Sunday, July 5, 2015

Story: Lady Harcourt's Rightful Place

by Jackie J
Lady Jenny Harcourt seemed to have everything. She was well educated and pretty, had a bubbly outgoing personality and was rich following the death of her parents. But, like many who outwardly have everything, she was lonely and meeting Simon gave her the happiness she was missing.
Simon was wonderful, handsome, funny and attentive. Soon engaged they were married at Lady Harcourt’s local church and she could not have been happier. Simon had no family to speak of and Jenny, the only child, also had only a small circle of friends so the wedding was a simple affair.
After their short honeymoon Jenny had no problem agreeing to sell her properties in the city and move out to the country to live in Simons, a secluded, rambling manor house at Downway. Jenny had visited the old manor a couple of times; situated just outside the picturesque village of Downway, it was a perfect place to start married life together.
Large trunks containing Jenny’s belongings had already arrived when Jenny and Simon’s, now, Lord Harcourt, having taken the title through the marriage, carriage was driven up the gravel drive to be met by a smiling Francesca, the house keeper.
The Monday following, just four days after arriving at Downway Manor, Jenny was awoken with Simon, dressed in his business suit, looking a little sheepish placing a tray of tea by the bedside.
“Jenny my love I am afraid I have to leave you for a short while. Investments in South America, I just have to be there for the takeover, nothing I can do I am so sorry.”
Jenny and Simon had spoken about his work on their honeymoon, with Jenny’s money now being handled by Simon he did not need to work.
Not a row or even a tiff, Jenny was besotted with Simon, who could do no wrong in her eyes and, with Simon telling Jenny it would be the last trip he would have to make, all was fine.
With travel the trip would be at least six to eight weeks. After a long hug and a few tears the sound of Simons carriage arriving heralded Simon’s departure.

Simon turned in the hallway by the doorway of the bedroom.
“I will be back soon, my love”
“Don’t worry, everything will be different when I return. Francesca will look after you.”
If Jenny would have known then just how different things would be she would probably have left there and then, but she didn’t.
Jenny scampered out of bed, pulled a silky wrap over her nightgown and fussed over Simon all the way to the door. She was in love, poor thing. As the horses pulled down the driveway she waved and then turned away. With tears welling up in her eyes she slowly wended her way back to the bedroom flopping down on to the bed.
Simon of course did not go to South Africa, with his cash cow bride in the care of his long time love Francesca he returned to the city to continue his philandering, gambling ways.
Jenny had always been active and in the absence of her husband Simon she soon became bored moping around the manor and its grounds.
During the second week the scheming Francesca suggested her young pretty Mistress could help her with some things around the house if she was bored. Jenny jumped at the opportunity, something to do, something to keep her busy. Francesca was practiced in the art of manipulation and deception and the wide eyed innocence of poor Jenny would be no challenge for one so skilled.
Over the coming days Francesca endeared herself to her Mistress laughing and joking about nothing in particular Jenny happy for the company and Francesca building Jenny’s trust.
Francesca let Jenny do only light work and made a point of doing most of the duties herself huffing and puffing for effect. She knew it would not be long before the good natured Lady Harcourt would want to share more of the burden.
Wednesday morning came and all was prepared, Francesca beginning a rather dirty task and the ever willing Jenny suggested she should help.
No one likes to be told no, especially in their own home and Francesca, seeking to increase Lady Harcourt’s enthusiasm, feigned a rebuff to Jenny’s request.
“No Jenny, absolutely not, think of your lovely clothes, I am dressed for the job with my uniform just go and read for a while. I will do this on my own.”
Jenny, having been spoiled as a child and used to getting her own way, was not to be deterred suggesting Francesca brings one of her uniforms for her to wear, if that is all that is stopping her from helping.
Francesca could hardly hide her smile as the words tripped naively from Jenny’s lips.
“Well if you insist, Mistress Jenny, I will have a look, see if I can find something for you.”
Francesca quickly returned with the uniform that had already been prepared for the unsuspecting Lady Harcourt who innocently giggled, removing her flouncy summer dress, and stepped into the plain black maid’s tunic. Francesca helped Jenny tie on the bibbed white starched apron trimmed with lace and giggled offering Lady Harcourt a maid’s cap.
“In for a penny in for a pound, Mistress Jenny, you may as well look the part if you insist on helping.”
Both girls giggled and Jenny knelt by the stove ready to help.
No sooner had Jenny donned her uniform and prepared herself to help, right on cue, the door bell rang.
Jenny looked at Francesca and giggled. Francesca had made sure her own hands were dirty and had a smudge of grime on her face. Getting Jenny to the door dressed as a maid being the start of Francesca’s scheme.
“It’s probably just a parcel or something. Can you go, Mistress Jenny? I am a bit of a mess as you can see.”
Jenny attempted to remove her uniform that Francesca had so cunningly dressed her in; she couldn’t go to the door dressed as the maid, could she?  Francesca had made sure the fastenings were snagged and, though Jenny struggled and Francesca pretended to help, she was stuck, trapped in the maids uniform.
The door bell started to ring repeatedly.
Francesca pretended to share Jenny’s panic, but then giggled and the two of them giggled together at the situation.
“Oh, Mistress Jenny, please go to the door. You can pass as the maid, go on, it will be fun, a bit of a game.”
Of course it was not a game and it was not the post or a tradesman. It was in fact Miss Arbuckle, a local dignitary from the manor in the next village invited by Francesca to visit Downway manor at that exact time to meet Simon's new wife, Lady Harcourt.
Francesca fussed with Jenny’s uniform kicking of her own heeled boots for Jenny to wear.
Jenny was unsure but Francesca made it sound like a fun thing so she acquiesced.
Jenny suppressed her giggles, took a deep breath and headed for the door.
She opened the door and saw a stern statuesque woman, glaring at her.
“About time girl, where have you been? Keeping me waiting on the doorstep like that, where is your mistress?”
Jenny was about to respond to the rude women then remembered how she was dressed and deciding to continue the ruse bobbed a weak curtsy expecting the women to give her a parcel or something.
“Sorry, Miss, how can I help you.”
“I am here to see the Mistress of the house.”
Jenny was taken aback with this, not a parcel at all?
“Erm, erm just a moment, Miss, I will let her know you are here”
Jenny scuttled quickly back to the kitchen.
“Francesca, it’s someone asking to see me! Think, think what can I do? I have told her I will let me know she is here??”
Francesca, as if the idea had just sprung into her mind, speaks in a whisper.
“Look, the woman, whoever she is, obviously doesn’t know who you are, let’s keep it that way.”
“We can’t get you out of your maid’s uniform and she doesn’t need to know it is you.”
Francesca having already cleaned herself up quickly removes her own uniform in front of a puzzled Jenny.
“Quick, Mistress Jenny, give me your dress, I will get rid of her, and I will pretend to be you.”
Francesca, skilled as she was, had no problem in making the ripping of Jenny’s dress look accidental.
“Oh bugger Mistress Jenny what are we going to do now?”
Jenny, already having bought into the scheme, holds Francesca’s hand.
“Go through the rear entrance to my room pick something from there, I will try and keep the woman occupied.”
Jenny, accepted as the house maid by the visitor, returns to the entrance lobby and invites the woman into the drawing room unaware of who she is or why she is here.
The silence, as she waits for Francesca, is too much for Jenny and cannot help but make an inane comment.
“Nice weather Miss, lovely day.”
Miss Arbuckle just glares at her a withering look that makes Jenny feel quite uncomfortable. So much so Jenny decides enough is enough and to come clean about the ruse but before she can speak Francesca enters the room taking the words from Jenny’s mouth.
Jenny has to do a double take so used to seeing Francesca in the dowdy maid’s tunic she looks stunning in one of Jenny’s favourite dresses perfectly accessorized and very aloof and poised.
Francesca smiles at Jenny stood all awkward, her fingers fiddling with her apron.
Miss Arbuckle introduces herself and Francesca does the same introducing herself as Lady Jenny Harcourt.
Jenny, coming from the city had quite a relaxed attitude to servants but out in the country things were very different and traditions prevailed. A demarcation strictly enforced in Miss Arbuckle’s household.
Miss Arbuckle makes it plain that she has things to discuss, matters not to be discussed in the presence of SERVANTS.
Jenny is not pleased when Francesca dispatches her to the kitchen to prepare tea for the guest, but, with little option now, but continue the deception, Jenny bobs a curtsy with a reluctant “Yes, Miss” through clenched teeth, and leaves the room.
In the kitchen Jenny contorts herself trying to release the fastenings of the maid’s tunic provided by Francesca, but it is useless and accepts she will have to stay dressed as the house maid until the visitor as left.
In the drawing room Miss Arbuckle explains to Francesca, who she takes to be Lady Jenny Harcourt, about the ladies circle she organizes in the area, like minded Ladies who keep in contact and meet on a regular basis. Miss Arbuckle did not elaborate on the purpose of the circle, but was quite forceful in suggesting that the next meeting would be held at Downway manor .
Jenny, unsteady from wearing the unfamiliar heeled ankle boots of Francesca’s, makes a clumsy entry into the drawing room with a tray of tea and sets it down between the two ladies.
As Francesca reaches to pour, Miss Arbuckle gives Jenny another of those withering looks. Words are not required and Jenny meekly reaches for the teapot.
“Sorry Miss, let me Miss”
Miss Arbuckle watches Jenny start to pour, tut tutting as she does.
“STOP, GIRL. If you were in my household I would have your panties down, put you over my knee and give you a good spanking, off with you, girl, we will pour ourselves.”
Jenny looks at Francesca sittinh all demure in Jenny’s beautiful outfit and Francesca darts her eyes to the door indicating she should leave. Jenny gulps, turns and heads back to the kitchen.
Almost panting, feeling a hot flush coming over her, she steadies herself against a worktop.
She had never been spoken to like that, never, feelings raced though her mind, strange feelings she had never experienced. Her body tingling, she smiled and giggled to herself thinking of what had just happened. The woman, taking her to be a maid, the woman’s look, the threat of actually spanking her, a submissive layer of Jenny’s psyche having been peeled back and exposed.
In the drawing room Miss Arbuckle apologized to her host for her outburst.
“I am sorry, Lady Harcourt, but your maid was sloppy I just cannot tolerate sloppiness like that. So disrespectful!”
Francesca makes light of what had occurred.
“No, Miss Arbuckle, you are right. I am probably too soft with her I will have a word with her later.”
The tea finished, Miss Arbuckle confirms the date of the meeting and Francesca shows her to the door.
As the door closes Francesca turns to see Jenny standing in the hallway. Both girls look at each other, smile and then burst into laughter: Jenny’s laughter genuine and Francesca’s a little more contrived.
“Oh Francesca that woman? I genuinely believe she would have spanked my bare bottom in front of you, I really do.”
“Who was she anyway?”
“I thought you were going to get rid of her, not sit and have tea!”
For Francesca things could not have gone better, but she forced a concerned look onto her face.
“Mistress Jenny I am so sorry, I really am but she was so domineering, I was so embarrassed I really was.”
“She is called Miss Arbuckle. She runs some charity thing she wanted to tell me about, I just couldn’t get rid of her.”
Francesca does not mention anything about the meeting she has agreed to with Miss Arbuckle.
“Anyway she has gone now let me get changed back into my uniform finish off the work in the kitchen”.
Jenny, the strange feelings she experienced when the women chastised her still haunting her mind, acts all coy and shy holding Francesca’s hands and giggles.
“No Francesca, why don’t you stay as you are and I will finish off in the kitchen, continue our little game. It's fun!”
Francesca smiles. Things could not be turning out any better.
“Nonsense, don’t be silly, Mistress Jenny, what if someone else comes, sees you like that and I like this?"
“I just couldn’t do that again pretending to be your Mistress, no I won’t, where is my uniform?"
The word "no" again strikes a chord, it's Jenny’s home and she can do as she wishes.
Jenny has to practically beg Francesca to agree to continue the ruse and the scheming Francesca takes the opportunity to slide in a few conditions to which Jenny readily agrees.
Jenny will call her maid Miss and must remain in character for the remainder of the day, no matter what.
“Now, are you sure, Mistress Jenny?”
As a throw away comment Francesca pushes the boundary a little further, a tempting tease for sweet Jenny, said in a jovial manner.
“I may have to spank you, like that woman said, if you are naughty.”
Jenny giggles and bobs a curtsy.
“Yes, Miss, only if I am naughty, Miss.”
Giggling Jenny trips back into the kitchen, kneels by the stove and continues where the two of them had left off, scrubbing it clean, not able to get the thoughts of the domineering visitor out of her head.
Francesca sits in the main lounge having poured herself a brandy and adjusts the hem of Jenny’s expensive dress she is wearing then raises her feet to look at Jenny’s expensive shoes.
She smiles hearing Jenny call out from the kitchen.
“Finished, Miss.”
Francesca strolls into the kitchen and looks down at the dishevelled Lady Harcourt, pathetically kneeling by the gleaming stove.
“Good girl, JENNY.”
Francesca points to the mountain of dirty pans and plates on the drainer by the sink.
“Those hould not be here, clean and side them away, girl.”
Jenny looks at the high stack and in a pleading voice says: “But Francesca, there are too many of them, perhaps just some?”
Francesca’s eyes tighten and she glares at Jenny in not a dissimilar way to how the womfn had looked at her in the drawing room.
“Francesca? Francesca? How dare you, girl! You address me as Miss!”
Jenny’s heart starts to race, the feelings she felt when the women chided her returning and Francesca recognizes the wanton look in Jenny’s eyes.
“To the sink, girl! And have those plates and pans sparkling.”
Jenny is wobbly as she stands, Francesca is so convincing and although she did not expect Francesca to be so demanding she did ask for this so she must go along with the charade.
“If you are NAUGHTY again you know what will happen, girl.”
If Jenny was wobbly, before being called just "girl", with the word "naughty" ringing in her ears and what is associated with it, her knees go weak in anticipation, would Francesca really do that, would she be so bold. Jenny’s mind fills with illusions and images as swallowing hard she bobs a curtsy.
“Sorry, Miss”
Francesca smirks as her employer, Lady Harcourt, commences to clean the pile of washing up and stands with her arms folded leaning on the wall before turning and leaving Jenny to her task.
She senses Jenny’s desires but will not release them for her yet, not yet.
The clock in the hallway chimes nine and Jenny having served Francesca dinner and tided away, leaving the kitchen spotless, returns to the dining room to find Francesca smiling holding two glasses of wine.
“OK, enough. I cannot keep this up any longer, Mistress Jenny. Let me get back to being just a maid.”
Jenny, who has worked her socks off, takes the glass of wine and flops down into an easy chair.
“Phew, Francesca, I don’t know how you do it, I am puffed out and this uniform is quite heavy and restrictive”
Jenny giggles.
“At least I did not get spanked?”
Francesca joins Jenny giggling, then smiles speaking in a half-serious tone.
“Would you like to have been spanked, Mistress Jenny?”
Jenny ponders the question and, mistakenly believing she can trust Francesca, confides in her telling her of the strange feelings she had when the woman who visited chastised her and talked of spanking her maids and how it stirred something inside her.
A few more glasses of wine and Jenny confess to Francesca that’s why she wanted to continue to be dressed as a maid for the day being ordered what to do.
They laugh and chat about the day’s experiences until it is time to retire, Francesca noting well the dark desires Jenny had revealed to her.
Francesca hangs Jenny’s dress back in the closet and places the shoes on the rack.
“Thank you, Mistress Jenny, I enjoyed being the mistress for the day. It was fun and you, did you like being the maid?”
Jenny giggles.
“Well, you know, Francesca, yes, I think I did enjoy it, perhaps we can do it again some time.”
Jenny had a restless night, she could not shake the image of that woman, Miss Arbuckle, the look she gave her, the feelings it stirred within her, the wanton weakness that overcame her, the thought of being spanked.
Jenny awoke in sweat, her thighs slick from her wetness. 
"Oh my god what is happening to me?"
Having poured herself a glass of water she sat on the edge of her bed still panting.
Calmed, she laid back into the bed and drifted back to sleep, unknowingly the seed of her demise now firmly planted.
Nothing much was said about the day of the visit over the coming days until the arrival of a letter from Kingsly Manor in the neighbouring village. It was from her, the woman who had visited, confirming the day of the meeting for the circle.
“Francesca, quickly come here, look at this! What did you agree with that woman, Miss Arbuckle? Good grief, Francesca, she is coming here on Monday!”
Francesca entered, looking all apologetic, a look she had perfected, and took the letter from her mistress, studying the text.
“Oh Mistress Jenny, I am so sorry, I must have got carried away, I don’t remember agreeing to this, what will we do?”
“What will we do Francesca? What will we do? More like, what am I going to do you mean? She thinks I am a ditzy maid and that you are me, Lady Jenny Harcourt! Oh, what a mess, Francesca!”
Francesca looks questioningly at the letter.
“Look write back and tell her you can’t make the meeting, tell her you are ill or something.”
Francesca then continues with her Machiavellian ploy.
“Or we could, no, no, that is just stupid we would never get away with that not even for the meeting, no you must write back and say the meeting is off.”
Jenny’s curiosity tweaked, she is anxious to know what they cannot do and Francesca reels her in slowly and surely like a fish on a line.
“What’s stupid Francesca, what could we not get away with?"
“No Jenny forget I said anything, just write the letter.”
Jenny stares questioningly at Francesca.
“Francesca, tell me what is stupid.”
“Well, just for the meeting, that’s all, I thought we could reverse rolls again. No, it’s silly, we can’t, forget it Jenny.”
Jenny gazes at the letter, the title, and the confidant bold flowing curves of the signature Mistress Arbuckle of Kingsly Manor. She thinks of the women glaring at her the feelings it stirred in her, an opportunity to relive the experience for real rather than just in her recent lucid dreams.
“Brilliant idea, Francesca, we will do it.”
Francesca, inwardly gloating, argues against the idea, but Jenny, much to the delight of the scheming Francesca, is adamant. With each reason Francesca raises against the idea Jenny knocks it down.
“But, Mistress Jenny, there won’t only be Miss Arbuckle; she will have some of her friends with her maybe two or three others, maybe more?”
Francesca, not confiding in Jenny, that she already knows the number will be some fifteen to twenty of the most influential ladies in the area all wishing to meet the new lady of Downway Manor, Lady Jenny Harcourt. Not only will Miss Arbuckle recognize Francesca as Lady Jenny Harcourt, but after the meeting so will the other influential ladies of the district and Jenny’s fate will be sealed.
Taking Francesca’s hand Jenny giggles and smiles.
“Please, Francesca, you pulled it off before and you said you enjoyed being the mistress for the day, please Francesca, please say you will do it? It will be fun tricking that witch again.”
Francesca pauses as though she may refuse.
“Well only if you insist, Mistress Jenny, I will have to show you some things, you will need a bit of training to get into character and your uniform will need to be just right.”
Full of excitement Jenny giggles.
“Oh, we will have such fun Francesca. You won’t regret it.”
Francesca smiles, of course she won’t regret it, but she is sure Jenny will, but by the time she does and realizes what is going to happen to her it will be too late.
Before the day of the meeting Francesca pens two letters for Jenny to sign the first to Miss Arbuckle. A general letter letting her know that all arrangements have been made for the circle meeting but, secreted away in the body of the text, Francesca explains she is having difficulties concerning discipline with her maid Francesca and, understanding that Miss Arbuckle is most competent in this area, would welcome her input when she visits.
The second letter is cleverly disguised as a disclaimer:
I, Lady Jenny Harcourt, wish to be called Francesca and to be the maid at Downway Manor agreeing to accept all the training necessary for me to become competent in all the household duties of a maid and relinquishing all my responsibilities as Mistress of Downway Manor. Francesca my maid will take my name and all responsibilities as Mistress of Downway Manor.
Francesca explains to Jenny that the second letter is just a disclaimer to cover herself and of course only for the day of the planned meeting.
Excited by the prospect, Jenny had no issues in signing the letters, hardly bothering to read the details and accepting Francesca’s explanation. 

It was agreed that on the eve of the meeting, to get into character, Lady Harcourt and Francesca would swap bedrooms and begin the following day as they mean to go on.
That night, laying in Francesca’s single bunk bed in the quite cramped maids quarters, Jenny thought of the day that lay ahead and the training that Francesca had given her. She would be fine, of course she would, what could go wrong?
Francesca on the other hand made use of the opulent bed chamber of her mistress’s, first steeping herself in a deep scented bath and then reviewing her mistresses’ dresses and shoes to make her selection for the next day.
As first light streamed through the windows Jenny washed in the hand basin and applied the limited make up Francesca had allowed her to have. Her uniform had been hung in the closet along with her underwear. Jenny giggled drawing the black seamed stockings up her lily white legs securing the tops to the garter clasps. Jenny rarely wore stockings and found the straps tight on her thighs and the smoothness of the silk hosiery against her skin not an unpleasant experience.
Jenny giggled at the plain underwear Francesca had left for her and after hooking and securing her bra slid into a long cotton slip.
Jenny thought the slip a little too long until she stepped into the frumpy heavy black wool dress the hem hanging on her lower calf with only a hint of the lacy hem of the slip showing when she walked. The highly polished flat heeled ankle boots had to be laced and Jenny soon had them secured to her feet. Looking into the mirror Jenny fed her apron over her head and turning sideways tied a neat bow with the broad aprons tapes behind her.
A few practice curtsies in the mirror and Jenny places her cap onto her scraped back hair, securing it with two hair grips.
The loose fitting heavy fabric dress, hiding sweet Jenny’s figure, made her look quite dumpy. But Jenny thought the mirror may be to blame, the flat heeled boots did not help.
A wrap on the door and Jenny turned.
“Run my bath girl and lay out my clothes, poached eggs for breakfast and accessorize my outfit, nothing too showy, I will be on the balcony.”
Jenny was taken aback then smiled; get into character, she thought to herself, get into character.
“Yes Miss” she chirped and headed from her quarters to attend to her duties.
Kept busy by Francesca Jenny had little time to think of the meeting of the circle.
All morning however Jenny rehearsed what Francesca had told her about receiving the guests.
Open the door, curtsy, accept their card, curtsy, escort them to the ante room of the main hall, curtsy, read the name of the card, curtsy, return their card, curtsy.
DON’T SPEAK UNLESS SPOKEN TO, just "yes miss" or "no miss", that’s all.
Left to clean glasses and arrange the flowers if Jenny felt frumpy the feeling was magnified when Francesca appeared into the room. Her hair and makeup immaculate the haute coutour dress from Jenny’s wardrobe fitting perfectly, she looked a picture of elegance, the lady of the manor without doubt.
Francesca smiled and adjusted Jenny’s cap.
“Well, Mistress Jenny, what do you think, do I look the part?”
Francesca running the tip of her tongue over her glossed lips smiled.
“I could get used to dressing like this, Mistress.”
“And you, Mistress Jenny, you look perfect no one is going to know you are the mistress and I am the maid at Downway, you naughty girl.”
Jenny blushed.
“Do you think so, Francesca? I feel so frumpy and nervous, I hope I don’t mess up.”
As if an afterthought, Francesca pulled what appeared to be an ornate necklace from her purse. Not a necklace at all, but a collar of subjugation to signify ownership, and smiled at her Mistress.
“Whenever I have a special occasion to attend to I normally wear this.”
Francesca starts to return the collar to her purse.
“No, no you won’t want this you, look fine as you are Mistress.”
Jenny reaches for the collar.
“Wait Francesca, let me look at that, it’s heavy is there steel inside?”
“Look if you wore it then I shall wear it.”
Holding the collar to her neck Jenny smiles at Francesca,
“Help me with it me, will you.”
Jenny giggles as Francesca slides the collar around her delicate neck and locks the one way clasp. Poor Jenny unfamiliar with the significance of a servant’s collar runs her finger around it and makes a nervous joke.
“My only piece of jewellery. Francesca, it seems that you are wearing all mine.”
Francesca smiles, looking at the rings on her fingers and her gold bracelet.
“Yes, as I am Mistress Jenny.”
Watching Francesca turn and stride elegantly down the hallway Jenny’s confidence was draining away and she was beginning to have doubts about the enterprise, but the loud shrill ring of the door bell brought her back to matters in hand.
Jenny shuffled to and opened the door to the first guest and curtsied accepting the card given to her by a gloved hand. Walking to the hall Jenny curtsied again and introduced the lady to Francesca.
“Miss Williams, Miss.”
The elegant lady smiled at Francesca, taking her to be the lady of the house, why wouldn’t she?
“So pleased to meet you, Lady Harcourt.”
Francesca looked right at Jenny as she spoke.
“Please call me Jenny, Miss Williams. All my friends do.”
The bell rings again, Jenny was back to the door, then again and again and again as the group of women joined Francesca in the hall. Jenny had counted thirteen, but no sign of Miss Arbuckle.
As the bell rang again a weary Jenny opened the door, it was her, Miss Arbuckle.
Jenny dropped a weak curtsy and like last time Miss Arbuckle ignored her, striding past her, turning only to drop her wrap into Jenny’s hands.
Prompted by Francesca, Jenny wheeled in the first of the trolleys containing drinks and nibbles. It was as if she was invisible, not being acknowledged by any of the guests even Francesca avoiding eye contact with Jenny.
Jenny had underestimated just how difficult and tiring the work would be especially in the heavy wool dress and restrictive underwear and soon became somewhat bedraggled and unfortunately clumsy.
“Girl, Girl..”
It took Jenny a moment to realize that the "girl" was indeed her and as she turned with a tray of drinks in her hands bumped into the back of one of the guests, Miss Arbuckle, a small amount of drink spilling onto her and the floor.
The steely glare that Jenny had pictured in her mind since the last meeting was now inches away. The hum of the gathered group lowered and Jenny just stood melting in Miss Arbuckle’s withering gaze.
After what seemed like an eternity Jenny spluttered and stammered out a string of words
“Sorry Miss, I, I, I, I, just turned and you were there.”
As Miss Arbuckle’s hand slapped across her face Jenny just stood dumbstruck, she had never been slapped, not even as a child. Miss Arbuckle certainly did not lack strength and before Jenny could move or speak Miss Arbuckle was dragging her towards one of the sofas.
“I told you once before, girl, about your sloppy behaviour and what such behaviour deserves.”
Francesca stands expressionless as Jenny is bent over the sofa her skirts raised, her cotton knickers pulled to her knees.
Miss Arbuckle looks towards Francesca.
“Do I have your permission to punish this clumsy oaf of a maid, Lady Harcourt?”
A wriggling Jenny watches Francesca smile and nod as the first harsh heavy handed blow smacks Jenny’s tender pink bottom. Slap after slap follows until Jenny’s bottom glows red and tears run down her face.
Humiliated in front of all the ladies Jenny pulls up her knickers and scampers from the room to the sound of mocking laughter from the gathered group.
Jenny sat back in the sanctuary of the kitchen, wiping her teary red eyes with her apron, not believing what just happened to her and the strange feelings that once again racked her mind and body. That woman actually exposed my bare bottom in front of those women and spanked me? A smile gradually growing across Jenny’s face as she ponders and thinks. I did not contrive anything, a genuine accident and she spanked me!” - the gusset of Jenny’s panties becoming wetter as she relives what Miss Arbuckle did to her.
How far could she go if she provoked Miss Arbuckle, what would be the worst? Another spanking that’s all, if it got too bad Francesca would intervene. Enjoying the cooling wetness in her panties Jenny composes herself, straightens her lacy apron and heads back to the gathering.
With Jenny out of the room Miss Arbuckle stands by Francesca, knowing the maid had become aroused by her spanking.
“You know, Lady Harcourt, Jenny, I my call you Jenny right?  There is something about that maid of yours and what you wrote in your letter about her, there seems little improvement from the last time I saw her.”
“Too much spirit for a domestic servant if you ask me.”
Francesca speaks in a hushed tone as if embarrassed and confiding in Miss Arbuckle.
“Yes, Miss Arbuckle, as you saw Francesca is so clumsy and requires constant discipline and she is such a liar, Francesca tells the most preposterous stories, cannot believe a word she says.”
“I have to have her gagged at times her lies so ridiculous, even tried telling some visitors she was actually me, can you believe the audacity of the girl.”
“But I just cannot seem to bring myself to train her well to knock that attitude out of her. I am weary with it.”
“If only there was a way or a place, I would pay good money to have her trained, my husband Simon will be returning at the end of next month. I will definitely have to have things sorted by then."
“I doubt anyone could transform that surly little tramp into an obedient maid in time for my husband’s return.”
Francesca knows only too well that many maids are sent to Miss Arbuckle’s Manor to be reformed; even the strongest willed wayward girls are broken to be returned to their Mistresses meek and servile. Will Miss Arbuckle take up the challenge and unknowingly take Jenny Harcourt, the lady of Downway manor, who she has already spanked, to be trained and returned a timid subservient maid for the household of Downway? A maid to serve Simon, Lord Harcourt and his replacement wife Francesca, Lady Jenny Harcourt?
Miss Arbuckle’s eyes glint seeing Jenny return to the room and start to clumsily tidy away empty plates and glasses.
“Leave that with me, Jenny dear, perhaps I can help you, I have a trunk in my carriage. I will have my driver bring it in for later.”
Francesca, happy that Miss Arbuckle is interested in Francesca the maid, unaware that she is actually Lady Jenny Harcourt, heads towards Jenny and pulls her to one side, whispering in her ear.
“Well Jenny after our chat about Miss Arbuckle and how you felt I have had a word with her. I hardly told her anything really, just that you have been a naughty maid and don’t worry, I know exactly what she as planned for you, but I wouldn’t want to spoil your surprise.”
Francesca leaves Jenny in quite a state, wondering when, what and how things will develop, but excited enough for the cool patch of wetness in the gusset of her underwear to become warm again.
The room tided, the ladies take their seats around the table and Miss Arbuckle thanks Lady Harcourt for her hospitality.
Jenny, having been sent from the room by Francesca, listens at the door as Miss Arbuckle introduces each of the ladies to Francesca, who they now know as Lady Harcourt, why wouldn’t they? Miss Arbuckle explains who each of the ladies are and where they live.
As the introductions continue Jenny begins to realize that explaining the role reversal game to Miss Arbuckle is one thing, but to all these ladies it will be embarrassing.
Francesca stands and gives a little speech, accepting the ladies invitations to visit them and giving them an open invitation to visit Downway Manor.
Jenny starts to get annoyed with Francesca she is going too far, she is behaving as if she really is her! What is she up to?
A ripple of applause follows Lady Harcourt’s’ acceptance into the ladies circle and she is presented with a pretty sash. Francesca posing as Jenny is now familiar with all the ladies in the area and they with her.
Jenny goes to the kitchen and try’s to remove the collar but it is locked tight and mumbles to herself
Shit, shit bloody thing, I have enough of this, where is Francesca?
As she steps out of the kitchen, struggling with the collar, the guests are preparing to leave and Jenny decides not to make a scene, whilst the guests are leaving and back into character opens the main door for them curtsying as they go.
With the carriages pulling off the driveway Jenny heads to the hall to confront Francesca.
As she strides through the door she is already raising her voice and screams.
“So what was all that about?”
Jenny sees that Miss Arbuckle is still in the room talking with Francesca by the side of an open chest.
Miss Arbuckle turns and glares at the maid standing in the doorway. Francesca just turns and smiles.
Jenny stops in her tracks.
Miss Arbuckle glare leaves Jenny weak and vulnerable again and decides this was what Francesca had spoken about earlier. Obviously she had waited until the other guests had left.
Stepping into murky waters it could be ankle deep, to the knees, thighs, waist or the whole body could be engulfed. Jenny’s anticipation, which has built within her since her spanking and Francesca’s words, have left her reckless. She will take whatever comes. It’s her own home after all she will be able to confront Francesca later, wouldn’t she?
Jenny quickly returns to character, forgetting about Francesca’s performance at the meeting of the circle.
Jenny bobs a curtsy.
“Sorry Miss, what must you think of me?”
Miss Arbuckle walks to Jenny, her eyes piercing and bright.
“Your Mistress Lady Harcourt has told me all about your bad behaviour girl and I have seen what a sloppy tart you are again today for myself."
Miss Arbuckle traces her fingers down Jenny’s cheeks and rotates the collar around her neck, the touch and words of this imposing woman making Jenny quiver.
“Collared. I thought as much.”
“Your Mistress and I have come to an agreement about your training, girl, you want to be a good maid, don’t you Francesca?”
Mesmerized Jenny just stares and mumbles a reply her mind is like mush this is more than she could have hoped for.
“Yes, Miss.”
Miss Arbuckle stands back from Jenny and looks her up and down.
“Good, now take off your clothes.”
Jenny looks first at Miss Arbuckle then at Francesca.
“What? My clothes?”
Miss Arbuckle’s eyes tighten, her tone harsh and clear.
“Don’t question me, girl, your clothes, remove them.”
Francesca shrugs her shoulders and Jenny reaches for and slackens the bow of her apron then lifts the apron over her head dislodging her cap. After a short pause Jenny unfastens the clasp at the top of her dress undoes the fastenings and lets the heavy wool dress fall to the floor besides the apron.
“Everything girl. All your clothing and underwear as well.”
Jenny is now at a point of no return, part of her mind screaming, the other wanting this woman to give her orders and dominate her.
The long slip in Jenny’s hands Francesca is at her side and along with the discarded dress and apron Francesca collects the slip.
With Miss Arbuckle’s fixed on her, Jenny unhitches her garter belt and rolls off her stockings. Her wet panties follow and, with her bra handed to the eager hands of Francesca, Jenny stands naked but for her boots and her collar, quivering with anticipation for what is to come.
Miss Arbuckle steps close to Jenny staring into her eyes and Jenny lets out a soft moan feeling Miss Arbuckle’s fingers pressing at her wet pussy.
Feeling Jenny’s wetness Miss Arbuckle grins at the thought of having the maid of Downway manor licking between her legs.
“Well, well you are a naughty maid, aren’t you, girl?”
“Tell Miss Arbuckle what a naughty maid you are and that you wish to be trained.”
Jenny, her legs weak and wobbly, her gaze transfixed on the grinning sneer of Miss Arbuckle, meekly responds.
“Yes, Miss, I am a naughty maid, a naughty girl that needs to be trained.”
Miss Arbuckle laughs and motions for Francesca.
“And you shall be trained girl, oh yes, Miss Arbuckle knows how to train naughty maids.”
“The belt, Jenny, if you please.”
Francesca reaches into the trunk and helps a puzzled and stunned Lady Harcourt step into the straps of a chastity belt and before Jenny can react Francesca pulls the harness tightly into place, sealing the lock.
Jenny’s hands go straight to the belt tugging and pulling - this is not what she anticipated at all! A chastity belt? What is happening?
Jenny starts to panic the belt won’t budge, it is locked onto her.
Miss Arbuckle slaps Jenny’s face.
Calm down, girl, you have brought this on yourself, you are being prepared for your training at Kingsly Manor.
Jenny is unsure, but convinces herself that this is all part of Francesca’s arrangement with Miss Arbuckle and foolishly plays along.
“Sorry, Miss, of course, Miss, this maid has been a bad girl, she must be punished.”
Francesca grabs Jenny’s arms and squeezing them together, cuffs her wrists.
Jenny is getting more and more nervous as Francesca locks a short chain between Jenny’s ankle boots.
Jenny’s eyes go wide as Miss Arbuckle produces a large stiff leather posture collar and smiles, drawing it around Jenny’s neck locking it in place, forcing Jenny’s chin and head back and uncomfortably high making it difficult to speak.
Forced down into one of the chairs with Francesca holding her shoulders Jenny watches Miss Arbuckle remove a set of hair clippers from the chest.
Jenny realizes things are getting out of hand. This can’t be a game, can it?
The collar forcing her to whisper, Jenny, her eyes wide, mumbles her protest, but it is too late.
“What are you doing?! Look, stop, stop, this has gone far enough, you can’t cut my hair.”
Tugging and pulling Jenny is held firmly down in the chair.
“Do you hear, Francesca, stop this, and tell Miss Arbuckle who I am!”
To the astonishment of Jenny, Francesca turns to Miss Arbuckle and with her words Jenny realizes she is in big trouble from her foolish maid play with Francesca.
“See what I mean Miss Arbuckle, such a lying little trollop.”
Francesca laughs.
“The little tart will say she is me next, I am sure of it.”
Red faced Jenny attempts to shout.
“I am Lady Harcourt, you can’t do this to me. You can’t do this, I own this manor house and the girl you think is me is just my maid.”
“Francesca, please don’t do this.”
Ignoring Jenny’s pleas Miss Arbuckle raises a gag to Jenny’s mouth and she is silenced but for muffled incoherent whimpering
Miss Arbuckle holds the steel ring on Jenny’s collar and looks into Jenny’s now angry eyes.
“Your life as a slothful maid here at Downway Manor is over, girl, you are coming back with me to Kingsly Manor, I am going to make a proper maid out of you. Understand, girl? And your lies are wasted on me, Lady Harcourt has told me all about your stories.”
“Now hold her still, Jenny, let’s get this over with”
Jenny squirms as the clippers buzz and her beautiful blonde curls are shorn from her head.
A few grazes from her wriggling but soon her luscious locks lay around her feet.
Miss Arbuckle blows the loose hairs remaining in the clippers and turns to Francesca.
“I don’t like my girls messing with their hair.”
Francesca smiles and hands Miss Arbuckle a chain leash which she clips to Jenny’s collar and tugs her forward.
“It is going to be my personal pleasure training you to be the perfect maid for Lady Harcourt.”
Poor Jenny is beyond panic, naked; her wrists shackled, saliva dripping from the corners of her gagged mouth, tears streaming down her face and the chastity belt tugging tight into her crotch.
Francesca laughs at her shackled Mistress, Lady Jenny Harcourt now sat naked, gagged, her head shaved and locked into a chastity belt.
With Miss Arbuckle convinced it is Francesca the maid who she has prepared to be taken to her manor house for training, the scheming Francesca invites Miss Arbuckle for a drink before she leaves.
Poor Jenny, struggling to walk with the chain tugging between her boots restricting her gait, is led by her leash into the scullery, forlornly whimpering into her gag.
Lifting the end of Jenny’s leash and securing it to a hook high on the kitchen wall Francesca cups one of Jenny’s flopping breasts and rolling her thumb on her nipple whispers in her ear holding the paper she signed in front of her.
"Well, FRANCESCA, that’s your name now, Maid Francesca, and when Miss Arbuckle has finished with you you will return here to be my maid at Downway. A maid to serve me and my husband Lord Harcourt, Simon, yes Simon and I have been lovers for years; he married you for the title and your wealth which we now have. It is what you wanted, do you remember, it is written here, look."
Jenny’s tear filled eyes stare at the document she unwittingly signed and sighs into her gag
I, Lady Jenny Harcourt wish to be called Francesca and to be the maid at Downway Manor agreeing to accept all the training necessary for me to become competent in all the household duties of a maid relinquishing all my responsibilities as Mistress of Downway Manor. Francesca my maid will take my name and all responsibilities as Mistress of Downway Manor, becoming Lady Jenny Harcourt.
Leaving the helpless squirming Jenny dangling in front of them to contemplate her fate, Francesca and Miss Arbuckle drink and talk.
“So your husband Simon is back in six weeks you say, Jenny.”
“Yes that’s right. It would be good to have Francesca back by then, duly trained, of course.”
Miss Arbuckle looks at her shackled trainee with a look of resignation on her face.
”Oh, don’t worry, Jenny, she will be a different girl altogether when she returns.”
Drinks finished the shaven headed  gagged Lady Harcourt is hooked to the back of Miss Arbuckle’s carriage and with the chain between her boots extended she is to be paraded naked, but for her gleaming chastity belt, through the village behind Miss Arbuckle’s carriage, for the five mile journey back to Miss Arbuckle’s Kingsly manor.
With Lady Jenny Harcourt taken away to be trained as the new maid of Downway Manor Francesca makes herself at home as the new Lady Harcourt in her sumptuous surroundings.
When her love Simon returns, as planned, his wife will have been trained to be their obedient maid and they will be able to live off her wealth.
Being paraded naked, chained behind Miss Arbuckle’s carriage through the village of Downway brought out quite a crowd of onlookers. Jenny's chastity belt began to chafe by the time they reached the gates of Kingsly Manor and her unsupported tits that swung freely also ached.
Jenny was stood by the back wall of the stables and hosed down with cold water to remove the grime from her. Her feet blistered and weakened with the trudge she was in a state of near collapse.
Miss Arbuckle stepping out of her carriage fussed and petted her horses and her pet dog which skirted around her ankles then pointed to the dishevelled Jenny.
“Put that in one of the stable stalls for tonight she can start her training tomorrow, Oh and leave it gagged and shackled.”
Jenny, her leash secured to a metal ring in the back of a stall, lay down in the straw hardly believing what the scheming Francesca had done with her. No matter how she wriggled and twisted she could not feel herself and soon fell asleep.
The first two weeks were painful for Jenny - the gag in and out of her mouth, sound beatings and regularly doused in cold water. Eventually her resistance and lies about being Lady Harcourt were beaten from her and she happily answered to her real name Francesca.
Remaining belted and naked she was constantly berated and ridiculed until the happy outgoing Jenny that she was became replaced with the timid withdrawn Francesca she now was.
Her tongue had been slit during the first days of her arrival for her lies about being the lady of Downway manor, about the same time that Miss Arbuckle had her nipples and clit pierced.
As a result of her slit tongue Francesca had a pronounced lisp adding further to her loss of confidence. Her slit tongue would have other advantages but they would became know to her and the girls and boys alike at Kingsly Manor much later.
Miss Arbuckle smiled as Jenny, well not Jenny any more, Francesca, is brought to her study.
Thoughts of being lady Harcourt and her freedom at Downway manor a distant memory for the timid girl stood in front of Miss Arbuckle’s desk.
“Your name, girl”
Francesca dared to look up at Miss Arbuckle, but was immediately swatted by one of the two girls who had brought her from her quarters. Still naked but for her chastity belt the stripe from the crop stung her thigh, but Francesca did not flinch and just lowered her head. Poor Francesca had become sensitised to what to her was a gentle tap.
“Francesca, Miss”
Miss Arbuckle smiled listening to her timid lispy voice remembering how Francesca shouted and screamed at Downway and when she first arrived at Kingsly manor.
Standing Miss Arbuckle walks toward the waiflike creature, Francesca cowering as she approached.
The chain between Francesca’s pierced nipples and her clit kept her stooped - a pleasing posture for Miss Arbuckle. Walking slowly around the broken spirited wretch dragged before her Miss Arbuckle spoke quietly, but the hint of menace in her tone was clear.
“Well, girl, I am told all that nonsense and your lies about Downway are a thing of the past, is that right?”
Francesca, from her beatings and treatment since she came to Kingsly manor have left her unsure that she ever was anything other than who she is - Francesca the disobedient maid from Downway. Answering truthfully that she has not thought or spoken of such things, not even remembering such things for, well as long as she can remember.
“Yes, Miss.”
“Good, good, well you will be pleased to know that your training will begin today.”
One of the girls brings a plain shapeless cotton smock and hands it to Miss Arbuckle.
“You will wear this girl.”
Francesca offers a weak lispy whispered response
“Yes Miss, thank you, Miss.”
The tone in Miss Arbuckle’s voice raises an octave
“Well put it on girl.”
Grateful for any garment after being kept naked for so long Francesca pulls the rough fabric of the smock over her shaved head and feeds her bruised arms into the baggy sleeves. As she reaches into the sleeves, the chain linking her nipples and clit pulls tight bringing a lispy moan from her cracked lips.
Miss Arbuckle returns to her seat and glares at her head girl Amanda standing just behind Francesca.
“Well, what are you waiting for, girl, take that away. I don’t want to see it again until it’s ready.“
Snagging Francesca’s leash she is hobbled back down into the manor for her training to commence.
Amanda, Miss Arbuckle’s head girl, had taken an instant dislike to Francesca, soon after she arrived listening to her lies about being Lady Jane Harcourt of Downway Manor.
Having taken pleasure in seeing Jenny reduced to a timid meek shadow of the proud surly girl who arrived at Kingsly, training her in the ways of an Arbuckle maid was something Amanda was going to relish.
Taken to a small but well furnished room below the main hall Francesca stood by the door in her drab cotton smock as Amanda smiled and, tugging on Francesca’s leash, pulled her inside.
Jenny had had a rather sheltered upbringing and even if that had not been the case nothing could have prepared her for what would be expected of an Arbuckle maid.
No sooner had the door closed Amanda had Francesca dragged her to her knees. Dropping her skirts Amanda smiled at the apprehensive face that looked questioning at Amanda’s pretty lace trimmed panties.
Twisting Francesca’s hair Amanda grinned.
“Take down my panties girl.”
Francesca reached forward only for Amanda’s grip of her hair to tighten bringing a squeal from Francesca.
“With your mouth, girl, not your hands”
Francesca hutched towards the sweet smelling satin and lace and nuzzling forward took a grip of the panties in her mouth and worked them to Amanda’s knees from where they slid to the floor.
Tugged tight into Amanda’s crotch the odour of her pussy, at first repugnant, made her sniff hard, then harder and deeper, the aroma stirring something latent within her.
Francesca’s first taste between the soft folded lips and the pink soft wet flesh that lay beyond made her tongue quiver. Probing deeper Francesca’s split tongue curled and forked licking at the sodden walls of Amanda’s expectant pussy.
Keeping Francesca’s tongue engaged Amanda dragged Francesca across the floor by her hair as she backed towards the comfort of a large bed.
Laying back in soft caress of the bed sheets Amanda spread her legs wide and let her trainee feast in her wet slot. Hardly letting Francesca pause for breath Amanda growled and groaned as Francesca’s enthusiasm grew.
Amanda fingered her own budding clit and squealed as Francesca’s split tongue engaged and slurped by Amanda’s flicking fingers. Amanda gasped her hand sliding to her side as Francesca rattled her tongue on Amanda's bulbous bud.
Amanda had not felt anything like it before and squealed with pleasure as if two tongues were at her. Amanda’s back arched her fingers gripped the sheets below her as she came and flooded out over Francesca’s face and chin.
Gasping Amanda could not bring herself to praise the oral technique of the tart between her thighs and instead, when cooled from her own lust, pushed Francesca to the floor with her foot.
During the days ahead Francesca spent most of her time between the spread legs of the maids at Kingsly manor, her tongue becoming worn and sore. The grooms and butlers were not to be denied and with the keys to Francesca’s belt in hand their fat hard cocks sought refuge in every orifice of Francesca’s increasingly willing body.
A month of incessant debauchery and the once prim and proper Lady Harcourt was reduced to a squirming slut craving the attention and sexual abuse.
Amanda smiled, watching Francesca’s progress in being reduced to a slutty tart and knew her Mistress would be pleased.
The domestic duties during Francesca’s training were often traded. Established maids and of course the guys were doing her work as long as Francesca licked or sucked them stupid.
Spending most of her time on her knees or back it was not long until the developing skills of Francesca’s came to the attention of Miss Arbuckle who had her service her guests, both male and female when required.
A call from Downway manor asking that Francesca be returned brought an offer to purchase the little slut from Miss Arbuckle, but this was refused. The new Lady Harcourt was quite adamant that Francesca should be brought back to Downway.
The bruises and scars from Jenny’s brutal treatment when she arrived at Kingsly had mostly faded, but the mental destruction of Jenny was complete: she was Francesca now, skilled in oral pleasuring, a hallmark of an Arbuckle maid.
Francesca had put on quite some weight in the later stages of her training having had a healthy diet of protein pass her lips. Her lithe figure gone, her shaved head, heavy tits and rosy cheeks, from all her sucking, she looked quite dumpy in her plain cotton smock.
Miss Arbuckle, having summoned her rotund tart to her quarters, smiled as Francesca entered and bobbed curtsy.
“Take off your smock, girl.”
Francesca did not hesitate to remove her smock and kneel naked, but for her chastity belt, believing she would be tasting the inside of Miss Arbuckle’s pussy.
Miss Arbuckle laughed at the submissive Francesca kneeling before her - thighs spread, hands upturned on her knees, head bowed.
“You are to be returned to your Mistress at Downway, girl. Think hard of your training here at Kingsly Manor and serve your Mistress well.”
Francesca offered a weak lispy response without raising her eyes from the floor.
“Yes, Miss, thank you, Miss.”
Amanda entered the room with Francesca’s crisp clean uniform and placed it over the large chair by the dining table. The same chair than Amanda and indeed many girls had sat and opened their legs wide for Francesca to rattle her split tongue within them.
Miss Arbuckle pointed to the garments.
“Dress, girl”
The underwear was plain cotton baggy and loose but Francesca had not worn underwear of any description since she arrived at Kingsly Manor. The high waisted, long legged knickers gathered with lace trim just above the knee hid Francesca’s now podgy thighs and the roll of fat where once her wasp like waist was sheathed in fine silk.
Francesca’s now heavy bust left to swing under a shapeless long slip, Amanda offered a calf length black dress into the hands of Francesca. Stepping into the long sleeved dress Francesca pushed her hands down the sleeves to the white lacy cuffs then buttoned up the high collar trimmed with starched lace.
Heavy boots went on her bare feet and a starched bib apron with its tie tapes was secured into a bow behind her.
Perhaps deep in her subconscious mind she held the memories of her folly allowing herself to be dressed as a maid thinking it a game. It was no game now: she is to return to Downway Manor not as the Mistress but as the obedient maidservant to the household.
Miss Arbuckle walked around her trained maid and smiled dropping the key to Francesca’s chastity belt into her apron pocket.
“Give that to your Mistress when you arrive at Downway.”
A neat bobbed curtsy was followed by Francesca’s lispy mantra
“Yes, Miss, thank you, Miss.”
Miss Arbuckle nodded to Amanda to take Francesca to her carriage.
Miss Arbuckle entered her carriage and scowled at Francesca.
“Lift your skirts, girl, you will walk behind the carriage to Downway.”
“Yes, Miss, thank you, Miss.”
A flick of a whip a whinny from the horses and the carriage slowly rattled out through the gates of Kingsly Manor with the new housemaid of Downway Manor trooping behind.
Simon had been back at Downway for about a week when Francesca arranged for his wife to be returned from Kingsly Manor.
Simon and Francesca arm in arm stand in the doorway of the manor house as Miss Arbuckle’s carriage arrived with its cargo in tow.
Miss Arbuckle unlocked Francesca’s leash from her carriage and tugged her to curtsy in front of Lord and now Lady Harcourt.
Miss Arbuckle smiled.
Your maid, Lord and Lady Harcourt, duly trained and ready to serve unquestioningly.
A tug on Francesca’s collar and the meek timid maid shuffles forward to be presented to her Master and Mistress.
“Isn’t that right, Francesca?”
Keeping her head bowed, the new maid curtsies.
“Yes, Miss.”
Lord and Lady Harcourt smile and smirk at the broken Lady Jenny Harcourt, now their dumpy maid Francesca.
Francesca raises her head and without expression watches Simon kiss his now wife, Jenny.
Simon takes hold of the leash from Miss Arbuckle.
“Thank you, Miss Arbuckle, a truly remarkable transformation.”
Handing the end of the maid's leash to his wife Simon laughs.
“Take this inside, Jenny, put it in its room.”


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