady Helen who chose to don her maid’s uniform that very same Tuesday.
Patricia waited her time, until she knew what she would find, and entered Lady Helens rooms to see that  Lady Helen was bedecked in her full regalia, putting up her hair and pinning her lacy maid’s cap in place.
“O dear what is this? Wearing your maid’s uniform and it is not Wednesday?” ” What a naughty maid you are, we cannot have this can we?”
Lady Helen flushed with excitement now dressed in her very own maid’s uniform turns to Patricia and drops a curtsy and pleads with her maid.
“Perhaps this week, just this week, we can run to two days MISTRESS?”
Patricia smiles, Lady Helen calling her Mistress whilst Patricia is still dressed in her own maid’s uniform and outside the boundaries of their agreement, this was working out just as her friend Monique had predicted and without hesitation took advantage pushing for her own conditions.
“Well your uniform does fit you perfectly and it would be a shame to have you remove it just because it is a Tuesday. I will agree, but not just for this week perhaps it is time now for you to be my maid for two days Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s.”
Lady Helen thinks for only a short while, why not she thought, she was enjoying her subjugation at the hands of her Mistress, her maid, what’s another day? Lady Helen agreed to Patricia’s conditions then started to put away the remaining new uniforms and underwear into her own closet and drawers.
Patricia stepped forward quickly assuming her role as Mistress.
“No no, those do not belong in there do they Girl?”
“Take them to your, well you know where they go don’t you GIRL, the maid’s quarters.”
Lady Helen, enthralled dressed in and with handfuls of her very own array of new uniforms, underwear, hosiery and boots needed little encouragement in assuming her submissive nature of House maid to her Mistress.
“Yes Mistress.”
A curtsy and she is gone, down the stairways to the back of the manor to the maid’s quarters and excitedly hung her uniforms in the closet and placed her underwear into the drawers, Patricia having prepared space for her soon to be full time house maid’s regalia.
Whilst Lady Helen was busy with her new uniforms Patricia stripped from her own maid’s attire and dressed from Lady Helen’s closets, as she would do normally on a Wednesday.
A further three weeks passed Patricia having the pleasure of a house maid for two days of the week. Lady Helen happy to spend two nights in the confinement of her own maid’s cramped quarters, her duties in the Manor settling into an increasingly busy and menial routine.
Patricia, growing ever bolder, had taken to calling her Mistress, Lady Helen, Ellie, during her days serving as the house maid of Hillside Manor. Lady Helen reluctantly accepted, but it soon became the norm and under the threat of the strap was made to embroider her name Ellie on her uniforms.
Patricia was now ready to move towards the final stage of her scheme and it was on a Wednesday afternoon that Lady Helen, Ellie, heard a loud scream from the hallway of the Manor and gathering her skirts came running up from the kitchen.
There on the floor at the bottom of the large staircase laid Patricia, her Mistress, squealing holding her ankle. Patricia was not hurt in the slightest but Ellie did not know that.
Patricia set about scolding her maid.
“You silly girl you loosened one of the stair rods whilst cleaning the carpet my ankle could be broken?”
Lady Helen, Ellie, was beside herself, had she really caused Patricia her Mistress to fall?
Full of contrition Lady Helen fussed over the scheming Patricia apologising believing her to be badly injured.
Limping and squealing for effect Patricia was helped up to Lady Helens bed chamber.
“Oh my ankle, please help me onto the bed.”
At Patricia’s request, Lady Helen helped her out of her clothes, into one of Lady Helens fine nightgowns and eases Patricia up against the pillows. Her maid’s persona firmly ingrained, after serving has house maid for so long on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, apologised profusely.
“Oh Mistress I am so sorry I will make it up to you please forgive me.”
Patricia hid her smile and reached for and held her concerned maid’s hand the wetness of fake tears filling her eyes.
“This could lay me up for weeks I won’t be able to do anything what will we do?”
Lady Helen’s mind whirled her maid would be bed ridden for some time? Then she thought of the possibilities of being her Mistresses maid full time until she recovered, she could dress up every day and serve as maid. The prospect excited her and without further thought told Patricia of her plan.
Patricia moaned softly feigning pain, Lady Helen telling her that she would assume the role of house maid full time until she recovered.  She had been Patricia’s house maid for two days what would a few more days matter, it was the least she could do, especially with believing she was the cause of Patricia’s, her Mistresses, injuries.
Patricia groaned for effect and discounted the idea but Lady Helen was adamant telling Patricia she was in no condition to argue. Patricia reluctantly agreed but did make sure that Lady Helen was aware that during this time, if that is what she wanted to do , the full protocols of serving has house maid would have to be followed.
The indenture document that Lady Helen had signed already had the Tuesday added to the Wednesday.  Lady Helen now signed up for the whole week to, in effect, be her own maid or, as the document stated, the house maid of Hillside Manor.  To ensure Lady Helen did sign the indenture document without fuss Patricia made it clear, by adding a clause to the document that the indenture would only last until she was ready to return to being the maid rather than the Mistress of Hillside Manor.
Lady Helen eager to commence her role has the full time maid foolishly agreeing to this caveat, sealing her own fate.

Chapter five

Two weeks of being a full time maid took its toll on Lady Helen, looking more everyday like Ellie the maid rather that Lady Helen, Mistress of Hillside Manor. She was tired and weary and looked it too. Patricia ensuring she was constantly up and down the stairs to service her needs. Patricia had taken to hobbling on a stick and, having had her maid dress her, was sat in the drawing room when, as planned and agreed, her friend Monique arrived.
Monique had spent her savings on her outfit and the hire of a coach to bring her to Hillside Manor. She looked stunning as the footman helped her down from the carriage. Ellie looked out of the window as the elegant statuesque stranger approached the doorway and rang the bell.
Lady Helen had few visitors and did not recognise the regal looking lady at her door, who was she? What did she want?
Ellie was reluctant to answer the door and turned to a relaxed Patricia sipping on a glass of wine
“A stranger, Mistress.”
Being the house maid, for her own maid Patricia, in the confines and privacy of her own Manor House was one thing, allowing herself to be seen in her submissive attire and role by a stranger was something she had not planned on at all.
Monique had been kept informed of Patricia’s maid “Ellie’s” progress and, has Monique had suggested and foreseen, Lady Ellen was becoming increasingly absorbed into her maid’s persona.
The strict discipline, that Lady Helen herself had always insisted upon for her house maid, was drawing her from an indulged fetish to slowly become her reality. Patricia having found the stricter she was with her maid the more her maid liked it. This aspect of Ellie’s desires having been shared with Monique.
The bell continuing to ring Patricia glared at her maid Ellie a look that always had Lady Helen weak kneed and filled with feelings of helpless submissiveness.
Patricia pointed to the door.
“Answer the door Ellie and see what they want, you said it was a stranger so it does not matter that you are the maid does it?”
Ellie shuffled through the hallway to the entrance, straightened her lacy cap, smoothed out her apron, took a deep breath and opened the door. Following her own protocols, for the house maid, she dropped a curtsy.
“My Mistress is occupied at present how may I help you?”
Lady Helen not recognising Monique for the teacher she had sacked from her job at the local school continued.
“May I know your business, Miss?”
Monique drew herself up to her full height, tossed back her head, brushed past the hapless maid across the threshold and into the main hallway of the Manor.
“I will not discuss my business with you girl, now where is your Mistress?”
Lady Helen, flustered and flushed with submissiveness by the extreme confidence and dominant attire of the visitor, stammered and mumbled.
“But, but, but Miss my Mistress is indisposed she is seeing no one?”
Patricia called from the drawing room.
“Ellie, Ellie girl? Who is it? What do they want? Show them through to the drawing room.”
Monique and Patricia had rehearsed what was to follow many times.
Lady Helen nervous and unsure invited the guest into the drawing room.
“This is erm.................. erm..........”
Monique cut her short.
“My goodness girl, stop your dithering!”
“I am Miss Michelle Smyth from the land registrar’s office.”
Monique turned towards Patricia who looked every part the Mistress of the house.
“There is an anomaly with the land registration, nothing serious but I need to validate the Deeds to Hillside Manor.”
Patricia had free run of the Manor during her two days as mistress and more recently seven days, with her feigned injury.
Patricia glared at Ellie her maid
“Off course that is not a problem Miss Smyth, Ellie run and fetch the deeds, the drawer by the window in MY study.”
With a puzzled look on her face Lady Helen looked at her maid, her Mistress, why has she let this stranger into the Manor? How did she know where the Deeds were kept?
Lady Helens hesitation was enough for Patricia’s glare to turn into a withering look and the tone of her voice to raise an octave. A combination that Lady Helen had seen many times, craved many times, leaving her weak and meek. If Lady Helen had any thoughts to question her Mistress they were quickly vanquished and driven from her mind.
“Well girl what are you waiting for go and fetch the Deeds and be quick about it or you what you will get.”
A curtsy, followed by a humble response from Patricia’s contrite maid and she was gone.
“Yes Mistress.”
Monique smiled at Patricia and both chuckled.
Lady Helen returned with the leather case containing the deeds to the Manor along with other financial documents and placed it on the table by her Mistress.
Patricia removed the Deeds and other documents including the indenture which Lady Helen had signed agreeing to be the house maid at Hillside Manor until Patricia was ready to relinquish her role has Mistress and return to her position has the house maid.
Unseen by Lady Helen Patricia added this indenture document to the Deeds and passed them both to Monique.
Monique studied the Deeds and offering a pen to Patricia asked for a signature of receipt, not a receipt at all of course, Patricia swiftly signed her full name, Patricia Morgan at the base of the Deed document before Monique quickly placed both items into her bag and smiled at Patricia.
“Thank you Lady Helen, the Deeds will be scrutinised by the Notary and I will return them next week, what day would suit best?”
Patricia looked directly at Lady Helen.
“Tuesday around two thirty in the afternoon would be ideal.”
Lady Helen wanted to speak, ask what was going on. Why this statuesque stranger was taking away the Deeds to Hillside Manor? And next Tuesday, she would be on Maid duty even if Patricia was ready to return to her duties.
The moment passed and before she knew it Lady Helen was showing Monique out of the Manor and watching her alight into her waiting carriage which rattled away down the gravel drive, through the iron gates and onto the roadway.
Lady Helen could not let this pass and risking punishment entered the drawing room to question Patricia about what had just transpired.
Lady Helen curtsied as she was now programmed to do instinctively
“Mistress, Mistress may I speak”
Patricia smiled she was ready for this
“Off course you may what is it Ellie?”
Lady Helen drew a deep breath.
“Firstly how did you know where the deeds are kept?”
Patricia, with a puzzled expression answered.
“The Deeds? You asked me to fetch them for you some months ago; a good maid never forgets things like that? “Why, don’t tell me you have forgotten?”
Lady Helen considered the response, it was plausible, perhaps she had asked Patricia to bring her the Deeds?
“Oh yes of course I see.”
Lady Helen continued.
“But that woman, she just turned up and you gave her the Deeds, why on earth would you do that?”
Patricia looked, with an air of agitation at her maid.
“What? What?  I thought it was something that you knew about, that you had organised; I just played the role of Mistress.” “What else could I do, she was from the registrar’s office, it all seemed in order to me.”  “Should I have exposed our situation that you, dressed and behaving quite rightly has my house maid, was actually Lady Helen?”
“I even made sure that on her return visit she would find the same situation. It can only be an administration matter and she suspected nothing was amiss?”
“If you were that concerned and willing to risk your reputation you should have spoken out.”
Lady Helen considered the contrived response, again all very plausible how could she have known that Miss Michelle Smyth was in fact Patricia’s friend Monique.
Lady Helen comfortable with and accepting Patricia’s explanation curtsied
“Yes I see Mistress, forgive me, just an administration matter, thank you Mistress.”
Lady Helen curtsied and left to prepare dinner.
Lady Helen had taken to leaving the odd wisp of her hair around Patricia’s dinner plate; this to provoke a punishment which invariably followed at the hands of her Mistress and this evening would be no different Lady Helen feeling the pleasurable sting of her Mistresses strap.
Having completed her maid’s punishment Patricia glared at Lady Helen it was time to move forward with her maid.
“That’s the last time I will find a hair in my meal girl I intend to make sure of that. If I find one more of your long blonde strands anywhere near my food your hair will be cut and cut short, do you understand?.”
Lady Helen, still aroused from her spanking, pays little heed to the threat and having smoothed out her skirts and apron curtsies.
“Yes Mistress.”
Returning to the confines of her quarters, now her only sanctuary away from the ever demanding Patricia, Lady Helen masturbates at the prospect of having her pretty locks shorn by her maid her Mistress . In the afterglow of her climax Lady Helen lazily toyed in her sticky wet crotch and smiled to herself.  Her long hair was a problem perhaps that’s why maids do tend to have short styles? Would it be so bad to have her hair cut, it would grow back?
Chapter six
Following her visit to Hillside Manor Monique wasted no time in visiting the Notary public office to have Patricia’s signature on the Deeds witnessed and subsequently confirmed at an ex boyfriends solicitors practise. The indenture that had been foolishly signed by Lady Helen was also countersigned, stamped and authorised.
Patricia maintained her faked invalidity through the week intimating that she was getting better to Lady Helen. Lady Helen, engrossed in her role has house maid, after three weeks has full time maid to her Mistress content with her subjugation at the hands of her maid, little knowing what was in store for her.
The Tuesday morning of Monique’s return visit arrived and Lady Helen was getting quite excited at the prospect of the impending subterfuge with the elegant stranger. In fact the night before, laid in her bunk, she had fantasised of being scolded by her and then punished in front of her by her Mistress. The thought lingered beyond her masturbation, she was a stranger after all, and she would never be at Hillside Manor again, what would be wrong with a Mistress punishing her maid. At that thought Lady Helens fingers were at herself again until sleep and lucid dreams enveloped her and took her to the dawn.
The day began as normal Lady Helen serving breakfast to her maid, Patricia, who now walked unaided by the stick.  Lady Helen, realising that her days has the full time maid would soon be coming to an end, or so she thought, was a little morose at the prospect of returning to the less demanding two days of servitude. Purposely spilling tea into the saucer as she poured a second cup for her Mistress she knew what would follow. Sent to bring the strap she returned and stood meekly before her Mistress.
Lady Helen yelped has each stroke of the strap crimsoned her bare buttocks and then stood passively to be belted. The chastity belt that Patricia removed from the drawer glistened, it was different, it was new, thicker leather straps, a broader steel plate and an obviously more secure lock in fact two locks, front and rear.
Patricia smiled.
“Something new for you Ellie, come here whilst I fasten you into it”
Lady Helen had previously had the pleasure of belting herself for her misdemeanours but today all the pleasure will be for Patricia, her maid, her Mistress.
Her baggy cotton knickers to her ankles Lady Helen held up her skirts and apron whilst Patricia fed her legs, each in turn, into the strong steel wire reinforced leather straps. The similarly reinforced waist band pulled around her, Lady Helen sighed has the crotch plate, cleverly designed with a raised bulb at its centre was drawn tight, and then a little tighter before the two locks were snapped shut.
Her knickers pulled high, Lady Helen squirmed for comfort has her skirts cascaded back to her ankles. Walking, the cleverly bulbed crotch plate pressed, caressed and teased between the folds of her labia. Lady Helen may as well have had a ring put through her nose for the level of control that the new belt now offered to Patricia.
Patricia smiled at her squirming aroused flushed faced maid.  
“Now I have another punishment for you girl stand here and lift up your skirts”
Lady Helen moved slowly towards her mistress each step pressing the tip of bulb tantalisingly at her already engorged clitoris. Lifting her skirts Lady Helen whimpered meekly.
Patricia, seeing the wetness growing in the crotch of her maid’s knickers smiled.
“Oh we like that don’t we Ellie?”
“Now what else have we got for you here?”
Patricia pulled from the drawer a set of secure hobble leg braces, stirrup braces joined by a short hinged steel rod to hold the wearer’s thighs a measured distance apart open. The braces, to fit above and beneath the knee of each leg, Lady Helen panted has Patricia secured the hobble restraints in place, closing the asp on each and snapping closed the locks.
The braces, having the effect of ensuring a restricted yet open gait which, squeezed and tensed Lady Helens thighs with each step, pushing the bulb of the belt up into her opened crotch and what wet soft flesh lay beyond.
Lady Helen, was almost in a state of collapse from the combined effect of the devices, has Patricia helped her to a seat
Patricia removed Lady Helens maid’s cap and ran her fingers through her hair letting the long blonde tresses fall freely.
“Now I have warned you many times what would happen should I find a hair in my meals.”
Lady Helen was breathing deeply gently rocking herself gently on the bulb pressing at her when the first snip of the scissors lopped off a large lock of her hair. Lady Helen helplessly held in a controlling euphoric arousal weakly pushed her hands into her lap seeking in vain to force open her thighs a lightly further, to touch herself, but the frustration only added to her submissive demeanour whimpering  softly whilst Patricia went about her shearing of her once domineering Mistress Lady Helen.
Patricia smirked.
“A little trim for my maid, there will be no more loose hairs in my food in future girl.”
Patricia cut and snipped the long flowing locks into a short bob before replacing the lacy maid’s cap onto Lady Helens shorn head.
Helped to her feet by Patricia Lady Helen squirmed in exquisite frustration and lowered a gentle curtsy bringing a frustrating pleasure all of its own.
Patricia stood back.
“That’s want you wanted isn’t it Ellie?”
“A nice short cut, a style a good house maid should have.”
“Now thank your Mistress for your punishment.”
Lady Helen, held in her arousal, lowered her head and seeking a further probe of the bulb dropped a slow curtsy.
“Yes Mistress thank you Mistress.”
Patricia chuckled at her weak eyed maid.
“Good girl now about your duties we have a visitor later as you know.”
Lady Helen spent the rest of the morning at her duties cleaning the Manor. With each movement she made the insidious devices, she was locked into, holding her arousal and drawing her deeper into her subjugation at the hands of her own maid.
Lady Helens secret, deep rooted, masochistic fetish had been germinated and nurtured from its hidden seed into full blossom by the scheming manipulation of her maid Patricia.
Lady Helen, held in a state of arousal, locked into a chastity belt and leg restraints, which lay hidden beneath the restrictive folds of her petticoats and heavy woollen maids tunic, with her lacy cap perched on her neat short bob soon had a wanton look about her as she went about her cleaning duties.
Lady Helen, exhausted by her constant arousal, propped herself against the balustrade at the top of the stairs panting for breath. This was more than she could take, she had to stop this, it was getting out of hand, she was losing control, she had lost control, and she was out of control. Her fingers pressed in frustration through her heavy garb, then raising her skirts pressed and pawed through her Knickers at the strong steel crotch plate of her chastity belt but there would be no release, there could be no release.
Hearing the commotion Patricia slowly made her way up the stairway to find Lady Helen lay out on the floor writhing, squirming, moaning and clawing at her crotch in a state of emotional collapse.
Patricia stood above her maid and chuckled.
“O dear that belt a little tight for you Ellie.”
Lady Helen’s hand reached out in desperation and grabbed at the hem of Patricia’s fine dress, her own dress, one of her many fine dresses that where now worn exclusively by her maid Patricia.
“Patricia please, please take this bloody thing off I can’t cope please, it’s too much, this has to stop, everything, all of it.”
Patricia smiled looking down on her vanquished prey.
“Patricia, Patricia are we forgetting our place girl?”
Patricia laughed and pulled away then, raising Lady Helens skirts with her foot, placed the ball of her shoe into Lady Helens crotch. Pressing on plate of the chastity belt Patricia wiggled and jiggled her foot oscillating the bulb that pressed at Lady Helens clitoris.
Patricia smirked and chuckled as Lady Helen gasped and could not help herself from pushing up her hips moaning at her pleasure.
“Good girl, no I don’t think so Ellie, don’t resist it, embrace it, you wanted this and now you have it, you will wear that belt and those leg restraints until I, your Mistress, decide otherwise.”
Patricia stopped the vibration and pressed her foot harder forcing the bulb of the belt into the squirming Lady Helen whose pleading eyes stared up at her smiling maid, Patricia, her Mistress.
“Now Ellie, there will be no more of that nonsense we have an agreement or have you forgotten the indenture you signed?”
“Remember you signed to be the house maid until I decided I was ready to become the maid rather than the Mistress here at Hillside Manor?”
“So on your feet Ellie and compose yourself if you can, I have a visitor due within the hour and I expect you to be the perfect maid, UNDERSTAND.”
Patricia removed her foot, turned away and gracefully descended the stairs and back into the study.
Lady Helen dragged herself to her feet in a state of emotional distress her mind racing.
The bitch, she cannot keep me in these infernal contraptions, she can’t, I am the real Mistress here, the cow is taking this too far, I have to stop it, but how? I am locked into these bloody things and my hair, my lovely hair why didn’t I stop her? I am a fool, a stupid fool.
A comforting smile grew across Lady Helens face.
I know, the women, the women with the Deeds, she will be here this afternoon, I will tell her everything, explain how things have got out of hand ,she looked respectable, official, she will stop all this, oh yes Patricia is in for a rude awakening when she arrives. That indenture is just a worthless piece of paper it only has my signature, worthless it will mean nothing. Patricia will soon be the one wearing these insidious restraints, I will make her pay for what she has done.
Confident that she would soon return to her rightful position as Mistress at Hillside Manor Lady Helen hobbled about her duties preparing for the visitor kept in a state of weakening arousal with each restrictive step she took.

Chapter seven
The shrill sound of the door bell echoed down the hallway and Lady Helen tried to compose herself and made her way from the maid’s quarters to the main entrance of Hillside Manor. At the doorway she paused, the bulb of her belt toying, tapping and teasing around her clitoris she had to hold herself together she had to!
Opening the door, Lady Helen stared at the elegant statuesque figure of Monique stood framed in the doorway, Lady Helen had fantasised of being punished in front of this dominant looking women now she will be seeking her help. With conflicting desires Lady Helen instinctively curtsied and let out a soft but audible sigh.
Monique smiled at Lady Helen that was, now with her hair cropped short, devoid of any makeup and also aware what lay beneath the folds of her maid’s neat uniform.
Monique, knowing the confused psychology that haunted and raged within poor Lady Helen, held eye contact and slowly removed her long leather gloves before running her manicured nails down the quivering cheeks of the maid before her.
Lady Helen tried to resist but squirmed a little a blush of colour coming to her cheeks.
“How pretty you are girl, a perfect maid, just perfect.”
Monique’s gestures and words leaving the already aroused Lady Helen unable to bring forward her agenda and she meekly curtsied again.
“Thank you Miss.”
Monique strode past the hapless Lady Helen quickly walking towards the drawing room.
“Your Mistress is expecting me, through here, the drawing room?”
Lady Helen had missed her opportunity to seek the visitors help and teased by her belt and restricted by her hobble harness shuffled behind her.
“Miss, Miss, before you enter please a word, Miss, Miss, I need your help.”
Monique purposely ignored Lady Helen’s pleading and entered the drawing room.
Patricia smiled as her friend Monique entered followed by a stumbling, flustered Lady Helen.
“Ellie bring tea for my visitor that’s a good girl; do take a seat Miss Smyth.”
Lady Helen hesitated and Patricia glared at her.
“What is it? Tea for my visitor, on your way girl quickly.”
The harshness of Patricia’s tone and her look had Lady Helen was instinctively curtsying before she knew it and the bulb of her belt teased her clitoris making her weakly moan.
“Yes Mistress.”
Lady Helen left the room and held herself against the wall she had to be strong, confront her maid whilst this woman was here, she had to, it was her only chance to regain control?
Lady Helen, returned with the tray of tea and biscuits, Patricia and Monique giving her a withering stare has she entered.
Patricia beckoned her maid forward
“On the table Ellie, you may pour.”
Lady Helen approached fighting her aroused emotions and the associated submissive weakness that now filled her mind and body.
“No, No I won’t this has to stop, I am not the maid here I am Lady Helen, I am.”
Monique stared at Lady Helen a bemused expression on her face.
“What? What, you are not the maid, then why are you dressed like that?”
Patricia smirked and eased back into her chair has Lady Helen continued.
“Miss Smyth, it began has a game, a secret game, between my maid and me but it has got out of hand. I have asked her to stop but she won’t”
Lady Helen raised her skirts and dropped her sodden crotched knickers to the bar joining her hobble harness to reveal the chastity belt she was locked into.
“She has locked these to me, the belt has a bulb inside that presses into me when I move making me continually aroused. I cannot get it off.”
“Please Miss Smyth you have to help me, get me out of this contraption, please I beg you.”
Lady Helen pointed to Patricia sat comfortably in her chair.
“She is not my Mistress she is just my maid, Patricia my maid.”
Monique hid her amusement at Lady Helens exposure and pleading. She had seen both devices when Patricia and she selected them, but actually seeing someone restrained within them was quite erotic.
“Stop, stop, please, this is so embarrassing, pull up your knickers and lower your skirts girl.”
Monique turned to a smiling Patricia.
“Well is this true, a game, and you have trapped Lady Helen in these training devices?”
Patricia smoothed her hands over the delicate fabric of her dress, once the proud possession of Lady Helen herself.
“Miss Smyth, it is true, Lady Helen, Ellie has she now is, wanted to be my maid and I agreed to be her Mistress.” Lady Helen signed an indenture agreeing to be the maid at Hillside Manor.”  “There are very strict rules for the maid of Hillside Manor which are contained within the indenture document, rules which Lady Helen herself prepared and agreed to be bound by”.” Lady Helen was the maid at first for one day, then two days and more recently full time.” “The restraints are punishments for her bad behaviour, to help her become a better maid to serve her Mistress. “
“It now seems that Ellie wants to renege on the agreement.”
Lady Helen with all the dignity she could muster being constantly teased and probed by the belt glared at Patricia.
“Agreement, Indenture, that was not official, just to make the game feel more real, it’s nothing, worthless.”
“Please Miss Smyth get the keys to these locks, I am not a maid.”
Monique calmly unbuckled her briefcase and removed two sets of documents.
“Is this the indenture agreement you are telling me about.”
Lady Helen stared in disbelieve at the document, her signature clear, complete with the stamps and signatures of the Notary Public and solicitors.
Monique read the final clause.
“This is what you signed and agreed to isn’t it”
“I Lady Helen, to be known as Ellie, agree to be the full time maid at Hillside Manor until such time as Miss Patricia Morgan is ready to return to being the maid rather than the Mistress of Hillside Manor.”
Lady Helen is crestfallen, what has she done, how did this women get hold of the indenture document and have it witnessed and legally binding?
Lady Helen stares at Patricia
“But that’s not right it was only until your leg got better, that’s all?”
Monique offered a Machiavellian crumb to the increasingly distraught Lady Helen.
“Well that is fine then, all we need is the doctor to confirm the injury and I am sure that you will be released from the covenants of your indenture agreeing to be the maid here at Hillside Manor”
There was no doctor, Patricia had seen to that and Lady Helen clawed in desperation at the document but Monique was swifter and replaced it back in the satchel.
Lady Helen in Panic remembers the Deeds.
“Wait, wait the Deeds I own Hillside Manor, I cannot be my own maid, I am Mistress here at Hillside Manor.” Miss Smyth the Deeds, look at the Deeds.”
Monique opened the Deeds and there at the base of the document, duly stamped and sealed the signature of Miss Patricia Morgan.
Monique smiled then laughed.
“O’ dear, it would appear not ELLIE.”
Lady Helen in tears turned to Patricia.
“No, No you can’t, you can’t keep me has your maid for three years you can’t”
Monique smiled at the whimpering Lady Helen.
“Three years? I see nothing within your indenture ELLIE about three years? It will last indefinitely or until your Mistress decides she wishes to be the maid here at Hillside Manor rather than its Mistress. Now I doubt very much that will happen any time soon, don’t you ELLIE”
Lady Helen stood dumbstruck, what had started out as a fulfilment of her masochist fantasy had become her reality. She was now the signed and sealed indentured house maid in the Manor House she once owned.
Within six months, of wearing the insidious bulbed belt, the belt had taken Lady Helen to the edge of madness, constantly aroused, but her sex caged from her touch, her brain became like mush, servile and subservient, knowing only that she was Ellie the house maid of Hillside Manor .The shackles too did their work, no longer gliding through the Manor  with the dignified grace and poise befitting the rank of a Lady, Ellie’s slightly stooped, short shuffling steps, conditioned into her gait by the hobble harness and her chastity belt, much more in keeping with her new rank. Lady Helens spirit, drained and broken, Ellie, has she had become, in mind and body, went about her duties at the beck and call of her Mistress, without complaint.
Mistress Patricia, was fastidious insisting on strict protocols within the household, whilst somewhat draconian, conditions that Ellie willingly accepted. Ellie understanding the demarcation, Ellie was the house maid and Patricia was the Mistress of the Manor and she paid due deference to her Mistress at all times.  Ellie, always smartly attired in her dated, old fashioned and cumbersome maid’s uniform, curtsied when addressing her Mistress, never questioning her instructions, speaking only when spoken to and efficiently going about her duties serving the Mistress of Hillside Manor.

At first visitors and her small circle of friends thought it strange that Lady Helen had chosen to accept her place as Ellie, the indentured house maid at Hillside Manor, serving her own maid as her Mistress. But, with the documents signed and sealed their reservations soon faded especially seeing what a dutiful and obedient maid she had become.  And Lady Helen, well it was what she wanted, wasn’t it?


  1. It was good to see a new story here. I had just stumbled across this blog a few weeks ago, so I wondered if it were still active. The topic is an uncomfortably exciting one to me, I must confess.

    1. Yes, we are very much alive! Expect more updates in coming weeks.
      "Uncomfortably exciting" - very nicely put, pretty much sums up what this blog is about!

  2. I tell myself such stories are only fantasy, that they are a harmless indulgence. Yet, I know that the more I let myself think of things like that, the more tempted I will be to look for the reality. And that reality is very unlikely, but not impossible. But this is your blog, not mine. So I won't go into more detail. Just thought you might be interested in seeing a reader's reactions.

    1. Thank you, I do understand what you mean. And please do go into more detail, I love exchanging ideas with readers.

    2. Thanks for your kind words, Camille. I don't know if I can go into more detail. Maybe that's what I enjoy most about reading stories like that. They give me a mental picture of things that I'm afraid to let myself picture on my own. When I try to put things into my own words, I'm afraid that somehow I am making them real. Reading the stories here feels safe. I do find stories a lot more powerful when the change is gradual and somewhat reluctant. To me, attraction/fear, then surrender/shame, then acceptance/bliss seems like the natural progress on the downward path. If that makes any sense. Again, thank you for keeping this site going.

  3. An excellent story. I always like it when the girl starts out making a consensual arrangement and slowly digs herself in deeper, not realizing that she's passed the point of no return until far too late.

    1. That's precisely the type of story that I like as well. As I've said repeatedly non-consensual downgrade stories rarely work for me.

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    3. Great story, one of Belladonna's best in my opinion. It would have been even greater if the main character was a woman instead of a man. Also, not unlike a lot of other Belladonna's stories, it has this "feel good" element stemming from the fact that everything is completely voluntary, and, until the very end of the story, completely reversable. I prefer "be careful what you wish for" stories; stories when the main character just enjoys the ride all the way appear to be lacking in my opinion - even when most of the right buttons are skillfully pushed.

    4. I enjoy the inner struggle between the urge to do so and the rational voice telling it is wrong. We have a german Expression for it: "Kopfkino". The big Cinema movie in the audience´s head. A strong and delicious taste for all senses. And for me it´s best served in english. The language is full of terms to demonstrate the power and the relation of the social classes. It´s so much more humiliating and on the other Hand natural than in german. You lucky Girls!

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    Camille thank you for your editorial skills
    Hugs and Kisses
    Jackie J

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  14. I must say I found your site after a submissive of mine informed me of it. Very well written stories and I now know the "seed " that was planted in my submissives mind that grew came from here , her fantasies that became reality. Kathleen was not rich as your Manor ladies in the stories but was a very well thought of Mistress in our local munch group where I also am a Mistress that attends to other females.
    If you wish to hear about how she was helped by your stories I would be happy to tell you .
    I am on fetlife as well under Lady Bellas manor.

    I enjoy your site as well

    Lady Bella

  15. I must say I found your site after a submissive of mine informed me of it. Very well written stories and I now know the "seed " that was planted in my submissives mind that grew came from here , her fantasies that became reality. Kathleen was not rich as your Manor ladies in the stories but was a very well thought of Mistress in our local munch group where I also am a Mistress that attends to other females.
    If you wish to hear about how she was helped by your stories I would be happy to tell you .
    I am on fetlife as well under Lady Bellas manor.

    I enjoy your site as well

    Lady Bella

  16. 'Inspired by a brief story with a sarcastic comment posed from a would-be former maid as a new mistress, the following expression could be added as an epilogue to Jackie J's wonderful story of Lady Helen:

    In passing by the kitchen at Hillside Manor on no particular day, while casually inspecting the domestic work of her recently accepted new maid Ellie; Patricia, the new mistress of the Manor -- offered Ellie a throw-away comment of "appropriate" disparagement, but with an uptick. It was directed to Ellie's prior voluntarily accepted role as a temporary maid.

    Unfortunately for Ellie, this role-play as Patricia's house maid had curiously turned out to be quite a permanent arrangement.

    "You know, Ellie, as my domestic -- wearing your nicely fitting maid uniforms, you must feel so much more comfortable wearing them, now that you have fully embraced the fact that for you, girl, there is no turning back in your career... Carry on!" said Patricia with a smirk. "Oh, and by the way, Ellie, 'great job on how well you attend to your duties. Your were no doubt born to become a lady's maid... weren't you? And even as you yourself prescribed the rules for a maid's conduct in this house. 'Such prescience!"

    Knowing well that the former Lady Helen had succumbed to the consequences of her own sexual and sado-masochistic predisposition (which led to her being dispossessed of her former estate), Patricia could reasonably bask in the limelight of her own involvement in this little coup, with the help of a close friend, who together "helped" the former Lady Helen to achieve her now not so clandestine and deeply seated desires. ;)