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Story: Miss Jacqueline Symonds. Part 2.

By Jackie J

Chapter 7

Catherine Nightingale along with her two partners Rosalind Parsons and Rebecca Stone ran a successful venture capital company based at Westfall Manor, Catherine being the senior partner, holding sixty percent of the stock with Rosalind and Rebecca having twenty percent each. Rosalind and Rebecca reluctantly tolerated the sophisticated and always arrogant Catherine, they had to, she was the majority stockholder and she took every opportunity to remind them both whenever key decisions had to be made.
Catherine knowing the pairs sexual preference, which she shared, often flaunted her desirable body before them, like forbidden fruit, which only served to increase their loathing and also a desire of her. Of course outwardly all was sweetness and light and despite Rebecca and Rosalind doing the majority of the work and Catherine taking the lion’s share of the spoils, the status quo remained and the business thrived.
Months passed and Sally’s relationship with Miss Mendoza softened. Sally was no trouble and carried out her duties like any good house maid would. They were never friend’s, rarely speaking about anything other than work related matters and the ongoing trysts between Sally the Maid and Miss Nightingale the Mistress continued but were never mentioned.
Having been betrayed, by Glen Rodgers, she gave little thought to her previous life at William and Basset. She was Sally Brown now and that was fine. Demarcation within the household remained strict and Sally paid due deference to Madame Nightingale and Miss Mendoza at all times, the only exception being when Madame Nightingale summoned her pretty maid above stairs.

Miss Nightingale had been away from the Manor for a number of weeks on business to resolve yet another disagreement with her partners. Rebecca and Rosalind were furious with Catherine’s interference which almost cost them the deal.
Three days after Catherine’s return to Westfall Manor she left a note under Sally’s door, which had become the custom when she wanted her maid for her nocturnal pleasure.
It was early evening and Sally excused herself with Miss Mendoza then made her way up the back stairway to the upper floors.
Miss Nightingale had separate rooms for her desired pleasure, this evening it was the red room. Sally checked the time she knew she had to be precise and sighed before entering.
The red room was Miss Nightingale's fun room containing appropriate “Toys” which had brought a number of painful punishments for maid Sally although countered by the subsequent pleasures.
Miss Nightingale did not greet Sally in her usual manner with a peck on her cheek but remained seated at a vanity by the wall.
“Come here Sally and sit down.”
Sally sat on the cushioned chair by Miss Nightingale’s side.
“I can trust you Sally can’t I, you know with what we do together?”
Sally offered her genuine response of course she would not speak of what transpired between them.
“Yes Madame of course.”
A wicked smile floated across Miss Nightingale’s face.
“Good because I want you to do something with me but no one, I mean no one must ever know.”
Miss Nightingale drew her maid Sally into her conspiracy Sally hardly believing what she was hearing, especially after what had happened to her, what she had become. A tinge of excitement on first hearing Miss Nightingale's desires grew into acceptance that she would do what Miss Nightingale had asked.
Sally hardly knew where to start and had to be guided by Miss Nightingale but soon it was a naked Miss Nightingale bound and secured firmly to the spinning frame that Sally herself had adorned on numerous occasions.
Sally was apprehensive
“Miss Nightingale should I gag you now.”
Miss Nightingale was already squirming and wet and gasped.
“Like I said Sally, like I have done to you and Miss Nightingale is not going to work is it, think of something else, another name.”
Still unsure but becoming increasingly turned on by the prospect of what had been asked of her Sally took the leather muzzle gag and tugged it tight around Miss Nightingale's jaw and mouth, a crude but effective muting tool.
The blindfold next and Miss Nightingale wriggled and squirmed moaning into the gag. Was she saying stop, was she saying more? Sally giggled and spun her helpless victim secured into the frame having thought of a name for her games with her Mistress.
Sally had been bound and gagged and blindfolded  like this before being caned and verbally abused and knew what sensations would be running through Miss Nightingale's mind which were already evidenced by the trickle of wetness down her inner thighs.
The first swish of the cane stiffened the bound body in expectation but no strike yet.

“Well Sally so we are here again”
A visible shiver rippled through Miss Nightingale's lithe body hearing herself called Sally the irony not lost in her lust filled mind and an almost audible moan was heard, Sally simultaneously rubbing her cane into Miss Nightingale’s soft wet folds as she spoke.
“Miss Nightingale is not happy with her maid is she?”
“Maid must be punished mustn’t she?
“You know what to do don’t you girl nod and tell your mistress that you wish to be punished.”
Poor Miss Nightingale could never have imagined what this was like it was all she hoped for and more than she could have wished for, she wriggled and squirmed twisted and turned in ecstasy.
She had her maid Sally trussed like this many times but the pleasure she had gained from that paled into insignificance compared with the emotions running through her now.
Her gagged and blindfolded head nodded and the first stripe of the cane whipped a welt across her bottom, then another and another. Sally’s own excitement growing she admonished her victim for imaginary misdemeanours and, with her confidence growing, Sally spun her dangling victim violently then halted her spin thrusting her fingers into Miss Nightingale's  saturated slot  aggressively rubbing her clitoris.
“You’re a whore and whores have to be punished nod you bitch nod you worthless, stupid maid.”
Miss Nightingale was shaking and trembling like a leaf another orgasm built and raged then she hung limp in her bindings exhausted. Sally knew exactly what to do next no different to what Miss Nightingale had done to her.
Lowering her Mistress from the frame Sally removed the gag but leaving her bound and blindfolded Sally squatted over Miss Nightingale’s mouth and lowered her spread lips to an expectant and eager tongue.
“That’s right maid take your supper like the whore you are, lick it up you dirty bitch, I own you girl don’t forget that.”
The pleasure of Miss Nightingale's lapping tongue drove Sally into her own orgasm and spent she fell by the side of her still trussed Mistress.
In the afterglow of all before Sally untied the bindings of Miss Nightingale who immediately wrapped her arms around her maid and kissed her passionately.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhh Sally, Ohhhhhhhhh Sally OMG I never knew, I imagined. I thought but OMG that was Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”
Miss Nightingale stared at the warmth in her maid's eyes and chuckled.
“You enjoyed that too didn’t you? Admit it go on tell me you didn’t then.”
Sally melted into the embrace of Miss Nightingale and giggled.
“It was... well it was different, but yes because I knew what pleasure it gave you.”
Miss Nightingale flushed from her forbidden pleasures slowly composed herself and wrapped herself in a silky robe.
“You had better go back to your quarters Sally and remember not a word to anyone.”
Sally left and Miss Nightingale, returning to her bedroom, laid across her bed with her fingers teasing herself thinking of what she had allowed to be done to her, Sally playing her part so well taking on her own persona whilst she was the maid.
Chapter 8
Months passed and Miss Nightingale’s preferences to be the sub were explored on numerous occasions with her trusted maid Sally. But, like all addictions, for that is what it had become, Miss Nightingale was hooked and needed her fix, she needed more, her mind consumed with imaginings of contrived situations with her maid Sally.
Outwardly not much changed at Westfall Manor, Sally the dutiful housemaid content with her lot, Miss Nightingale busy with her work and entertaining and Miss Mendoza overseeing the running of the household. Miss Mendoza however had on occasion heard the trials and tribulations from within the red room naturally assuming it would be Sally feeling the sting of the cane, why wouldn’t she?
Weekend was approaching and with her diary purposely left empty Miss Nightingale was in the red room excitedly preparing her contrived fantasy, wanting, and needing to take things further.
Miss Nightingale offered Miss Mendoza some days leave over the coming weekend, which she gratefully accepted. Miss Mendoza informing her Mistress she would leave mid morning on Friday and return on the Monday afternoon. All was agreed and Miss Nightingale’s excitement grew everything was in place now. Her head housekeeper would be away leaving the privacy of the whole Manor for the full weekend to explore her desires.
Miss Mendoza was of course curious as to why suddenly she had been given leave. Whilst she had little time, bordering on contempt, for the wealthy Miss Nightingale, it was well paid and, with the continuing trysts of her Mistress and maid Sally, she was suspicious her role may be under threat.
Sally was about her normal duties when Miss Mendoza informed her that she would be away for the weekend and that Sally would be required to ensure Miss Nightingale's needs were met whilst she was away.
Friday at eleven O’clock and leaving Sally with an extensive list of duties to be completed and more importantly keep her busy before she returned, mostly very menial tasks, Miss Mendoza left the Manor.
Sally, happy to be in charge, prepared lunch for Miss Nightingale oblivious to what her Mistress had planned over the coming days.
Entering the dining room to serve lunch Sally was met by a nervous and excited Miss Nightingale.
“Put that down Sally”
Miss Nightingale pushed an envelope towards Sally and told her to take it away to read. Sally went back to the kitchen and opened the envelope.
Sally read through the enclosed letter and giggled. She then looked at the list of menial tasks that Miss Mendoza had left her and smiled contemplating the weekend ahead.
The instructions in the letter were clear Miss Nightingale's fantasies laid bare for Sally to fulfil and explore with her over the weekend. Sally to have carte blanche to do with her has she wished the smiley face by the word punishments and reference to the red room made her smile.  Tucking the letter and attached disclaimer signed by Miss Nightingale into her apron pocket Sally returned to the dining room, no curtsy and smiled at Miss Nightingale who was sat full of expectation.
Sally held up the letter.
“Are you sure about this, what you have asked about the frame, I have heard that it can be dangerous Mistress you could lose your mind?”
Miss Nightingale dismissed Sally’s concerns with her usual arrogance.
“I am not stupid and you have the disclaimer so you will do like I have requested won’t you?”
Sally smiled if this is what her Mistress wanted and Miss Mendoza was away, why not.
“Alright and we start now SALLY, no, not for this, CATHY, yes that’s much better, well Cathy?”
Miss Nightingale blushed slightly stood and lowered a curtsy.
“Yes Miss Nightingale.”
Given a green light Sally smirked.
“Madame to you girl?”
“Now get to your quarters in the basement, take that bag you have prepared with you and change.”
Miss Nightingale was trembling and already damp was she really about to do this?
Picking up the bag containing the maid’s uniform she had prepared during the week she headed down to the basement apartments whilst Sally headed up the main staircase to Miss Nightingale's rooms as instructed in the letter.
Sally found the outfit selected for her lay out on Miss Nightingale's bed, underwear, seamed stockings, a long tight fitting leather skirt, sheer white blouse and matching leather waistcoat. Stepping into the high spiked heeled boots Sally glanced at herself in the large mirror and chuckled, this was going to be fun.
Stealing herself to check out the red room down the hallway Sally perused the various items with attached notes laid out on the counter OMG she is so serious about all this?
Sally took a deep breath and with difficulty in the heels made her way down the stairway.
Waiting in the kitchen was her maid. Hair tied back in a tight pony, house livery uniform a lace cap perched on her head, the power shift was immediate. Both stared into each other eyes full of amazement as to how each now looked.
Miss Nightingale spoke first dropping a Curtsy.
Sally was a little hesitant but then looked at the list of tasks that Miss Mendoza had left for her.
“Right Cathy, you will scrub the kitchen, hallway and meeting room floors, you will find your equipment in the locker by the kitchen door.”
“If I find a blemish anywhere you will be punished Understand GIRL.”
Miss Nightingale already aroused with her perceived persona curtsied.
“Yes Madame.”
Like many fantasies the reality was somewhat different and she struggled with the sloping bucket and scrubbing brush working her way on her hands and knees around the kitchen. Her knees soon reddened and the first chips of her nails became evident. Following her instructions Sally mocked her maid’s endeavours watching her maid scrub her way into the hallway.
“Come on you stupid girl scrub that floor clean not a blemish remember”
Mid afternoon and the wooden floors gleaming Miss Nightingale was tasked to clean the large windows in the dining room.  It was seven in the evening when a bedraggled looking maid served dinner to her Mistress but thoughts of what was to follow that night kept her in character and subservient.
Miss Nightingale having cleared table after dinner, which she had prepared, returned to her Mistress now sat in the study nursing a glass of wine.
Miss Nightingale curtsied
Sally stood and smiled.
“Time for your punishment Cathy”
Sally had her instructions and knew what Miss Nightingale desired.
Into the red room Sally told Miss Nightingale to strip which she eagerly did and stood naked by the frame her glistening pussy portraying her need.
Whilst the instructions given to her were explicit Sally had decided on a few amendments to test Miss Nightingale's resolve and of course enhance Miss Nightingale’s experience.
“Cathy you have been a naughty maid today and you are going to be punished, tell your mistress that you have been a bad maid and ask to be punished.”
Miss Nightingale squirmed staring at the leather clad Mistress that she herself had created from her maid and spoke in a low contrite tone.
“Your maid has been bad Mistress and should be punished.”
Sally glared at Miss Nightingale stood before her naked and vulnerable she was not going to rush.
Sally walked to the counter were Miss Nightingale had previously laid out various items in preparation for her weekend, tools of torment that Sally had already surveyed.
Picking up a cane and one of the chastity belts Sally handed the belt to Miss Nightingale.
“Put it on GIRL”
Miss Nightingale took hold of the stout leather and steel banded device
It was too soon for this surely? It was only Friday? What was Sally thinking? This wasn’t in the plan, not today?
Miss Nightingale looked at Sally with a puzzled expression.
“Sally sorry I mean Mistress I...”
The sting of the cane on her thigh cut her short and made her squeal, another whippy strike across her buttocks then another.
“Put that belt on NOW GIRL.”
Miss Nightingale was becoming distressed but wasn’t this what she wanted?  What she craved to give up control? To lose control? To be controlled?
Miss Nightingale stepped into the leather leg straps and pulled the crotch strap and covering steel plate high before, with trembling fingers, she threaded the broad waist band strap into place.
Sally smirked and swished her cane
“Pull that waist band tight GIRL.”
Miss Nightingale breathed in and pulled the waist strap over the locking linkage which drew the crotch strap tight against her streaming pussy.
Sally’s eyes tightened
“Lock it Whore.”
Miss Nightingale’s mind raced OMG what am I doing.
The asp of the lock clicked shut and Miss Nightingale stared at a smirking Sally who held the key in her hand.
Sally walked around an increasingly apprehensive Miss Nightingale tugging at the tight fitting belt and chuckled .placing the key to the belt into her skirt pocket.
“We won’t need this will we SLUT?”
Miss Nightingale started to speak only for another swish of the cane on her thigh to silence her.
“Shut up Whore you don’t speak unless spoken to understand Slut.”
Miss Nightingale was dripping the belt was not in the plan, not yet, but being treated like this, restricted like this by her maid dressed in her leather garb was driving her into raptures. Her hands toyed with the belt pulling it against her needy sex only to be rewarded with a stinging swipe from the cane across her knuckles.
“Leave that belt alone you filthy bitch the belt and what it conceals are mine understand Whore.”
Miss Nightingale was trembling and sloppy wet a powerful submissive persona engulfing her. Feelings she had never felt before, feelings she had craved yet only fantasised about all so real, it was real, she wanted it to be real, she was sliding out of control, losing all control, she had no control and meekly responded
“Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress.”
Sally was becoming excited herself seeing the change coming over her Mistress sure she had played the maid down in the house earlier but this seemed different. Her Mistress was not playing she was living her role becoming her role and Sally introduced another twist.
“Right whore put your uniform back on”
Miss Nightingale looked questioningly at her maid her mistress but seeing the cane swished back and forth complied and was soon back fully dressed in her house maid’s regalia.
“Now stand in the frame girl.”
Her arms stretched high Sally buckled the wrist restraints and with her Mistress's legs spread wide secured the straps to her ankles. The leather muzzle gag in place Sally smiled into her victim’s eyes before applying the blindfold. There would be no cane, Sally had specifically been given a free hand to torment her maid. Gagged and blindfolded Sally was to complete Miss Nightingale's sensory deprivation. Sally pushed two waxed earplugs into place then covered them with cloth tape before laughing and spinning the frame her helpless belted maid frustrated and jiggling forlornly for her sexual release.
The tantalising torment being experienced by Miss Nightingale was visibly evident, she shivered and shook restrained in the frame.  Sally made sure Miss Nightingale was bound fast blind deaf and dumb then strode to the door turned out the lights and locked the door behind her
Sally made her way the short distance to Miss Nightingale’s bedroom and smiled drawing one of her fine negligees from the drawers and after taking a shower, infused with fine sweet smelling oils, she swamped herself in the fine silk negligee and swept herself between the sheets of the sumptuous bed. Chuckling to herself thinking of Miss Nightingale's own situation she was soon asleep.
Miss Nightingale could not have imagined or even contemplated the reality of her fantasy and moaned silently into her rough leather gag. No sight, no sound only smell, the odour of her cheap maid's uniform, that she was draped in, filling her deprived senses.
Alone in the silent emptiness of her mind, the vision of Sally, her Mistress, her words, Whore, Slut, Girl, Maid repeating over and over in her confused thoughts. Physical stimulation, the bindings, the chastity belt she had willingly locked herself into, the rough hem of her maids dress teasing her calves each sensation keeping her sex aroused and her mind tormented and teased.
Her unheard moaning, a chorus of her capitulation to her situation filling the silent empty room as she swayed in and out of consciousness restrained in the frame. Each new awakening drawing her deeper into her fantasy held in a constant state of arousal with no release. Her self imposed torment continued through what seemed an endless night until the unseen dawn.

Chapter 9

Sally awoke and sat up quickly in the soft warmth of the large soft bed. Disorientated for a second or two she then flopped back down onto the engulfing pillows and smiled.
Stretching and yawning Sally slid from the bed and wrapped herself in one of Miss Nightingale’s silky robes. Walking the short distance to the red room Sally chuckled to herself feeling the silk negligee and robe wafting around her ankles.
Unlocking the door and switching on the light she smiled at her motionless mistress dressed in her maid’s uniform strapped and hanging in the spinning frame.
Having slowly approached, Sally gave the frame a spin bringing her would be maid to life.
Removing the ear plugs Sally taunted a helpless Miss Nightingale.
“I hope you had a comfortable night Cathy?”
Muffled moans seeped from the soaked gag.
Sally continued.
“Sorry? Sorry I could not hear that, would you like your ear plugs replacing?”
Miss Nightingale's head shook violently.
Sally removed Miss Nightingale's blindfold and her weary eyes blinked in the bright lights.
Sally lifted the hem of Miss Nightingale’s maid’s dress and petticoats high and smirked seeing her saturated knickers knowing that she had been on heat all night.
“Well someone had an exciting night didn’t they?”
Sally removed the sodden leather muzzle gag from Miss Nightingale bringing a gasp of relief.
Sally needed to be sure the game was still in play and gently lifting Miss Nightingale's chin looked into her distant eyes.
“So who is your Mistress girl?”
Miss Nightingale, her voice a little croaky and with a soft smile forming replied.
“You are Mistress.”
“That was awesome, thank you mistress but I need to rest before we carry on my whole body is aching. I don’t think I could have taken much more of that, good you came when you did, you were right, I did almost lose my mind. I was on the brink, hallucinating, voices in my head, I was Cathy, we will have to be careful, I didn’t realise.
Sally started to unbuckle the straps and Miss Nightingale staggered free from the frame and Sally supported her catching a whiff of Miss Nightingale’s ripe odour.
“A shower for you girl.”
Exiting the red room Miss Nightingale turned as if to go to her bedroom only to be halted by Sally and redirected to the back stairs.
“Your quarters are that way remember?”
Miss Nightingale looked questioningly at Sally then turned to head down into the kitchens followed by Sally still dressed in the fine silk negligee and robe.
It was a wobbly Miss Nightingale that stripped and Sally offered her the key to the chastity belt which she gently peeled away letting the heavy device drop around her ankles and bringing a long sighing gasp..
Sally stood back staring at the naked form of Miss Nightingale even naked and after what she had endured she still had a demeanour of elegance.
Sally found it hard not to just rush at her and embrace her but that is not what she had been instructed to do.
“Right girl before you shower and rest take your clothing to the laundry.”
With her clothing swirling in the washer and the shower dousing her Miss Nightingale reflected on the exploring of her fantasy. Her wrists and ankles chafed from the bindings of the spinning frame she chuckled to herself and, in the warm comfort of the shower, masturbated to a climax.
Towel dried Miss Nightingale walked out into the cramped maid’s quarters she had agreed to use for the weekend and smiled at Sally still wearing her own negligee and silk robe.
“You look very pretty in my negligee Mistress.”
Sally giggled and pulled back the sheets of the bed.
“Rest for you girl.”
Miss Nightingale held out her hand and gave Sally a look she could not resist.
Their two bodies were soon entwined and a lust filled session of kissing licking sucking touching and teasing left them both flopped exhausted across the small bed.

Chapter 10

Early afternoon and Sally pushed herself from the bed Miss Nightingale pulling herself up onto the pillows.
Sally opened up the closet and looked at Miss Nightingale.
“Your other uniform will need to be dried and pressed so you will wear one of these Girl, underwear you will find in the drawer.”
Sally picked up the chastity belt from the floor and tossed it onto the bed.
“But first put your belt back on.”
Miss Nightingale had no qualms about returning to her submissive persona and sliding from the bed drew the chastity belt around her and tugged it tight closing the locking asp.
Sally smiled.
“Good girl, now get dressed you have work to do.”
Miss Nightingale was a little taller and slimmer than Sally but not by much and Sally’s underwear and uniform were not an uncomfortable fit.
Up to the kitchen Miss Nightingale found Sally dressed in the same leather outfit she had selected for her maid to wear and dropped curtsy.
After cooking and serving a very late lunch to her Mistress Miss Nightingale was directed to a series of menial tasks cleaning and polishing around the Manor. It was around five when the doorbell chimed and a look of shock flashed across the faces of both Sally and Miss Nightingale.
Miss Nightingale was in a state of panic, who was it?
Sally took a deep breath and fixing the security chain opened the door slightly.
“Parcel for Carla Mendoza, housekeeper, can you sign for it please.”
Sally unfastened the door and stepped out onto the threshold.
The Butch looking courier looked Sally up and down and smiled admiring her outfit then peered over Sally’s shoulder to see Miss Nightingale in her prim maid’s uniform.
Sally scribbled her name on the pad and the courier pushed the parcel inside looking at the signature.
“Nice outfit you are wearing Miss, Miss Nightingale.”
The courier again looked at the nervous maid then back at Sally her eyes glistening.
The door closed and a collective sigh of relief flowed from Miss Nightingale and Sally then both could not help but giggle it was obvious the courier had been hitting on Sally.
Neither could have known that the courier had been sent by Miss Mendoza who eagerly awaited details of what her sister had witnessed.
It just did not add up? The descriptions of Miss Nightingale and Sally couldn’t be right, could they? Miss Mendoza’s sister was adamant about what she had seen although Miss Mendoza found it hard to believe.
Carla pondered what her sister had told her. Sally dressed in a smart leather outfit and Miss Nightingale wearing a maids uniform, what were those two playing at, no wonder they wanted me out of the way?
Carla’s sister Rose, a dominant dyke with no submissive traits whatsoever, chuckled when Carla told her what had been going on between Sally the maid and Miss Nightingale the Mistress at Westfall Manor.
Carla glanced at her watch and smiled.
“Come on Rose lets go and see what is really going on back at Westfall Manor.”
Rose having been told by her sister that both the women she had seen were of her persuasion was already contemplating having two pretty subs to play with and needed no second invitation.
Back at Westfall Manor Sally had supervised Miss Nightingale finishing the laundry and after cleaning the kitchen under Sally’s watchful eye Sally pointed to the stairway.
Miss Nightingale looked at Sally filled with thoughts of the previous night spent in the frame and a shiver of excited anticipation ran through her.
Unseen peering through the window, suppressing their giggles, Carla and her sister Rose had watched Miss Nightingale complete her cleaning then Miss Nightingale curtsy to her maid Sally in her leather outfit and head up the stairway.
With the kitchen empty Carla and Rose quietly entered the manor.
With Sally and Miss Nightingale inside the red room curious ears listened just outside.
Sally was in full flow swishing her cane it was what Miss Nightingale wanted after all?
“You have been a bad maid again today Cathy, tell your mistress what a sloppy stupid maid you have been”
Miss Nightingale holding her own skirts over her hips, knickers to her knees and bent over a bench squealed.
Thwack, Thwack, Thwack, Thwack,
Sally her voice raising continued
“Well girl tell your Mistress.”
Miss Nightingale squirmed against the bench
“Cathy is a bad maid a sloppy stupid maid Mistress.”
Thwack, Thwack, Thwack.
Listening outside the door Rose was becoming excited and wanted to enter the room but Carla restrained her and whispered.
“Not yet, not yet, you will get your turn leave them to it for now.”

Chapter 11

Sally becoming ever emboldened dragged Miss Nightingale to the frame.
“You will spend the night in the frame again tonight girl and tomorrow I expect better behaviour do you understand?”
Carla had to cover her mouth to prevent the sounds of her amusement being heard when she listened to her Mistress whimpering.
“Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress, Cathy will be a good maid.”
Miss Nightingale squirmed in anticipation of the euphoria she had experienced strapped into the frame the previous night, her need for sexual gratification overriding any concerns for her sanity.
Sally hoisted her maid clad mistresses arms to the shackles and her wrists were soon strapped tight in the frame. Her ankles spread they too were soon secured to the spinning frame.
Sally stood in front of a helplessly restrained Miss Nightingale and held up her chin.
“You want this don’t you whore?”
A gasping whisper, hardly audible, confirmed her willing incarceration once again into a night of sensory deprivation.
“Yes Mistress.”
Sally smiled
“Very well then.”
The Muzzle gag pulled tight across her jaw and mouth, the blindfold in place, Miss Nightingale moaned wriggling and squirming and Sally, lifting Miss Nightingale’s skirts pushed and pressed her hand to the crotch plate of her chastity belt bringing soft moans of pleasure.
Sally taunted her Mistress like she had been told to.
“Cathy likes that doesn’t she, Cathy is a slut and a whore?”
The ear plugs inserted and over tape applied Miss Nightingale was again plunged into her helpless, silent, blind world of mental torment.
Sally again pressed on the plate of the chastity belt and watched her Mistress twist and contort herself within her silent world.  Chuckling and content that Miss Nightingale was consumed within her desired pleasures Sally prepared to leave the red room leaving Miss Nightingale in her cocoon of isolation for a second night.
Opening the door to leave two stern faces confronted her and the strong arms of Rose pushed her back into the room.
Miss Mendoza smiled seeing the squirming figure in the spinning frame.
Rose looked Sally up and down and spoke in a mocking tone
“So Miss Nightingale we meet again, how hot you look in your outfit, and your pretty maid, I see you have her all trussed up?”
Carla Mendoza walked over to the fame and gave it a spin bringing muted moans from the gagged maid secured within.
Miss Mendoza inspected her captive mistress and laughed seeing she had been effectively made deaf, dumb and blind. She laughed again giving the frame another spin bringing a wriggling reaction and more muffled moans before the bound maid mistress slumped back in the restraints
Miss Mendoza ran her hand over the maid’s dress, recognising it to be one of Sally’s the house livery, not specially made
“Oh yes this suits her perfectly.”
“And what’s this.”
Miss Mendoza feeling the firmness below the coarse fabric of the uniform lifted the skirts and drew down her knickers to reveal the gleaming chastity belt.
Miss Mendoza let the skirts fall and stood back chuckling
“O yes this is just too perfect.”
Leaving her Mistress wriggling and squirming oblivious to the fact her head housekeeper and sister were now in the red room Miss Mendoza turned to Sally
“So what has been going on Sally?”
Sally told Miss Mendoza what Miss Nightingale had asked of her and showed her the document she had been given along with the disclaimer.
Miss Mendoza read through the two documents and chuckled reading out the disclaimer aloud
Without any repercussions for you I willingly ask of you under no duress that I am to be and to be treated, dressed and kept at all times as a common maid at Westfall Manor and you will take my place has Mistress. The red room is always available for your maid, that I am to become, to be punished and used at your sole discretion. This is my true wish dated and signed Miss Catherine Nightingale.
Miss Mendoza chuckled and showed the two letters to her sister.
“So Miss Nightingale wants to be a maid and likes to be punished well, well.”
Miss Mendoza folded the document into her own pocket and laughed.
“And you are Miss Nightingale are you Sally?”
Rose was the next to inspect the helpless Miss Nightingale and chuckled running her hands over her body watching and listening to her reactions. Her hand worked inside the bodice of Miss Nightingale's dress fondling her breasts bringing moans of pleasure.
Rose turned to her sister Carla and laughed.
“This dumb bitch is steaming, hot she is loving it.”
More stimulus followed pressing and rubbing the belt that encapsulated her sex bringing excessive moaning, wriggling and squirming and both Carla and Rose laughed out loud at the spectacle of the Mistress of Westfall Manor unknowingly debasing herself in front of them.
Inside her closed world Miss Nightingale believing it was Sally writhed in ecstasy
Carla turned her attention to Sally.
“Well what are we going to do with Miss Nightingale; sorry her name is Cathy now isn’t it?”
“But more importantly what are we going to do with you?”
Carla took out her cell phone and scrolling through her contacts pressed it to her ear.
“Hello, Rebecca, this is Carla Mendoza, Miss Nightingale’s housekeeper I think you and Rosalind should come over to Westfall.” Well I can’t speak over the phone but I have something here for you and Rosalind. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.”
“Monday? That’s the soonest?  O I see Miami, well Monday then.” “No that’s fine Monday around lunch time that’s fine, I look forward to seeing you both.”
Carla smiled at a very nervous Sally.
“Don’t worry dear Miss Nightingale wants to play at being a maid well I am sure her partners will be only to pleased to oblige her.”
Rose demanded the key to Miss Nightingale’s chastity belt from Sally and having removed it fingered her relentlessly. Miss Nightingale’s pussy spread and sluicing she moaned and groaned pleasurably into her gag unaware it was not Sally who was at her.
Unseen by Sally, Rose added a couple of treats of her own for the hapless Miss Nightingale before the chastity belt was eventually locked back around her steaming wet pussy. Miss Nightingale left hanging used, limp and moaning in her bindings.
Rose, taunting and humiliating the captive further, laid her sloppy fingers under Miss Nightingale's nose. Her neck strained toward the odour of the fingers her nose twitching and sniffing like an animal bringing laughter from both Carla and Rose.
The door of the red room closed and locked, leaving Miss Nightingale squirming in the silence of the empty dark room, Sally was taken down into the kitchen.
Sally looked at a pensive Miss Mendoza unsure what would happen to her.
“Should I change Mistress?”
“Back into my uniform, my house maid’s uniform?
Carla grinned.
“No you will continue with Miss Nightingale and she must not know that we have been here, understand?”
Sally agreed what else could she do and both Carla and Rose left.

Chapter 12

Sally returned to the red room and sat for a while just staring at Miss Nightingale hanging in the frame in her maid's uniform softly moaning and occasionally twitching and squirming a little more agitated than the previous night but Sally was not to know why?.
Sally eventually clambered into Miss Nightingale’s bed and spent a troubled night wondering what Miss Mendoza had planned for her and her Mistress with Miss Nightingale’s partners.
It was around nine on Sunday morning that Sally flopped from the bed and, having showered scanned, Miss Nightingale’s closets. Why not she thought and made her selection. It was many months since she had worn such clothes, designer brands from head to toe. She had to keep up the pretence and made her way to the red room.
Spinning the frame her captive came to life following her second night of sensory deprivation.
When Sally removed the blindfold it was sunken empty eyes that stared back at her. Sally took a tissue and wiped some crud from beneath Miss Nightingale’s eyes.
Sally removed the earplugs and muzzle gag before unfastening the ankle and wrist restraints.
Miss Nightingale wobbled uneasy on her feet and Sally helped her out of the red room, down the back stairs to the maid’s quarters in the basement.  
A fantasy is one thing but two nights of being trussed up without sight or sound, only her own mind taunting and teasing her, had now taken its toll.
Sally laid her limp Mistress on the small bunk and Miss Nightingale stared up at Sally without focus from the bed.
Sally leaned forward
“Cathy, Cathy are you alright?”
Miss Nightingale forced a weak smile.
“Yes Mistress.”
Sally left to fix a drink and when she returned Miss Nightingale was in the shower stripped of her uniform but the chastity belt still locked in place.
Stepping from the shower Sally offered Miss Nightingale a towel which she took with outstretched hands, the wayward look still in her eyes.
“Thank you Mistress.”
Sally was showing some concern with Miss Nightingale’s demeanour?
“Cathy do you know where you are, who am I?”
Miss Nightingale looked up slowly again a weak smile but more of a grin on her face.
“Westfall Mistress, you are my Mistress, Miss Nightingale.”
In the silence of the room Sally could hear a low buzzing a droning sound and realised it was coming from inside the chastity belt.
Fumbling with the keys Sally quickly removed the belt and has it fell from a sloppy redden crotch so too did a large throbbing vibrator that had been inserted and left running whilst Miss Nightingale had been bound and helpless. That bitch Rose must have stuck it there.
Sally stood back OMG the bitches have tipped her over the edge sent her stupid?
When Miss Nightingale rolled over on the bed a second device its batteries dead slipped from her rectum.
Sally was in shock and left her Mistress sprawled over the bed going back up to the kitchen and sat nursing large strong cup of coffee. What had they done what had she done?
How much time had elapsed Sally was unsure, but the coffee was cold in her grasp, when she heard movement on the stairs leading from her quarters.
A neatly dressed maid appeared walked before her and curtsied. She had dressed herself in another of Sally’s uniforms?
“What are my duties Mistress?”
Sally was unsure what to do, she would have to continue and pointed to the storage cabinet, was the game still in play or had something else transpired?
“Take the vacuum and clean the carpets in the main dining room and lounges.”  
Sally watched Miss Nightingale open up the cupboard, remove the vacuum cleaner and push it out down the hall. Sally could not suppress a giggle hearing the hum of the vacuum and sat back in her chair. Had Miss Nightingale truly lost her mind?
The rest of the day Cathy went about her duties directed by her Mistress Sally, Miss Nightingale.
Dinner served, the plates and cutlery sided and washed in the kitchen, Cathy returned to the lounge to be of further service.
Sally smiled and dismissed her maid intrigued to see what would happen.
Cathy curtsied turned and headed back to the maid’s quarters. When Sally went to check on her she was stripped and fast asleep in Sally’s bed.
Sally spent another night in Miss Nightingale’s room and soft comfortable bed but remained restless until sleep took her thinking of what Miss Mendoza would do when she returned.
Bleary eyed and stretching Sally woke to the aroma of fresh coffee.
A tray of coffee by the side of her bed maid Cathy stood by it and a smiling Miss Mendoza peered through the doorway.
A bobbed curtsy from the maid
“Good Morning Madame”
Sally sat up on her pillows and stared at Miss Nightingale.
“Good morning CATHY. Are you OK?”
Miss Nightingale thumbed her apron and curtsied.
“Yes Madame.”
The combination of her suppressed submissive desires, the sensory deprivation, bondage and constant virginal and anal sexual stimulation, whilst held in chastity, had fused the wiring in Miss Nightingale’s brain. Something had snapped, a breakdown of sorts, pushed over the edge by her torment and she had absorbed the persona of the perceived personality that she had craved and which had laid dormant within her subconscious, she had become Cathy, she was now Cathy the housemaid.
It was through the eyes of maid Cathy that Miss Nightingale viewed her world now aware of little else. The personality of the elegant and successful Miss Catherine Nightingale had flipped and it was this personality that had now become locked away, deep in the depths of a maid’s subconscious.
When Cathy left the bedroom Miss Mendoza stepped forward.
“Well you are to be congratulated young lady.” Miss Nightingale’s partners are going to be very pleased with you.”
Rosalind and Rebecca arrived just after noon and Miss Mendoza ushered them into one of the main lounges. Sally could hear raucous laughter standing outside the door waiting to be summoned.
Miss Mendoza opened the door to the lounge and smiled.
Bring Cathy and have her serve drinks for our guests.
Cathy entered the lounge with tray in hand and curtsied.
Rebecca and Rosalind stared at the maid holding the tray and smirked.
Rosalind stood and smiled
“Put the tray down girl we have some papers for you to sign for your Mistress, sign with her name.”
Sally watched through the open door, Miss Nightingale taking a pen in hand and without hesitation signing a series of prepared documents, transfers of stock and ownership into the possession of Rebecca and Rosalind.
Rosalind gathered the papers,placed them in her briefcase and smirked.
“Now girl we have been told you are quite a slut, is that correct”
Cathy lowered her knickers, raised her skirts to expose the device locked to her.
“Yes Miss I wear this, my Mistress says I am a whore and a slut.”
Rebecca and Rosalind looked at the wayward stare of what remained of the brilliant and elegant business women, Miss Catherine Nightingale, her mind blanked by her own recklessness locked into chastity and wearing the uniform of her desired rank, that of her own house maid.
Both Rebecca and Rosalind had coveted the fine curves of Miss Nightingale’s body for many years. Catherine Nightingale’s teasing and flaunting of herself having driven them to distraction on too many occasions.
Miss Mendoza offered Rebecca the key to Cathy’s chastity belt.
“For you ladies a new slant on the meaning of the phrase “Executive toy”
Rebecca chuckled and walked to Cathy running her hand over her ass.
“Well let’s find out just how much of a slut and a whore you are shall we Cathy?”
Rebecca and Rosalind did just that, in Miss Nightingale's own lounge and of course on future visits to Westfall Manor whenever they wished.


Sally regained her name, Jacqueline Symonds and worked for Rebecca and Rosalind. Carla and Rose Mendoza took over Westfall Manor and the Manor house was kept in pristine condition by a busy and obedient maid named Cathy. Miss Catherine Nightingale never emerged from the trauma that held her hidden and locked deep in the mind of a maid. Fleetingly maid Cathy would sometimes have visions of grandeur, living a life of luxury, but they were only dreams weren’t they?


  1. Another awesome story. Luvd every word of it.

  2. As i sed. It is a fantastic story, but. i would have had Sally remain a maid and work side by side with her ne partner. Maid cathy.

  3. Hi Lukas,
    Yes Sally could have remained a maid with Cathy being her social equal but I do sometimes feel sorry for the charaters I create especially those who, only through their naivety end up entrapped into a life of servitude. Poor Sally, she deserveda break? Of course Jacqueline Symonds should take care in her new role, rummors are spreading that she was once taken to be a cleaner and one of the junior staff thinks that she may put that to the test and, having deliberately left a mess by the water cooler smiled seeing Jacqueline on her hands and knees instinctively picking up the litter.

    But thats another story


    Hugs and Kisses
    jackie J