Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Story: Annabelle's New Role. Part 12.

By Violet Carson

It took me ages to get to sleep as I tossed and turned fingering myself and almost bringing myself to a climax thinking of having sex as Rose, my life was becoming so surreal. Anyway, I must have finally dozed off as I woke with a start at 6.30 with my tinny alarm ringing like crazy. It dawned on me that I hadn’t packed many of my few possessions but also that I must have been quite drunk last night as I’d forgotten to put my curlers in and my hair was a disaster area which almost brought me to tears as my perm had looked so perfect the night before. I quickly put curlers in and covered my head with hairspray and a hairnet hoping to repair some of the damage.
I got dressed, slipping on a tabard and my flat shoes and started on breakfast for Mark and Lucy who must have returned sometime after me as I could see their door was closed. I now automatically thought of my old bedroom as their room
When they finally emerged, Lucy asked me if I’d packed and then admonished me when I said I hadn’t had time as she told me there was a taxi booked to take me at 11 and I had better hurry. I apologized and rushed back to my room to pack everything into my case, shopping trolley and a couple of large carrier bags that were in the cupboard under the stairs.

Three hours later I sat on the edge of my bed looking at my few possessions, amazed by the thought that they would all fit into one taxi journey to my new home. A few short months ago, I would have taken more than this away with me for a week’s holiday. Now I was reduced to this basic life, all by my own choice. I had to keep reminding myself that it wasn’t madness it was what I really wanted and I had to get away from any last aspects of AJ to enable me to move on. But what actually lay ahead of me I had no idea. I didn’t even know the exact address yet, but Mark said the taxi driver knew and he gave it to me on a piece of paper. It was indeed in the old housing estate he had told me about. It was Flat 35 Earlsgate House. The name instantly rang a bell as The Police had been called there not long ago to remove a large number of illegal immigrants who had moved in. It was a notorious estate that was regularly in the news for all the wrong reasons and seemed to be a hotbed of illegal immigrants, drug dealers and prostitution. What was I letting myself in for?
Shortly afterwards, the doorbell rang. I rushed to answer it to be greeted by the taxi-driver saying “Taxi for Rose Edwards!”
Mark kindly gave me £20 to cover the fare and two sets of keys for the flat, as I, with some assistance from the rather unhelpful taxi-driver loaded my few possessions into the car. I turned to tell Mark that I would be back on Monday for my cleaning shift, only to catch sight of him closing the front-door as if I'd been an unwelcome guest he was glad to see the back of. With that we were off and just over 15 minutes later the car pulled into the car park of the estate which was full of rather scruffy looking rusting cars and one ominously burned-out wreck.
I paid the driver who carried my case to the lift door whilst I pushed my trolley and carried the large plastic bags. I discovered that Flat 35 was on the 3rd floor. The lift doors were covered in graffiti and after a few minutes spent waiting I realized that neither of the building’s two lifts were working and I’d have to walk up three three flights of stairs. By the time I’d realized this, the driver had left, leaving me alone and feeling more vulnerable than ever.
I decided that I would have to make two trips up and down to get my things up to the flat and took two plastic bags and the shopping trolley on the first trip.
The trolley was clearly not designed to be lifted when full and by the time I got to the 2nd flight of stairs I was exhausted and my bad back was agony. As I took a break, three youths pushed by me saying “watch out Granny” before disappearing at speed down the stairs.
I finally got to my front door which was an unappealing dark green colour and also had some interesting graffiti spray painted on it and fumbled for my keys. Without looking around, I put the bags and trolley inside and headed down to get my case and carrier bag. As I got to the bottom of the stairs I could see that my case was gone and only my last remaining carrier bag was there.
How could I have been so stupid I thought. I’ve already lost half of my few remaining things. I now had very little income and would only be able to buy at charity shops to replace them. I looked around but saw no sign of anyone and guessed it must have been the three youths. But what was I to do. I certainly didn’t want to phone the Police or Mark. The Police would find it very strange that I was moving into a property where I was unsure of the ownership details and my disguise certainly wouldn't stand up to a Police investigation. I would simply have to check exactly what I had lost when I got back upstairs.
I returned to the flat with my last bag to take a look around. I was determined not to cry, despite feeling in the absolute depths of despair.  I’d possibly made the biggest mistake of my life moving here. My mother and Jenny must be right I thought, I really must be gradually losing my sanity. What was I doing? Anyway for the moment I had to try to think as Rose and investigate my new home.
The flat had clearly been the home of a very elderly woman and hadn’t been decorated for at least 20 years and probably in a rather outdated style even then. There was a real musty smell which was hard to describe, but for some reason was the sort of smell I had always associated with an old woman. Would I soon smell like that I asked myself, or somehow did I already with the mix of cheap perfume, old clothes and the occasional whiff of body odour? It looked as though almost everything had been left by the previous resident. By the look of things, almost none of it had any real value. I imagine she had either died, leaving no close relatives or perhaps been moved to a retirement home as she may have been unable to care for herself properly. The sitting room had a very old three-piece suite and small coffee table, as well as a glass cabinet holding lots of rather tasteless china ornaments and figurines. There was also a very old television set and radio-gramme (as they used to be called). I also discovered a set of old records by the likes of Andy Williams and Perry Como. Maybe Rose should start developing some mature musical tastes I thought to myself. There was an old mirror on the wall and a few copies of oil paintings of countryside scenes. The wallpaper was a faded floral print as were the curtains. It really was a “granny flat”.
I then looked at the kitchen which was very dated with an old gas cooker, fridge and washing machine with a small table, three chairs and some storage cupboards. There were actually a few old pots and pans but thankfully the food had been taken away. I made a mental note to myself that I would have to go shopping shortly and decided I would buy the type of food I imagined an elderly lady would like. Lots of cakes and tea, white bread for toast and no coffee or alcohol, but then I thought no I would also buy a bottle of cream Sherry. That was what my late grandmother used to drink occasionally. If I thoroughly cleaned all the utensils I would at least be able to carry on using them,
I then ventured into the bedroom which contained a double bed with a rather stained old mattress and a lot of bed linen in the cupboard. There was also a large wardrobe which when I opened it contained a large quantity of old clothes. I suddenly got very excited. Could these replace what I’d lost and would they actually fit? This was the one highlight of my day so far and as soon as I’d investigated the bathroom and done my shopping I would play dressing up.
The bathroom had an old avocado coloured suite and had a kind of chair arrangement fixed over the toilet. I had seen similar things in hospitals. The past resident had obviously been very elderly and had not been able to pull herself up easily from using the toilet. I could see that the bath had also been adapted with an additional handrail to help her get in and out. There was no shower. There was a ceiling height bathroom cupboard that contained various medicines, toiletries and old face-creams, but what amazed me most was that the bottom shelf was full of what looked like nappies! The lady must have been incontinent and had had to wear them. Part of my brain thought how awfully sad and the other half was racing with excitement. I knew that as crazy as it would seem I simply wouldn’t be able to resist trying them on. This was madness but for some inexplicable reason, just the sight of them made me feel hot and damp. Mark and I had had a very adventurous sex-life, but the one thing that always repulsed me was watersports, but somehow the sight of these pants was turning me-on immediately. They really would be the final element in my absolute humiliation. I just had to try them and wondered would I be able to actually wear them from now on?
I grabbed one and found that there was also a pair of clear plastic pants to wear on top. I went to the bedroom and looked more closely at the wardrobe. There were also three corselettes that I could wear, but they had suspenders. I rifled through the drawers and found a number of pairs of rather thick tan coloured support stockings. This was so much more thrilling than I could possibly have imagined. I think the stockings needed a good wash but I couldn’t resist. This was just too exciting to be put off and I decided to get changed now and go to the shops later wearing all my new lingerie, if that word really described what I’d be wearing.
An hour later I stood admiring myself in the bedroom mirror. My underwear consisted of the incontinence pants that I also quickly realized would serve as excellent sanitary pads.  My period would soon start and I couldn't actually buy Tampax whilst living as Rose. These would be perfect. I covered them with the plastic pants and then my hip pads. I was easily two sizes bigger and also the plastic pants crackled slightly as I moved, which I felt sure in quiet moments or whilst taking a seat on the bus would be quite audible to people close-by. I then realized that I had lost all my tights and underwear in the stolen case, so for the time being at least these were going to be essential items of my wardrobe. I’d obviously worn stockings from time to time as AJ and Mark of course had predictably always found them something of a turn-on but it had never crossed my mind that I’d be wearing stockings, however unflattering as Rose. I clipped the corselette together with its hook and eye fastenings at the back and then put on a slip and one of the previous resident’s floral dresses that buttoned up the front and had a pleated flared skirt. It was a bit too big but with my bigger then ever hips worked well. It also had a slightly dirty smell and feel to it. Finally I noticed some old well worn shoes which thankfully fitted and I tried on a flat brown pair with a Velcro flap across the instep to to keep them on. I’d never felt so totally turned on and couldn’t resist rubbing the front of my padding, listening to the plastic pants crackle and I became so wet feeling it soak into the incontinence pads I was overcome with the best orgasm I think I'd ever had and was giddy with excitement, groaning on the dirty mattress.
This was beyond my wildest dreams. I was actually in heaven. Despite all this self imposed vulnerability, I instantly knew I was on the verge of achieving everything I’d hoped for as Rose. This was so wonderful!
I made my bed using the old sheets that I found in a cupboard and sat down to make my shopping list and after unpacking my shopping trolley headed off with it to the local supermarket. Making my way slowly down the stair was thrilling and I reminded myself not to buy too many things or I’d never get the trolley back up without the lift and I couldn’t risk losing anything else.
As I got to the 1st Floor I could see a number of boarded up properties and could hear the deep bass sound of some dance music being played along the hall. I also noticed some discarded needles and the distinctive smell of urine on the steps. I realized that I would have to be on my guard the whole time and hoped that nobody would chose to pick on the elderly lady that I now appeared to be.
As I made my way outside I came across a group of girls in their late teens, one holding a very young baby sniggering at me as I passed by.
Once out of the estate and onto the road I started to feel more at ease, but did notice how the combination of pants, padding and corselette were slowing me down, which must have made me seem all the more convincing. As I waited to cross the road towards the shops I could also tell that my stockings were wrinkling at the ankle, but the suspenders were still pulling slightly on my thighs, further adding to my old lady image. If I only had a few wrinkles on my face I thought there would be no way I wouldn’t be seen as anything other than a retired old woman.
When I got to the supermarket, I checked my shopping list, making sure I bought plenty of the things I imagined an old woman would buy, jams, sugar, cakes, full fat milk, eggs and biscuits and nothing that would be thought of as healthy
I paid at the checkout and made my way home, struggling up the stairs with my only half full trolley as three East Europeans in their 20s rushed by, speaking in what I thought was Polish. I turned the key in the door and practically collapsed with exhaustion at carrying everything up the stairs, feeling the restraint of the corselette around my hips and the tug of the suspenders and as I sat down I heard the slight rustle of the plastic lining pants. I could hardly contain myself from rubbing between my legs, but the padding was so thick, I could barely feel my fingers, however, the rustle of the plastic was so overpowering! I had to restrain myself or I was going to spend the rest of the day masturbating. I pulled my thoughts together and did what Rose would do. I put the kettle on, made myself a cup of tea with an extra spoonful of sugar, lit a cigarette and drifted off, wondering how I’d managed to come so much further than I could ever have imagined and had I gone as far as I possibly could as Rose?


  1. Annabelle is really enjoying herself, and so do I after reading the 12th part of the story.

    I was having several thoughts on what Annabelle might do to herself including:

    - eat some medication to have early menopause
    - weight gain to look the woman her age
    - loose some teeth
    - ??

  2. Thank you Violet another really good chapter, I was pleased to read that the previous tenant had left her old clothes which Rose is taking advantage of. Having a "nappy fetish" I definitely like their addition with the plastic pants. The flat and "new" clothes reminds me of Frank Kafka's Metamorphosis.

  3. Excellent episode Violet, thank you. Rose is a kinky old thing isn't she?
    If she finds it deliciously humiliating just wearing the incontinence panties, just imagine how she`ll feel if she has to use them!
    As for your final comment, I think there`s more to be done before she feels properly "Rose". She needs to spend some time enduring the drudgery of her new life, I think it would help if she could distance herself from Mark and Lucy for a while as they are constant reminders of who she really is.
    It is after all her ambition to feel trapped as Rose, struggling to get by on her meagre wages.
    Also, just a small thing, I think it would be amusing (and humiliating for Rose ) if while she was shopping one morning she sees a reflection of herself and realises the she`s left home without removing her curlers/hairnet.

    1. Hi, i also love to read that Rose forget to remove the curlers and after she sees her she would be humiliated, i hope also that she go in the taxi with curlers because she cannot remove... she is late

  4. Bill, thank you for your comments. Don't worry there will be further humiliation ahead for Rose.


    1. I hope she will start using the incontience pants for their designed purpose and it will steadily become completely instinctive.
      Always sleeping in them,of course.
      Is she still wearing the padded waist or has her weight gain gotten to that size?

  5. Perhaps Rose might find that the previous tenant left her hearing aids which she could also use

  6. First off, I will say what I would like to see happen. (But please do not think that I am telling you how to write your story.) I would like to see Rose end up being the dominant personality and happy to live the humble life of an old cleaner. Also, I think that women like Rose provide more value to society than does a marketer like AJ.

    This chapter was mostly kinks but this is fine. It was AJ's submissive kinks that lead her to living the life of a maid. And this lead to her kink of looking like an old woman after the initial humiliation of making her look the part. And this leads to the diaper kink though it is possible that this kink emerged as a way of actually looking like and being an old woman.

    It is good to see that Mark does not want to interact with her anymore. This gives Rose the chance to see if living this life is actually what she wants for herself. This also removes most of the tortures that Lucy delights in doing. Seeing that Rose still has much to learn both about herself and of the type of life she is trying to live, she does not need the cruelty. There will be the day to day cruelties that she will have to face both as a member of the working class and as an old woman.

    On of the things that could easily give her away to her fellow cleaners is her pop culture references. The Andy Williams and Perry Como records are a generation removed from the age that she is presenting, early to mid sixties. She would have grown up with The Beatles, Merseybeat bands like The Hollies and Herman's Hermits and pop singers like Celia Black and Dusty Springfield. As she entered her twenties in the early seventies, it is likely that a persona like her would have liked acts like Badfinger, The Sweet and Elton John. If Rose were to show a preference for Williams and Como, her co-workers would be wondering why she was listening to her parent's music.

    Given Rose's reduced economic situation, it is not likely that she could research this online and get familiar to the music that a woman her apparent age would know. It is also not likely that she would pick up used records, eight tracks, cassettes or CDs.

    As it is, I am enjoying the story. I am looking forward to seeing how Rose is able to find the life that she can live with.

    1. That's a good point about the music. This episode has pretty much made me lose interest in the story. The writer seems to be trying to cram in every possible age, class, and ethnic stereotype, with little regard for plausibility.

    2. Patti, I agree in part about the musical references, Dusty, The Hollies and the Beatles would have been her era but the flat used to belong to an older person, such as someone who could have been Rose's Mother, probably in her late seventies or early eighties, being from the "Rose" era I certainly remember my parents listening to Andy Williams and Perry Como, in fact when we cleared out her bungalow she still had that selection which we gave to the local elderly patients ward, so with limited funds she may have to listen to the old music. I didn't have a problem with the musical references I just saw it as Rose taking stock of her new surroundings like using the old clothes after hers were stolen, I wouldn't put it past Mark or Lucy in particular to have orchestrated the theft to make her feel more vulnerable and alone.

    3. With stories like this, there will always have to be a suspension of disbelief. Also, these stories are meant to play to kinks of the author and the readers.

      When I made the point about what music that a sixty year old lower class British woman would listen to, I was just speculating on one way that Rose could give away that she is not who she claims to be. It was not a criticism. This is because I am invested enough in the story of Rose to speculate what could happen next. The fact that I keep referring to her as Rose instead of AJ or Annabelle should give some idea of who and what I would like her to end up as.

      Looking forward to the next chapter. I expect Rose to run into more problems, mostly based on how her kinks keeps running into her new reality. But I also hope that Rose is able to find some satisfaction as an old maid.

  7. I think it would be amusing for AJ to hurt her mouth or teeth while living as Rose and be forced to go to a cut rate dentist or dental college to have it fixed. That would give her a real taste of what its like not to have money. She could even end up with braces or an unsightly gap or metal tooth.

  8. I must say I prefer the stories where the lady, at least to some extent, puts herself into the maid's role, for whatever reason. For Rose, this is turning into a journey in self -discovery. I love it that she gets erotic satisfaction from her descent, which impels her to go farther and farther. She finds moving around to be increasingly difficult- might a cane help her? Also, digging a little deeper into the leftover belongings, she might find some oversized worn-out bras the elderly woman had left behind. Instead of supporting her breasts, they could cause them to sag down halfway to her navel. She can remedy the problem of the dresses being too large by gaining some pounds. Her hair color changes have been a wonderful touch. Going from blonde to drab brown to grey-streaked to totally grey, followed by an old-woman perm. The next step is a return visit to the hairdresser's and have it turned pure white. Also, as Rose pointed out, she needs a few wrinkles. This can be solved by getting a decent theatrical makeup kit and using it to add some lines, crows' feet, liver spots, etc.- maybe enhancing them as she goes along. As has been pointed out, she'll have to resign herself to being an old maid from now on- but who needs a man when self-pleasuring is so much fun?

    1. I have to disagree about the makeup kit...something that has to be regularly worked at emphasizes that it's an act,rather than being part of her evolution to embrace this as her real self.White hair also goes too far for her assumed age.

  9. Please say that a new chapter is almost ready.

  10. is there a new chapter?