Sunday, August 9, 2015

Story: Margret and Jane

By Jackie J Margret, a widow and recently retired school headmistress, lived in a large house on the outskirts of the village, quite secluded, which was a worry at times, being somewhat remote. Taking early retirement seemed a good idea, getting away from the stress, but with less money she was struggling with the upkeep of the place and could not afford any help to take care of the house, a house she had always wanted to become a guest house. Still only in her mid forties she considered taking another position, but decided against it. She was seriously considering selling up; that was until she met Jane.
Jane, much younger than Margret, in her late twenties, lived in a splendid property on the other side of the village with her husband who was a successful broker, but, whilst money was not an issue for Jane, she had confided in Margret that her husband, who had had a series of affairs, was getting much too serious with his latest fling.
Jane was a bit of a snob and talked incessantly about her possessions, holidays and general affluence perhaps to cover for her relationship or lack of one with her husband. She liked to think she was the lady of the village.

Margret and Jane were an odd couple: whilst Margret was sophisticated and well educated although relatively poor, Jane, whilst she pretended to have the social graces and of course had wealth, was poorly educated and quite out of her depth when it came to social interaction. One of the main reasons her husband often took his latest squeeze to business related functions, rather than his wife,  being embarrassed by her lack of education and social skills.
One rainy Friday afternoon Margret answered the door to the furious knocking and found a distraught Jane sobbing on the door step.
Some strong tea and comforting words settled Jane and she explained to Margret that unless she could change she was in danger of losing her husband but more importantly to her, her lifestyle.
The clothes, the holidays her beautiful home, what was she to do? Rodger, her husband, needed a wife with all the social graces, well educated of which she was neither.
Margret, seeing an opportunity to her own dilemma, consoled her friend and after more tea and tears suggested that she help Jane with her predicament. She was well educated, had been a headmistress she could teach Jane to be the perfect hostess for her husband.  
Jane sniffled and thanked Margret for listening to her troubles and agreed to her friend's proposal that Margret would teach her what she needed to know and Jane offered to transfer regular amounts into Margret’s account.
Margret was quite insistent that she did not want any financial reward from Jane having already thought of another way to obtain the extra finance she would require to supplement her meagre pension.
No, in return for Margret’s help Jane would agree to do small things for Margret, a bit of shopping, help around the house, little things, nothing too onerous.
With a smile returning to Jane’s face, at the prospect of resurrecting her relationship with her husband, all was agreed. The project would be kept secret so when Jane’s training was complete she could surprise her husband with her newly acquired prowess. A date was agreed to commence Jane’s training and Jane left Margret’s house thanking her for her offer of help.
The agreed date for Jane to start her clandestine tutelage, under her friend Margret, arrived and an exuberant Jane, dressed to the nines, jewellery jingling, carrying a briefcase, her stilettos clip clopped up the somewhat overgrown paved pathway to Margret’s door, full of excitement.
It was not the greeting that Jane expected.
Having opened the door Margret looked Jane up and down and tutted.
“Oh dear me, Jane, this won’t do at all. Come inside, go through to the study.”
Jane sat a little puzzled at her reception and Margret followed and stood facing her.
Margret, dressed in a long plain skirt, course hosiery; low heeled brogue shoes, a frilled blouse beneath a cardigan, her hair in a bun, stood staring at Jane.
Jane was beginning to feel a little uncomfortable at her friend's gaze and broke the silence.
“What? What’s wrong, Margret, you said 10am, it’s only a few minutes after?”
Margret, sat into a chair slightly higher than the one Jane had made herself comfortable in.
“It’s not going to work, Jane, it just isn’t.”
“It’s not the time, Jane, although that is important, look at yourself: you look like you are going out on the town, not going to school, well not school but to be taught. It’s just too intimidating, distracting. Your fine clothes, all the jewellery and those heels... I have dressed as I would when I was a headmistress especially for you to help you concentrate.”
“I thought at least you would have dressed down, shown your teacher a little respect, that’s very necessary in a teacher-pupil relationship.”
“I can’t do it if you are going to come to school, well not school, but you know what I mean. If you are going to turn up dressed like this it just won’t work, let’s forget the whole thing.”
Margret knew that Jane would have been looking forward to her first day and would have gone to a lot of trouble to get ready and she hid her smile has Jane’s disappointment began to show. Jane’s bottom lip began to tremble, tears not far away.
Jane half in a sob pleads with Margret to reconsider.
“I am sorry, I wanted to look smart for you, I didn’t want to intimidate you with my clothes and jewellery, and if I did not leave the house like this Rodger would be suspicious. I always dress like this, you know I do. Look, I will change, bring some things here to change into, please say you will still do it, Margret, please, please.”
Margret stands and puts her arm around Jane, her first move to subjugate her friend Jane complete.
“Oh, Jane, don’t cry for heaven’s sake, look it’s me who should be sorry going on at you like that.”
“It’s just, well, my old school mistress thing, I guess.”
“Look, forget today, we can start again tomorrow, I will get something more suitable for you to wear whilst you are here learning.”
“I will put it in the spare room, it has a shower and vanity you can change into something appropriate for your training, perhaps remove your jewellery and all that makeup, then get dressed again when we have finished so Rodger won’t suspect anything, OK?.”
Jane sniffles and looks at Margret.
“So you will continue to teach me then?”
“Of course I will, look, like I said forget today. Fresh start tomorrow, OK? 10.00am sharp mind you, don’t be late.”
10 am on the dot the following day Jane arrived dressed in a similar fashion to how she was the previous day, bubbly and full of smiles. Margret had everything prepared for her in the spare room. Margret had acquired a number of outfits for her pupil but she would not be disclosing all of these yet, there will be plenty of time for that.
Margret dressed in her school mistress outfit ushered Jane in and closed the door.
“Come in, Jane, pop upstairs. I have laid everything out for you, end of the landing the last room on the right. Don’t disappoint me now remember what I said yesterday.”
“Ok, Margret”
Margret slides another subtle condition to Jane.
“Jane, Jane dear best you address me as Miss whilst you are here doing the training, OK?”
Jane giggles.
“Yes, Miss.”
Jane finds her way to the spare room and chuckles seeing what Margret has laid out for her.
Removing her jewellery and makeup Jane strips to her underwear and steps into the grey pleated skirt, white blouse and a grey cardigan Margret had left for her. Pulling on the white knee socks and pushing her feet into Mary Jane shoes Jane ponders if this is really necessary, but she does not want to offend her friend who is helping her.
As Jane heads down the stairs Margret smiles.
“Very nice, Jane. Perfect, you will find it easier to learn and concentrate this way, me the teacher and you the pupil , me the school Mistress and you the school girl, trust me on this.”
A desk prepared for Jane in the study Margret starts with some basic maths at which Jane excels , no problem in that department. Margret takes the file that Jane has been given and places a gold star in the corner. English is a little more of a challenge: Jane’s spelling and punctuation are terrible.
During the morning each time Jane had spoken to Margret, as she would normally do, Margret corrects her tells her not to be too familiar and remember to address her as Miss and where she is.
Close to noon Margret asks Jane to prepare lunch for her, payment for her teaching. Jane does as she is asked and brings sandwiches and a pot of tea into the study for her teacher and sits to join her.
Margret smiles.
“Jane, dear, which school do you know where the teachers and pupils eat lunch together, mmmm?”
Jane answers casually.
“I don’t know, Margret.”
Margret’s eyes tighten slightly.
Margret, Margret, what are you thinking, I thought we had gone through this Jane! MISS if you don’t mind, MISS - that is how you address me at all times, understood? Now, take your food and drink into the kitchen and return here at 1 pm to continue.
A little surprised at this Jane gathers up her plate and cup and sheepishly heads back to the kitchen.  
The afternoon continues with Margret helping Jane with her spelling and punctuation, which start to show some improvement. Pleased with Jane’s progress Margret calls a halt to the day and dismisses Jane to get changed.
Jane emerges dressed back in her finery, hair and makeup immaculate, her rings back on her fingers.
“Thank you, Miss”
Margret smiles.
“Miss? That’s only when I am teaching, Jane. Margret when we are finished, unless it will be easier for you to call me Miss whenever you are here in the house? Yes, let’s do it that way then, less confusion for you, Jane.”
Jane heads off and Margret sits back in her chair and smiles. No problem with her wearing the uniform, which will have some more twists tomorrow, and making and serving my lunch. A perfect start, perfect.
The next day Jane arrived and started to trot upstairs to change.
“Jane, Jane before you change a word please in my study.”
Jane walked into the study and sat opposite Margret at her desk.
“Jane, dear, I have been thinking, what if in the unlikely event your husband finds out and sees you studying here or indeed anyone else. I need to cover myself, we should have some sort of contract if we are to continue.”
“You do want to continue, don’t you, Jane?”
The veiled threat of halting her training is enough for Jane to nod her agreement.
“Well, yes Margr.., sorry, Miss, it sounds to make sense. What sort of a contract?”
Margret smiles and slides a document to Jane.
“I think this would cover it.”
I Jane Summers approached Mrs Lows to seek training and agree to all aspects of the training by Mrs Lows at her residence so I can become more useful to my husband in his work and at home. I agree to call Mrs Lows Miss at all times whilst in her home and dress according to the needs of my training, this solely at Mrs Lows discretion. During my training I may be chastised as punishment for misdemeanours highlighted by Mrs Lows. In return for my training I will carry out domestic duties within her residence specified by Mrs Lows.  I will not sue or make legal representations against Mrs Lows under any circumstances and hold myself fully responsible for all that transpires from my agreement to be trained by Mrs Lows. When Mrs Lows is satisfied that I have met the standards required I will be released from this contract.
Jane reads through the text
“Mmmm,  it is quite formal Margr, er, sorry Miss.”
Margret, sensing some reluctance, interjects.
“Well, we both need to be covered, Jane, and this is my best attempt, but if you don’t want to continue, well, that’s up to you.”
Jane points to the section about chastisement and punishment.
Margret makes light of it.
“Oh, Jane, don’t be silly, naughty girls have to be punished, I had to put something in there. We have a cross word and you go running to your husband and I am in trouble. Surely you can see that."
Margret looks Jane square in the eye.
“It’s not like I am going to spank you or anything, is it? Is that what you were thinking?”
Margret watches Jane’s pupil’s dance; of course that is what she was thinking, perfect.
Margret breaks her gaze with Jane and shows her another copy with her signature on.
“Look, I have signed my copy, so what are you going to do? Do we carry on?”
Jane relents and scribbles her signature on the agreement. Margret smiles and takes the documents and places them into her file.
“Ok, Jane, off you go. Get yourself ready, there are some more things for you today. I don’t like you having the distraction of your designer underwear. You will find a more suitable alternative with your uniform.”
Jane, mulling over what she has just signed, enters the spare room and, having removed her makeup and jewellery, strips completely and gets dressed, the underwear a plain bra and navy knickers.
Jane shakes her head and giggles thinking of her school days, but if it’s what is required of her by Margret - even thinking "Margret" she hesitates, her mind already being trained to call and think of her friend as "Miss" rather than by her name...
By the end of the week the routines are established: Jane enters the house, she changes and with no slips refers to her friend Margret as Miss at all times. The study is hard, but Jane is learning much and is becoming quite comfortable with the relationship reinforced by Jane dressed in her school uniform and Miss dressed as the typical school Mistress. It all seems quite natural, just how Margret had planned.
The following week was different with Margret putting pressure on Jane, who made some silly mistakes and was reduced to tears at one point. Continually berating and belittling her pupil poor Jane was getting anxious, but Margret knew just when to back off and help, this process cementing the dynamic of their relationship: Jane was becoming more submissive Margret was becoming more dominant.
Jane, more and more at ease in her school uniform, and being treated more and more like a child as her mistakes grew, was unaware of the gentle and subtle regressing being conducted by Margret. Margret was a skilled teacher and also an unteacher: poor Jane was now so confused with her mathematics, thanks to Margret, she was struggling with basic concepts.
Jane had had the star she earned at the start of her tuition removed. At this Jane threw a girly tantrum which Margret did not discourage and smiled watching her juvenile antics before she made her write 100 lines. I am a dumb silly girl, I am a dumb silly girl, I am a dumb silly girl. Margret was subtly and slowly reinforcing Jane’s inadequacies, not removing them.
By the end of the week Jane was apologising more and more for her mistakes which Margret continually made sure she made. All was going according to plan.
The weekend passed quickly. Rodger was away playing golf both days and Jane was determined to get into her teachers good books during the coming week. She need not have worried about formal education studies as Margret had something else planned for her pupil.
At 10 am Jane was at the door to be welcomed by her teacher and pleasantries were exchanged.
“Good morning, Miss.”  
“Good morning, Jane, do come in.”
“Up you go and get changed, something different for you today, I will explain when you are dressed and ready.”
Jane appears in the full traditional maid’s uniform that Margret had laid out for her complete with apron and cap.
Jane is a little disappointed that she will not be wearing her school uniform she had got used to it and wanted to learn. But that had only been a ruse to get Jane to respect Margret as her better, get Jane to follow her instructions without question and accept punishments like the lines she had been given, which Margret would be reminding her about.
Margret is dressed more elegantly today gone the thick hosiery and frumpy skirt and cardigan.
“Mmmm, my pretty maid Jane, the uniform fits you well, dear.”
“You will be pleased to know I am giving you a break from your formal studies, I think we both know you are useless.”
She was attacking Jane’s self confidence even before the day has begun. Jane tries to defend the indefensible.
“But, Miss, I try, I really try, Miss.”
“Of course you do, GIRL, of course you do, but do you remember the lines I gave you last week or have you forgotten already?”
The slipping in of referring to Jane as just GIRL is not by accident - it is all part of Margret’s scheme to reduce Jane’s self worth.
“Go on, Girl, tell me what you wrote, tell me.”
Jane, adopting a meek posture, magnified by her dowdy maid’s uniform. recites what she had written.
“I am a dumb silly girl; I am a dumb silly girl.”
“Yes that’s right. you are a dumb silly girl and that is why I shall call you girl until you deserve you name back, understood?”
“Well, girl, is that understood?”
Jane is confused by Margret’s domineering tone, but her conditioning from the previous weeks, being dressed in a school uniform and treated more like a child as the weeks progressed daring not to question Miss, Jane accepts what she has been told with her mantra of her reply.
“Yes, Miss. Understood, Miss.”
Margret smiles
“Good, very good.”
“This week you are going to learn how a lady behaves about the house and at social gatherings. You are to watch and learn. You will observe me, how I behave, how I talk. This is much more important than the studies of the previous weeks. First we have work to do, learn how we prepare for our guests. We will start by cleaning and polishing downstairs. You will find all you require in the kitchen, well GIRL, get to it. Oh one other thing whilst you are training dressed as a maid it will be polite to curtsy when you address me, understood?”
Jane looks up at the stern face of her friend Margret and knows she is serious, again as before the subtle conditioning from the previous weeks makes it impossible to do anything but comply.
“Yes, Miss, Understood, Miss.”
Margret smiles watching Jane curtsy.
“Good, now don’t disobey me, punishments for maids are different than for school girls, remember that, girl.”
Margret adds another word alongside punishment to her lexicon for Jane to consider - disobey.
Jane toils for most of the morning cleaning and polishing, wondering what this has to do with her training and observing how a lady behaves, she has no idea.
Margret periodically comes to inspect the work, offering advice and pointing out sections that have been missed.
All six of the downstairs rooms tidy cleaned and polished Margret tells Jane to take lunch in the kitchen and to prepare lunch for her.
Jane, looking quite bedraggled, enters Margret’s study with her lunch and places the tray on the desk.
Margret glares at her.
Jane instinctively drops a curtsy.
“Sorry, Miss, forgot, Miss.”
Margret smiles
“Don’t worry, girl, you will soon get used to that.”
“And tidy yourself up, girl, I have visitors this afternoon, we want my maid looking prim and proper don’t we?”
Jane drops another curtsy.
“Yes, Miss, of course, Miss.”
The visitors are old school colleagues of Margret’s and arrive around two o’clock. Jane has been briefed to greet the visitors, show them to the main parlour and serve tea.
Jane is all refreshed and looks the perfect maid and when the guests arrived she carried out her duties perfectly and blushed when complemented by an elderly gent who tapped her bottom. Jane is about to give the guy what for when she catches Margret’s eye looking at her and thinks better of it.
The guests departed Margret compliments Jane on her work.
“That was very good, girl, you are a natural. I am impressed, you make the perfect maid and I do hope you watched how I interacted with those guests, that’s why we are doing this, isn’t it?”
Jane had been kept so busy she had seen and learned nothing but she could not say.
“Yes, Miss, thank you, Miss, I am learning a lot.”
“Of course you are, girl. Now go and wash all those dishes.”
A curtsy and Jane was gone to the kitchen.
The ritual of arriving, dressing and toiling as Margret’s maid continued until Thursday. It was Thursday afternoon when Jane’s phone bleeped. Margret took the phone from Jane and smiled reading the text.
It was from Rodger, Jane’s husband, he was leaving on a business trip, last minute thing and would be away for at least ten days planning to return the following Sunday.
Margret hands back the phone to Jane then smiles.
“Well, girl, it seems Rodger is going to be away for over a week. How fortunate. That means we can dispense with having to dress you every morning, why you can stay here that should speed up your training no end.”
Jane looks at the text then at Margret.
“I am not sure really, Miss, I think I should go home.”
Margret smiles.
“Nonsense. Why? You will be back here every morning, having to dressб then undress, all that make up and you want to get this training finished quickly, don’t you?”
The way Margret put it it was difficult to say no without offending her and Jane tried to think of a reason, any reason.
“But where would I sleep? I couldn’t impose on you, I really couldn’t.”
Margret, her eyes narrowing into a smile, looked at Jane.
“Oh, don’t worry about that, I have a room for you, oh yes, I have a room for you.”
Jane was apprehensive, but agreed. If she would have protested harder things may have been different but she didn’t.
Margret reached forward and took the phone from Jane’s hand.
“Phones are a distraction, girl, I will look after this for you.”
Margret flopped down into her chair and smiled.
”So it’s agreed then, you will stay here until Rodger returns. No rent of course. I know you will earn your keep.”
Margret joked or was it a joke?
“Well, in that case you can draw me a bath. Last job for the day for our busy maid, while I bathe, you can finish off in the kitchen, then I will show you to your room.”
Jane, quite weary, places the last of the cutlery into the drawer and hears Margret’s footsteps approaching.
“Come on, girl, follow me. I think you will like the room I have for you, home from home, hey.”
Jane never even considered that HER room had been prepared for many weeks. A second staircase leading up and out to the back of the house opened to a hallway with a door at the far end.
Opening the heavy wooden door Margret flicked on the lights to reveal Jane’s room. Modest but comfortable with all that would be required for a maid's quarters.
Margret smiled, watching Jane scan the room.
“Ok, I will leave you to settle in. Good night, big day tomorrow.”
Jane paced the room pressed down on the firm bed, inspected the en suite, finding basic toiletries, then opening the drawers underwear and stockings and some spare shoes on the rack at the side.
Opening the closet Jane looked in astonishment, a number of maid's uniforms neatly hung on the rail. Jane smiled to herself, one for every day she thought, everything I need, I guess?  No more changing  out of my own clothes, my own clothes? Where are they, I wonder?
Jane finally looked out through the barred windows overlooking a small high walled courtyard and the open moorland beyond, before closing the drapes.
She undressed and drew a pretty nightdress from under the pillow, slipped into it and pulled the covers over her.
Flicking the light switch Jane stared into the half light reflecting, trying to reconcile what was happening, what was happening to her? Was this really training her to be better for her husband?
Her mind wandered and decided she would get up early, dress in her “normal clothes”, drive back to her own house to collect some things, proper underwear her own cosmetics, some casual clothes. If she was going to stay with Miss she wouldn’t want to spend the evenings in the heavy woollen maid’s dresses. With those thoughts in her mind Jane eventually drifted off to sleep.
Jane did not need an alarm, see was woken by the sound of a cockerel crowing nearby. Pulling her nightdress back over her legs and with the nightdress gathering at her ankles she tip toed to the door, not wanting to wake Miss. Tugging on the handle the door would not budge stuck firm.  Jane cursed and tugged but the door would not open, she banged and called but eventually gave up.
Sat back in her bed it was a good hour or more before she heard a scrapping sound by the door. Walking back to the door she turned the handle and although the door was thick and heavy it opened with ease. Jane had no idea of the time, no watch, no phone but realised it must be quite late, too late now to go back to her own house, she could do that later, she will explain to Miss and she will understand.
Jane showered and dressed in her maids uniform and sat at the vanity brushing her hair, her hair now looking a little lank - she had not been to the salon since she had started her training, she would have to make an appointment, she could go at the weekend. I will ask Miss to make an appointment, she thought to herself.
Jane chuckled - strange, she was not thinking "friend" or "Margret"it was just "Miss", so used she had become to calling her that it just seemed natural to think of her that way.
Jane even though she removed her makeup when she arrived every day, doing her makeup each morning had been a routine since her teens as she always wanting to look her best. There would be no makeup today but she would pick that up when she went back to her own house.
Jane sighed and pulled her hair back into a pony, it was useless to do anything else, clipped on her lace trimmed cap and made her way down the hallway and stairs into the main house.
Margret was waiting and Jane instinctively dropped a curtsy
“Morning, Miss”
Margret looked Jane up and down.
“Good morning, I hope you slept well it is very quite at the back of the house”
“You look perfect, girl, I like what you have done with your hair, very practical, didn’t like all that hair hanging down, much better.”
“No need to wait until ten o’clock today, girl, we can start right away with a breakfast for me. Tea and toast. You can serve me in the conservatory.
Before Jane could speak Margret turned and walked towards the conservatory.
Jane needed to speak, about the door to her room, collecting some things from her house, an appointment at the salon, but the moment was lost and she shuffled into the kitchen and prepared the breakfast as instructed.
Laying the tray on the table next to where Margret was sat Jane curtsied and stood back.
“Sorry, Miss.”
Margret gave Jane a withering look, making Jane’s confidence evaporate and put her firmly on the back foot.
“Yes, girl, what is it?”
“The door to my room, Miss.”
 Margret explained that this was part of the security system, nothing she could do, it would always lock when the lights were turned off in the evening and the sensors picked up no movement in the house, but the locks are released at 8.30 each morning.  Margret closed, asking if Jane had a problem with that.
“No, Miss, I understand.”
Collecting some things from her house, underwear, cosmetics some casual clothes to wear in the evenings.
Margret looked at Jane, a puzzled expression on her face.
“What, why, everything you need is here. Before I agreed to let you stay here, to help with your training, remember training, why you are here? You came at 10 in the morning and removed your make up, designer underwear and fine clothes, why, because they were a distraction. So why on earth would you need such things? Well, it doesn’t make sense does it? If they were a distraction before, what has changed? I will sort some casual things for you to wear in the evenings if that’s what concerns you?
The way Margret explained this matter left Jane agreeing.
“Well yes, Miss, I suppose when you look at it that way you are right.”
Margret smiled.
“Yes, of course I am right. Anything else, girl?”
Jane ran her fingers through her fringe and spoke.
“My hair, Miss, I like my hair to look its best. I normally have an appointment at the salon, could I, would you make an appointment for me, to fit in with the training of course.”
Margret stood and removing Jane’s cap smiled.
“Yes a wash and a trim, have you always had this colour? I think you would suit something darker, more sophisticated, I will organise something.”
Jane took that as a yes.
“Thank you, Miss.”
Jane remembered her clothes, the clothes she came in the previous day.
“Oh, Miss, my clothes, my “normal clothes” where are they?”
Margret, having returned to her seat, looked at Jane with that withering look again, a good opportunity to belittle poor Jane.
“My goodness, girl, you have the memory of a goldfish. We have just covered that, they are a distraction you just agreed to that. Clothes, clothes... Forget clothes, we have enough to do, this training is becoming quite a burden for me and you don’t seem to appreciate that. Go and get your breakfast and be back in my study in 15 minutes.”
Jane wished she had not mentioned her clothes, the way Margret had spoken to her made her feel stupid, silly. The words of the lines Margret had made her write over and over again resonated in her mind.
Dumb silly girl, dumb silly girl, dumb silly girl.
Jane dropped a clumsy curtsy and even apologised, Margret concealing her satisfaction at seeing Jane squirm and a little more of her self esteem melt away in front of her.
“Sorry, Miss”
Jane hurried to the kitchen almost in tears.
What was happening to her? Why was she feeling like this? Why could she not stand up for herself? What was this women doing to her? Jane sat in her maid’s uniform in the kitchen, thoughts raging through her mind. She sipped on a cup of tea and nibbled on some toast.
Following breakfast Jane went to Margret’s study feeling awkward and unsure following the earlier encounter.
Margret smiled knowing Jane would be feeling vulnerable and was ready to take further control of her.
“Sit, girl, there, that chair, I want to go over what we learned yesterday when I had guests.”
“So first when I greeted our guests what was the difference between my greetings for the male guests compared with the female guests?”
Margret having made sure Jane was out of the room when they arrived.
Jane looked at Margret a blank expression on her face she could not remember the greeting, how could she?
“Er, Erm.."  
Margret kept a straight stern face.
“Never mind, let’s move on.”
Question after question Jane could not answer she had been kept so busy she had hardly had time to see any interaction of Miss with her guests.
Margret stared at a crest fallen Jane, she had not given a credible answer, let alone a correct one, to any of the questions raised by Margret, which suited Margret just fine.
“Oh dear, dear me, girl, that is not good at all, is it?
“It seems the whole day was a total waste of time, let alone the expense and trouble I went to for you, yes for you it was all for you, don’t forget that girl. We will have to do it all over again and again if necessary until it sinks into that thick head of yours.”
Jane again found herself apologising and trying to find a reason for her failure.
“Sorry, Miss, I’m sorry, I was so busy.”
The withering look that Margret gave Jane could have petrified stone.”
“What, what, too busy, too busy, how dare you, girl, I gave up a full day, planned everything for you, and all you can say is, I was too busy. I was hoping for much better, I had planned to reward you, use your name again instead of just "girl", but now it’s not a reward you will be getting, is it, girl?”
“Go on tell me what you deserve, girl, tell me.”
Jane felt small, nervous, weak, and humble at Miss’s tirade.
Why had she done so badly? Jane picked up on Miss’s comments and naively took them to heart - it was all her own fault, Miss was right, she had gone to all that trouble just for me. Jane’s mind convinced that her poor performance, to Margret’s contrived situation, was ungrateful and deserved...
The words just flowed from Jane’s lips.
“To be punished, Miss, I deserve to be punished.”
Margret could not be happier but she did not show it keeping a stern face she was to twist the knife a little more.
“Yes punished, well I cannot give you lines once more, what were they again, girl?
Jane muttered.
“Dumb silly girl, Miss.”
Margret could see she had Jane at a tipping point and pushed on.
“Louder girl. What are you?”
“I am a dumb silly girl.”
“Again, girl.”
“I am a dumb silly girl; I am a dumb silly girl.”
“That’s right, girl, and don’t you forget it.”
Margret lent back in her chair forcing any look of satisfaction from her face.
“So, dumb silly girl, you have asked to be punished and you will be.”
I was going to allow you to use your name again for doing well and because I am fed up of calling you just “Girl.”
“But you don’t deserve that so I am going to call you something else. Until I am satisfied you are taking your training seriously your name will be Jackie and to remind you of what you are missing, your real name, I am adding a J, Your name here now is Jackie, Jackie J, understand, JACKIE?”
Jane, defenceless at the hands of Margret, actually having asked to be punished and also believing she deserved to be responds: “Yes Miss, I am Jackie, Jackie J, Miss.”
Margret continues.
“And that "Miss" thing, it was fine when we were in the school setting, where I tried to improve your education, but I am tired of it. From now on you will call me Mrs Lows, or Mistress. Understood, JACKIE?”
“Yes Miss, sorry, I mean  Mistress, Mrs Lows.”
Margret, Mrs Lows sits forward in her chair and looks at the emotional wreck that Jane, Jackie is and continues her manipulation.
“Jackie, if we are going to succeed you are going to have to try much harder, I am doing my best for you, you know that, don’t you?”
Not far from tears now, just as Mrs Lows likes it, Jackie responds.
“Yes, Miss, I mean Mistress, I mean Mrs Lows; it’s all my fault. I am sorry, I will try harder.”
Mrs Lows smiles, not a smile of pleasure but of contentment.
“I know you will, Jackie, and I am only treating you like this for your own good, you know that, don’t you?"
Jackie will agree to anything that Mrs Lows says in her current emotional state and responds.
“Yes Mistress, I deserve to be treated like this. I am a dumb silly girl.”
Mrs Lows takes the opportunity to milk the situation further.
“Now the training is important and, as we agreed, I am charging no fee, you pay me in kind, but with the wasted money yesterday and the accommodation you now have, well, I think you will agree that it will be best to settle your account before we go further and it will give you time to reflect and hopefully improve your performance, now that’s fair, isn’t it, Jackie?”
Jackie deep in contrition mode has no problem in agreeing.
“Yes, Mrs Lows, very fair, Mrs Lows.”
For the rest of the day Jackie is put to work to settle her contrived debt. Along with making lunch and dinner and serving both to Mrs Lows, she completes a number of tasks. The laundry, cleaning the eight guest rooms, including the en suites, making up the beds with fresh linen and ensuring the kitchen is spotless. By the end of the day Jackie is worn out but feels strangely happy when Mrs Lows praises her for her efforts, telling her what a good maid she is.
“Thank you, Mistress.”
Mrs Lows smiles, her feigned praise being thanked is music to her ears.
“Time for your bed, Jackie, a fresh start tomorrow. I have managed to arrange for guests to come and stay for the weekend it took some organising, but I know how important the training is so I made the sacrifice just for you.”
Jackie looked at Mrs Lows, she thought she would be going home for the weekend.
“Mrs Lows, I did not intend to be here at the weekend I was planning to go back to my house and continue my training with you on Monday.”
Mrs Lows expression told Jackie all she needed to know: she was not happy.
“What, I go to all the trouble of getting people to come and stay for your benefit and you want to leave? Just like yesterday then, I do all the work and you don’t care. This has got to stop, I can’t carry on. You may as well go now, forget the whole thing. Why should I care if your husband leaves you?”
Reminded of why she is doing this Jackie falls for Mrs Lows ploy and steps freely into her sticky web reversing her plans and then pleading to be able to carry on the training.
“No, no, Mrs Lows, I will stay, I will stay, please don’t stop the training, I do care, I really do, please let me continue my training I will stay all weekend, do as you tell me.”
Mrs Lows can hardly contain herself as Jackie practically begs to be allowed to continue to be her maid.
“Well, I am glad you have come to your senses Jackie, tomorrow you will make final preparations for their arrival mid-morning. Now get to your room.”
Jackie drops a curtsy.
“Yes, Mrs Lows.”
It was still early evening and Jackie, as she was now beginning to become, stripped and pulled on her nightdress then poured herself into the firm bed. Her thoughts focused on nothing else but pleasing Mrs Lows, not her friend, not Margret, but Mrs Lows. She was not going to be a dumb silly girl, she was going to be the perfect maid.
Her mind raced, she started to think of her husband, why she was doing this, then in her mind his touch, his tender touch, holding her, touching her, soon she was at herself rubbing, feeling, pressing, her masturbation becoming more intense. The sheets fell from her, spread on the bed, Jackie squirmed and writhed, fingers deep in her pussy, her thumb to her clit almost at the point of her release when the door burst open and the glaring face of Mrs Lows stared down on her.
Panting in frustration Jackie withdrew her fingers and pulled the sheet back over her and looked at the fierce face of Mrs Lows.
Mrs Lows walked into the room and closed the door behind her.
“I cannot believe you would do that in my home, under my roof, you dirty girl.”
“Get out of that bed now.”
Jackie slid from the bed and stood like a naughty school girl, embarrassed to have been caught masturbating by Mrs Lows.
Mrs Lows knew it would only be a matter of time that this would happen, being separated from her husband, just a little sooner than she thought, but she was ready. Having watched the monitor feed from her guests room she chose her moment
“Stand just were you are Jackie I have something to stop that sort of behaviour.”
Jackie dare not move - such was the control that Mrs Lows now had over her.
Returning to Jackie’s room Mrs Lows placed a box on the table by the bed and smiled holding a silver key in her hand.
“Distractions, distractions, if it is not one thing it is something else with you, Jackie, you do want to be trained, don’t you?”
Jackie still blushing nodded.
“Yes, Mrs Lows.”
“And you know that these distractions are not helping, don’t you?”
“Yes, Mrs Lows.”
“And you want to please me don’t you, Jackie?”
“Yes, Mrs Lows.”
“Open the box Jackie, take out what is inside and put it on.”
Jackie opened the box and momentarily froze looking inside.
“But, Mrs Lows, I, please no, I can’t.”
Mrs Lows knew this was crucial to her scheme and pressed on.
“You played with yourself in my bed in my house distracting yourself from your training. You agreed to be punished for bad behaviour and this is your punishment.”
Jackie should have protested more, refused, said she wasn’t Jackie or Girl she was Jane Summers, but she didn’t and removing the contents of the box, lifted her nightdress and shyly worked her legs into the straps before looping the gusset strap and tugging the belt tight around her waist.
Mrs Lows stepped forward, took hold of the asp and sliding a lock into place, snapped it shut.
“There Jackie, one more distraction gone, you will wear this belt until Jane returns. Understood?”
Jackie fidgets with the belt then lets her nightdress cascade back to her ankles
“Now into bed Jackie and get to sleep, we have much to do in the morning.”
The morning came soon enough and Jackie showered and dressed in clean underwear and uniform waited for the locks on the door to spring. She was determined to show Mrs Lows what a good maid she was. Especially now after she had been made to wear the chastity belt. With the locks open, Jackie found her way down stairs to be greeted by a smiling Mrs Lows.
“We have a visitor, Jackie, no need to go to a salon to have your hair done. It's Silvia, my hairdresser, she has her instructions so go and sit by the sink."
Jackie curtsies bringing a stifled chuckle from Silvia.
“Yes, Mrs Lows.”
Sat with her back to the sink leaning her head over the bowl Silvia went about her work, first a rinse, then chop, chop, clip, clip Jackie’s long blonde locks  taken by the handful and tossed into the bin.
Mrs Lows watched smiling and Jackie sat passively whilst she was shorn.
Next the dye, raven black.
Silvia said little, moving Jackie to the centre of the kitchen and snipped and styled, then blew and brushed until Mrs Lows nodded her approval.
Not a bob and not spiky - somewhere in between, but short, oh yes very short no bangs no curls no blonde locks draping over her shoulders, they were gone.
Mrs Lows tells Jackie to thank Silvia which she does with a curtsy.
“Thank you, Miss Silvia.”
Silvia wants to laugh. Girls would die to have hair like she has just sheered and thrown in the bin, it must have cost her a fortune, and black why black when she had such expensive highlights in her luscious blonde mane?
However she was being paid well and left content that it is what her client wanted.
Mrs Lows smiles
“Now that is much better, Jackie, it says so much about your personality, just perfect. No more distractions with your hair. It was becoming a problem and we don’t want distractions or problems, do we, Jackie?”
Jackie smiles nervously her fingers threading through the remnants of her hair.
“No, Mrs Lows, no distractions.”
Mrs Lows pops Jackie’s lacy cap back on her shorn head and confirms she is pleased with Jackie’s new look.
With no mirror Jackie is unaware fully of the drastic change that has taken place with her hair only that Mrs Lows is pleased and that is enough for her.
Now the completion of Jane Summers subjugation will continue in earnest.
The weekend goes well and Jackie learns much about setting a table. Soup spoon, entree, main course, desert the entire cutlery set out and gleaming. Glasses for water, white wine, red wine, desert wine. Place setting couples opposite single next to each other. Mrs Lows taking every opportunity to praise Jackie as a perfect maid.
The table for dinner on the Saturday evening looked spectacular and all Jackie’s own work, under the guidance of Mrs Lows of course.
The meal itself lasted quite some time, Jackie flitting in and out of the kitchen bobbing curtsies as she came and went serving the guests. She was perfect, totally anonymous yet ever present to meet the needs of those dinning.
Jackie, having had already spent most of the day putting final preparations to the guest rooms, flowers, neatly folded towels. sweets on the pillows along with cleaning, dusting and polishing.
She had watched Mrs Lows greeting each guest noting the subtle differences, how she interacted with them talking to all, but not getting engrossed with any, very clever.
Jackie felt she was really making progress and when the final guest left late on Sunday morning after Jackie had prepared and served breakfast to each Mrs Lows showered praise on her.
“Jackie you were excellent, not like that dumb silly girl Jane Summers at all.”
Jackie actually giggled and blushed at the compliments, but Mrs Lows was not finished.
“You see, without distractions you are a good maid, Jackie. So tell me what do we know about that Jane Summers girl, Jackie, she was a dumb silly girl, wasn’t she?”
“Yes, Mrs Lows, she was a dumb silly girl,” Jane says, almost smiling
“And are you a dumb silly girl, Jackie?”
“No, Mrs Lows.”
“You are a good maid, my maid, aren’t you, Jackie?
“Yes, Mrs Lows, I am your maid Jackie.”
Mrs Lows produced a small make up bag and smiled.
A reward for being a good maid, Jackie. Let me show you.
Mrs Lows removed the items, some blusher and a bright red lip stick, that was all, no foundation or eye makeup.
Taking the lipstick she daubed across Jackie’s lips broad strokes making Jackie’s quite thin lips appear much broader and then a waft of blusher to each cheek.
“There, perfect, that is how you will apply the makeup Jackie, understood?
A curtsy from Jackie and she eagerly took the gift from her Mistress.
“Yes Mrs Lows, thank you.”
Jackie doing as she had been told each day with the makeup.
Jane Summers was fastidious about her makeup, subtle pink shades of lipstick lightly applied, foundation and meticulous eye makeup, her application extenuating and highlighting her features, Jackie’s application masking them.
A new photograph of Jackie was pinned beside that of Dumb, silly girl Jane Summers. With Jackie’s now short raven black hair and the bright red, liberal application of lipstick coupled with the rosy cheeks it would be hard to say that dumb silly girl Jane Summers and Jackie were distant cousins let alone the same person.
The following week keeping Jackie constantly busy and always praising her Mrs Lows continued to separate the two personae of Jane Summers and Jackie her maid.
Jane Summers the Dumb silly girl, vain, conceited stupid Jackie, the good maid
Pictures of Jane Summers dressed in her fine clothes, jewellery, her long blonde hair flowing over her shoulders captioned "dumb silly girl" hung in Jackie’s room beside pictures of Jackie with her short raven hair in her neat uniform captioned "perfect maid".
Mrs Lows derogatory comments concerning Jane Summers were incessant, constantly bombarding Jackie with her vitriolic denigration of Jane Summers.
By the end of the week, with Mrs Lows's manipulation and constant praise for maid Jackie and, the continual derogatory comments regarding the dumb silly girl Jane Summers, Jackie was shifting more and more into her persona of Jackie and closing her mind to and having contempt for the dumb silly girl Jane Summers.
The ten days, when Jane’s husband Rodger, was due back from his trip, have passed
This would be difficult for Mrs Lows, but she had made preparations and if she could work on Jackie then all will be well.
 Choice texts sent from Jane’s cell phone, that Mrs Lows had confiscated, to her husband telling him he was a bastard, that she knew of his affairs and was leaving him were made all the more real.
Mrs Lows, having taken Jane’s purse and keys, visited the Summers' home and removed all of Jane's clothing and stuffed it into the back of Jane's Mercedes Benz which she hid away in one of the outbuildings to gather dust and rot. Cutting up Rodgers suits and shirts, before scattering them around the house, cementing the deception.
The Sunday Rodger was due back sure enough Mrs Lows could tell Jackie had something on her mind.
“Jackie put down the mop, what is it is something troubling my maid?”
Jackie placed the mop in the bucket and curtsied.
“Well, Mrs Lows, Mistress, I feel I should be somewhere today, an husband Rodger returning home I think I should be going home?”
Mrs Lows rocked back and laughed out loud.
“What, you married, Jackie? This is your home here, you are my maid what nonsense is this?”
“Rodger you say? We know someone married to a Rodger, dumb silly girl Jane Summers! Are you a dumb silly girl, Jackie?”
Jackie looks at Mrs Lows confused.
“No, Mistress.”
Mrs Lows pushes to close this matter quickly.
“No, I know that Jackie you are a good maid, my maid.”
Mrs Lows takes the two photographs one of dumb silly girl Jane Summers and the other of Jackie in her maid’s uniform, chalk and cheese.
“Now Jackie which of these is you?”
Jackie points to the picture of her in her maid’s uniform.
“That’s right, Jackie, my maid, Jackie.”
“And the other picture is?”
Jackie looks at herself as she was.
“Dumb silly girl Jane Summers, Mistress.”
“That’s right and dumb silly girl Jane Summers is married to Rodger. Not you, Jackie.”
“Now lift up your skirts and drop your knickers to your knees.
Jackie does as instructed.
Mrs Lows pulls on the lock sealing the chastity belt to Jackie.
“Now would dumb silly girl Jane Summers wear a chastity belt if she was married?”
Jackie nlushes
“No, Mistress, a married girl would not wear a chastity belt like mine.”
“No, so that confirms it then, doesn’t it, Jackie? “
Mrs Lows laughs for effect and looks at Jackie for her reaction.
“Unless you want to be two people, Jackie.”
Jackie looks at Mrs Lows, confused, her befuddled mind wrestling with the contradictions
“Oh, Mistress, sorry I got confused, I thought, I just thought, sorry, Mistress, I know now I am Jackie, your maid.”
Mrs Lows pulls the mop from the bucket and hands it to her maid.  
“Yes, just confused, Jackie, now you carry on with your mopping.”
Jane Summers fate now sealed, the shop till you drop socialite who, not many weeks ago strutted around the village like she owned it in her designer clothes now confirmed by her own words the domestic maid of a retired headmistress, hidden from the world, cleaning and scrubbing in her dowdy maids uniform, her hair shorn and wearing a chastity belt.
Weeks turned into months.  Jackie,  Mrs Lows's maid, toils away, oblivious that not three miles away on the other side of the village sits her beautiful home occupied by her Husband and his lover, that in the shed at the end of the garden lays her expensive Mercedes Benz set to rot to dust stuffed with her possessions.
With the village close to a national park, the guest house, that Mrs Lows's residence had become, is fully booked most nights and Jackie is kept busy cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry and serving the guests. All the time Mrs Lows reinforces the lowly status of her now enslaved  domestic servant, the once outgoing, bubbly, spoiled social butterfly Jane Summers.  A subtle combination of praise and being reprimanded, within six months,  all recollection of her life before is driven from her, Jane Summers is gone forever and only Jackie J remains, the timid and shy maid, held  in servitude to her Mistress, Miss Lows.


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