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Story: A Servant's Revenge. Chapter 2.

By Mally01

Chapter Two
“Rosa what are you doing it's only five o’clock,” exclaimed Charlotte as she sat up in the bed rubbing the sleep from her eyes.
”Well, Charlotte it is time for you to get to work you need to wash and dress before you start your chores.” Charlotte looked at Rosa and Rosa reminded her that it was Ms. Rosa for the rest of the day she was just Char as per their agreement.
“Now get out of that bed and come with me.” Charlotte slipped from under the blankets and eased her feet into the silk bed slippers.
“No Char you are a maid now no fancy slippers you will have to walk in bare feet now hurry up”. Charlotte followed Rosa and they headed to the servants quarters and Rosa showed her into a small room which had been the scullery maids before Charlotte had got rid of her. The room had one single bed a wooden dresser and a single wardrobe. That was the extent of the furniture apart from the small porcelain washbowl on top of the dresser.

“Here you will wash and dress and then go down to the kitchen and prepare breakfast Char.” Charlotte looked at Rosa and said: “Rosa please can I use the bath in my room?”
Rosa looked backed and smirked: “No Char firstly you are just a servant now for the next 18 hours and for that time you will address me as Ms Rosa is that clear?” Charlotte nodded and Rosa left the room and headed back to the master bedroom and slipped into the big double bed. Charlotte went to the dresser and looked in the draws and found soap and a coarse flannel which she placed next to the bowl. She saw there was no water so went in search and found the servants washroom and took a jug and filled it with water.
The water was not very hot so she quickly took it back to the bowl and poured the water from the jug. She stripped out of her bed clothes and washed using the flannel and soap which had no scent what so ever. Now she was washed she picked up the underwear which felt rough and pulled them up her legs. This was followed by the cheap black bra with the frayed edges showing the metal beneath. The bra just held her breasts in place after she had clipped the eyes and hooks behind her back. Next, she pulled the woollen pantyhose up her legs and felt them already uncomfortable on her skin.
She was regretting this exchange now but it was only for 18 hours then hopefully the dreams would cease. The black smock came next which she struggled to zip up but managed. She placed the lace maid's headband on her head then stepped into the flat shoes. Charlotte then headed to the kitchen to prepare Rosa’s breakfast which she would take up at six o’clock. Charlotte got to the kitchen and found a list on the table which detailed what Rosa wanted for breakfast. There was first cereal which consisted of muesli and milk. This was to be followed by eggs and bacon with tomatoes and mushrooms. Three slices of toast and butter, orange juice and a pot of coffee.
Charlotte had never had to cook before but the cereal would be easy enough for her but she struggled and muddled through. She looked at the clock and it was 5 minutes to six. She picked up the tray and headed up to the master bedroom and placed the tray on the small table outside. She knocked on the door and a voice told her to enter so she slipped the door open and picked up the tray. She walked inside and headed to the table and placed the tray down. Rosa got out of bed and slipped the silk slippers on her feet. She smirked as she saw Charlotte frown then headed to the table and told Charlotte to prepare her bath.
Charlotte entered the bathroom and turned the cold tap first then when there was around an inch at the bottom, she turned on the hot tap. She then took the lavender scented bottle down and poured some into the bath and stirred it with her hand in the frothing the water into a foam. Rosa came in and told her to go and make the bed and then take the breakfast dishes down. Charlotte went back into the bedroom and stripped the bed down and found fresh linen and made the bed up. She smoothed down the quilt and puffed the pillows and then went and took the tray and headed down to the kitchen. She went to the sink and filled it with hot water and washing up liquid. She placed the bowls, plates and cup in the sink and started to wash then up.
Rosa came in and told Charlotte to hurry up as she had a busy day ahead. Charlotte finished the washing up and then dried the dishes and then reported to Rosa in the living room. Rosa told her to start with the bathrooms they must be cleaned and the taps needed to be polished and the grout between the tiles also needed to be scrubbed. Rosa told Charlotte where to find the cleaning products. When Charlotte got to the cupboard she found the cleaning box but there was no mops and no brooms just small scrub brushes and neatly arranged several toothbrushes each marked with a different room.
Rosa came around the corner and told her to hurry up and handed Charlotte the toothbrush marked bathroom. Charlotte grimaced as she was truly regretting this now but she went to the bathroom and got down on her hands and knees with a bowl of soapy water and the toothbrush. She started to scrub the floor tiles and made sure she got the grout in between the tiles nice and white. When she looked at her watch it was already 8.30am and she still had the bath and taps to do. 9 am came and she had finished the bathroom just as Rosa came in and told her that it was expectable then told Charlotte she could grab some coffee before cleaning the living room.
Charlotte went to the kitchen and poured herself some coffee and had some toast taking her shoes off to massage her feet through the coarse pantyhose. When she had eaten she put the shoes back on and washed her cup and plate then went to the cleaning cupboard and took out the vacuum. She went to the living room and started to vacuum the carpets until she had done them all. The sun was blazing through the window and Charlotte was sweating as she pushed the vacuum around. Rosa came in and told her to stop because she had some papers for Charlotte to sign.
Charlotte turned the vacuum of and went to the table and read through the papers and found it was a contract to which she would sign to say that the exchange had been her idea and also the times were in the contract. There was also a clause that when they exchange later that Charlotte could not take any form of revenge. Charlotte signed this contract and Rosa told her to get back to work polishing.
Rosa then went up to the bedroom and stripped and went through the wardrobe and chose a white silk blouse and black satin skirt. Going to the dresser she took out a matching La Perla set of underwear and got dressed pulling the panties up her legs. She then took a fresh pair of black pantyhose and pulled them on and smoothed them out. Rosa pulled on the blouse and buttoned it up and then stepped into the skirt and did it up finding a gold  belt which she pulled around her waist. She then stepped into a pair of four inch heeled court shoes in black then sat at the dresser. She made up her face then sprayed herself with some expensive perfume then did her hair in a ponytail and headed downstairs.
She found Charlotte using the feather duster to clean the lights and the shelves and Rosa just smirked. Rosa stood and watched her for a while then headed to the patio and sat down in the cool shade looking over the garden. The lawn needed cutting that would have to be Charlotte’s next task. The labour intensive jobs that could get done the less Rosa would have to do.
Midday arrived and Rosa was still relaxing in the garden watching the birds and around the garden. This would have been the day that the gardener cut the lawn but as he had been sacked the new maid would have to do it. Rosa picked up the bell and rang it three times to summon Charlotte. When she arrived Rosa addressed Charlotte “Char you can fetch me lunch I will have it out here nothing too heavy and when you have done that the lawn needs cutting.”. Charlotte went back inside and started to make lunch taking bread from the cupboard. She went to the fridge and got the butter and ham and some tomatoes. She found the knife and started to cut the tomato into slices and then buttered the bread. Taking the sliced ham she placed them in the sliced bread and then put the tomato on top.
While the lunch was being made Rosa had gone to the garden shed and disabled the lawn mower. This would only leave the old mower which had to be pushed really hard to ensure the lawn got cut. Rosa then went back to the chair in the shade of the gazebo and waited for her lunch. She did not have long to wait as Charlotte brought out the sandwich and fresh coffee placing it on the table.
“Char, would you do me a favour before you cut the lawn and massage my feet.” Charlotte noted that Rosa had contracted her name which she hated but she knelt and slipped the court shoes from Rosa’s feet. Charlotte started to massage Rosa’s left foot through the nylon hose while Rosa started to eat her sandwich. Rosa closed her eyes and relaxed as Charlotte massaged her. Rosa told her to switch to her right foot and Charlotte repeated the massaging. When Rosa was happy she told Charlotte to replace her shoes then do the lawn. Charlotte put the court shoes back on Rosa’s feet.
Charlotte stood and due to the heavy woollen uniform was sweating and as she wiped the sweat from her face she caught the smell of Rosa’s feet on her fingers. Charlotte grimaced and Rosa seeing she smiled to herself. Charlotte opened the garden shed and looked at the sit on gasoline powered mower. She saw the key in the mower and tried starting it but nothing happened. Charlotte tried twice more and still nothing so she went back to Rosa and told her. Rosa said she would have to use the manual lawn mower and she better be quick as Rosa had other tasks for her. Charlotte went back and struggled to pull out the manual mower but managed.
Rosa went back in the house and using Charlotte’s email account sent an email to USB and told them that they were no longer required to handle the Samuels affairs. She then sent an email to her friend Fatima of Fatima, Shelacta, Frieda and Ursula. The partners had had the welcome shortened to FSFU when anyone contacted them. She told Fatima that she and her firm would handle all the affairs of Charlotte from now on. Rosa then went to the living room kicked off her shoes and lounged on the couch and put on a movie while Charlotte was in the garden. Charlotte was struggling with the mower trying to push it.
The sun was starting its  downward curve but under the woollen uniform Charlotte was sweating and white circles had started to form under her arms. She struggled all afternoon and finally finished putting the mower back in the shed. She looked at her hands and saw that blisters had started to form. She heard the ring of the bell and went back inside the house and found Rosa lounging on the couch. Rosa took one look at her and told she had five minutes to go shower and change her uniform. Rosa berated her more before Charlotte went upstairs telling Charlotte she did not want a stinky maid serving her. Charlotte’s face redden with the humiliation as she turned and went upstairs looking at her watch another six hours and the nightmare would be over.
After her shower Charlotte found another uniform and redressed and went downstairs again into the living room. Rosa looked up and smiled as she told Charlotte that the cars needed to be washed. It was now six pm she had two hours to wash the Porsche and the Rolls Royce then she could make dinner. Charlotte turned and went to the garage and started to wash the Porsche making sure that the windows were closed. Once the car had been washed she dried and polished it before starting on the Rolls Royce. Once the cars had been done Charlotte went back to the kitchen and prepared dinner. She cooked steak and fries with mushrooms, tomatoes and onion rings all placed on a warm plate.
The plate was placed on the silver dinner tray along with a bottle of red wine and a clean glass. Charlotte took the meal through to the dining room and placed the meal in front of Rosa. Rosa dismissed Charlotte and told her she could get something to eat. Charlotte went back to the kitchen and found she was not really hungry just tired but still had a cheese sandwich and some coffee. She took off her shoes and massaged her feet then relaxed waiting for the ring of the bell to summon her once more. The bell rang just as she finished washing up her plate and cup.
Charlotte slipped her shoes back on and went back to the dining room and retrieved the tray and took it back to the kitchen where she washed them up. Rosa went upstairs and disrobed throwing everything on the floor. She then took a shower and dressed in the bathrobe and slipped on some satin slippers and headed back down stairs. Charlotte had just returned and stood in the living room waiting for Rosa to give her some new instructions. Charlotte looked at the mantle clock and saw that it was twenty-two thirty just an hour and a half to go.
Rosa came in and saw Charlotte and said “Char the horses need to be bed downed for the night go take care of it.” Charlotte left the house and headed over to the stable and went inside and saw the stallion and the mare. She went over and took a brush and started to rub down the mare gently. She rubbed in the oils and then placed a light blanket over the horse. She cleaned out the stall and laid fresh hay and put clean water in the trough. She did the same for the stallion and then swept the main stable area before turning out the lights. She headed back to the house and reported back to Rosa that the horse’s had been fed and bedded down for the night. Rosa told Charlotte she had better go to her room and get changed for midnight.
Charlotte went to the maid’s room and sat on the bed and lay back. She closed her eyes and fell asleep on top of the coarse blanket. Rosa came to the room and looked in and saw Charlotte was asleep so she left her there. Rosa went upstairs and slipped into the big bed feeling the cool silk sheets through the satin negligee. Rosa had sweet dreams of an easy life once her plan came to completion. Charlotte dreamed as well or more correctly had nightmare’s of serving and toiling about the mansion.  She had a fitful night as she woke several times due to the nightmare’s. She wondered why she was in the maid's bed then remembered her day but again fell asleep. The next time Charlotte woke it was to the sound of a voice in the room.
“Ms Charlotte Ms Charlotte it is time to get up it is a new day” Charlotte looked up and saw Rosa standing there dressed in her maid’s uniform and a tray of food for Charlotte. Charlotte remembered back to yesterday and realised that the exchange was over. She ate the ham and eggs and drank the coffee and then went to the master bedroom to shower and get changed.
When Charlotte came down she found Rosa dusting the shelves. Charlotte looked as she did this remembering when she had done it yesterday. Obviously, she had missed some but today it was not her problem it was Rosa’s. Charlotte was going to change some things though as she had found it hot and tough going. She called Rosa over to here and told her to sit down while she discussed matters  “Rosa you will go out and buy yourself some new uniforms that are not made of wool. They must be lightweight and cool, also buy yourself some nylon pantyhose in black as well.” Rosa smiled “Yes Ms. Charlotte I shall do it after I have cleaned up here. Is it ok to take the Range Rover there are some supplies I can replenish while I am there.” Charlotte stood “That will be fine.” Then she walked out down to the stable and took the riding blanket and saddle for Athena and saddled her. She placed the harness and reins and led Athena out into the paddock.
Charlotte climbed up on Athena and rode her around the paddock to loosen her up. Once Athena was relaxed Charlotte took her to the jumps and they did a circuit before heading out into the countryside. Rosa finished her work then took the keys for the Range Rover and drove into town to pick up the uniforms and also to get some supplies which she would need for her plan. She also called her doctor friend and told her what had happened and her friend told her she must get Charlotte to do it again. Rosa did not think Charlotte would agree but she had the doctored files on the flash drive she could use.
Once the shopping was done she headed back out to the Range Rover and headed back to the mansion. When she arrived home she found a police cruiser sat outside the main door with a policewoman about to knock. Rosa went to the policewoman and asked if she could help. “Hello, Ma’am we have found a young lady who seems to have fallen from her horse. She cannot seem to remember who she is or where she lives but the saddle had the address of this mansion.”
Rosa thought this was priceless she could not have ever dreamt of this scenario as she replied. “She maybe my maid Rosa I have her exercise the horses every day do you have a picture?” The policewoman took her phone and showed Rosa the image of the woman in the hospital. Rosa feigned  concern as she looked at the image” Yes that’s Rosa my maid is she ok” The police woman put her phone back in her shirt pocket “She will be fine but the amnesia is the issue but you will need to speak with her doctor.” The policewoman turned to leave and Rosa thanked her and drove away down the long drive as Rosa rubbed her hands. This was better than her plan but the amnesia may not be permanent. She called her friend and discussed the situation and her friend said amnesia could last hours or years.
Her friend did say that they could technically reprogram Charlotte through suggestion and hypnosis. Rosa went to the hospital and met her friend and they found the doctor who was looking after Charlotte. Rosa introduced herself “My name is Charlotte Samuels I have come to check on my maid and hopefully take her home.” The doctor shook her hand and said that Rosa was physically ok but she remembered nothing. Rosa’s friend said they could take her back to the mansion and hopefully, this would help her remember. The doctor saw nothing wrong with this and he signed the discharge papers as the real Charlotte was wheeled away. The orderly took her out to the Range Rover and helped place inside and Rosa and her friend drove back to the mansion to start educating Charlotte. Now it would be so much easier just like a blank canvas. Rosa asked her friend what would happen if she remembered and was told that it would not matter after awhile everyone would only see her as a maid.

The real Rosa rubbed her hands in glee as she suddenly thought of the wealth. She would have to get onto Amalgamated Steel and arrange for Charlotte’s share to be sold. She would need to get FSFU on the case to oversee that sale and they would contact their subsidiary FIS or Female Identity Stolen to make all the needed changes in paperwork so that Rosa would become Charlotte and Charlotte would, unfortunately, become Rosa.


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