Thursday, December 29, 2016

Story: A Servant's Revenge. Chapter 4.

by Mally01
Chapter four
Charlotte/Rosa enjoyed her new found status as Mistress of the mansion. It had been three months now and Rosa/Charlotte had settled well into the role of scullery maid. Charlotte/Rosa was at the moment in the health spa getting pampered by the staff. Chantelle was doing double duty at the moment as stable mistress and chauffeur. Today they had taken the Rolls Royce and she was polishing the golden paintwork to make it gleam.
After Charlotte/Rosa had finished her massage she and Chantelle went shopping at the exclusive Bianca's Classified store. This was not a cheap store but Charlotte/Rosa had no concerns about the price. When she had sold the shares in Amalgamated there had been a clause that she would receive a percentage of the profits for the next twenty years. This would keep her in new clothes and shoes and also pay the staff wages. She needed to get a driver though she did not want to have to overwork Chantelle. She thought back to her meeting with Olga that morning. She had informed Olga that she was going to promote her to Lady's maid which would give her a raise and she could dispense with the uniform. In turn, she was to train Rosa/Charlotte to take over from her as the housemaid. Olga was very thankful and said she would ensure that tomorrow Rosa/Charlotte would start with her new training.

Charlotte had also decided to do away with the pre-recorded discs she just handed the new uniform to Olga to give to Rosa/Charlotte. Charlotte/Rosa was enjoying her shopping she had spent two thousand dollars on a handbag, one thousand on a pair of shoes and six thousand dollars on a dress. She had also purchased gifts for her family which she had airmailed to Mexico. Charlotte/Rosa and Chantelle headed back to the mansion Charlotte/Rosa enjoying a glass of champagne in the back of the Rolls Royce. One hour later they arrived back at the mansion and Chantelle had stopped at the front door and got out of the driver's seat. She went around and opened the passenger door so that the Mistress could get out.Olga had opened the mansion door and welcome the Mistress back and then had taken the packages from the car's big trunk. Charlotte headed upstairs to her room to shower and relax before her afternoon ride.
Rosa/Charlotte had been up since 5 am washing and getting ready for another day.She looked at her calloused hands as she prepared for her day's work. She dressed in her plain underwear a nylon black bra and panty set. Next, she had pulled the black pantyhose up her legs snapping the waistband snapped in place. She stepped onto the long ankle length dress and struggled with the zipper but managed to pull it up to the back of her neck. She stepped into the flat shoes which had become scuffed on the heels and toes. Lastly, she set the maid's cap on her short bobbed hair and headed to the kitchen.When she arrived she grimaced when she saw the piled up pots and pans in the sink. As soon as she arrived the cook left the kitchen and headed to her room leaving Rosa/Charlotte alone to start her duties.
It was now 5.30 am and the breakfast was ready for the Mistress and the housemaid Olga came in and took the silver tray which held cereal and a cooked breakfast of ham and eggs and toast. There was also a pot of coffee and bowl of sugar and a jug of milk. Again Rosa/Charlotte was alone as she separated the pots and pans then filled the sink with hot soapy water. She took the first pan which had been used for the eggs and scrubbed away the grease and oil ensuring that she turned over the pan to clean the bottom. By seven o'clock all the pots and pans had been washed, dried and hung in the cupboard. Once this was done she headed back to the servant's quarters and started cleaning the rooms.
She put the washing outside the doors and remade the beds with clean fresh linen.Once all the rooms had been done she had to start on the servant's hallway scrubbing and polishing the wooden floors until they sparkled. It was while she was doing this that Olga had summoned her to her room after she had finished what she was doing. The time was now eleven o'clock and cook was headed back to the kitchen as Rosa/Charlotte headed to Olga's room. She stopped at her own room to tidy herself up and washing her hands and face. She soon found herself outside Olga's room her hand raised ready to knock on the door.
Rosa/Charlotte knocked on Olga's door and waited until she was given permission to enter. She heard Olga "enter" and she turned the doorknob and went inside closing the door behind her. Olga smiled at her as she handed her the new uniform. It consisted of a black dress but was shorter than the scullery maids dress. The collar was trimmed in white along with the bottom of the short sleeved cuffs. There was also a frilly white trim on the bottom of the dress skirt. Gone was the bib all she now was an apron in the shape of a triangle. The point of the triangle pointed down and stopped just above her knees. Along with the uniform came some black pantyhose and a new pair of court shoes with a two-inch block heel. Olga then informed her of what her new duties would be. Rosa/Charlotte listened as Olga rattled out the new duties taking them in.

1 Make beds and tidy all of the guest rooms.
2 Make sure the rooms were supplied with fresh linen and to keep them in good repair.
3 Dust all the china ornaments and attend to the flower arrangements.
4 Answer the door if the butler or housekeeper were busy.
5 Serve the Mistress if her personal maid was out or busy.
6 Serve the guests at functions.

When Olga had finished she dismissed Rosa/Charlotte from her room and then read a book. Rosa/Charlotte went back to her room to drop off her new uniform and sat down for a moment thinking of her new position. Yet somewhere in her mind, she was disturbed by the dreams and memories that she had been having recently. She dreamed that she was the Mistress of the mansion but then she always woke up. She headed back to the kitchen and resumed her duties of cleaning but at least this would be the last day of cleaning pots and pans.
When she arrived two workmen were unpacking a large box and cook told her it contained a new dishwasher. The cook explained that seeing as Rosa/Charlotte was moving up the pots and pans would still need to be cleaned.Rosa/Charlotte went to the sink and started to wash and scrub the pots and pans and hung them when she had dried them. Rosa/Charlotte had her sandwich and coffee and looked at the cheap watch on her wrist one o'clock another ten hours to go before she could rest.
Chantelle had parked the Rolls Royce and then headed into the house and down to the kitchen. She saw Rosa/Charlotte scrubbing the servant's hallway again after the workmen had left. Since the initial training of Rosa/Charlotte had softened towards her and they chatted for a little while. Chantelle had discovered that Rosa/Charlotte was settling in well to her new role. Rosa/Charlotte had put on a few extra pounds as she no longer had access to the gym but she would still turn heads. Chantelle went and got her lunch from the cook and sat at the table eating admiring the new dishwasher.
Elsewhere Charlotte/Rosa sat in the dining room eating her salad and drinking mineral water while listening to classical music. She massaged her body smiling at the new slimmer body she had, she was amazed that after three months she has lost so much weight. She finished her meal and then signalled to Olga that she could clear the table. She had made plan's to have a few friends visit tonight for dinner. "Olga you may want to have Rosa help you tonight with dinner she can do double duty." Olga smiled and said "Yes Mistress". Olga left the dining room and headed back to the kitchen with the silver tray. She found Rosa/Charlotte cleaning the floor and passed on the news to her and she should report to her correctly dressed at five o'clock. It was now three o'clock so Rosa/Charlotte speeded up her cleaning. Finishing at four o'clock she put her cleaning stuff away and headed to her room. She stripped from the scullery uniform and then headed to the shower.
She washed then headed back to her room and sprayed herself with the cheap perfume that had little fragrance. She then put a clean bra and panty set in black noting that she was gaining weight. She opened a fresh pair of black pantyhose and pulled the black nylon up her legs. She stood up and run her hands up her legs craning her head to look back ensuring the seams were straight.She took down the black maid's dress and stepped into it pulling the zipper up. She checked the cuffs at the elbow were also un-creased as she stepped into the new shoes. The cap went on her head and lastly a white pair of gloves which she pulled onto her hands.
Rosa/Charlotte entered the kitchen where all the hobs on the cooker were employed with cooking various dishes. The over was employed cooking a pork loin stuffed with apple. Olga informed Rosa/Charlotte that she would serve the guests this evening. She handed her a silver tray and six long-stemmed glasses which Rosa took to the table. She found a bottle of red wine which was she uncorked and left it to breathe. Olga told her to be careful as that wine was valued at four thousand dollars. Rosa took a soft lint cloth and polished the silver tray making it gleam in the artificial kitchen light.
While she waited she polished the glasses making them also sparkle. The doorbell rang and Olga headed to the door to open it. She gave a small curtsey as she welcomed the woman into the mansion and showed her to the study. Hannah Montague a stunning black haired African American, five-foot-six inches tall greeted Charlotte/Rosa her friend of twenty years. Charlotte looked at Hannah's perfectly formed body and her thirty-four d breasts that strained at the three thousand dollar silver dress that she was wearing. "Sorry Rosa but the other girls could not make it so it;s just us." Charlotte looked at her friend and smiled. "That's okay and I have changed my name to Charlotte by the way." Charlotte then went on to explain what had happened three months ago and Hannah smiled. "All this yours wow girl you have done well for yourself." Charlotte/Rosa range the bell and Rosa/Charlotte came in." Ah, Rosa, could you get us two glasses of wine"
Rosa/Charlotte looked at Charlotte/Rosa and replied" Yes Mistress". She curtsied and then headed back to the kitchen. "Charlotte is that her? was that the real Charlotte?" Charlotte giggled and nodded her head. Rosa/Charlotte returned with two glasses of the expensive red wine on the tray and the bottle. She stood before Hannah and slightly bowed forward watched as the slender ebony hand took a glass. "Thank you, Rosa," she said. Rosa then turned and took the remaining glass and did the same bowing before Charlotte/Rosa. Charlotte thanked her and told her to leave the bottle on the table they would help themselves. Rosa curtsied as she replied yes Mistress the left the study and headed back to the kitchen where she waited with Olga and the cook.

The dinner bell rang so the cook took two silver bowls and placed them on the silver tray. She then used a ladle to scoop up the cream of tomato soup and using a circular motion to pour it into the bowls. Rosa/Charlotte was told to take the soup and serve it to the Mistress and her guest. Rosa picked up the silver tray and walked from the kitchen and headed up the stairs to the dining room. She entered and placed the tray on the serving table and took one bowl and went to Hannah's left-hand side. She placed the soup bowl done on the silver placemat. "Thank you, Rosa," said Hannah as she looked on with a smile as Rosa/Charlotte took the second bowl and placed this in front of Charlotte/Rosa. "Thank you, Rosa," Said Charlotte/Rosa. Rosa/Charlotte curtsied and returned to the kitchen to await.
After thirty minutes the bell rang again and Rosa/Charlotte returned to the dining room and retrieved the soup bowls placing them on the silver tray. "Rosa you can tell cook we are ready for the main course" Rosa/Charlotte curtsied"Yes Mistress" she then left with the tray and bowls and headed back to the kitchen and informed cook. The heated serving trolley was loaded up with the roast pork which cook had carved into slices. Along with the pork came the potatoes, peas, carrots, cauliflower and broccoli. In a silver jug was the apple sauce for the meat. Also on the trolley was placed salt and pepper in silver pots. Rosa/Charlotte pushed the trolley following Olga to the dining room. They entered the dining room and plugged in the serving trolley to keep the food heated.
Olga and Rosa/Charlotte took the vegetables over to the dining table and placed them in front of the two women. They followed this with the pork and two warm plates. Olga retrieved a bottle of white wine from the trolley's chiller and uncorked the bottle. She poured two glasses and handed them to Rosa/Charlotte to serve to Charlotte/Rosa and Hannah. Olga and Rosa/Charlotte both left as the women helped themselves to the meat and vegetables. They discussed Charlotte/Rosa's new fortune and what she had planned for real Charlotte. Charlotte/Rosa was still undecided as to her endgame but for now having her as a maid was good enough.
Rosa/Charlotte looked at the kitchen clock and it showed the time to be eight o'clock. She was beginning to feel hungry around all this food but she would have to wait to eat. The bell rang out once more and Olga sent Rosa/Charlotte to the dining room to clear up while she Olga would prepare desert. The cook had eaten and left her stuff by the sink and headed to her room. Rosa/Charlotte came into the dining room and collected the cold bowls that had held the vegetables. She placed them on the trolley and then collected the plates and placed them next to to the bowls. She unplugged the trolley and coiled the lead placing it back in its little cubby hole."Rosa, you tell Olga that she can serve dessert then you may both eat."Rosa/Charlotte curtsied"Yes Mistress" then she turned and pushed the trolley back to the kitchen. She watched as Olga took the cooked apples stuffed with raisins and topped with a caramel glaze.
At the side of each apple was a generous helping of fresh cream to compliment the apples. Rosa/Charlotte removed the two dinner plates from the oven and placed them on the kitchen table just as Olga returned. They both sat and ate in silence enjoying the meal although it was a little dry. Olga reminded her that she would need to change back into her scullery uniform before she started on the pots and pans.Rosa/Charlotte looked at them near the sink and sighed as she finished her meal. She went back to her room and changed into her old uniform then returned to the kitchen.
She looked at the clock nine o'clock two hours she had to clean and put away the pots, pans and clean the silverware. She started as usual with the pots scrubbing and then rinsing then hanging the up. Next, the pan's were given the same treatment until the sink was almost empty. Freshwater and she started on the plates and bowls washing and drying them. Then came the polishing of the silver before putting them in the kitchen dresser. Her next task was to clean all the utensils and polish them placing them back in the cutlery canteen. She did her final task of polishing the trays and putting them on the shelf. She collected all the clothes she had used and placed them in the wash basket.
Eleven o'clock and Rosa/Charlotte had finished her work day and was very tired. She headed back to her room and sat in her single chair removing her scuffed shoes. She rubbed her tired feet through the nylon pantyhose. She stood and removed her uniform placing it in the wash hamper. She put on her bathrobe and headed down the hall to take a shower. Once inside she locked the door and stripped out of her underwear and turned on the water. It was not hot water but it was not cold either so she stepped inside and quickly showered before the water got colder.
Alas, she was not that quick and soon the water was cold as she washed her hair. She quickly rinsed the shampoo from her hair and then towelled herself dry then pulled her bathrobe around herself. She stepped back into the slippers and then cleaned up the washroom before heading back to her room. She placed her dirty underwear in the hamper and then took her nightdress from the draw and climbed into bed and pulled the covers over her. She reached up and found the cord that would turn out the lights and gave it a tug. The room went into darkness and she lay her head on the pillow and was soon asleep.


  1. Good story, and story line. But will Rosa/Charlotta ever regain some of her memory and realize who she really is?

  2. Thank you and she may regain some memories we shall see. Have a happy new year celebration.