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Story: Miss Jacqueline Symonds. Part 1.

(Before you read another story from Jackie J, please be aware that there is another, updated version of one of her most popular stories, The Demise of Lady Charlotte Rhodes, that I've posted to re-place the older version. You can read it here).

by Jackie J

Chapter 1

At twenty six Jacqueline was quite young to have been promoted to head up the administration section of William and Basset. Based at their headquarters in London the pretty Jacqueline Symonds, a qualified accountant, was responsible, with a staff of thirty, for all incoming and outgoing communications for the international group, William and Basset supplying funding across the commercial sector. The role was demanding but being young and single Jacqueline relished the challenge often working late into the evening at the offices. Always immaculately dressed bright, articulate and at times quite bossy Jacqueline’s only flaw was that she was a bit of a snob.
Jacqueline was normally calm no matter what the crisis but this particular evening she lost her cool with the cleaner. A visit by senior executives would be taking place the following day and Jacqueline, working late again, found the cleaner had failed to ensure the office and its thirty workstations had been prepared in pristine condition despite specific instructions to do so. This was not the first time she had cause to rebuke the cleaner and the tone of her tirade bringing Annie, the cleaner, close to tears. Jacqueline along with Annie then worked late into the night to ensure everything would be perfect for the senior managements visit. Jacqueline’s parting sarcastic comment to her cleaner as she left being
“You may as well bring me one of your overalls tomorrow”
Jacqueline gave little thought to her encounter with the cleaner her mind focused on the meetings she would be having with her managers the following day.  The meetings went well and it was a smug and satisfied Jacqueline that sat at her desk in her office preparing her reports on the day’s events. Her staff had left at five and she followed around six the day could not have gone better.
It was three days later that she received a letter from the cleaning company marked strictly private and confidential requesting a meeting with her concerning the abuse of one of their staff?
The letter detailed Annie’s version of events describing the abuse she had received and drawing attention to the fact that she herself had carried out cleaning activity contrary to the company's agreements and contravening various health and safety protocols. The postscript to the letter suggested that before taking the matter further a meeting would be in her best interests to prevent litigation and to seek to handle the matter discreetly.
Signed, Ms Wolfenden, Contracts Manager, Singleton Cleaning services.
Jacqueline stared at the letter in disbelief. She had an unblemished record at William and Basset and was looking at further promotion, she could not let this trivial matter escalate and potentially ruin her career!
That evening she watched Annie arrive and start her cleaning she wanted to confront her but thought better of it considering that it could only make things worse, she would arrange a meeting with this Wolfenden woman and settle things with her.

At Ms Wolfenden’s suggestion the meeting was arranged for Friday evening when the office would be clear.
During Friday Jacqueline was distracted thinking of how to diffuse the situation with the cleaning company and when five O’clock came around and her staff had all left she sat in her office awaiting the arrival of Ms Wolfenden.
Two figures appeared at her office door, Annie the cleaner she recognised, the women with her a stout stern faced lady in her forties she took to be Ms Wolfenden. The pair entered Jacqueline’s office without invitation and stood stone faced in front of her desk.
Before Jacqueline could speak the women accompanying Annie began.
“So Miss Symonds you are the one who abused my employee are you?” “This in itself is a serious matter but, contrary to our agreements with your company, you started cleaning yourself, only trained staff are allowed to clean these offices there are strict health and safety obligations which must be adhered too at all times, from what I understand you rode roughshod through all these protocols.”
Jacqueline looked up dismayed by the women’s tone and comments
Jacqueline started to rebuff the accusations being levelled at her.
“But that is..................................................
Ms Wolfenden slapped her hand hard on the desk silencing Jacqueline and making her sit back in alarm.
Ms Wolfenden continued her voice raising an octave.
“Don’t interrupt me girl unless you want me to go straight to your directors with this.”
“So answer me yes or no to these questions did you shout at and abuse Miss Johnson?
Jacqueline had never been berated like this and in her own office? She was feeling intimidated and swallowed hard glancing over at her smirking cleaner her voice trembling.
Yes but she.....................................
Ms Wolfenden’s hand again thumped down on the desk.
“Yes or no I said I don’t want to hear your diatribe of excuses.”
“And did you carryout cleaning in these offices yes or no?”
Jacqueline fidgeted nervously in her chair.
“Yes, yes I did.”

Ms Wolfenden content she had Miss Symonds just where she wanted her continued her voice a little lower.
“And have you been trained to carry out cleaning duties?” “Are you aware of the health and safety aspects of those duties?”
Jacqueline lowered her gaze not wanting to look her inquisitor in the eye and mumbled her response
Ms Wolfenden drew up a chair and sat opposite an apprehensive and stunned Jacqueline.
“Good then we know where we stand don’t we.”
Ms Wolfenden opened up her large briefcase and removed a polythene package placing it on the desk between them and looked Jacqueline in the eye.
“From what you have just told me, which I have recorded, I have enough information to take this matter to your directors and seek significant damages from the company following which I am sure they will wish to reassess your position here?”
Jacqueline pleaded with Ms Wolfenden.
“Please no please don’t do that, you said in your letter we could handle this discretely I can pay you, pay Annie.”
Ms Wolfenden rocked back in her chair and scoffed.
“Pay me? Why would that interest me, I would get more than you could afford by suing the company.”
“No I have something else in mind for you girl, you need to be taught a lesson, brought down a peg or two open the package.”
Jacqueline’s fingers nervously pulled at the packaging her eyes going wide revealing the contents.
“What, what is this?”
Ms Wolfenden smirked and Annie giggled in the background.
“Why it’s your uniform JACKIE, see your name is already embroidered on it.”
The colour drained from Jacqueline’s face a disorientating numbness filling her senses she felt clammy and faint and stammered.
“W, w, what, what do, do you me mean m, m, my uni.... uniform?”
A document removed from Ms Wolfenden’s briefcase she pushed it in front of Jacqueline.

“You will need your cleaner’s uniform when you start as one of my part time cleaners won’t you JACKIE?”
“It’s your choice girl you either sign into my service as one of my company’s part time cleaners or I go to your directors.”  
Jacqueline meekly protested.
“But I am not a cleaner like you said I am not trained.”
Ms Wolfenden smiled picking up a pen from the desk and offered it into the trembling hand of Jacqueline.
“Sign girl, your last chance and don’t worry about training Miss Johnson will be your supervisor I am sure she will take great pleasure in putting you through your paces.”
Jacqueline read through the document, a contract agreeing to work as a part time cleaner for Singleton Cleaning services. Hours to be agreed with her supervisor Miss Johnson and a list of conditions of service that Jacqueline only had time to briefly scan before Ms Wolfenden tapped her fingers on the desk.
Jacqueline scribbled her signature at the foot of the agreement which was quickly snatched away by Ms Wolfenden.
Ms Wolfenden chuckled
“Right Jackie you start tomorrow evening let’s hope your service is satisfactory although I am sure it will be.”
Jacqueline sat back in her chair staring at the half opened package on her desk Ms Wolfenden and Annie leaving the office.  An hour must have passed Jacqueline just staring wondering what she had done what she had agreed to?
Jacqueline pushed the half opened package into her bottom drawer without fully inspecting the contents and locked it securely away before leaving the office.
That night Jacqueline tossed and turned in a disturbed sleep reconciling that she had taken the only option open to her to save her career before drifting off to sleep.
The weekend was spent reading up on contract law, that cow of a women Ms Wolfenden was right her company could have made a successful case against William and Basset had the matter gone to law. How could she have been so stupid to risk everything for what seemed such a trivial matter. Now she was faced with working for her office cleaner Annie, Miss Johnson?

Chapter 2
Monday morning came around all too soon and roused by her alarm, showered, long blonde hair brushed to a sheen, subtle makeup applied and dressed in her silk blouse and Dior business suit Jacqueline eased up the waistband of her skirt and sighed. Staring at herself in the mirror securing her diamond studs into her lobes Jacqueline contemplated the day ahead.
Drawing her Porsche into her reserved space of the underground car park Jacqueline entered the elevator and was soon at her desk. Not daring to look inside her locked bottom drawer during the day work kept her distracted from thoughts of what was to come that evening.
The lights of the main office floor dimmed as the last of her staff made their way to the exit and Jacqueline continued to key some last figures into a spreadsheet. Engrossed in her work she did not notice Annie entering her office.
Annie rarely spoke and when she did it was always with respectful deference but not today it was a totally different persona that was to confront Jacqueline Symonds.
A raised voice brought Jacqueline’s attention from her flickering screen.
“What the fuck are you playing at girl, get off that computer who do you think you are messing with Miss Symonds computer and why are you not dressed for work?”
Jacqueline looked up flabbergasted and Annie continued.
“Get out of those fancy clothes and into your uniform Jackie or Ms Wolfenden will have your hide, NOW GIRL NOW!!!”
Jacqueline just sat mesmerised she could not believe what she was hearing from her normally respectful and placid cleaner.
An angry faced Annie snatched the phone from its cradle.
Right that’s it, I am ringing Ms Wolfenden tell her you have broken your contract and she can start proceedings against the company.
That brought Jacqueline’s mind into focus.
“No, No, sorry no I will do it I will Annie please give me a few minutes.
Annie smirked resting the handset back onto the cradle
“That’s better and it is not Annie any more to you girl it is Miss Johnson understand?”
Jacqueline fumbled with her keys to open the drawer.
“Yes sorry Miss Johnson.”
Thinking the package contained just the nylon overall she had seen with her name Jackie emblazoned on it Jacqueline removed her suit jacket and prepared to don the overall pulling the package from the drawer.
Annie snatched the package and ripping it fully open let the full contents drop out onto the desk Jacqueline’s gasp was audible.
Annie laughed
“Now get those fancy fucking clothes stripped off and into your uniform you have five minutes.”
Annie left to fetch her cleaning equipment and Jacqueline stared at the ensemble laid out on the desk. Cotton panties, a plain matching bra, thick hosiery, a cheap nylon underskirt, flat soled canvas shoes and the pink calf length overall.
Fearful that Annie would call Ms Wolfenden and the consequences that would bring if she did not comply; Jacqueline hurriedly removed her clothing and dressed in the items provided for her.
The outfit, her uniform, screamed skivvy and made Jacqueline feel scruffy and awkward. To add to her discomfort none of the garments fitted well and were obviously not new carrying the scent of cheap perfume but more likely cleaning products, the combination of the musky smell of the apparel and cheap scent quickly overcoming her usual expensive fragrance.
The baggy low denier hosiery wrinkled on her legs and despite tugging for a smoother fit remained in unflattering creases.
Annie appeared at the doorway and chuckled seeing the prim and proper, usually expensively dressed Miss Symonds draped in her plain ill fitting garb.
“Your hair girl, tie it back in a ponytail that style is totally impractical for your job.”
Tossing a pack of wipes onto the desk Annie scowled
“And get that muck off your face no makeup”
“Now get your ass out here girl”
Jacqueline shuffled uncomfortably in her unfamiliar flat cloth pumps outside her office onto the main office floor where she would normally manage her thirty staff and stood awkwardly in front of her cleaner.
“Right Jackie tonight we are going to clean the office carpets.”
Annie glared at the pathetic looking Jacqueline her hair scraped back, bereft of makeup in her ill fitting shabby uniform.
“Well Jackie? Well? When I tell you something or give you an instruction what do you say?”
Jacqueline looked at Annie questioningly unsure how to respond.
Annie smirked.
“You say Yes Miss Johnson, so let me hear you, what do you say?”
Jacqueline could not believe what she was being asked, no told to do, but she could not risk Annie giving Ms Wolfenden a bad report and meekly replied.
“Yes Miss Johnson.”
Annie placed a bucket of foaming liquid in front of her trainee cleaner and tossed a scrubbing brush into it.
“First you will scrub out any hard stains you find then you will use the wet vac understand girl.”
Jacqueline looked down at the bucket.
“Yes Miss Johnson.”
Having scrubbed out a multitude of stubborn stains, around the desks of her staff on her hands and knees and with her back aching, Jackie was given instruction on how to use the wet vac by her supervisor.
It was just after 9.30pm when, under the watchful eye of her supervisor Miss Johnson, a bedraggled Jackie pushed the wet vac back into the store room. The carpets of the expansive outer office thoroughly cleaned.
Jacqueline dismissed for the evening wearily returned to her office and flopped into her chair her first shift has a cleaner completed.
Too tired to change or care Jacqueline dragged together her clothing and pushed her tired arms into the sleeves of a raincoat she kept on her coat stand. Draping the coat around her Jacqueline headed down to the garage.
Back in the comfort of her apartment she soaked the filth from her and cringed looking at her scraped knuckles and chipped nails from her scrubbing. With her “uniform” tumbling in the washer she devoured a plate of pasta then headed to bed just after eleven.
The shock of the alarm came too soon and dressed for the day, having folded her freshly laundered “Uniform” into a holdall, she arrived at work a little later than normal.
Having forgotten all about a staff briefing she had arranged a weary Jacqueline entered the meeting and made her apologies.  
The clock turning slowly and surely during the day Jacqueline was dreading the close of business but when the last of her staff left she stripped and donned her uniform, removed her makeup, scraped back her hair into a ponytail and sat at her desk awaiting the arrival of her supervisor.
Annie was not alone Ms Wolfenden was with her.
Ms Wolfenden scowled at Jacqueline.

“Well don’t just sit there girl stand when your superiors enter and I don’t think you should be sat at Miss Symonds desk either in future you will wait in the contractor's room, Miss Johnson will allocate you a locker.
Jacqueline stood and uneasily shuffled from behind her desk.
Ms Wolfenden walked slowly around her drab looking employee and toyed with her pony tail
“Jackie how well you look in your uniform, now I received a mixed report from your supervisor Miss Johnson.” “I expect only good reports in the future do you understand?”
Jacqueline knew she had to respond but how? Thankfully she got it right.
“Yes Ms Wolfenden”
Ms Wolfenden smiled and again toyed with Jacqueline’s hair.
“Good, now your supervisor is not happy with your hairstyle, totally impractical, you will get this long hair of yours cut this weekend and blonde?” “No, I don’t think that suits your position in my company, too showy, mousey brown for you.”
Ms Wolfenden gave Jacqueline a card with a name and downtown address scribbled on it.
“Go to this place and ask for Loren she will be expecting you, Saturday at ten and take the metro not that stupid car of yours understand?”
Ms Wolfenden raised her voice.
“I said do you understand girl?”
Jacqueline looked wearily at her.
“Yes Ms Wolfenden.”
Ms Wolfenden turned to Annie.
“Sort out a locker and colour code the overalls for your trainee she needs to know what day it is to remember her tasks.”
With that Ms Wolfenden was gone and Annie smirked.
“Right Jackie, first general cleaning then the windows and blinds go and fetch the cart from the store room.”
It was late around 9.30pm again that evening when all her cleaning tasks were completed. Before leaving Annie gave Jacqueline a locker key number 984 and told her to change in the contractor’s room the next day.
It was around four thirty on the Wednesday when Jacqueline was summoned to the upper floor by Glen Rodgers, one of the vice presidents, for a snap briefing concerning interest rate adjustments. Jacqueline was becoming increasingly agitated as the clock ticked towards five then five thirty she was going to be late for her shift?
The meeting wrapped up just after six and Mr Rodgers approached Jacqueline whilst she was preparing to leave.
“Miss Symonds is everything alright you seem a little on edge none of your usual questions at briefing today?”
What could she say, she is moonlighting as a cleaner to save her ass, perhaps this was a time to come clean, get it over with, but she didn’t.
“Sorry Mr Rodgers no everything is fine no problem just a little tired that’s all.”
With a degree of concern Mr Rodgers watched one of the company’s brightest stars leave the conference room without the usual spring in her step. Thinking that perhaps the organisation was working her too hard he made a mental note to talk with human resources about her.
When Jacqueline first joined William and Basset as an intern, Glen Rodgers made a move on her which she rejected. Glen wasn’t too bothered picking up with another of the fresh meat joining the company, not all the girls were has fussy about how they could climb the greasy pole. It was some time ago but Glen had not totally forgotten his rejection and humiliation by the feisty newcomer.
Creeping into the contractor's room Jacqueline opened her locker to find a series of the nylon smocks hung neatly, six pastel shades, pink, lime green, Primrose yellow, light blue, mauve and turquoise.  Jacqueline sighed removing the yellow overall, with a W for Wednesday on the inside label, then adding her underwear to her grasp turned to the rails and benches to change.
The lace trim on the underskirt was loose from poor sewing and hung scruffily below the hem of her overall. Pushing her feet into the dirty canvas shoes she went out into the main offices to find her supervisor.
Annie was busy with the vacuum at the far end of the offices and having kicked off the power, strode purposely towards her trainee. Before Jacqueline could speak to explain her lateness Annie slapped her across the face.
“I don’t want to hear your excuses girl, you start at five thirty, and you will be dressed and ready for work in the locker room. I don’t care about any other job you have at five thirty you are mine understand girl?”
Jacqueline was shocked stunned her cleaner had slapped her? Whilst Jacqueline was composing her response another stinging slap was delivered to her other cheek dropping her to her knees.
Annie Grabbed hold of Jacqueline’s ponytail and gave it a twist for control and sneered down at her.
“The only words I want to hear from you Jackie is sorry Miss Johnson I will never ever be late for my shift again.”
“Well what do you say girl.”

Jacqueline was in shock tears on her cheek, a combination of her tiredness her dowdy attire and Annie’s aggression she felt, humble, submissive and whimpered meekly.
“Sorry Miss Johnson I will never ever be late for my shift again.”
Pulled to her feet by her hair Jacqueline was thrust towards the vacuum cleaner.
“Finish of the vacuuming then polish all the surfaces I do not want to see a blemish on the glass panels.”
Annie raised her hand bringing an instant response of deference from a cowering Jacqueline.
“Yes Miss Johnson.”
A late start to her cleaning shift brought a late finish and it was heading toward eleven when Jacqueline made it back to her apartment. Tired and confused how could she be letting these two women bully her like they were? She was a senior manager at William and Basset yet she was willingly working shifts for the cleaning company. The office cleaner was now her supervisor and on her shift that night she had been humiliated and slapped.
All night she wrestled with the contradiction of her current situation but could see no way out. She would have to work through it and reconciled to make sure she did everything perfectly that Annie, the cleaner, her supervisor, demanded of her. If she could show they had won, taught her a lesson perhaps they would back off and let her get on with her life.
The rest of the week Jacqueline was always on time five thirty each evening waiting in the contractor's locker room dressed in her cleaners smock ready for her shift.
Yes Miss Johnson, No Miss Johnson three bags full Miss Johnson Jackie the cleaner swept scrubbed and polished her way through the office suites. True she was tired never getting home until ten in the evening and it was showing with her day job. Silly errors that she had never made in the past, late arrival at the office and these were becoming of increasing interest to vice president Glen Rodgers.
When weekend arrived Jacqueline was surprised when her supervisor let her leave her cleaning shift early and was home for eight. A number of messages on her answer phone were waiting from her small circle of friends wondering why she had not been seen at the gym or Royals wine bar, one of her usual haunts.
Jacqueline sagged into the sofa looking forward to two days of rest then remembered the appointment she had been told to keep by Ms Wolfenden. With this on her mind and returning from the kitchen with a mackerel salad her doorbell chimed. It was the concierge with a parcel which he handed to her.
“Delivered for you this afternoon Miss Symonds.”
“Have a nice weekend.”

Jacqueline did not recognise the return address label or the writing and was somewhat intrigued?
Having finished her dinner and showered Jacqueline placed the parcel on her coffee table and opened it ???????
It looked like a shipment to a jumble sale or clothing collected for developing countries perhaps Oxfam? Perhaps someone died or left town, but why delivered here? Jacqueline was about to attempt to rewrap the parcel when she spotted a large envelope underneath the garments which she opened then staggered back to the sofa feeling faint.
It was from her, Ms Wolfenden.
The envelope contained a series of photographs showing Jackie the cleaner changing into her uniform and others of her hard at work in her own offices even one of her cleaning the wash rooms.
The enclosed letter was simple.
I hope you like the pictures JACKIE and of course the clothes for your appointment tomorrow and don’t be late 10.00 am sharp.
Jacqueline burst into tears and sobbed for most of the night.
Chapter 3
Saturday morning and Jacqueline was dreading what was in store for her. Pulling the items one by one from the package she sighed she would never wear anything like this it was cheap and tarty.
Leopard print leggings a push up bra and tight vest top complemented by a pair of scuffed heels she looked like a hooker! Making her way through the entrance to her building the concierge whistled.
“A vicars and tarts party Miss Symonds?”
Jacqueline said nothing her head down she wiggled in the heels to the metro.
Jacqueline had never been stared at like she was that day. She felt nervous and vulnerable but as the metro made its way from her uptown address towards downtown she increasingly blended in with the other passengers. Thankfully her walk from the metro to the address she had been given was short.
Entering the scruffy salon she was met by a heavily tattooed girl.
“Jacqueline Symonds I have an appointment, I was told to ask for Loren?”
The girl ran her finger down a tatty diary on the desk then turned and screeched into the noisy salon.
“It’s Jackie the girl from the cleaners.”
The girl pointed into the salon and Jacqueline followed her to a chair and bowl.
“Loren is with one of her regulars, I am Bella I will be doing your hair Rose will do your nails.”
Bella stroked her fingers through Jacqueline’s fine blonde hair and sighed, the highlights and cut obviously expensive.
“Short bob and brown that’s right isn’t it”
What option did Jacqueline have Ms Wolfenden had decided what was to be done and she had to go along with whatever she had planned for her and spoke reluctantly.
“Yes, yes whatever Ms Wolfenden has arranged for me.”
The girl whisked cloth around Jacqueline’s shoulders and began to cut.
Long blonde tresses littered the floor around her and Jacqueline fought back her tears.
Bella showed Jacqueline two colour options and she just pointed and nodded unable to speak for fear of breaking down in tears.
Dried and what remained of her hair brushed out Jacqueline sat quietly whilst Rose worked on her damaged nails. Jacqueline had previously had her long nails manicured but with most now chipped or broken she had no alternative but to let Rose cut them back short.
Jacqueline was in a trance making her way back to her apartment she felt she had been violated not daring to glance at her reflection in the windows she passed.
Back in the sanctuary of her home she kicked off the heels and ripped off the rags she had been told to wear and headed for the shower. Over an hour she sat sobbing under the flush of the shower cursing herself for agreeing to all this. It could not go on it had to stop but how??? Ms Wolfenden now had photographs of her cleaning in her uniform.
Hiding away in her apartment for the weekend she let the phone ring and listened to the messages left by her friends who were still wondering where she was. Sunday morning around ten the apartment door bell chimed, it was Connie her friend who lived in the same block.
Connie Fletcher worked for Clements and Sinclair, a competitor of William and Basset, in a more junior role than Jacqueline but was ambitious and hoped to eventually work her way up to a similar management role like that Jacqueline enjoyed. Jacqueline was ambitious but Connie was ruthlessly ambitious. Unbeknown to Jacqueline Connie had spent time between the sheets with Glen Roberts the vice president at Jacqueline’s company, on the promise of a position that never transpired but Connie had not given up hope.
Having spied Connie through the peephole Jacqueline opened the door.
Connie took a double take seeing Jacqueline’s cropped bob style hair and colour change.
“Wow hon. that is extreme! But hey I like it when did you decide on that you never said?”
Jacqueline could not tell her friend she hated it and she had been told to have her hair cut and coloured by the manager of a cleaning company who she was now working part time for?
With all the conviction she could muster, under the circumstances Jacqueline forced a smile gripping a tuft of short hair behind her ear.
“I just wanted a change something radical; do you really like it Connie?”
Connie surveyed the cut which was obviously not up to her friends usual standards but said nothing.
“Sure, sure a little boyish but you have the looks to carry that off.”
“So where have you been all week haven’t seen you at the gym or the wine bar I have telephoned you a few times?”
Jacqueline stared at her friend should she tell her, could she tell her, confide in her? No of course not.
“It’s just something at work you know how it is.”
Connie retrieved a bottle of wine from the chill cabinet set down two glasses and poured.
“Well go on then what is it? I noticed that your car was missing when I got back from the gym during the week, is it a boy? Come on Connie I needs to know?”
Jacqueline smiled probably the first smile all week and blushed slightly.
“No, no nothing like that, just work like I said, I will sort it, I will have too?”
The two chatted into the late evening Jacqueline desperate to tell her friend what was happening to her but couldn’t find the courage.
Monday morning at work and the comments on her hairstyle from her staff were mixed. Polite acceptance by some gushing praise from others with no one actually criticising the drastic style change Jacqueline knew it was a disaster.
During the week Jacqueline juggled her management role with her after hours cleaning duties. By the end of the week she was drained and during the week she again had made a number of errors, missed one important, a meeting at a client and had also been late arriving on two days.
The following Monday Jacqueline was called to the office of the human resources manager.
Entering the office sat with the HR manager was Glen Rodgers a concerned look on his face.
A gentle but never the less grilling of her recent performance took place but Jacqueline managed to conceal the reason for her tardiness and promised to get back on track. Glen was not convinced sensing that something was wrong and at the close of the meeting decided to investigate further.
Knowing that Jacqueline always stayed late in the office and suspecting that perhaps she could be involved with a competitor, on the Wednesday evening he decided to see for himself what was going on.
Hidden from view his jaw dropped seeing Jacqueline dressed in her cleaners garb taking orders from the cleaner, addressing her as Miss Johnson and herself answering to the name Jackie. He watched in amazement as she was ordered around the offices scrubbing cleaning and polishing.
He wanted to jump out and confront the situation but held back watching the prim and proper Miss Symonds, the girl who thought she was too good for him, dressed in her overall, a cleaner’s skivvy. But why he had to find out.
Glen Rodgers said nothing just watched and chuckled to himself but the following day telephoned Singletons cleaning services to arrange a meeting under the auspices of a contract renewal.
Ms Wolfenden met with Glen Rodgers and her eyes sparkled as Glen alluded to the possibility of a new five year contract and at an increased price.
Ms Wolfenden was almost salivating at the prospect until Glen dropped his bombshell. He had seen Miss Symonds dressed in a cleaner’s uniform working meekly under the supervision of one of Ms Wolfenden's cleaners and asked for an explanation, telling her that the whole contract would depend on her answer.
Ms Wolfenden, her face turning Crimson, fearing that the existing contract would be lost let alone the possibility of the new one, decided to come clean.
“Look I am sorry it’s just that I wanted to teach that uppity bitch a lesson.”
Ms Wolfenden relayed the chain of events, how Jacqueline had berated and abused Annie the regular cleaner and then worked with her to prepare the offices for a special visit. How she had convinced Miss Symonds that unless she agreed to work has a cleaner for her she would sue William and Basset for abuse and breaching health and safety protocols.
Ms Wolfenden assuring Glen that this would never have been the case it was just to scare Miss Symonds, when Miss Symonds agreed there was no one more surprised than herself. The severe hair cut and colour that was Annie’s idea to make her have her hair cut and dyed, a last bit of payback before we ended her torment.
“Look we can stop that right away no problem we were going to call a halt at the end of the week anyway, we have had our fun with her.”
“Please don’t let that prevent us getting the new contract.”
Glen sat back and smiled at the explanation given by Ms Wolfenden.
“Very interesting but how did you manage to keep our surly Miss Symonds working for you?”
Ms Wolfenden had the William and Basset file on her desk for the meeting and removed a contract and some pictures from the back of the file.
“I had her sign one of our employee contracts, it locks our cleaning staff into our company, could not believe she signed that.”I will shred it for you, I will do that now so you know we have no hold on her” “And these pictures of her cleaning and getting  dressed in her uniform I will shred these to.”
Glen reached across the desk and placed his hand on the contract and pictures.
“Let’s not be so hasty shall we.”
Glen Rodgers smiled looking at the photographs and read through the contract and chuckled.
“In view of this, and on reflection, for you to obtain the five year contract I don’t want you to stop employing Miss Symonds as you were planning to do, on the contrary, it would be a condition of the contact that she remains in your employ.”
Ms Wolfenden looked quizzically at Glen Rodgers.
“But she works for your company she only works for us part time.”
Glen picked up the contract signed by Jacqueline along with the pictures and smirked.
“Well things change don’t they and I think I can trust you to ensure they do change for your cleaner JACKIE and I will look after Miss Symonds if you catch my drift?”
“So if we have an accord I will await receipt of your agreement for the new five year contract to sign.”
“Well can I leave things in your capable hands?
Glen reached over the desk offering his hand which was met by Ms Wolfenden’s and the deal was sealed on a brisk handshake.

Chapter 4
Thursday at five thirty Jacqueline was dressed ready for her shift sat by the rails when Ms Wolfenden walked in and smiled.
“All ready for you Shift JACKIE “
Jacqueline stood quickly.
“Yes Ms Wolfenden”
Ms Wolfenden walked towards Jacqueline and ran her fingers over the lapel of her overall and smirked.
“Light blue it must be Thursday”
“And what are your duties this evening girl?”
Jacqueline thought for a moment then rhymed of what must be done during her Thursday shift.
Wash rooms, toilets bleached, door mats changed, vacuum all carpets, beat rugs, clean and polish all doors, front windows washed, blinds dusted, front twenty desks polished, pictures aligned and dusted, My, sorry Miss Symonds office cleaned, all trash emptied, waste bins washed.
Ms Wolfenden smiled and ran her large hand over Jacqueline’s cropped hair.
“Very good Jackie we are making a very good cleaner of you and your hair very nice very practical for a cleaner.”
Ms Wolfenden took hold of Jacqueline’s hands and turning them over inspected her clipped nails, no longer manicured long and polished a centimetre at most protruding from each finger.
“Very neat Jackie perhaps you should thank me for arranging your hair and nails with Loren?”
“Well what do you say girl?”
Jacqueline shuffled awkwardly
“Thank you Ms Wolfenden.”
Annie strode through the door.
“There you are I thought you were late again, go and get your cleaning cart girl and then into the wash rooms I want to see everything sparking when I inspect them.”
Jacqueline paid her supervisor due deference
“Yes Miss Johnson.”
Friday morning and Jacqueline had barely settled into her end of week routines when the human resources manager and Glen Rodgers entered her office and closed the door behind them, never a good sign?
The HR manager began in her sugary tone.
“Jacqueline dear we have been discussing our last meeting with you it seems you still have some, well issues? Is there something we need to know?
Jacqueline looked up at their two expectant faces.
“What? What do you mean?
Glen Rodgers interjected.
“Look Jacqueline things are obviously not right we want you to take some time off a week, perhaps two.” “You have leave due take a break a holiday get away for a while.”
“The mistakes you have been making, you look worn out, being late arriving at the office, missing meetings, your staff depend on you a short break and you will return refreshed.”
The HR manager continued.
“It’s for your own good dear, you have just been working too hard, the decision has been made now why don’t you head home we will be in touch.”
Glen opened the office door and stood back an invitation for Jacqueline to leave.
Glen spoke has Jacqueline passed him on her way out
“Jacqueline if you need to talk my door is always open you know that.”
Jacqueline in a daze from what had just happened turned and half smiled.
“Thank you Mr Rodgers.”
Feelings of surprise, worry, confusion filled Jacqueline’s mind has she made her way to her car but most of all relief. Those two bitches will have to find someone else to do the cleaning. When they look for me tonight at five thirty I won’t be there.
Driving back to her apartment Jacqueline resolved to visit her own salon first thing in the morning to trim out the poor cut, remove the hideous mousey brown colour from her hair and get a manicure.
Back at William and Basset Glen Rodgers on returning to his office immediately contacted Ms Wolfenden telling her that her employee JACKIE would be available for the next two weeks.
It was true Jacqueline had taken no leave during the year and with what had happened with the cleaning company she was drained. That evening Jacqueline trawled the internet for late breaks looking for something different.
Jacqueline’s friend Connie called by around eight and the rest of the evening was spent discussing vacation options over a few glasses of wine. Connie could not join her at short notice but having watched Jacqueline book her break wished Jacqueline well when she left around midnight.

Waking early Jacqueline was showered and dressed and looking forward to her break. Her luggage packed and placed by the door she was looking forward to hitting the beach.
Hearing the chime of her door bell Jacqueline made her way to the door smiling expecting it was her taxi. The smile fell from her face seeing who the visitor was.
Ms Wolfenden strode uninvited into Jacqueline’s apartment.
“Mmmmm very nice, cosy, expensive no doubt, one would need a very good job and salary to maintain a place like this.”
“But of course you still have one don’t you, wouldn’t want to put that at risk would we JACKIE.”
Jacqueline was seething, what this woman was doing here striding in like she owned the place. But Ms Wolfenden’s words were poignant making it clear she could wreck Jacqueline’s career should she choose.
Jacqueline bit her tongue trying to be polite
“What do you want why are you here, I am on vacation from William and Basset for two weeks, I leave this evening.”
Ms Wolfenden smirked.
“A vacation and you never thought to tell me?” “You missed your shift last night and for that there will be consequences.”
“Your other employer may be happy for you to take a vacation but I don’t recall allowing you any leave JACKIE?”
“If you have more free time then you have more time to work for me!”
“Remember the contract you signed, you work the hours that I say you will.”
Jacqueline pleaded with Ms Wolfenden to let her go on holiday she would carry on cleaning for her when she returned if she must.
Ms Wolfenden smiled at Jacqueline’s pathetic pleading.
“Sorry JACKIE but I have a business to run clients to service and it is very opportune that you are free for two weeks because I have a vacancy that I am sure will be perfect for you.”
Ms Wolfenden picked up Jacqueline’s packed cases from the door and smiled.
“Well come on girl if you want to keep that precious job of yours you will come with me and forget about your vacation.”

Jacqueline was almost in tears but she had no choice.
Grabbing her purse with her passport and travel documents she followed Ms Wolfenden out of her apartment and down to the parking lot.
Connie was at the reception desk talking with the concierge when Ms Wolfenden carrying Jacqueline’s luggage and Jacqueline passed through the lobby. It looked natural enough Jacqueline dressed for her vacation and obviously a female taxi driver taking her to the airport.
Connie waved.
“Have a great holiday Jacqueline see you in two weeks.”
Jacqueline should have run over to her friend told her everything but she meekly returned Connie’s gesture and trooped down the stairwell behind Ms Wolfenden to where Ms Wolfenden’s van was parked.
Ms Wolfenden opened up the back of her van and threw Jacqueline’s cases inside.
“Get in girl.”
Bundled Inside the back of the Van the doors slammed Jacqueline into total darkness and starting to quietly sob as the van pulled away.
An hour it could have been longer and the van pulled to a halt. The doors opened and Ms Wolfenden helped Jacqueline from the back of the van. The bright neon of a remote diner shimmered in the dusk sky and Ms Wolfenden guided a confused Jacqueline inside.
“Take a seat, Coffee?”
Jacqueline nodded.
“Yes Coffee thank you but where are we? Where are you taking me?”
Ms Wolfenden just smiled.
“I will get the coffees”
Ms Wolfenden placed the coffee down in front of Jacqueline then sat opposite.
“Where are we?”  “This is Debbie’s Diner like the sign says outside.”
“Where am I taking you?” “You are to be Miss Nightingale’s house maid; her regular maid is visiting a sick relative so you will be taking her place for two weeks.”
Jacqueline was about to protest when Ms Wolfenden spoke in a menacing tone.
“Remember one word from me to your directors and your career at William and Basset will be over so don’t forget that. As far as everyone knows you are on vacation so if you know what’s good for you it will stay that way understand?”
Jacqueline was mortified she was being taken to be a housemaid but Ms Wolfenden was right she couldn’t risk her career and responded accordingly.
“Yes Ms Wolfenden I understand.”
Ms Wolfenden’s eyes tightened into a smile and slid a holdall; she had carried into the diner with her under the table to Jacqueline’s feet.
“Well then best get you ready hadn’t we, cannot have you arriving at Miss Nightingale's looking like that can we?”  “Take the bag and change in the restroom.”
It was a somewhat embarrassed and meek Jacqueline that emerged from the rest rooms and quickly retook her seat aware her heeled steps had been followed from the rest room to the booth by many inquiring eyes.
Ms Wolfenden handed Jacqueline a lanyard with a formal photograph ID attached
“Sally Brown” “Domestic Maid” “Singleton Cleaning Services”
“This will be your name whilst you are in service to Miss Nightingale, do as you are told and there will be no need for anyone to know who you really are.”
Jacqueline stared at the name her title and photograph on the Identity card. The photograph taken at the salon showing her hair short and dark, no makeup, plain and ordinary nothing like her passport or driving licence? Her hair on these documents long and blonde, subtle makeup enhancing her features, a pretty girl oozing confidence. The photograph on the ID reflective of what the title suggested a Domestic Maid a domestic maid named Sally Brown!
Ms Wolfenden smirked
“You will need this Sally all my domestics wear them.”
“Now stand up let me get a good look at you in that pretty uniform.”
Jacqueline stood uneasily from her seat in her maid’s uniform. A long sleeved black woollen dress with a broad belt to the high waist, the hem of the dress resting heavy on her calves with a hint of her petticoat beneath. A lace trimmed high collar with matching cuffs, black seamed stockings and stout black laced shoes with kitten heels.
  Ms Wolfenden took a picture of her latest domestic and smiled handing Jacqueline a lace trimmed waist apron from the holdall that Jacqueline had declined to add to her ensemble.
“Put on your apron SALLY that’s a good girl.”
The apron tied in place Jacqueline caught her reflection in the large window behind the booth was that really her was she really doing this? What option did she have?
Ms Wolfenden stood from the booth.
“Perfect, you look perfect Sally now let us go and meet the head housekeeper at Miss Nightingale’s estate.”
Chapter 5

Allowed to sit in the front of the van for the rest of the journey Jacqueline became aware that her purse, phony passport, flight tickets cash and the keys to her apartment and car were all in the back of the van along with her luggage.
When they pulled off the highway through large iron gates entering a long driveway and sensing they had arrived at the destination, Jacqueline plucked up the courage to speak and ask about her things in the back of the van.
Ms Wolfenden brought the van to a sudden halt and stared intently at Jacqueline.
“And why would you want those Sally, Just remember who you are, read your ID badge you are just one of Singleton cleaning Services Domestic Maids.” “All the things in the back of the van belong to Miss Symonds Miss Jacqueline Symonds not Sally Brown a common maid.”
“Given your service here for Miss Nightingale is satisfactory you will get those things back when I collect you in a fortnight’s time.”
“I warn you any nonsense from you about being anyone other than who you are, that is Sally Brown domestic maid, and I will go straight to Mr Rodgers understand GIRL?”  
Jacqueline wished she had not raised the matter and meekly responded.
“Sorry Ms Wolfenden.”
The van continued to the gravel apron in front of the imposing house and pulled in at a side entrance.
Ms Wolfenden turned off the engine.
“Right Sally get out let me introduce you.”
The place was quiet and a little bit creepy; a dim light over the doorway guided them to the steps by the door.
A shrill bell echoed inside and a large smartly dressed lady appeared.
“Ms Wolfenden I thought you had got lost come inside and this is the temporary maid is it?
Carla Mendoza, head housekeeper for Miss Nightingale, had been fully briefed about Jacqueline Symonds and knew exactly who her new maid Sally was or who she was.
Carla pulled Jacqueline roughly into the light by her arm.
“Right girl down the hallway through the door on the left, down into the basement fourth door on the right, will be staying there. “ “I expect you dressed and ready for your duties at six O’clock”
Carla pointed to a room halfway along the hallway.
“You will be in there at six O’clock tomorrow morning understand girl?”
Jacqueline first looked sheepishly at Ms Wolfenden and then at the foreboding women giving out her instructions.
Her hesitation was met with her first admonishment.
“When I tell you something I expect a response you stupid girl.”
“A bob curtsy and Yes Mistress understand?”
The obvious anger in the women’s face brought a nervous stoop into a clumsy curtsy from Jacqueline.
“Yes Mistress.”
Ms Wolfenden smiled.
“Carla dear like I said Sally is rather new to domestic service but I am sure that during the coming weeks you will ensure she becomes a perfect house maid.
Carla glared at her replacement maid.
“Well what are you still doing here you stupid girl get to your quarters.”
Jacqueline almost tripped into a curtsy before scurrying up the hallway.
Finding her quarters Jacqueline looked around the sparsely furnished room a stark contrast to her own tastefully furnished and decorated apartment.
The bathroom compact but clean, very clean, the closet containing uniforms and underwear the same has she was now wearing, a single bed, a set of drawers and with being in the basement no windows.
Jacqueline sat on the edge of the bed and put her head in her hands what was she doing? What had she agreed to?
Stripped and beneath the thin sheets of the hard bed Jacqueline struggled to sleep her mind haunted by thoughts of what was to come.
A large clock by the door of her room with an ornate bell on either side ticked closer to 6am. Jacqueline had washed and dressed and sat on her bed dreading what the day ahead would bring.
Two minutes before six and Jacqueline made her way to the room that Miss Mendoza had pointed out to her.
Jacqueline was feeling awkward, uneasy if not a little bit frightened.
Miss Mendoza entered the room and smiling placed her rough hand below Jacqueline’s chin lifting her head.
“Sally, Sally Brown, welcome to Westfall Manor the home of Miss Nightingale.” “Despite what your manager, Miss Wolfenden, said about you being unfamiliar with the duties of a house maid I assure you that is about to change.”
“Should I have any trouble with you, any trouble at all you will be punished and I don’t mean a strongly worded letter.”
Miss Mendoza pointed to a leather strap hanging on the wall.
Jacqueline gulped knowing the Amazon of a woman would have no reservations about using it.
She continued.
“Miss Wolfenden may not have told you but I am very strict and have a number of rules that you will do well not to break during your time here.”
“You will follow my orders to the letter without question, responding with a curtsy and Yes Mistress, you will address me has Mistress and curtsey at all times.” “In the unlikely event that Miss Nightingale has reason to speak with you you will curtsy and address her as Madame.” “You will only speak when spoken too and you will not fraternise with anyone.” “You will report here each morning at 6am to receive your instructions for the day unless I have told you otherwise.”
“Now, your work here at Westfall Manor, Miss Nightingale along with her business partners, has numerous financial interests and entertains on a regular basis you will ensure the guests suites are maintained to the highest standards and serve at table when guests are visiting, this along with your general cleaning duties.”
“Should I receive any complaint.........”
Miss Mendoza smirked and pointed to the strap on the wall again.
“Well that is not going to happen is it GIRL?”
Jacqueline’s mind was in turmoil what was happening to her?
Miss Mendoza continued
“Well Girl do you understand?
Jacqueline bobbed curtsy her mouth dry her voice weak.
“Yes Mistress.”
Miss Mendoza removed her hand from below Jacqueline’s trembling chin and stood back.
“Right Girl follow me and listen carefully I will tell you these things only once.
A tour of the residence given, Jacqueline followed behind Miss Mendoza.
“This is where you eat in the kitchen, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, cook will make sure you eat well eating times are 5.00am noon and 7.30pm.”
“This is the dining room familiarise yourself with the layout of the room. Table is set according to the instruction in this file even a stupid girl like you should be able to follow this.”
“The other downstairs rooms are out of bounds to you, don’t let me find that you have even thought of entering them understand girl?”
Jacqueline bobbed curtsy
“Yes Mistress.”
“This is the main staircase don’t ever use it, you will use the back stairs leading from the kitchen.”
Having arrived on the first floor by way of the domestic’s stairway Jacqueline was shown the opulent guest suites that she will be responsible for. Bright airy and luxuriously furnished everything in the room gleamed not a thing out of place like a showroom.
Miss Mendoza closed the door to the last of the five suites and showed her maid into the storeroom containing neatly folded linen, towels, cleaning equipment along with bathroom essentials.
“Right girl let’s get you to work shall we, strip all the beds replace with fresh linen and service the en suites Miss Nightingale will be having guests this evening and some will be staying over.”
Miss Mendoza left Jacqueline alone in the store room but returned within minutes handing her a lacy cap.
“Don’t let me see without this on understand Girl?”
Jacqueline bobbed an improving curtsy
“Yes Mistress.”
Jacqueline made a start on the first guest suite and by the time she had finished all of the suites a huge pile of linen overflowed from her laundry cart which she pushed slowly toward the stairwell leading down to the kitchen.
Why would she know what to do with the Laundry, how could she know?
Jacqueline entered the kitchen and smiled at who she took to be cook.
“Excuse me but where do I take the Laundry?
The girl turned from her bubbling pans and pointed without a word to the back of the kitchen.
Jacqueline walked the short distance to where the girl had pointed and walking down some stone steps found the laundry.
Four trips up and down the stairway and she had all the dirty sheets and towels in the laundry.
Miss Mendoza appeared at the entrance to the laundry finding a puzzled Jacqueline struggling to work the somewhat dated washing machine.
“What are you doing you stupid girl get that load into the washer you have no time to dawdle.”
An angry faced head housekeeper walked to where her maid was struggling.
Clicking the catch the machine door sprung open.
“There stupid, not rocket science is it, now get that laundry in the machine.”
Jacqueline heaped sheets and pillowcases into the washer then looked around for the detergent.
Miss Mendoza could see that her maid was starting to get flustered and pushed a little more.
“Come on stupid get a move on what is it, get the powder and brightener in and close the door.”
Jacqueline was all fingers and thumbs being pressured as she was and spilt the powder over the floor.
Miss Mendoza raised her voice
“You are hopeless as well as stupid aren’t you girl get that mess cleaned up.”
Jacqueline looked around unfamiliar where things were stored.
Another excuse for Miss Mendoza to berate her increasingly nervous maid.
“Come on stupid the brush and dust pan are in the corner cupboard.”
The rest of the day Jacqueline was continually harassed and harried as she went about her duties under the strict supervision of Miss Mendoza. By the end of her first day Jacqueline was drained and on edge. Simple as most of the tasks were harangued tirelessly by her tormentor, Miss Mendoza, she had made silly mistakes each one picked upon by Miss Mendoza making Jacqueline feel inadequate. Jacqueline constantly referred to not as Sally but “Stupid Girl”
The rest of the week Sally Brown was kept busy with domestic chores from dawn until dusk and beyond.
Thursday morning whilst scrubbing the parquet floors of the main hallway she was aware of the clip of heels heading down the passageway. Looking up she saw a smartly dressed lady walking serenely towards her, Miss Nightingale? The elegant lady sneered down at her and walked past without a word reinforcing Jacqueline’s feelings of inferiority that Miss Mendoza was constantly instilling in her. The weekend brought no respite for Miss Mendoza’s hapless maid folding napkins, cleaning cutlery and glasses, dusting and polishing.
Saturday evening Miss Nightingale held a dinner party at which Sally Brown served table. It was a timid nervous maid that bobbed curtsies to the gathered guests and waited on their every need under the supervision of a smiling Miss Mendoza. The first week of Jacqueline’s time in service as a house maid had seemed like an age. Worked hard and disciplined by Miss Mendoza’s sharp tongue and belittling remarks Jacqueline’s self worth and confidence was being slowly and surely drained from her.

Left in the kitchen alone to wash the sided pots, plates, cups, cutlery and glasses from the party the sounds of conversations and laughter trickled from the main house where Miss Nightingale was entertaining. Jacqueline was at her wits end it was all too much and burst into a flood of tears. What was happening to her she had a successful career at William and Basset she wore designer clothes not this tardy maids uniform!! She had enough of Miss Mendoza’s treatment of her and throwing down the pot towel turned from the sinks to find and confront the head housekeeper.
As she approached the door from the kitchen a wild eyed Miss Mendoza stood framed in the doorway.
“And where are you going Stupid?”
Jacqueline was taken aback the large women’s threatening presence making her cower away.
“Well stupid have you finished the washing up have you, have you girl?”
Jacqueline’s eyes were drawn to the strap from the wall now dangling in Miss Mendoza’s hand.
Stepping back slowly from the advancing Miss Mendoza dropping a curtsy Jacqueline’s voice trembled she felt weak her bravado from moments before dissipated replaced by nothing but trepidation and humility.
“No Mistress.”
A large hand grabbed Jacqueline by the scruff of the neck and pressed her down over the cutting block in the centre of the kitchen making Jacqueline squeal.
Miss Mendoza snarled and was inside her maid’s skirts tugging down her panties then spreading Jacqueline’s skirts over her hips exposing her bottom.
“No Mistress? I wanted to hear Yes Mistress given you where on your way out of the kitchen without being given permission to leave?” “Have I taught you nothing during this last week?”
The first strike of the strap hit home on Jacqueline’s presented buttocks making her yelp.
“Stop, stop, stop you can’t do this to me stop!”
Miss Mendoza’s grip tightened as Jacqueline wriggled for release.
Thwack, Thwack, Thwack, Thwack, Thwack, Thwack,
Six strokes of the strap followed leaving a distraught Jacqueline hanging limp and tearful over the block released from Miss Mendoza’s loosening grip.
Leaving Jacqueline’s knickers gathered at her ankles Miss Mendoza pulled her maids skirts back down over her reddened backside.
“Well Sally Brown as you have painfully witnessed I can and I did and I will again do you understand?”

Jacqueline shamed and humiliated sobbed her response of compliance.
“Yes Mistress.”
Miss Mendoza smirked at the broken Jacqueline Symonds, Sally Brown, housemaid.
“Get those knickers pulled up and finish your work girl.”
Jacqueline stooped and drew up her panties her teary eyes focused on the powerful figure of Miss Mendoza.
Her bottom burning, a curtsy dropped, deference paid, Maid Sally returned to the sinks.
Jacqueline’s taste of Miss Mendoza’s strap was a watershed for her there would be no more rebellious thoughts from the increasingly subservient maid Sally Brown. Jacqueline’s thoughts now only to willingly serve the wishes of the head housekeeper Miss Mendoza and her escape from her clutches at the end of the coming week.

Chapter 6
Wednesday and Jacqueline, having refreshed the guest suites, was preparing table in the dining room for another of Miss Nightingale's dinner parties. When Miss Mendoza and Miss Nightingale entered she instinctively curtsied and chirped out her greeting.
“Madame, Mistress”
Both gave the busy maid a contemptuous glare.
Miss Nightingale picked up a piece of crystal from the set table to inspect its gleam.
Jacqueline could not help but stare at the confident Miss Nightingale in her figure hugging designer dress her long raven black hair like her makeup immaculate. A waft of her expensive perfume drifted across the room when she returned the glass back into place.
Miss Nightingale approached a nervous Jacqueline.
“Miss Mendoza tells me that you have responded well to her training girl.”
Jacqueline was held in the gaze of this beautiful women and bobbed curtsy.
“Yes Madame, thank you Madame.”
Miss Nightingale continued a smile forming on her glossed lips lightly adjusting and straightening Jacqueline’s maids cap.
“And pretty too, sad eyes but pretty, Sally isn’t it, your name?”
Jacqueline felt strange being inspected and surveyed Miss Nightingale’s superior demeanour reminding her of her old headmistress who would check the girl’s uniforms after assembly each morning.
Miss Nightingale's intoxicating perfume filled Jacqueline’s senses and coupled with the soft educated tone of her voice had Jacqueline a little doe eyed.
“Well girl answer me, your name, your name is Sally?”
Another instinctively bobbed curtsy Jacqueline replied.
“Yes Madame, my name is Sally.”
Miss Nightingale stroked her manicured nails over the lace trimmed lapels of Jacqueline’s maid’s dress making Jacqueline quiver unfamiliar feelings within her.
“I like you Maid Sally I like you a lot, nice to have such a pretty maid working here.”
Jacqueline could not help an embarrassing blush flushing her face and coyly lowered her gaze.
“Thank you Madame.”
Miss Nightingale and Miss Mendoza turned and left an emotionally disturbed Jacqueline to discuss final arrangements for the evening.
Jacqueline watched the pair drift across the room then broke her stare. What was that!!!!!
Jacqueline suppressed a girly giggle continuing her preparation of table reflecting on what had just transpired and the feelings it had instilled within her.
Looking up she saw Miss Nightingale and Miss Mendoza staring over and obviously discussing her and she quickly averted her gaze feeling those unfamiliar feelings again aroused within her.
The rest of the day kept busy at her duties she could not get those feeling out of her mind. Serving the guests that evening at dinner she was conscious of Miss Nightingale watching her at her work whilst she chatted with her guests.
Thursday and Friday passed without incident the obedient curtsying Maid Sally now competent in her housemaid’s duties to the satisfaction of Miss Mendoza and familiar with her routines.
Jacqueline was looking forward to Sunday evening and her release from the service of Miss Nightingale. She had reconciled to speak with Glen Rodgers on her return to William and Basset and come clean about her predicament with Miss Wolfenden. This nonsense could not continue she would also apologise to her friend Connie for not telling her the truth about her change of appearance and odd behaviour.
Saturday and Jacqueline was again preparing the dining room for another of Miss Nightingale's dinner parties when Miss Mendoza summoned her to the kitchen.
“Come with me girl.”
Jacqueline followed Miss Mendoza up into the main house and into a side room by the hallway.
Jacqueline almost fainted seeing who was waiting in the room. Glen Rodgers?????
Jacqueline turned to leave only for her path to be blocked by the broad frame of Miss Mendoza who pushed her back and left the room closing the door behind her.
Glen spoke feigning a look of concern seeing the distressed state of Jacqueline Symonds dressed in her house maid’s uniform obviously fresh from her chores.
“Jacqueline look it’s alright I know everything please sit down we need to talk.”
Jacqueline burst into tears and poured out her story of how it had come to this. The incident with the cleaner, the blackmail, signing up as a part time cleaner for Miss Wolfenden, cleaning her own offices each evening, the cutting and dyeing of her hair the supposed holiday having to work here as a house maid, her story punctuated with apologies how sorry she was, how stupid she had been.
Glen Rodgers sat and listened to what he already knew keeping a look of concern.
When a half sobbing Jacqueline had finished Glen sat back letting Jacqueline compose herself.
“Jacqueline you should have come to me straight away before things escalated like they have, but of course you won’t know about that will you?”
Jacqueline looked at Glen
“Escalated? What do you mean?”
Glen leaned forward in his chair.
“Miss Wolfenden from Singleton Cleaning Services came to see me during the week. The cleaning contract is up for renewal and I was looking to bring in a different company and told her so.”
“That’s when she told me about you, that if the cleaning contract wasn’t renewed she would go ahead and sue the company.”  
“I just laughed, no way would you have gone along with that you would have sorted it there and then, that’s when she told me where you were, not on holiday at all but working here for Miss Nightingale.”
“Jacqueline it is all so embarrassing if this all gets out in court the company will be ridiculed ruined.”
“Look, forgive me Jacqueline I had no choice I had to move quickly, think of the company first, like you did.”
Jacqueline sat up a concerned frown tightened across her face then stood glaring at Glen.
“What do you mean you had no choice what have you done?”
Glen sought to calm Jacqueline down.
“Sit down, sit down let me explain.”
Jacqueline returned to her seat it was a director of her company that was speaking after all.
“You can’t come back to work at William and Basset not for a while at least, I won’t have that Wolfenden women having you as one of her cleaners it would only be  a matter of time before some of your staff find out and what then?”
Jacqueline pondered what she had been told; it was true she had been fortunate that none of her staff had seen her at her cleaning duties in her smock.
“What then if I can’t return to work?”
Glen took a deep intake of breath.
“Well I have come to an arrangement with Miss Wolfenden.”
Jacqueline was on her feet again.
“What, what are you saying, what arrangement?”
Miss Mendoza re entered the room and standing behind her maid slowly eased Jacqueline back into her chair with a controlling press on her shoulders.
Glen sat back in his chair.
“You are to stay here SALLY.”
Jacqueline wriggled to free herself of Miss Mendoza’s grip
“SALLY? What do mean? No you can’t, I won’t, you can’t do this, you can’t.”
Glen smiled
“It has already been agreed Jacqueline Symonds has been transferred to another division of the company, on paper at least.” “Sally Brown will remain here in the service of Miss Nightingale under the supervision of Miss Mendoza.”  “It seems Miss Nightingale was quite enthusiastic about the arrangement.”
Jacqueline was in tears again.
“What about my job.”
Glen Smirked
“Your job? You mean Miss Symonds job Sally?” “Don’t worry about that we have a replacement already, someone who Miss Symonds always recommended should an opportunity arise, Connie Fletcher your friend.”
“She was delighted when I told her that you had been promoted to work at another of our operations based in Europe, seems she had always admired your company car and apartment, hers now of course.”
Jacqueline sat stunned into silence before falling to her knees at Glen Rodgers feet has he stood to leave.
“Please no, please don’t leave me here to be Miss Nightingale’s house maid.”
Glen ignored her pleadings turning to Miss Mendoza.
“Please tell Miss Nightingale that Miss Wolfenden will be sending over the paperwork transferring Sally Brown’s contract into her full time service.”
Jacqueline flew into a rage of frustration her arms flailing wildly screaming after the departing Glen Rodgers but was easily restrained by Miss Mendoza who held her firmly.
Pinning her maid against the wall Miss Mendoza spoke quietly but with a menacing tone.
“Right girl let’s get one thing straight I know all about who you were but those days are over understand, OVER.” “Sally Brown works for me now so get used to it, you know your duties here and you know what happens if you fail to carry them out to my satisfaction.”
“So am I going to have any trouble with you?”
Jacqueline, her angst exhausted released from the grip of Miss Mendoza wiped a tear from her cheek stood back a pace and curtsied
“No Mistress.”
Sally, for that’s who she was now felt deserted lonely, weak, emotional and vulnerable and Miss Mendoza smiled seeing Miss Nightingale appear at the foot of the main staircase in her leather garb, a look on her face she had witnessed many times when her needs were such. Sally was easy prey for the dominant dyke and Miss Mendoza smirked has Sally was lead up the stairway by the hand of Miss Nightingale.
Sally was in a daze a trance like state when she returned to her quarters the scent of Miss Nightingale's perfume infused into her skin. She had been as one with the women, seduced and willingly used for her pleasure and new and erotic pleasures of her own.
Flopping on the bed she hugged the pillow like she would never let go Miss Nightingale had opened a door which could never be closed for the pretty house maid. It was the consummation of Sally Brown’s new life at Westfall Manor.
(Part 2 will follow)


  1. You never disappoint Jackie, looking forward to the next part.

  2. What did you change in the Demise story?

  3. Another awesome story. It reads as if it were really happening. Poor poor Sally. Sounds like she is destined to become that perfect house maid.

  4. One of the best stories I read so far. I hope the next part will be as exciting as this one. I personally hope that she will return to office-cleaning as a full-time job. Seeing other people in the office, she will be aware what happened to her and what she has become, a cleaner. For good? I hope so.