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Story: A Servant's Revenge. Chapter 1.

by Mally01

Chapter one
Lady Charlotte Samuels was the nineteen-year-old heiress to a multi-million fortune and was now at this moment on the verge of inheriting this fortune. She eased her Porsche into a parking space outside the family lawyers in the uptown white collar belt. She switched off the engine and slipped open the door and elegantly slid from behind the wheel. Mr Urquhart of Urquhart, Stanislaw and Broome was watching the five feet seven inch Ms Samuels walk across the parking lot turning heads in her red skirt which came down to just above her knees. The white blouse strained against her thirty-eight double d breasts which in turn strained against the white La Perla brassiere beneath. Her Brunette hair blew in the light summer breeze as she reached the door and it slid open.
The receptionist smiled as she approached and just as Charlotte reached the desk the phone rang and the receptionist took the call “USB lawyers and associates how may I help you.” The voice on the other end spoke and the receptionist replied: “Thank I will put you through now have a nice day.” The receptionist turned her attention to Charlotte who informed her that she had an appointment will Mr Urquhart. The receptionist picked up her phone and spoke with Mr Urquhart and then she told Charlotte to go through to his office. Mr Urquhart smiled as Charlotte entered and showed her to a seat in front of his oak desk. He then spoke to her about the fortune she had inherited telling her that she was now worth $100,000,000.

Charlotte had to sign some papers and then instructed the lawyer that he could arrange to sell all of the homes accept the mansion up in the hills. The business she would run from there as she wished to no longer to reside in the city. She also told the Lawyer that he could dismiss all of the staff as well. The lawyer pointed out that this was fine but the housemaid was mentioned in her father's will and it was his wish and a condition that Rosa Vasquez is to be kept on. Charlotte sighed and said that would have to do as she had no choice. With the business concluded and papers signed Charlotte left and headed back past the receptionist and out in the sun and her Porsche.
She gunned the Porsche and drove out of the car park and headed to her new mansion high up in the hills. The mansion had a total of twenty rooms a swimming pool, tennis court, stables and a long drive. Charlotte loved this mansion because it was out on the way and also in a place that no one knew who she was. She increased the speed of the Porsche but kept to the speed limit as she did not want a ticket and her name to get out there.
By the time she reached the mansion the staff had already been paid off and had packed up and left. Charlotte pulled her Porsche into the big garage which held several other cars like a Rolls Royce, Bentley and Jaguar. There was also two range rovers and a Buick Oldsmobile parked at the far end. She left the garage and smoothed her $100 pantyhose and walked into the house. She was met by Rosa in her traditional black maids uniform with the white trimming and the white cap. She curtsied and welcomed Charlotte into the mansion. Charlotte frowned and told her to go get her bags from the car and to dispense with welcomes.
Charlotte went into the big living room and slumped down on the sofa and kicked off her designer shoes which cost in excess of $3,000. Ten minutes later Rosa returned to the house with Charlotte's bags and started to take them upstairs. She had got halfway up when Charlotte shouted for her to get her a drink and to hurry up about it. Rosa scowled and went back down with the bags in tow and walked into the living room and Charlotte looked up. “What the hell are you doing bringing the bags with you take them upstairs then come make me a drink.” Rosa fumed inwardly but smiled as she replied “Yes Ms Samuels.” then she went out with the bags as Charlotte smirked to herself.
Rosa took the bags upstairs and left them in the bedroom then went back down and headed into the living room and over to the built in bar. She took down a glass and then a napkin and wipe the glass free of smears and then placed the crystal glass on the silver tray. She then took a bottle of chilled white chardonnay and poured the contents into the glass. The bottle of wine was expensive like everything in the mansion was expensive. She took the tray over and placed the glass on the small side table next to the sofa.
“Will there be anything else, Ms Samuels.?” Charlotte looked up at Rosa scanning her five feet five-inch body taking in her smaller but none the less impressive thirty-six d breast beneath the black maids smock. Her eyes trailed down to see Rosa’s legs encased in forty denier black pantyhose and black flat shoes. She then travelled back up and took in the jet black hair beneath the white maid's band and then looked into Rosa’s brown eyes.
“No that will be all, for now, you can go unpack my stuff and put them away.
“Yes, Ms Samuels” replied Rosa and then she left and went back upstairs while Charlotte relaxed and drank her wine while undoing the top three buttons on her blouse.
She was looking forward to harassing Rosa and hoped she would then hand in her notice. It was a pain in the neck that she could not fire the Mexican maid but she remembered the will and if she did fire her then she would lose all those millions. Charlotte. Charlotte’s plan was simple and she could not wait to put it into operation fully. She was disturbed from her thought’s by Rosa coming into the lounge and asking if she wanted dinner. Charlotte told her that she would eat at eight o’clock she was going upstairs to rest. Charlotte went upstairs and into her bedroom closing the door behind her. She slipped out of her blouse and skirt and kicked her shoes off leaving her in just her lingerie. Charlotte lay on top of the bed and closed her eyes and was soon asleep.
Charlotte looked on and saw a brunette woman with her back to her standing at a sink washing dishes. She was dressed in a traditional maids smock and woollen pantyhose on her legs. Her feet were encased in a pair of flat black shoes which had scuffed toes and scuffed heels where they had been levered off with the other foot. The scene shifted to the same woman on her hands and knees scrubbing the tiled floor of the main hall with a little scrub brush and a voice in the background telling the woman to hurry up. Again the scene shifted to the same woman using a feather duster to clean dust from the shelves and ornaments in the lounge. The woman’s face never came into focus always remaining a blur.

Charlotte tossed and turned on the bed as she dreamt her dream her lingerie creasing and her pantyhose slipping down her legs. Rosa knocked on the door and when Charlotte gruffly answered she announced dinner was ready. Charlotte told her she would be down shortly. Charlotte got up and walked to her en suite shower and bathroom and disrobed. She turned on the shower and waited until it was warm enough and then stepped in letting the water cascade over her head and body. She took the rose scented soap and cleansed her body letting the water wash away the lather.
Once she had washed she stepped from the shower and dried herself with the soft expensive towels. She discarded the towels on the floor and went to her walk in wardrobe and selected a Versace black knee-length dress and black heels. She returned to the bedroom and took a fresh La Perla black brassiere and panty set and some black pantyhose. She pulled the panties up her legs and when they sat where they should she let the waistband snap against her skin. She then squeezed her breasts into the brassiere and reached round and did the hooks and eyes pulling the brassiere closed. Charlotte eased the pantyhose up her legs and let they rest on her hips as she stepped into the dress and pulled up the zip. She had become practised at pulling the zip all the way to the top without help. Lastly, she stepped into the black high heeled shoes and then went to the mirror and brushed her hair through. She left her jewellery in the box on the dressing table and went downstairs.
Charlotte sat down at the oak dining table which was very long and could easily seat twenty people. She sat in the chair that her father had once sat in facing the door to the dining room. The Table was adorned with silver candlesticks and they each had scented candles burning. Rosa brought in the first course which was a cream of tomato soup and she placed it on the silver placemat in front of Charlotte. Charlotte picked up the soup spoon and almost screamed when she saw the smear. She called Rosa and told her to get a clean one.
”How dare you bring me dirty cutlery change it right away!”. Rosa seethed and went to the kitchen and brought back a new spoon which was polished.” The soup is cold now go get me a fresh bowl Rosa and hurry up I am hungry.” Again Rosa obeyed and went back to the kitchen and just stuck the soup in the microwave and then brought it back.
Charlotte ate the soup dipping bread into the rich red liquid and then eating it staining her lips while Rosa went to get the second course. She brought in the silver tray with the fine china plate which had on it a freshly cooked rump steak well done surrounded by new potatoes and peas and tomatoes. Charlotte was satisfied as she tucked into the meal while Rosa cleared away the soup dish. Rosa returned with a goblet of red wine and placed next to Charlotte who took sips of the wine. The meal was finished by nine thirty and Charlotte decided to turn in for the night.
Rosa was left to clean up the dinner things and then she ate herself before going to her room in the now empty servant's annexe. Before Charlotte had arrived there had been ten servants for the old master. Now she would have to take care of the house herself. If only she had some help maybe she could persuade madam high and mighty to re-employ some of the servants. She went off to bed and her dream was very clear. Madam Charlotte was dressed in her maid's clothes doing all the household chores. This made Rosa smile even in her sleep as she saw Charlotte doing the washing and the dishes. Rosa slept that night a very content woman as a plan came to her.
Rosa got up early and went about her work cleaning the house and doing the washing and finally making breakfast for Charlotte. She took the silver tray upstairs and knocked on the door and waited for an answer. Charlotte woke and shouted for Rosa to enter as she sat up in the big double bed. Rosa put the breakfast on the table and asked Charlotte what she would be wearing today. Charlotte said she would decide after breakfast and told Rosa to prepare her a bath. Rosa went to the ensuite and prepared the bath first putting in the cold water then filling it with hot water. Rosa poured some scented oils into the bath.
Charlotte had sat at the table in her room and started to devour the breakfast of fried eggs and bacon with mushrooms and tomatoes. Rosa came back just as Charlotte finished and took the tray telling Charlotte the bath was ready. Charlotte had made an entry in her diary regarding the dream she had and as Rosa returned she saw Charlotte place it in a draw. While Charlotte bathed Rosa stripped the bed and remade it with fresh bedding then she went to the drawer and opened it keeping one eye on the bathroom. She looked in the diary and read what Charlotte had written. She wrote about the strange dream she had had last night and also how it had kept her from a sound sleep. As Rosa put the diary back she saw a paper in the draw pertaining to the company that Charlotte had inherited. Charlotte planned to close the company making lots of people jobless. Rosa quickly put the things back as they were and then took the tray and headed back to the kitchen to wash the dishes.
Awhile later Charlotte came down dressed in a white silk shirt and tan jodhpurs. On her feet were black riding boots and she carried the red tunic and riding hat in her left hand. “Rosa I am going for a ride I shall be gone about two hours. When I return I want a light lunch ready,” she finished her instructions, turned and headed out to the stables as Rosa replied: “Yes, Ms Charlotte.”
Rosa finished up her chores then went to the dining room and picked up the phone and dialled the number of Amalgamated Steel. She asked to be put through to the acting CEO, Harmony Davies. When she got through she introduced herself and told Harmony that the new CEO Charlotte Samuels was preparing to wind up the company and many people would lose their jobs. Harmony was furious but Rosa calmed her down telling her she had a plan. They came to an agreement and Rosa hung up the phone and being a good maid wiped it clean. She then went to the home office and found the computer and started her plan. She doctored files and manipulated information until when she was finished it seemed that Charlotte had been siphoning money from the company.
When she had finished she went to the kitchen and prepared a salad for Charlotte and placed it in the fridge to keep it fresh then went to her room and made another call. This was to her friend a doctor in the city who happened to deal with dreams. Rosa told her of her plan and that she should expect a call soon to come out to the mansion. The last call was to her lawyers and she spoke to her lawyer Fatima Mazumdar and told her to expect a new big account. This all done Rosa went back to work just before Charlotte returned and asked her if lunch was ready. Rosa took her jacket and riding hat and while Charlotte went and showered Rosa went and got the salad she had prepared. She also brought in a chilled glass of wine with a little sleeping draft added.
Charlotte came down in her robe and sat at the table and started her salad. Rosa commented that she looked tired and Charlotte told her she had not slept well and of the dream she had had. Rosa said she had a friend who knew about dreams and their meanings. Charlotte drank some of the drugged wine and started to feel sleepy. She told Rosa she was going upstairs to lie down and to call her friend to come tomorrow. Rosa said she would then cleared the lunch things up and called her friend.

Rosa let Charlotte sleep through to the morning then woke her early with another cooked breakfast. She told Charlotte her friend would be here at noon as she went to prepare the bath for Charlotte. Rosa finished the bath and pottered about in the bedroom while Charlotte finished her breakfast and went and had her bath. Rosa sneaked a peek at the diary and again saw that Charlotte had had the dream again. This was good news and Rosa smiled as she headed downstairs with the breakfast things. Charlotte finished her bath and then went and selected her La Perla white bra and panty set along with a white suspender and white stockings.
She eased the panties over her legs and hips then pulled the suspender belt around her waist. She put the bra on her chest and eased her breasts into the cups then reached round and closed the hooks. Charlotte then rolled the white stockings up her legs and secured them to the suspender straps that dangled against her legs. Her underwear done she went to the dressing table and did her makeup applying foundation then her light red lipstick. She did her eyes and fingernails last then brushed her brunette hair so that it rested down the middle of her back midway. Charlotte looked in the mirror and smiled then she got up and went to the walk in wardrobe and chose a red blouse and red skirt putting them on and this was finished off with white court shoes with four-inch heels.
She arrived downstairs and headed to the drawing room where she would meet the doctor Promptly at noon the doorbell rang then it rang again and again until Charlotte shouted out for Rosa to answer it but there was no reply. This was part of the plan Rosa and her friend had come up with. The bell rang again and Charlotte got up and headed to the door and answered it seeing the doctor there. She was a tall redhead and looked to be in her early thirties. Charlotte guessed looking at the straining blouse that her breasts were about the same size as her own. Her blue eyes smiled as she held out her right hand and introduced herself.” Hello, my name is doctor Emily Jenkins and you must be Charlotte Samuels.” Charlotte looked at her then invited her in and led Emily to the drawing room.
Once in the drawing room, Charlotte invited Emily to take a seat and Charlotte sat across from her on the couch.
“Ok, Charlotte shall we get started?.” Charlotte looked at her then asked her what she needed to do. “Just lay back on the couch and close your eyes and relax. While Charlotte got comfortable Emily pulled up a chair and placed near the end of the couch where Charlotte’s head rested.
“Now, Charlotte, are you feeling relaxed.?” Charlotte relaxed and told Emily that she was relaxed and ready to begin.” Okay, Charlotte tell me about the dream you have been having in every detail.”
Charlotte took a deep breath as she listened to Emily’s voices then replied: “Well I keep dreaming of a brunette woman dressed in a maids uniform doing all the menial jobs around the house.” Emily smiled “ Why does this dream disturb you so much, Charlotte.?” Charlotte took another deep breath then replied again.” I think this woman maybe me.”
Emily saw Rosa watching from the door then turned back to Charlotte. “Charlotte, does this bother you thinking you could be a maid doing these jobs?” Charlotte thought for a moment then replied: “I am the CEO of a big company and I will never be a maid I just want the dreams to stop.”
Emily again smiled and said, “Well, Charlotte, maybe the way to rid yourself of these dreams is to try being the maid for a while.” Charlotte frowned as Emily smirked “I could not become a maid. I have a company to run.” Emily moved the chair back and then spoke again. “ You can try it with your maid in the privacy of this mansion. I am sure she will be discreet.” Charlotte opened her eyes and then told Emily she would think it over. The meeting lasted about an hour and Emily left smiling at Charlotte as she showed her out. Later Emily called Rosa and discovered that Charlotte had been distant all day and had not bothered her.
Charlotte called for Rosa later that night and told her to seat at the table as she wanted to discuss the meeting.” Rosa the meeting with your doctor friend went well I think but I have come to a decision and I want us to exchange places for a short while so I can see what it is like to be a maid.” Inwardly Rosa was laughing as she replied.
“Ms Charlotte I could not do that. You are the Mistress of the house and I am just your servant.” Charlotte frowned and then spoke again: “I will pay you extra to do this and to keep it to ourselves.” Rosa pretended to think about it then replied:” Ok, Ms. Charlotte, I will do it. When shall we start?” Charlotte smiled and said they would start tomorrow and would changes places from 6 am until midnight.
“Well, Ms Charlotte if you are to be the maid you will have to do all that I say for it to work then hopefully your dreams will stop.” Charlotte gave her word to Rosa that she would obey every command that Rosa gave her.” With this, they both had some food and then headed to bed. Rosa was excited as she dug out a spare uniform and spare woollen underwear and pantyhose and a flat pair of shoes. These would be Charlotte’s new clothes tomorrow and if things went to plan for a lot longer. Rosa made a call to the acting CEO of Amalgamated Steel and told her not to worry things were starting to happen and Charlotte would not be bothering her for a while.
Rosa went to bed with a huge smile on her face. Charlotte had undressed and slid under the silk sheets and lay her head on the silk pillowcase. She was soon sleeping but the dream came again and she tossed and turned waking herself up restless again. She tried sleeping again but again the dream returned so she gave up and picked up a book. She was startled awake by a knock on the bedroom door and realised that it was five am in the morning and Rosa was asking if she was awake. She told Rosa to go away but Rosa opened the door and came in carrying her spare uniform and walking towards Charlotte’s bed.


  1. Great start
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    1. Praise coming from someone who always posts great stories is praise indeed. Thank you

  2. Do we see another "Lottie" emerging from this covert arrangement in process? 'Tantalizing story beginning. 'Can't wait for Charlotte to be well attired for her new career path, and to be guided in all the refinements required to become the proper maid of the house -- and with no turning back, of course. ;)

    1. We shall see where it leads. When i first posted this on DA i only planned two chapters. Having reread it as i corrected errors and a query from Camille i think there may be scope for a few more chapters.

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    1. Thank you i hope i get the time to add to the first chapters.

  4. Can't wait for more. I hope we see some of Rosa enjoying her upgrade as we enjoy watching Charlotte's downgrade!

  5. Thank you thats a thought i can work with. Funny how Rosa seems to be a popular maids name i have seen it in other stories and must have subconsciously used it.

  6. An Appreciative ReaderDecember 17, 2016 at 10:32 AM

    Nice intriguing start... It can be tricky to plausibly explain the need to downgrade, especially if your main character is arrogant and self-confident like yours is. Good twist, good luck with future chapters!

    1. Thank you very much i hope further chapters do the story justice and are in the realm or there abouts of what is plausible.

  7. Shaping up to be a great story..many thanks

    mandy maiden x x x

    1. You are welcome hope you enjoy the next chapters.